Comey Sings Like a Canary after Watching Clinton Hang


Disgraced former FBI Director and Deep State operative James Comey is singing like a canary to the military after being forced to watch Hillary Clinton’s neck snap at Guantanamo Bay on Monday night, Real Raw News has learned.

Confidential sources involved in Trump’s mission to eradicate Deep State traitors told RRN that James Comey, who had been temporarily detained at Camp Lejeune, was brought to GITMO the morning of Clinton’s execution. Up until Monday night, Comey had refused a plea deal to testify against Deep State architect Barack Hussein Obama in exchange for spending the rest of his natural life at GITMO, as opposed to sharing Clinton’s fate.

While detained at Camp Lejeune, Comey defiantly told jailors he would never betray Obama, who he heralded as a great man, and even invited them to torture him, saying he had been trained to withstand waterboarding, electric shock treatment, and even truth serum. Moreover, Comey told his captors he did not believe that the military had apprehended Clinton.

“You can’t touch Hillary Clinton,” Comey purportedly said. “And you won’t get anything from me.”

His tune changed late Monday night.

“With military guard, Comey was sitting in a Humvee a few meters from the scaffolding. He was made to watch Clinton being marched up the steps and the noose placed around her neck. He saw the door open underneath her feet. He was seeing his potential future fate, but even that wasn’t enough to break him. With the hummer motor running and windows up, he probably couldn’t hear Clinton’s final words or Trump’s witty reply,” our source said.

Comey, our source added, believed the military had manufactured a theatrical production to trick him into giving up the goods on Obama. He accused the military of using “freshman” scare tactics. He told his guard that U.S. intelligence agencies were well-versed in using lifelike mannequins to stage fake executions, often to wheedle confessions.

Two hours later, Comey was taken to the GITMO medical building where Clinton’s shell, ashen and rigid with onset rigor mortis, lay naked on a stainless-steel table.

“Comey was permitted to inspect the corpse and decide for himself if it was a dummy. Also, there were a pair of embalming machines in the room. Comey broke down almost immediately, dropping to his knees and crying out ‘what have you done,’ as the guard told him he’d be next unless he started talking,” our source said.

“Fuck this. I’ll talk. I’ll tell them whatever they want to know,” Comey reportedly said.

Our source said Comey started blabbing Tuesday morning, and that representatives of the U.S. Navy Judge Advocate General’s Office have spent the last 48 hours taking his deposition.

“I don’t know specifics on the deposition yet but hopefully soon. It’s likely he’s spilling the motherload on the Obamas. It’s only a matter of time now before Obama is brought before a military tribunal, the Biden puppet presidency collapses, and Donald J. Trump is reinaugurated,” our source said.

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Ethan Hansen

Thank you for looking out for us. Very smart and wise comment there. Wish others were as wise and careful.

frank j domanico

F@CK The deep state. They know its the end. Its about time.

Free Atlast

My hope is that they don’t forget a out Lois Lerner.


An apt caution that shows you in a good light. Keep digging, Mr. Baxter!


great point


Thank you Michael. We are kept on many hidden records that we don’t even figure out and CIA, NSA and FBI record billions of people, with data like their political preference, sexual orientation, religion, degree of involvment in religious and political movements… So what can they do with those data ? If we don’t harm anyone, they can’t hurt us. I am maybe very naive as we never know how the future will be like. God bless.

Sharilyn Henry

You are definitely naive, they make up stuff based on what they themselves do….how quickly you forget…RUSSIA, RUSSIA, RUSSIA ….BS.


I don’t think they make up stuff on personal data like political preferences, sexual preferences, religious preference, intensity of beliefs (moderate, extreme…), style, ethnic origin. They need to know accurate data on each people. Russia hoax was made up on purpose, in order to make President Trump fall. No I think there is no comparison on the type of both data.


The recent raid on Giuliani’s apt. with illegal warrant while not even following the warrant’s stipulations which also included Hunter Biden’s laptops that they purposely left behind.

