At Fake White House, Kamala Harris Tells Staffers, “Call me President Harris.”


At Soundview Broadcasting in Long Island City, NY, a 7,000 square foot soundstage has been retrofitted to precisely mimic the very room from where White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki allegedly delivers a daily briefing to a corrupt mainstream media, an ex-administration whistle blower told Real Raw News under promise of anonymity.

On Jan 15, incoming White House Communications Director Kim Bedingfield signed a 4-year lease on the property after Kamala Harris had asked her to find a “defensible” location on the east coast and within two hour’s flight time of D.C. Harris, our source said, wanted a spot that could be easily transformed into a facsimile of the White House Briefing Room and, if necessary, broken down and made to resemble other iconic West Wing areas, including the Oval Office.

Renovation on the soundstage began on Jan 16 and ended on Jan 23, two days before Biden was illegally sworn into office. Our source said Kamala Harris personally supervised the makeover and scolded staffers, including Jen Psaki, who referred to her as “Vice President Harris.”

“I witnessed an encounter at the end of January. Harris was making sure the sound set up was working properly, when Jen [Psaki] and Kim [Bedingfield] walked up to her. Either Kim or Jen, I can’t remember which, called Harris Vice President Harris. All of a sudden, Harris went ballistic, like the blood in her body was boiling up inside her, and started screaming frantically at them. She lashed into them something fierce, telling them that when away from media and others, staff is supposed to address her as President Harris. She went on for a good fifteen minutes about it,” our source said.

Asked why the Biden administration holds press briefings at a soundstage instead of, well, the actual White House Briefing Room, our source said the real White House has essentially “gone dark” ever since Trump vacated the Oval Office on January 20, and that the Biden administration has been operating from “other venues made to look official” so foreign nations and the U.S. citizenry would not suspect that an enormous vacuum of power currently exists in the United States. He admitted that Biden is president in title only, a marionette manipulated by Harris and other Deep State figures, sinister people who are desperately trying to prevent Donald J. Trump from returning to power.

“Why do you think the White House and much of D.C. have been partitioned from the rest of the nation? Truth is Biden can’t even get in there. Military has control of it, and they seem to be holding it, as it were, for Trump. There have been rumors circulating around the administration for a while that Trump will be inaugurated on July 4 and move back into the White House.  I was fired in March for asking too many questions, so I don’t know what’s been going on since then,” our source said.

His statements paint a worrying picture: It should come as no surprise that mainstream media and the Biden/Harris administration have colluded to hide the existence of soundstage props from a naive and uncaring public. However, several so-called conservative media outlets—particularly Fox News—attend daily press briefings, and therefore must be complicit in the deception.  Even more conservative outlets like OANN are not above suspicion. Although OANN was banned from attending future press briefings on April 2 over “social distancing violations,” the outlet’s White House Correspondent, the lovely Chanel Rion, attended several briefings between Jan 27 and March 25, at which time the faux White House Briefing Room was operational. This raises questions as to whom the public can actually trust.

In closing, our source said he suspects—but cannot confirm—the Biden/Harris administration has constructed several artificial White House settings across the continental United States.

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Kamala’s thicc neck is so hot. Did Willy have to play the girl in the sack?


Remember, Trump never conceded.??..” All the world’s a stage ” …???️?????

Stacey Gostnell

I thought the “White Hats” were responsible for staging the fake POTUS to keep the public from going crazy. Will last till the public is finally awake to the truth.

Sandy Koufax

The rationale is that they will let the deep state administration make the public miserable, so the sigh of relief from the public will be maximized when Trump takes over. The problem is that the Vaccine that Trump put in place is a bioweapon that is causing great misery and death. There is no backup of copy of your DNA to restore after the Vaccine overwrites your DNA. I’m surprised that anyone with a rudimentary understanding of computers and software would submit to this reckless and irresponsible procedure.

Last edited 1 year ago by Sandy Koufax

I’ve tried over the course of the past few days to view earth TV live stream of the white house but all the video does is sit and spin. Never plays, no matter what device I use. Any one have any luck viewing?


I see that it’s working during the day but I could not get it to work after dark.

