Military Arrests Former President George W. Bush


U.S. Special Forces arrested former President George W. Bush Saturday morning at his Crawford, Texas, ranch following a blistering firefight with Secret Service agents and private security contractors assigned to protect him.

On Friday evening, a Special Forces “Alpha Detachment” stationed at Fort Campbell, Kentucky, received from U.S. Army Special Operations Command orders to infiltrate the ranch and arrest the 43rd president. SF were told to expect resistance because recent intelligence on the ranch showed that Bush had surrounded himself with armed private security contractors in addition to the trio of Secret Service agents that routinely patrolled the grounds.

Transportation to the ranch was provided by the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment, nicknamed Night Stalkers, a group of highly skilled chopper pilots that conduct transport, attack, assault, and reconnaissance missions, at night, at low altitude, and on short notice. The choppers had to make 3 refueling stops to reach their destination.

Under cover of darkness early Saturday morning, the choppers descended into a clearing near the southeast corner of Bush’s 1,600-acre ranch, far from the staff trailers and the main house where they hoped to find Bush sleeping. After offloading SF, the choppers ascended into the night to await a call for exfiltration.

A military source familiar with the mission told Real Raw News that Special Operations Command had obtained detailed satellite imagery of the property as well as locations of trail cams that live-streamed to a communications bunker 100 yards from the main building.

“Intelligence estimated that Bush had 20 security contractors and 3 Secret Service on the property. The plan was to exploit blind spots in the surveillance cameras, ingress to the main building, subdue Bush’s personal guards, and drag him to the exfil point without alerting the larger security force. But something went horribly wrong,” our source said.

Special Forces had approached to within 200 yards of the main house when all hell broke loose.

Two open-top ATVs, each with a driver and 3 security personnel, sped out of the darkness and toward the encroaching SF unit, the headlights momentarily illuminating the soldiers as they separated into groups and dove for cover. Bush’s security unleashed a hailstorm of suppressive fire, wounding one soldier and killing another. While one SF group engaged the enemy, the other dashed toward the main house, hoping to capture Bush before he could be evacuated on his own private helicopter, which sat parked near the main structure.

“The battle turned in our favor quickly. SF took cover behind a rock wall and with the aid of NVGs shot out the tires on both vehicles and then killed or grievously wounded Bush’s security. But they knew there was still at least a dozen patrolling the property and they would’ve been alerted and on their way. Time was of the essence,” our source said.

The second SF unit reached the main house just as 2 Secret Service agents emerged and began steering Bush, still in his pajamas, to an armored limousine parked alongside dense shrubbery. SF instructed them to halt and throw up their hands, but the agents wheeled around and drew weapons, only to be killed a second later.

Somewhere on the property a deafening klaxon blared like an air raid siren.

“They gagged and bagged Bush, then regrouped. They couldn’t make the exfil point, not with one KIA and a teammate with a sucking chest wound. They radioed for pickup where they stood. A pilot told them that enemy forces were mobilizing near the staff trailers, and they had only minutes to get out of there. The birds weren’t armed for combat; otherwise, they could’ve hosed down those trailers,” our source said.

The choppers touched down only long enough to retrieve SF and their package, avoiding further conflict.

Our source said that JAG and the Office of Military Commissions had long sought Bush’s arrest. He did not say why it waited so long or why it felt such an impetus to grab Bush Saturday morning. Bush, he said, has been charged with treason and is being held to account for the deaths of thousands of soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan and for his role in masterminding 9/11, in addition to other crimes.

“He will face a military tribunal,” our source said.

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I noted the commentary some have given regarding the helicopter support in this story. As such, I decided to research the helicopters that the Night Stalkers fly for their missions. Seems they fly Chinook, Black Hawk and Little Bird helos. My take is that they flew in with Chinooks and the observation that they were not equipped for offensive operations would be consistent with the story. Chinooks are most often uses for cargo and troop insertions and exfiltration jobs and often are accompanied by attack helicopters. I would make the supposition that Michael’s statement about lack of combat readiness regarding the helos on station would be a civilian way of saying the presumed Chinooks used were not equipped with offensive weaponry that would be up to providing the firepower required for ground support of troops under fire. I hope Michael comments on this.