Marsha Kirchmeier

Did you hear Rudy’s interview? He tried to even hand the FBI 3 of Hunter’s hard drives and he wouldn’t take them. He asked him 3 times, “are your sure you don’t want these too”!

Terminally deplorable

They came to pick up Rudy’s video from Hillarie’s hanging, They had already Hunter’s hard drives.

Veronica Cougar

Duly noted. But I am too old, fat, sick and mentally and emotionally incapable of carrying out any of the things I have wished to see done to these people who have tortured, maimed, mutilated and killed children so they can drink their blood and harvest their adrenal glands to make adrenochrome. My wishful thinking aloud is nothing compared to what these subhumans have actually done, over and over, to millions of children, for decades. They’re pretty audacious to try to guilt trip any of us into adhering to a standard higher than theirs, especially the law enforcement officials who have stood by and done zero minus nothing to save these poor children while continuing to draw a paycheck on our dimes and living out their lives raising families. There’s been none of that familial bliss for the parents and siblings of those children whose lives were rubbed out as if they meant nothing to no one. That’s what I have to say to DS POS’s who come after people who’ve had enough of their debauched shenanigans and hijinks and feel the need to vent their overwhelming rage and despair over it. Give the hand a rest already, you despicable wankers! We’re not taking it any more!

Michael, I am forever grateful to you for having the strength and fortitude to put out this privileged information to the world. Many of us have a deep appreciation for the risks you are taking to put it out there. The danger is too real and it never goes away. It couldn’t have been an easy decision to make.

Sue Grantham

Thanks Michael.
The fact is that Americans will NEVER comply with the idiot treasonous socialist administration. They will not succeed in their flaccid attempts of sedition. We the People are in charge, whether or not they understand the constitution. Let’s make it rudimentary:
The Constitution is the elected officials employee handbook. We the People are the employers and the elected officials are the employees. The handbook cannot be changed without the consent of the employers.
It will be to their peril if they violate their oaths.


I appreciate your and Veronica’s comments. I would disagree on a couple of points. One, there are no PLAYBOOKS, except in CA and NY, perhaps, (a new word to herd subjects) but there IS a Constitutional LAW, which is WHY we elect PUBLIC SERVANTS to an OFFICIAL OFFICE. They should ALWAYS be referred to as, Public Servants, which is what they are!
I definitely agree that they are our employees, which also makes them servants to the people they are supposed to DEFEND by making sure ALL of their CONSTITUTIONAL FREEDOMS are protected and IN PLACE. IF they do THAT, we have none of THIS!
But, we can see what they have been doing, and what We The People have NOT.
Any suggestions on how to handle the House of Terrorists we have now generated? I would LOVE some ideas. We KNOW elections do NOT work. Now what?

Sue Grantham

As a veteran, I am quite confident that the military is in charge and the more these idiot traitors do the more evidence they’ll use in addition to the coordinated attacks to overthrow the People’s Will. The military takes their oaths above all else. The oath never expires.
The military and veterans will never violate their oaths. We will protect the rights and freedoms of Americans regardless of location or enemy, domestic or foreign.


I do appreciate your comments sue. This site gives me more hope than anything else lately.

Sandy Koufax

Go to any grocery store and see that everyone is wearing a mask except for yourself and realize that most people are sheep being led to slaughter.


To add to that, the maskers condemn the non-maskers. That is the intent of BIG Govt and BIG Pharma: pressure us into compliance.

Trouble Cash

Standing 6 feet apart while wearing a mask is a cult attempt to break the body of Christ… God is watching. They force people to wear masks to keep their job…. Wear a mask keep your job feed your kids and pay your bills.. it’s wrong all this makes me sad. Praying daily for our lives and freedom

Ed Bob

Yes, I am calling out to God also. It is over the top insanity.

Sue Grantham

My choice my body is the first thing I tell them and I don’t break stride. ♥️??