Joe Lemos

I believe she was only upset because Psaki called her “President Camel Toe Harris”.

Joe Lemos

Such interesting stories. So we know, then they know that we know. The Military knows exactly where the Biden Administration is broadcasting from.

Nancy Guillen

Based strictly on her behavior toward witnesses at the committee hearings…she is narcisstic and arrogant. I am not surprised she believes she is the President. She is not a natural born citizen as stated as a requirement to be President in the 1776 original Constitution.

Mostly Harmless

Oddly enough, this story seems like it provides enough hard data to permit verification. The stated location of Soundview Broadcasting is not on Federal property: it shouldn’t be that difficult for a charismatic civilian reporter, if there are any viewers here in the vicinity of NYC, to make an inquiry. Surely if the proprietors are leftists (highly probably in that part of the country), they would be tickled pink to provide a glimpse of their facilities, if it would help to destroy something which is providing hope to disenfranchised Trump voters.

Mona Lisa

On a different note…what has happened to Tony Bobulinksi?


This is absolute confirmation IMHO that the real Joe Biden is long dead & that lookalike doubles have been used all along to pass off a generic copy of a corrupt politician nobody gives a shit about to shoe-horn in Harris as President once fake Biden resigns or is offed. It’s also confirmation the Dark side knows it’s functioning on borrowed time until it all blows up in their faces. They rule by misdirection & distraction to change the fake news narrative they control: George Floyd, Covid, next up ET Aliens! Even Fake Fox is queuing that up.

Sandy Koufax

If Biden is an imposter, is the imposter senile or is that an act?


I think his senility is the only genuine thing about Biden. 😉


Michael, you said you’d have more info on Brenna and Abedin in the next day or so. Could you also provide their prisoner number like you did with Prisoner 53? I will add it to a math equation I’m working on expanding.

45 + 17 = X53

Sandy Koufax

The larger threat to the average citizen is the bureaucrats pushing the deadly vaccines and suppressing legitimate medical treatment. These people are disciples of Josef Mengele. Seems like they could be apprehended easily and it would send a message to their organizations that they should change their policy.

Sandy Koufax

Certainly Hannity and Carlson know that the Biden administration isn’t working in the White House. It would be interesting to know how they are being compelled to keep this secret. They must be bursting to inform the public.

Last edited 1 year ago by Sandy Koufax

Now, why would Ms. Harris make such a fuss? Sure, the Administration isn’t actually being run by Sleepy Joe. But is it Kamala calling all the shots directly right now?

No, this tells me what many people have already known to be the truth…that the decades-long corrupt and treasonous Joe Biden, is no longer of this earth. He’s gone wherever his existence has warranted that he go. And I doubt that’s eternal life in His Kingdom.

So if Sleepy Joe is really already asleep for good, that makes Kamala (pending the necessary investigation into whether she’s even eligible for high office).the actual President. right now.

Yep, it looks like Kamala has broken that glass ceiling alright. It only took a few well placed BJ’s a, clumsily-rigged election and a dead guy’s stand-in wearing a mask to get there!

Last edited 1 year ago by Steve

Enjoy your descriptive writing.


Have to say I have my doubts. I just can’t see OANN not reported this. I doubt Tucker or Sean wouldn’t spill the beans if they knew this was going on either. No one on earth wants President Trump back in the Presidency more than me but this, I just don’t know.


Stop pricking the Hopium Balloon. People on this board need to believe this is what is happening, even if it makes no sense.

Last edited 1 year ago by Victor

OANN answers to the FCC


I’m discouraged by the numbers.
All these “views” “interaction” “likes” “shares” should all be in the millions.
Lets have the WAKEUP EVENT. Regardless of what it causes.


Not everyone comes to this website. Don’t be discouraged. There are tons of likes and shares on gab and Telegram.


Is trump really coming back July 4th like an older article of yours states? I mean that would just be absolutely amazing. Just wondering how they can pinpoint an exact date. I guess their assuming everyone will be caught by then?


I think it will be before July 4th. Usually when they post a date, it doesn’t happen on that date. You should have noticed that the minute they put a July 4th date, the fake Pedo came out and forbade fireworks at Mt. Rushmore for the 4th. Joey or whoever he is, is getting nervous.

