Frodo Baggins Arrested for Child Sex Crimes


Frodo Baggins escaped the perils of Mordor, but he could not elude the all-seeing eye of the U.S. military criminal justice system.

You read that correctly.

The Lord of the Rings star Elijah Wood, it turns out, had fetishes far more twisted and eviler than merely coveting the One Ring. In the films he treasured the ring, his precious; in reality, the Two Towers actor had a different precious: underage boys whom he had paid or seduced to have sex with him, according to sources in the U.S. Navy Judge Advocate General’s Corps.

This sordid tale began long ago, years after Wood finished filming Return of the King, the final film of the trilogy. The diminutive actor burned through what cash he had earned—spent on drugs and male prostitutes—then learned from fellow actor Ian McKellen, known as “Gandalf the Gay” in the Velvet Mafia, that young boys with aspirations of making it big in Hollywood could be seduced with cash or promises of acting roles.

The Velvet Mafia, in short, is a group of homosexual male actors, many of whom craftily conceal their homoerotic tendencies beneath the veneer of a heterosexual marriage, that prey on kids looking to break into the industry.

Wood’s career tanked after the trilogy. Typecast as a Hobbit, he found it impossible to secure meaningful roles as a lead actor, even having auditioned for 120 big-budget productions between 2003-2018. His most prominent role in recent years was playing a sadistic serial killer in Madman, a 2013 remake of a 1981 slasher film in which a psychotic ax murderer slices and dices his victims into tiny pieces. “That role really made me feel real, ultimate power,” Wood told Entertainment Weekly in a 2014 interview. “I am the Madman.”

Let’s digress: In August Real Raw News reported that JAG had established a “child sex crimes division” focused on bringing to justice both politicians and celebrities whom courts refused to prosecute despite having an abundance of irrefutable evidence.

In March 2022, a onetime friend of Wood, a venture capitalist named Craig Meiselman, loaned Wood $225k after Wood told him he was down on his luck and needed some cash to stay afloat. Wood reportedly promised to repay the loan in 90 days, saying he had secured a role with a huge cash payout. That statement was a lie; Wood hadn’t auditioned for a role in over a year.

When Meiselman tried to collect, a belligerent and intoxicated Wood said he never intended to make good on the debt, and admitted he’d squandered the cash on drugs, alcohol, and sex with underage boys. Wood didn’t know that Meiselman, who had made several previous and unsuccessful attempts to collect the debt, recorded Wood’s confession. An unrestrained and inebriated Wood blurted on about how he had enticed “dozens” of young boys to his bedchamber and had his “way with them” and said that both he and they “loved it,” even as several victims cried out in pain. Wood spoke of sodomizing them not only with his penis but also with objects such as bowling pins and vegetables.

A month later, Meiselman took his recordings to the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office, and played them to D.A. George Gascón, who called the tapes spurious, inconclusive, and almost certainly fabricated. He dismissed the accusations as perjurious hearsay.

Meiselman never brought his tapes to JAG’s child sex crimes division, for he had no way of knowing that the military had begun prosecuting and incarcerating celebrities. But JAG’s counterparts at U.S. Army Cyber Command, Fort Gordon, had been surreptitiously tracking celebrity sex crimes, and in July opened an investigation into Wood’s alleged misdeeds.

JAG reached out to Meiselman and obtained the tapes, and Meiselman revealed to investigators that Wood had in drug-induced stupors confessed to molesting dozens of underage boys across the country, and named names.

Investigators of the U.S. Navy Judge Advocate General’s Corps launched a lengthy investigation into the claims and were able to find six witnesses willing to go on record, a JAG source said.

Their affidavits and the tapes gave JAG sufficient cause to secure a military arrest warrant in Wood’s name.

On Monday, October 3, JAG investigators arrested Wood at a Los Angeles home he had been renting since early 2022. He reportedly told investigators he had never served in the military and didn’t understand why they were levelling charges against him. When shown the arrest warrant and told he was being charged with child sex crimes, Wood said, “I never did anything that wasn’t 100% consensual.”

Wood, a pedophile, will answer for his crimes, a JAG source said.

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Robert James

Another for the firing squad.


One guess whether Gascon himself is a pedo?


Does the Posse Comitatus Act forbid the military from enforcing civilian law? The critics cite this, suggesting it would be impossible for “Frodo” to be arrested for child sex crimes.