Given that the special forces used were thought to be able to handle this job on their own, it is reasonable to assume that the use of attack helicopters would have been unnecessary. I would bet that in future interdiction and seizures of high value targets like Bush, attack choppers will indeed be on the menu and used.

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Tim Riley

let’s get this party started.

Kathleen Ann

“The choppers weren’t equipped for combat?” Are you kidding me!!!
They didn’t think Bush would have paid thugs to protect them??? Was someone trying to sabotage this mission by NOT providing a combat ready chopper???

Bush crime family are THE kingpin of cartel networks.

It was H W Bush who brought on Clintons then Obama/Bidens to establish “foundations” for laundering $$$! These “networks” are totally responsible for the importing of deadly drugs, human and child abductions/sex trafficking/production of Adrenochrome…

They are worse than Taliban/ISIS/HAMAS etc put together! They created those terror groups. They are a continuation of the KKK. They are a brood of monstrous demonic forces that must be put down for good.

Last edited 2 years ago by Kathleen Ann

the nazi sherf family finally getting whats coming


Newsom had a tracheostomy … wonder how that hole in his throat will feel as he performs the “air dance” at the end of the hangman’s rope? Doubled pain, perhaps?

Sandy Koufax

Still no more tweets from Jenna Bush since Monday when the Today Show reported Jenna losing her voice and Jenna responded. She seemed to be tweeting regularly up until November 6. She’s probably up to her neck in these atrocities and is now defecating cinder blocks.

Last edited 2 years ago by Sandy Koufax

She must be really scared, as well as her sister Barbara. Twins feel more than regular individuals.

Joseph Bailey

GWB was a useful idiot for the puppeteers, & clearly over his head. Once in that position, he didn’t know what to do, since he knows what happened to JFK when he didn’t follow orders. So he played ball for the evildoers & will pay the price.


Exactly what happened.

Robert James

All the american soldiers who went to Iraq, and the Iraqis who suffered deserve Bush’s death.


Hidden on Page 1,647 of Biden’s Huge Spending Bill Is a Plan Allowing Illegals to Get Billions of

Hal Brown

All those who voted for it I would think, are risking being charged as traitorous rats.

Last edited 2 years ago by Hal Brown

I heard $450k per person. Last I heard, there are an estimated 12 million illegals in the country not counting the recent entries. Do the math and it could be in billions for them. But I seriously doubt the illegals will get any where near the $450k the administration is telling us. Draw your own conclusions. Lastly, if I heard it right, the members of the MSM will get a big piece of the pie. Lord help us.

Son of Ethan Allen

As the world turns the swamp drains.

Sandy Jim

I have waited and prayed for this kind of progress report ! Thank you Michael ! There must be more proofs like this and they must come soon!

The American people must see that evil and wickedness are subject to punishment in America again. For more the 50 years we have lived in a Nation where wickedness flourishes and no good deed remains unpunished.

We must fight and some of us will die. But by the Grace of God , we will rid this planet of this great evil!

Again Michael, thank you for your work and for your bravery ! God bless you !


sandy.. make it least since…11/23/1963…killing JFK…


For me, this is when all the evil really started.


Sandy, I wish the progress report will also show beyond any reasonable doubt who was really behind the demise of JFK senior and Junior. Or did I miss something about the subject.


Just asking…. If this were credible, would it have been news too large to contain, but on this site?
Is it too much a “hot potato” for any other site to touch? We all hope and pray for it to be true, but wouldn’t it be sad to be played for such important events?


Yes of course all news stations would cover it if it was real . Death of Secret Service persons would set off a crazy wildfire let alone everything else .


Boy George did not mastermind 9/11…he more likely masterbated while the atrocity was taking place.

Frederick Carreon


Hal Brown

I don’t think he could mastermind let alone organize a 3 person parrade, but he let himself be used, quite willingly I would think. Dick Cheney is the guy to get.

