Comey Sings Like a Canary after Watching Clinton Hang


Disgraced former FBI Director and Deep State operative James Comey is singing like a canary to the military after being forced to watch Hillary Clinton’s neck snap at Guantanamo Bay on Monday night, Real Raw News has learned.

Confidential sources involved in Trump’s mission to eradicate Deep State traitors told RRN that James Comey, who had been temporarily detained at Camp Lejeune, was brought to GITMO the morning of Clinton’s execution. Up until Monday night, Comey had refused a plea deal to testify against Deep State architect Barack Hussein Obama in exchange for spending the rest of his natural life at GITMO, as opposed to sharing Clinton’s fate.

While detained at Camp Lejeune, Comey defiantly told jailors he would never betray Obama, who he heralded as a great man, and even invited them to torture him, saying he had been trained to withstand waterboarding, electric shock treatment, and even truth serum. Moreover, Comey told his captors he did not believe that the military had apprehended Clinton.

“You can’t touch Hillary Clinton,” Comey purportedly said. “And you won’t get anything from me.”

His tune changed late Monday night.

“With military guard, Comey was sitting in a Humvee a few meters from the scaffolding. He was made to watch Clinton being marched up the steps and the noose placed around her neck. He saw the door open underneath her feet. He was seeing his potential future fate, but even that wasn’t enough to break him. With the hummer motor running and windows up, he probably couldn’t hear Clinton’s final words or Trump’s witty reply,” our source said.

Comey, our source added, believed the military had manufactured a theatrical production to trick him into giving up the goods on Obama. He accused the military of using “freshman” scare tactics. He told his guard that U.S. intelligence agencies were well-versed in using lifelike mannequins to stage fake executions, often to wheedle confessions.

Two hours later, Comey was taken to the GITMO medical building where Clinton’s shell, ashen and rigid with onset rigor mortis, lay naked on a stainless-steel table.

“Comey was permitted to inspect the corpse and decide for himself if it was a dummy. Also, there were a pair of embalming machines in the room. Comey broke down almost immediately, dropping to his knees and crying out ‘what have you done,’ as the guard told him he’d be next unless he started talking,” our source said.

“Fuck this. I’ll talk. I’ll tell them whatever they want to know,” Comey reportedly said.

Our source said Comey started blabbing Tuesday morning, and that representatives of the U.S. Navy Judge Advocate General’s Office have spent the last 48 hours taking his deposition.

“I don’t know specifics on the deposition yet but hopefully soon. It’s likely he’s spilling the motherload on the Obamas. It’s only a matter of time now before Obama is brought before a military tribunal, the Biden puppet presidency collapses, and Donald J. Trump is reinaugurated,” our source said.

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Ethan Hansen

Thank you for looking out for us. Very smart and wise comment there. Wish others were as wise and careful.

frank j domanico

F@CK The deep state. They know its the end. Its about time.

Free Atlast

My hope is that they don’t forget a out Lois Lerner.


An apt caution that shows you in a good light. Keep digging, Mr. Baxter!


great point


Thank you Michael. We are kept on many hidden records that we don’t even figure out and CIA, NSA and FBI record billions of people, with data like their political preference, sexual orientation, religion, degree of involvment in religious and political movements… So what can they do with those data ? If we don’t harm anyone, they can’t hurt us. I am maybe very naive as we never know how the future will be like. God bless.

Sharilyn Henry

You are definitely naive, they make up stuff based on what they themselves do….how quickly you forget…RUSSIA, RUSSIA, RUSSIA ….BS.


I don’t think they make up stuff on personal data like political preferences, sexual preferences, religious preference, intensity of beliefs (moderate, extreme…), style, ethnic origin. They need to know accurate data on each people. Russia hoax was made up on purpose, in order to make President Trump fall. No I think there is no comparison on the type of both data.


The recent raid on Giuliani’s apt. with illegal warrant while not even following the warrant’s stipulations which also included Hunter Biden’s laptops that they purposely left behind.

Marsha Kirchmeier

Did you hear Rudy’s interview? He tried to even hand the FBI 3 of Hunter’s hard drives and he wouldn’t take them. He asked him 3 times, “are your sure you don’t want these too”!

Terminally deplorable

They came to pick up Rudy’s video from Hillarie’s hanging, They had already Hunter’s hard drives.

Veronica Cougar

Duly noted. But I am too old, fat, sick and mentally and emotionally incapable of carrying out any of the things I have wished to see done to these people who have tortured, maimed, mutilated and killed children so they can drink their blood and harvest their adrenal glands to make adrenochrome. My wishful thinking aloud is nothing compared to what these subhumans have actually done, over and over, to millions of children, for decades. They’re pretty audacious to try to guilt trip any of us into adhering to a standard higher than theirs, especially the law enforcement officials who have stood by and done zero minus nothing to save these poor children while continuing to draw a paycheck on our dimes and living out their lives raising families. There’s been none of that familial bliss for the parents and siblings of those children whose lives were rubbed out as if they meant nothing to no one. That’s what I have to say to DS POS’s who come after people who’ve had enough of their debauched shenanigans and hijinks and feel the need to vent their overwhelming rage and despair over it. Give the hand a rest already, you despicable wankers! We’re not taking it any more!

Michael, I am forever grateful to you for having the strength and fortitude to put out this privileged information to the world. Many of us have a deep appreciation for the risks you are taking to put it out there. The danger is too real and it never goes away. It couldn’t have been an easy decision to make.

