FBI Seizes Giuliani’s Video of Clinton Hanging


Federal Investigators on Wednesday executed a search warrant on former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s Manhattan condominium, seizing cellphones, laptops, and reams of printed paper under the pretense of searching for communications between Giuliani and the former president of the Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko.

Sources close to Giuliani, however, told Real Raw News that the U.S. Justice Department’s official reason for storming Giuliani’s home is a bold-faced lie.  By order of Kamala Harris, the FBI went to Giuliani’s home hoping to find a video copy of Hillary Clinton’s execution at Guantanamo Bay, which took place on Monday, April 26. As RRN reported previously, Rudy Giuliani had attended the grisly affair and stood among the small delegation of patriots who watched Clinton’s neck snap.

“Video was taken. The military gave Rudy a copy. I didn’t even know Rudy got one until after the FBI came, and then it was damn obvious. It’s no coincidence they picked that day to storm Rudy’s home. Twice before Rudy volunteered to give any and all correspondence with Ukrainian officials to the FBI. And you know what? The FBI never wanted it. All of a sudden, the day after Clinton hangs, the FBI wants his electronic devices. Afterward, I asked Rudy if he had a copy, and he said he was given ‘something’ the FBI took. He wasn’t specific, but I knew what he meant. Do you know Rudy has two drives of Hunter Biden’s files? And the FBI didn’t even want to touch those,” our source said.

Two FBI agents, he added, apologized to Giuliani for their role in confiscating his constitutionally protected private property. When Giuliani demanded to know who orchestrated the illegal search and seizure, one FBI agent admitted that “the order came straight from the top–Kamala Harris.”

A second source involved in Trump’s operation to imprison or execute Deep State traitors confirmed to RRN that Giuliani was one of 6 or 7 persons to have received a copy of Clinton’s demise. He wouldn’t name the other recipients but said the military had encrypted the video prior to distribution. Even Giuliani, he added, wouldn’t have been able to view the video. Nor could others who have a copy. The U.S. Navy Judge Advocate General’s Office, which is still loyal to Donald J. Trump, has the only cypher key known to exist.

“The Deep State knows Clinton died that night. They’re more interested in getting the copies than they are viewing them, which they will. All encryptions can be broken over time. They don’t want those videos made public, ever, because such a revelation would make it much harder for them to showcase Clinton body doubles, CGI Clinton, and recycled and repackaged Clinton videos from years gone by. Less than 20 people, excluding military personnel, attended Clinton’s hanging. If the Deep State has a list, they are likely going after anyone they think has a copy,” our source said.

In closing, we at RRN regret naming Trump, Pompeo, and Giuliani as attendees of Clinton’s execution. Our intent was to exemplify patriotism, not expose persons involved in discrete operations. We shall be more diligent in the future.

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Doesn’t seem priority? They should be hung publicly? Not in furtive midnight ceremonies in closed off locations? I just doubt this whole methodology, if true


I think we’ve cleared you from responsibility for doxing Trump, Pompeo and Giuliani for having witnessed HRC hanging at GITMO. And I know you don’t want to step in same mud again. But, please @Michael Baxter, “rub your nose if JFK Jr. was in attendance.” <3


This sounds great and all and I’m a huge follower of cue and the maga movement. What do you have to prove your validity? I don’t trust ANY news. No personal offense. Just saying. I question everything now.


Are we truly draining & cleaning out the sewer? We the people would like some honest answers.Are we truly one nation under God? These are the deciding moments. Wake up & and become true Americans. Free & standing our ground. Standing for what is honorable & correct.Equality for everyone under the constitutional law of this free land!


I think that the video, if unencrypted, will either be blank, or a smiling Trump, waving, saying “GOTCHA!”


Well if the damn thing wasn’t made secret to begin with then we wouldn’t be in this problem now would we? Wake up people. The only reason that who attended the event should have been kept secret is that it was kept secret to begin with when it should have been broadcasted, and now there’s a race to disclose it, how is that not a clear representation of the backward-type thinking that has gotten us to where we are today?