Dildo Beggins


Yeah, this is just the beginning. We aint seen nothing yet. It’s bad.
It is what it is. I’m at a loss for words except, the more you know the less you sleep at night.
I can except we are in a world that’s evil. But when it passes a limit, you wonder how you were ever born in such a world. How can it be allowed to be so bad. There’s no words for it.
That’s all.

Philo Beddoe

Perfectly stated. When I started to go down this rabbit hole in 2016, I didn’t sleep for 3 days straight. And it seems that when you’ve learned the most vile info regarding the abuse, etc of these children and it’s impossible to mentally fathom, there’s ALWAYS something worse. My friends tell me that I’m a different person now. But once you know, you know.


None will be missed, every last one.

tic,,, tic,,, tic,,,

Joanna Brunson

I’ll never watch another LOTR movie again. These people are dark and sick. May they get karma returned to them ten-fold. God’s justice be done. My heart is with the victims and survivors of their atrocities. May balance be restored in full to all involved.

Kelly Brown

I love that JAG is cleaning up these messes. But it’s so disheartening to find out just how many and how bad these sickos are. That there are so many people that couldn’t be bothered. Or worse, paid to not stir the pot. It’s really disheartening.


This must be the mass tribunals that Trump told jag to begin! Thus site is looking more and more like a scam every day…… unfortunate

george friend

How about that Emmy award for the guy who plays the role of Obama? Very convincing. Not so much for Arthur Roberts, the guy who plays the role of Biden, he makes it know he’s acting. I’m telling ya, this is the best show I’ve ever seen. Live Action Role Players in government! You can’t make this stuff up!

Gary Lee Taylor

Dear JAG

The UK recently got a new home secretary
Suella Braveman
One of her first directions is that famous pedophile suspects names not be mentioned unless convicted
It could not be more obvious to me that she wants to make covering up for rich and famous pedophiles becomes legal

Please help
Yours sincerely
Gary Taylor

george friend

JAG can’t do anything for you, but you can get the hell out of Europe. Go to the USA, they let everybody in. Live in a place with lots of natural resources and low human population. Add to their collective and prosper.

Philo Beddoe

Geez, these sick f-cks don’t even try and be discreet anymore regarding covering up & protecting pedos. Like how pedos want to be called MAPs (Minor Attracted Person) now. And Fake Pres Pedo Biden choosing that SC Judge Jackson who is a pedo sympathizer & apologist.

Remember how the music & TV industries, The Royal Family, etc were very close with the prolific serial pedo Jimmy Saville (who victimized for almost 50 years!!!!) And they all covered for him. Esp the BBC. And then the CEO of the BBC went to the NYT. So he could continue protecting famous pedos across the pond!

Thank you for the info Gary.


So sick of how many vile creatures walk among us.


It’s time to sing the old song…..”Another one gone and another one down and another one bites the dust”. Excellent work JAG!

Above Reproach

Sick bastard ! Chop off his private parts ! Carve a pentagram on his forehead with a rusty knife, remove his hands , and make him walk the streets for all to see. Atonement for his crimes needs to be a public spectacle. Show the world the new punishment for the deeds he has committed.


i love you!

george friend

How do you put it into words? The trill of jamming a bowling pin up an 11 year boy’s ass. Let yourself become Elijah Wood in that moment. Begin to understand the depth of depravity and complete disregard to any moral standard. Drunk on the thrill of violating creation’s most valuable prize. It’s hard to put into words.
If Wood’s punishment is anything shy of death, then justice was not served.
Death to all who violate the children; no compromise. NO DEALS!


Effen hobbit fruitcake should have seeked employment as a fluffier.

Julio Antonio Laguna

Hell yeah!!!!

Just Me

This idiot looks like a psychopath, he must be one to hurt children.

Just Me

Whoever down voted my comment must be a Pedo too who supports psychopaths raping children.

Michael R Davis

Way back then 20 years ago, he was just an older child star, probably another victim of Pedowood himself. That is stage makeup he is wearing in that photo.

Just Me

Just because he was a victim and I wish it had never happened to him that does not give him the right to be a pedo and continue this sick cycle. The fact is we all have been hurt, I too was hurt when young but I would never think of doing that to anyone or a child.

george friend

No deals, Davis. Weed the garden by the root. I know plenty of victims who never became the predator. NO DEALS.


