Loretta Lynch to be Hanged!

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GITMO, Thursday, 7 April

Three military officers empaneled to weigh JAG’s case against former Attorney General Loretta Lynch found the Obama-acolyte guilty of treason and murder and recommended she be hanged for her crimes.

In what was one of the briefest tribunals in the last 16 months, Vice Adm. Darse E. Crandall of the U.S. Navy Judge Advocate General’s Corps spent only 5 minutes on an opening statement before showing the panel a letter Lynch had written to Bill Clinton in April 2021, a month before he was apprehended by the military.

The letter, a single sheet of ruled paper, held the words: “That bastard CS is writing a book. It can never see publication, for all our sakes. I need you to fix this, ASAP. He’s a danger, and a big one, to all of us. Thanks in advance.”

Vice Adm. Crandall opined that the letters “CS” referred to Christopher Sign, the ABC 15 Phoenix journalist who broke the story about Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch’s June 27, 2016, clandestine meeting aboard her private Justice Dept. jet on the tarmac at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport.

At the time, it was broadly accepted that Sign had information linking the Clintons and Lynch to numerous murders— “the Clinton body count.” On June 30, however, Sign, during a press conference in Phoenix, nervously denied having knowledge of Clinton/Lynch crimes, saying instead that his investigation focused exclusively on the Clintons and Lynch’s love of social topics such as travels, golf, and grandchildren. Many conservative outlets believed the Clintons and Lynch had threatened sign into silence.

At the tribunal, Vice Adm. Crandall introduced as a witness Sign’s wife Laura, who, appearing on ZOOM, testified that her late husband feared for his life after learning that the Clintons and Lynch had kept a “kill list” of potential adversaries.

“Chris Sign, your late husband—he spoke to you in depth on this?” Vice Adm. Crandall asked.

A tearful Laura Sign said: “He did. He kept quiet publicly for a long time because he thought they’d come for him and us if word got out. Chris worked in the shadows a long time, but his goal was to expose the Clintons, with Loretta Lynch as an accomplice, on the deaths of people like Seth Rich. Some way, they found out Chris was almost done with a book, and that’s when he—was murdered,” Laura sign said.

The body of Chris Sign, deceased husband to beloved wife Laura and father to three young sons, was found dead on June 12, 2021, after police responded to a “mysterious” 911 call. Chris Sign’s death was summarily ruled a suicide by both the Jefferson County Coroner’s Office and the FBI.

“Do you believe your husband killed himself?” Vice Adm. Crandall asked Laura sign.

“No, of course not. He loved life. And you have the note he gave me,” she replied.

Vice Adm. Crandall entered the note into evidence. It read: “If anything happens to me, know that I am not suicidal. You know I must get this book done, and you know I love you and the boys dearly. Love, your husband, Chris.”

He turned his attention toward Lynch. “He never got the chance to finish that book, did he, detainee Lynch. You made sure of that.”

Loretta lynch, appearing without council, sat behind the defense table with her arms folded across her chest. “I’m not answering questions,” she said.

“In a criminal court you can choose to remain silent or not testify for or against himself. This is a military tribunal—meaning you have no rights, and your silence can be used against you,” Vice Adm. Crandall said.

“I don’t need to address your accusation, or this woman’s, and Barack will hear about this.” She waved her hand dismissively. “You have no legal authority over me, and neither do those three jurists sitting over there. I was attorney general of the United States; I understand the law. What your doing is prejudicial,” Lynch said.

At that point, the 3-officer panel said it had reached a verdict. It found Lynch guilty of treason and conspiracy to commit murder.

“It is our recommendation she be hanged,” the foreman, a Marine captain, said.

Vice Adm. Crandall nodded, then checked JAG’s register.  “And she will be, on April 25.”

Lynch leapt to her feet. “You’re going to hang a black woman. Fucking racists, all of you. Barack will find out.”

“Ma’am, this has nothing to do with race, but your crimes,” Vice Adm. Crandall said, and ordered the MPs to escort Lynch back to her Camp Delta cell.

Edit: Some people were offended by the title, so I changed it. It’s my opinion that Lynching is not synonymous with racism. In the 1800s, plenty of Caucasians in Fort Worth, Wichita, and Cheyenne were lynched for crimes like pickpocketing.