Sandy Koufax

Monday November 15, 2021 on Twitter, two days after her father was abducted.

Today with Hoda & Jenna tweeted
.@JennaBushHager is losing her voice! Do you have any favorite remedies? Drop them in the comments below!

Jenna Bush Hagar Tweeted in response
Wow! Thanks for all the recommendations. I tried a few and now need upset stomach recs.JK. Thanks for the love.

High levels of stress and anxiety cause the muscles in your neck, chest, throat, jaw, and vocal cords to contract, which can affect the quality of your voice.

BJ Edwards

Michael Baxter ,
The GiveSendGo is not working


Military helicopters racing in, guns blasting away, a “deafening klaxon blared like an air raid siren”, and yet again, no one heard anything.

And before someone says something stupid like “his ranch is 1600 acres, no one is close enough to hear!”. I live in rural TX and can hear gunshots from over a mile away. I hear them all the time, and I’d never mistake a rancher shooting tin cans with a full fledged gun battle with automatic weapons, especially at night.

Last edited 2 years ago by Thomas
Frederick Carreon

They probably use silencer 😆


Silencers don’t sound like they do in the movies. Besides, I seriously doubt Bush’s SS Detail and mercenaries would be using them too. You also can’t put silencers on helicopters and air raid sirens.

Hal Brown

“A hundred miles, one hundred miles, you can hear the whistle blow, one hundred miles.”

It helps if it is cold.


It takes just over 25 acres to make a mile… so your telling me you can hear a helicopter or a gun shot from 64 miles away!!! Even if his ranch was smack dab in the middle, you couldn’t hear it from 32 miles away. Your replies will stay at 0


Sure, if every one of those 1600 acers were lined up end to end in a row like ………………………………………………………………
His plot is a giant square and isn’t 64 miles across, so try harder next time.

I’ve never even heard of a plot of land one acre wide and 1600 long, but I’m sure you have, and thanks for saying something stupid like “you’re too far away to hear”, like I said someone would.

Last edited 2 years ago by Thomas

Try some Prep-H on the ol cornhole. I’m sure it’s burning.


News just revealed (11/16/21) that AG Garland LIED to Congress which is a crime and he did use the FBI to target parents as terrorists which we already knew. Now there is proof. When will the military arrest HIM?! We also need to dismantle the corrupt FBI.

Last edited 2 years ago by Guest4579

I’m sure he’ll be arrested in some suitably dramatic fashion according to this site, but in the real world he’ll never see the inside of a jail.


Google who is Barbara Bush’s father was….then you will understand
more about her!!!

phillip donahoue

I thought all of the Bushes were gone. They may be arresting clones


FYI: in a color revolution the useful idiots don’t need a reason to riot. They riot when they are told to riot.

In case you’re wondering why BLM is in Kenosha essentially saying “white pedo lives matter.” It’s not supposed to make sense.


The Ghislaine Maxwell trial of the century has begun with jury selection. Where can I find live coverage?

1 hour 23 minutes until Trump on frankspeech.


Question is Why does Bush need so much security? I mean he has nothing to hide right 😅 needed to grab his evil wife too!

Hal Brown

He was obviously very worried about being gagged, bagged, and tagged.

Pat Patriot

Research ‘Operation Trust’




You are starting to understand . Nothing happens . Not soon or imminent.

Lucky star are the smartest guy…in your bathroom… if you don’t know anything better just shut your foul mouth


Mike Lindell interviews President Trump tonight @ 6pm CST on frankspeech.

Please share.



Roke Mafnas

Is this for real?


Yea, its for real !!!
Its why you wont ever see this prick again.

jo carson

Prayers for the families of the SF fallen heroes.


The Unrecorded Six Million Fatalities Of The Bush’s Iraqi War On Terror – Added to the 14,000 – 19,000 Missing Or Dead of 9-11.

