Colin Powell Committed Suicide


The disreputable, faux Biden administration and its media cohorts have perpetrated yet another fallacy on the American public by claiming that Colin Powell died of “Covid-19 complications” despite being fully vaccinated. Although breakthrough infections that result in death are becoming more common and broadly reported by alternative media, Colin Powell had never received a positive Covid-19 diagnosis or displayed symptoms commonly associated with the China virus, said an administration whistleblower speaking under promise of anonymity.

The administration and the media have released scant details on his death, obfuscating both where he died and the approximate time of death, but were quick to blame his demise on Covid-19.

Powell, who had suffered from multiple myeloma, a blood cancer, committed suicide early Monday morning, our source said.

“Powell died at home after consuming a bottle of prescription sleeping pills,” he said.

According to him, Powell’s wife Alma awoke at 3:00 a.m. and noticed that her husband was not breathing. She discovered an empty bottle of Ambien, which had been nearly full the night previous, tucked amid the bedsheets.

“Alma called 911. She said the bottle was almost full because Colin had filled it only a few days ago. 911 routed the Call directly to the White House, which has never been heard of. No paramedics, no ambulances showed up at his McClean, Virginia, home—only the FBI,” our source said.

Two FBI Special Agents and an agency forensic pathologist arrived at the Powell’s residence shortly after 4:00 a.m. They found Mrs. Powell in a state of hysteria, screaming and crying at the top her lungs as she hovered over late husband’s corpse. After a thorough examination of the bedroom, one agent found what appeared to be a suicide note on the floor beside the Powell’s bed.

“I’ll love you always, Alma, you and the children. But I am old and sick, and I know they’ll find me soon, like they have the others. I don’t want my legacy to end that way. I pray you can all forgive me, for what I’ve done, and now what I no longer have to do. The man in the glass tower must not rise. I place myself in the Lord’s hands; I’d rather He judge me than them,” part of the note purportedly read.

Powell, who had identified as a Republican, was a RINO—Republican in name only. He was an outspoken opponent of Donald J. Trump, and he had endorsed both Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden’s bids for the presidency.

“The FBI made a call directly to Kamala Harris, and she told them they’d have to spin the death to make it appear as if he died from Covid,” our source said. “The FBI is a tool of the Deep State.”

The administration and the CDC have been instructing health institutions and city and county coroners to falsify death certificates to make it seem as if every human fatality over the last two years was a result of Covid-19.

RRN will supply updates as available.

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Watch out for Condeleezza next. I’m concerned that she may try the same to protect her legacy.

And, who is the man in the glass tower? DJT?

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Watch out for Condeleezza next. I’m concerned that she may try the same to protect her legacy.

I’ll be glad to send her some Ambien to help with the transition…


I’d be happy to force them down her throat!!!


I’ll hold her arms for you.


This response is Gold!!✊🇺🇸💞


I’d be happy to hogtie her and drag her by the feet, kicking and screaming all the way into the courtroom to face justice! NOW COMES THE PAIN, CONDI BAR!
Me: “Adm. Crandall, meet your next detainee for processing.”
Rice: “NOOOO!!!”
Me: “Shut up, Condi, this is just a preliminary encounter.”
Crandall: “Detainee Rice, please be seated. No theatrics today, please.”
Rice (seated): “It was all President Obama, He’s the orchestrator! He’s continuing the whole 16-year plan!”
Crandall: “Call in the stenographer, please.”
Rice: “I don’t want to die, please don’t kill me!”
Crandall: “Could we have some ice water, please?”


Does this give you an erection, you sick fuck?


Mensatration,why you crying puke?


Poetic Justice. Quit virtue signaling.

by Victor

Personally i would like to pull the lever on this POS, Or with a straw blow the ambien down her throat one at a time,,,


The Vice Admirals are awesom,Hannink was always quick and to the point too,Obama Bin Laden’s tribunal should be entertaining


Excellent reply. Especially your impersonation of Admiral Crandall. Awesome. I’m his #1 fan of all time. No one tells it like it is, like he does.



Sara Schmidt

They could put some pressure on her . Make her share her wisdom LOL

John S.

Hmm, Dick Cheney also comes to mind.

Whose next?

Well it’s off to see my bookmaker, been doing much gambling via RRN.

Have money on Cuomo ‘Firing Squad’: Quote Yogi Berra: “it’s not over, till it’s over”.

It’s been established that matters at GITMO are subject to change.

David Yanity

I predict that Dick Cheney shoots himself in the face.
It’s more a wish than anything else, so don’t take it as gospel truth.

J Bill

If he did it while duck hunting? Totally believable.

Angel Askew

No such thing as coincidence!


The definition of coincidence is “when God chooses to remain anonymous.” Think about it.


😂 😂 😂 Funny.


Makes you wonder what real story was behind that duck hunting accident now knowing how ds does stuff and how they all were cabal. Someone shoot a warning shot at someone to keep quiet or stay in line.

J Bill

I know and always wondered. But like the “warning shot” theory!


This RRN report suggests that Colin Powell was deeply involved in the anti-Trump plot and so had to kill himself to escape an ignominious end. According to his own suicide note, the U.S. military may have evidence on him.

Lucky star

I think he was threatened and given a choice by his cabal friends. Either he commit a suicide or they will take care of his entire whole family


Seems colon was involved in 9-11


Of course he was. He also lied about weapons of mass destruction which led to the Iraq War and subsequent wars. He was a traitor and you will see when his coffin is covered in a wrinkled American flag like McCain, Ginsberg and Bush.


Damn right he was. Iraqi citizens are dancing in the streets right now. I don’t blame them either.


No wonder so many countries hate US our government had no business in their country’s way of governing. We were told lies to make US believe we should sign our military Men and women up to go over and kill innocent people and die for treasonous acts by our demons running gov. Easy to start wars when you don’t fight them..


