Thursday, October 14, 2021

Michael Baxter


Biden Blames Trump for Winter Storm Uri

The man who calls himself President Joe Biden sank to a new low on Monday, blaming Donald Trump for a winter storm that has...

Trump Declares War on the Seven Republican Dwarfs

“It’s war, then,” declared Donald Trump. He made a brief, jubilant appearance at a celebratory banquet after the Senate on Saturday voted to acquit him...

Illegal Aliens Get Prepaid Debit and Taco Bell Gift Cards

A stroke of a pen was all it took for Joe Biden to erase the four years of arduous work Donald J. Trump had...

Mar-a-Lago, the New White House

Last week, wealthy and influential persons living near Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago country club asked the Palm Beach Town Council to evict him, arguing that...

Biden Gives FEMA License to Kill

In the Age of Obama, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) reigned supreme. The disgraced president gave the infamous agency unilateral authority to conduct...


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