Sandy Koufax

I think the failure to apprehend Pelosi will push the date past July 4.


Pelosi is the DS Queen, in that if both Biden & Harris are invalidated, she becomes President. Bet she took in on the lam after the fake SOTU knowing they’d be after her next.


If Biden can’t get into the White House or other Washington DC buildings, then why did he think he would be able to get into the Pentagon? Or was that story just made up to make people on this board happy?


Because Biden doesn’t know where he is most of the time. They fill him with drugs and swathe him in Depends.


the real Biden is DOA. Actors are the current Bydan.


Biden can’t get into the Pentagon because the military do not recognize him as the legitimate President. The day he was blocked, President Trump was in the Pentagon. That fool general that apologized for being with Trump when they took the picture by the church, has been removed from the Pentagon. Even if you don’t agree with the Commander-in-chief, you don’t do that in public. He showed everyone his true colors. He is history.


If you are locked out of other government offices and the White House as this article claims, you would not drive to the Pentagon and think they will let you in. Biden may be senile but somebody in the car would have said: “Why would they let us in, considering we can’t get in anywhere else?” The story doesn’t make sense, even if you desperately want it to.

Terminally deplorable

 “All of a sudden, Harris went ballistic, like the blood in her body was boiling up inside her, and started screaming frantically at them.”

That is exactly the type of personality, who you would love to handle a nuclear football.


The film set started with Amazon Studios in Culver City. Guess that was too far away, or else too many were picking up on things…

Peanut is my cat

People closest to her say she is dumber than a bag of rocks with narcissistic tendencies. God help us all.


for a second there, I thought you were talking about poor peanut…whoops

Rick Markey

It is ALL FAKE I just received in todays mail the letter from Biden about the stimulus payment and if I have not received it check with the IRS. I already got it but what is interesting is the LETTER HEAD. THE WHITE HOUSE
Not Washington D.C. it is just as I wrote it!


yeah I got it too…typical efficiency, too, several months after the fact


For those of you who got a regular check, if you had looked…Biden didn’t sign it…someone named Vera ____ …don’t last name, did. She works in the ‘bankruptcy’ agency in the government. Why didn’t Joey sign the checks or why didn’t they imprint his name there??? Because he is fake and gone. And the letter from Biden and the stimulus payment….the letter is from the IRS (return on envelope), return address on the actual letter says the White House, and that is not Biden’s signature. They can’t even do a good job of lying.


Laughs like Hillary, VP’s like Cheney, & wants to f*ck up America just like Obama.

garis aris

Everything is a mess after Mr. Trump left the White House, illegals crossing the border by the thousands, overwhelming our Border protection agents who are heroes. Gas prices up, Middle east on fire,
We need our great president Trump back asap!


I am with some others on here. With all the meetings supposedly in the WH, why doesn’t any of the reporters, Congressmen, Senators, etc. report that they were not at the WH but at a studio/fake wh?????


All the Dirty DS Senators Congressional members. ?? You don’t see Top Republicans or any Republicans for that matter invited to WH.


because the media is paid to follow the DS talking points. All of them will be tried at the Spa.

Ex - New Yorker

Just when you think it can´t get any worse than with Hillary Clinton,
along comes this piece of s___ !


She and Bill were taken down in 2018. CGI, video’s, actors, body doubles. Hillary had at least three.


Thanks for the article Michael. You said that you dont believe tribunals are going on at the WH. But there is activity there. Cars are driving in and helicopters were flying in regularly until recently before construction started on the south lawn, but they land nearby with who appears to be biden shuttled to the WH from there. Theres a fellow who watches whats going on there who calls himself Penguin6.


Hell hath no fury! You think Kamala doesn’t have a score to settle with the American people after garnering a whopping 1% before dropping out of the democrat primary?


There’s so many of these CRIMINALS its hard to decide who to try first. And it may take awhile. The biggest fish up next should be OBAMMER, since he’s still pulling the strings. Kameltoe is just a pain in the butt while they round up the bigger fish. OBAMMER and PELOSI SHOULD BE TAKEN OFF THE STREET NEXT. I noticed on Monkey Werx’s channel he indicated FBI/DOJ planes busy flying scooping up everyones data.