Other countries know American people were not aware of what was being done in their name and in their behalf, because foreign press has no problem reporting what is supressed in American corporate press but I think people finally saw it , with what twitter did with Hunter´s report and all congress giving orders to facebook twitter and big media to censor selected subjects imo

by Victor

Can you say BANKSTERS WARS? War is profitable to the bastards that keep wars on going, Henry Kiss-assenger said the American people are dumb stupid animals to be used as pawns to fight their wars, Major Gen. Smedley Butler said war is a racket, Then there was Ron Tilman murdered by his own [friendly fire] my ass! He was coming back to the states to tell the people exactly what was happening over there!!!

Sandy Jim

Good call, David !


They do and powell knew it otherwise he wouldn’t have committed suicide. The only way out for the left.

Wouldn’t be surprised if obama does it too. I hope he doesn’t and we can all watch him in GITMO get dragged under the Guillotine like comey.


we can’t watch any of this because it isn’t real


It isn’treal???

Like that cheating and stealing of the Presidential election by your demoNcRats is not true, right? So you really think biden won?

KCUF joe biden! Have you heard that recently? It’s spreading all over in universities, colleges, and in sport events. Wake up dude.

You are being left behind by the informed and your cabal is falling fast. Soon they will be extinct and you will benefit too. Keep America Great!!!

One by one your pedo demonic democrats are being executed.

hillary hanged in April, susan rice in August, John brennan in July, comey faced his Guillotine his idea in May, podesta faced the firing squad, bill clinton was hanged in September, etc. Still don’t want to believe it, it’s your lose.

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I think “Slick” was poisoned according to Mr. Baxter.


Michael reported that Hillary was hung and Bill was poisoned by the kitchen staff with Rincin, a poison found naturally in castor beans. It can be in the form of a powder, a mist, or a pellet, or it can be dissolved in water or weak acid.

Robert James

I’ve used it for rats. How appropriate.


Strangely well versed on the subject dear.

by Victor

Bill did not hang he cried for life in prison, Then suppoedly died by poison,,,

Kim Collett

I think people who actually voted for Lyin Biden & Democrat should be thoroughly investigated & should not get the rewards we will receive, if found to be evil as well. To me they have the same blood on their hands as Biden, political & Hollyweird elites!!!

Ed bob

Joe’s fake white house isn’t real. Tom Cruise’s face at that football game wasn’t real. Hillary happily walking out of that apartment building after her convulsive collapse wasn’t real. RRN, *is* real.


thanks, ed boob. nothing is real,. everything is fake. everything which is fake is real


That’s exactly what fake means, not real, right?

J Bill

Russ-ofa is slowly coming full circle. Desperately trying to make sense. But it’s not working…




Just because you don’t see anything doesn’t mean it’s not happening. The world is full of blind morons like yourself. You are as common as mud.

by Victor

Can you imagine how far under the jail mr Baxter would be thrown if he made up stories like this on people of the elete ?


That would the perp walk of the century. We want to see it!

J Bill

For sure. Bet he knew where a few skeletons are.


The MSM called the victory for Joe Biden shortly after Nov. 3, 2020, but now, I am beginning to wonder what kind of a victory it was for the Dems — with so many big-shot Dem supporters in deep doo doo.

I found this term in my dictionary: Pyrrhic Victory. Don’t you think these two words may be an appropriate depiction of the 2020 presidential election fraud debacle for the Dems?

Tell me what they, the Dems, really gained by the election theft? In my opinion, some of the old sayings are still very valid, such as: “Honesty is the best policy;” and “Crime doesn’t pay.”

The Dems may need to brush up on what their primary school teachers taught them when they were very young. How come they seem to have never learnt such terms as honesty, integrity, decency and conscience.

by Victor

He also played his roll in the WTC take down! Colin P, WAS A TOTAL yes man!


Perhaps he was offered something he could not refused by the DS.

Jan D Hunsinger

He would never do that. My guess….If he is executed he will go down cursing everyone. Most evil horrible creature.


He is extremely vile. Especially when raping kids.

Last edited 1 year ago by Xena
Frederick Carreon

What tf r u talkin’ bout?


Obama and Congressmen gang raped children in the basement of the White House … that’s the “what” they are referring … no doubt Michael Robinson (alias Michelle) was included because Michael is Barry’s “husband” dressed as a transvestite, but yes, Barry is the wife in the relationship.

Tahoe Belle

Good one!


Or 3 times in the back of the head with a pump action 12 gauge.

J Bill

I’ve drafted a plausible explanation to cover that.

Last edited 1 year ago by J Bill

He’s already dead, executed. The delta on many of these reports is abt 3 years.

Sandy Jim

If you could please elaborate without compromising security protocols…..
many here would be very grateful for your input.

Andi Kay

I agree, as that would put the actual dates in line with some things President Trump has said, as well as Q.
No-Name McStain had his “sentence” carried out in August, 2018.

Sandy Jim

While I have no evidence , I suspect that Dick Cheney was removed about the same time as G.H.W. Bush. Can anyone offer more on this topic.


It is Hunting Season soon. Blah, Ha, Ha….


EASY-PEASY…. he will go hunting and fake ..been shot……


been shot by her daughter LIZZY

Last edited 1 year ago by sejmon
J Bill

maybe axe…Borden?


Okay, Bill Clinton didn’t get the death penalty, but he ended up dead, which is fine with me. Not sure how much is subject to change besides that–sounds to me like most of these people are getting EXACTLY what they deserve.


I thought I saw where they got Dick Cheney, but there is so much to keep up with, I could be wrong.


They did, he was on the list.


I am convinced that Dick Cheney was one of those behind the 9/11 disaster! It seems to me that he had massive influence over Bush who knew ahead of time it would happen. What are these people going to say to God when they die? We all get judged.


He was, but main orchestrator was a guy named dov zakheim and abt 12 other mossed type operatives….bushes did 911 of course but scherfs aren’t the intelligentsia clan, so had to be planned by others, with Bush &Co, Cheney etc al being ” frontmen”.

Sandy Jim

Dear Statethis,

You have set me to ponder who or what is Dov Zakeim.