Keep dancing around in the shadows and all you’re doing is flirting with demons but this is God’s country as it was erected dedicated to God and as Jesus said in the Gospel of Thomas “One does not hide a lantern under a bushel, one holds it up high for all to see with.”


the fishing is great and the deepstate is biting into all the bait! so obvious how they are being set up. these are examples of why we have been waiting in agony for so long….

Mike jones

The amount of lowiQ people who believe your very well written DJT fan fic is astounding, gotta be old boomers or slow hicks. ?

John Nix

Very interesting considering the executive branch doesn’t tell the judicial branch what to do, and they can get in a lot of trouble if they do. I’ve gotta call bullshit on this one.


Mr. Baxter. Can you comment? Just ran across the “Dark Outpost” episode dated May 3rd (David Zublick) which borrows extensively and recognizably from your language in the above News Article. Disturbingly, that video reported that the FBI confiscated “child porn” from Giuliani that was separate and apart from the Hunter Biden Laptop porn and that Giuliani protested to the agents that it was not his, but rather simply lawyerly evidence. I connect my dots to show Zublick conducting a disinformation caper within an otherwise factual account. I find it preposterous that a 76 year old man (and a man of such reputation) would ever have such files. Conversely, I find it eminently believable that Deep State agents would plant such false evidence on anybody since, doing so, is another example of Satanic Mirroring on the one hand, and old fashioned crooked police on the other.


THERE were thousands of VICTIMS of the Clintons,my girl friend was KIDNAPPED by the chintons who used her to Film government OFFICALS raping her with the help of ARK,.STATE POLICE to use as BLACK MAIL in the future,THEY never expected her to escape,she has told everyone who would listen what happened to her at the HERO”S OF AMERICAS HANDS,OF course no one believes their hero’s would do the sort of things she witnessed,BECAUSE IF STUPID WERE AIRPLANES,EVERY DRIVEWAY IN AMERICA WOULD BE AN INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT…


Oh, how awful!!! 🙁


not expose persons involved in discrete operations”

That should be “discreet operations.” 😉


If a video of Killary getting her neck stretched REALLY existed, IT would certainly pop up somewhere on the net……………………..has ANYONE seen it………….Nah, thought so……………….but hey, we live in hope.


If Supposedly, KH & JB are not really in charge, how is it that she can give legal orders to the FBI? Confusing.


As Michael Baxter replied to another poster, “the FBI is part of the deep state.” “Legal” is a term used loosely at this time in our third world country.


The FBI is corrupted and being used by deep state actors, they are part of the problem

Sue Grantham

I’m thinking Trump was waiting for the raid knowing he had a copy of the hanging. First of all, they should have used a subpoena not a search warrant. Secondly, the warrant was violated by law enforcement by not removing all electronic equipment, not to mention violating the attorney/client privilege.

Mostly Harmless

I’m confused. Am I supposed to turn my copy in?


Maybe everybody should start sending them videos of Xiden’s blunders labeled as “Clinton Hanging.” Probably get swat teams showing up at your door and the IRS auditing you all the way back to before Al Gore invented the internet. A third world country we have become weaponizing agencies of the US Government. So sad.

Sandy Koufax

They didn’t send a swat team to Giuliani’s door. Why did they show restraint?


Good question. Maybe because Trump isn’t formally in office like he was when they sent 25 agents including frogmen to Roger Stone’s home before dawn, with a cnn crew making sure to embarrass the President?

Sandy Koufax

Trump publicly distanced himself from Stone. Stone left the Trump campaign before he was elected because Stone became severely ill because he said he was poisoned by the deep state.


