Trump Roars Back to Prominence; Biden Nervous


After months of self-isolation and surviving an assassination attempt that nearly claimed his life, a reenergized Donald J. Trump is set to take center stage at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Orlando, Florida, next Sunday. Sources familiar with Trump’s itinerary told RRN that he will launch a multi-pronged attack on many of Biden’s failed policies, such as Biden’s willingness to dismantle our nation’s borders and appease foreign despots such as China’s Xi Jinping

According to one source, Trump will brandish evidence proving that Biden and Xi made a backroom deal that, if finalized, will greatly weaken the US economy and strengthen China’s economic dominance across the planet. If all information is correct, the arrangement would marginalize taxes on nearly all Chinese imports—machinery, electronics, and even children’s toys.  Conversely, the treasonous pact grants China permission to markedly increase tariffs on US imports.

“Trump has these facts. His political advisors figured out that Biden’s duplicitous deal with China would cost the US over two trillion dollars a year. Two trillion dollars.  That’s a pretty nice gift to China. Joe works for China, not the American people. He’s doing this partly to spite Trump. He wants to give China reparations because he thinks Trump defamed China by using phrases like China Virus and Wuhan virus. Trump will expose these facts at CPAC,” our source said.

China is not the only nation to have benefited from Trump’s absence. Over the last two weeks, a diplomatic envoy working on behalf of Joe Biden made three trips to Tehran to meet Supreme Leader of Iran Ali Khamenei. Their clandestine negotiations, if set in stone, would allow the rogue nation to keep its nuclear weapons program, and the US would lift economic sanctions without placing added conditions on a nation known for fomenting terrorism.

Such a deal sharply contrasts Biden’s public statements, and in a Feb 7 CBS interview, he indicated that Iran would have to stop enriching uranium before his administration would lift sanctions.

“Biden tells bold-faced lies; while he says one thing, he’s doing the exact opposite. The Mossad learned that Biden’s people are secretly meeting with Iranian leadership, and they brought the information straight to Trump. I think it will be eye-opening when he tells the American people,” our source said.

Closer to home, Trump is expected to assail Biden’s so-called immigration reform and show proof that the illegitimate president has enthusiastically granted asylum to thousands of diseased refugees, using taxpayer dollars to shelter, house, and feed illegals that will place additional financial burden on law-abiding American citizens who have been struggling to survive fiscal hardships of the plandemic.

“He loves giving money to illegals, and he’s already reneged on his promise to ‘immediately’ send out $2000 stimulus checks once he was elected,” our source said.

Trump hopes, our source added, that these revelations will both enervate Biden’s grip on legislative bodies and strengthen his growing pool of supporters. However, Trump is not expected to make the announcement many are hoping for—that he will run in 2024, with DeSantis as his running mate.

“Trump will return to office long before 2024. I’m not predicting dates, but I’ll say this—the time is close at hand,” our source said.

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Brian Moody

A faithful and loyal dog keeps coming to the door, scratching and hoping to be let in, day after day…the dog imagines what it will be like to see his beloved owner who made promises that the owner would return…day after day the poor dog’s morale begins to fade as there is NO RESPONSE from the silent door of the owner. What does the owner expect? The dog comes to the conclusion that the owner was all talk…the owner never intended to open the door any time soon…maybe years down the road.

The dog’s will is beaten down…the dog’s loyalty is stretched too far…the dog’s heart finally broke. Unrealized hope makes the heart sick. The dog finally listened the owners ACTIONS for the truth rather than standing like a fool day after day waiting on empty INACTION. “Message received,” thought the dog as he finally gave up and left…perplexed and let down by the one he thought would never let him down. Can you blame him?

Ranmaru Kamiya

If the Biden administration, which was established by fraudulent elections, continues until 2024,
Freedom in America and the world is extinct

The Executioner

Good news