Agreed 9/11 was very complex. It was more than a Bank Job, or a coverup for Rumsfeld’s D.O.D. theivery or a continued cover for Bush/Clinton Trafficing and Money Laundering. This project had multiple payoffs for many Cabal figures. And for the Cabal Leadership the biggest gift was a never ending war, impossible to win. A WAR ON TERROR that could ultimately demoralize and destroy the U.S.Military. …… And who benefits from that…. Who ?

Khazarian Bankers would give this Gift to the ambitious power hungry leaders with in the C.C.P. in China in exchange for…….

And the NWO, one world government could ratchet up its control mechanisms more rapidly than ever…… They have a schedule to keep.

This kind of thinking is above CIA/ Mossad deviants. It would take a Black Hearted Reptilian mind to shape such a plan.

Last edited 1 year ago by Sandy Jim
Sandy Jim

If God the Creator of all, should choose to speak to Black Hearted Satanic Reptilian Pedovores, like Bush or Cheney …..I would not want to be the same universe to feel the thunder of God’s Wrath.


@Ruth — Father God says He created good and created evil. I speculate He did this to test his obedient children who are given freedom of choice. Father God only wants love and obedience in His House. All six families of humanity (White, Caucasian, Yellow, Red, Brown, Black) He LOVES because we are His children on His Earth. He loves His children and came into the flesh as Christ Jesus to show His children Love and die for His children to save them from the PUNISHER He put into place to keep His children obedient to Him. The obedient humans and planet Earth are gifts from Father God to His son Christ Jesus. The renegade angels seek only to genocide humanity to take dominion of Earth, but they were executed and condemned for eternity. The renegade angels refused to serve Jesus and humanity because they believed themselves superior to humanity. Father God taught Lucifer and the one-third angels a very big lesson that kept two-thirds angels obedient to Father God and is the same lesson humans are learning … only the obedient shall live in Father God’s house and kingdom .. the same rule human parents require of their children; obedience.

Last edited 1 year ago by FireDog
by Victor

Fact is Cheney was the, What we used to call the main player, He pulled the strings from his hide out!!


The Yogi Berra quote is: “It’s not over ’til it’s over,and then it’s over”.


“It’s deja vu all over again.”

by Victor

I’ll bet old Carter is tickled he didn’t get one of those envelopes now! Poor old fart looked so depleted when he did’nt get one,,, lol


He should count his blessings for being spared. He is one of three ex POTUS’ that will be shaken per the prophecy of Mark Taylor. Mark prophesied thus, two will be taken and three will be shaken. Jimmy is part of what Mark calls the evil crew of 32, the 32 representing the years Carter, GHWB, WJC, GWB and BHO served. Two already have been taken, GHWB and WJC. I know this is something the hateful on this site want BHO gone but we shall see. 🙏🙏🙏

Johnny Lunchbucket

There will be a whole heap of these corrupt RINO’s committing suicide trying to protect their legacy. We can’t let that happen.

Buck fiden

Can’t let what happen? RINOs committing suicide? Or RINOs protecting their legacy?

Johnny Lunchbucket

Buck, you know me better than that b I want all these pukes dead and I really don’t care how. Protecting their legacy is what can’t happen. I hope they all commit suicide. That would make it easy for the tribunal people.


Even GHWB’s legacy got blown to smithereens upon his death when the Scherff stuff came out about him and Tesla and Prescott. I was blown away.


Tha schirrf stuff was talked about on 15-20 years ago. Scherrf’s (GHWB) partner In setting up the CIA was this 6’8″ Hitler bodyguard. Bush squeezed him out, so he brought out his shoebox full of fotos of him and the fiend, bush, in German navy uniforms at 14 years old, before he was infiltrated.
Also of interest on, If it’s still up, is all the info about barbara bush being supposed to be the product of copulation between alestair crowley and her mother during the intensive foray into his satanic “sex magik” rituals.

Both george’s planes he flew In WW2 were named barbara.

He bailed out of both condemning his navigator and radio men to death, since they could not get out. The pilots were instructed to ditch, in the ocean, if badly damaged, so the crew could get out. Witnesses said one plane was lightly damaged, the other occasion reported no visable damage.
He bailed out, sending them to death. Human sacrifices, presumably.

Bush also named various yachts barbara.

Last edited 1 year ago by Maybeperfect
Sandy Jim

Thank you for the execellent and most timely data. On one of the newest of John Macffee’s downloads on telegram you can find the old worn family photo of the George H. Scherff Sr. family and friends cira 1930’s perhaps.

On the photo you see Mr.& Mrs. Scherff, and Weirmacht Lt. General Reinhart Gehlen aka (Galen) Chief of Army Intelligenge a good friend of Allen Dulles of O.S.S. in Switzerland after WWII.
In the picture you see also a younger man behind the young boy who is our U.S. President George H. W. Bush aka (Scherrf ), one Dr. Josef Mengele. On the left in the photo is a teen age boy smiling, young Martin Bormann who arranged and orchestrated the escape of perhaps 5 key individuals along with Adolph Hitler from the Berlin Bunker to a hideway in Bariloche, Argentina in 1945.

I have seen another photo as well, of an older Hitler seated surrounded by a few dignitaries in front of the great house at Bariloche speaking to a man on his left who does very much resemble former President George Herbert Walker Bush. I cannot recollect the provenance of that photo. If you could help I would be grateful.

buck fiden

And you know that I’m just messing with you, too. I want them all to commit suicide, too. I’d volunteer to help.


W/c come first, the chicken or the egg?


The chicken came first because God created the animals, then told them to multiply, which in the case of chickens requires eggs.


What legacy? Treason, treachery and dishonor?

buck fiden

You’ll have to axe J Lunchbucket


I suspect someone must have tipped off Powell as to the imminent arrest, which is why he offed himself and left that note for his poor,
devastated wife. If he had been taken by surprise, we would have a more explosive article. I wonder who the wormsnitch is?

Sandy Jim

Thanks !


Remember some of the indictments were stolen, once that info got out it was just a matter of time before this happened.
I wonder if this could have been done to make sure his family kept his assets.

Last edited 1 year ago by Elcee

The Deep State traitors and criminals should do themselves and the world a favor and follow in Colin Powell footstep.


