Fauci Endorses Abolishing 2nd Amendment


Plandemic mastermind Deep State Dr. Anthony Fauci wants you to get quarterly boosters.

He recommended that Democrat lawmakers relax mask mandates until the midterms.

Now, the Deep State doctor has added a new field of expertise to his seedy resume—advocating for stricter gun control legislation and repealing the 2nd Amendment.

Last Friday a cabal of freedom hating despots that included the likes of Fauci, Kabula Kamala Harris, Rochelle Walensky, and Alejandro Mayorkas met clandestinely in a conference room at the Four Seasons Hotel in Baltimore, an odd venue for a government conference. There, they discussed ways of capitalizing on the plandemic to deprive law-abiding citizens of the right to bear arms, either through legislation or executive action.

An administration whistleblower who viewed a meeting transcript told Real Raw News that Fauci, the most vocal of the group, drew a direct correlation between the plandemic and a marked increase in gun-related suicides.

“If we follow the science, we see a 500% increase in firearms fatalities, especially young people committing suicide, over the last three years. We can’t stop the disease, but we can stop people from owning guns, we’ve just lacked the resolve to do it. If science says pandemic depression is causing people to take their lives with firearms, then we must follow the science and remove firearms from the equation,” Fauci explained early in the meeting.

His statement elicited a round of applause, with Harris rising to her feet and vigorously clapping her hands, while Mayorkas, a Deep State stooge to be sure, seemed to play devil’s advocate.

“Pandemic or no pandemic, we’ve for decades tried to get guns out of the hands of citizens. Clinton tried. Obama sure as hell tried. Sadly, the U.S. is not Australia. And now we’re encouraging our constituents to ease up on mandates, and that’ll reduce pandemic depression. I’m sure the numbers will show a reduction in the number of gun-related suicides in the coming months,” Mayorkas said.

“Not according to science,” Fauci countered. “Masks are coming back, regardless of midterm results. Science immutably shows that another Covid variant even more transmissible than Omicron and deadlier than Delta will surface in November, probably right after the midterms. We’ll be reinforcing mask mandates and lockdowns, which will again increase the percentage of gun-related violence and suicides. Science doesn’t lie,” Fauci said.

“I agree with Anthony,” Rochelle Walensky said. “I’ve been getting calls from Kathy [Hochul], and she’s not happy at all about people not wearing masks.”

The meeting, our source said, lasted approximately two hours and ended with Fauci giving what must have been a 10-minute lecture on the merits of aggressive firearms legislation. His homily was akin to an invocation. In the midst of soaring hyperbole, with a period or semi-colon nowhere in sight, Fauci exhorted, beseeched and finally begged his comrades to endorse abolishing the 2nd Amendment, all in the name of “saving people from killing themselves with guns during the pandemic.”

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dennis richardson

Send Dr Anthony Fauci off this planet permanently to that vacation resort where he cannot come back from.


Fauci is a little Nazi.


So Fauci is going to release a more dangerous variant of covid after the mid terms. If this indeed happens then that confirms who has been behind this thing from the get go. Remember this prophecy folks. If it happens that should be what triggers the entire US population to act.

Gregg Nickens

Only because it’s one out of of two of his options. …

Gregg Nickens

Naturally, Fauci is thinking of his own demise, firing squad or hanging. I guess it means Fauci would rather have the garrot. However Rear Admiral Crandall might surprise him and give him the James Comey treatment so he gets it from both ends. From the ‘Rear’, and with a little bit off the top.

Jose Ramirez

My comment was erased. Why?

Jose Ramirez

I will never give up my second amendment right… you have to kill me…you want our guns? , come and get it, good luck with that..

Robert James

I look forward to only hearing of Fauci and the other traitors in the past tense.