The Lord of the rings he will be… with a rope burn around his
neck that snapped

Just Me

Those voting us down for speaking the truth on these psychopaths must be a loser pedo mad that they are being ousted.


What’s funny is all the hate and name calling on Elijah Wood in the comment section, based only on a RRN article that no one knows if it’s true or not.


Yes, for shame all you RRN’ers. You should all default to Delta to have him tell you what is true, and what is not.

Just Me

I suspect Delta can’t tell the difference between his Ass and his elbow.

Just Me

RRN does not put out info on others without proof, so get a grip!

Just Me

So you’re the one who voted me down, why do you defend pedos? It makes me wonder about you.

Michael R Davis

Seems all of the trolls are pedos. They really get upset at us, use pedo terms while denying there is any such thing as child trafficking, a Trump war against child traffickers, red shoe clubs, black eye clubs. Seems they cannot help themselves, in their blood with their Adrenochrome addictions.

Just Me

Well said, you speak all truth.


Julie and Davis patrolled the storm wreckage looking for anti-US personnel to terminate.

george friend

Why the hell are you so concerned about votes? It’s not a beauty contest.

george friend

Well, where are defamation lawsuits? I didn’t hear a peep out anyone. RRN has damned the hell out of plenty regular people. Where’s the defamation lawsuits?


What’s funny is all the hate and name calling on President Donald Trump in the comment section, based only on MSM articles that no one knows if they’re true or not.


Man are the info drops dropping like crazy on Bitchute today.
This one has to hurt the most —-> bitchute. com/video/xrxmCRdFiyXT/


agreed. the jews need to go


More power to you. Consider this, the Jews are God’s chosen people and Israel his chosen nation. Am paraphrasing it here, God said; I will curse those who curse my chosen people. Tell me, has any nation big and small ever succeeded in conquering Israel a country smaller than NJ? May God bless you.

Ron Baker

These pedophiles make me sick.
Watching news last night and I am seeing Alec Baldwin (reportedly tried and convicted here on RRN), having made agreement with his shooting victim’s brother. So I know the ‘actor’ is in real time because of time of events. If Alec Baldwin is dead and being playing by someone else, then the replacement is 100% the best actor, voice and mannerism portrayals ever. I am certain Biden is fake, that’s easy. But Baldwin, not so sure. And me point here is, what to believe. Sometimes it is really hard to accept what you don’t have evidence backed up with by pictures and real voices. Sorry Michael, but saying you only report what you are ‘given’ isn’t always convincing.


Perhaps some articles are true and some are subterfuge to cause uncertainty? The fog of war is dense and will make you doubt.


More than ANYTHING.. this story tells me RRN is the REAL DEAL.. because otherwise this RANDOM story would not be made up… It is too outta left field to be fabricated fiction.. ALL the stories are True… not withstanding legal disclaimers to the contrary of course.. Thanks Again Michael.. just proves how much of a brain fuckery we’ve all been under with years of FAKE News


Wasn’t the 2013 film he was in called “Maniac”?


Hello can somebody please tell me how Alec Baldwin is negotiating and accepting out of court deals when he was supposed to be excited????


You tell em Hopeful! Bill and Hillary were sighted at the Hamptons some months back too. .

Just Me

Those were doubles, actors playing parts. The real witch is gone, don’t believe what you see or hear in the corrupted news media. They have been lying to us for decades, they told us Marilyn Monroe killed herself when in fact she was taken out, she played with the wrong boys.

Just Me

Do you mean executed? I hardly doubt Alex B. is excited. Don’t believe the fake news, there are plenty of doubles and clones to make us think that these pedos are still walking around when in fact they are not.


No more pizza or hot dogs for Frodo.

Lorenz Manner

He looks very young but the noose knows no mercy. Good riddance boy.


Sucks, dude. Lord of the Rings trilogy is my favorite film trilogy (grew up on the books, Silmarillion is my favorite). Oh well. Pedos gonna pedo, and get what’s coming to em.

Unichtozhite kommunistov.


Hollyweird is ridden with people like him,… I don’t know how Hollyweird can be disinfected from these vermin.


I agree.. Hollyweird. ,government, politicians, judges, pharmaceutical Companies CEO’s, churches.. Are full of pedophiles..just crawling with them.. Its disgusting and there you have it !
It will take a long time to round them all UP …and separate them from
Our children.. A never ending task !

