Biden Denied Entry to Pentagon


The man who calls himself President of the United States, Joseph R. Biden, was denied entry to the Pentagon on Friday, Real Raw News has learned.

Shortly after meeting Democratic lawmakers to discuss more restrictive gun-control legislation, Biden went to Arlington, VA to advocate the merits of his planned withdrawal of all U.S. Armed Forces from Afghanistan. He had also sought to convince military leaders that Iran’s decision to enrich weapons-grade plutonium to 60% did not threaten U.S. interests, said an administration source speaking under condition of anonymity.

But Biden never made it inside.

Our source said U.S. Pentagon Police, part of the Pentagon Force Protection Agency, stopped Biden and his Secret Service detail in their tracks, informing them that they had standing orders to prevent Biden administration members–including Biden–from entering the building. Those orders reportedly included the use of deadly force.

“Biden demanded to know who gave the order, stumbling through his words, and was told the directive came directly from Gen. David H. Berger, Commandant of the United States Marine Corps and a ranking member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. When Biden demanded to speak with Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley, he was told Milley—a Biden supporter—was no longer in charge,” our source said.

Biden, our source added, became belligerent, saying as the President of the United States he had unrestricted access to all federal properties, including the Pentagon. He then instructed his three-man SS detail to “resolve the issue.”

Pentagon police drew sidearms, our source said.

“The Pentagon Protection Force told the SS agents they’d be making a mistake. That there were over a hundred inside ready to back them up if trouble started. The SS didn’t want any part of that and told Biden he’d have to force his way in himself, if he was so inclined,” our source said.

Moreover, Biden purportedly muttered an unbelievable phrase: “I bet that bastard is inside.”

We can only guess as to whom he was referring, but RRN guesses he meant none other Donald J. Trump. While it seems unlikely, we must remember that Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley opposed Trump’s presidency and was one of few high-ranking military leaders who supported Biden’s alleged 2020 victory. It is possible that Gen. Milley has been overthrown, and Marine Corps Gen. David Berger has assumed command of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

RRN will provide updates as they become available.

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I actually keep re-reading this article, because it is so satisfying to me. Wish we had pictures and video!


It’s so obvious Biden is a puppet, strings pulled by the cabal deep state masters. At what point do the majority of Americans connect the dots to understand it’s all intentional with an end game to destroy America & usher in the New World Order? How many really want the truth? When we get to that tipping point, if the military fails to step in, Patriots WILL step up & a Civil War will ensue. None of us want that but we have a Constitutional duty to change government when it no longer serves the People. Patience is wearing thin though..

Robin Nation

This is refreshing. So glad I stumbled into it. This is what TRUMP supporters, and all those who respect our country, it’s laws and The Constitution need to see. Can’t wait till it made more public.


How legitimate is this report. Big if real but there is so much disinfo around.


According to her Twitter post, HRC supposedly is participating in an AAPI Women Strong virtual event tonight at 7pm. Hmmmm…

That's all you need know earthman

Plans seem to be coalescing nicely.


Denying President Biden, the Commander in Chief, entry into the Pentagon is called a Mutiny. Where are the National Guards, BBC and CNN?

Rick Markey

So Biden who Charlie Ward says has been taken out last year probably locked in some basement has now made a trip to the Pentagon? Really?

Sandy Koufax

Did Biden’s staff make appointments in advance to meet with Pentagon officials? Seems like he showed up out of the blue for a surprise visit. It seems like nobody at the Pentagon would give Biden and his staff the time of day so he just decided to barge in.


I know why… because they were planning an alien invasion on the people.

garis aris

Donald J. Trump, is our true American hero, best president ever.
He cares about the American people.


This sounds like a scene in a Steven Sagal movie… ???
I really wish that could have been reported on the mam.


When Trump signed those all-so-important E.O.’s just before leaving what’s left of the U.S. Corporation, he retained control of the military. The “Biden” administration never had authorization to enter the Pentagon, and moreover they haven’t been allowed to enter the WH.

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El Sea

Au contraire…The Bastard was outside unable to get in!!!

North WDS

This must be where all the hopium filled Q-lovers from 8kun moved to. A better name for the site would be: Totally Delusional Fantasies.


