Military Eliminates William Barr


As the Deep State ratchets up attacks by perpetuating Covid-19 paranoia and waging a relentless war on freedom of speech, the U.S. military is working tirelessly behind the scenes to eradicate forces of evil that have dedicated their lives to abolishing the Constitution and enslaving law-abiding American citizens. The latest to fall was none other than former Attorney General William Barr, whom the military put to death on August 2.

As reported previously, the Office of Military Commissions on June 21 convicted Barr of high treason after obtaining evidence that he had accepted bribes in exchange for betraying his oath of office and for participating in a plot to overthrow the democratically-elected president of the United States—Donald J. Trump. A three-officer panel meticulously weighed the evidence and decreed that the severity of Barr’s crimes merited capital punishment.

That punishment took place in the form of a hanging during the early morning hours on August 2.  Just after sunrise, GITMO security escorted Barr from his Camp Delta detention cell to gallows near Windward Point Lighthouse on Gitmo’s southern edge, where other Deep State agents had met their maker.

Rear Adm. Darse E. Crandall of the U.S. Navy Judge Advocate General’s Corps oversaw the execution and addressed a small gathering of Republican lawmakers and military officers who had come to bear witness to Barr’s demise. Barr was once seen as shining star in Trump’s inner circle, a man who would bring righteousness to a corrupt Justice Department by aiding Trump and the military’s conflict against Deep State saboteurs. But his treasonous turn to the dark side angered many former colleagues, even those who bit their tongue and did not publicly disparage him.

“You have been found guilty of treason, detainee William Barr. As such, provisions of the Insurrection Act of 1807 and the Patriot Act allow this commission to treat you as an enemy combatant. Three officers unanimously agreed that you should hang for your crimes. Do you wish to give any last words, or a statement of contrition?” Rear Adm. Crandall said.

As he was speaking, a soldier who wore no rank and whose uniform had no nametag slipped and tightened a noose around Barr’s neck.

“This is an illegal court, enforcing an illegal sentence. As an appointed official, I served my country with distinction. The charges against me are false,” Barr said.

“So be it,” Rear Adm. Crandall said.

A moment later, the trap door beneath Barr’s feet swung open. His portly frame dangled and swung a few moments before the soldier atop the platform cut the rope. Barr’s lifeless body lie crumpled on a patch of grass, his tongue draping from his mouth. Rear Adm. Crandall gestured to a nearby military physician, who pronounced Barr dead.

“The burden of this responsibility weighs heavily on all of us,” Rear Adm. Crandall said. “I take no pleasure in saying this device will likely see more action.”

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Peter Penname

If Bill Barr was still alive (and presumably free) how many $millions would he sue MB? $30 million? $100 million? At the VERY LEAST sue for one dollar in order to clear his name.

ann kennemer

Worthless traitor$$$$$$$$$$$$


I can’t help but be saddened by this.


Aye. Of all the traitors in our government, Bill Barr was indeed the biggest shock and disappointment of them all. I had great hopes for him…


So, if we see Barr on TV from this point on, is it his double? Like Amy Comey Barret, who just ruled on the College allowed to have manditory Vaxx, we never saw her, so it could have just been her legal people in her office, but she is suppose to be in GETMO, so who ruled on this College thing this week?


She’s not in Gitmo she’s on house arrest.


In a previous post Michael wrote that her tribunal was scheduled for June 23, I believe.


She’s not on house arrest , for gods sake she a member of the Supreme Court . Who appointed her ? Let me think …..

Joseph B.

Quite a stress test of that lynching rope!

Peter Penname

Worst job in the world: cadaver prep technician. When hanged on the gallows, at the moment of death, the body expels bodily fluids including feces. The CadTech must cleanse the corpse of this efluvia prior to burial or cremation.

There was no mention whether Hillary landed on top of her own waste when her corpse noose was cut.

Same concerns for John Brennan


Next loser step right up for your parting gift!


People ask why did Trump trust Barr? Who said he did.

How do you convict someone of treason? You put them in your circle while you have access to all intelligence while the possible traitor is sworn in to uphold the Constitution.

Trump certainly saw red flags with Barr. Put him on a need to know basis. Barr certainly would not investigate himself. Trump waited until Barr proved he was a traitor by excepting bribes on his way out. Been following the money for years. Trump’s strategy guarantees the traitor will never betray the citizens of the United States again.

In our current situation I see what I refer to as Doomers, people who react with emotion and without thought. Doomers always see the worst. They claim to be Trump supporters but they don’t even know who Trump is. These people will never be on Trump’s team. They do not have a winning attitude. They don’t understand how reverse psychology is used in a counter insurgency.

Example: Why did Trump endorse the Governor of Tennessee who signed an executive order that would allow covid FEMA camps in his state?

First of all, the Governor’s election is over a year from now. Much can change and Trump can change his mind.

Meanwhile the Governor knows Trump is watching him very closely. Trump doesn’t endorse people he hasn’t been watching. Infiltration from within.

Will the Governor expose himself as a traitor right before Trump’s eyes? Or, does the Governor know something We don’t know? Something like the truth about covid is about to bust wide open? The camps will never be built? Are they for something else?

Will Trump’s endorsement cause an attack on the Governor from the cabal? If not, hmmm, if so, how will the Governor react? If the Governor does reveal himself as a traitor the Doomers will automatically blame Trump. They never blame themselves for relying on others to think for them.