@SaturnnNet — So far, Michael Baxter has reported two evil humans chose poison to suicide at GITMO. I don’t believe any of the evil humans are thinking of a “legacy” when they suicide, rather, they are all COWARDS. Moreover, these are the evil humans Father God created during the days of CREATION … living examples for the good/obedient humans Father God created. The obedient humans are to witness and choose to be loving, good/obedient children to Father God because they are His gift to Christ Jesus along with Earth to live for eternity.

Sandy Jim

Agreed !

In order for their sons and daughters to inherit their power and their money and or course their Offices. These are mostly Satanic bloodline family want to be’s. This is their legacy.

Where every body gets more money and tortures more innocent women and children and eats their flesh and drinks their blood to become quasi immortal. This Satanic Madness must be completely exposed so that each and every human face is rubbed into this filth.

So that no Human Being can ever forget how low the human race had sunken.

So that no Human Being will ever permit anything like this again.


Last edited 1 year ago by Sandy Jim
Sandy Jim

It would save a great deal on time on tribunals though……

J Bill

Then he says he doesn’t want to be judged “by them.” As in several people?


My swag is The Patriots led by Q+.


It seemed to me, he was referring to the Military Tribunal, maybe?

Buck fiden

Could be. Nice guess, Phyllistine.


Nice try, fido. Or is that fifi

Last edited 1 year ago by Statethis
buck fiden

Fifi go weewee on the carpet.

Jan D Hunsinger

l think he means JAG, Trump, White Hats, maybe Q…..Patriots in general.


JFK Jr is Q!


The good guy white hat Patriots at the military tribunals. Three officers I believe. And vice admiral Crandall. At this point in time.


The way I see it, “them” refers to the different Military factions.
We are told only a very small fraction of the truth.

In fact, there are different Military factions with different, very heavily compartmented, special access programs.

Today we know about what they do to kids, and that they have tunnels, but there is far more to it.

So all those factions are decimating the Deep State, and they are not only working back home, but they also operate in other countries.

Positive Military Special Access Programs have united behind DJT, because his record as a man of God is impeccable and it has been agreed that he will be the natural leader of the Western Word after the Cabal and the Deep state is defeated.

So there is not just the Navy.

Things are way too compartmentalized and it sometimes amaze me to see people who have seen with their own eyes what’s happening in the tunnels, display disbelief when it comes to confidential satellite info, they don’t believe. Same thing with people with satellite clearance, who know about special access programs astonishing breakthroughs, but that will not believe reports from tunnels.

Compartmentalization is really a tool to keeps us away from the truth…

Being able to grasp the big picture, or at least a fair amount of it, is priceless.

Last edited 1 year ago by forsaken
Irish Girl

Thank you, forsaken. You don’t say a lot, but it’s always worth reading.


You’re welcome Irish Girl!

J Bill

Well said forsaken.

I thought it was “disjointed info” but compartmentalized sums it up better. Our access to the whole truth is limited. But thanks to Military et al we get what we do, with God’s Blessing.

In his last moments it’s hard to say what went through his mind: knowing things he’s done and seen, what others have done as he knows.

Keeping truth hidden, is turning out to be a deadly secret in and of itself.


As I have been told by White Hats, suicide of people like Colin Powell are not a rare occurence, but it happens massively since the last 6 months approximately.

To us, it does not make sense, because we do not know the satanist mindset and the full extent of their practice of satanism.

To satanist, suicide is far from the end : their decade long practice of satanism has enabled them to reach their masters in hell, and for them, it’s not a hell, it’s a safe house.

So when they commit suicide, they intend to reach their safe house, they do not expect to “die” forever.

They have been trading innocent children’s life against miracles, so it’s clear that, in their mind, the suicide is just a temporary move.

People can not understand, that those people being satanists, they may resort to satan’s magic, a lower magic that Christ allows to function simply because it’s God’s will to give the tools to evil to tempt us.

So of course, for them, it’s not out of reach to imagine their master will be able to provide them with a new body, stolen by possession or even revived from an NDE…

So his last thoughts were probably, like many of his deep state colleagues who committed suicide too, “I’m going to meet my master in hell, and beg for a new body in exchange for countless children souls”

But unfortunately for him, times have changed.

God has decided it’s time for Justice…

Last edited 1 year ago by forsaken

“It is appointed unto man once to die, and then the judgememt”. -God.

Satan is a liar. And the father of lies.

Some exceptions include Elijah and Enoch. But they did not go to Satan’s safe house”, that’s for sure.

Sandy Jim

Many roam the 4th dimension searching for a new human host.

Last edited 1 year ago by Sandy Jim

i know i do

Sandy Jim

You are stating the obvious again, buck.


Elijah and Enoch are still alive waiting for God’s signal to come back to earth before the End of the World. Elijah to preach to the Israelites and Enoch for the Gentiles.

Sandy Jim

This is a most excellent and coherent explanation.

The Modern Scientific Atheist Materialism taught in our public schools teaches us the exact opposite in order to purposefully hide the truth from us. This web of lies and half truths tells us that we live in a 3 D dimensional universe of linear time flowing always in one direction. And when you are dead, you are dead nothing more.

God’s Multiverse is Infinite.
With the help of our E.T. friends we have recently come to understand why Einstien’s General Theory is an impossibly, because Quantum Mechanicis is a profoundly defective tool.

We cannot use it to properly describe the fabric of Space/Time which is not linear.
We cannot use Quantum Mechanics to properly describe a universe at 7th Density vibrational frequency. Much less a Multiverse with sentient life forms who operate in a 14th Density vibrational frequency.

Thanks to our E.T. friends we are finally coming to understand what the ancients knew long ago…..that the soulless noncorporeal spirits of Demons can and do live on in a 4th Density vibrational frequency seeking out humans on earth living in a 3rd Density vibrational frequency who will make a bargain with these Demons.

That these Demons may again have the use of a 3rd Density vibrational frequency human body until that body dies away.
After which the Demon must search out a new human fool.

Because so many humans are fools these Demons can afford to pick and choose, a body like Hillary Clinton or a body like Bill Gates.


i hope you don’t reproduce

Jan D Hunsinger

What is your problem?

