Pence’s Plea To Trump: “Please Don’t Have Me Whacked!”


Former Vice President Mike Pence on Wednesday made two appeals—one subtle, one direct—to his former boss in hopes of tempering the relentless fury Trump has harbored for him ever since Pence presided over the Jan 6 Electoral Certification process. On that day, Trump branded Pence a traitor, a stigma that compelled him to seek shelter outside the United States.

As reported previously, Pence has been jet setting across the planet looking for political asylum in a non-extradition country. Sources privy to Pence’s travel itinerary told RRN that he had filed asylum paperwork in Qatar, Vatican City, Bahrain, Ukraine and, yes, Russia, but each request was denied or left in limbo, ostensibly because the leaders of those nations think that Trump will soon regain power and regard with disfavor any country that grants Pence sanctuary.

A State Department source familiar with Pence’s travels told RRN that world leaders do not want to anger Donald Trump.

“Public statements aside, most persons of political importance in other nations do believe Biden stole the election. They also believe that Trump will soon prove that and overturn the election, a move that would once again put him in the Oval Office. Trump’s influence stretches everywhere, and none of the people, not even Vladimir Putin, want to deal with Trump’s wrath. If they give Pence sanctuary, they think Trump, once back in office, will heavily sanction them, or worse. Mike [Pence] is running out of options,” the source said.

Pence had nearly struck an asylum deal with Qatari Prime Minister Khalid bin Khalifa bin Abdulaziz Al Thani, who had a last-minute change of heart and personally telephoned Pence to deliver the sad news.

“Pence had packed his bags and was ready to go. Al Thani said something had come up, that Pence couldn’t live in Qatar. And that was that. Mike feels the walls closing in around him, the noose tightening, that’s why he tried to apologize to Trump,” our source said.

On Wednesday afternoon, Pence made an impromptu call to Fox News’s Laura Ingraham show, the Ingraham Angle, to lament the death of conservative giant Rush Limbaugh. His comments, though directed at Limbaugh, held a subliminal message for Trump, our source said.

“When Pence mentioned to Ingraham about Rush being among the most generous men he’d ever known, and having a huge and charitable heart, well, that statement was meant for Trump, too. Mike wasn’t’ even in country when he made that call; he was in Germany. He’s barely set foot on American soil since Jan 6. He is dreadfully afraid. That’s why he also sent Trump a letter apologizing for his behavior at the Electoral College certification,” our source said.

He claimed Pence, before sending Trump the letter, read part of it to him aloud.

“Dear Mr. President: You are justifiably angry at me for my participation in helping to seat Joe Biden in the White House. As you know, I’ve spent little time at home, concerned partly because I fear your wrath, and partly because I fear the wrath of your supporters who consider me a traitor. If I could redo that day, I would, but now I must accept the consequences of my actions. I apologize for betraying you, my commander-in-chief and friend. I ask you to consider at least the four years I spent beside you, defending you from onslaught after onslaught of relentless attack. I apologize for allowing myself to be swayed by public opinion, and for allowing Democrats to cloud my judgement. There is no contrition for my crimes, and I can only imagine the depth of your disappointment. I know you can never forget my transgressions, but can you forgive? I promise, from this day forward, to help right my wrongs; I want to correct my mistakes. Remember the day we watched Goodfellas in the Oval and laughed as Tommy got whacked in the end. We joked about people we thought needed to be whacked. Please don’t have me whacked…” the letter read.

In closing, RRN reached out to a Mar-a-Lago source involved in Trump’s plan to depose Biden and retake the White House. Asked if Trump harbored murderous sentiment toward Pence, he said, “Pence is acting like a big cry baby. Trump is not Obama. He is not Killary Clinton. He doesn’t go around having people killed just because he’s angry at them. Trump wouldn’t have him killed, but he’d probably send Pence to GITMO for a good, long time.”

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Really pleased to read this about Pence. He is a traitor. He is also extremely stupid for, as he says, “Allowing democrats to cloud my judgement”. He is totally comprimised as he has done young boys. And he tries to cloud other’s perception by claiming to be a Christian.

Lifetime in Gitomi is the least of his worreis.

BJ Moore

Bravo, RRN for becoming a truly Premiere News site. Loved this article and it should, for all intent and purpose, bring that Game of old, “Whack A Mole” to memory. These guys need to be afraid, very afraid. And, if nothing else; They may skate, in this lifetime but I guarantee, they will not, in the next.
“God don’t like ugly and has a true aversion…for stupid!” BJM

Cathy Nicholson

It is all over the internet, i.e. Bitchute, that Mike Pence is a pedophile and child killer. Definitely blackmailable.


You write pretty good fiction!


Can I take this one, with a pinch of salt 🙂


Pence is grovelling because the Democrats have dispensed with him…no longer a useful idiot…he did his job, treacherous as it was, he is no further value to anyone. He is in encumbrance.


So much bullshit
They are all deep state sucking each others dicks


Pence is scum. I’m from Indiana. Pence is swamp 100%.