Trump Briefed on “Weather Warfare” in Texas


As Texans froze in Uri’s icy grip, President Donald Trump in balmy Florida entertained an unexpected visitor, a physicist who was once at the top of his list—albeit a short one—for chief scientific advisor to the president, according to a source in Trump’s orbit speaking under promise of anonymity.

Dr. William Happer, Professor Emeritus at Princeton University, is an American physicist who has specialized in the study of atomic physics, optics, and spectroscopy. From 1991-1993, he served as director of the Department of Energy’s Office of Science under George W. Bush’s administration, but was fired in late 1993 by the Clinton administration after he failed to convince Bill that science behind the global warming movement was deeply flawed. In short, Dr. Happer has unimpeachable credentials and a stellar history of academic excellence.

Happer went to Mara-a-Lago with a warning. He told Trump neither mother nature nor fictitious tales of earth-shattering climate change was responsible for the storm that had brought the Lone Star State to its knees; a fifth of the state’s electricity transmission plants collapsed and over four million Texans froze in the dark, many without water too.

Dr. Happer, our source said, told Trump the Biblical storm was a product of “weather warfare.” A technology called HAARP, Happer said, had been weaponized and directed at Texas, possibly as a warning to Republican states that have eschewed Biden’s Covid-19 policies and promised to fight his dissection of the 2nd Amendment.

HAARP is an acronym for High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program, ostensibly a scientific research program to study the properties and behavior of the ionosphere through use of directed microwave frequency. Many scholars over the years have questioned the ethics of HAARP, noting its technology could easily be weaponized, and the government claimed to have shuttered the program in 2013 in response to promulgation of bad press and conspiracy theories.

Happer claimed “whispers in the scientific community” suggested Biden had perverted desires to teach Red states a lesson by way of unconventional warfare. He speculated that “Biden’s people” had seized the HAARP research facility in Gakona, Alaska and “turned up the juice” to disrupt, manipulate, and reposition the Jet Stream to center an arctic front over Texas.

Our source said Trump, who has been falsely accused of disliking science, expressed interest in Happer’s theory but questioned how the attack could be considered a warning if Biden had not actually warned anyone about an attack, impending or otherwise.

“It’s not like Sleepy Joe called Greg[Abbott], a good man and a really great governor, and said play ball with me or else, or called Ron [DeSantis], another great governor, and said we just screwed Texas, you’re next,” Trump reportedly said.

“Are you sure they weren’t notified?” Happer asked.

“I’m sure. I talk to these guys every day. Every day. And I think this is something they would’ve told me. We’re working together, you know,” Trump said.

Happer admitted he didn’t have all the answers, but he assured Trump that Texas’s location relative to the Southern Hemisphere and the equator absolutely precluded any chance that Uri was a naturally occurring meteorological phenomena.

“It is impossible, Mr. Trump. Right here, Florida, could be his next target,” Happer opined.

Our source said the meeting ended with Trump saying he’d take the matter under advisement and convene a council of scientists and military experts to corroborate Happer’s hypothesis.

Correction: Our copy editor, apparently stuck in the past or has dementia, mistakenly misquoted Trump as saying Rick Perry is the current governor of Texas. The mistake has been corrected, and we appologize for the mistake.

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Ed Saterstadt

Does Google restrict advertisements on dem/left/lib pages that contain violent, deragatory, or hateful comments?

Number number 46 piece of s*** not my president

Trump is the best president we have ever had or ever will have

Wolfgang Roscher

Dem stimme ich voll und ganz zu. Trump war und er wird wieder der beste Präsident der USA werden.Ohne Ihn wird die USA und unsere Erde untergehen.Ich bin kein Amerikaner,aber mein Herz schlägt_ für meine Heimat Deutschland und für dieses Schöne Land die USA.Das Land,die Menschen müssen aufwachen,um dieses Übel ein für alle mal zu beseitigen.Wir stehen beide auf der richtigen Seite und hinter den Besten den es gibt Den Besten Präsidenten D.Traump.Steht zu diesen Mann und ihr werden den Sieg für euch verbuchen können.Wenn die Menschen erfahren ,was in den letzten 12000 Jahren alles geschehen ist,so nehmen sie auf der richtigen Seite ihre Position ein.Wir wollen und werden keine Sklaven sein.So wie sie es wollen.Wir sind freie Menschen und werden es auch bleiben.