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LYNCH – “to put to death, esp. by hanging, by mob action and without legal authority.” Random House Webster’s College Dictionary, pg. 811b
This is not that.


barack this barack that. WTF do these thugs really think? This kenyan dude barack really got their necks tied so tight that they think barack can save them.

barack can’t even save himself from GITMO!


Tik Tok Tik Toc…..5 days and counting til your reunion with Satan! And then Fauci’s turn!!!!


Don’t know if you read the comments, Thanks for the work you do to let us know even though we can not see the reality of Barry’s Army’s demise, your reporting of his Generals, Colonels and Majors, Captains and Lieutenants being collected and disposed of Constitutionally for their many crimes against America and the world is keeping a lot of good people from taking matters into their own hands. You are a good man Michael Baxter, keep up the good work!


She said, “BARACK will find out”!, I dare say, He doesn.t care about anyone, but himself.

Above Reproach

Perfect name don’t ya think ! I mean Come on, it was a proper Lynching.


Let us not forget Judge Roy Bean, vinigaroon co. Texas, West of the Pecos, and Lily Langtree. just a little hummer


Oh damm bitch Lynch spare me the day with you black women, I am a black woman too who will convict you of your crimes against humanity if I am on that panel. For goodness sake, you can’t hide under your sink color to commit treason and think you will get away with it, you bastard, rot on hell.


Lynch’s arrogance is unbelievable! Also when you don’t show remorse it means you’re a psychopath.

Wendy Ketner

Isn’t Lynch her last name??? They are offended only at the noun lynch but completely overlook the fact that her LAST NAME IS LYNCH… that is spelled like the noun LYNCH…. but they take no offense in her last name.. of course not.. typical dimwit blockhead obscured view of the asleep “woke”…

Wendy Ketner

That’s right MB, tell the lying deceiving traitor “woke” that their race cards they use for political gain don’t work in military tribunals, the only courts where real justice is accomplished!

Ambade Blau

So True! #restinpissdeepstate


We see black shee-boons like Loretta, everywhere. They’re at Walmart intentionally blocking the isles with their fat rear ends. If they can’t slow down in front of you on your way to work, they ride right up on your tail on the highway, then blast a hate filled shout out to you if you brake check them. If you dare push back, the narcissistic witches will call theirs flying monkey black boy friends, who will threaten to attack you, knowing the cops, and YOU will support them. YOU know the lawless legalities are on the side of the blacks, so you don’t say a word. You cower in fear as they demean and destroy white men and women who have the courage to stand up to them. They hate America and they hate whites. We did absolutely *nothing* to them, except go to work every day of OUR lives, and try to scratch out a living. No one alive today did *anything* to them, and they sold THEMSELVES into slavery! They sold their own kind into slavery! And it’s funny how they don’t say a damn thing about slavery in Saudi Arabia and the middle east. They only harp on civil war era 100+ yr old arguments because they *know* they can get free money out of the shakedown. They are emotional, tribalistic, rabid *dogs,* hell bent on killing us all, and they would despise you even if you gave them everything you had. To hell with you and your example of someone you know who, ‘is black, but, ‘isn’t like that.’ They ALL voted for Obama – every damnable last one.

The only exception is *Reverend Manning,* who says;

‘I’m not black. I’m an American!’

Until blacks start saying that, in unison, they are America’s enemies, and if all this pans out as it should, they should not be allowed to walk down the street, without getting spit on, for what their black king Obama did to this nation.

May God Yahweh bless the truth. May my God Yahweh bless America. May my God Yahweh avenge us, and restore us. Those of us who are His, and who have the courage to stand up against the lie – may God Yahweh guide us into all righteousness, truth, love and sound mind. May He restore our land, our families and our hope, and may He shame and destroy the children of the wicked one.


Notice the emerging theme – Barrack Hussein Obama, aka Barry Sotoro, America’s first, AND LAST, black, muslim, communist, gay pres-i-dent, is at the very tippy top of all this evil. I’ve said it before and I say it again and again; not one city on earth that’s majority black is desirable to live in, and blacks represent a voting constituency that has supported democrat and communist destruction of America for as long as they could vote. Does that mean your evil just because you’re black? No. It does not, but America certainly needs to pull its head out of its ass and wake up to the truth that the black race represents America’s #1 enemy.

