Bill Clinton Dead at GITMO


Former President William Jefferson Clinton, whom on July 24 the U.S. Navy Judge Advocate General’s Corps sentenced to life in prison at Guantanamo Bay, was found dead in his cell early Saturday morning.

Sources at the nation’s most infamous detention center told RRN that GITMO security discovered Clinton’s lifeless body at approximately 7:00 a.m., when they were delivering breakfast trays to segregated prisoners.

“He was face down on the floor in a pool of what appeared to be his own vomit,” a GITMO source told RRN. “Security called out to him several times, and when he didn’t respond, guards and a medical technician entered the cell to check his vitals. He had no pulse and was declared deceased.”

Clinton was alive the night earlier at head check and lights out, our source added.

“He ate his 6:00 p.m. meal and was alive on his bunk at 9:00 p.m.,” our source said. “Bill Clinton is in a segregated area and no other GITMO inmates have access to his cell. He was in reasonably good health.”

Guantanamo Bay medical staff have scheduled an autopsy for Monday, September 27.

“His wife was executed, and if, somehow, he’d learned his daughter was arrested, it might have been too much for him to handle. He may have punched out on his own, some way. We’ll know more Monday,” our source said.

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Robert James

That rat sure didn’t kill himself. I think he would have been real miserable locked in a cell till he croaked.

Robert James

I hope he was outside in the chain-link fence enclosures the terrorists were shown in.


Slick willy choked on his conscience


Somebody must have owed him a favor. Or they told him Chelsea was now on the River Styx and he barfed.

Poco Gozo

If Slick WIlie was sentenced on 24 July @Gitmo and serving in his segregated cell until his death, then who was the character standing next to the hag Hillary at the Dover AFB reception of our 13 dead American heroes? Doppleganger perhaps?


RRN talks a lot about doppelgängers, CGI, doubles and even clones posing for people like HRC and Slick Willie. Kindly ignore the MSM.


That fellow stands up straighter than Bill Clinton ever did and he has a left ear lobe. If you look at the left earlobe on the picture in this article there’s not really an ear lobe his ear just goes right into the skin. You can see this in the picture of the two of them at the 9/11 ceremony standing in line with the Obamas and fake president. I believe he is a look alike.


Just came back here to re-read this article.

I can’t help it. I just love good news.


Your name intrigues me to say the least for the obvious reason.

Rose Mary Abbott

I think it’s Quomo.

Rose Mary Abbott

It’s Tuesday and I am on the edge of my seat in anticipated wonder as to the cause of death. I’m inclined towards thinking he was murdered for being a weak minded man who knew way too much about way too many people who have every reason to be afraid of what he might have said. If he were able to face death he would have done it at his tribunal.


I can hardly wait to find out the results of the autopsy. I hope he wasn’t slipped a cyanide pill. Life in prison lasted two months. He got off light. Pity.


I heard some talk about that he may have asked his lawyer. Very interested to see what the results are.

Dave Strickland

Monica and Gennifer Flowers send their condolences.


Nah, he wouldn’t like Chelsea in a Gitmo cell, but more than likely he provided information that placed her there. I hope he really is gone.
I wanted him to win the election back in the day. I convinced a lot of people to vote for his sorry @$$. He is a horrible joke on humanity. I do feel guilt for not looking harder into his and Hillary’s character.


Well hes dead. But he can still vote!


Too bad they couldnt revive him and later execute him.


It’s the attack of the body doubles. Since everyone in DC, the media, big tech, science, and the rest of the planet has a body double, they have decided they like being in power and are taking over!!.

Vash the Stampede

Arkancided by his own daughter perhaps? Inquiring minds wanna know! XDDD

Linda Chambers

I imagine adrenochrome withdrawal is terrible and may have been a contributing factor in his death.


And maybe the sight of his daughter caused the vomiting!

Rose Mary Abbott

There is a thought indeed. It seemed to me that Hillary had withdrawals a lot sooner than Bill did. If that’s what happened. It does make for a great whodunnit. C’mon follow up. This is better than the movies. All this stuff would make a killer movie. Hollywood never made anything this good.


What is the lying fake news MSM going to report? Like they lied about rumsfeld’s death and they said he died of natural causes. BULL. Yeah, right!

