Clinton Military Tribunal: Day 4


Update: Clinton Military Tribunal: Day 5 Conviction!

Wednesday’s proceedings at Guantanamo Bay began with Vice Adm. John G. Hannink showing the three-officer panel a series of email exchanges between Hillary Clinton and her campaign manager, John Podesta, that occurred on September 28, 2016 and October 10, 2016—the evenings after the first and second presidential debates, respectively. The emails, he pointed out, were not sent or received from Clinton’s infamous private email server—which had been long dismantled by then—but rather a public, free email service called Yandex, an alternative to Gmail. The email content, Vice Adm. Hannink opened, would illustrate how Clinton’s arrogance and Hubris—bolstered by her co-conspirators—imbued her with a misguided sense of invulnerability.

“How the military obtained these emails is less important than the content contained here. What’s paramount is digital forensics conclusively proved that these unencrypted messages originated from the detainee’s laptop with an internet protocol address tied to her Chappaqua, NY home,” Vice Adm. Hannink said.

The first email, sent from Clinton to Podesta was timestamped September 28, 2016, 6:45 p.m. In it, Clinton expressed anger at the number of people in the debate audience who seemed to favor Trump’s vision for America over hers.

Vice Adm. Hannink recited the brief message to the tribunal. “He [Trump] is a pompous fool, but his message resonates, dangerously, with his fucking mob of deplorables. The idiot speaks, and they listen. Not worried but we should’ve kept a closer watch. We must keep a closer watch now. Accidents happen.”

“Thirty minutes later, Podesta replied to Clinton,” Vice Adm. Hannink said, reading from a printed copy of Podesta’s response. “They’ve happened before and can happen again. That’s why people must be careful to avoid accidents.”

Vice Adm. Hannink admitted the message, without further context, was nothing more than a mishmash of doublespeak that could be interpreted as nebulously as a daily horoscope. But when taken in context with the October 10, 2016 email swap, Clinton and Podesta’s veiled innuendos suddenly became overt threats against a presidential candidate.

“Authored by Clinton, this letter was sent to Podesta the evening after the second presidential debate. And I’ll read: Still can’t believe that fucker said I’d be in prison when he becomes president. Like he could send me to prison, or become president, for that matter. And those idiots giving him a thunderous applause. His money doesn’t make him invincible. I’m giving serious consideration to acid-washing—I love when he uses phrases he doesn’t understand—him out of existence. He doesn’t stand a chance of ever touching me. We can do it. Thoughts?”

Vice Adm. Hannink looked at a handcuffed Clinton, asking if she cared to speak on her behavior. She turned her dark, smoldering eyes on him but said nothing, observing the same reticence she has since the tribunal began.

“Your silence speaks volumes, detainee Clinton, and you do not intimidate this commission,” Vice Adm. Hannink said. “Podesta sent her a reply an hour later: I don’t know if you’ve been drinking tonight. Careful with words. He’s not a nobody, and it would require tedious precautions to remove him from the stage. Might need a plumber.”

“I argue they tacitly conspired to murder Donald Trump,” Vice Adm. Hannink continued. “Still, reasonable officers like yourselves probably recognize that verbal and written threats are commonplace in today’s society, especially on social media. The Secret Service in four years investigated over 132,000 threats made against Donald Trump. And those people aren’t here facing a tribunal. Clinton, as Trump’s rival at the time, must be held to a higher standard than the average disgruntled Trump hater. In addition, she had a back and forth with Podesta, and that equals conspiring. Still, there’s more.”

He asked the military police guarding the chamber doors if the military’s witness was ready to testify. The M.P.s left the room a moment and returned with none other than John Podesta, shackled at the wrists and donning a white prison jumpsuit. As reported previously, U.S. Special Forces operating on Trump’s authority had arrested Podesta and his wife, Mary, on Easter Sunday.