Trump is doing everything to them as they did to him and Us and more.
“Ten times harder.” That’s what winners do. Got it?

Doomers should be causing YOU to re-evaluate YOUR own alliance. I put mine together when the China virus arrived. In case the information war becomes a physical war where only the strong survive.

Has anything changed since then? Do I have Doomers in my alliance? Yes I do. I learned who understands the situation we are in and who doesn’t. Who reacts with emotion and without thought. I’m sure you have seen this in your alliance too.

Those who don’t understand or care to understand have been put on a need to know basis. I understand their role in the alliance will not be one of my greatest strengths. At some point they may become too weak and will no longer be a part of my alliance. They’re good honest people but they lack strength and courage when things don’t go their way.

Watching like a Trump. Patience is critical. Instant gratification doesn’t work here.

Keep your friends close and your enemies closer and just watch. Traitors will expose themselves. It happens every day.

Call them out like Mike Lindell called out the “journalists” who are now reporting grand jury activity with John Durham.

For the Doomers, fight like hell for our country or get the hell out of our way.

MAGA! America First! Save America!

J Bill

Bravo TrumpWon! Well said… well said!!!!

If I may, copy your post for my file, will be most appreciative?!
There is fantastic learning opportunity here at RealRawNews.

And there are some who just Fuck it up for everyone else…


Have at it Patriot.


One of my Doomer alliance made a different statement today.

“Don’t go into the hospital they will kill you. My friends said if you need surgery you have to get the jab.”


live oak

Great post. It makes so much sense. . Thanks!
DJT feels like an old friend to me.


Trump is the most brilliant man I know. He doesn’t mince words he goes right for the jugular. We should all be like Trump.


“This is an illegal court, enforcing an illegal sentence. As an appointed official, I served my country with distinction. The charges against me are false.”

This does sound exactly like what Barr would say. He was never given to emotional displays.

Angel Askew

EVERYTHING is subject to interpretation. Internet comment threads are volatile ground. Be kind to each other.

J Bill

This is war Angel-sweetie-honey-bunches.

You’re in the wrong place to search for ms/mr personality-of-the-year.


I think MB has done more work removing posts that he does not agree with this week than he has done writing stories for the past 2 months.

J Bill

He’s counting the downvotes and acts accordingly.
Like most diligent commenters here.

Trolls should check their downvotes more often.
Because typically, it indicates that NO ONE agrees with them. Just sayin’…

buck fiden

Lighten up, Oliver! If you’re gonna continue to be “no fun,” Lisa’s gonna give head to Eb and possibly Arnold!

Angel Askew

PSALM 91:1

He who dwells in the secret place of the most high shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.

buck fiden

2 Kings 18:27

But Rabshakeh said unto them, Hath my master sent me to thy master, and to thee, to speak these words? hath he not sent me to the men which sit on the wall, that they may eat their own dung, and drink their own piss with you

Angel Askew

I hear you, Buck. Trust your gut and continue to put Him first. He uses each of us differently. Choose your battles wisely.


Amen, This is such a great verse.

buck fiden

Shut the fuck up.

(Just kidding).

Internet commenting is tribal warfare: If you write something foolish, patently false, or don’t have a sense of humor, you WILL get flamed. It’s the law of the jungle.

Lighten up, motherfuckkr! ha!

Angel Askew

Cooler heads must prevail. I’ve mostly seen those marked as “trolls” as just misunderstood or completely frustrated individuals who choose not to agree or believe yet refuse to go away, just in case we are right. Neither extremes are appropriate, Ollie. Being completely frustrated and scared does not excuse continuous poor social etiquette from either side.

J Bill

Wrong. Most of the trolls I’ve seen really ARE trolls.

The worst ones, the ones you haven’t noticed yet, are the ones u proclaim as :

“frustrated individuals…. yet refuse to go away, just in case we are right. ..”

Which sounds exactly like something a troll would say to support them.


Thank you Michael for the righteous reporting, the RIGHT road is not always the easy one. God Bless you.


Hurry up and finish this before the deep state destroys our country. Biden out Trump back in is the only answer.


Did you miss reinstatement day yesterday? Trump and JFK jr are back . Patriots are dancing in the streets .

buck fiden

That’s right. I saw the entire event on CNN, so it has to be true. They showed We the People Mussolini’ing Obama and Biden in front of the WH. Sticks and all!

Joshua Munn

Stop posting these shill threads trying to paint Donald Trump as the antichrist. This is how I know Q is legit because these exact bot threads with these exact same wordings keep popping up. Yes the elite will be eradicated but that fulfills revelation so no Trump is the trumpet of God the Trump of God. Barack Obama literally means in (((Hebrew))) “Satan fell from heaven like lightning”. Jesus Himself said this and warned us who the man of sin is. Read Revelation 17-21 to understand what’s going on right now before the physical return of Christ. The Mandela effect occurred because of the cern shit because they wanted to assist Satan in trying to get out of his fate in Revelation 20:10 (I pray all that i have prayed against, Satan most of all are all eternally stuck in that verse inside and out) and they didn’t understand that changes to the past don’t actually change the future that’s not how quantum physics works. So God tries to fix the Multiverse being created by merging all the timelines together hence changes. That’s why the (((Multiverse))) concepts are being explored in (((popular media))) now. I was chosen by God to correct all this through my prayers, subjects and stipulations. Please pray in agreement with them. >inb4takemedsschizo I pray every last jot and tittle of this thread are all and/or are all taken care of inside and out all my prayers, subjects and stipulations everything has come full circle. Same with the pictures and picrel shit. And the videos linked in this thread. This thread has to be all taken care of inside and out all my prayers, subjects and stipulations mostests thanests mostests thanests allests thanests allests. This reply and thread has to be all taken care of inside and out all my prayers, subjects and stipulations mostests thanests mostests thanests allests thanests allests.

buck fiden

Not a bad post for a Shabbos Goy.