Obama’s, Clintons, Bushes, and Bidens (father and son) are both already gone. Rest of the House, Senate and Congress, are wearing 2020’s newest fashion accessory, the ankle bracelet. It’s coming and will be announced.


I used to call this current guy the Resident not the President. Well, I guess that’s not even true. Proudly Unaffiliated nailed it with the Pretendant.


I was the same with the term Resident and I too like the Pretendant moniker instead.


Mendicant Elect

Dars Dragons

Interesting about this other location in Long Island NY. I only heard of the stage set in Hollywood CA. Thanks for the update


I’m reading other outlets and your facts and theirs line up except for a few dates. How do I know what’s true?


Like I said, Harris is an DS installed, imposed outsider guaranteed to be Obama II, by continuing the ruin of America for her Soros/Rothschild overlords. Can’t wait for HER Military trial!

Sue Grantham

If the Constitution hasn’t been changed; she is ineligible because both her parents were non citizens of America when they spawned this filth; which makes her ineligible. The parents were still citizens of Jamaica.
For those ready to scream anchor baby- here’s an example: An American pregnant woman goes to Italy, gives birth. That child’s citizenship follows the mother’s- American. Just because a child is born in another country does not mean they are citizens of that country. Their citizenship follows the mothers citizenship.
FYI- interesting fact- her family held one of the largest slave trading operations in Jamaica. White Irish slaves.


Grantham, I see your eligibility issue. However, not following the Constitution has not stopped them in the past.

Last edited 1 year ago by Y2KO
J Bill

Yes. And his name was O….

Ex - New Yorker

You do mean O … Mike, harder!

J Bill



and there was obama, born in africa, well-proven, and he ran the country for 8 painful years.


Well, Valerie Jarrett and Obummer. Obummer isn’t that bright.


They’ve also used sound stages at Castle Rock studios in CA and also Tyler Perry studios in GA.I believe I heard that her father or maybe uncle is or were illuminati.


phony president in a phony white house, seems like the shoe fits to me

Sue Grantham

Fact: Tyler Perry’s Atlanta house has an exact replica of the White House on his property. He had it constructed for his series The Oval.


Tyler..aiding the deep state…hand cuffs


It was my understanding Perry is a Trump supporter.


He is…just playing the part for our side..remember folks, its optics.


That figures. Everything about these deep staters is based on fakes & lies. Big surprise.


It would be my guess Kerry should be at Gitmo too. He lied about Israel and Iran. I think this war footing going on in Israel and the tensions getting worse is their fault. I doubt Biden/Harris will help Israel if the SHTF as it plays right into their agenda. They hate Israel Hang them all They are all traitors Hate GOD and COUNTRY. bunch of Satanist.

Last edited 1 year ago by PAT

I think he already is at Gitmo or somewhere in custody. He looks different now than a few years ago. I wonder if this is body double.


Either they [MSM] are all “in on it” or all of this fake Whitehouse talk is BS. I am not sure which it is, to be honest!

Sue Grantham

The media is paid by the DS. They won’t talk about anything unless it’s cleared through them

Diana Barahona

Sue, the transnational corporations ARE the deep state. The global capitalists put politicians in power and they remove them from power. Money talks.




the first part of your statement is correct.

Cindy W.

Are there any lengths this disgusting group of criminal miscreants (is that redundant? ?) won’t go to cover their asses and perpetuate their crap!

P.S. Michael. If you ever come upon scoop about ?? JT, feel free to go nuts!


Other than he is Fidel Castro’s son?


Perhaps she believes she is President if the rumour of Joe being dead is true.


Or he could be in a basement somewhere drooling in his diapers.


She/he would be the only one who believes he/she is president. Kamal Aroush, search it on duckduckgo.


Harris is in fact the real life Medusa a demon of Satan’s army. She should be at Gitmo waiting her turn for tribunal.


she will be.

Last edited 1 year ago by Tony

Good! Eradicate the illegal and hopefully all her relatives.


Probably already is. Think CGI’s and masks (disguises)

Vice Pretendant Harrie wants to be called “President.” Oh, how sweet. The only thing she has accomplished is to make Hillary look good by comparison.