After reading a couple of interesting comments here up to this point it seems not all Americans are ready to standup for the freedom of their country?
Like still social distancing, like wearing masks, like queueing for their jab? To name just a couple of actions withing covid plandemic.


That will NEVER happen! They’ll NEVER pressure this Patriot into wearing that useless mask nor force me into taking that DEATH VACCINE shot!!


In Biden’s speech to HIS nation of 50 people, he actually said that HE (The Administration) was “We the People” not us. Along with the statement that the Amendments to the Constitution were never intended to be concrete. Hang on Patriots…


There is independent verification of this claim from Simon Parkes

Diana Barahona

It doesn’t make sense that Comey would be willing to undergo torture but not a quick death, because a man prepared to be tortured is prepared to die. He simply didn’t believe they could touch Clinton and Obama, and was counting on being rescued. That is, until he saw her corpse.


I think…. there’s torture, and then there’s TORTURE.


Seeing Hillary naked must have horrifying


I dang near hacked up a few vital organs from the thought of it

Sue Grantham

???freaking hysterical!!!


Even NC-17 is not a high enough rating ?


SO freakin’ FUNNY!

Sid Ramon

That’s why he fell to his knees and said, “F this, I’ll talk”.


Thats enough for any sane person to finally give in

J Bill

Ohh.. that’s hard to “un-see.”

Sue Grantham

Visual assault ?




I hear your point, but saying you’ll take torture and going through it are two different things. Comey being a rat seems more like his character than a tough guy taking an ongoing touture. I pray this is truth and these devils are starting to reep what they have sewn.

J Bill

The guy or lady doing the wet work is probably an artist of sorts. With a skill set that made Comey prefer the “freshman” approach. After a trip to the morgue.

Last edited 3 years ago by J Bill

He thought Hillary & the Cabal were going to get him out of this mess, when he actually saw Hillary dead, he knew it was over.


Thank you for the incredible information, Michael. Whether anyone believes it or not, that is for their discernment.

I enjoy your work, however I would like to comment on your pinned post.

TRUE patriots and anons are non violent. Our danger is sharing truth, JESUS, and interrelated ideas. The violence is 99.9% from the left, funded by the left, ignored by the left.

90+% of vets and LEO will honor their oath to the constitution. If that makes them “dangerous,” folks should ask why?

Americans support law, order, and EQUAL justice for all! PATRIOTS have no skin color.

Voter Fraud makes it a wrap.

Digital Soldier x 5 tours = meme, intel, digger, baker, anon hope, and born to fren’.

https://gab . com/ScottBurtonOFFICIAL

HOLD THE LINE, FOLKS! FOLLOW GENERAL FLYNN, Linn WOOD, AZaudit, LINDELL, Dan Scavino twit time stamps to Qcrumbs.

And… #PANICinDC!

Mostly Harmless

I’m curious. By what authority do you make the statement that “TRUE patriots are non violent”?

Was George Washington “non-violent”? Was George S. Patton “non-violent”?

Let’s ask General Patton.

“I don’t want you to die for your country: I want you to make the OTHER dumb sonofabitch die for HIS country.” – Patton

I think that’s a pretty definite NO, don’t you?

It can be argued that Patriots are the ONLY ones who are willing to throw their PREFERRED non-violent ways aside when the needs of the country DEMAND it.

You can make the argument that the time has not yet come for such solutions: though I wouldn’t risk money on THAT pony, personally. But to make the blanket statement that “patriots are non violent” is to permanently identify love of country with the kind of futile, ball-less, soy boy protesting that wastes everyone’s time and accomplishes NOTHING.

Patriots may not START fights, but they are DEFINITELY up to the task of FINISHING them.

Ex - New Yorker

Patton – On a letter to his wife he commented:

“I have been at Frankfurt for a civil government conference. If what we are doing (to the Germans) is Liberty, then give me death. I can’t see how Americans can sink so low. It is Se mi tic, and I am sure of it.”