Last edited 3 years ago by Wolfgang Roscher

Weaponized weather is a known technology. Of course this is a weaponized attack of Texas, just like Hurricane Harvey was. And Florida was hit then too as well due to political reasons. The left are evil.


You have it backwards and upside down. It is a real event, though not typical, caused by a sequence of events which is a little long for here. The takeaway is that we have entered a Grand Solar Minimum, the first of 3 in a row making this a Super Grand Solar Minimum, which will cause a decline in earth temperature and major disturbances in temperatures, precipitation, volcanic and seismic activity world wide. The media is not covering this, nor is NASA or NOAA reporting what they really know. The COVID is a COVER for what this will do to world population. Get your affairs in order. This is nothing going on in Texas. Wait till we fall off the cliff and see what a Mini Ice Age looks like; ala 1640 to 1715.

Linda Shaw

In the editorial about weather warfare, Baxter has President Trump quoting Rick Perry as the governor of Texas. The current governor of Texas is Greg Abbott.

Linda Hartleben

Could be a possibility since we had snow that wouldn’t melt when you burned it but turned black.


This is horseshit. Trump has been told time & time again about weather warfare aka geoengineering, just as he has 5G AND the covid hoax. What he actually admits is something else.

Thomas Funicello

Does anyone remember what Bill Gates focused on after leaving Microsoft? I do. He was working on diverting hurricanes in the gulf from ships by changing the water temperature in the vicinity. I am not claiming it to be nefarious, simply a statement of technology and purpose.


He and his Handler.
Bill Gates is an MKUltra product. Sodomized and then programmed like Trudeau and many, many more.


Could be right! I received a couple of weeks ago a list with “arrests and executed” mentioned of DS figures, pedoes, humantraffickers, etc. It noted Bill and his Handler had been hanged in 2013 in India due to dying of children after testing a “medicine” on the kids.


This is BS. He patented the coronavirus in 2015. I saw the patent with his name on it. Shud throw away ur list.


comment image


You have to ask Nick Begich, since he is on board with InfoWars, why Alex does not address this. Nick knows full well what is going on and it is a million times more powerful than HAARP or NEXRAD or DARPA or choose your own letters like SUPER DARN.

Reg Sappie

Thanks Michael Baxter for Confirming my gut suspicions posted on my FB Page..with your article on Dr William Happier

Wed 2-3-2021 ..81 deg Sunny in Midland Tx .. then the bottom fell out   

Feb 12-2021
Could these Arctic Blast be part of the Weaponization of the Weather…? things that make you go Hmmmm <:(((((><

Sun Feb 14 20021
DARPA and HAARP with their Weaponized Weather must be controlled by Obama holdovers and it’s Payback Time to Red Texas for Trump’s Acquittal 
Wed Feb 17 2021 Thanks for the Confirmation Doctor of Science 

Trump Briefed on “Weather Warfare” in Texas


Not sure about HARRP, but I am pretty sure that God controls the weather, and according to the Book of Enoch, Chapter 9 “The Fragrant Trees” verses 34-36. And the weather is based on how the people act and obey Gods commands.

JQ Public

Book of Enoch is an interesting read.

Eyes Open

Dont be ignorant… man has been working at weaponizing the weather since at least 1940… the USAF used to have their 1940s weather modification “plan” on their site… and there is a later document “Full Spectrum Dominance” you can find on the internet. You forget… all of mans ways were corrupted.


My take on this article is, if this is true Trump is to blame. He went to great lengths to show us the fraud in Government and the election. I was sold and ready to die for the change I thought he would bring us, but he just got on an airplane and flew away. Either he has no balls or he’s the biggest liar of them all. So he opens the office of x president yahoo we are saved. His biggest sin was not to trust the American people to know the whole truth consequences be dammed. So I think I’ll move to Texas and suffer with real Americans.


Trump is only one person and can’t take them all down himself. He’s got to have the ability and right now these democrats are working over time trying to save themselves and the secrets.
If you believe in God, pray! Never put to much faith in man!


Do not worry, Crabby. The Good Guys are winning (including President Trump).
The President is of course working in a team and the Republic is under military government/command.
It is all going according to plan. Trust the Man (Trump) and his Plan.