The M.P.s seated Podesta directly opposite Clinton. Clinton opened her eyes to narrow slits, like knife cuts, peering intently at her former friend and campaign manager.

Vice Adm. Hannink continued: “Detainee Clinton, this man faces his own tribunal soon, but, unlike you, he is willing to talk. I want yes or no answers, detainee Podesta, so please do not expound on answers unless I tell you to. The emails aside, did Hillary Clinton explicitly tell you, in face and in person, that she intended to have Donald Trump assassinated?”

“Yes,” Podesta said, his voice a tremulous whisper.

“Please tell this tribunal, and now you may qualify your answer, exactly what Clinton said,” Vice Adm. Hannink asked.

“Hillary and I got together in Chappaqua, it was three days after debate number 2, and she asked me to hire someone to kill Trump. In the end we never did it, too risky, but for days she kept nagging me incessantly to take care of it. She was ready to pay $5,000,000,” Podesta said.

Vice Adm. Hannink asked Podesta whom he had planned to hire.

“She has many ex-agency—CIA—friends. I had a list of four or five,” Podesta said. “I paid one 2.5, wired to an offshore account, and would’ve paid the remainder on completion of the contract.”

“On Hillary Clinton’s instructions,” Vice Adm. Hannink asked.


Hannink asked the name of the would-be assassin, and Podesta said he was promised he wouldn’t have to disclose the names of contract killers with whom he and Clinton had associated.

“Was it Hillary Clinton’s idea to call it off?” Vice Adm. Hannink asked.

“No, it was mine. In fact, I thought it so risky, I went behind her back to abort it. The guy kept the 2.5, per the arrangement,” Podesta replied.

“And you’re not fabricating testimony because you’ve been guaranteed a sentence less than capital punishment in exchange for your cooperation?” Vice Adm. Hannink said.

“What I’ve said today is the truth. Hillary Clinton is a murderous, narcissistic, vicious woman,” Podesta said, and was escorted from the tribunal chamber.

In closing, Vice Adm. Hannink told the tribunal he would present his final evidence on Thursday afternoon and urged the officers judging the military’s case against Clinton to carefully and meticulously weigh each piece of evidence.

The commission, he said, would resume Thursday at noon (EST.)

According to RRN’s sources, Podesta’s tribunal is slated to begin on Tuesday, May 4.

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Im glad Podesta turned on the hildebeast but he should get his neck stretched too.

LISA Moyer

Not to disrespect your resources or maybe they had to keep it quiet this long. But Killary was already executed by hanging awhile back. My sources were from and Dark Out Post with David Zublick. So this info is about 2 years late. Maybe it was away to get he doubles or clones out of circulation. All the Bushes, Killary and Bill, Obamas, are gone what you are seeing now are fakes. So are all the Royals. They are all fakes. Hard to wrap your head around it is for me too. This is all crazy. But the deal is done and there will be more to come. They kept it quiet to avoid mass riot, chaos and top secret actions from what I understand. Plus most won’t believe anyway. There’s the scoop.

Rhonda Dawhson

The idea that these monsters are finally getting their well earned just rewards on earth is a satisfying thought! I just hope this is real and not just a soothing game game to keep the majority of the nation complacent white Biden and all his cohorts in Washington DC destroy our country and hand it over to communism.

Lawrence Culotta

This is the stupidest question that I’ve ever heard let’s just try and pass money out to anyone and everybody everywhere in the mean those of us living on social security or f***** you rotten bastards all need to be taken out of office


ALL fake news is evil; it’s intended TO DECEIVE . To believe this, I need to see it as an Emergency Broadcast or corroborated by Gen Flynn/McInerney .


Your report of the trial sounds too optimistic for a world in the 21st century.
Yes, I know, after 26th of April there will be confirmation of this world sensation … or not.


And is the rapist Billy boy going to be charged? He’s just as culpable!