And in his diary he noted:

“Today we received orders… in which we were told to give the J_ws special accommodations. If for J_ws, why not Catholics, Mormons, etc?…

We are also turning over to the French several hundred thousand prisoners of war to be used as slave labor in France. It is amusing to recall that we fought the Revolution in defense of the rights of man and the Civil War to abolish slavery and have now gone back on both principles.”

General George S. Patton knew who was behind the subversion of the USA !

Ed Bob

Well said Mostly Harmless


Great Post! Thanks for reminding us about some basic truths.


Mr. Baxter Can you give us a map of all areas controlled by Joe Biden known to the public


Good and sensible comments. It is always advisable to stay calm and keep emotions under control and to be in the habit of speaking responsibly. Actions have consequences, so do words. Thank you, Mr. Baxter, not only for interesting reporting, but for responsible reporting as well. May I rename Real Raw News “The Real Scoop News of the USA”?

James Penney

oh oh

frank j domanico

The swam is being drained big time baby! HELL YEAH!


“Wisdom, without courage, is worthless.” —– Mahatma Gandhi

Keep commenting, speaking out, but also WARNING your friends, associates etc. what is really going on.

But also, ARM YOURSELVES TO THE TEETH, both physically and spiritually.

This SCUM ain’t goin’ down without a fight. A BIG fight. Get used to it and prepare, accordingly.


Thank you for the heads up! It’s a shame no one has bothered to go after those who have made similar threats to President Trump…several being those Hollywood movie star elites. I am sick of the one sided justice being used…along with politicians pushing the racial agenda. They WANT a civil war…
Thank you again.

Mostly Harmless

They DO want a civil war. However, we would be ill-advised to assume that NOT GIVING THEM ONE is a SOLUTION.

They WANT a civil war because they like their CHANCES of winning such a conflict: they have made preparations, and are prepared to KILL to install their ideologies.

Refusing to fight only means that they will shrug, and then ram the bayonet into your face. Imagining that our enemies are going to refuse to KILL us out of some sense of HONOR they do not possess, because we are being pacifists, is pure foolhardiness.

If we must DIE, I’d sooner go down swinging, wouldn’t you?

Shane: “Pick up the gun.”


Mr. Baxter. This morning Simon Parkes posted that 2 days ago he’d heard that Comey had been arrested for treason. He also indicated that he had signed a type of non-disclosure agreement which disallows the by-passing of “intermediaries.” I assume his sources don’t want him trying to climb farther up the “chain” by himself. I would classify Simon as senior-man among a group of 9 patriot sources (including the mysterious and evasive Juan O Savin). I assume that RRN + Simon’s group + the others together constitute a “long-form news network” intended to replace TV & Twitter. Can you provide background on this phenomenon? Cheers & MAGA

Emily White

“(including the mysterious and evasive Juan O Savin)”. Lol. I listened to this guy a couple of times. His historical knowledge about the satanic integrity of the current cult if I may call it that way is vast and goes back all the way to the Garden of Eden with the satanic timeline emanating from Cain. A must listen. However, I opted to stop listening to his comments on the current situation for exactly your reasons mentioned.

Gary Richards

Thank you Michael Baxter for all you are doing. It’s good to get informed about what’s going on.


If this is a real threat, and I don’t doubt that it is, why can’t we comment anonymously? Why do we have to include an email address? Just curious.


I read your link and my understanding is that it concerns active terroristic planning with a relational data base.


Would Obama be the tip or the bottom of the iceberg?


Would Obama be the tip of the iceberg or the bottom of it?

sharon george


Richard Daulton

Hillary Clinton got what she deserved with all the dirty crooked
Deals, treason,Destroyed emails you name it

Emily White

“It’s only a matter of time now before Obama is brought before a military tribunal, the Biden puppet presidency collapses, and Donald J. Trump is reinaugurated,” our source said.
This as opposed to a 2024 run which then would have to be a cover up for the real thing to happen.

Deborah Lynne Connor

Wow, just wow!!!


I would like to see the video of Hillary being hanged to death

Ron Delio

I would like to believe this, but do you have evidence, i.e. photos, to substantiate this?!