Gregg Nickens

Get back Loretta. Get back to where you once belonged.

Michael Ford

She is being Hung on my Birthday. What a wonderful present.

Dr. G

People stop with the over sensitive reactions to everything being about racism. That card is so old and no one wants to hear it. Hence, Lynch, hang, shoot, beat the hell out of her….we don’t care!!!

Tom Henry

I can be wrong but didn’t they not know that pos Barack is dead? Or it’s an clone?


Seems everyone keeps repeating that – that Obama is dead, but it DID NOT come from this site, and we have observed other alternative ‘news’ sites that seem to embellish and make s up. So, I don’t think O is dead – else we’d have heard from MB, aka Trump’s WHA, on that by now.

Angel Askew


Where is “TrumpWon”?? This ties together our convo last year of that current governor’s love affair with Israel. Missouri’s current governor’s is a Soros snake plant and needs to be ousted asap. Always follow the money.

Just Me

Right from the start I knew this old hag was dirty, anyone that Obama picked you know it has to be corrupted. He only picked Biden cause he knew he was dumb as rocks.

Rob William

And you still kept quite for so long? That’s disservice to the nation!

Deb gray

Another one bites the dust…


This should be the pinned comment on every article

Stinky Perfume

Who else are they getting? I know they claim to be getting Fauci but along comes the body double which means deep state is up and running. I guess I come here hoping the one’s getting hanged are not going to be replaced by doubles. That’s just too much sophistication, and it kind of negates Michael Baxter’s usefulness in the grand scheme of things. So they go after Elon Musk and for example just replace him. Does it make a difference? So 35K children are free, so where’s the videos? Nobody wears body cams? No satellite video of transported children? Where are this many children hanging out? With whom are they living and what kind of situations are they having? It don’t feel right for my liking, to have body double replacements that have to live a lie and act like the person isn’t dead and gone. I can see them being used as decoys for travel diversions but this thing about them acting like they are the same, is way too secret for example there’s a lot of famous people gone and all those that work with them aren’t talking? Doesn’t that mean they have a strong hold still? What is expected of the audience here just short statements of Ding Dong yipee yay!!!

Rob William

When they run out of body doubles and clones they use holographic AI technology.


No videos in this year of the lord 2022 despite everyone having a camera in their pocket


I’d love to hear anything about the welfare of the political protestors that’s still behind bars ! Have any of them died from lack of care? My guess is there family’s are probably homeless now being no extra money coming in ! Sad ! ( Kinda makes me wonder what’s real or maybe a make belief lie ! )

Last edited 2 years ago by Mikee
Freddy Benson

they all died. sad!


When ? Or is it more make belief lies ?


Freddy’s a fucking clown. As far as anybody knows the families are fine.


So, the families are fine but, I guess know one really knows . How about their love one’s in jail without a trial, are they ok ?


You forget that we are at war and the 106 war criminals who tried to overthrow the government have no rights. Crandall has made this clear time and again and the scholars here in the comments fully support Crandall.


As Ted said, we are at war and these criminals are at gitmo

Rob William

Omg! Did you forget to turn on the automatic feeder?


They made their choices and chose to break the law. They are in GITMO and none have shown any remorse. We are better off without them.

Rose Mary Abbott

I saw a MSM article about one of the Proud Boys being tried. I stayed away from it because it is probably just another lie.

Kelly Christine

How is Barack going to save anyone when he wasn’t even smart enough to hide is Student ID from Columbia???


He lied to all of them, and to their deaths it will take them. This is the faith they have in Satan.

Rob William

What does it mean?

Kelly Christine

How desperate to cry racism when you are guilty of so many murders and treason. Sick. Just sick.

Rob William

When sick take a Tylenol!


For those of you that support MB…there is one doctor here in Ann Arbor…Dave Janda (Your Weapon of Mass Instruction) & you all can bet the farm that there is a NWO trying to enslave us all!!! F-Them…Amo up!!!


Dr. Dave Janda is one of the best! As you probably know, he has a daily, online show. He gave up his medical practice to do this.