Bush & Father Bush et al’s Iraqi War I chalk up to Bush’s responsibility as he was the President who announced the Iraqi War on false pretenses after the setting up of inside job, 9-11

More here:  bylinetimesDOTcom/2021/09/15/up-to-six-million-people-the-unrecorded-fatalities-of-the-war-on-terror/


Twenty years after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, compelling statistical data has emerged suggesting that the true death toll of the ‘War on Terror’ could be as high as six million people – and that this colossal figure is itself likely to be conservative 


The very dynamics of mass violence have become globalized and normalized, precisely because our political and cultural institutions are incapable of acknowledging that such state-sanctioned terrorism even exists

Deb S

Let’s check in on that kraken lawyer:

“Gina Haspel has been hurt and taken into custody in Germany,” Powell told Cohen, pushing a false conspiracy theory that had been gaining steam among QAnon followers, according to the book. “You need to launch a special operations mission to get her,” Powell said.”


i think she ended up being something like 0-61. lmaooooooooo


Our worst Shill has again written garbage

Deb S

i copied it. lmaoooooooooooooo


I never read anything you actually write, because the lmaoooooo constantly just makes you sound like a lunatic.

Buck fiden

Then how did you know about the lmaooooooo? I so wanna drill you.


When using a lot of the lmaoooooooo crap proves this individual has low IQ.

Buck fiden

You’re far more right than wrong, I fear.


I think everyone who is going to “wake up” on their own already has. Now it’s time to get a little less covert and bring some of this stuff out into the open. It may be hard for some people to take, but we need to wake up more people before the 2022 elections. We don’t want to lose those – especially to the same kind of coup that took 2020. If we’re smart, we can change this!

Deb S


biiiiig if

Your awareness of your awareness is your soul!

“But something went horribly wrong.” Never have I heard MB so accurately sum up this Keystone coup. “But something went horribly wrong. We accidentally attacked China and Russia instead of the Jews and the United Kingdom!!!”


Thank you for letting us know. I am glad he is gone – 9/11 was horrible.

Last edited 2 years ago by Ruth
GreaterIdaho for Trump

I haven’t seen the and we know, x22 or you guys or anyone else say much about the signs and symbols at collin powells funeral. It was as if the white hats were giving the message that if you save them the high cost of fuel to gitmo you can have a nice state funeral with a white flag of surrender over the coffin and everyone have a nice time. If not, then see above. George W didn’t shake fake joes hand and lots of stuff no one talked about. Blessings and protection on all Patriots today and everyday.

Joseph G.

Pied Piper.

Deb S

go to dallas and find jfk jr

Buck fiden

Have you ever seen the film “Harold & Kumar: Escape from Guantánamo Bay”?

Harold & Kumar are a gook/sand nigger pot head duo – a direct ripoff of Cheech & Chong from the previous generation. In the movie, they parachute onto Dubya’s Crawford ranch and encounter GW Bush. The actor who portrayed Dubya was a dead ringer for GW Bush! Looked like him, sounded like him, and had all of his body English.

If they can do it for a movie, they certainly can make a perfect double for politics.

Frederick Carreon

WTF r u saying?😡

Last edited 2 years ago by Frederick Carreon

I hope all of this is true. but when are they going to get thebring leaders, the people running America into the ground?

Buck fiden

My great-great aunt was mostly a commie but when Dubya became president during her final years on this planet, she said she thought that Dubya was “reasonable” and a “nice man.” That set off my Spidey sence. She was a lovely lady, but her politics were always out of phase.


The vaccinated are dropping dead in plain view as Fauci admits total vax failure

It’s now official: Tony Fauci has admitted that vaccines aren’t working and that vaccinated people of every age are getting sick and dying.

So what’s Fauci’s answer to all this? More booster shots, he says. As if a third injection will magically make the vaccine work when the first two injections have already been proven disastrous.

Right now, all across the world, professional sports figures are dying on fields and courts, right in front of public view. It’s all right out in the open, yet some (oblivious) people continue to somehow think that vaccines are safe and effective.