Bear in mind this POS previous work for HBC,his “higher Y loyalty” and his and his brother´s part in the manufactured global crisis of 2008.


A1 Steak Sauce is better than biden


For someone “trained to withstand waterboarding, electric shock treatment, and even truth serum”; the chicken shit bastard sure folded easily just looking at a corpse.


Hi, Michael! Here’s something you might want to look into: what do your sources say is the truth about the “US Corporation” as opposed to the government of the US? That’s been swirling around for a while. Have you heard anything on the street about this? Anything you can share, I mean…appreciate your reports!


Is this real???? Doesn’t seem possible


Just saw this on SimonParkes blog:

“ Last night I signed a NCNDA.
Some topics I will have to think very carefully about before speaking. However 2 days ago I did hear that the former director of the FBI James Comey had been arrested for Treason.

Waiting for this to get into MSM news report.”

Last edited 3 years ago by featherjourney

If Real Raw News wasn’t true then you would think someone who has been quoted or cited by Michael Baxter, even a GITMO staff member, would come out against RRN but no one has to my knowledge. But I do wonder why Trump and military would send information to Deep State via RRN (leaning on Michaels thoughts that the Deep State reads his articles) that alerts them to the fact that Comey has decided to “sing like a canary”– isn’t that giving them a heads-up so they can run for cover and make it harder for military to track and arrest?

Last edited 3 years ago by tammytamb

“It’s likely he’s spilling the motherload”

That should be “mother lode.” 😉


Don’t be a dick. No one likes a Grammar Nazi

Sue Grantham



Simon Parkes’ latest refers to this news about Comey being arrested for treason. Says he has to wait to speak about it since he signed an NCNDA last night.

Terminally deplorable

Michael, I can assure you, it is very easy to get used to your stories, where another one of these bastards is hanged every pother day. I don’t want you to make up stories though and risk your credibility in any way. This is your most precious capital. I appreciate your obvious restraint in publishing only stories that you feel are backed up. As long as you can honestly claim, you did your best to find the truth, you are doing well. Even if that stresses the patience of your audience. I am saying that, because I understand, that people doing the right thing and being doubted or criticized for that, sometimes need a feed back.


I check every morning for more news. I read and reread every article and all the comments It gives me such hope that Americans might actually be able to take back our country. I hope the government confiscates all the possessions of these criminals as well. No one shoukd be allowed to get rich off the hard working people.


Looking forward to hearing his confession.


Do we really want to pay the costs to keep Comey alive until his natural death? No, we don’t. A bullet costs less than a $1 and the results are permanent. Let’s clean up our country, fellow Americans.

miffed citizen

I would not spend a dollar on him.

Sue Grantham

GTMO is not the typical prison. It’s military controlled and the only people in custody are enemies against America; they lose all rights and freedoms including American citizenship; a conviction results in either lifetime in military prison or death. There’s no parole, probation or visitation. No appeal process. It’s the UCMJ not civilian laws or punishment. Military’s only job is to fulfill their obligations to the Constitution, regardless of who’s in the WH.


Yeah, and the entire base as been replaced by body doubles and clone and aliens and lizard people.. They are operating mind control operations against the entire US population from their base in a peanut orchard in kansas.


Michael, after the bad guys are put away and President Trump is back in the White House by July 2021, will you continue with this site and will you reveal who you are by giving us a face to go with the name, so we know who to give credit and thanks to for the one person who kept us informed with the truth and gave fellow patriots that glimmer of hope through these dark and unsure times?


I think Michael may not want to divulge his identity. First, it would make him a target to leftists and terrorists in and out of our country in years to come. Secondly, he may be needed again at some time.


I know. It was half earnest and half jest.


1st! Awesome news…! It’s a good day to be an American ??????




We won’t have to call for harm against them. It will come to them as it should when they stand trial. Most of these people I believe are already gone. I think they are just rounding up the body doubles, actors, etc. now.

miffed citizen

Why would you want to kill a double or an actor?