Anytime there are gaps of direct, irrefutable info missing such as naming the “hit man” makes me wonder of false articles. Can’s help being skeptical with all the traitors, liars and turncoats the past 15 years have revealed! And really the filthy Pedophile Podesta (I can’t believe he’s married) to give him a lighter sentence just isn’t right! I hope someone takes the bastard out after torturing him to make him live the hell he made children he raped experience!


Can somebody get the fingerprints of Biden’s impersonator? Surely he’s got to touch something, unless he’s a holo. That would end that question once and for all – as long as the “Fingerprint Collector” could protect the chain of evidence!

Dave Smith

I have people I’ve share this wanting to know how real is this ?

Sue Grantham

Awesome post ?

Sue Grantham

I think this is actually Part 2 of day 3 – Wednesday. Only because the Admiral stated it would resume at noon Thursday.
Don’t really care what part or what day- JUST KEEP IT UP MICHEAL!! ♥️♥️♥️


The very day we find out this is lies or satire… is the very day you will lose all credibility just like cnn. I hope its real. I really do. If I was you I would include a proof like a court room photo.

Sue Grantham

Surprised you didn’t ask for a seat inside the courtroom ?
Anything else you need for proof- maybe a direct line to Killary?
It’s a military tribunal- not public until/ or if the military chooses to let it.
Be happy with whatever you’re getting- this is meant to be released slowly.


How about a tiny shred of proof? Just some tiny thing that would show this to be true. since this is the only place this is being reported.

Sue Grantham

The American Media is under a blackout. Foreign news outlets are not required to adhere to our blackouts.
Imagine if MSM were to report this what would happen- the lunatics on the left would be acknowledging that these crimes occurred and that they are complicit in the crimes against Americans by choice by peddling lies fed to them; not to mention all the “Karen’s” who would be flipping out.
These releases are meant for the informed intelligent truth driven Americans, not to convince the lunatics who don’t have a clue to the horrors committed against humanity.


Biden has 79 days remaining if trump has his way on july 4th


Obama/Biden have until May 31. Counting all the way to July 4 doesn’t take into consideration the time of martial law and a few days to return to civilian control.


Why isn’t the media covering this? This should be on every news network. SMH.


Are you really too ignorant to understand why or are you just yanking our chain

Sue Grantham

Don’t have to be a dick, Eldon

Last edited 3 years ago by Sue Grantham

Eldon’s not a dick. Go wash your mouth out and remember to gargle.

Sue Grantham

I believe America media may be under a blackout. Foreign countries are not required to adhere to our blackouts.
At least the foreign countries are reporting it so that We the People- who want to know- are being informed and can pass on the information to others.
Ignore buttheads like Eldon, who obviously rather berate you than give some helpful information.


I like Sky News from Australia. They report on events in the USA as well as in their area of the world. Good site.

The Executioner

Podesta the molester.
Wasn’t it John and his brother who kidnapped Madeleine McCann?

Tammy Hatch

I am surprised there aren’t more Americans reading these articles. I would think this would go viral. ??? Still I’m so thankful for these updates- this is feeding my soul like nothing I’ve listened to or read perhaps in my whole life.

Sue Grantham

Try the Bible, it’ll give you peace.

Sandy Koufax

Podesta is 72 and Clinton is 73. Would they really want to spend the rest of their lives at Gitmo? Don’t think they would be permitted to have visitors. I guess if enough of their associates are sentenced they could  reminisce for the rest of their lives.

Sue Grantham

GTMO doesn’t allow visitors. If you’re in GTMO, your crimes are against America and American citizens and humanity, then you have lost your rights as an American citizen. You can’t have a civilian lawyer, only a JAG lawyer. The only punishment the military tribunals hand out is either capital punishment/death or life imprisonment in a military prison.


Sue, I enjoy reading your posts. You seem to be very confident in the info. you’re putting out regarding how a military tribunal operates. I’m just wondering if you were ever in the law field. Just curious.