This little Khazarian is finally afraid. Matter of fact, I think they’re all getting scared, and they have every right like we do to get rid of them once and for all.
I’ll venture to say by the end of the month people will finally start hitting the streets and forcibly arresting City and state politicians as well a school teachers and put them on trial for crimes against humanity. But the people need to DO IT rather than be peaceful, we all seen how thats been displayed.

Sojourner Truth

Fauci is an oppressor and that’s the way he likes it.


He does not have the authority to change anything and Fauci the answer is no! You would be as a single person changing the constitution. The answer is no!

Angel Askew

Get the noose for those 4 RINOs that were absent today which passed for a lifetime of mandates for we, the people.

Romney, Graham, Burr and Burrs NC counterpart.

Angel Askew

Get ready folks. Today is a benchmark day. It’s going to be so dramatic what is revealed over the next few weeks that, I believe, we will be thankful for Baxter’s “sneak peeks”.

The transgenders and pedophiles arrested deep in our government are going to be revealed by the truckloads.

Get ready to be supportive of every troll/shill/racist liberal you may know. Many may not be able to handle this correction.

We’ve suffered for over two years waiting for them to awaken. Some just won’t.

Freddy Benson

you’re a nazi. fuck off


Freddy, the ONLY Nazi here is “You”.


Can’t wait. I want a steak dinner when they start busting their chops.


I bet he does. So we are not able to protect ourselves against the evil cabal and their bio-weapons and enforcement of illegal mandates. No, I think Americans will have to disagree with Fauci because we may need it in the future.


When are ya’ll going to get this demon? When are the mandatory shots and passports and masks going to stop? You have people arrested so why isn’t the Military helping we the people? We know we are under martial law yet people are still dying and being microwaved with radiation in Canada and Australia. This has to stop before any more innocent lives have been taken. Thank you for the stories. It helps but knowing the Military is in control and still letting Mandatory ANYTHING go on is very concerning to us.

fire boy

HA HA HA HA……..what a fool ! I do however find it weird that these “globalist idiots” who profess “population reduction” are concerned with things that actually cause death……I mean it makes little sense if one follows the “science” of eugenics right?

Good damn luck getting the lead slingers away from the “largest standing army in the world”…….the American hunter !


All the players in the fake shootings should be exposed, their ill gotten funds (fraud) confiscated and then hung for treason- ALL OF THEM.


Yes they can get on that right away. Do you know when the last person was tried for treason in the US? Maybe 75 years ago .


I can think of one, Sandy Hook, right? It caused to Remington to file bankruptcy.


Just wait until we the people start to sue all these movie stars & sports figure heads that are radicalized communists with all the money in the world still wanting attention like spoiled little kids.

Sandy Koufax

Embalmers are reporting long white blood clots that they have never seen before in corpses since the COVID shot was released.


I heard the same thing myself.


Justice is patient.

tic,,, tic,,, tic,,,


Justice has been served to the in patient in Walter Reed who has reported to be there since 2018 as suggested by some of contributors on this site. Blessings,

Bev Kungl

Fauci should not over-step his boundaries. He should not have any say in anything let alone the 2nd amendment.


So much chatter in the comments about physical confrontation. How about we use that energy to expose thus, I form others so we can move forward.

Angel Askew



Nice try to accuse us of confrontation, but its not in our better interest to sit on our ass – not anymore!!! Go hide in your basement if you wish.


Fau chi is afraid of the crowds ready to return his shots.

Don Reed

Confiscate all assets of these evil traitorous bastards — give military persons a great raise & a very large retirement with free medical & educational benefits for their kids !!! — Stop General & Flag rank officer promotions from being controlled by politics !!!




Dr. Li-Meng Yan


Is she the doctor who sought and was granted asylum in USA? Or was she smuggled by the white hats?


Not sure. I vaguely remember something about this though.

Hellava' Lot

If you didn’t see it in person, you can be assured that what you saw was CGI. If you saw it in person it was a doppelganger, whether she is alive or dead.