J Bill

There are many here hoping you don’t.

Sandy Jim

Many starseeds are now returned to earth at such a pace that Lucifer and his minions are now in fear of their very extinction from planet Earth. I take it that you are one of those minions.

Sandy Jim

Do I scare you Russell ? That is a good thing. You should be afraid!

J Bill

Good posts! In the movie “Eyes Wide Shut” – chanting scene, the low frequency chant of the demon is obvious.

Sandy Jim

Thanks. I am glad you got it. So many are still trapped in the 3 dimensional vibration which is changing with every passing day. The Earth’s Schuman Resonance is now moving up very rapidly.


@Forsaken — YES! You said, “… it’s God’s will to give the tools to evil to tempt us….” YES! This is Truth! Father God said He created both good and evil humans … He wants His obedient children to always choose love and obedience to Him, the Almighty Creator Father God, and His son Christ Jesus.


It always has been, but people seem to delude themselves..

Sharon Manning

I’ve questioned DUMBs in my own mind. I have a deep respect for our military and have trouble bringing their tunnels and human trafficking into the same story. Why and how would our military be involved in such awful things? I just don’t understand.


They’ve been working with what The Bible and The Book Of Enoch call Fallen Angels, others call them Reptilians.


@Rich — Yes! The evil ones are renegade angels that Father God condemned for an eternity because they REFUSED to serve Christ Jesus and six families that comprise humanity (White, Caucasian, Yellow, Red, Brown, Black). The renegade angels rape female humans to increase Lucifer’s (Satan) army against Father God’s obedient army. Lucifer’s half-breeds and inbreeds along with the evil humans seek to genocide humanity and take dominion of Earth, but they all know they LOST the war when Christ Jesus came, awakened humanity, and died for humanity and Earth. Humanity and Earth are gifts from Father God to Christ Jesus who is King of Kings, and Lord of Lords. Huzzah! Huzzah! Huzzah!


Rich is correct, although I would rephrase it and explain it progressively, hoping people could understand what is happening.

First, Sharon, you have to be able to understand that “Our Military” from today, is not the same thing as “The military in the 50’s”.

Our Military today is really the physical embodiment of Jesus Christ, through His Angel Michael killing the Dragon.

Back in the 50’s, it was more humans frighten about Russia, and ready to make far too much compromise with Christian Values, in short, candidates for temptation.

To understand it, we have to come up with an horrible truth : America won the open war in the 50’s, but lost the Special Access Programs war.

Special Access Programs are very light Military factions who can operate in perfect isolation from the civilian world : to put it simply, they do not need us no more, they do not really need civilian money or workforce. ( little money is taken from DEA, some civilians were half forced to work for them, under the guise of a military contract. some German special access programs also had slaves without contracts. Well there is no union and nobody to complain to in the isolated world of a Special access program)

Since the beginning of times, leaders have been tempted by Satan, as it’s God’s will to have us tempted. For centuries, leaders have asked for gold and diamonds. In the 1880’s, science began to be the new religion and Satanists started to ask Satan the key to the secrets of the universe, secrets of science.

So germans lost the open war, but won the special access programs, the US Military, at the time, and some of his generals, was been tempted by Satan, and that temptation was God’s will.

So not to disrespect anybody, but the result of the present situation clearly shows us that this temptation messed up the whole thing : they exchanged secrets of the universe, secrets of science, in exchange for young children.

Why young children? It’s very easy to grasp today, where Californian startups brag about the capacity of young blood to rejuvenate you and facilitate young but broke blood student’s transfusion.

The satanists have a more elaborate way to rejuvenate people, using the blood of children but also maximizing the “soul life force” transfusion : they do not only transfer blood and rejuvenation, but also the life potential of the people : it’s a way, let’s say to steal life to somebody and transfer it to some other people.
That is why lower evils want children : it’s just to avoid death : they steal kids life potential and transfer it to themselves, to continue their pathetic life.

So why kids and not old people : kids have a lifelong potential, and they are very close to Christ , so their blood is very pure, it gives pure life and so it can rejuvenate, heal the body and even prolong life when processed by complicated satanic techniques.

 “Let the children come to me. Don’t stop them! For the Kingdom of God belongs to those who are like these children.

 (Mk 10, 14) 

Here you can see the Kingdom of God belongs to who are like these children, satanists use a way to steal that purity, and insert it in their doomed system to either prolong their life or win an election…

So you see, when the former US government fell into temptation, Satan was free to bring all types of life forms from other semi physical hell into our world.

That is how the fallen angels were gotten official entry in our country and then the tunnels thing started to keep it away from surface people…

Until today : we were blessed with a true Man of God, DJT, and this time the new generation of US Military, in his majority, is completely and totally filled with the Holy Spirit and totally impermeable to temptation.

So this time the story is completely different and God gives us an opportunity to clean and expel the mess we have childishly welcomed 70 years ago, and after we clean that mess, we may experience a totally better world and America will be not only a paradise but also a Spiritual Sanctuary that will sing the Greatness of God.

That’s why we have to pray for DJT and the Military, for it’s not a war against flesh and bones, but a spiritual war against powers and principalities


Very well said and thought out, you really have the knowledge and the way to put it out to where people can truly understand. Thank you very much. May the good Lord keep blessing you for bringing the truth to the people.


Wow! You have made this whole nightmare so much easier to comprehend. God Bless you, sir.


Satan apes God. In the Roman Catholic Church we have the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. Jesus offers His Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity to His Father for the redemption of humankind. And we receive His body, blood, soul and Divinity during Holy Communion.
Satan wants the same accolade to himself so he persuades his followers to sacrifice and kill children and offer it to him and let them consume the victim?


@Forsaken — AMEN!


Money,….its the root of ALL evil.
Thats the answer to your question.

Lorie Mena

The LOVE of money is the root of all evil—Jesus.

Money is a tool or inanimate object that can be used for much humanitarian good—and it has been.

Jan D Hunsinger

lt’s the love of money is the root of many kinds of evil. (Not all…for example lust and hate are not necessarily about money.)