Sandy Koufax

Podesta’s testimony along with the recorded telephone conversation with William Burns are enough for a conviction.

Sandy Koufax

Hannink just dropped a moab on the proceedings.


WOW! SWIFT and DONE. Great work. WOW!

c t

I pray all this is the real deal and things will get better soon.


So far, all these charges are light hors d’oeuvres compared to Frazzledrip, and you damn well know it. If frazzledrip and Wiener’s other laptop contents aren’t even brought up, then I will know this is all just fanfic HOPIUM. Don’t get me wrong, I want this to be true, wholeheartedly so. Though that doesn’t mean I’m going to commit to believing a comforting lie just because that’s what I want to hear. Otherwise, I’d still be a christian lol.

Sue Grantham

Your last sentence didn’t need to be so judgmental about people believing in God and Jesus.
The ones who claim to be tolerant of others choices seem to be the most judgmental.
So when you die, you’re going to be all dressed up and have no where to go.
And that’s your choice.


Agree …. last sentence could have been omitted. Why insult people unnecessarily? You don’t need to fart going out the door.

Dave Smith

Is there a part one too this H R C tribunal?


Here’s the link.


I so want to believe this is true. Why not add real pictures if the court? That would help.


killary is as good as dead olololololoollool

R A Wilson

Michael, still need more certainty about this information. Without divulging your sources please help us all to be more assured of the veracity of this report. Thanks


I live in Pleasantville, NY, which is right next to where Clinton lived in Chappaqua. Everyone around this area KNOWS she is gone, vanished, poof, mysteriously just…gone…I know people in Chappaqua who often saw Clinton taking her morning walks through the parks in the area. Hasn’t been seen now in about two months, and the Chappaqua home has gone dark. No lights day or night. Bill hasn’t lived with her for years. It was her, the maid, and the SS detail. Where they went who knows. But Clinton def disappeared from her upstate NY house.



Gary L Thompson

I hate to say this, but where was Pleasantville’s alertness some years ago when Reader’s Digest’s founding couple were disappeared and imprisoned in old age? (Unfortunately, much the same way that many of our elderly are being victimized by probate abuse today across this nation in recent years, as the wholesale liquidations of nursing home populations by several criminal governors–including yours–was merely putting on steroids what has been going on all along in nursing homes for years.)

Kevin Miller

Either this is the biggest PsyOp perpetrated on the american patriots to keep us calm and entertained all the while thinking that justice will be served or, the facts as laid out by this reporter are absolute and true, so how can we know?? I say someone should canvass the neighborhood in Chappaqua, NY where Bill and Hillary reside and look for them, let’s get it done so we can rest assured that these are true facts


How would anyone know if it was them or their body double? I say if they want to imitate these criminals, they need to be dealt with just the same.


Donald J. Trump has turned the US into Stalin Russia, making people disappear and holding secret tribunals against innocence like HCR. I am praying, as an American, that these officers free Hillary. Today Hillary , romorow it could be you, or your mother.


Meant hrc not hcr. Hillary Roham Clinton must be freed.




Man, you have nothing but air between your ears.


You can have her about 15 minutes after she completes her sentence. Free 6 handle carry on bag included.

Last edited 3 years ago by Rodnryl
Sue Grantham


Sue Grantham

Killary will be freed to the devil once she is held accountable on Earth.
Obama and many many others are also going with her.
You are praying for evil?
You better be careful about who you idolize and believe in

Lisa carter

How is this Trumps fault???isn’t your Biden the POTUS…Trump is and has been out of office for months now how are you blaming this on him….not to mention the FACTUAL evidence that was presented….Im sorry don’t waste your time on a Free Hillary uprising she’ll be hung before u can get one poster board made up…abd no it couldn’t be be Tom.i dont engage in criminal activity…i do hope you listen watch and learn the reality and magnitude of the much more information you will see happen over the next months…i will pray for knowledge for you and common sense to see that Trump cannot be responsible fir the actions of other people and the things they do the only responsible party are the criminals themselves!!!unless you can show me Trump held a gun to all these criminals(you will learn about)and forced them to do the things they have done then please don’t make a fool of yourself blaming other peoples actions on someone else….i feel tho you will be apart of the group that simply wont be able TO HANDLE the TRUTH…I truly do hope for the best for you