No, this is just fun. Figuring stuff out on 4chan requires actual work and rubbing far more brain cells together than you have lol

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John L

Im 90 percent sure that the Democrats and Dr Fauci are responsible for working with the CCP to make and distribute the Coronavirus. I’m 98% sure that Governors Cuomo,Whitmer,Wolf,Murphy and Newsome ordered their States Nursing homes to admit Covid Positive Patients for the sole purpose of rapidly increasing the number of covid deaths so that Biden could use it as a platform for his Presidential campaign.
If the evidence ever comes in and turns these highly suspicious events into undeniable facts, what punishments do you think the perpetrators would receive?




Semper Fi


Biden has 76 days remaining




I love this story and would love to have been there to see it in person.

margo alexander

i wish somebody had recorded it.


We need to start viewing things from an eternal point of view, because that’s where we’re heading, y’all!


Thank you for this, Michael! I think this has something to do with a schedule of events that Hillary’s execution is part of. I look forward to seeing what comes next. Thank you for continuing to keep us upated.


Government will always be government – no matter who’s in charge. The only righteous ruler is Jesus – and He won’t take the throne until after the Great Tribulation. Then He will rule for a thousand years, will throw away Lucifer, and this universe will be destroyed. The Bible says there will be “a new heaven and a new earth.” There will be no sun and no moon (no more time), and Jesus and Father God will be the light of that new creation. Now, That’s a government! The Father God is the Righteous Judge of all the earth. Every single soul who has ever lived will stand before Him and give an account of every action and word. Only those whose names are written in The Book of Life will live with their Creator forever. The only way to get our names into that Book is to be born again, by the blood of Jesus Christ. He’s not wasting one drop of that precious blood.

Michael, thanks for these articles. The Lord told Amanda Grace that there would be a “civil war” in the military – perhaps this is that to which He was referring. Keep writing! Even if your sources get some of it wrong, they’ll probably get some of it right, too!

Tammy Hatch

I wonder if he could rule from inside a person as a disguise to surprise everyone since in his people is where he currently lives ??? After he rose from the dead, he surprised his disciples when he appeared to them in disguise- they thought the person was an ordinary man.


Hi, Tammy! You’re talking about the “road to Emmaus” experience. They recognized Jesus as Himself when He prayed for the food. His Holy Spirit (Ruach ha Kodesh – or “breath of God”) is the Spirit that lives in His People. We still look like ourselves! Jesus’ actual physical body was changed after the resurrection, so He looks like the King of Glory that’s described in the Revelation. I like your idea of the disguise, though!


Joe Biden is not our president God gave us President Trump for a reason and he’s taking care of all of our problems the assholes are made I hope they all rot in hell I know Hillary well

Julie Ann Johnson

Ok. I don’t believe this storyline all. It would be all over the media.


All over deep state media?? Are you kidding me? They’re all complicit in this


Rafal, you took the words out of my mouth. The leftist media doesn’t want this to get out and spoil the illusion. This type of information is blacked out. That is why when people say “if true” are they comparing this to leftist media because almost nothing they report is true. The fact that they are not reporting it tells me it is probably true.
If anyone follows Amanda Grace on YouTube, she prophesized this a couple of weeks ago regarding a Civil War going on with the Military.
Quote, “An internal struggle within the military shall cause a dispute and a civil war internally where office shall oppose officer to get the chains cut and free those who serve the principality of D.C. so attempted to lockdown. However ‘I the Lord thy God’ am opening up the vault. And Officers, Generals and those that see alike shall be disgraced and exposed for betraying their oath for entitlements and empty promises from wicked serpents who destroy whom they use…..a huge, huge blowing a fuse!”

She has had some great prophecies since Good Friday, including, “There shall be a fall down the stairs as Joe and Jill have attempted to trample on My hill and they shall be tumbling down…..the sun sets on the Bidens.”


She is not awake yet.

Sue Grantham

Because the media is forthright, honest and altruistic? ????
They are complicit in the deception of Americans. Do research on who runs the media. Get educated and stop depending on others for truth.


You mean the same media that coddles Biden and portrays him as invulnerable?