Sue Grantham

Because they were hired by the DS/Cabal, can’t commit crimes against America and use “it was just a job” as a defense.


Because they are the faces we see in public

John Miles

MR. Baxter, I have complete faith in you, but please help me to understand why Trump would be worried about Harris taking over. We have deep state people in custody, an ex first lady executed, the military has seen the evidence, cyber military experts through space force have seen the fraud. It’s hard to wrap my head around this!!!


Thank you for the follow up.


When the MSM starts crying about how the “Trump government agents” killed their martyr princess, I will believe it all. Because you know for a fact that if she was in fact dead, people around her would be screaming foul and making sure the world knew that she was dead.


deep staters will not tell the populace they are losing


Yup, except it’s always those dang ol body doubles, clones, and lochness monsters.

Joenabel Peterson

Golly. Trump is really a good businessman. He doesn’t like Comey, but since Comey knows more than other potential witnesses Trump is willing to give him leniency in exchange of his testimonies to nail Obama. This will make it easier to hang others than give them plea deal to scape the capital penalty.

Sue Grantham

Life imprisonment on a military installation. The difference between federal prison and military prison- no parole, no probation or visitation. Under military control 24/7.


Thank you Sue! Even if Comey sings he won’t go free.

frank j domanico

Hang John Brennan next!!!!!!!!!!!!!

miffed citizen

I think we should vote upon who is next. Fair and square, handcounted without cheating.

Hal Brown

Best job in the whole military; being the guard taking Comey to see Clinton, and giving him pro bono advice.

Last edited 3 years ago by Hal Brown
Sandy Koufax

Comey is heartbroken over the death of Hillary, but indifferent to the video on Weiner’s laptop that depicted Hillary’s pedophilia.


Where´s Weiner?

Andy Hess

I hope this train picks up steam, but this needs to be shown to the American people! We need to be able to see this happen and know that justice is truly being done!


I really do appreciate the Intel.
The rollercoaster till Trump is in public. Haven’t lost faith just hard to watch the violence and the mask wearer’s die.
Tell our duly elected president Donald J Trump thank you for saving the children! We love you and your family. Thank you thank you thank you.

Sue Grantham

Politicians cheat, lie and steal. Everyone knows this.
When they start messing with children, that’s the breaking point for any decent human being, regardless of political party. This is where We the People will see who’s complicit and onboard with this heinous crime against humanity. Got plenty of “GTMO” type facilities ready and waiting.

Penny Maynard

I’ve been waiting for this. Thank you RRN for this follow-up. Your reports always contain such very specific details that someone trying to make up a story wouldn’t think about. You have kept my sanity throughout all of these arrogant and pompous people who think they will never get caught. Thank you thank you thank you for all you do.


You really need to warn people not to read after eating. The idea of Hildabeast naked on a table had me close to heaving up a few vital organs. That’s some scarey stuff!


Right after H.W. Bush funeral…yes, just heard that today.

Ronald W. Weiss

What? I’m sorry. What “right after H.W. Bush funeral”? Did I miss something? Thanks.


I was replying to a post that said Hillary was executed a while back. I guess they deleted it. Sorry!

Ronald W. Weiss

Thanks!! I appreciate it.

Veronica Cougar

Comey said, “what have you done?”


What about what SHE did???

No shame or remorse about that, huh?

Sociopaths. Good riddance.


And what has HE DONE!! F’n Traitor


Mr. Baxter. Would you care to ask your sources if the Black Hats raided Rudy Giuliani’s house in retaliation for Hillary? I wonder what Trump will do now. He can’t do nothing or else his troops morale will suffer.

frank j domanico

I cant wait until Americas favorite President Barack Obama hangs. That will be a dream come true. Put it on pay preview!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I don’t drink but that would definitely call for a beer and popcorn

joe blow

This article sounds far fetched.


true that. but it’s a fookin great story either way!!