Irish Girl

I am not a troll – I’m a Christian who loves the USA. I have to confess that reading these articles gives me hope that justice is occurring. That is why I return. I believe it’s deeply rooted in us for goodness to win and rottenness to be destroyed.

That said, I sincerely wish there would be some sort of corroboration here. Minus me if you will, but my mind longs for substantiation.


Soon or maybe just a little bit later . When JFK jr comes back .


JFK Jr is no more, now he is just JFK, seeing as how JFK Sr is gone.


When my dad died my Jr brother remained a Jr. My dad and brother are two people not one.


Loves the USA as long as it is white and Christian. We get it.

buck fiden

Totally agree. There is no substantiation (good word!) for anything about Q or Trump’s return (I wish there were!). Religions are based upon FAITH. Q is like a religion in that regard.

buck fiden

Ollie, you need to go back to NYC with this attitude! Please lighten up! The folks in Hooterville never really trusted you and Lisa, since you’re a native New Yorker. You’re surrounded by Hooterville people here!



Well guys, Trump Reinstatement Day has come and gone, and it… could have gone better, from the “Trump will be reinstated” angle. But hey let’s not take it too hard, eh? I’ve been thinking, and maybe this is one of those things where it’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey we’ve all taken together. Maybe the true Reinstatement is the friends we’ve made along the way. ?


I am extremely downtrodden

buck fiden

Two more weeks.
Trust the plan.

The only government I see being toppled is the one in Afghanistan due to Zhou Biden’s deliberate bumbling.


Hope they get all the military dogs out and do not leave them behind as they did in Vietnam. And if there is a zoo, hope they rescue the animals. I also ask you send prayers for NOWZAD the only animal rescue place that helps strays. Muslims treat dogs (and other animals) as unclean and are inhumane.

Robert James

I expected his head would detach, but maybe they didn’t drop him very far.

Sandy Koufax



So, Mr. Baxter, you’ve absolutely let trolls take over all your comments…because why? First Amendment? The same thing that allows USA flag burning. Complete “Free Speech” has always been an anti-Christian loop-hole to introduce Leftist crap. I believe anything remotely anti-family, anti-Christian, or anti-Western civilization should be banned.

Alinsky Rules for Radicals has destroyed your comment section.

Letting this troll take-over happen is Weak.


Anti family ? You are going to need a lot of definitions to use this nonsense .


No, the trolls have not taken over, they just comment a lot. You are not required to read their drivel. What would you have MB do? Put yourself in his place. If you respond you are jumping into the mud with the pig. That is counterproductive. If you ignore them they will eventually move on to sites when they can get a response.

buck fiden

I see the problem: The software that runs many other website comment sections have the option to BLOCK a user. This one doesn’t seem to have that feature.

J Bill

It’s no problem. None at all.

Military Intel can peruse a$$hole ip addresses world over.

buck fiden

Lighten up! We’re here to have fun. Go to a mosk if you wanna be so serious.




After the boat parade last night, we watched the fireworks and went to bed knowing that President Donald J Trump is now back in the White House as promised! I just feel bad that we have to give the stimulus checks back because they were based on a fake virus.


Is JFK jr our VP now?


JFK Jr actually flew in over the fireworks and explained the whole thing behind what happened and why he went into hiding. He said it was a big chess game and he was always 5 moves ahead.
They had a little comedy show with Andy Kaufman as the headliner and the music was by Michael Jackson. MJ converted to Christian and is now fully white. It was an amazing night!

buck fiden

Good trolling, Tedless! You have mastered 5-D chess!


Glorious !

buck fiden

I wish it were so, Tedless.


And another one bites the dust.
I read somewhere yesterday 2.5 million had so far been executed. Very sad but it needs to be done so that we may have a better life.


Lol, well I read somewhere yesterday that 53 million have been executed in tribunals so far, that’s probably true because I read it somewhere right? ?


In fact it is 230 millions executed so far. If Trump will wait another month or so, he his son and Melania will be alone on the whole territory of USA…
And Fauci of course.


Haha I appreciate how this implies that he saved Melania and Barron, but Don Jr, Eric, Ivanka and Tiffany didn’t make the cut ?

And that damn Fauci, what slippery eel that guys is! Always somehow evading military capture. Even though he frequently testifies in Congress and speaks at press conferences and other public event, where the military could easily know where he is and catch up to him and be ready to pull him aside and arrest him ?‍♂️


I believe Fauci has been apprehended. When I first heard of him a couple of years ago his voice was so raspy he could hardly be understood. His lookalike doesn’t even begin to approach the raspiness.

buck fiden

I heard it was 5 BILLION dead, because Zhou Biden started WWIII and the USA, EU Chinks Japs were all nuked and Obama waas AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! <connection lost>


When we go more than a day with no new news from MB
We then discuss among ourselves going further hopefully towards helping people understand better deeper truth.