Sue Grantham

Thanks Michael.
The fact is that Americans will NEVER comply with the idiot treasonous socialist administration. They will not succeed in their flaccid attempts of sedition. We the People are in charge, whether or not they understand the constitution. Let’s make it rudimentary:
The Constitution is the elected officials employee handbook. We the People are the employers and the elected officials are the employees. The handbook cannot be changed without the consent of the employers.
It will be to their peril if they violate their oaths.


I appreciate your and Veronica’s comments. I would disagree on a couple of points. One, there are no PLAYBOOKS, except in CA and NY, perhaps, (a new word to herd subjects) but there IS a Constitutional LAW, which is WHY we elect PUBLIC SERVANTS to an OFFICIAL OFFICE. They should ALWAYS be referred to as, Public Servants, which is what they are!
I definitely agree that they are our employees, which also makes them servants to the people they are supposed to DEFEND by making sure ALL of their CONSTITUTIONAL FREEDOMS are protected and IN PLACE. IF they do THAT, we have none of THIS!
But, we can see what they have been doing, and what We The People have NOT.
Any suggestions on how to handle the House of Terrorists we have now generated? I would LOVE some ideas. We KNOW elections do NOT work. Now what?

Sue Grantham

As a veteran, I am quite confident that the military is in charge and the more these idiot traitors do the more evidence they’ll use in addition to the coordinated attacks to overthrow the People’s Will. The military takes their oaths above all else. The oath never expires.
The military and veterans will never violate their oaths. We will protect the rights and freedoms of Americans regardless of location or enemy, domestic or foreign.


I do appreciate your comments sue. This site gives me more hope than anything else lately.

Sandy Koufax

Go to any grocery store and see that everyone is wearing a mask except for yourself and realize that most people are sheep being led to slaughter.


To add to that, the maskers condemn the non-maskers. That is the intent of BIG Govt and BIG Pharma: pressure us into compliance.

Trouble Cash

Standing 6 feet apart while wearing a mask is a cult attempt to break the body of Christ… God is watching. They force people to wear masks to keep their job…. Wear a mask keep your job feed your kids and pay your bills.. it’s wrong all this makes me sad. Praying daily for our lives and freedom

Ed Bob

Yes, I am calling out to God also. It is over the top insanity.

Sue Grantham

My choice my body is the first thing I tell them and I don’t break stride. ♥️??


After reading a couple of interesting comments here up to this point it seems not all Americans are ready to standup for the freedom of their country?
Like still social distancing, like wearing masks, like queueing for their jab? To name just a couple of actions withing covid plandemic.


That will NEVER happen! They’ll NEVER pressure this Patriot into wearing that useless mask nor force me into taking that DEATH VACCINE shot!!


In Biden’s speech to HIS nation of 50 people, he actually said that HE (The Administration) was “We the People” not us. Along with the statement that the Amendments to the Constitution were never intended to be concrete. Hang on Patriots…


There is independent verification of this claim from Simon Parkes

Diana Barahona

It doesn’t make sense that Comey would be willing to undergo torture but not a quick death, because a man prepared to be tortured is prepared to die. He simply didn’t believe they could touch Clinton and Obama, and was counting on being rescued. That is, until he saw her corpse.


I think…. there’s torture, and then there’s TORTURE.


Seeing Hillary naked must have horrifying


I dang near hacked up a few vital organs from the thought of it

Sue Grantham

???freaking hysterical!!!


Even NC-17 is not a high enough rating ?


SO freakin’ FUNNY!

Sid Ramon

That’s why he fell to his knees and said, “F this, I’ll talk”.


Thats enough for any sane person to finally give in

J Bill

Ohh.. that’s hard to “un-see.”

Sue Grantham

Visual assault ?




I hear your point, but saying you’ll take torture and going through it are two different things. Comey being a rat seems more like his character than a tough guy taking an ongoing touture. I pray this is truth and these devils are starting to reep what they have sewn.

J Bill

The guy or lady doing the wet work is probably an artist of sorts. With a skill set that made Comey prefer the “freshman” approach. After a trip to the morgue.

Last edited 1 year ago by J Bill

He thought Hillary & the Cabal were going to get him out of this mess, when he actually saw Hillary dead, he knew it was over.

Thank you for the incredible information, Michael. Whether anyone believes it or not, that is for their discernment.

I enjoy your work, however I would like to comment on your pinned post.

TRUE patriots and anons are non violent. Our danger is sharing truth, JESUS, and interrelated ideas. The violence is 99.9% from the left, funded by the left, ignored by the left.

90+% of vets and LEO will honor their oath to the constitution. If that makes them “dangerous,” folks should ask why?

Americans support law, order, and EQUAL justice for all! PATRIOTS have no skin color.

Voter Fraud makes it a wrap.

Digital Soldier x 5 tours = meme, intel, digger, baker, anon hope, and born to fren’.

https://gab . com/ScottBurtonOFFICIAL

HOLD THE LINE, FOLKS! FOLLOW GENERAL FLYNN, Linn WOOD, AZaudit, LINDELL, Dan Scavino twit time stamps to Qcrumbs.

And… #PANICinDC!

Mostly Harmless

I’m curious. By what authority do you make the statement that “TRUE patriots are non violent”?

Was George Washington “non-violent”? Was George S. Patton “non-violent”?

Let’s ask General Patton.

“I don’t want you to die for your country: I want you to make the OTHER dumb sonofabitch die for HIS country.” – Patton

I think that’s a pretty definite NO, don’t you?

It can be argued that Patriots are the ONLY ones who are willing to throw their PREFERRED non-violent ways aside when the needs of the country DEMAND it.