They are “effective,” of course, if your goal is the total extermination of the human race. On that point, they’re achieving the globalists’ goals.

GoTo: OtinyurlDOT&com/aanwunbe

 & CDC Admits To Fraud – As People Die From Jab, CDC Accidentally Admits Vaccine Is Pointless

Last edited 2 years ago by Zee

Fauci also says WE have no rights. Those pesky unalienable rights afforded to all citizens disagree. BTW, health is just one unalienable right WE have.

More dogs, less Fauci. #ProtectThePets

doug miller

new slogan: “Fauci for Dog Chow”….. no, not an exchange, a purpose.


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…. with all the data and information available anyone that gets this poison shot is a fucking retard brainwashed idiot. And any parent that makes their child take this poison garbage oughta be arrested for child endangerment and child abuse. This is the most evil Scourge ever in modern times on this planet Earth and those responsible are incomprehensibly evil anti-human monsters and should be dealt with accordingly, and the sooner the better.


Nothing will happen . As always .




Don’t answer the trolls . Hasn’t anyone told you ?

Deb S



That’s insane. when a vaccine fails to work, or worse, kills the person, one stops the shots. One cannot and must not keep forcing people to “get jabbed or else.” This is a very Rothschilian operation. And very evil to knowingly administer a vaccvine that does not work for the sake of international genocide, i.e. killing millions of innocent people to serve Lucifer’s demands.

Deb S

it killed me twice! beware!

also don’t go to the hospital when you get covid

Deb S

i died twice. just dropped dead

Rob William

I just had booster dose. Am I supposed to die after it? They never mentioned this side effect.

Hal Brown

The spike proteins will cause micro clotts which can be detected by a D dimer test, and they will plug up the capillaries in your lungs, among other places, and the right side of the heart will work harder as the lung capillaries plug up, and the heart will fail in two to three years. So the good new is you have two to three years. The bad news is you have two to three years. So make your peace with God.

Heather Duncan

Oky this whole family been dead for years, except the twins. sorry another intel guy let me know


I trust your intel guy is very well sourced.

Deb S


“you wouldn’t know my gf, she goes to another school”


Sources have confirmed that Seal Team 6 carried out a pre dawn raid in the ultra expensive town of Lincoln Park, Chicago to arrest the notorious Troll who goes by the name of Jim Buffer. An unnamed member of the elite squad who was acting under the direct orders of President Donald J Trump confirmed that his team was able to capture Jim Buffer while suffering “acceptable losses”. 
Similar to most Trolls, Jim Buffer lived in the lap of luxury with more money and women than anyone could imagine. At least 140 computers were found along with notebooks containing over 1600 usernames and passwords that have been linked to disturbing misinformation. Photos of Jim Buffer along with DS politicians were also seized but we at RNN were not able to get more information about the photos just yet.
“We have enough information here to send Jim to GITMO 100 times over”, said one Seal Team 6 member. “He was right over the target. He knew about everything”.
As Jim Buffer was lead out of his lair to the awaiting MH-47G Chinooks, he was heard to say that this arrest means nothing and that he will be out and posting tomorrow. The choppers took off in the direction of The 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (Airborne) of the US Army to transfer this HVA to a transport going to GITMO.
“We captured a treasure trove of information. He had detailed information on Zee, Jan D Hunsinger, Irish Girl and many more” said one Seal team member. “Jim Buffer knew where they lived, what medications they took and even what mental helath issues they have been trying to work out with their doctors and therapists. “Jim Buffer was planning something big and he had the funding, skills and knowledge to carry out a large scale attack on our patriots. we got him just in the nick of time”.

Buck fiden

I have mental helath issues, too.


Most of us do


We all know that you do.

Buck fiden

Glad you’re still reading this drivel now that a new story has appeared.



Last edited 2 years ago by Zee

SHILL Don’t feed with Qs & As

Last edited 2 years ago by Zee

Why not?


Amazing reporting again . Did his neighbors know about his nefarious undertakings?


If I get enough donations, I will peer into my magic 8 ball and answer that question. The real question is who will be caught next?