Lololol everyone knows she’s a satan worshiping witch! With a death trail behind her. And those 33k emails….? Were recovered. I hope they sentence her for life. Miserable bitch.


well well well

biden doesnt even have control of the entire country

theres a reason trump is able to do what he does
and hillary clinton is not really innocent

trump has allies and in the best case scenario and at most biden will control the capitol, major cities and remote sites thats it trump people will cntrol the rest and reclaim everything biden took

Sue Grantham

America has been a corporation since President Grant. Trump dissolved the corporation right before leaving office. Buydin is the President of a defunct corporation with no assets.


given the trump deadline for inaguaration aka victory

your guy joe biden has

79 days remaining so your guy has to get going if he ever wants his agenda complete

Sue Grantham

Biden 2024:
You are so ignorant to the evil that has been committed to America and humanity.
Military tribunals are for people who commit crimes against America.
Clinton and her ilk have been at it for 40 years. Now I’m sure that you choose not to research facts and evidence in order to stay delusional.
However, the rights and freedoms of Americans don’t stop where your delusion begins.
Prepare yourself for the shock of your lifetime when you realize you have been kept in the dark and chose to swallow the evil as “rumors”. You need to start thinking for yourself.
The evil elites in politics and Hollywood are ALL done for.

J U S T I C E.

Don Reed

Hannink’s accusations seem to be child’s play as opposed to the Weiner laptop and other Satanic worship & sacrifice information tied to Hilldog !!

Sue Grantham

Tribunal is not over. More often than not, they produce the most offensive evidence near the end to have it fresh in the minds of the Judges. I believe what will be presented in the next “drop” will be the most heinous crimes.


I have a harder and harder time to believe this is fake news, so true those details look. And I am so glad this is true. They did not take away Donald Trump’s life because it was too risky for them. Otherwise, they would have done so.


I believe Gos’s hand of protection is on Trump!


Amen. Trump was chosen by God for such a time as this and Trump will be back in because God is not through using him in America. God is very busy taking care of all of these evil people!!

Gary L Thompson

Wouldn’t be the first time. There are numerous accounts of George Washington being in the crosshairs throughout his military career, and yet continually escaping without harm. To the extent that Washington was very well aware of it, and former enemies years later would be still dumbstruck on how he had managed to escape.


I know more than most people when it comes to George Washington. His sister was my Great Great Grandmother.

Sue Grantham

Freaking awesome. It’s amazing what you find about your own family right?!
I found out my great great uncle was a bodyguard for Al Capone.

Last edited 3 years ago by Sue Grantham
margo alexander

“Hillary Clinton is a murderous, narcissistic, vicious woman” 
i thought they were friends. why would he volunteer that?


He might regret having delt with her. The getting along with stuff is not everlasting, especially in gangs and among bad people.


Because snakes are loyal to no one. Ever! They flip to save their own hide.


Birds of a feather!

Sue Grantham

Because she is. I think everyone knows how evil she is- he’s now in the position to say it without her being able to coordinate a hit on him. He knows that any power she had, is now gone.

dennis richardson

Look out “Prince of Liars” and “Prince of Darkness”, here comes Hillary to drop a dime on you once she gets down there with you.


And she calls us deplorable?!?!


Don’t forget the Bush’s


I’m surprised Hillary didn’t kill Podesta for wasting her 2.5 mil

Ronald W. Weiss

Chump change to Hillary.


The taxpayers footed that bill in some way I am sure.




I hope you’re right. What source do you have with all that? I can’t find anything near that.