You can make the argument that the time has not yet come for such solutions: though I wouldn’t risk money on THAT pony, personally. But to make the blanket statement that “patriots are non violent” is to permanently identify love of country with the kind of futile, ball-less, soy boy protesting that wastes everyone’s time and accomplishes NOTHING.

Patriots may not START fights, but they are DEFINITELY up to the task of FINISHING them.

Ex - New Yorker

Patton – On a letter to his wife he commented:

“I have been at Frankfurt for a civil government conference. If what we are doing (to the Germans) is Liberty, then give me death. I can’t see how Americans can sink so low. It is Se mi tic, and I am sure of it.”

And in his diary he noted:

“Today we received orders… in which we were told to give the J_ws special accommodations. If for J_ws, why not Catholics, Mormons, etc?…

We are also turning over to the French several hundred thousand prisoners of war to be used as slave labor in France. It is amusing to recall that we fought the Revolution in defense of the rights of man and the Civil War to abolish slavery and have now gone back on both principles.”

General George S. Patton knew who was behind the subversion of the USA !

Ed Bob

Well said Mostly Harmless


Great Post! Thanks for reminding us about some basic truths.


Mr. Baxter Can you give us a map of all areas controlled by Joe Biden known to the public


Good and sensible comments. It is always advisable to stay calm and keep emotions under control and to be in the habit of speaking responsibly. Actions have consequences, so do words. Thank you, Mr. Baxter, not only for interesting reporting, but for responsible reporting as well. May I rename Real Raw News “The Real Scoop News of the USA”?

James Penney

oh oh

frank j domanico

The swam is being drained big time baby! HELL YEAH!


“Wisdom, without courage, is worthless.” —– Mahatma Gandhi

Keep commenting, speaking out, but also WARNING your friends, associates etc. what is really going on.

But also, ARM YOURSELVES TO THE TEETH, both physically and spiritually.

This SCUM ain’t goin’ down without a fight. A BIG fight. Get used to it and prepare, accordingly.


Thank you for the heads up! It’s a shame no one has bothered to go after those who have made similar threats to President Trump…several being those Hollywood movie star elites. I am sick of the one sided justice being used…along with politicians pushing the racial agenda. They WANT a civil war…
Thank you again.

Mostly Harmless

They DO want a civil war. However, we would be ill-advised to assume that NOT GIVING THEM ONE is a SOLUTION.

They WANT a civil war because they like their CHANCES of winning such a conflict: they have made preparations, and are prepared to KILL to install their ideologies.

Refusing to fight only means that they will shrug, and then ram the bayonet into your face. Imagining that our enemies are going to refuse to KILL us out of some sense of HONOR they do not possess, because we are being pacifists, is pure foolhardiness.

If we must DIE, I’d sooner go down swinging, wouldn’t you?

Shane: “Pick up the gun.”


Mr. Baxter. This morning Simon Parkes posted that 2 days ago he’d heard that Comey had been arrested for treason. He also indicated that he had signed a type of non-disclosure agreement which disallows the by-passing of “intermediaries.” I assume his sources don’t want him trying to climb farther up the “chain” by himself. I would classify Simon as senior-man among a group of 9 patriot sources (including the mysterious and evasive Juan O Savin). I assume that RRN + Simon’s group + the others together constitute a “long-form news network” intended to replace TV & Twitter. Can you provide background on this phenomenon? Cheers & MAGA

Emily White

“(including the mysterious and evasive Juan O Savin)”. Lol. I listened to this guy a couple of times. His historical knowledge about the satanic integrity of the current cult if I may call it that way is vast and goes back all the way to the Garden of Eden with the satanic timeline emanating from Cain. A must listen. However, I opted to stop listening to his comments on the current situation for exactly your reasons mentioned.

Gary Richards

Thank you Michael Baxter for all you are doing. It’s good to get informed about what’s going on.


If this is a real threat, and I don’t doubt that it is, why can’t we comment anonymously? Why do we have to include an email address? Just curious.


I read your link and my understanding is that it concerns active terroristic planning with a relational data base.




Double Yes! And praise Jesus for justice ??????

frank j domanico


Patriot Beez

President Trump never has failed to keep his word to the people.

His agenda for his second term was


Slowly and surely.


Obama don’t worry….Comey only spilled all the beans on you.

William Turner

It is extremely gratifying to read news about psychotic people in government getting the death penalty for their crimes. However, the public is very confused about the timing of these events, as there is evidence this happened back in 2018. Regardless, I return to every day to get the truth.


Here’s my thoughts……I may be crazy. I think that Mr Baxter is a wise and intelligent writer. And I believe he was given this information presently, to give to us. But I think the events have happened awhile back. I assume the military, have their own timeline for us to know the events. I could be totally off base. I just know this is a wild, wild ride we are on.


Either way I’m happy to know what happened


That´s what I think,as well. This already happened in those dates we knew about it from our trustworthy sources. It´s communicated now.


I agree. But until all this is confirmed, for self preservation, everything is taken with a grain of salt.


Yes I agree with you.

Diana Barahona

“Last night I signed a NCNDA.
Some topics I will have to think very carefully about before speaking. However 2 days ago I did hear that the former director of the FBI James Comey had been arrested for Treason.”

“Waiting for this to get into MSM news report.”

Simon Parkes, posted 30 April 2021


Please ask Mr. Corney what was with all the pictures of him standing in fields.

Diana Barahona

Comey doesn’t have any reason to keep quiet because he isn’t defending the country; rather he’s covering up the worst kinds of treason and criminality, right at the same level as the Sept. 11, 2001 false-flag attacks.