Deb S

thank you ted!

Rob William

Thanks for sharing it.

John S.

If EBS doesn’t happen prior Thanksgiving week highly suspect it never will.

Gut feeling we’re being played as the charade continues. Trust the plan? WTF doppelgangers running rampant lacking swift action.

In Brooklyn we say: “better off trusting a crack-ho, because at least you know what your dealing with”.

WTF, let the hammer drop, must stop the Vaxx in it’s tracks, especially for children.

Currently proof positive alleged White Hats couldn’t give a rats ass about children whom getting jabbed and enhancing their psychological trauma in wearing masks, else White Hats would have put the breaks on it already.

*Best Interest Child Rule* clearly and conspicuously not in the plan.

What’s the hold-up? Hmm, in appearance to compromise the next generation quickly as possible, then later coming in as the hero when it’s to late, damage done. To little to late, status quo. [Meet the new boss, same as the old boss].

Bring on the Fauci perp-walk for the world to see, cuffed & stuffed that POS (like they did to Roger Stone) before another child gets jabbed, WTF, again: Best Interest Child Rule.

Hmm gatekeeper (queen bee/ narrative control freak), and other hypocrites standing ‘Holier Than Thou’ can lable me as a troll as meaningless to me.

Again quoting Bob Dylan: “don’t follow leaders watch your parking meters…, don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows….”

Disgruntled keyboard warriors especially those whom Holier Than Thou have at it, in recommending getting your heads out of your ass for the sake of the children.

Last edited 2 years ago by John S.
American Living in Canada

Agree, with the EBS being the only way to make the masses aware of what the evil doers have done in the past, present and what they had planned for their future and our demise.


Nothing has happened nor will it . JFK Jr still not in Dallas. You have been played .

Angel Askew

Agreed. Nothing by Thanksgiving means the crackho really does have the keys. We’re on our own.


Research more..stop believing the shills


How long will you hang on ?

Deb S



Unfortunately John, I have to agree with you. We’re being played. I continue to see questionable “facts” in these stories that don’t make sense. A helicopter going into a hot LZ carrying two groups of SFs but the choppers aren’t armed. Special forces don’t operate like that.

I don’t care how much the families are threatened for talking, somewhere somehow info is going to leak out to MSM or very good investigative reporters(IR). There are still some very good IRs out there affiliated with whoever can make ” A Former President Arrested By Special Forces” front page news.

28,000,000 children btwn 5-11 started getting targeted for getting the jab this month and already they are starting to crowd the hospitals per the doctors and nurses on the front lines. If there ever was a time for the military to ACT in a much more overt manner to save these children from a horrible death or a long agonizing life filled with health problems, it is NOW. Don’t think it’s going to happen. We’re all alone and no one is coming to help.




Learn a little about improving your critical thinking skills and you won’t be so inclined to throw out that “troll” card as quickly as some other people use the race card. Staying off those fringe sites like beforeit’sfakenews would help. And STOP LISTENING TO I”M SO IMPORTANT I CAN”T SHOW MY FACE JUANOSAVIN.

What’s more important than saving the children of this country and yet, we see nothing.


Do some More research, on different sites.
What have YOU done to save ONE child. ?
CHILD SEX TRAFFICKING has been going on for DECADES.
IF you are so sensitive to the “TROLL” card, don’t be so negative, or just maybe you are a worthless TROLL.

Deb S

something will definitely happen #soon

John S.

Investigative journalists, ha LoL, *no such thing*, all scripted talking heads staying within parameters.

At one time Geraldo Rivera was good, that blown the lid off of Willow Brook [Staten Island]. Al Capone vault didn’t go over well.

Geraldo as POS, at protest of yesteryear those that yelp: 911 was a inside job, Geraldo flip them the bird, via scratching his nose with middle finger.

Geraldo been compromised as MSM shill, having no validity as a credible journalist, that goes for many others too, encluding Juan Williams, especially Sean Hannity. Only a fool would listen to, or trust the Leprechaun [playing both sides of the street].