Just Me

One way to fight back is by not buying their products or go to see any of their movies, money talks loud and clear.


It can and it will be.


The world would be so much better off ONLY worshipping God and his Son who died for us… all these other people – hollywood, sports ‘stars’, political .. NONE of them should be “IDOLIZED.” That’s exactly what they are, Idols. I love President Trump but I sure as hell don’t idolize him, nor should anyone else. Role model setting a high standard is all he should be, and a good leader.

But that should be across the board, all of them. Let it all be ripped down.

Evangelina Martinez

Sad. To play acting rolls that were family friendly and now finding out what they are involved in and with. Can’t even go back and watch after finding out what they have done. Sickening.


Thats disappointing to say the least. I hope he gets executed.

Lone Ranger

And may all you other Hollywood pedos be looking over your shoulder…… you are next! Sayanora !


I hope they don’t kill Frodo. He worked really hard to throw that ring in Mount Doom. It took it’s toll on him carrying that ring.. likely why he went astray. They did say Sauron’s power was pulling on him. I hope he can serve time in prison and recover and not be a perv.

J Bill




J Bill

Trolls only – gimme days for a zoom/remote/discord/slack (no cams duh) meeting. Ya’ll will know who to email. if nothing else i’d like to reminisce now that executions are gone from the storyline

J Bill

initial guess on a meeting would be 9pm EST on a wednesday…it’s a “no mikey party”

Just Me

Do you make it a habit talking to yourself?


In their natural environment, communist chinks are paranoid on a good day but during menstruation in foreign lands, they are flat out psycho.

Joseph Swanton

Patriots want to see arrests of the global elite, WEF freaks pushing cultural obliteration and genocide!! WhiteHats?!! If they exist, they’re no where they should be!!



Jerry Chandler

Baggins busted for banging boys


Assuming this is true, how can jag prosecute a civilian in a tribunal for a crime that is not war related?

Does nobody else see the slippery slope? People ion here are for this because it’s about pedophilia, but what stops JAG from prosecuting other civilian crimes?

I do not claim to be an expert, but this sounds outside of JAGS or any other military branch’s jurisdiction.

It’s one thing to believe they prosecuted Obama, Hillary etc. (which I do not believe) because at least there is some sort of non-civilian connection. It’s another to think JAG can pull you off the street and prosecute you for a civilian matter and pretend its “crimes against humanity”.

No, it’s not. It’s disgusting, it’s vile, but it is not a crime against humanity no more than steeling or committing adultery is a crime against humanity.

J Bill

w/e mike

Michael R Davis

So, you are satisfied with our corrupt civilian bribe-taking Judiciary which usually refuses to prosecute these thousands of child rapists, or if they do prosecute, just a slap on the hand, release back into the public to terrorize more children? There is no justice from them for ordinary citizens.

Destroying an innocent child is not a Crime Against Humanity? Children are our future. You sound exactly like one of those predators, perhaps a NAMBLA predator openly targeting children for years, bragging about their satanic appetites.

Since the DC Corporation which ruled America is dead, defunct, bankrupt, its criminal Judiciary is no longer lawful. Under our Constitution, under the many National Emergencies enacted by President Trump, under the National Emergency enacted by Bush after 911, (still active) under the Insurrection Act, the US Military has assumed command, constitutionally overseeing major crimes which include Treason, War Crimes, Genocide, Serial Political Mass Murders, Crimes Against Humanity. All executions, prison sentences ordered by the JAG courts over the past 5 years are constitutionally lawful. You may insist there have been no such executions or prison sentences at all, but we differ with you. Regardless, the DC Corporation civilian Judiciary, FAKE Newsmedia spokesmen refuse to address the matter, even mention it. They even refuse to address the satanic Adrenochrome addictions horrifically taken from murdered innocent children.


Leslie, ANSWER: 1) When Trump signed the insurrection act, it opened the entirity of the U.S. to military intervention, whenever, and wherever as required.

2) ‘Is it legal,’ you imply. ‘Slippery slope,’ you say. You are amiss, and confused. You have so long been watching ‘TV’ and ‘educated’ by twisted, confused, followers of satan, that you have no clue what true, biblical, righteous justice looks like.