Hal Brown

Wonder how much Comey knows about that.


I think they should walk him up to hang him and act like they will really do it…then see Comey light up with Obama nuggets


I am hoping this is all true which I do think it is. Trump has always said he was going to drain the swamp on both sides. Also remember everyone when Trump was running for President in 2016 he told us all the banking system will collapse. By taking down the swamp it will take down the banking system also. Which will be a good thing because then this country will go back to being backed by gold and silver. Which Russia has just done this themselves in the past year.


Does anyone remember a Trump rally in late 2016? I think it was September, and he happened to mention that he’d just that day received his first security briefing, as candidates do.

What I remember is seeing him look absolutely SHAKEN at what he heard. He didn’t make much of it, but I never forgot the look of shock on his face; they must have told him some stuff that was really hard to take. It may have made him that much more determined to win, so he could drain the swamp for real.


Trump was totally informed by the military of all the dirt and evil of the deepstate, as he was chosen by them to front the war against the cabal.


They said michelle is really michael and that made him ill


That reminds me of those mystery envelopes passed around at Daddy Bush’s funeral. There were some reactions but they were mostly concealed but Jeb’s reaction, holy moly his reaction looked like his whole world shattered in that instant, I’ll never forget it. It can be found on YouTube


It said, “I’m Sorry, They Know Everything”.


If the banking system will collapse do we need to drain our accounts? For heaven knows the banks will take our money and leave us destitute.

Lorie Mena

William, under NESARA/GESARA it will be a one-for-one exchange of dollars to the new currency.

There would not be a need to bankrupt everyone because of all the gold that has been taken from the nations of the world when forced to “join” the Central Banking system. The gold will be restored to the governments and there will be prosperity payments. We already have some of that gold here in the US.
The tunnel under the Vatican that has/had the gold is 150 miles long x 342 ft. wide x 197 high. The estimated value of the gold is between $32-34 QUINtrillion! When gold is mined, much of it is taken away and stored in this vault. Africa mines huge amounts of gold and yet it is so poverty-stricken!

“The best is yet to come!”—President Trump


Yes, just as Charlie Ward has been explaining! However, the maximum size of a tunnel boring machine (known as a “TBM”) is 50 ft. in diameter (and around 300 ft. long, a little larger than a Los Angeles Class nuclear attack submarine). Of course, larger “rooms” could be excavated every so often. The revealed existence of the DUMBS explains how the TBM industry became so robust even though there did not seem to be enough projects to support it. Also, Charlie says that the tunnel is also linned with art objects and crates of currency as well as precious metals. Cheers & MAGA


I’m told that funds in banks will be okay–a 1 for 1 exchange of old for new “notes”. No longer a “Federal Reserve Note”; they go away. However, I heard that the stock market and investments may look wild because lots of dark money will be pulled out, and that may cause some volatility and irrational behavior.


Already did


I’m done with banks.

Hal Brown

So why would they embalm her?

Last edited 1 year ago by Hal Brown



Why not?

Buzzy Zipwak

Perhaps she’s being preserved for a public funeral like Bush Sr. Announce she died of a heart attack or some other lie.

Susie Q

That’s what I’ve been thinking, Buzzy!


Then they’ll probably lower the flag at half-mast for 30 days and have her body “lie in state.” YUCK!


Claim she died of a heart attack and embalm her to put her in open casket? They’re going to have to find a big fluffy ascot or scarf to hide that coiled hose that is now her neck. I’ve watched a couple of hangings, and I’ve seen Robin Williams’ autopsy photos, their necks end up looking more that way than not. Then there’s the instance they sometimes their neck cannot withstand the weight and force and so they lose their head.


Maybe because of her family. Maybe they have like a family burial or something. I would rather use her as a fish bait in the Everglades than wasting one more cent of our taxes in that witch’s body.


To motivate Bill and Chelsea maybe…


I hope they destroy all the dna.


My bet, to prove it really was her.

Ann Augustine

It’s not in my heart to feel much with regard to this offering. We’ve heard so many different stories and this one will have to remain in the queue until it all adds up. I was once a firm supporter and admirer of the person I believed had the best chance of becoming the first woman President. I have learned via observing that we cannot assume that women would make better public servants. It’s been very difficult to accept that the Clintons have done all they’re accused of having done. I can only imagine how difficult it will be for those who trust 44.


I am genuinely amazed by those who trusted 44. How blind!

Chuck Westlake

Can you name one thing wrong the Mockingbird CIA operation media stuck on Trump? Are you still trying to manufacture another one? ZERO

Last edited 1 year ago by Chuck Westlake
Mostly Harmless

Are you reading “45” when someone writes “44”?

Chuck Westlake

I guess the Oval office incident is still tough for you to believe?


Oval Office incident? I must have missed that one. Elaborate, please?


You must be young and not done your homework. Hillary was fired from her very first job by her own boss, a Democrat. His reason? “[Hillary] was a liar,” Zeifman said in an interview. “She was an unethical, dishonest lawyer. She conspired to violate the Constitution, the rules of the House, the rules of the committee and the rules of confidentiality.”
How could a 27-year-old House staff member do all that? Zeifman said she was one of several individuals who engaged in a seemingly implausible scheme to deny Richard Nixon the right to counsel during the investigation. Nixon clearly had the right to counsel. In order to pull this off, Zeifman says Hillary wrote a fraudulent legal brief, and confiscated public documents to hide her deception. And that was just her FIRST job.