There is some good info on ,
And they sometimes even mention RRN in their posts.

Last edited 1 year ago by fifi

@Fifi — WOW, Fifi, reading this page is like watching a blunderbuster of projectiles hitting its targets!

Jan D Hunsinger

They are trying to clean them out, Sharon. Look up Phil Schneider who helped BUILD DUMBS…a very good man murdered a few years ago who told all about them.

Sandy Jim

Dear Sharon M.

Since no one has yet taken on this legitimate question. I will endeavor to give you the information that I have from my readings among the public recorded history of that time. Where I speculate I will include (spec) the rest is all available on line.

Please remember we have all been lied to for a very long time…..

Warning this is the truth and you are not going like it much.

In the dark despair in Germany in 1918 the germanic occult, Thule Society was founded. In that year Rudolph Hess joined the Thule Society. Hess was in those days Adolph Hitler’s right hand. Occult Societies were of great interest to Hitler! Many of his inner circle joined at the urging of Rudolph Hess. Some like Himmler joined the Black Sun group as well. In 1919 at a quiet Hunting lodge in Berchtesgaden leaders of The Black Sun and the Thule Society were introduced to a third occult group led by group of 7 extraordinarily beautiful blonde germanic females, their Leader was Maria Orsik. Her group, the Vril Society were from the Planet Aldeberon. Like any highly trained covert officier, she dangled the bait in front of her victims flawlessly.

Aldeberon was “then allied” with the Reptilian Orion Empire. The Reptilians used a Honey Trap that the Hitlers Nazi’s could not resist. Reptiles in conjunction with the Vril Society would provide Hitlers SS with powerful high tech flying saucers to win WW II in exchange at the end of WWII all of the soldiers and officers of the SS and the heirs would serve in a joint Reptilian Nazi army of conquest, through out this Galaxy and beyond.

The Nazi Fourth Reich has in fact conquered and now controls 500 planets in the milkyway and beyond.

Shortly after July of 1952 when Fourth Reich Nazi Flying Saucer squadrons buzzed the US Capitol*(*see multiple stories and photos over multiple days in the Washington Post newspaper that month) in Washington DC for a period of several days. The Majestic 12 group advised President Harry Truman that the U.S. “must seek terms aka surrender to” (spec) the Fourth Reich Nazi’s and their Reptilian allies. Because we were out matched.

It was secret Treaty in which the US and eventually all of its allies signed. The 12 Nation Official signing for the press took place in 1959. The Antarctica Treaty, made Antarctica off limits. Any one wishing to go there must get a special permit specifically approved by Martin Borman’s personal secretary at The Antarctica Treaty HQ offices in Buenos Aires. The 4th Reich Nazi promised to leave earth permanently in less than”60 years” (spec) as soon as they were fully established on the Moon, Mars and within “the Asteroid Belt” (spec)with a series of stable colonies.

Further more it would be the duty of the U.S. and her allies to provide the industrial resources necessary and the manpower necessary for this colonization project. In exchange German Nazi’s employed at the highest levels throughout Americas major industries beginning with aerospace and the Pharmaceutical industries would provide new breakthrough technologies for these American industries via the reptilians.

This is how the the American Military industrial Complex came into being!

President Eisenhauer was not allowed to tell the American people the exact and precise truth because the American people could not handle it !

Please do the research yourself.

Begin with Maria Orsik, include Fourth Reich Nacht Waffen Officer Johan Fritz and then you are on your own.

Last edited 1 year ago by Sandy Jim
Jan D Hunsinger

Thank you for this! l have previously heard most of it.


UfodotFandomdotcom/wiki/Maria _Orsic

J Bill

Fantastic info Sandy Jim. Thnx!

The tv series episode “Ancient Aliens – Return to Antarctica” , shows advanced technology in plain view. Of course, the Nazi’s were there trying to exploit it. And American leaders were making regular trips there in 2016 too.

The part that escapes me, is why a benevolent alien race would let the plundering Nazi’s walk away scot-free, and avoid being “vaped” by a far superior race for their evil ambitions.

Sandy Jim

Among the Galactic Civilizations, The Law of Non Intervention in the wars of amongst a spieces on Earth prevents their intervention. And even when the Galactics find grounds for intervention on a planet like Earth, it may take decades or centuries before a large scale intervention like the one now taking place on Earth can begin..

They sent down an advance guard of starseeds to wake the world beginning in the 1950’s to preach as Jesus did Love and Peace and an end to war. They got tear gassed, The CIA pumped them full of LSD and marajuana and pulled many into MK Ultra. They were called Hippies. Many did not survive the encounter with the American 4th Reich CIA Cabal.

I hope I have answered your question ?

Sandy Jim

My version is not fully detailed or complete. Please feel free to offer additional documented data.

Sandy Jim

The latest good news is that Earth Alliance and our E.T. Allies have successfully removed the Reptilian / Nazi 4th Reich forces from Antarctica finally in Sept. 2021 ! The tyranny is ending !


Satan is real, and they’re hedging their bets. Look up michael aquino.

Sandy Jim

I often forget to explain the obvious. Thank you so Much.

I imagined most folks knew who U.S. Army Lt.Colonel Michael Aquino is and what exactly he does for the Nazi 4th Reich United States Army Cabal to recruit Pedovore Satanists within the ranks of the US Military for the Cabal..


@Sharon Manning — “They” are not Military patriots, rather, “they” are hand-picked evil humans that Deep State chooses and places into the ranks among patriots. “They” bugger the minds of God loving humans who are called to protect humanity and Earth since Creation. The evil ones create fake wars to genocide humanity to take possession of Earth, and the patriots who escape death in the fake war theaters are mentally and physically injured and intentionally medically neglected and abused which drives many patriots to suicide. POTUS Trump shut down the wars and made healthcare accessible to military and veterans. POTUS Trump awakens America and the world’s people to the answers of “who, what, when, where, and how” the evil humans and renegade angels have done, are doing, and won’t do anymore because Father God is the Commander-in-Chief of this spiritual war of good against evil!