Ronald W. Weiss

Joe, if 10 years ago you would have told me all that has happened here since 2015, I would say that “sounds far fetched.” So you are correct — and yet who knows? Cordially.

Greg Rush

Just more evidence that we live in a simulation.

Terminally deplorable

Onset of rigor mortis 2 hours after death is confirmed and ‘You are next’ Impressed the $h!t out of Comey.

Kim Johnson

Ding dong the evil witch is dead

Sandy Koufax

Comey was forced to view Clinton lying naked on a stainless-steel table. Hasn’t Comey suffered enough? LOL!

Don Reed

Can’t really blame Slick Willie for jumping the fence !!!


Well Comey is the one who claimed that mannequins were often used so he could not make that claim in this instance. But yes, maybe they let him wash out his eyes afterwards!



My dad doesn’t believe that HRC was hanged. I told him “wait, and you’ll see”. I’m holding to my faith in GOD and to my conviction that President Trump will not let us down in this sad road. It’s difficult, so difficult to watch all these scum bags and the MSM accusing us, (ordinary people) of almost every bad thing possible, when they are the ones on fault. I can’t wait to see this nightmare’s ending. Anyone else feeling the same way?

Norma Burton

I agree that I think this is all happening but putting your faith in man (trump) is making him an idol. Faith is to be placed in Jesus Christ. Also although Trump possibly is being used by God does not make him a Christian. It seems that he himself takes the credit for success he has and I keep waiting for him to give all the glory to God.


Pres. Trump DID give the Lord the glory at one of his last huge rallies right before Nov 3, 2020. He said it right before some 30,000 people and I was happy to hear him give the Lord the credit!


Faith is in the team mate!! Team Whitehat

Lorie Mena

Norma, some people conflate putting their faith in President Trump with supporting Trump in a very difficult and dangerous mission!
There is much admiration for his courage—how would any of us like to have 28 assassination attempts made on us? This is scary stuff!

I think this silly talk of idolizing or whatever about Trump is just that—misdirected nonsense and criticism would be better if it is aimed at the real culprits. Nobody is perfect, but I would never want to be in President Trump’s shoes bearing this burden!

Sue Grantham

Trump has God When you have God, there is NO FORCE more powerful. God is THE power. Faith over fear. Every. Single. Day.

J Bill

Trump does not take credit for others’ work. Is he DS? No one has to be a Christian to believe in or honor God either. There is an unspoken strength in some that speaks volumes to others. Giving glory to God and JC is a private matter, and Trump’s alone.

Sue Grantham

Throughout the Bible, God has used ordinary men to do extraordinary things. I believe that a lot of good people have been moved by God, including Trump. ♥️???


Ya I told my dad too. He still thinks Trump lost fair and square and is crying about losing. I think dad might be a lefty.

Sue Grantham

Then show him FACTS.
Show him the documents Trump declassified and allowed Wikileaks to dump. Start with Kennedy and come forward. Be careful, there’s also audio tapes of Podesta torturing a child ?


Produce them, because we haven’t seen page one of anything.


Why don´t you do due dilligence,then? DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH




OK, how many time have we been put thru this boom, boom, boom and no proof of any thing happened other than ‘my Intel Source’, told me. While its very wishful for the evil ones meet their doom, its not shown to be true, in any sense of the word, and the legal.. What happened to the expected outcry from family members? Pals n gals, aunts uncles, brothers sisters etc. You know if TRUE MSM WOULD BE ALL OVER THE PLACE WITH IT, [ tribunals legal]? SCOTUS should say something if true!!If it being handled by the Military they have said nothing to the Public as they should. Were the Nauenberg trials public or hidden?


Why would the DS want to show that they are losing and not in control. Maybe their Family members have been threatened not to react by the DS themselves.


And why would the relatives not think that they too may be of interest to those carrying out justice? I doubt if they want to draw attention to themselves.