No way can approx 2000 people keep talking only about one traitor– what each traitor did leads to 100s of associated people connected to that one traitor.
We are connecting the dots

sans the trolls ofcourse

buck fiden

That’s EXACTLY why I come here. People bring in interesting ideas, links, and yes, conspiracies, from various other places and we can discuss the merits here. Sometimes this website is more before-it’s-news than before-it’s-news is!

Frederick Carreon

Atty. William Barr met his fate just Hillary Clinton. Swiftly death. Wipe the slate clean, all of them!

buck fiden

Hillary’s playing Barr’s bagpipe in Hell


UPDATES: dinarchroniclesDOTcom/2021/08/13/restored-republic-via-a-gcr-special-report-as-of-august-13-2021/

This past week’s delay was due to many arrests being made over the past 72 hours of Deep State operatives in Big Tech social media companies (Apple, FB, Google, YouTube, etc,) and of Deep State corporate heads in the main stream media.

On Wed. 11 Aug. the Emergency Broadcast System test was suppressed by CNN, MSNBC and even Fox. They also suppressed other news that they were ordered not to censor (e.g., election fraud evidence, Mike Lindell’s cyber-security symposium, etc).

Multi Millions of people worldwide say with one voice that Enough is Enough.

Fleming’s Military Contact has reported that: On Fri. 13 Aug. the Starlink Quantum Satellite Communication System would be completely activated. Starlink was integral to the QFS system and would be servicing Tier 4B exchanges.

Final payouts have been made into F&P accounts, which were needed for the Shotgun liquidity release & Tier 4B start.

Some Adjudicated Settlement payouts would be made on Fri. 13 Aug. and over this weekend.

Daughter of the American Revolution

Thank you for sharing this Zee. God Bless you…

Angel Askew

Yes, I also read that our “delayed gratification” is due to the incomplete payouts to some substantial tax paying individuals as well as the coup by big tech and MSM to somehow throw a wrench in the EBS and keep us in the dark or misinformed. If it’s only delayed thru this weekend? Bravo to them!! Meanwhile, I need a job. Anyone hiring for remote work or in L.A. ? lol


I think this one is part of the Fog of War.

buck fiden

I thought it was the Art of War 孫子兵法 At the rate Biden is taking America down, you all should 學習中文 (Learn Chink)

live oak



Amy Coney Barrett was just in the news. Something about upholding the “right” of some university to require vaxxes, but with no ‘splainin’. I thought she was done away with per an earlier article here. Are we seeing a doppelganger?


I think the earlier article talked about indictment.


She’s under arrest


Yes , she is under house arrest, but her time is coming.


Under arrest (perhaps with ankle bracelet) and a gag order.

Sandy Koufax



What about Eric Holder ?


Yea he needs to assume room temp. Fast & Furious.


Thats right, I forgot about the Fast & Furious. I hope he hangs for that because those guns were used to assassinate an American on our soil. Gun running & drug running, not to mention the possibility of child trafficking is just to much to bare and allow him loose on our streets.


I havent heard anything about Holder myself, and I’d sure like to. I know he was an integral part of Obama trying to destroy the Constitution and our inherent rights and all that, but that clown was a sneaky dirty racist rat and he needs to be held for trial too.

live oak

I’ve wondered about him too. Brian Terry was shot to death by the cartels to whom Holder and Barry gave the guns. Then the idiots lost track of the guns and couldn’t find any of them. A lot of people were killed because of those two I’d like to see justice for Brian Terry’s family. He had a wife and children.
I’ve never forgotten that incident and it was all to try to take away the 2nd amendment and our guns. Brian’s parents tried to get answers and was ignored. If they pick up Holder and BO, I hope they notify his parents so they can all attend the tribunal if they choose to. It really was a tragedy.


Military Eliminates Exterminates William Barr
There. Fixed it.

Last edited 2 years ago by QBall59
Mighty Mouse

They’ve lowered the Barr….


rather unceremoniously I might add…

Peter Penname

I was willing to give Bill Barr the benefit of doubt. I didn’t figure him for a pedo and treasonous activities never entered my mind.

So why did he do it? Bribery? Extortion? Bill Barr was a multimillionaire. Worth at least 7 figures.

Here’s what hanged him: several bank accounts were opened by a Chinese national. Barr’s wife withdrew the total amounts on deposit and promptly closed all accounts.

Why they spared her life is anybody’s guess.

Diana Barahona

“Bill, you are Mr. Casey’s fair-haired boy … You and your state have been our greatest asset. Mr. Casey wanted me to pass on to you that unless you f*** up and do something stupid, you’re No. 1 on the short list for a shot at the job that you’ve always wanted. You and guys like you are the fathers of the new government. We are the new covenant.” — William Barr, speaking to Bill Clinton in Little Rock (Terry Reed, Compromised)

You have to look at where this came from. Casey was the CIA director under the Reagan-Bush administrations. Bill Clinton was allowing CIA mercenaries, anti-communist cutthroats known as Contras, to import cocaine and weapons from Colombia. They got some of the money for their dirty war against Nicaragua. Hillary helped launder the drug proceeds for the CIA. The CIA also financed its dirty war by selling weapons to Iran–hence the term, “Iran-Contra operation.” Iran had helped get Reagan into office by delaying the release of CIA hostages taken during their 1979 revolution, by which Iran kicked out a brutal CIA-backed dictator, the Shaw of Iran.