Randy, my good man, I might have some suggestions for your wellbeing.
Wake up, then throw your tv on the wasteheap and start thinking for yourself, discuss important themes like what happened the last four years in USA and the current situation, not only with USA but also including the rest of the world, Russia, China, India even Europe in your discussions.
You will probably discover you are living in the Republic of the United States of America and there are promising changes for you, your family, your neighbours, your state, your country and the rest of the world.

Search for: NESARA, GESARA and Med Beds or Medbeds or MedBeds and read, read, read.


HAARP is old technology. Been around since British Aerospace BAE systems came up with it late 1950’s. Yes, the sun is at a solar minimum right now, but I seriously doubt that the sun singled out Texas or Florida for its wrath or that a Republican Governor told the sun to go do that which is anatomically impossible during a strong armed phone call. I guess we’ll see if DeSantis is able to get disaster relief after Joestapo whacks Florida with some nasty weather from HAARP.


I would tend to believe Dr William Happer in his account of the weather attack on Texas and soon Florida using HAARP.

Eyes Open

The weather issue would not be so bad if electric suppliers werent doing rolling blackouts and 24-48 hour blackouts.. The majority support the utilities, and indeed in many places are required to do so….the idea that they have a captive customer base, rake in trillions of dollars and yet have unstable networks and insufficient capacity is mismanagement on a massive scale, whether ignorance, greed driven or a purposeful strategy.


What a splendid idea!


One of Florida’s water utilities in Pinellas was hacked last week. One of the plant operators saw it being done and watched the hacker adjust one of the chemicals to a extreme high number. He waited to the hacked was out and changed it back immediately. There is an investigation going on now over it.


Let us hope Sleepy Joe forgot the telephone number how to contact HAARP Centre and order doom and disaster for “enemy Florida”.
That is what he meant when he preached on one of his pinocchio-days “unity” for the people and country.
Propbably had one of his blackouts.


Gov Greg Abbot is a Moron & a RINO Backstabber who runs a state that will soon be Blue due to the Illegal Immigrant Flood perpetrated by “President Dementia”. Sorry the folks of Texas have to Suffer their Government Idiots.


That proves the power of voting. the people have spoken and got they voted for.


No it proves the power of being a fraud/plant. Abbott has never done the right thing 4 the ppl of tx.

Quemielle DuChesne

Years ago I read that the Japanese terrorist group Aum Shinrikyo which had attacked the Tokyo subway commuters with sarin gas partnered with the remnants of the Shogun fascist regime which was conquered by the allies in WWll and has since become the Japanese “mafia”. This partnership moved operations to Red China to build their own H.A.A.R.P. facility to attack the west, specifically the U.S..


There are HAARP facilities around the world. Weather warfare using Radar is ubiquitous today.


Yes, I read/heard Xi gave Joe 7 billion n asked to try their new weather maker out against Texas. Tx gov, Abbott, asked 4 permission a week prior to “storm” to allow them to ramp up the plants to 100%. Was told no. They had to purchase power at 1500% increase from other states 1st. Then wud b able to turn up power only a small %age. Then gov asked 4 emergency services from Joe. Was told no, again. Planned!


HAARP can do some pretty remarkable things, but when you combine possible magnetic polar shifts along with minimum solar activity, who is to say what is really causing the polar vortex to dip so far southwards.
It is a wake-up for me to stock pile a larger load of firewood, and extra fuel for my generator. The pantry is fine, and we just planted three rows of potatoes.
Our current weather concern is all the moisture coming out of the gulf. It seems to be holding the vortex to our north, but is causing constant rainfall.


You must be in Georgia


The Science explaining the mechanism is not hidden by NASA or NOAA: the just don’t need anyone to know what they can do nothing about so they don’t talk about it. We are not in the club.
The key thing to watch for now is the reversal of the Beaufort Gyre which will dump gadzillons of gallons of cold fresh water and ice into the Arctic currents which lead to the North Atlantic return current and the Gulf Stream.
This WILL cause a Mini Ice Age at least equal to the Maunder Minimum.
Add to that the planetary alignments of 2024 and you have a potential for a pole shift though probably not a pole flip.
It is serious stuff and I am glad to see some educated people on here. It suggests that realrawnews is not yet under the gun.
I find it notable that neither Alex Jones or Brighteon are doing much with this subject.
Hey, I’m a Canadian and know weather from the Arctic to Texas and back.
Any naysayers to this subject are ignorant or just dim. Like the sun is becoming.