FYI all lawyers, especially news anchors as Esq’s have to protect *the system* first, i.e., the hand that feeds them.

Google: Corpus Juris Secundum, Volume 7 Rule 4.


Protect the hand that feeds them, ….MSM has been paid by the DEEP STATE for DECADES to report only what feeds the narrative.




Let’s not forget the Good Lord. He knows what we need especially these trying times before we even ask him. He knows what’s in our hearts and minds, after all He is all knowing. Blessings,



Last edited 2 years ago by Zee

Apparently you are correct . Nothing is going to happen.

Buck fiden

It’s been a whole year since Biden stole the election. At this juncture, I believe the commie Chinks in cahoots with the deep state Democrats indeed stole that election, and I don’t believe help is on the way. I wish it were.

John S.

Yep, Yep… Goal post been moved enough, it’s put-up or shut-up time, Friday at high noon will work.

No significant public perp-walks by weeks-end, or EBS before Thanksgiving it’s game over, we’ve been played.

No doubt ‘The Borg’ is here, prepare to be assimilated, resistance is duty.


The SWAMP is HUGE, AND all over the world. IT has been IN CHARGE
For hundreds of years.
One year is not enough time.


Totally agree One year is not enough time.

Its going to take at least another two years to finish till totally clean


SHILL Don’t feed with Qs & As

Last edited 2 years ago by Zee

Arrest the parents that jab the kids

Deb S

arrest these nuuuuuuts lmaooooo


Frankspeech marathon (after Supreme court filing on the 23rd) Thanksgiving weekend. App is available. Add it now.

Deb S

oh cool the pillow guy’s pushing more propaganda. that’s fun

Deb S

you mean you’re still waiting for shit to happen #soon? it was supposed to go off since july

rrn said trump would be reinstated in july

pillow guy said he’d fix it in august, then sept, now it’s a maybe next week.


hopium at its finest


Peeps – Why are you feeding this troll?


Because they just know something is going to happen by next week . Maybe sooner .

Rob William

Even though some parts of what you have written may be ok, I think you over eagerness is ill-grounded. If you really want see a change, wait till 2022/2024. Don’t wait for EBS – mark my words, it’s not going to happen!


November 22nd and nothing . It appears as you feared . You have been played .


Thank you Mr. Baxter for this delightful Intel report!

The true name of the “Bush” family is SCHERFF. Bush Sr. was a German SS pilot in WWII, and then, hidden among ~1,200 rocket scientists imported by the Truman Administration, Bush Sr was placed at the pinnacle of the newly-created C.I.A. that George Soros SCHWARTZ would organize to murder President John F. Kennedy.

One day Bush Jr corrected a reporter who asked whether the TEXAS estate was the year-round residence. Bush Jr replied with derision that the BUSH TEXAS RANCH was just one among many estates the Bush family owns. Hmm … a 2.5 mile ranch is quite a compound … greater than the WACO compound that Bush Jr ordered Janet Reno, a TRANSVESTITE, to murder … a Luciferian sacrifice of women and children. No doubt there are PEDO tunnels underneath the BUSH “estates” as other PEDO elites’ estates … our U.S. Military will surely return to the BUSH TEXAS RANCH for confirmation.



I believe Janet Reno was Attorney General under Bill Clinton. An insider quote attributed to her as to why Ruby Ridge and Waco were handled the way they were was, “what good is authority if you don’t exercise it”, which lead insiders to believe that those two and other actions by DOJ in that era were designed to intimidate any potential opposition to their authority. AND, let’s not forget that the creation of the Department of Homeland Security was a G.W. Bush brainchild and hopefully the ethos for that giant mistake will come to light also.


Your “facts” are a little off, Dog. I’ve known pilots who were in WWII. Bush flew a PBY. According to the pilots, the first thing you do when you get into a PBY is start looking around for the wooden pegs because PBYs leaked. If you had to ditch it, you pounded in the wooden pegs so it didn’t fill with water rapidly. According to one pilot, Bush abandoned his crew before an American sub picked him up.