Bill Clinton said: “In law school Hillary worked on legal services for the poor.” Fact: Hillary’s main extra-curricular activity in ‘Law School’ was helping the Black Panthers, on trial in Connecticut for torturing and killing a ‘Federal Agent.’
Bill said: “Hillary spent a year after graduation working on a Children’s rights project for poor kids.” Fact: Hillary interned with Bob Truehaft, the head of the California Communist Party. She met Bob when he represented the Panthers and traveled all the way to San Francisco to take an internship with him.
Bill said: “Hillary could have written her own job ticket, but she turned down all the lucrative job offers.” Fact: She flunked the D.C. bar exam, ‘Yes’, flunked it, it is a matter of record, and only passed the Arkansas bar. She had no job offers in Arkansas, ‘None’, and only got hired by the University of Arkansas Law School at Fayetteville because Bill was teaching there.

When Bill and Hillary were moving out of the White House, they had to be told not once, not twice, but THREE times to put things back that they were STEALING from the White House and that were owned by the American people.

Bill and Hillary Clinton helped a Canadian financier named Frank Giustra and a small Canadian company obtain a lucrative uranium mining concession from the dictator in Kazakhstan;
The same Canadian company, renamed Uranium One, bought uranium concessions in the United States;
The Russian government came calling and sought to buy that Canadian company for a price that would mean big profits for the Canadian investors;
For the Russians to buy that Canadian company, it would require the approval of the Obama administration, including Hillary’s State Department, because uranium is a strategically important commodity;
Nine shareholders in Uranium One just happened to provide more than $145 million in donations to the Clinton Foundation in the run-up to State Department approval;
Some of the donations, including those from the Chairman of Uranium One, Ian Teler, were kept secret, even though the Clintons promised to disclose all donations;

Hillary’s State Department approved the deal;
The Russian government now owns 20 percent of U.S. uranium assets.
Who’s working hand-in-hand with Russia? It was NOT Pres. Trump.

J Bill

Amazing info. Always deeply suspicious that her poised and perfect media image was diabolical and two-faced. Especially after Benghazi. Too good to be true.


There is SO very much the Tribunal left on the table they could have played…but didn’t. She was and is DEAD to Rights!


Yes, I remember reading about B.C.’s flight to Kazakhstan in a private jet and leaving with a $100M “charitable donation.” At the time (20 years ago), I thought there was little visible reason for such an obscure connection. But, of course, nearly all of us were asleep at that time. But what your post makes me most curious about is “YOU.” The military employs around a dozen historians and I think they should be tasked with preserving the 50-year history of the Cabal in the same way we did with the 100++ volumes of The War of the Rebellion. We badly need a-posteriori chroniclers in the manner of Herodotus and Thucydides, as opposed to their debauched contemporary counterparts. Cheers & MAGA

Lorie Mena

Ann, don’t feel too bad. We have all been deceived on one level or another. I was a big Bush supporter and didn’t know the monsters that they were! It takes a while to put one’s fingers around the truth, but like taking medicine—tastes awful, but you end up feeling so much better!


Who is 44?


Foul Obummer was the supposed 44th president of the U.S. (but not really since the voting booths were rigged in both 2008 and 2012 elections).


He was not a Legitimate President, he WAS NOT born here, his Birth Certificate WAS forged. States in the Constitution that YOU MUST BE BORN HERE, the united states.


Being fooled is not a crime. Refusing to accept the truth when exposed isn’t either. I think we will see a lot of that. The old saying, fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me needs to be updated because there are a lot of embedded and powerful entities very skilled in keeping people fooled.


Correct. She is an embarrassment to our country.Her quote “WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE” No lowered flag. Nothing. Just give her body to her family. The public has to know this. They have to know the swamp is getting drained. When I googled RRN, there was a fact check from USA News that said it was not true.


David Brock, more specifically. They had a manual detailing their procedures using 3 firms and msm corporations.


Exactly Brother.


Who OWNS USA News?? That would be my first research agenda. These Luciferian Socialists manipulate people by starting online news sites, then lying to you. Fact FAKE, Snopes-FAKE, owned by Luciferian Socialist Pedophiles & Cannibals, that IS a FACT.

Terminally deplorable

As a lasting deterrent for future generations. She may be exposed in a glass coffin on public display with a marker and an explanation, why she was killed.

Good point, instead of “Snow White” in the coffin, it´s the evil witch/bitch!


I would totally put an apple in her mouth. Maybe with some dwarves around her with a fire and BBQ. Like a pig roast. With a mirror blowing some dust out from the east. And red slippers in the fire. Yeah, we could win this black magic game!


I know funeral homes in California used to have drive-up/drive-thru viewing available if the deceased’s family requested it…

Last edited 1 year ago by tinydruid

If it’s not a “direct cremation” (within a few hours of death) it’s usually a law. Decomp starts immediately.


Hospitals have morgues that freeze the person until the family or whomever picks them up.


Different laws/procedures at GITMO.


So her evil did not contaminate anything within a 50 miles radius.


Maybe the machines are simply kept in that room in case they are needed; not always used.


Maybe as proof someday. There’s always naa sayers who someday will want to exhume the remains. Better to do it now than wish they had then. Don’t know.


I do not buy the reported white hat narrative that this “transition period” going on 6 months is necessary to wake up as many as possible, when it is clear that a dose of hard reality woke James Comey up in a hot minute. Take control of EBS already and layout evidence of election fraud, child trafficking, and other DS crimes; who’s responsible and their current status and the country can be back to normal by the weekend.