Tammy Hatch

Look up Dr. Susan Richards – she used to train doctors at Stanford Medical Center in San Francisco. She also became an ordained minister and began praying for patients in ICU. She has healed the blind, deaf, and paralyzed. She has seen cerebral palsy healed. So many quadriplegics healed she says she could build an army. And yet our local “news” won’t touch a story on her even when I asked Cherly Hurd of NBC news myself while she was working on a missing person story in our neighborhood. She told me mainstream would never touch the story. My point is this- If I relied on the mainstream media to tell me about anything significant happening in our world, I still wouldn’t believe God was doing healing miracles.
And when I was invited to learn how to heal the sick a local church, i would have never gone to hte meeting. In the Bible Jesus taught his disciples to heal hte sick with hte power he gave them and he is still doing this through his people. I have my own videos to prove it. But mainstream will never report it. They will never report God’s glory.

Last edited 3 years ago by Tammy Hatch

Hope Obama is next!


On March 22, 2021, a female Chinese-language commentator by the name of “Lao An” posted a video of “Obama standing in a Gitmo prison cell” on YouTube. I couldn’t believe my own eyes, but here is the link to that video if it is still there: As to the Hillary Clinton story presented by Real Raw News, I believe it is true. On a Chinese-language website called “Observe CCP”, one can even see photoes of Hillary Clinton in a prison jumpsuit. As to Joe Biden’s being kept out of Pentagon, I certainly cannot rule out the possibility, because as previously reported in Yahoo News and Politico, towards the end of 2020, Pentagon suddenly stopped military briefings with the Biden transition team, stating that certain military matters were “pre-decisional” and that members of the Biden team were not entitled to know the details of such matters. Well, the Hillary Clinton Gitmo confinement may be just one of those “pre-decisional military matters”. My guess is: More of such pre-decisional military matters may unfold — without the so-called mainstream media showing signs of curiosity. So why? Because somehow it has been castrated.


WOW!!! It certainly does look like him…wow!


So, the video is still there right now, showing a man in white pants standing in front of a prison cell window and a narrow makeshift bed laid out on the floor. There is also a small stool way below the prison cell window, and the video shows the man picking up something from the small stool. This man looks like Obama, but I simply couldn’t believe my own eyes.


That video is from 7 years ago titled, ‘Barack Obama humbled by visit to Nelson Mandela’s Robben Island jail’


That explains why Obama is shown in the video.


Interesting if this is truthful!I would think that the Biden administration would bring this to the public’s eye if it was.
Certainly would be nice if it were true. Biden should not have any access to our military’s secret. I feel certain he would share it with his buddies in CHINA.

Ronald W. Weiss

I suspect men in black suits have warned a lot of people that they don’t know what they know or have not seen what they’ve seen lest they rot in jail for 15 years. Just a guess.


I feel comforted and much safer knowing that we have a competent leader and true Patriot in charge of our military again. May God bless General Berger and keep him safe…

Last edited 3 years ago by Tinydruid

Hope to God This is True..
CIVIL War is FAR Preferable to a B¡den harris Administration..


With all due respect IMO you do not understand modern civil wars. I was assigned to a Military Intelligence Battalion in central america. For 6 months I had to read all the Top Secret and below intel reports on our observed areas of interest and brief the commander on anything pertinent to our mission.

These reports detailed assasinations of local officials and businessmen, attacks on schools, churches, public utilities, stores etc. Much of it resembled the current mexican cartel ops. There were no definitive lines of battle. The rebels could be anyone, anywhere and strike at anytime. Society starts to break down as they did not know who to trust or which side they were on. Friends turned on friends, relatives fought each other.

Basically the civilians would start to support whatever side could provide the most security. Civil wars are destructive, bloody and personal. Most take decades if not centuries to get over. Look at us here in the US, some people still get angered at the sight of a rebel flag. No, we do not need a civil war here, at least not now.

Ronald W. Weiss

Dear Father in Heaven. Thanks for that warning!


I think it’s about time that this fake actor be put in his place!!! He cheated! He is not our president and he is harming the American people

Last edited 3 years ago by Jojo
Tammy Hatch

oh more encouragement- we’re winning again!!! Thank you Jesus! Thank you Thank you Thank you!


Is this all BS? Where can someone confirm any of this. I love the story. But I dunno if I can pass this information around.

Ronald W. Weiss

If you pass it around, just be honest; say it’s fun reading, but there are no confirmed sources, so take it with a grain of salt. There…

Michael Pawson

Military tribunals going on inside there…
Hilary Clinton was sentence to death by hanging this week …. and so it begins


mike baxter…in the PENTAGON or GITMO ???/


You replied to Michael Pawon, not Mike Baxter. It’s Pawson who was confusing the two locations.