America is a BIBLICAL nation, and GOD is backing ALL of this, with RIGHTEOUS MEN. So, they will do as the SPIRIT leads, arrest who the SPIRIT directs. You go back in your hole satan, and speak not again.

george friend

Satan repented; asked God for forgiveness, and atoned (with the help of Jesus). Satan left his name here on earth and went home. They both went home together. The way I hear it, God was overjoyed for the return of his two sons, many congratulatory high-fives were given and they left Earth in our very capable hands.
Whatever evil we are dealing with, we have clearance from god to take them out.


Nice attempt at a strawman chink.


Military tribunals are allowed for treason involving an American and a foreigner person, company or a country. Also military tribunals can be used for crimes against humanity.


The Elf should be next……

Angela James

I doubt JAG created this child sex crimes unit to go after a few small actors. I bet many big name arrests have already occurred and many more are going on now.

Rob William

If MB suddenly dislikes you, you will be captured by military and your clone has to take over for future comments.
— Clone 101 in MBVerse.


Satan, you’re such a bore.


cool story robin!


Dude looks MKUtra


Thank God these evil pedophile monsters are being taken out. Children should never be sex toys for demons. I know this has been going on forever and I so appreciate the JAG unit getting as many as they can off the streets. God bless this country and all of our little innocent children.

J Bill

u sure?

Rob William

MBVerse is full of pedos because MB likes to write about them.


RWVerse if full of pedos because RW likes them.

Grainne McDermott

Elijah came out 6 years ago (on YouTube) talking about the filth in Hollywood and that it was infested with pedophiles. He has a cheek being one of them now himself.

J Bill

clap them cheeks!!!


you go motoboatin on Trump’s ass cheeks?? lol


Sara Dixon

But I thought he spoke out against pedophilia in Hollywood! Didn’t he used to say that his mother went everywhere with him to protect him? DAMMIT! DAMMIT!!! I truly thought he was the ONLY actor who WASN’T involved in pedophilia, and that THAT might be the reason he didn’t really work anymore. EFF YOU, Sauron!!! EFF YOU Melkor!!! You pieces of SHIT!!!

J Bill


Rob William

MBVerse is full of pedos.


go away chink

Philo Beddoe

My thoughts exactly! He always said that his Mom NEVER left his side (esp at Hollywood parties). So I remember thinking that his Mom protected him and was happy that he wasn’t victimized. Very disappointed to find out that he’s just another one of them…Satanic pedophile.

Last edited 5 months ago by Philo Beddoe

Why are they so worried about these small taters and not going after the big turds??? Smfh These fucks are ruining our country as we speak and they think arresting this asshole is somehow justice

J Bill

because you’re gay, gaybill


I’m not gay you retard, you wish I was gay fag


you tell em Gay J


Sodie, it’s a WAR sweetie pie. In a WAR, the military never communicates it’s position, or reveals its operations, unless of course, it is to bring joy of its victories to its base.


With a name like that no wonder he is a damn pedo child molesting SOB,,,


America is being destroyed and we’re reading about some Hollywood has been. Incredible. I’d think Jag would have better people to go after. Must be a slow day at Gitmo.

Last edited 5 months ago by Dan
Susan Sloate

Okay, gotta admit I didn’t see this one coming.

Honestly never thought once about Wood or his career after LORD OF THE RINGS.

Guess we’ll be hearing more soon…

J Bill

or not……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..


OH… OH! I hope the “Deep State” is making a clone of Elijah Wood in their underground laboratory or at least locating a body double for him.

K Brown

Read the newest posts carefully.
Since Baxter returned from “holiday”, the tine and content of the posts has changed radically.
Baxter has been compromised.
These posts are NOT written by Baxter.


Intro is very well done, MB. Your LOTR familiarity is duly noted.

J Bill


Michael R Davis

We all might need to consider the original details from Mr Baxter’s sources, which would possibly influence how he writes each article. That would certainly influence my reporting.


I think it sounds like the original MB, at least the one writing when I found the website a few months ago. Well, maybe six now? I did notice a difference when he went on vacay and came back but this sounds like him, with maybe parts of it paraphrased from other written reports or something. It sounds like his writing and he even has an error in grammar: eviler rather than evil. He often does that. but who knows? maybe there’s a group that writes them.


I always thought there was something not right about him.