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Moderna Covid-19 Vaccine Causes “Monsterism”

Moderna’s Covid-19 vaccination, which the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) approved on 18 December, may cause recipients to experience an extremely rare but potentially lethal side effect—Monsterism, a degenerative disease that ravages a victim with physical and mental deformities.

A Moderna whistleblower speaking under condition of anonymity for fear of retaliation said 3 of the 30,000 trial candidates began showing symptoms of the horrible disease shortly after receiving the second dose of the two-part vaccination. Since half of all volunteers were given a placebo, the true number of afflicted was 3 in 15,000, or 0.02%, and while that figure might seem statistically insignificant, it is critical because, our source said, Moderna concealed the unintended side effect from both the FDA and the volunteers who had not yet received the second inoculation. The US government sponsored Moderna’s vaccine to the tune of one billion dollars.

The first symptomatic victim telephoned Moderna two days following the vaccination. He complained of headaches, nausea, unusual body hair growth, and upper abdominal post-prandial extensions; a Moderna representative assured him the symptoms were “normal and nothing to worry about,” but instructed him to seek medical attention at a local emergency room if symptoms persisted into the next morning.

“The patient—I’ll call him James—rushed to the ER the next morning. He was fucked. His head had grown three times its normal size, and his face was covered in warts that oozed a gelatinous, green puss. On top of that, every tooth in his mouth literally exploded. He was rushed to a COVID-19 isolation ward, where over the next several hours he grew fur from head to toe. He looked like Chewbacca,” our source said.

French Billionaire and Moderna CEO Stephan Bancel refused to believe his company’s vaccination was responsible for James’s “sudden transformation,” and allegedly told clinicians that medical screening must have missed an underlying condition. He decided at once to strike any mention of the incident from public record and cautioned employees against violating signed non-disclosure and non-disparagement agreements. Bancel “donated” an undisclosed sum of money to several hospital administrators in exchange for their silence, promising that James’s case would be an isolated incident.

But two weeks later it happened again. A thirty-two-year-old woman checked herself into a local ER after coming down with a case of the fits after getting her second injection. While under observation, the female patient grew tufts of hair on her back and boils on her face, and days later her cranium doubled in size, leading physicians to believe she had contracted a rare tropical disease.

“When her fingernails fell out and she grew talons, the staff knew they had a serious problem,” our source said. “The woman got violent. She could no longer speak, not as we understand speech, and began clawing at hospital staff. They restrained her, but not before a nurse was grievously wounded. The woman was flown to the same place as the first victim. I believe they’ve expired, though I’m not certain.”

Moderna’s upper echelons, he added, concluded that a potential side effect of the vaccine is biological regression, or “Monsterism,” an irreversible process by which a homousian devolves into a Cro-Magnon or Neanderthal. The 28-billion-dollar pharmaceutical conglomerate has buried evidence of Monsterism to prevent its stock—which has quadrupled in value during the pandemic—from tanking.

This developing story will be updated as is appropriate.

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The 2 photos dont match.Guy in first has thick,curly hair,moustache,eyebrows.He has widow”s peak hairline.It looks like a severe allergic reaction like when some people eat seafood or ehatevet.Ive even seen similar changes in an actor who was trying to delay friends going home so he ate peanuts or something.

Pippy Long stalking

The only way you can “regress” and fully become a “monster” or behave as an animal is because your body no longer has a soul. Without a soul, our flesh (body) IS an animal. It is our soul that drives this meat suit. Science knows this. They know the soul is real because they’ve tried to clone humans. Only God Himself determines if you have life.

This story is foolish. Not saying to take a vax because I have taken a flu shot once and been sick for nearly a year. Messing with your immune system is foolish and will result in negative reaction. We simply do not trust science or our Gov because they are negligent and do not follow their oaths of office. Flu shots kill and that is FACT.