Sandy Jim

God Bless You !

Angel Askew

Some truths all at once are too jarring. Compartmentalization helps one slowly process what they need to when it is overwhelming to the psyche.


Yes, of course!
Not everybody can handle the full picture.
Maybe start to be depressed.

But they are depressed because they did not put God in the full picture.

We are living in extraordinary times : we are given an chance to choose GOD, to express Jesus Christ in our imperfect lives and to renounce satan and it’s deep state minions.

It may be difficult on the short run, but there is no Spiritual war without moments of despair : one should focus on one truth, what are a few years if you understand Christ will provide you with eternity?

We should be joyful, we are being liberated. RRN is an invaluable tool to understand how it’s happening and why



Sandy Jim

Again Sir. Thank you for your clarity !

Sandy Jim

In one hollywood satanic subliminal messaging, in a movie actor Jack Nicholson says, ” You can’t handle the truth ! “.

Right now time is running short, so we will have to learn to handle the truth very quickly !


Compartmentalizations are done in the SCIF just as the real-time 2020 election robbery was witnessed and recorded.


I’m talking about more general compartmentalization: you make sure regular people are only able to get a small picture, at any rate you keep them away from being able to connect the dots


Right but reality is holographic in nature, so give some folks a piece, they are able to reify and extrapolate the whole…not saying I can, but some folks can.

Your explanations are interesting but very usa centered, this is a worldwide phenomenon.

Sandy Jim

Thanks !


Didn’t the [DS] tell us back in 1962 about the tunnels used for people trafficking? Yes. Yes, they did. It was in the movie starring Robert Taylor, called, TheTime Machine. The Morloks banged a gong and the Eloi stood up and walked in a trance to the underground tunnels where they were killed and eaten. Just like in today’s child trafficking via the tunnels. Whatdayaknow!


Lots of movies talk about special access programs technology, it’s part of the disclosure program of the good special access programs.

The aim of those videos is to have the public accept it quickly, as it would have been seen television for decades.

For example, let’s imagine stargates are real, If tomorrow there is a gate in the middle of my city, people will not be scared that much, they will say it’s like “Stargate”, plus they will accept it like a Disney resort attraction.

Futuristic Disney resorts attractions are also a psyop for disclosure, as you have been trained to go to these family attractions and have lots of fun.

When new technology will be disclosed to families, the same attraction setup would be put in place and as you have been psychologically trained to see it as funny and enjoyable, this will help trigger an quick public acceptation of the new technology.

Our best Military is working on this for approximately 7 decades


ROD Taylor, not Robert Taylor


I really appreciate all you have put on this message board, many thanks Forsaken.

Sandy Jim



Tribunal panel.

Angela James

My guess is the Tribunal.

LaVerne Wojack

That was my question too?


The man in the glass tower must be DJT.

Buck fiden

The Man in the High Castle is one of my favourite TV series.

GreaterIdaho for Trump

Especially the first season, a little weak after that

buck fiden

I didn’t like the ending with the train derailment. A metaphor for the last season.

J Bill

Now thinking, if he meant it literally, then yes. But if meant metaphorically, then possibly the Kenyan.

The most untouchable of anyone on earth at this point. Who made others stoop before him as a Luciferian. The ultimate insult to God The Almighty.


Don’t worry 0bama is long dead, executed.

J Bill

Yes. They assume each other’s invincibility. But deep state having to explain a morgue full of embalmed “talking heads” could be tricky…


@StateThis — Can you cite when and how O-Whammy Bammy died? Do you know who took his place? Michael Baxter hasn’t reported on O-Whammy’s coordinates except to report GITMO detainees won’t give-up O-Whammy either before, during, or after their sentencing. What do you know? Share with us!

J Bill

It was rumored here in the comment section of RRN awhile back. Him and his wife (mike) were arrested, braceleted. Then one or both broke curfew. There was a scuffle. Wife took the needle. Obummer caught a “round,” thereby foregoing the need for further proceedings…

Jan D Hunsinger

l am asking around about that, too!!!!

Buck fiden

CondomNigger Lice should be next! It’s RINO season!

Johnny Lunchbucket

Heh heh. Nice one buck.

buck fiden

You get the uparrows, and I get the downarrows. I don’t mind, but I should get more DOWN arrows than your UP arrows!


I believe it is Donald Trump. Trump Tower in New York is All Glass and as everyone knows the Deep State hates Donald Trump. Colin Powell was definitely deep state from the time he told the world about weapons of mass destruction at the UN. Total bullshit.

Jan D Hunsinger

That’s my opinion, too.


The Ghost of Powell better not vote multiple times.

Terminally deplorable

From the place where he now resides probably not

Howie Phuksyosnitch

If they really wanted to fix the elections it is very very simple and proven to be hackproof, and where no one person can manipulate the data. Use of blockchain technology to decentralize the keepers and it can’t be effed with.


I had the same thought about Condoleeza. I use to like her too, but my gut is telling me she was in on 911.

Jan D Hunsinger

Oh she was a monster!


Her comment ” we never dreamed that terrorists would fly planes into buildings” was complete bullschiff. This had all been wargamed. The towers were specifically engineered to withstand airplane strikes.

Jan D Hunsinger

Yes 9/11 was planned before the twin towers were built.

Andrew Stevano

Yes, I’d say DJT also. Funny, he’d rather be judged by the Lord than by them, yet in dying/suicide he still opposes the legitimate presidential winner, God’s chosen, in his last action of his earthly life. He repents but he doesn’t. A hypocrite to the end. Sad.

Sojourner Truth

My question too, who is the man in the glass tower. I think you’re right, DJT.

Howie Phuksyosnitch

Let’s go Brandon!!! Fucking Scmuck Bribem LOL


I wondered about the glass tower comment myself.
Does this make any sense at all?
Why is this being spun as a suicide going thru White house and Harris when we all know the man in white house is Trump not Biden or Harris.
I must say this story doesn’t fit either sides narrative at all.
Also why is it ok for dems to report Powells death but no one else’s, like Bill Clinton who was just in ”hospital” but magically healed.
I’m getting annoyed by this never ending ”movie” and I’m as big of a Trump supporter as anyone but how much more are we to endure because sleeping sheep wont wake up.
We handled the truth so if they can’t to bad.