Freddy Benson

because he makes more money from marks like you lmaoooooooooooooooo

Rob William



LIVE: Trump Rally North Carolina     


I tuned in just when it was ending, but I am sure I can watch a re-play.


So CS was almost finished writing a book about the Clintoon murdxr-for-hire operation, to include the unsolved death of Seth Rich; Lynch knew this and tipped off Bubba Clintoon in April 2021 before CS was suicided the following June. They feared him because he had already published the Tarmack book in January 2020, and with CS’s experience, background and credibility, they would be damaged big time.

MB’s article includes Mrs. Sign’s disclosure about her husband’s longtime goal:

“A tearful Laura Sign said: “He did. He kept quiet publicly for a long time because he thought they’d come for him and us if word got out. Chris worked in the shadows a long time, but his goal was to expose the Clintons, with Loretta Lynch as an accomplice, on the deaths of people like Seth Rich. Some way, they found out Chris was almost done with a book, and that’s when he—was murdered,” Laura sign said.”

After doing a little research, it appears that the Tarmack paper-back book is a quick read, but that the book Mrs. Sign was referring to required many hours to write [because the death list is extensive] and “he worked in the shadows a long time.”


There is zero evidence he was writing a second book and there is no reason not to publish it if it does exist 🤷‍♂️


Zero evidence when you do searches on G00gle? Lol!

We are in an information war with conservative/patriot information being blocked all over the place. The left cannot risk people of your ilk being exposed to anything that shines the light of truth on their take-down agenda.

Freddy Benson

more false flags

Rob William


Rob William

Nobody cares about the evidence here!

Don Reed

M.B. question —- Do these hangings require the Hangee to be hooded before the deed is done ???

Freddy Benson

that’s a detail mike doesn’t include because he didn’t think of it yet

Rob William

Why put on a hoodie? It isn’t very cold or windy at GTMO! They probably have a tropical theme Hawaiian shirt on.

Sandy Koufax

No doubt Lynch has been the object of many satanic rituals conducted by Obama.

Rob William

Which satanic rituals you have been a part off?


Why does the USA constantly have one crooked AG after the other? Who can we cite as our last good attorney general? Robert Kennedy maybe?


Yes, definitely RFK.

Rose Mary Abbott

Robert Kennedy had murder on his hands also. One named Marilyn Monroe. Saw a YouTube documentary on it. They have solved the mystery. RFK and her psychiatrist whom he hired killed her. They snapped a hypodermic needle off in her heart. Sorry 😢.


If you can, please give us the scripture passage, chapter & verse, in answer to that — regarding “any man who takes the life of another … “


Now, I remember: From book of Ex. Thank you, anyway.


Of course she would play the race card. America a country so racist that even minorities have to manufacture their own race crimes.

Nicholette Purich

Out of curiosity, why are ALL my comments deleted? Every time I ever comment, it’s immediately deleted…the trolls comments are ok…But never mine..Not even one of my comments is ever left up.

Freddy Benson

because you suck

Rob William

You get one chance and this is what you write???



Rose Mary Abbott

This one stuck. Don’t listen to the troll brigade.


She hangs onto her “god”, the hellish planet’s famous demon named, Barry O, with such hope, passion and loyalty, that she is too far gone to ever be saved. Barack is already long gone.

Last edited 2 years ago by Joanna

Why do posts still have to “Await Approval”?


Because your posts are bad, try harder goob.

Rob William

Are you going to complain to capital police about it?

Rose Mary Abbott

Maybe you have trolls completely named without space marks to throw off the computer. I really don’t have problems until I start listing trolls. The little brats get all kinds of protection. See them below? I rest my case.

Last edited 2 years ago by Rose Mary Abbott
george friend

Why does everyone keep acting like Obama is a god?


Because they’re all stupid.

Freddy Benson

it’s good for donations to mikey

Rob William

Because that will make you angrier and probably push towards giving more donations!


MB, as you surmised in the post-script edit, ” … [l]ynching is not synonymous with racism.” But it is actually derived from the very surname indicating the woman’s Celtic ancestral root; figure it out. Apparently making her as Irish as BO …


I’m not “Baxter,” OW Douglass. Furthermore, I don’t owe YOU an explanation. Good for YOU with your “lack of toleration,” especially where it’s called for. See where that gets YOU when the rubber meets the road …

David T

Just a bit testy, aren’t you?