I’m with you. [however] In a recent interview, David Rodriguez asked the mysterious patriot, Juan O Savin, the purpose of forensic audits of the “swing states” since, in O Savin’s view, neither the Congress, nor the Supreme Court, is likely to do anything about it. O Savin replied that the purpose of the Arizona audit is to hasten the waking-up of the remaining fraction of the American public. Interestingly, O Savin answered evasively when “Nino” asked him if Gen. Milley was a traitor. We have been hearing about “The Art of War” and “misinformation” for months now. Milley was present at Pelosi’s Congressional charade (along with Roberts), making us wonder about the rest of the stage behind the scenes.




I agree with your immediate EBS educational approach and that it should produce little resistance from ‘fair minded Patroits’ to immediately seize control of our Country and do what is required under these circumstances. The trouble is just how many ‘fair minded,….much less, true Patroits’, do we actually have in this Country right now? That’s the only reason I can think of that is causing this fiasco to drag on to our much anguish and frequent moments of dispare. We’ll get there eventually,….but certainly not one moment too soon! Wake up!, America, and do what you know we have to do!!!

Ronald W. Weiss

Do what we have to do…” I’m not being a wise guy, but we are all little minnows swimming at the edge of a pond full of gators. Beyond talking up love of freedom, our Republic and the Constitution, I am at a loss. If there’s a big plan somewhere, we sure are not in on it. The most we can do is stay out of the way and hope we aren’t eaten.

Buzzy Zipwak

Most likely the military is trying to avoid a civil war, or blue states trying to secede from the union.




Yestrday there was a video footage on the empty WH where many people were retrieving technical material,and the video stated mind control devices were being dismantled. The Alliance has an herculean task,worldwide,but this is great news.

Terminally deplorable

I you do the wakening the soft way, it takes forever. It you do it the hard way, its instantly.


Instantly, but with many ideological casualties.


But Biff, my dude, look at the ideological casualties that have ALREADY crept in while taking the slow, gentle way? The building’s on fire, broham. No time to nudge.


Avoiding the mass exit to countries w/o extradition laws! And Trump is always about saving innocent lives. They know what the DS has planted in various places for their defense if it looks like high noon for them all at once.

Chuck Westlake

You couldn’t have been better versed. It’s time to realize we aren’t children and if this is PURE EVIL which have no doubt it is… It’s GAME ON and stop the BULLCRAP. You keep hearing collateral damage assessment worries? Really? For GODS sake this COVID vaccines are killing more than we’re being told I’m sure

Last edited 1 year ago by Chuck Westlake

You’re right. Those are the things to do. Getting the timing right on that is a big deal. There will always be opposition. I believe they’re trying to time the EBS campaign to minimize opposition and maximize a transition in thinking for many misguided people.


They have nuclear devices, mk devices, and from what I read, their scalar weapons and satellites were dismantled.God knows what else they have. I read about a project in the late 60s, where they had a sequence of bombs prepared to explode in every shore of the world. In the 80s, nuclear suitcases,and so on.


Yes I agree. The only reason I see is they are waiting for the new satellites to be in working order. The Patriots can’t wait (also other countries) for all the truth to come out. The world has to know. It is in God’s time.


It never passed the smell test with me either. Americans are sleepwalking, brainwashed sheep who are blinded by their normalcy bias. “Slowly waking them up” when you’re controlled by your normalcy bias, just gives the conscious mind more time to rationalize, deny and excuse as it always does. The country needs a cold sharp jolt, they need to stop getting the gentle treatment and finally see “how the sausage is made” as it were…


The Shadow will never overcome the Light.


Inspired by America’s example, in 1789 the citizens of France revolted from a thousand years of feudal tyranny and executed their nobility. Yet, a scant 80 years later, after losing the Franco-Prussian war in a ham-handed and cowardly retreat, the new rulers of France (a reasserted nobility) sent one of the defeated French armies into Paris to quell an uprising against perhaps the first of the Deep-States. They murdered 70,000 of their citizens. Once we win this, we can never relax again. Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.

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Ethan Hansen

That was definitely a sad and terrible revolt. While it may have been justified. They got out of control and it turned into anarchy. There is a reason it is called the Reign of Terror. Innocent people were beheaded for simply being related, acquaintances, friends, servants, etc. to any nobility regardless of whether they were good or bad. The American Revolution was a success cause it was founded on Biblical principles while the French Revolution was based on humanitarianism.


The execution of Antoine Lavoisier is an example of the excess of which you write. He was one of the first physicists and first chemists (using the scientific method as opposed to mere alchemy). His was the first empirical demonstration of “the conservation of mass.” It was humanity’s loss. But I believe that Trump is taking great care (but oh so slow). Cheers & MAGA

J Bill

“Eternal vigilance is the price of Liberty.”

Well said!

Democracy is not the default “human condition.” Vigilance against tyranny has been an ongoing struggle world over. Democracy’s border will always be guarded by people in defense of it.


Republics Border you mean, Democracy is still Slavery, Democracy is one small step away from Socialism. “A Republic, If We Can Keep It”. That was said for a reason. We were Brainwashed into believing that Democracy was Freedom, it is NOT. Democrat & Republican were used to make it look like WE had a Choice, we did not. In a Republic, even the poor have a voice, in a Democracy, only the upper class has a voice. We have ALL been Brainwashed, the books we read are from those in control, most of our books of TRUE Knowledge were buried beneath the Vatican in the Vatican Library. We will ALL have to relearn WHO we are, the Sciences, which are FAKE Science made up by the Luciferians to keep us dumbed down, Medicine, we were Lied to about healing & our bodies also, why is it that Doctors can never HEAL or Cure you, they can only treat the symptoms?? We will have a lot of Learning to do when this is All over.