Rick is not our Governor Greg is?

Dennis DeLaurier

One other Comment. The earth is going through a magnetic pole flip. The earths magnetic fields are down by at least 22%. The earths magnetic fields control the jet streams. If this continues, the fields will eventually go to zero. This will only get worse. There is a cold planet and little food in our future. It’s BS like this HAARP crap that makes doing any thing positive to happen. Typical, people think they are more powerful than the sun.
See the PIC URL


Dry up.


not just that, but if you look at the other planets in our solar system they are all going through aggressive climate change, much worse than our own, all because of the sun.


Finally we have a commenter with contacts and communication with other planets in our solar system.
And then understanding all those foreign languages. Fantastic!


Rick Perry? REALLY? I’d say your source is pretty lame OR you’re adding some hyperbola to fact, to get the populace fired up. Readers, discernment in these last days is ‘required’ (not just needed) or else you’ll be deceived by the ‘other’ side of MSM.


the correction is below the article. Look like you don’t read.

Dennis DeLaurier

This is total BS. Just like global warming is BS. It’s the Super Grand Solar Minimum. It’s the Sun Stupid. We had better wake up and start growing our own food. Dennis – Central Texas


Biden 2024

Benny Dover

wow unbeliavable


I think pedojoe may already be mouldering as I write.

Trump is trash

You call Joe a pedo…. but it was Trump who was good buddies with Jeff Epstein, a known pedophile…. Trump is also attracted to and flirts with his own daughter

the one

still cant deny joe is connected with the pedo world. still cant deny.


I guess you missed the fact that as long ago as 1992, when Trump found out Epstein was hitting on the teen-aged daughter of a club member, he booted Epstein, and never allowed him to return.


Go to g t v .org to see what the Biden family is into. (No spaces) its being censored it came out right before the election. Ashley Biden wrote in her diary her Dad took inappropriate showers with her as a teen ,she moved out of an apartment and left the diary,no denials.

Nancy walraven

Biden 25th amendment

EDDIE barra

you anti american scumbag

Trump is trash

You coward


At least he is no neo-Marxist!


Do not swear, it is not worth it. Stay calm and keep your self-respect.


geoengineering, you idiot.

Larry D Deavenport

I agree. It is unlikely that this is what happened. I knew the authors of the book, “HAARP Music That Angels Do Not Play,” I still connect with Jeanne Manning co-author of the book, at conventions on energy and technology. With the sun at its greatest solar minimum and another mini ice age for the next 50 or so years, weather control would be totally unnecessary. Every 11 years we go into a cold cycle naturally anyway, even if there was not a mini ice age. What this winter has taught us, is we have a long ways to go before Green energy is totally reliable.The wind generators froze up in Texas and the solar panels were covered in snow here in Michigan. They are not totally reliable.


Solar Min my ass. Why do all of you just believe what the corporate “scientist” tell you. We have large, below grade – 5ft down, greenhouses here in MT. I have been growing tropical plants, trees and every veg there is, year round. And living with the plants in winters 15 yrs ago, and now, with little to no appreciable change, the sun still instantly makes the greenhouses 90+ deg when it’s +20 and below outside and 2ft of snow. Same as always. No appreciable change in the sun’s strength whatsoever. The plants know far more than any scientist, they will always show you something is wrong or missing before anything, or anyone else. At this point, every word or idea that proceeds from any corp or govt source is complete and utter BS. You want to know the truth about any of that, as a freaking farmer.

Number number 46 piece of s*** not my president

So every 11 years we going to this cold cycle but it hasn’t happened for over a hundred years how do you figure that smarty


You are correct! The Covid is a Cover because the government(s) do not want anyone to know what is coming down so fast and hard that only Continuity of Government, and fascists, will survive.


If you mean government(s) equal(s) Deep State, you are right.
The Deep State is in panic, will do everything and use means at their disposal to prevent our finally FREEDOM after 25,000 years, from their slavery.
And HAARP is such a devil mean as part of disruption, delaying and dismissal.