Sue Grantham

Sarah- research the ankle bracelets on elites. Ellen Degenerant, Orca, both Hanks, All sport ankle ministers. Orcas interview with Megan & Harry- Orca was wearing boots and the ankle monitor was clearly visible.

Mark Myers

The children that have died because of the actions of these deep state individuals. A lot of people still do not know just how terrible these precious children perished at their hands. This brings me to tears and they will all go to Gitmo and or firing squad by our military.


ABSOLUTELY!!! She needs to be executed for the torture and deaths of the hundreds of children she has stolen, bought, tortured and killed if for no other reason. She is the MOST VICIOUS, VILE, EVIL human being I know!! Hell awaits her!!! And the world deserves to see her execution to make sure she is no longer on our planet!!!

Mark Myers

Wow this is unreal. What bothers me most is these Chile traffickers and what the deep state has done with them. They should for sure be held accountable asap.

Terminally deplorable

Getting better every day. Keep going, Baxter.


And from his cold sweat drenched hands Podesta raised a fist, damnit Blumphf two more weeks. Skippy be free now, I’m Sorry!
And with that he relaxed and they wheeled Clinton away.

Joe Blogh

They must have been able to find where the 2.5 went to an off shore account.

Terminally deplorable

They went from Podesta’s account as a starting point. That would pay for a lot of pizzas.


THE CLINTONS RAN A KIDNAPPING RING IN AKANSAW,I know a woman who was KIDNAPPED from her apartment,DRUGED,MICRO CHIPED AND KEPT IN A CELL WITH ABOUT THIRTY OTHER WOMEN NAKED,to be raped,beaten or murdered by LITTLE ROCK POLICE AND STATE TROOPERS when ever they wanted,she got lucky and escaped one day,and was on the run ever since..


This is horrible it’s happening everywhere!!! I’m so glad she was able to escape!!! I had she has received healing


Now why doesn’t his come as a surprise?



Once again, thank you! Do you have any idea when any of this will be made public?

Mike Lindell is launching on Monday, April 19 and will begin streaming his next documentary, “Absolute Interference” on Tuesday, Anyone who creates an account on frankspeech could share this information there, but it wouldn’t have the weight it should have unless Trump and team use those 120 new communications satellites to broadcast video of the trial and let the audience know what’s going on.

I would love for this to be put out to the public over the weekend and lead the way for a total revolution in terms of what’s happening here and for the world.



Joanne negri

I sure hope this is true. Even though she is not the real Hillary but whoever her double is should be held responsible just as though she were her. Prayers


Don’t be so sure it’s not the real Hillary. This person was captured in Hillary’s home. I don’t believe any of the sites that say she was already executed and I don’t believe in the existence of clones in the sense that they are presented as copies of living people.

FYI,I used to clone tissues in a research laboratory and even a cloned human (if one actually exists) still needs the same amount of time to mature. DNA taken from a person in their upper years and inserted in the nucleus of an ovum would still have to be developed in a womb, be born and grow to maturity, and the personality of the person (which comes from the spirit that ensouls the fetus) would not be the same, even if the genes were identical.

In terms of body doubles, I do know they exist, but there are differences, if one looks closely. (I seriously doubt that there is another woman who has the same particular body shape as Hillary does, particularly her hips and legs.)

CGI is not responsible for this person sitting at this tribunal, although it could be used to paste someone into the actual video after the fact, but even CGI has its limits, so I don’t think that possibility applies in this case.

No, my feeling is that this trial is real and it’s refreshing to have a direct account of the major points being covered, rather than the emotional speculation one finds in so many places these days. I only listen to Simon Parkes and RRN these days and have written off all of the other sources as being either questionable, not useful, or downright false. Even Charlie Ward, as charming as he can be, plays loose with the facts and I don’t listen to him anymore, either.