That demonic crook (Rumsfeld) pocketed the entire budget of the Military worth over $2.3 Trillion and lied to us, the tax payers, where he (rummy) said it just disappeared.

The chairman of the joint chiefs of staff had no balls and kept silent. Or maybe rummy gave him a few million to keep quiet? Mmmmm.

The fake news lying MSM ( cnn, msnbc, cnn, abc, wapo, ny times, Fox News, etc) can NEVER be trusted, NEVER. Only fools will believe what these worthless lying fake news MSM says.

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Kelly Knauth Brown

I think Chelsea’s arrest was too much. He choked on his own vomit during cardiac arrest.


Dearest Father Jesus, thank you for Your Trustworthy promise to judge the wicked, and deliver them into the hands of the executioners! In your sweet name, Jesus. Amen!



The world is witnessing a conviction by Father God Jesus and mankind, and then, Satan’s own.

Deb Dulude

I wonder if he “arkansized”. Either way, GOOD RIDDANCE.
As far as I have read, he was the only American ever to get kicked out of Oxford Univ in UK. He was there on a Rhodes (another pervert, a whole nother’ story} scholarship
Why? you ask.
He raped an English young lady who was either 18 or under and also bit her in the face, I think on the cheek they said there were teeth marks.
They covered that one up real good.


Wasn’t it interesting that POTUS, in his speech, in Georgia, made reference to the Clintons, stating, specifically (to paraphrase) ” Who would want to be married to that woman?”. Well, it looks like POTUS knew of Bill Clinton’s demise and wad signalling this to the people. Seems feasible.

Dave Strickland

I observe 388 comments already at this moment, but seeing as Bill Clinton was President of the USA, will he be given a State funeral with the flag draped the wrong way and crumpled, as with GHWB and he (John) who shall be nameless?


Of course he will get a state funeral . Watch the flag .

Rose Mary Abbott

First they have to admit that he is dead.


Pedo bill finally reunites with pedo hillary, in hell. chelsea soon to join them.

Last edited 2 years ago by RG1
john kusmit

If this is true…..


May Slick Willy ROT IN HELL!!! Traitorous Bastard!!! This POS gave China all our advanced weapons technology…

Rose Mary Abbott

Precisely and why didn’t they impeach him on those grounds instead of wasting their time and energy on Monica Lewinsky?

Sheila Tan

A sad and lonely ending for a man who had once been at the height of his political career. Good bye, Bill Clinton, you could have chosen God but you didn’t.

Sandy Jim

Bill Clinton earned his place in Hell !

Arkansas Lady

Somehow his death isn’t as sweet as HRC’s hanging. Arkansas had to put up with this evil First-couple in our state and we prayed they would not be our national leaders. Horrified when it did happen, more carnage followed them across the nation and world. The Clintons encouraged evil to jump into ambitious mens reach, polluting our nation making the USA a pitied place to live and work. MAY WE NEVER ALLOW SUCH TO HAPPEN HERE AGAIN! Sadly, they loved power/evil leaving many dead, hurt and abused behind.

Rose Mary Abbott

It’s a sad shame they ever met GHW Bush. We would have never heard of them had they not. After their retirements GW and Bill have been like best friends.


Here in Hot Springs the signs denoting the town as the boyhood home of klinton are regularly defaced and spit upon. Some make for good target practice. His drug addict brother still lurks here sometimes. He was one of ghwb’s lieutenants in the Mena drug import/weapon export racket.

GreaterIdaho for Trump

Found in new york and a state funeral like george h w or just his body double hanging out here and there till after the storm and no one cares?

Bee Bennett

I’m very thankful slick Willie is dead. I personally did not feel he deserved a free pass on execution, but I do realize he was very persuasive.I’m sure he held out hope Chelsea would get him out. Thankful they have her now too. The threesome of Clinton’s were all, greedy,mentally ill and entitled

Sandy Jim

They are all soulless reptilian Satanists. They are not Human beings.


I think it’s safe to assume he had help either requested or unwanted. OK. Next.

Light Dancing

But BILL FELL Down and Lost His “CROWN” and NOW HE is a DEAD Man.

Kathleen Ann

These pedovores are monsters not human. Anyone who tortures and drinks the blood of children are NOT human but alien. He didn’t deserve a human military tribunal but should have been extinguished on the spot!