So the CIA used Reagan’s face and grandfatherly demeanor (and his ability to convincingly read a speech) to get Bush into power, where he ruined the country for 12 years. Then, knowing that the country was sick of their globalist sh*t, the CIA tapped the Clintons. It offered them unlimited wealth and power, welcoming them into the “club.” It was HRC that turned an already corrupt Dem party into the second globalizing party. Now the globalists owned the US government. That’s what Barr meant by his message. He knew what he was doing all along.


Good reminders–Thx


GHWBush only served as POTUS for 4 years, unless you include the time after Reagan’s assassination attempt. BTW, Reagan was the front man for the Bolshevik Hollywood studio heads who went on TV as president of the SAG and told America that it was safe to go back to the movies, and that the communists and fellow travelers were gone from Hollywood. A blatant lie. The next year he was elected governor of California.


Maybe she helped the military down her husband to save herself


If she was vaccinated, she is done anyway!


For now she is useful.


Taken down like the rest

Boris said

More Bull Shit from Baxter ! Your so full of crap , did you see Tom hanks at Obama’s party ? You told us he was dead ! What do you have to say about that ? Nothing I bet , your full of SHIT !


Show me the photo where he was at Obama’s party, wait you can’t, I read Tom H was invited, but he never showed? And I’ve even seen video footage from inside the party, no Tom?


Another Troll

buck fiden

“Your” ?


It could have been Tom Hanks’ brother. I understand they look very similar.

Bill L.

So, is Barr’s lackey, John Durham next?


I think he has to hold everything for the reveal–10 days of darkness


Dixie Gardner

Thought it was supposed to be Adam Shiff’s day to go to the great beyond today….


I just want somebody to scratch his eye’s out.


Hey Mr. Baxter what’s up with Trump’s imminent return to the WH? Is it still imminent or what? It’s been imminent for like 4 weeks now. Thanks man, big fan of your work!


Troll Patronizing MB


I am a fan of his work though and I would genuinely like to hear his answer to this question.


Cry more.


Mike Lindell dropped a bomb when he probably beleives the cameras were off at the end of the symposium, Biden is in custody. WWG1WGA thanks Q




June 1st Jill went with Joe to DC Military Hospital– the News said he had a stroke. Later we find out he was paralyzed from the waist down.
Not sure if the ‘stroke’ was a set up or, it’s real —to have him arrested? But as he is not a well person — I think being kept under arrest at DC Walter Reed best. ‘Cos someone that just came back from Gitmo said they don’t have the facilities to care for someone in Biden’s condition-what ever that means. Walter Reed is more capable.

Last edited 2 years ago by Zee

I just saw a video of Jill Biden wearing an ankle monitor boot, they said it as because she stepped on something at the beach months ago and it got infected and she had surgery…riiiight !


No such thing as believable body doubles. Everyone knows what Joe Biden looks and sounds like. No one could impersonate that idiot, and why would they. Same age clones don’t exist either. Any talk of clones or body doubles destroys all credibility. Previous interviews portrayed as live or current ones is more likely. Any more talk of this nonsense and I will have to side with the trolls and have to say this site is fake.


Ah, a voice of reason! Thank you.


Trust your instincts Mastertater, I know you want it to be true but you’re clearly smarter than this junk ?


Biden and hunter were on the execution list back in 2020. So likely executed in 2019. We are watching a movie in 5d and backwards, kinda. Jill’s boot today happened 3 years ago…the doppelganger and body doubles are acting their parts in this “reverse action” movie…remember when Joe Biden himself had a boot not too long ago. But that really happened 3 years ago…think of it like being in the aorist tense.


saw that!

Outlandish Outlander

“…democratically-elected president of the United States?” Huh?! What’s with this Mr. Baxter? Where in the founding documents is the word, “Democracy,” mentioned even once in the creation of this Republic, hm?! Where?! What is wrong with this? Wasn’t the great American Republic designed and established around a, “Republican,” form of government? Or, am I mistaken? Wasn’t America designed and ordained as a, “Representative Republic,” or, has that knowledge been forgotten and dismissed because its offensive and politically incorrect?

The great American Republic was never created, ordained and established as a, “Democracy.” The founding fathers found democracy repulsive and repugnant to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. But again, am I the one who is missing the point? The American Republic was created, established and ordained as a, “Representative Republic.” Or, do you say America is a, “Democracy?” If so, then where is the PROOF of this fact in the founding documents? So then, why call it, “…DEMOCRATICALLY-ELECTED,” if America was created, ordained and established as a, “Republic,” and a “Representative Republic,” at that? Isn’t any form of democracy a counterproductive and a literal contradiction to the design of the American Republic? If so, then why not say it as, Lawfully-Elected,” especially since a democracy is anti-lawful, as a great deal of the most recent of history proves, and blatantly so.

Therefore, those who are elected to SERVE (not Rule) in a Public Office created, ordained and established by the people, for the people, and of the people are, “Lawfully-Elected,” to serve the people who are the “Beneficiaries” (called the “Posterity” the capacity used in the Preamble – which is a bona fide ‘Trust Instrument’) to the Constitutions. For both the State in which one was born, and also of the Federal Compact between the States (‘Union of the several States’ established 1777), and the federal United States government. It’s really is not hard to assimilate this.