Sue Grantham

We the People have our eyes wide open and will never, ever be apathetic again

Diana Barahona

Yes, but our children will return to apathy. Without God watching over us, there wouldn’t be a human race.


Sometimes I think god is the brutal, controlling tyrannical narcissist upon whom Soros takes notes.
If god is all powerful, then he is letting us suffer.

If god is in control, then that has to mean that he controls satan, otherwise he’s not all powerful. I think god is playing both sides of the conflict. He’s done if before in Moses vs. pharaoh. He played both sides and many suffered and died for no good reason because of that.

God also ADMITS to CREATING evil (isaiah 45:7). That means that he created sin, too. Setting us up to get “infected” so that he might sell us the cure. How is that any different than what big pharma is doing? Create dis-ease so that they can sell you the “remedy”. Or the government who is the very driver of poverty only so that they can step in and offer relief from the very problems they create? Which ultimately your acceptance just does more to deepen that very problem? “As above, so below” remember?

The most insidious part is that you think he’s GOOD. You’ve got Stockholm syndrome and don’t even know it.

Last edited 1 year ago by Cure_Islam_With_Bacon

There were 46 books taken out of our Bible. Who took them out you ask?? The Translators, of course, most of the Translations were INCORRECT. The Book of Enoch is the book to read. The Cabal, the Khazarian Mafia did not want us knowing WHO we are. This started 6,000 years ago, the Cabal didn’t just spring up here in our time, this been a long plan for thousands of years. Bishop Larry Gaitors tells about all of this, he’s on Bitchute, Telagram, Rumble, YouTube, Scott McKay & The Bishop have a very informative interview on all those channels, watch all of them, it’s research.


Look up the NT verses on “in Christ” That’s where our true identity is found.

Mostly Harmless

Many contemporaries of the founders thought the same way: but men like Jefferson and Madison knew better. Jefferson in particular gave voice frequently to deep misgivings that the republic could remain free of corruption for more than a mere century, and even encouraged citizens to take arms from time to time to warn the establishment with the threat of their resistance.

Ronald W. Weiss

“The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots & tyrants.” Jefferson 1787.


And follow the tree of life from Genesis to the cross to the end of Revelation. Eat from it.


You have facts. You have proof. Produce it.


“You’re either pregnant or you’re not.” is what my dad would say about the truth. All things will be made known, truth or lie, in time, all things are made known. And Mr. Baxter, if this isn’t real and the truth, you are the best writer since Tom Clancy! I’m an Ex-Navy Submarine rider, Intel PO and avid reader, my bet is you are hand picked by DJT to deliver the goods… Time will tell, if you are indeed pregnant or not Mr. Baxter, my bet is you are…this is just like it would happen. And what a Glorious Baby it will be if you indeed are! Be safe Mr. Baxter, please.

Last edited 1 year ago by Bubblehead

From from bubblehead (24yrs) to another I agree. It seems so strange that this is the only news source about what is happening in Gitmo. I’m waiting for the videos to come out with the new StarLink broadcast system. It’s about time these power hungry, money grubbing treasonists are brought to justice.


Would definitely buy this book. Also, I noticed, Philip K Dick in the comment section. Please make sure he gets a cameo 🙂


“A Scanner Darkly” turned out to make a good movie, as well.


Have to ask, is that “was a dummy” or should it have been was NOT a dummy??? Thank you, Jim


You NEED to be showing pics/videos of Hitlery Clinton’s hanging for validation.


If they needed to keep it under wraps then I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t provide him with a photo, besides those are easily faked. On the flip side, if they’re giving this Mr. Baxter the privy to this info in the first place and he knows DS may read this site, then what’s the difference?

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Michael, thank you for the update on Comey.

Last edited 1 year ago by Delta

It would still be nice to know somehow if any of these articles are actually legit or just somebody’s drained swamp daydream.


Why would someone with Mr. Baxter’s skill at writing waste his time on false narratives when he could be writing blockbuster bestsellers?


Would any JAG officer allow his name to be used in such matter,without any consequences?That should indicate this is as real as it gets.


Wow, the details laid out in these articles is intense. Keep it coming, really interesting stuff.


 Michael, looking forward to your article on the specifics of the Comey Deposition

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You rock! Hopefully you will be awarded with some journalism medal. You are doing a great service and also sticking your neck out there. Thank you for your service to Patriots!

Chuck Westlake

Maybe Michael ask your source if a possible disclosure date can be hinted at. The aliens (demons) will be here soon with their false rapture and I’m concerned people will fall for that like the COVID & Vaccine bologna

Last edited 1 year ago by Chuck Westlake

P L E A S E…do so .


I am sure the timing of the FBI raid on Rudy Giuliani isn’t just coincidental. I see it as just more proof. Where there is smoke, there is fire and the smoke is starting to build!


Why didn’t Trump pre emptively pardon Rudy before leaving office? Could have avoided all of this.


911 twin towers demolition took place while Rudy was in charge of the NY City. I don’t know that there is any connection here. But, it may be that he have some unresolved Karma there.

Last edited 1 year ago by Mike
Chuck Westlake

I agree. He knew, how could he not. Building 47 was a strategic mayor command system and I’m sure he was more then just an acquaintance of Mr. Silverstein????


It’s a possibility.


I thought that too!!! I hope our side anticipated it.