Enjoy the laughs while you can…

Sandy Koufax

The tape of Hillary being executed is like the head of the racehorse, Khartoum, in the movie The Godfather and the FBI agents are going to deliver the horse’s head to the movie producer’s, Woltz’s, bed. Trump is making the deep state an offer that they can’t refuse.

Last edited 3 years ago by Sandy Koufax

They’re so desperate but they don’t give up. Insanity. Everything that’s wrong with the world can be traced back to one source “them” – they’re toast and they know it. They can only kill so many people to keep their filthy secrets from coming out, they can only tell so many lies but does that deter the freaks? No, no it doesn’t.

It must be utterly exhausting to have to lie, cover up, plot, scheme, scam, steal, kill, cheat, manipulate, intimidate, destroy, dismantle, ruin, push, hide, insult, bully, degrade, pervert, etc., 24/7/365 – even after their battle is lost – but does it deter the lunatics? No, no it doesn’t.

Earth has parasites. By whatever name – deep state, illuminati, freemason, luciferians – they WILL ALL be dealt with according to Revelation. Their fate is sealed. They ALL know what’s coming, they made their choices.

Humanity will continue on in spite of them and be better for it. Glory be to God Almighty!


Well said! It’s because I know God’s judgment is coming to these spawns of satan that I’m able to sleep at night. Yes, Glory be to God Almighty, Amen!


Evil wont ever give up. You think if they have one nuc left in their possession they wouldn’t use it




We know MSM reported the raid. Of course for a different reason, but doesn’t raiding his place the day after HRC was supposedly hanged lend some credibility to the notion that she indeed was? After all, If HRC is alive, the DS knows it.

Edgar Andrews

I am sure Trump’s team anticipated this. I wonder if they had copied not the hanging, but one of Trump’s campaign speeches, secured with an encryption key?

Last edited 3 years ago by Edgar Andrews
J Bill

Yes. Dropping a trail of crumbs for the rats to follow.


…potpourri of your tacos poop ????????

Sandy Koufax

The same arguments used to debunk the recent videos of Hillary on TV can be used to debunk Giuliani’s video of Hillary being hanged. The Deep State and the mainstream media could make Hillary immortal and most people would believe it.

The DOJ can railroad Giuliani into a conviction for his Ukraine interaction anytime, they want, but they haven’t. The State of New York could have brought charges against Trump and his family already, but they haven’t.

Trump certainly has some leverage to be able to keep poking the deep state in the eye.

J Bill

Potential for charges could be the other way around. Maybe, always was.

Sandy Koufax

The only use the deep state has for Giuliani prosecute him and send him to prison for the rest of his life as a deterrent to others who have the same intentions. Giuliani didn’t get the Roger Stone treatment and there is no reason why the FBI could not have escalated this encounter.

The only other reason for this behavior is that Giuliani is betraying Trump and has skeletons in his closet.


Michael, this raid on Giuliani might also have something to do with Comey being arrested. The SDNY issued the warrant…Comey’s daughter, Maureen, works there.


Southern District of NY was involved and has been after Giuliani for a few yrs…oh…isn’t that where James Comey’s daughter, Maureen, works?? I believe they signed the warrant for the raid

Keith White

Every patriot should say I have a copy of the video or one copy should get leaked out and then spread it throughout the internet. KAMALA HARRIS should be impeached for her actions on this matter. Rudy should bring a lawsuit against the DOJ.

Sue Grantham

Kamel Toes is a traitor and will be subjected to the same treatment as the other child monster traitors of America.
Every single one of these treasonous malcontents were be brought to justice and We the People will rejoice and praise God Almighty.

J Bill

Never before in history have so few, taken so much, from so many.

Last edited 3 years ago by J Bill

So I have a question. What happens to all these rediculous laws that are being pushed now by the biden administration when trump takes over. If trump doesn’t hurry up there will be no america left.

Sue Grantham

All of Buydin’s treasonous anti America garbage will be repealed.
The military is giving them enough rope and room in order for the People to see the radical degree that these traitors are willing to go to kill America.
Our America is protected by the military. Always.