What part of this are the people not getting? I’ve come across way to many people that just do not know and understand not only this, but especially the difference between what a democracy is, and what a republic is. Why is that? YES, there is a ginormous difference between the two! And, that evidence is very plain and present right here, right now, at this very moment. How can the, “Representative Republic,” be preserved under this profound lack of knowledge? No wonder Benjamin Franklin answered Ms. Powell with, “A Republic IF YOU CAN KEEP IT.”

It’s time for some very serious review of what the Constitution is, folks. In short, here’s a big clue. “It’s a Trust!” And, most of you have been blinded by it being called the, “Law of the Land.” Trust is greater than Law. Law cannot exist absent a Trusts creation first. That phrase has blinded you to what the Constitution actually is, and it was purposed to keep you from ever learning, knowing and understanding that you as the Beneficiary naturally have all the power, authority, duty, and responsibility, to oversee not only your own personal-private estate, (which most of you are completely unaware of) but, especially over all the Public Offices that our lawfully elected Public Servant TRUSTEE, are commission to Hold after they have undertaken a lawfully administered, “Oath of Office.” That is their, “Trustee Acceptance.”

It’s a Trust, and you… as one the “Posterity,” are named an ‘Heir of Freedom,’ who was bequeathed the gift of that trust as an heir, which resulted from the hard work of the forefathers, (the GRANTORS) who won the Revolutionary War, and had every right to pass along that gift to their, “Posterity,” (Beneficiaries) in the express Trust (Constitution 1787, 1791 as amended, including the State Constitution when they joined the Union.) that they ordained and established for your benefit.

Now, that’s an inheritance that you should want to know and understand absolutely everything about, because it is what the DEEP STATE does not want you to know, and wants to keep from you. That should be more than enough encouragement for you to want to know what they do not want you to know.

Angel Askew

I need a LOVE button for this!


But we supposedly have been operating as United States of America, Inc. and not as a Constitutional Republic; the leftists that have been controlling us for centuries call it a Democracy and have eliminated all aspects of a Republic.

Outlandish Outlander

The Act of 1871 overlaid the original… say it with me, “Representative Republic,” with a corporation named the, United States, Incorporated, at the City of Washington, in the District of Columbia, which is not a lawful State, and a lawfully abiding member of the, ‘Union of the several States,’ as the Union was established under the Articles of Confederation, 1777.

Remember this… that original Constitution 1787 & 1791 as amended (added the Bill of Rights), was preserved by President Abraham Lincoln who gave PUBLIC NOTICE of that Deed in his famous Gettysburg Address. In other words, by that action he protected and preserved the Constitution by placing it into a private Expressed Trust. That is why he was murdered. That action prevented the, “Deep State,” of his day from destroying the originally ordained Republic, and preserved it for its heirs… the posterity. Sometimes referred to as the, “Heirs of Freedom.”

So, the Republic has always been there. Again, the “Deep State” has feared this knowledge more than anything else. For with a people armed with this knowledge as beneficiaries, the intended heir’s to the Trust of the Constitution, can very easily maintain control over ALL of their lawfully elected Public Servant Trustee.

It’s just that the people were unaware of these conditions for several reasons, and thus had no knowledge for how to make it known to the Government (Identify themselves to government, not be identified by government) that they were “electing” the lawfully created, ordained and established “Republic” over the much more inferior “Legislative Democracy,” which was not lawfully established at all. This is where the fulcrum point of all the fraud exists.

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The foreign holders of the Corporation, The British Crown together with the Vatican have controlled America since 1871

1) That’s 150 years–not centuries

2) Can’t call It ‘ Leftist ‘ The deep state working for THE CROWN AND VATICAN would interchange the US ruling parties at will, Democrats or Republicans made no difference.

In the 146 years time frame until TRUMP took over the Republican Party Jan 20, 2017. Making the REPUBLIC what it was really meant to be in the minds of our theist Founding Fathers

3) The Deep State Military-Industrial-Complex IS NOT USA. It is huge and is /was under the CROWN OF GREAT BRITAIN & VATICAN–

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They have tried, but to paraphrase Samuel Clemens, ” It’s demise has been greatly exaggerated. ” This is due to the wisdom and prescience of our founders.

What’s a, “Zee Sock Puppet,” and how did I ever imply that I was what you inquired about a, “Zee Clone?” I have no idea what a, “Zee Clone,” looks like, or is, for that matter. Sorry, but I am as always, who I say I am; not, who or what anybody thinks or says, might say and/or even have the audacity to imply, as all of that goes against my right of self-determination.

Thank you for proving you are a liar by the testimony of your own words. For you have proven the question you asked was not a question but an accusation without proof of any kind. Therefore, you have proven beyond all reasonable doubt that you are one very incompetent benighted liar.



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This crazy brainless troll who talks off the top of his head is implying you are another of me = Zee, clone or sock puppet LOL

OWD We are individuals — so STFU

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Democrats, Democracy as in belonging to the Democrat Party

is not the same the word usage of small ‘d’ ::democratically which MB used.
You have mixed up Nouns and words as

‘democratically’ only means = in a way that is based on the wishes of most of the people



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Excellent Zee, you are correct.


When a politician says they want to change the course of America remind them the course is set in the Constitution, Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence.

No change of course is needed or wanted.

We are hiring managers not disolvers.