Ouch, sounds like somebody burned rubber all over your upside down star.
You may have to go back to Green Acres and get a bag of weed from the Witch’s club and make it all go away.


What a lame excuse …


Personally I do not care about donations, I only care about intel.
And if intel is good, damn, please let MB have his donations!

We got contractors getting away with stealing suitcases of various currencies in Ukraine, only to indulge us with fine wine and delicate food, all that at the expense of the US taxpayer, simply because they can’t put that money into the bank.

That’s something worth getting mad at.

So let MB have his donations: he is providing solid intel, putting his life at risk and that little money is clean as it has been given by patriots and not stolen to taxpayers.

Just my two cents here

Freddy Benson

you’re an idiot jill

Freddy Benson

in other words “i want mike to have boat loads of money for producing fake news which i won’t admit is fake news”

Last edited 2 years ago by Freddy Benson
Rose Mary Abbott

I don’t want to see him bend either. Nobody does but the trolls.

Rose Mary Abbott

You remind me of my cat. He’s as sweet as can be until you piss him off. It’s really easy to piss him off though.

Rob William

May be he got scared of the possibility of Feds looking into these posts?


I have a question in the back of my mind that maybe someone can answer for me. It may sound a bit gruesome, but I find myself wondering what JAG does with the bodies once they execute someone. Do they ship them home to their families (at the family’s expense, of course) bury them in a paupers’ field near by, cremate them, etc? It doesn’t really matter to me what happens – just nosey curiosity on my part.


Did they have a burial for bush senior? My guess is it would be agree no one talks ! Or they would get the same after receiving their family members dead body ! Personally, they worship Satan so, cremated their bodies! Then again, burial at sea an let the sharks an crabs consume them . Although, that would be cruel to feed sharks an crabs that evil waste ! I guess there’s no good answer for evil waste or is it , ” Cremation” ? 🤔


Asking this is akin to watching a porno and then questioning why the cable guy never actually fixed that poor lonely housewife’s cable. 🙃

David T

No, not anything of the sort to a normal-minded person. But for you on the other hand, it could be.


Soros, hitler, obama, demon-crats , deep state, cia, what do they have in common? ( Satan Worshipers ! ) Evil is evil ,an usually you can tell if you talk to one by there words ! Evil in is Evil out ! Hopefully, you’ll think about it before you reply back!

Last edited 2 years ago by Mikee

Mr. Douglass, I apologize for my lack of grammar skills as you can tell ,I’m self taught. Now, I’m just like my religious faith a work in progress. Pray, for me to obtain more knowledge an wisdom in everything. Thanks, for the way you corrected me it said a lot with just a few words! Your friend in Jesus Christ, Mikee !

Rob William

He sends them to the replication center.


Why do all these Satanist think Obama is going to save Them?


Because they hold him to be their saviour instead of the true Saviour.


good qst. for ted dy,cole….


Sure sej, I can answer this one! Simple – they don’t ‘think Obama is going to save them’ and they are not saying anything of the sort. Not in reality. These stories are fiction and Michael Baxter makes up all of their dialogue.

So the real question is, why does Michael Baxter repeatedly write this same old “Obama will hear about this!!” dialogue for several of his characters? Also simple, because he is selling you on a storyline, and Obama is written as the main villain in that storyline. This stuff is world-building that establishes Obama as the main villain and keeps the narrative feeling like it’s slowly building up to something big. It’s a screenwriting technique – like how Thanos is the main villain of the MCU but doesn’t actually show up on the screen until movie #25 or something like that. But in the earlier movies there are several brief mentions of him, hinting that he’s gonna be a main player in the story eventually.


Spoken by someone who is obviously hooked on the alphabet news that manufactures and produces “the news.” After a decade or two, the propaganda just supplements the previous propaganda and leftist bubble grows larger and larger.