J Bill

Amen to that!


The only thing that Democrats care about is the checks they are getting.


Then whats taking so long? It a movie is BS when people are getting a fax that is killing and harming them short and long term. Kids depression levels are higher than ever. What about them? Suicide is better than waiting for help I guess. No I’m not buying the pantomime bs anymore. No one has any good answers. Just crap,


I guess something good came of this, Rudy got his apartment cleaned for free….

frank j domanico

Trump is not gonna let Kamala Harris get away with that stunt. She is screwed.


………screwed without goes -heels up…..hmmmm

Ideas Time

Hope it is true, because if the white hats can get Hrc, they can get anyone.


It was a white hat operation, another trap. Trump and the military have been dealing with these people too long, they knew exactly what would happen. I think that encrypted file is probably the one showing Pedo Joe Eating Ice cream.

J Bill

… and playing his flute at a big smoke out.

Karen Smith

What ld like to know is how did they even know Rudy witnessed Hillarys hanging and that he had a video of it.. Secondly did everyone who witnessed her death get raided too. ?

Veronica Cougar

Give me a break, FBI. What is so “great” about Hillary that would compel the FBI to storm Rudy Giuliani’s home to take the video of her execution? Are they really so “afraid” of people finding out? How lame can you get. Who knew that DS is that insecure. So afraid of losing power.

Oh, they won’t get to WANK OFF on enslaving and humiliating the rest of us any more; oh, the horror, the humanity!!

Time to get a real job and work for a living like the rest of us, DS. You’ve had your “fun.” Go on, now, trot off to hell where you belong…that has to have been your goal all along, hasn’t it? After all, you’ve been working so hard all of this time to be as evil as possible, what else can be assumed from all of that effort? You surely couldn’t have been in fear of the consequences of evil all of these years, as fervently as you’ve embraced it, wallowed in it, reveled in it?

Do you honestly believe that it’s better to reign in hell than to serve our Holy Father in Heaven?

As if Satan will let you reign anywhere, once he gets his claws on you. Who is the actual fool, believing the father of all lies?

It’s not too late to repent. Jesus will save you, and God will forgive you, if you ask with all sincerity and renounce all ties to Satan.

Are you surprised that a Christian would say this to you after all you’ve done?

Don’t assume that I think I’m better than you, I am also a sinner. I hate the sins, not the sinner.

(Interesting to note: Google keyboard, without fail, corrects “love” to “live” and “sinner” to “dinner.”)

It’s something that Jesus has tasked us with: to bring as many souls back to God as we can. Whenever you see a street preacher, they are fulfilling the task. When you see comments like mine all over the web, I am fulfilling the task with the wordsmith talent that God gave me. We want to be with all of our brothers and sisters in Heaven with God. It’s the greatest sacrifice of all, the one that Jesus made, to take the sins of the world upon Himself and be tortured and die on the cross, to resurrect and conquer death, to ascend into Heaven and be seated at the Right Hand of the Father and reign in Heaven for eternity. He did it for you. There is a place for you there, and it is where you will want to be when the time comes.

Any pain and suffering you inflict upon a Christian, will all be for the Glory of God. Jesus told us that we will be exalted in Heaven if we suffer and die for His sake. There will be a special place for us in Heaven when we get there. Thanks in advance, but we still hope you change your minds and repent. There is no place more wonderful than Heaven, and No One more wonderful than the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, Amen.

I prayed that Hillary would repent, and I hope she did so in her heart in her final moments. Clearly, Satan didn’t lift a finger to help her in the end. He won’t help you do anything except end up in hell, where he will torture you for eternity. Don’t go there.

Sue Grantham

I am humbled by your post. Loving, kind, yet firm with the truth.

Marty Smith

I can’t wait until the whole world finds out what’s really going on !!! I pray that the Lord thy God brings his hammer down and shows everybody very soon God bless Israel God bless America and thank you Jesus !!!