Why is it that with all of this that I shared herein this post. The most important thing that I shared was never asked about, or questioned? Why is that? Why did no one inquire why I said the, Constitution is a Trust?” I am certain that over 95% of the people are completely unaware of this knowledge.

Why didn’t anyone ask why I said, “…the Constitution is not the, “Law of the Land?” Why didn’t any ask why I said a Trust must be created first, and come first, before any law can ever be lawfully made and thus valid? Why didn’t anyone want to know more about why I made these startling and shocking statements?

Well, now that I have let all the horses out of the barn with the prompting of these questions. I will share with you a link, for those who want to know, to some video’s posted on Rumble that will help those that really do want to know the answers to these questions, and more. But, that is only IF you really want to know these answers, because with these answers will come great responsibility. So, choose wisely.

There are 4 video’s (8+hours) presented by Burness “Bunny” Speakman. She not only explains why these things are, but more importantly, she gives all relevent references in support of these conclusions. In other words, she gives the facts and backs up everything she presents with the facts citing all the references in the video’s. The liars, communists and fascists will hate every bit of this because it tells the truth about what the Constitution actually is, and the truth always will make one free IF they take the knowledge and put it into action.

https :// rumble .com/c/c-937157 (Copy and Paste into the Address Bar of your Browser, but remove the spaces first before hitting <ENTER> so the URL will be accepted properly and take you to the Rumble page wherein the video’s are posted.

Blessings in all your questions, studies, and research.
For it is written, Or what man is there among you who, if his son asks for bread, will give him a stone?” Matthew 7:9 Therefore, I encourage all to ask, seek and knock for the knowledge to understand and put into action these things, and it shall be given unto you as you Trust in the promise of the word given in promise.


The phrase “democratically elected” refers to the one person one vote method states use to determine the opinion of their citizens, and also refers to the voting by the states through their electors, in that a majority of electors determines who is to be president. The phrase in no way claims that our republic is a democracy. Our republic is a constitutional government subscribed to by our 50 states and terrirories who have agreed to elect our high offices in a democratic manner among those states, pursuant to our agreed upon constitution and it’s articles pertaining to elections.
The last resort of our election is stipulated that each state is given one vote, ( according to its legislature,) and a vote is made, again democratically, between the 50 states, and our President is thus chosen.
All of this is not to say that we are ruled democratically, but that we are a constitutional republic based on democratically elected (more or less) representatives and the electors who represent them.

Outlandish Outlander

The phrase, “Democratically elected,” is never used anywhere in the founding documents, and all things democracy was never-ever intended to be a part of the great American Republican form of government until the Republic was STOLEN by the unlawful seated, “Legislative Democracy,” in 1871. (See the Act of 1871) The Founding Fathers were repulsed by the repugnancy of democracy no matter how you try to tell, sell, and justify this openly blatant lie. Just look at what some of the founding fathers had to say of democracy:

• “Democracies have ever been spectacles of turbulence and contention have ever been found incompatible with personal security or the rights of property; and have, in general, been as short in their lives as they have been violent in their deaths.”

~ (1787) James Madison

• “Remember, democracy never lasts long; it soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself. There never was a democracy yet that did not commit suicide.”

~ (1814) John Adams

(Why then touch anything democratic and invite that disaster upon yourself?)

• “An elective despotism was not the government we fought for…”

~ (1782) Thomas Jefferson

• “…that in tracing these evils to their origin every man had found it in the turbulence and follies of democracy.”

~ (1787) Edmond Randolph

• “Between a balanced republic and a democracy, the difference is like that between order and chaos.”

~ Chief Justice John Marshall of the United States Supreme Court

Again I say, why invite the disaster and repugnancy of democracy and what it will result in by commingling the democratically demonic dread that can only achieve DEAD results? Where’s the Trust in democracy? There IS none! Why? Because, the inheritance has been stolen by the, “Mob Rule,” few… from the beneficiaries, the “Posterity” as named in the Preamble of the Constitution 1787 & 1791.

Is this what you are a proponent of? Is it really your intent to engage in the action of stealing what rightfully does not belong to you, and then to prevent whom it does rightfully belong to from ever receiving its delivery? Is this who you are? For a proponent of anything “democratic” it most certainly is conclusive. Are you really a thief of this magnitude and unconscionable mischievous misconduct? If you are in denial of the Trust, then you are. That’s really what this is all about. Take away the Trust, and you can steal the inheritance intended for the beneficiaries. Only a thief could ever be of that unethical unprincipled unjust unfair and amoral mindset. I have no desire to see the inheritance of the people stolen from the people, the lawful heir of the inheritance of liberty from the rule and rules of unjust men. Do you understand me? Do you understand what I just said to you? Do you really know what I just said to you?

America was created, ordained and established as a, “Representative Republic,” not a democracy, or in anyway, shape, or form, “democratic,” about any part of its designed intent. America has a Constitution, a TRUST, (not a Constitutional Republic) at the core, center, and fulcrum point of its grand designed as a, “Republic,” with a, “Republican,” form of Government, not a democracy with a democratic form of government in any way, shape, or form, about any part of the functionality of its government.

