The FEMA Mandate

Thank you in advance for reading. The dropdown menu lists published chapters of a book I am working on called The FEMA Mandate. For decades, most Americans have been kept in the dark on what exactly what one of America’s most well-funded federal agency actually does to justify its existence. What you read might surprise you. The contents include ten years of research, and thousands of hours of painstaking writing and editing, and the book isn’t even finished yet. Rather than wait (who knows how long) till I finish and offer it in print, I decided to periodically release chapter by chapter in hopes of reaching people who might have an interest in this nefarious branch of the government. We the people are led to believe that FEMA exists to aid us in times of natural disaster. I believe the scope of my work prove that disaster relief is, at best, a tertiary function of FEMA.

Each successive FEMA director has been more morally bereft than his predecessor. Criminal activities within the agency became normal. Crimes against the American people are committed almost daily. Yet no one, not even the most conservative of media, reports on it. That’s about to change.