Do you know how badly I want to believe this is truth? But here is a couple issues with the article. First of all, what would be the point of distributing videos of she-satan swinging from the gallows if they were encrypted and unviewable by the now owner of the video? If in fact it was encrypted and only one person had the key, then there would be no reason at all for G to have it. Not even as a protected archival copy since the easiest way to prevent that video from ever being viewed is just knock off the carrier of the key. That is not how the military keeps info safe and G would not need a copy, he is not a creepy man. Secondly, Kamelion Harris is dumb as hummus and has absolutely no clue what she is doing, let alone the state of anything in the country if it hasn’t been handed to her on a silver platter. And if all the rumors are true that the Pedo Joe administration has little to know sway with the military (because they hate him and Heels Up with a passion) Kamelion would not be getting any kind of briefings that she-satan was even at Gitmo.

  1. To release them simultaneously around the US and world for viewing with the code. Flood the zone!
  2. They can still be opened and are, it just takes time
  3. To find out what else was going on that Mr Baxter and others aren’t reporting
  4. Harris may seem dumb as a box of rocks, but her Communist standing and training is highly understood. Like BHO, she has been well trained for this very moment. Never doubt that, she is VERY Dangerous and DJT knows it. Why did they work so hard to get her there???
  5. They know DJT signed the Insurrection Act more than we do and know very well what it means. Why did the MSM mention it so much after Jan 6???
  6. It has become painfully clear, with their goal, so very, very close at hand, that DJT knows “EVERYTHING”, their very Game Plan, as he continues to be one step ahead, if not two. They want to know what DJT’s game plan is… Who better than one of his #2s?
  7. And finally, WWG1WWGA
Terminally deplorable

Was Trumps insurrection directive not an executive order, that could be cancelled by the next president with a stroke of the pen? I always suspected, that the cancellation was among the first 40 EOs that Biden signed on day one.


The military doesn’t recognize Biden as President….nor will they recognize any replacement whatever the EOs given by such are. They consider such persons and those tied to them to be elements of treason against the U.S. Currently those really in charge are biding their time according to their strategic “plan”. Biden is a canceled CEO of a debunked “corporation” of Wash. D.C.

J Bill

Or a ship of fools. The urge to “jump ship” must be chilling.


I hope it’s true that all the military services refuse to recognize Biden, but I have noticed that many of the units/personnel named by Michael are Navy and Marines. I don’t recall any Army or USAF elements being named. It’s possible that Trump hasn’t yet needed the USAF, but what about the Army? If it’s true that Gen Milley no longer sits with the JCS because he was ousted by people loyal to Trump, then one would expect his replacement to be with Trump. Even if that’s true, there could be significant elements of the Army sympathetic to Milley, and therefore not considered completely trustworthy by the Trump team.


What happens when corrupt gov pushes thru DC as a state of US?? How does this motion get stopped as majority of US citizen have no clue?? Keep hearing Joe and Kam have no power they aren’t really in wh but seems as if damage is being done. Are all the aliens coming into our country illusions???

J Bill

Would not apply, if B signed orders for a defunct corporation.


Damages still being done now because people don’t know and government politicians aren’t going to out themselves as crooks in stealing our money. So explain that? Kids at border are in cages right? People losing jobs from pipelines shut down, mask mandates, fraud, these corrupt things are still happening fake or not.

J Bill

“Damages” as you say continue. How are “kids in border in cages” damages? Would you take illegal immigrants into your house? Cages were there before Trump, why complain now?

Last edited 3 years ago by J Bill

The Insurrection Act of 1871 is law and is “what has been put into motion, can’t be stopped”. Spoken many times by DJT, even before he signed it, he knew he was going to have too. Look at his Jan 6 speech, he covered EVERY aspect that is required in the Act. Every one of them. He waited 1.5 hrs to give his speech, which is very unusual for him, and waited for the insurrection to culminate with the storming of the Capital (the insurrectionist were in the Capital building before he finished, doors open wide, bussed in and ushered in), to sign the Act behind the stage after his speech. Boarded AF1 and flew home.