Fraudci is a high level mason, cabal, illuminati, Luciferian….all the same thing. They will do everything to end this attack on their power. Trump is leading the battle but will be short lived after his return and then it is up to us….we the people. No more reading the news…time to make the news.

Angel Askew

Pray for truckers and protesters in Ottowa today. Police and tow truckers are towing and making nasty arrests.


They have been in my prayers since day 1.


I guess the gallows are having maintenance done? Slow day at the hang mans noose?


If you can imagine it, we will write it! When do you want the next hanging? Leave your comments when you donate!


Angel buys one of those “hundreds of thousands of clones” from those farms and gets laid. Jeesh!


Michael, I have a question and I’m not being facetious. Just wanting to know. The article that was written of “Trump’s return being imminent”. What ever happen to that? What length of time is imminent?


How long can you wait for an answer?

Lucky Star

How long you are going to give us real proof that James comeycal is still alived?


I don’t have to. That’s not how it works. When a person makes a claim or statement, it’s up to that person to back it up. Not the one asking for verification of their story. 😉

Last edited 2 years ago by Delta

If you donate, you get access to the real stories with specific dates and times.


Hillary was on fire yesterday at the NY convention . That was her without a doubt . Trashing Trump and Fox News repeatedly and making fun of conspiracy theories . Does not appear afraid of any charges . Wait and see .


The unwashed masses will claim it is not real.

Lucky Star

Libtard will still claim that is the real Killary


Why wouldn’t you think its her? Do you have evidence that it isn’t her? The only original source that says she’s dead is MB.

Last edited 2 years ago by Delta
Angel Askew

And the Freudian slip of that NYC news anchor the day she passed out outside of the van.

Lucky Star

Have you checked her height, teeth, and DNA?


Yes it was done as part of the new check in procedures for the convention speakers . Very strict rules but necessary .



Angel Askew

That’s right. Stay with her on the Titanic.


All the more reason to IMPALE this FRAUD!!!


Without fauci, America and the entire world will be COVID Free and safer. No more mandates, No more face masks, No more vaccines, No more boosters, No more lies, No more “Bovine Scatology” (BS).

Execute this SonOfA HCTIB fauci and the rest of these evil democrats, cabals and Illuminati (harris, pelosi, schiff, schumer, durbin, etc,)!!! like the Military Tribunal did to the demonic clintons (hillary, bill, and chelsea), bush 41 & 43, biden, rumsfeld, dick cheney, susan rice, john brennan, james comey, etc. etc. etc.

Vote Out for good ALL corrupt crooked demoNcRats and RINOs and Drain the swamp clean 100% and the United States of America will be greater than ever and Our economy and the American way of life will be back to normal. Freedom, Freedom, Freedom!

Last edited 2 years ago by RG1
James D Boley

I endorse abolishing FAUCI. Time for him to swing and take possession of his golden shovel. Devil has his spot reserved 👹☠️

Chris G

Dr. Fauci-stein should ask ‘Why?’, not ‘How?’, and then look in the mirror. Of course it’s another ruse to justify securing their hold on power.


Hang (Execute) by “Guillotine” this bastard now! And COVID goes away for good with him.


Honestly, I believe that The real Fauci is Already
In custody.
And that the person before the public is a Stunt Double or Clone !
Each and everyday many worldwide are arrested by the Alliance


Lol “stunt double”. What kinda sick stunts is Dr Fauci doing?

Lucky Star

What kinda sick stunts is Killary doing now?


Killary is rolling over in her body bag..😐


Heres a little science to follow. As to TRYING to take peoples guns, every action ,has a reaction.


Why isn’t this cockroach Fauci squashed like any other vermin. BTW “fauci” translates to “Jaws”.

Go figure😔


Because RRN is fantasy land for dumbass boomers

Lucky Star

Dumbass trolls like this news…ready 24×7 to reply to anyone… got your 10 cents yet per reply?