Bill Clinton ordered the seize on WACO. His trial on here discussed it. Exactly two years later we got Oklahoma City.


Bush flew a TBF Avenger, get it right.


It was not Bush Jr that ordered Janet Reno to kill all at the WACO compound –It was Pres. Clinton.


Janet Reno served under WJC not Bush Jr. Did I miss something?

Deb S

“our U.S. Military will surely return to the BUSH TEXAS RANCH for confirmation.”

hold your breath while you wait for confirmation


This is a BIG catch! If they got Bush, then we should now expect other high profiles DS players taking easy way out. Suicide ‘by covid’ is now going to be the order of the day. I mean commit suicide and the blame it on covid.

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Another Capitol cop offed himself. I guess he doesn’t want to deal with the misdemeanor from hell.



I should add, Judicial Watch released a video that shows Antifa smashing a window, lifting up Ashley Babbitt into the killer cops line of fire while several cops stood behind Antifa.

Deb S


Oklahoma patriot

Assholes tell me rrn is fake,,i say not ,,,with all the names of top ranked generals and admirals conducting the tribunals WOULD NOT LET ANYONE USE THIER NAME IN A LIE! thus i checked out the admirals and generals and they do belong to jag,,,to many coincedences,,,info from mutiple sources confirm tribunals are going on.Micheal Baxter is my hero,,,some say they cant handle the truth,,,,,,,can you ?


They are A holes for being either paid shills or psycho trolls
It’s important to know that the DS paid shills — crooked snopes et al can’t really put down this site except to attempt to twist the legal disclaimer –so they are unbeilvable idiots also….

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Deb S

i can’t handle rrn’s version of the truth which asks for money in exchange for hopium


Thank you


Ted is next. He’ll probably skip the country asap.

Lucky star

He does not have money to move around….:)


And there’s no where to hide

Deb S

do you wanna play big bank takes little bank?




Public corroboration of these great articles
happens after the war is over.

These are intel drops, select items dispensed
so we can figure out what is going on.

The dates listed are likely not accurate.

Part of the deception of warfare.


Good, Someone that gets it


It is easy to believe that this is what should be happening which makes believing that it is happening that much easier.

By all means 9/11, Uranium One and Bengazi must be fully disclosed as none of them passed the smell test at the time nor did the Kennedy assassination which spans more than a generation.

Agreed, time is of the essence and that time in now. Let’s roll.


These articles get a reaction from the cabal every single time. FF coming soon.


May our soldier who was lost rest in peace.

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What about the family of the Secret Service men? They were just doing their jobs.



J Bill

Defending the enemy is misprision of treason. Not a job description.

Buck fiden

May you rest in her peace.


May all that we’ve lost rest in peace – we have lost many saving the children. Many may also have suffered PTSD after witnesing such diabolical evil.

Robert Dziok

Pray for the soldier who lost his life defending the Republic and Constitution via this operation. Pray also for the soldier severely wounded.

Stop It

One might hope they are given access to healing treatment with Medbed technology for the wounded soldiers downed. My prayers go out them for restoration and full recovery with much much appreciation for their bravery against our worst and fiercest enemy/s and compassionate sympathy to their families of those who lost their lives in serving our freedom and constituons to uphold and protect as few do these days. At least as it appears, most in higher echelons positions are foresworn to Luciferian worship of Satan in making their deals with the devil and work tirelessly to entrap the rest into serving satanic agenda thru pressure and coercion to obey to it, by those sworn to Satan, who holds collateral over their heads to enforce their abomination to him with their bloody souls contract.


Bush’s downed protection were supporting one of the big murderiing TRAITORS to our Country and they had to know who they were working for. Best they left the earth plain. They’ll learn their mistakes on the other side. All experiences are Soul journeys especially those that involve loss of life.

Robert Dziok

Satan is a POS. Just like “Buffer the Buffoon”.


Great work from those serving, stationed at Fort Campbell and laying their life on the line for an important mission.