The Insurrection Act was put into motion, the US Military was put in charge with DJT as the Commander in Chief. He turned around, fired Milley and replaced him immediately. What has started can’t be stopped! The US Military, under the command of President Donald J. Trump #45/19 is in charge…WWG1WWGA. The FEAR the Deep State taste is palatable and real, HRC was their undoing. They know DJT knows everything and what has been started can’t be stopped.

J Bill

“When the enemy is making false moves, take care not to interrupt him.” – Napoleon Bonaparte

They were looking for someone to bully and legitimize their “authority.” Just spoiling for a fight. Not exercising fair governance. But DJT signed the IA orders and ‘flew the coop’. Brilliant.

DS and DNC are in pickle. Only they can rescind their orders.

Last edited 3 years ago by J Bill

They know when one of their own is missing. If Hilary did not show up at a satan fest and was wearing certain colors, etc. Those were indicators that she was in custody or being held against her will. amg news has an explanation of some of those things.

GreaterIdaho for Trump

After 4 years of Trump Drano is the fbi flushed enough that most agents now have a soul and spirit and are with shame if the have to obey sick orders like this? Their comments give hope.


They are just waiting for the clog to break and be flushed away so they can return to the FBI they love so very much…


I only wished I was one of the lucky ones to watch and hear that traitor’s neck snap. The deep-state and their puppeteers are shaking to the core. Give them hell, President Trump!


Now that blood has spilled, what will prevent the very rich puppeteers from doing the same to President Trump, a family member, or an ally? This is like a “blood feud” that can last a long time.

Terminally deplorable

No worries. Hanging is bloodless.


You think attempts haven’t been made on trump and family. Have a feeling they are protected by higher level than secret Service and I dont mean God. Look to the stars

allen ols

bravo michael b


Sadly as a patriot I wish we had more information. It brings reality to the fight we have fought. I pray this doesn’t cause any setbacks to our liberty


I gave you a minus… Only because you should know how to spell bologna from the commercials.

Ronald W. Weiss

Webster actually says when expressing disagreement or calling “bunkum” then “baloney” is the word to use. For lunch meat baloney is listed as a variation of bologna.

Sue Grantham


binary system

fucking hell, but we are in the age of Aquarius , all that’s done in the dark will come to the light. those videos WILL come to the public and we will all be very happy to see that subhuman’s neck snap like a fucking tree twig


That will send the message home!

operators standing by

switchboard lighting up with people searching for a deal !!!


i don’t get it. i thought we got them all. i thought the deep state was history.

Patti Wright

Not what was said. What was said was that we have all the treason and horrific pedophile deep state information and they are going down.


You’ve repeatedly stated that you only report what your told. If they didn’t want you to report it they wouldn’t have told you. Discretion should be on your informers, not you.

John A

A “proof of life” video interview, by Joy Reid, MSNBC, has appeared of Hillary, April 30th, commenting on President Biden’s 1st 100 days in office. Perhaps a body double Mr. Baxter?https://neonnettle.com/news/15090-hillary-clinton-republicans-are-in-an-alternative-reality-

Last edited 3 years ago by John A
Sue Grantham

Her body double is named Theresa Barnwell. She’s shorter and not as fat as HRC. Her two front teeth don’t protrude slightly as HEC teeth do.


another fake Hillary video.


Cheeks aren’t the apples they used to be!!


I hope multiple copies were made and distributed, defeating the Feral Bureau of Iniquity’s attempts to suppress truth and maintain the corruption.


I would be there is some type of tracking device in those copies.

J Bill

Could be just copies of some travelling circus act. You never know..

Sue Grantham

Feral Bureau of Inequity
Freaking awesome