Biden Brings Back Guillotines


Only hours before Chief Justice John Roberts swore Biden into office, the soon-to-be president told staff he plans to rejuvenate the death by guillotine program, which his ex-boss, Barack Hussein Obama, pioneered in 2009.

In May of that year, Obama, Biden, and former FEMA director Craig Fugate, a nefarious trio if there ever was one, commissioned Somer 49, a French mechanical engineering firm, to build 2,000 guillotines, ostensibly to behead patriots and people Obama deemed a threat to his New World Order agenda. The killing machines were discretely stored on military bases and FEMA barges—floating concentration camps.

When in 2016 Trump rose to power and learned of the diabolical program, he at once had all guillotines destroyed. He intended to disseminate knowledge of the guillotines, but Pence and Bannon convinced him that disclosure would galvanize government distrust, regardless of who sat in the Oval Office.

Now Biden seeks to revive the guillotine initiative, according to two reliable sources in Biden’s orbit. At 8am Wednesday, Biden and Kamala Harris had a conference call with Deanne Criswell, Biden’s nominee for FEMA director and former New York City emergency management commissioner. Criswell, the first female ever picked to lead the US government’s secret Gestapo, was often seen sitting beside NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio at Covid-19 briefings. An attaché, too, to Governor Cuomo, Criswell was responsible for the tyrannical lockdowns NY has endured over the last ten months. It was she who convinced Cuomo to trap sick, elderly patients at decrepit nursing homes, resulting in the deaths of thousands upon thousands of senior citizens. So nefarious was Criswell that she advocated for disconnecting life support on critically ill, hospitalized patients and storing the bodies in refrigerated trailers. Those not already dead slowly froze to death.

“When Biden told her he wants to get the guillotine program again to finish what Obama started, Criswell was all smiles and said it was a great idea. But she didn’t fully understand why he wants the guillotines. She thought, from what I understand of their conversation, they would use them to lop off heads of terminally ill Covid-19 patients just prior to organ harvesting,” a source told Real Raw News.

But Biden’s scheme involves decapitating persons who threaten his dark vision of national security—patriots, 2nd Amendment Advocates, persons who espouse anti-government sentiment, and lingering Qanon adherents. In short, execute people most likely to oppose his presidency through violence and sedition.

“Decapitation is a more efficient means than, say, shooting a person of forcing compliance. If a guy see’s his wife’s head sliced off, it does something to him, makes him weak,” Biden allegedly told Criswell. “Nothing like Jan 6 will ever happen again.”

Then he dropped a bombshell, telling Criswell he had already solicited sealed bids from six mechanical engineering firms to fulfill an order for 3500 new guillotines, which FEMA’s “black budget” would pay for. One company on the list is Nanjing Hangjin Machinery Equipment, a Jiangsu-based firm on mainland China that specializes in paper-thin, tungsten steel blades. The name of a corporate vice president, Hao Zhen, reportedly found its way onto Hunter Biden’s laptop, suggesting that Joe Biden’s plan to bring back death by decapitation began long before he illegitimately won the election.

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TTV TC Salsa

All biblical….. Wow.

Revelation 20:4

4 “And I saw thrones and they that sat upon them, and judgment was given unto them. And I saw the souls of them that had been beheaded for the witness of Jesus and for the Word of God, and who had not worshiped the beast, nor his image, nor had received his mark upon their foreheads or on their hands; and they lived and reigned with Christ a thousand years”.

Do you really think this method will be used for just Jesus followers? I think not! Anyone (patriots) who does not take the mark.

Nerk the Merc

By the way the report sounds, this was a person in the room with Biden, Harris and Criswell. So WHO is the source? If no source, then this story is BS!

Mike Baxter

You’re a paid shill


Nice future ahead.. Trump saw this coming…. but did not do anything when he had the power… Did he?

CJ House

He is still working on this…….real hard….


1789 “French” revolution (Iluluminati) – Coming to U.S.A. soon!

History repeats itself…

This is the oldest “conspiracy theory” book.of the Illuminati, that almost was prevented in 1785.

fuck joe biden

You FIRST, Joe. Piece of shit.