Mona Lisa

don’t tell such on here…be careful


What are you referring to please?

Mona Lisa

MB saying where he is going, what he is doing, and when.


we have a huge amount of military plane traffic up here in communist oregon state, it would be interesting to find out what it is leading up to or telling us. under governor hitler, we have no freedoms, rights, news or information of any kind to find out why our skies are suddenly filled with all kinds of military jets going in every direction. could be that something is about to break wide open, but there are no sources (including newsmax and oann) that are not msm. after letting antifa burn down half our state, they all were released without charges after being caught, many of us have lost everything including hope of salvation from our outwardly communist governor kate brown who took office after fake elections ran by dominion machines. the fakery around the “white houses” is nothing compared to what is happening out here in the hinterlands. they are trying to vax our kids to death and have stated that face diapers will be mandatory “forever”. pubic schools are a complete joke teaching nothing but political correctness and new shutdowns are coming out every month, if not weekly. we need our president to take action sooner than independence day. our businesses are gone, our homes have been burned to the ground, homeless are everywhere and our government in hiding is doing nothing to help us. so its hard to even be interested in what the fakers of the former corporation of amerika have to say or are doing.

Sue Grantham

First of all- you are only as free as you allow yourself to be.
STOP wearing the mask
DO NOT allow yourself or your children to be vaccinated
Federal law protects citizens from employers who “mandate” ANY healthcare.
Mandates are not laws, unenforceable. You may be cited but it will be dismissed as there are no laws regarding healthcare.

Everyone has the right to choose their healthcare. The federal law protects you.

Maybe consider leaving Oregon and living in a republican run State, if you are unable to stand up to these tyrants.

Dakota Wolf

So today, within the hour, our Governor of Ohio, Governor DeWine is offering a million dollar lottery for people that get vaccinated in the next 5 weeks to be part of!! No freaking thank you!!!!!

Proudly Unaffiliated

Wow, what a clown. Ditch this bozo at the earliest opportunity. But if they have to pull lame stunts like this, then it means they are not getting the needed number of jabs in arms. Quotas are not being met and someone is unhappy. This, my friends, is what WINNING looks like!


The Swamp has spread far & wide! So, it makes sense to bribe citizens to got the ‘shot’….when that won’t work, forced ‘shots’ will be implemented. SAD SAD TIMES

Terminally deplorable

Death lottery.


Like in the Clint Eastwood movie- death pool……


Saw a video tonight of about 8 to 10 people that put a magnet over the site of the vaccination and the magnet stuck. They have been chipped. Good luck with that.


Hang in there, President Trump always seems lost until he wins! We will overcome this!


Your message rings so true and so sad that I hope the generals of the U.S. military hear your voice and become aware of the sufferings of the people at the hands of socialist tyranny.

Hunter Hunter

Hey brother, fellow Oregonian here and I feel your pain, the gov’t here is a disgrace. There was a glimmer of hope when those churches sued Kate Brown and the district judge ruled in their favor saying that she had overstepped her authority, she could only make emergency declarations for 28 days and then it fell to the legislature but she just kept on issuing orders so her restrictions were unconstitutional and therefore null and void. His ruling was unassailable but she immediately appealed to the Oregon supreme court which tossed out his ruling and the bisexual in chief hasn’t shut her grave of a mouth ever since. Kudos to that judge for standing by his ruling, there are still some good judges out there.


good to hear from you. now we know why j bill thinks I sound like a communist, I live in a marxist nightmare stateo


Serious question: During this so-called pandemic, has it ravaged the homeless population….are folks ‘dropping dead’ because virus is SO deadly?? News NEVER reports on this matter. Keep your cameras/recorders on hand! Patriots really should be recording history! The greatest time to be alive…..


nobody is dying except the vaxxed. the plandemic is and always was a hoax.our marxist government trots them out to show off their victory over conservatism.


Maybe you shouldn’t have revealed that??