Of course it is not coincidental. Rudy Giuliani attended Hillary Clinton’s execution on last Monday April 26th. The day or 2 days after, his NY appartment was highjacked and searched by the FBI. Too coincidental to be a pure coincidence ! The FBI knows he attended HRC’s execution and knows what Rudy Giuliani will do in order for Donald Trump and America to recover their rights…


My point exactly Vincent!

Terminally deplorable

If that would be no coincidence, then its a sign that the DS takes notice and is on high alert to avoid ropes at any cost.

J Bill

They are likely interested in something now, and should have been before, but weren’t. So after screwing up so bad, they know saying “J Comey-was-my-last-boss” on a resume is meaningless.


Lotta suggestions out there about “how do you insert evidence”, so thinking this may not have been unexpected by Rudy, Victoria, and Trump, and may have been something they deliberately put in the works That is going to turn out to be yet another way of exposing the DS. They DO keep taking the bait, don’t they?

J Bill

No choice. Be like trying to plug a leak in Hoover dam with your finger.


I watched something today about that. There is more info out there if you choose to look for it. The info may surprise you. If it was the bad guys why leave his laptop?


I thought they took all laptops/computers/phones???

J Bill

Are u referring to h? He was intending to take a fall to save pop.

Chuck Westlake

The thing that concerns me about RUDY is his connection with the CFR, 911 and building 47 which was a secret command center for the mayor of NYC?? How could he not KNOW…. ????

J Bill

Maybe looking for info that they weren’t interested in before? He’s worked tirelessly in Ukraine on critical issues Comey didn’t. And now suddenly, they’re curious…


I see it as a way to legally inject public discovery over ukrainian matters that were on trial there and msm press in US supressed, perhaps a public massacre said to be financed by them, and a few distabilization coups on some governments in the region


Hello Michael, I sincerely hope obama is next to take a trip to gitmo prison. With that said id like you to speculate on something. The man pretending to be the President is clearly not joe biden. Ive compared different pics of real joe with the current imposter. Its not joe. What happened to real joe, do you think hes at gitmo or possibly dead as some think?


Thanks, Michael. That reply was loaded with info.

Terminally deplorable

You make a lot of sense.


Michael – as always, appreciate your articles, and that you are aware of the dangers inherent in the world today. I’m sure all of us are awaiting info on Comey’s deposition. I’m still confused as to why they went after Rudy Giuliani…revenge for HRC maybe?


Who is to say the raid at Rudy’s wasn’t a white hat operation? He has the evidence on bidens.

J Bill

That’s not his ‘bad’ though. They should have gathered it in the first place.


The impression that I got, especially after finding out they confiscated Trumps other lawyers cell phone, is they are fishing for information. They probably can’t find the actual strategy in order to supplant it. So they are hoping to get it from this confiscated data.

J Bill

Glad u said that. When watching the election that night, went to bed confident Trump had a comfortable lead. Just after Joe was saying “be patient” to everyone. Then woke in the morning to see what happened and realized… he already knew then. p-o-s. …


I agree! I know Biden is just a puppet for the DS. Harris on the hand, is a whole different matter and the destruction she will cause if she ever gets in charge. July 4, 2021 can’t come quick enough.


Trump himself couldn’t have picked a more deficient and unqualified candidate to run against, in fact it’s even believable the White Hats threatened Biden into running knowing they planned to steal the election.


Wondering if Jill Biden is in on it or truly loyal to the messy Biden family. What will happen to her?




The whole Biden family is in on the take, not just Joe and Hunter. Hopefully they will all end up at Gitmo.


yesterday msm reported she had submitted to some “medical procedure”


Is harris a “naturalized citizen”?


Yes there is an excellent prophet, Timothy Dixon, who is so accurate said Kamala will be wandering around asking and looking for Biden and the d s won’t tell her he is gone.

MarieAnna Dvorak

Justice: Life for a life.


I don’t believe any of this. I want to but I just don’t sadly.


Ask yourself this. Have you seen or heard from Hillary lately? She’s yet to come out and say she’s not at GITMO

J Bill

Or even “chilling” there.

Ronald W. Weiss

That’s OK. My Mom used to say, “Believe nothing you hear and half what you see.” I read this stuff and treat it like entertainment during this dark period. Mr. Baxter is certainly a good writer. If all this stuff turns out true, that’s great and we get to say we were there. Be well.


That’s true. I really just pray this is all true. We need justice finally.


Assign to it your own estimate of probability percentage, and then move on while looking for confirming bits and pieces along the way.

Ex - New Yorker

If I read it right, Comey only then fell to his knees in the morgue after seeing her naked body lying right there before his eyes … Why?

Did he perhaps see a sign on her body that only they knew who had at one time(or more) participated in her evil devilish murderous cult ceremonies ? These people are truly sick and evil !


It would have been a close-up view. His view of her on gallows would have been more distant.

Mostly Harmless

Death always feels more real when you’re close enough to SMELL it.

Terminally deplorable

Simply speechless.

Professor Bermuda Shorts

This is 100% BS. No evidence! It’s all hearsay and made up in somebody’s basement…


A sure sign of low intellect.


Thank you Michael for your hard work, especially in the comment section. For you to be trusted , I could only imagine , that you are probably at least a General, if not higher in the echelon.

Ronald W. Weiss

Generals are a dime a dozen nowadays. I suspect Mr. Baxter, if he is not a charlatan, is likely a long time friend of a trusted friend of the man. Just a guess though (all part of the fun).


Not your moms basement I hope 🙂


Are you with Biden right now???

J Bill



To Professor Bermuda Shorts,

You’re like a Western Town, All Front And No Back.


Hahahaha, that’s a good one!