I remember Q stating a few times that the plan is make the Swamp people sweat and suffer. Such unexpected accomplishments against them must be making them quite uncomfortable as they await who is next and how big the net will wind up being! If the recounting of the votes of the past fraudulent election succeed for Trump I would expect some really major destructive and even murderous planned events to be execute. These people are sick!

Sue Grantham

Most of the relatives are complicit and are either indicted or they’re hiding. There’s is no way Chelsea wasn’t complicit. She married a Soros.

Sue Grantham

MSM/DS would never show they’re losing. Do your research on Wikileaks, where there are inter office memos, analog videos, warning- you will be pissed at the media and prior government officials for deceiving Americans. From the Kennedy murder, moon landing bs, it’s going to make you realize that the media are traitors to America.


Produce your evidence. Don’t rely on someone else to research it. You have the proof; produce it.


Ahh…these are the moments that make life worth living! Thanks Michael for these amazing reports!!! Keep ’em coming !


Michael…I believe you are the original source of this information but it appears another website is trying to take credit for the information you’re releasing. Just wanted to bring it to your attention. I’ve never heard of red paper news before…


OK, how many time have we been put thru this boom, boom, boom and no proof of any thing happened other than ‘my Intel Source’, told me. While its very wishful the evil one meet their doom its not shown to be true, and the legal in any sense of the word. What happened to the expected outcry from family members? Pals n gals, aunts uncles, brothers sisters etc. You know if TRUE MSM WOULD BE ALL OVER THE PLACE WITH IT, [ tribunals legal]? SCOTUS should say something if true!!


I think CNN is a better fit for you


Scotus did say something. They said there was no election fraud. How is MSM the standard of newsworthy information these days, I ask?

J Bill

MSM doesn’t deal in “TRUE.”


Bush Sr was in GTMO and executed Nov 2018 by lethal injection. The Bush family had his funeral service the first week in Dec the following month. Did you see or hear any members from the Bush family cry foul? No, not one of them bc they all know the truth. If you want to read Bush Sr’s military tribunal document, it is out there on the web floating around. After reading it, I had lost all respect for the Bush family. I use to admire Mrs. Bush, the matriarch on how “perfect” her family seemed to be. Then after reading what Bush Sr was convicted of, I can say even though we are not wealthy, my husband and I can walk with our heads up high.


Is that why certain people at the funeral received an envelope said to contain a note from Bush Senior that read, ‘They know everything. I’m sorry.’ ? And the Bush family looked devastated upon seeing it?

Hunter Hunter

Well the MSM said that John McCain died of brain cancer but his daughter Megan McCain made a statement on ‘The View’, very quickly and in passing, while speaking about her father, she said… “They can’t kill him again!”…Hmmm, wonder what she meant by that.


Some times I wonder if those that immediately say then how come msm hasn’t reported on this must be false is simply just a troll? How many people are clueless about the executive order that President Trump singed before the election interference happened in case this ended up happening? Seriously how difficult is it for people to simply research the truth? Evidently it’s to hard because people still are so naive to think that big tech like lying CNN will always be truthful and keep us informed. I truly believe that what’s being reported is the truth and with how it’s written shows how President Trump and the Military would carry out such a mission. If all of this came out on the news first it would be completely distorted , lies would soon follow and the media would distort everything so that they could divide the truth even more hence giving more power to the DS. If anything that has been learned since President Donald J. Trump took office is that he’s very methodical, precise and intelligent on how he works. He doesn’t leave any breathing room of error and he’s always kept his promises to the American people. The one thing that he said in his campaign is that he was going to drain the swamp and that’s exactly what he’s been working on since he took office and from all the truth that we’ve learned so far is that if we want to drain this swamp it’s going to take a long time. I knew that there was corruption in this country but to the extent of what we all know now and seriously something new is learned every single day about how much of a swamp it actually is and that should tell you that something good is going to come out of it or else why are we learning more and more each and every day? Thank you Mr. Baxter for all of your time in reporting of what’s happening I can’t imagine how much your putting on the line right mow including your life in telling us of what’s really happening. Again thank you sir