Dave Strickland

Neither Trump nor Biden is in the White House. That now God-forsaken establishment is serving as a venue for military tribunals and contains politicians under quarantine measures. It wasn’t Biden or Pelosi who organised putting up the perimeter fencing there.


On Oct 13 my boss met with Biden and COS and deputy COS in the WH. Not Oval Office. In the basement in the Ward Room next to the situation room. Full hour. Knows Biden well. Did not detect anything strange. I was totally amazed. I quizzed him as much as I could. Maybe they have access to a couple of rooms????


Agreed. White hats need to not overplay their hand…we the awakened, sheeple no more ,need to finally be told the truth
It’s time.

But nevertheless, I support the invisible war operation and must respect its timing.

Jan D Hunsinger

Well Lisa this isn’t about gratifying you and me and what and when things happen! This is huge, Lisa.

Sandy Jim

We are very close to the big reveal now. Maximum craziness will prevail for the next 4 weeks.


I’m thinking it was General Flynn at least possibly with DJT. “High ranking officers”. Technically DJT is an executive officer?


Trump IS the man in the glass tower.
Powells time was running short anyway at his age and being of no more use to the the Deep State other than “knowing too much” so thats probably why he did himself in.
He just took the easy way I figure.

Jan D Hunsinger

l have a survivor friend who knew him. He was in on 9/11 (pentagon remember?) and did the anthrax scare right afterwards. She tells me no way would he do that. And there’s another story out there so l am confused. The only thing l know he did NOT die of is COVID.


I read a long time ago that she got 5 years in prison where she is now.

GreaterIdaho for Trump

Funny how the Trump Tower is made of all glass. Let him rise!


I believe his crimes will still be made public

Jan D Hunsinger

I hope so! People need to wake up and realize we cannot go by public image!


didn’t Muammar Gaddafi have abit of an obsession with Rice

ann kennemer

Obama….or brandon…

Robert James

They tried and executed Susan Rice a while ago. She may have been Condoleeza Rice. Very similar appearance.

Sandy Koufax

Condom Leaser Lice


Another NWO butthole takes a dirt nap. Well Bye!

Andi Kay

Just curious. Is the “Well, bye” from a line by Johnny Ringo In the film Tombstone? 😉




YES, another one down, another one down, another one bites the dust


Who’s the man in the glass tower? Trump?


Great minds think alike.

J Bill

I assumed the script to be metaphorical, referring to someone who is/has been untouchable in a legal sense.

President Trump has been anything but untouched. Him and his family suffering a multitude of directed aggression with threats, kidnap or assassination attempts, ongoing intimidation, cancel culture via social media assaults, etc.. A list of violent assaults too numerous to mention now.

If Powell’s script is a last minute type of projection defense mechanism the entire worlds is familiar with now, then maybe he had something major to hide?

How often has everyone seen this sense of invincibility, or irresponsibility in JAG detainee’s last words? Trying to explain-away crimes of heinous proportion?

“I haven’t done anything wrong… I’ve only followed my orders… You can’t do this to me.”

They’re the ones who’ve been untouchable.
For a thousand years, maybe more.
Or so it seems.

Last edited 1 year ago by J Bill

I’ve a feeling it’s related to the ending of “The Cabin in the Woods”, those huge creatures which we’re no longer entertaining, are the men in the glass which will be broken upon emergence.

Jan D Hunsinger

He was involved in 9/11 and an SRA survivor l know said she knows for certain he was behind the ANTHRAX scare after 9/11.

doug miller

actually it has been around 3,000 – and it is said the Greeks went after those families when they discovered the “Oracle” was actually a Persian intelligence network…

Jan D Hunsinger

Several are guessing that but Mago Lago isn’t a “glass tower” is it….maybe refers to his NY Trump Tower.

J Bill

I thought so at first…
But then thought If that’s true, then Powell would have known he hasn’t been there in a long time. PDJT was in NJ before Mar-a-Lago too.

Whatever confession was made, from a deathbed in a deep state, I’d automatically assume now it be a “self revelation” of sorts. A classic projection defense mechanism, Deep state’s favorite tool:


Another thing for sure, it appears that with holding the truth is even more deadly than accepting it.

Last edited 1 year ago by J Bill

Yes I believe it is from Trump. Trump Towers is made of glass and all the Deep State hate Trump as we all know. what he said in the note makes perfect sense from that point of view.


Look up Who is Obama’s Boss

US economic and political policy run by a committee of the Trilateral Commission—the Commission had been created in 1973 by David Rockefeller and his sidekick, Zbigniew Brzezinski.

Their Pledge….
“I pledge allegiance to the Trilateral Commission, and to the domination for which it stands, one planet, indivisible, with tyranny and poverty and top-down order for all…”


no wonder the blonde sitting next to the murderer is such a vile creature…

buck fiden

So we have Zee talking about ZeeBig. Any relation?


Can I call it?


buck fiden

Fuck ZSmall and Mika, his yorkie!

Ron Baker

If Mrs Powell has any decency, she will tell the truth.


Not likely, she is living on his retirements and investments. You don’t bite the hand that feeds you. Besides, she has to know at least some of the things he referenced to doing. A passive co-conspirator.

J Bill

Yes Rodnryl. There was case in Canada a decade ago. A Military Officer convicted as a serial murderer/rapist, spanning years. His wife claimed the defense, “didn’t see anything.” But the Jury thought otherwise. (Col. R Williams)


Well, if he had life insurance they don’t payout for suicide, none do to my knowledge.

Jan D Hunsinger

She won’t.

Irish Girl

She can’t. If her 9-11 call went to FJB, then she has no place to hide. She has to play the line or follow her husband.

Buck fiden

She’s a negress. They’re all indecent.

EJ Rutherford

Not true

buck fiden

Yes. I stand corrected. 99.995% of them are still shit. I found one I love: Candice Owens.