Ten cents of. Fiat currency.!
but the bonus is free room and internet at a FEMA
Camp… For. Dumbass trolls like Cole, exile ted dy ,f reddy,
And the rest of those IDIOTS. !


Thanks for the shout out . I usually get ignored . Which FEMA camp will I go to?


Instareminded of John Williams Oscar-winning score to that 1975 Steven Spielberg thriller. If a talented ‘Photoshopper’ finds that out, we’ll probably see new versions of the ICONIC movie poster with Fauci ‘pasted over’ Bruce (name of the faulty mechanical shark in the film and Spielberg’s lawyer back then). Because of technical problems with Bruce, Spielberg had to ‘shoot around him’ with the help of ‘POV shots’ in the film along with Williams ICONIC score. The rest is history for about 2 years until STAR WARS (1977) when more movie history was made with Williams and George Lucas. 🙂

Wayne Hatton

Fauci should be taken to the Plotzensee Prison execution room and hung like meat.


Firing Squad for this evil SOB!!!


Fck Fraudchi, and the horse he rode in on.


I endorse abolishing Dr. Fauci… Stat!


These people make me sick.

Sue K

Too bad they weren’t all rounded up and arrested on the spot.


MB has to keep the storyline going. If he writes that literally everyone has been arrested then what’s his excuse for Trump not magically being president again? 🤷‍♂️

Lucky Star

Another wanna be Ted-Toad II….


There is only one Ted. I am your Admin.

Lucky Star

Think again…think again 😝😝😝

J Bill

try using english next time, goat head.


I did use English, what the fuck are you talking about boomer?

Lucky Star

Suburban English


The whitehats wanted to do that about a year ago at the ‘Installation’ of Brandon. But a threat came up and they didn’t follow through on the arrests. A possible (related/indirect) explanation for that is currently available at Jim Stone’s news website (jimstone.is /

Punk The Snowflake

That’s right numb nuts, we aren’t Australia. We will put a cap up your ass!
You little fucker you aren’t going to get away with the shit your peddling. Bring it!!!


This scumbag!!!! He wants to take firearms cause he’s afraid of getting shot!! Jerk!

John .S

Stage is set for another Dark Winter, wonder what they will name the next variant. Hmm, Antonio-Mori sounds about right.

Lucky Star



Fauci wife that has another last name an from what I’m told is a nurse an Bioethics . First ,anyone married to Fauci probably should be disqualified for a job like Bioethics . Second, is she the brains behind him an opinions like mask , gun rights, vaccines . Third, how did she get her current position an what actually qualify her over another person . Fourth , I wonder if she will be charged with crimes against humanity after her husband ?




The Military Tribunal hanged Doctors Collins and Dunn. When are they going to execute this demon? And execute him in public view by “Guillotine” and no other way.

Last edited 2 years ago by RG1

Lol why do you guys keep thinking the next one will be public? They’ll never be public, this shit is not real.


It was reported in 2017 that Military was recording and collecting data after the murder of President Kennedy … they will expose it all in a documentary that the world will watch simultaneously.


It was “reported” by whom? Some other random internet blogger with no evidence of anything?

Lucky Star

Where is James comeycal then?


Who is James Comeycal?

Lucky Star

Suddenly have dimentia?

Stinky Perfume

Suicide by gun? Why not get into the subject of demonic possession? Who can see who has demons and who can get them out of people? This is a long rollout/plan thing that first showed up the most blatant in the movie “The Exorcist”. Since then it’s just a nothing, they don’t go away, why do we have to have this subject of people have more than one to a body? Or more bodies than one for a large soul. Who is possessed and what is going on that’s going to get under control?


They are never going to take peoples guns away in the USA.
You have to wonder why this fraudci would make such a statement at this time anyway? Probably desperation, a distraction or both!

Last edited 2 years ago by JohnS
Buck fiden

Check this out! There’s hope for the world after all! There are some good ones out there!!

The Kike NRA !!!!

http : / / jpfo . org /