Sue Grantham

All punishments given to detainees regarding the death penalty are done on GTMO property.


The tribunals are being carried out at GITMO, not the Pentagon, and yes it appears to have finally begun. Having Trump physically present INSIDE the Pentagon sounds like some important things are lining up to happen next. Since it’s only a week to go before Hillary’s execution, I think “soon” is going to turn out to be REALLY soon. Time will tell.

Jeanne Bush





Biden has 76 days remaining

Ronald W. Weiss

Biden tells his SS guys to “resolve the issue.” I was hoping the next line would be “So they shot him.”

margo alexander



Neede to smile tonight, thanks!

Ronald W. Weiss

That’s why my wife married me!

Sue Grantham



Didn’t Hitler have agents that wore black and were known as SS?

Ronald W. Weiss

Yes, but I was talking about the Secret Service detail. I apologize for the confusion. Hitler’s SS were his private Army and they ran the death camps. Really bad people.


I know it, just being sarcastic about Biden. Although we are slipping in that direction now with the FBI and DOJ.


Biden means nothing to the Military, There isn’t even a picture of a President on Base here.


Prove it


Disprove it.


Checked Biden’s Friday schedule and found his only “scheduled” public event was 1:30 PM to 4:00 PM with Jap. Prime. Min. pursuant to Monkey Werx April 16th sitrep @ minute 11:00. So, the Usurper had his morning open for the events just as Mr. Baxter described. Plausible. Nice!


he*ls up meet him….

GreaterIdaho for Trump

I don’t know if your truth, but real raw news is so freaking fun.

margo alexander

lol. love it!


Mr. Baxter. Reading this has done me a lot of good. WWG1WGA!

Rick Morrow

Biden is not allowed into the Pentagon, or fly Air Force One or Two. Or the Marine One Helicopter. But, he can play checkers.

Kevin Miller

Hate to rain on your parade but what about the incident of him tripping while climbing the stairs on Air Force One??


not AF1 – you can confirm by using the software that tracks planes – or watching monkeywerxus videos

Sue Grantham

The planes Buydin have been on reflected the call sign “N/A”. ??
Couldn’t be more appropriate!!

Sue Grantham

As a former air traffic controller, I can confirm ANY plane is considered Air Force One- call sign AF1, when the President is onboard. Any plane.
The planes Buydin has been on, ironically do not reflect the AF1 call sign; it reflects N/A. I find it humorous yet appropriate.


Green screen


You mean he still knows black from red. AS in BLACK Lives Matter and RED CCP.

Thank you, RRN.

Mr. Bones

I donated 100% of my stimulus check to BLM. I’m glad to see they are putting it to good use.

Ronald W. Weiss

A fool and his money are soon parted!


do you mean burn loot murder or bureau of land managment

Sue Grantham

Belt Loops Matter. ?


Not even a liberal socialist is that stupid.


RRN has REVERSED this story to find its agenda. It was TRUMP who tried to force his way into the Pentagon and was turned away by Pentagon Police. It was BIDEN who was inside and told them to keep Trump out.


And simp Trump crawled away like a coward


You give a new meaning to STUPID!


I’m glad you hang around. You’re great for comic relief. Your dellusions are hillarious as hell.


Ha! You wish troll.

Buzzy Zipwak

If that was true then every news outlet would be broadcasting it 24/7 nonstop.

margo alexander

lol. truth is killing you, troll.

Sue Grantham

Biden 2024 is a troll. A little liberal minion. Someone who is happy to be told what to think, do and say. Kinda like a 21st century slave, and happy to be one.
We the People have a name for that: Pussy Slaves.
The liberals depend upon their ignorance of facts and evidence and are instructed to be parrots of the idiot traitors.
I see you fulfill that slave slot with the pride only ignorant slaves repeat. Good job- and don’t forget to take your shot!


biden has 78 days remaining


That is hysterical .. Thanks to the. GENERAL !!….

Sue Grantham

The military is in control.
The military takes their oaths seriously.
The military would never attack the citizens they swore to defend.
They will defend the citizens and the Constitution, from enemies foreign and domestic-they understand they work for We the People.


I read posts on other sites and all you hear is prove something is happening or the military are traitors. I like this site because people can actually understand the clues we are given. Good posts Sue.

Sue Grantham



Thanks, Michael! Your sources and your work are making each day, brighter and brighter…

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