Omegas Insanity

I’m not sure if I agree with this. In Daniel, Nebuhchednezzar King of Babylon was punished by the holy watchers, where God authorized his senses to depart from him. Daniel records the King acted like an animal with no reason, no ability to communicate, for 7 years. When his senses returned, the first thing he did was praise and bless The Most High God. Daniel uses the word senses, not soul.
Had his soul departed, his body would’ve ceased to function. The biblical example of thus is the valley of bones from Ezekiels testimony. After the bones regrew their tendons, muscles n skin, Ezekiel records they were inanimate, until the breath of God blew into them, and they became living souls again.

B Wash

I agree…. with you both to an extent, but there is a difference between us and animals. We have a Spirit. In Genesis God breathed His Spirit onto what He formed in His image and called him Adam. Later on the NT, Paul says we are body, soul and spirit. Animals do not have a spirit, this is how we know they don’t go to heaven and why we are much different than animals. But they still have a mind, will and emotions (soul) otherwise we could not train them and connect with them.


You don’t have a soul, you are a soul. No one goes to heaven until Jesus returns.

Marie B

All animals have a SOUL!!! And go to heaven. It would NOT be heaven if there were no animals there! Think about that.


Its 2 different cases/vaccine patients!


Hmmm, new satire site or really a Chinese site designed to make conservative Americans appear bat shit crazy and gullible like Lin Wood? Hal Turner will pick this story up soon. Lmao!


If you do a reverse image search, the first image is from 2012 and the second is from 2019. Is this satire? This article is hilarious.

This story is worse than that of Tiffany Dover, the nurse who disappeared after getting the vaccine !!

I’m so against vaccines that you almost had me, until you said “devolves into a cro-magnon”. What ridiculous twaddle.


My sisters are RNs and have refused this experimental vaccine however some their coworkers have not and they are suffering the side effects of it.

J Gibbs

LMAO..This article is complete BS!!!!!!
The processes involved for Monsterism do not occur that quickly. LOL
J. Gibbs, PhD

Eddie Vaughn

Simply not true. The 2nd picture of the man with the large face shows up on the internet on July 17, 2019 as a mysterious disease in the Philippines and is reported here: That was a year and a half before the vaccine came out.


then don’t use these photos, it is misleading and plainly sensational. Which makes what you write instantly questionable…

Eddie Vaughn

Also the first picture of the guy with the swollen eyes shows up on the internet in 2012 which is over 8 years before the vaccine came out. This is all fake. Do your own research. I used to find out where these pictures were first posted.


So did you get the vaccine?


For those of you making fun of this article, do yourself a favor educate yourself, these are mRNA vaccines that attach to your DNA and changes it….the CDC didn’t talk about a Zombie Apocalypse for nothing.


“mRNA vaccines that attach to your DNA and changes it” ok, what are your reliable sources on that one?? Please educate me.


For what it is worth, Bill Gates in a video was holding a plastic model of a spiral ‘DNA’ and adding another piece to it for whatever purpose.


TRUMPS SNAKE VENOM VACCINE HAS ONE PURPOSE,TO change you into a GMO human,what it really means is you can’t get into HEAVEN,SO THAT TELLS YOU WHO IS RUNNING THE SHOW..NONE OTHER THEN SATAN ,and now you see how many of the government WORK for him..ALL OF THEM…OUR FATHER warned americans YOUR GOVERNMENT IS ROTTEN TO THE CORE,TOP TO BOTTOM,INSIDE AND OUT..THERE ARE NO GOOD ONES…americans have been completely sold out by their HERO’S,and they still don’t believe it…HOW many dead bodies will it take to open your eyes…

[…] Moderna’s Covid-19 vaccination, which the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) approved on 18 Dece… […]

Stacey Gilkerson

Trump knows real Patriots will never take this vaccine.


I wouldn’t take this vaccine anyways

[…] THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT A PUBLIC SERVICE MESSAGE Big Horrible reasons to not take the new covid vaccine It has been reported from independent investigative journalist investigating the covid vaccine trial case studies that big horrible side effects before death occurs are being hidden by the vax manufactures , here are some of it’s latest victims see below […]

[…] January 11, 2021 digigod Moderna Covid-19 Vaccine Causes “Monsterism” […]

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