Last edited 3 years ago by Watcher



I don’t know why you got downvoted, anyone paying attention could see that whoever it was that came back from “fainting” was not her: her ears didn’t match, she looked lighter and younger, etc. the huge sunglasses helped, too…

Sue Grantham

I stopped listening to Simon when he said his Mom was an alien ??

Valerie Brooks

Doubles used since at least the 1700’s are not impossible to come by. All they need to do is walk and wave, dressed up etc..Public can’t study the legs or butt….Since this is a movie, speeches can be recorded years in advance or made from underground where they go and really live most of the time. Somewhere in the mix is choices…People get some choices somehow in life. They move souls into bodies, this is clear and shows up in birth so it stands to reason they can do this after birth. It’s way more interesting about the secret of souls into bodies and possession than wondering if some old woman is angry at a prison threat from Trump. A debate with Putin and Biden in person (which seems impossible) would be interesting. Hillary is a double speak, can’t pin down to a point type and never held my interest due to no sense. She represents the female that wants power is my guess. A very boring subject compared to what’s really going on. This article here called “Delta Force Raids Biden Compound in Ukraine” way more relevant. I have a lifer brother who is a Lt Colonel lifer in US ARMY who is fascinated with such storeis having been through this himself in special forces sent into places where demonic creatures live and watching guys get dead in groups from being sent in as special forces to investigate a swamp in Ukraine in one episode…..Here I have a live person telling me, not some steered news narrative to some typical power struggle. Hillary and Trump know about this stuff and remain silent. What’s up with that you know? They can’t talk about what’s underground? Genetic engineering reptilians? Maybe their job is just promoting lifestyles of the rich and famous to the stupidest category of sheeple out there.

LISA Moyer

Watcher, fascinated by your info. Watcher is valid with info folks. Most have no idea or a clue of this technology. It has been kept secret for decades. This has been going on since WW2 or just after folks. Wakey Wakey.


I would like to think that in this day and age, they were able to check her DNA…


I got swarmed by people on Instagram telling me it wasn’t true when I posted your Huma and Podesta getting arrested story. I’m following this Hillary Clinton Military Tribunal story still but taking it with a grain of salt. All that said, Monkey Werx yesterday showed that the CIA is having a lot of mysterious air traffic out of Langley, into Miami, and to Guantanamo Bay and back. So something does appear to be happening on that front. Many are losing hope so it would definitely be nice if real results were happening like Hillary being tried at Gitmo. BTW, what does everyone think is going on with the real Joe Biden? I still have no answer for that one. I just know we’ve definitely been seeing a guy in a mask, a deep fake, CGI, body double, you name it. This was the reason the DNC pushed so hard for a digital debate with Trump, was so they could use a deep fake instead of a body double or actor in a mask.

Sue Grantham

I think Buydin is at GTMO with Hunter. Instagram is as bad as Twitter. The people who are calling you a liar are the same ones who voted for Buydin. They refuse to do research.

LISA Moyer has all the executions so far.


According to things I’ve seen, Biden was executed in 2019, a deep state clone was put in but apparently he’s also been taken out and Jim Carrey is playing he part of Biden in a plea deal he made to not be executed for being a part of the Hollywood pedovore ring..

Last edited 2 years ago by Windy
joe blow

John Podesta’s agreed testimony to avoid capital punishment will only result in life at Gitmo with his new wife Achmed, the well hung nymphomaniac.

Sue Grantham

Nymphomaniac ????


Crooked Hillary is a evil and very wicked woman,not deserving anything but death. For the good of country, may it happen?

Sue Grantham

Absolutely will happen if the court finds her guilty. The difference between a tribunal and civilian criminal courts is when one is committing crimes against the country, treason,sedition crimes against humanity. The detainees lose their rights as American citizens. The detainees are facing death penalty if they are uncooperative or life In GTMO or Military prison if they do cooperate. Parole is off the table in military tribunals. Life in prison or death are the only options when committing crimes against the country.

Last edited 3 years ago by Sue Grantham