This republican form of government was never intended to rule over the people, but to SERVE the people. Democracy and the democratic ways of, “Mob Rule,” is violently opposed to this as those that say America is a, “Democracy,” do dare to Rule, and not Serve. That is what this republican form of government was ordained and established for. To SERVE! To serve the people under the Will of the People expressed in the Constitution (Trust) of each State member in the ‘Union of the several States,’ and the compact between the ‘Union of the several States’ and the ‘United States’ (which was never intended to be incorporated as it was in 1871) federal government.

The American form of Republic Government (“Representative Republic”) was established by the people, for the people, and of the people, and it is in no way ever to have a thing to do with democracy. One vote is cast by the “Representatives” who are intrusted to serve in a Public Office they have been lawfully elected to, which then makes one obligated to perform the lawful duties of a Public Office of Trust they hold for the benefit of the beneficiaries. Who are the representatives in a democracy, and what obligates them with the Trust of the people to perform accordingly? Is there a Trust in a Democracy? There can be. But, then who are the beneficiaries of that Trust, the people, or the Mob that rules?

Democracy is a complete repudiation of the Trust for the benefit of the people. In short, you have presented the keystone misinformation of an agent provocateur to cause confusion, and to steal the inheritance from the, “Posterity.” (the Beneficiaries). That is the purpose of all of those that refer to America as a, “Democracy.” They are liars all of them, no exceptions. For they all yell and scream for all things to be done, “Democratically,” such as what you have done herein.

The Representative Republic has no need of such folly and lies. Its “Representatives,” who do their duties under the Trust for the benefit of the people, will be in honor of their lawfully undertaken, “Oath of Office,” which is their, “Trustee Acceptance.” This is why the fore fathers were vehemently against democracy and all of its excuse-driven forms.

The pathetic excuse of, “…one vote is made democratically,” as if one vote cannot be lodged/made by a lawfully elected, “Representative,” of the, “Republic” having a Republican form of government. Why do you lie so openly… so blatantly… so unconscionably? Democracy is NOT needed for any part of the Republican form of government to be accomplished. The American form of government is superior to any inferior form of democracy. The excuse to say otherwise is just absolutely pathetic! Yes, it is absolutely pathetic to suggest that the American government needs to include the functionality of, “democratic,” anything to function. That is an unmitigated lie to bring about confusion and to keep the confusion alive that America in some way, shape and/or form needs to involve itself in the bankrupt traditions of, “Mob Rule,” and the tactics of democracy, by associating one vote with being democratic. A most pathetic lie, indeed.

Furthermore and most of all, you are not speaking of, “Trust” when you talk about a Democracy and/or democratic anything. It’s all about Trust, because the lawfully elected Public Servants hold an Office of Trust as a Public Trustee for the benefit of the people; the beneficiaries. In a democracy that does everything democratic, the PUBLIC OFFICIALS do not hold the Public Office of Trust for the Benefit of the people, but rather turn the Office of Trust into an Office of Profit to make profit for the MOB that rules over the people as government. That means that a democratic form of government does not serve the people even though they will claim that is they do. They are all liars! This is what infest America right now. So then, how are you not of a, “Mob Rule,” perspective and syndrome?

You are not speaking about a Public Servant Trustee when you talk about a Democracy and/or anything democratic. Democracy has nothing to do with Trust. The Republican form of American government id designed as a, “Representative Republic,” and that means it is all about Trust. Trust by the people, placed into the Office of the Public Servant Trustees, who are intrusted with to holding the public office created by the people, for the people, and of the people, to carry out the Will of the People.

Democracy and/or all things, “Democratic,” has it’s only concern for those of the “Mob” which are intended to RULE over the people. Is that what you want? The Republican form of government is all about the people who are the government, who rule themselves, and their own private estates as they see fit, absent the interference some who dare to think of themselves superior and to be some kind of overlord to tell the people what they should do, how they should do it, and when they should do it. In short, democracy is a lie from the liars that dare to think they have a right to rule over all others. In addition, that unconscionable belief is the cornerstone for the reasoning that the people need to be ruled because the people are incapable of ruling themselves. How do you like that idea in and of itself? You have been exposed as an agent provocateur intending to sell, tell and yell the lies of the liars.

America is a Republic, not a democracy and it has absolutely no need of anything democratic to function and get things done according to the Trust at the core of its Republican form of government.

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The only thing William “Candy” Barr looked into with regards to election fraud was a pint of Ben ‘n Jerry’s.


I was hoping Barr was a good guy. RIP.


He and his wife accepted a bribe of $7,000,000!

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He was part of the globalist takeover, managed by the CIA. Worked under William Casey and was in on the transition from 12 years of a globalizing GOP (1981-1993) to a globalizing Democratic Party. And back again to the GOP globalists. Once you’re in that club, you never leave it alive.

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Just remember his role in the Franklin Coverup and the Iran Contra scandal.


Best bungee jump equipment around. Don’t let your feet hit the ground!


The list, while still mightily long, is getting shorter. However, the WH needs to be retaken before too much damage can be done (and there’s already plenty).


I have a question. Why oh why would people respond to unfortunate people like B.fa? Ignore would be best and Michael I would certainly like him not there. Thank you.


We don’t tolerate that kind of thinking around here. Do your research.

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It was the only thread that was open to me. I’m calling out pedos when they reveal themselves. Save the children.


I sure hope that all these articles are true!!! These TRAITORS to our great nation (The United States of AMERICA) deserve DEATH!!! “They” are grifters with only one objective…and that is to destroy The U.S.A.


Too bad. I originally thought he was one of the good guys.