Sandy Jim

Thank you, Kathleen Ann !

Angela James

It’s almost too much to wrap your head around with the number of crimes that they committed from treason, murders of people around , trafficking, pedophilia, Satanism, sacrifice. I don’t know what they were, but I do know they were evil to the core of hell.


If I’m the military I make sure I don’t give the body up after autopsy so they’re not able to manufacture stories and give him a POTUS funeral complete with Rotunda and complete honors because he was a degenerate,murderous,disgrace.He merits no honor as per his high crimes against our nation and people.


I would think that due to the fact he is a convicted criminal, he would not be entitled to a funeral with honors, even though I wouldn’t put it past NancyP or the deep state to try something like that.

Angela James

They would just put out an empty casket for the public


I HOPE…chelsea HUBBELL will sing her little heart out!!!! I am sure spending years in Gitmo will do wonders for her complexion!!!!

Sojourner Truth

I can’t help but think that God is crying to see how far a leader of the free world has fallen. This is truly tragic and I have never understood so much as I have in the last year, the power of evil and much it can degrade the human spirit.


Death was too good for him. Years at Gitmo would have been better

Rose Mary Abbott

I consider they did the American taxpayers a great service.


Bill Clinton has been 3 minutes away from a heart attack for years. His poor health was even discussed during his trial.

Last edited 2 years ago by Sage

Uh , there was no trial . He’s still alive .

Rose Mary Abbott

Source please.


Why does my comment get always deleted immediately?


Maybe Bill couldn’t stand it anymore to see his former wife in a long ceremonial gown outside Queen’s University in Belfast, Ireland one day before his death despite she was executed on April 26th, 2021?. Did he see a ghost of Hillary or what? Could that be the reason of his own demise?


I think that even conscience-less individuals with bad behavior can experience overwhelming grief, and grief itself is known to provide specific enzymatic reactions that causes death to epicardial cells.


These live sightings sure get in the way of these articles .

Rose Mary Abbott

Umm I don’t know about that. I just saw an article on the MSN home page that was memorializing Tom Hanks like he was dead. I had to look in Wikipedia for a date of decease but there is none. I thought it was really strange to be talking about a living person the way they were talking about him. They were talking about how kind and wonderful he was to work with and so on. If they come up with his death we will know for sure that this site is totally telling the truth and so are his informants.

James D

Was it July 24 or June 24 or June 22 that he was convicted. Your article reporting the conviction was dated June 24 which was a Thursday. The article states he was convicted on a Tuesday.


Maybe Bill couldn’t stand it anymore to see his dead wife Hillary one day before his death outside Queen’s University in Belfast, Ireland, being jeered and hurled insults at former US Secretary of State by protesters? I guess he could stand the protesters were shouting at her “Hillary you are a criminal”, but to observe his wife who was executed on April 26, 2021 in this long ceremonial gawn in Ireland obviously has been too much for him.


withdrawal from adreno could have been the culprit.

Just A Girl

Well guess we wont be hearing this “celeb” is still alive at the great awakening! LOL


He would have known not to take the bio-weapon


The government may report that he died at home suddenly, heart attack or what have you….they may give him a large funeral like HW Bush….but no Hillary or Chelsea attending? Possibly body doubles for them?? We shall see….maybe they will wait until the Deep State is revealed and the truth is told to all….


With some crisis actors doing their part.


On the other hand it’s so close to ‘shut down reveal time’ they may as well wait for the daily 3 x 7 hours pop-corn time to start

Last edited 2 years ago by Zee
buck fiden

Do you reveal yourself to strangers in stalls for tips?

Sandy Jim

You are describing your second source of income, bucky?

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buck fiden

Epstein, Bill Clinton, JFK Junior, Osama Bin Laden and others are living somewhere on a well-guarded tropical island enjoying alcoholic beverages and female company. Their deaths were faked and no bodies found.

Sandy Jim

And you REALLY believe the the words you are barfing up on that keyboard right now. Because you hope that you too will be protected and well guarded in some tropical island hideaway.

Soooo, sorry that is not going to happen for you. We will find you pedovore Satanist!


very likely……

Jan D Hunsinger



Well, short exit. No fan fare. Maybe it was learning his little demon child was caught..
Saved the Military money .