The only way that I see OAN keeping this a secret would be if they had orders from the Trump team to go along with the pantomime. And Peter Doocy doesn’t seem to care about questioning and challenging Harris about lies put out by WH. Plus this studio has lots of other tenants who, esp. in NY, would have questioned this or gotten the word out. Apparently this cabal group isn’t aware of just how indefensible the East Coast actually is. But of course Cuomo’s and De Blasio’s NY (NYC) would be welcoming of more corrupt people. And what about the cops who have to know what’s going on and who’s present in all buildings?

This one IS difficult to fathom! Before, the story has been WH replicas located in CA and Atlanta, GA.


And it’s still being reported by other alternative news types that there are military tribunals at WH (it’s vacant otherwise) along with the clean up of the alleged tunnels underneath where trafficking took place… source stating that one witness he knows of has been there 12 times as a witness since the witness had been trafficked and was giving testimony against the trafficker. Also it’s claimed that because DC is that corporation and not a part of the U.S. Republic then military tribunals can be held there as at Guantanamo Bay….and the fence is around this soil since it can now be considered as a prison for such!

Just saying….there are sources and there are “sources”!

Sue Grantham

??. Trump knows everything

Terminally deplorable

That is already refuted. Trump did not know that Fauci, Barr, Pence, Cipollone, Milley and almost all others around him were rats of the Peter Pettigrew type.
His people skills were an F-grade.

Last edited 1 year ago by Terminally deplorable

Cipollone? How was he not loyal?

Terminally deplorable

Acc. to a report from Patrick Byrnes, who visited Trump together with MikeLindell


Thanks. I’d forgotten about that.


More likely his staff who were hired to do the checking.


Or, maybe he knew and they were there by design. The enemy has to be discovered in order to be arrested.


Trump knows way many more things than he shows… This is called talent and useful in order to let your enemies commit some actions that will be retained against them, once he becomes stronger. Good strategy to become highly victorious eventually.


true – i was appaled by him having kirshner so close in the wh – and tbh i don’t think pompeo is a shining knight either


President Trump likes to keep his friends close…..and his enemies CLOSER.


If you believe that, I have a bridge to sell you. Trump knew it all and set the bait and they all took it. He gave them more than enough rope to hang themselves and they are starting to swing one by one. It was the only way to wake up the rest of the sheeple.


I was very surprised when he gave Barr the position he did. His people are not doing proper checking. All I did was look up Barr on the internet and it easily stated he had been in the corrupt CIA.


his dad was an a class agent – a for arsehole


First administration had to be hand-picked to be reliably traitorous, to set up the complete draining of the swamp. Public reveal of traitors is beginning to ramp up. When second administration is up and running, the traitors will have been dealt with.


…friends close…enemies CLOSER…


Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. This was all part of the plan.


apparently not…looks like he gave “free” hands to Army….and he do not want know details….


Wrong. Don’t forget she had adopted kids from Haiti. Think Clinton Foundation.

Ronald W. Weiss

The Army withheld details. You can ask or even demand answers, but if they don’t want to shoot straight, who do you call???


Who are your ”sources” that we should trust you? Not being combative just asking for purposes of how do we know who we can trust when we have been burned for decades by msm and other sources with nothing but lies and deceit.

Rick Markey

DC is separate jurisdiction, United States Code, Title 4 states the United States IS Washington DC. that is why the States can do their own thing, the game played by the Feds is they overlaid each state to form US Districts however it is just a fake jurisdiction

Diana Barahona

There is no evidence whatsoever that Washington DC is either a corporation or that it is not part of the United States. Simon Parkes and Charlie Ward are not credible. However, I don’t know why they couldn’t hold military tribunals anywhere they wanted to, especially in DC, which was illegally “occupied” by traitors in collusion with foreign powers on Jan. 20. And miles of underground tunnels would provide an ideal location.


Check your executive orders. The whole US was a corporation. We went back to the original constitution before DC became part of the US. Washington is no longer part of the US at the moment and is considered foreign territory. They can easily hold tribunals there.

J Bill

Bet Peter is having a FIELD DAY battering the wh staff with questions “out of left field”. lol


oan is funded by the cia just like the rest. dressed up as conservative like a pig with lipstick.


OH… max same ..both.. don’t trust!

J Bill

Ah. Gotcha.


That I did not know; thank you.