Last edited 2 years ago by Jullou

Oh right, I forgot, “real news” looks like a screenplay where the characters zing each other with witty comebacks like they do in Michael Baxter’s ‘articles’ 🙃

Rob William

Obama has consciousness extraction machine and he stores everyone’s consciousness into the cloud, which can be downloaded into new bodies/holograms. That’s why he is the savior!

john sonn

off topic but… If the East Indians hanged Bill and Melinda back in 2013 then why the newscasts about their divorce? I would really like to see a lot of these creeps meet their justice before I die but I am losing hope- 74 with coronary artery disease but really bad degenerative spine disease having had 7 spinal fusions and the docs want to do another at L1-L2. My last fusion at L2-L4 was only 7 months ago- looking at alternatives cuz mainstream medicine fusion- then repeat in too short a time is not a good strategy- Then experienced 3 pulmonary embolisms in the fall so now on blood thinners. Please Donald- I am wanting to see justice and have high hopes for med beds/ new procedures. Lets go!


Because not every outlandish story you read on the internet is real. You should really focus on enjoying your time left, man. Don’t spend it waiting on something that won’t happen.

Last edited 2 years ago by Cole
john sonn

But I believe that we are in a real war. I do not believe Biden has the nuclear football and I believe the military is largely supportive of Trump. The alt news is diverse with a lot of “reporters” basically sharing stories that support the narrative the RRN is putting out there. If you believe that what Michael is putting out there is just “made up” then there must be some sort of conspiracy amongst all the authors- otherwise the stories would not line up. I believe it is more likely than not that what is reported here is factual- sorry you do not agree. I do not enjoy watching television and the lying mainstream news- there I where all the lies are!! – not here in. RRN!

Angel Askew

Right On, John!
Check out the healing properties of
Diatemaceous Earth (food grade)
Alpha Lipoic Acid

Run it by doc first, of course.

Freddy Benson

I kill ants with the first one. Have fun!

Freddy Benson

Yeah it’s a bunch of q adjacent people pushing similar crap for donations. It isn’t hard to find this shit on telegram or Twitter then post on a blog


Most of those “reporters” are just piggy-backing on Michael Baxter’s grift by copy/pasting his work and then asking for donations without putting in any of the work of writing their own original material. Getting ripped off does not involve any conspiring/coordinating on MB’s part.

It’s like when a some rando steals an artist’s design and sells t-shirts of it without licensing or crediting or getting permission from the original artist.


IMPALE Loreta Lynch in through The Out Door & Out through her BIG MOUTH!!! Then…roast her over a nice toasty FIRE!!! Love me some good BBQ 😆😆😆 😋😋😋

Spiritual Dragon

I watched an interview with Bill Barr and he said Russia & the US does not recognize the International Courts. I don’t know if that is true.

With all the calls for Putin to be charged with Crimes Against Humanity in International Courts (because they believe the Fake Media propaganda), in addition to other nations adding Fauci etc onto their cases….if this is true, all the criminals in the US would not be brought to justice in International Courts.

So…. I am very thankful for your articles of Military Justice, since Gitmo is US and a valid court for prosecuting these criminals.

Thank You MB

Elisa Orozco

Interesting how both Lynch and SotoMayor referred to ‘Barack’, as if he was going to avenge their executions. Apparently, neither is aware that the real Barack preceded them in death some time ago. Lynch’s pathetic attempt to cite ‘racism’ at her tribunal was revealing. April 25th can’t come soon enough!!


welp, only matter of time now. obama clone is next.

hes running out of people soon. is there anybody left alive? lol.

there screwed.

Last edited 2 years ago by Chris
Angel Askew

The next few weeks will be incredible.
Podesta’s (clone/actor) lawyers have been contacted about indictments from Team Durham.
SO many now test positive for CV 19 out of thin air. Love it!

Bev Kungl

It seems Obama is behind many of these traitors so I can’t wait until they arrest him. Most of us know that all of the deaths connected to the Clintons were murders and not suicides and yet the police, coroners et al were quick to say all of them committed suicide. The corruption runs deep.




You can buy his book right here bro, he published it in 2020.


Last edited 2 years ago by Cole
David T

Different book dumb-@$$. Try to keep up. Sheesh. Maybe, just maybe, you’ll be potty-trained soon.



Where’s the other secret book Einstein?!
lmaooooooooooo 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

Freddy Benson




John .S

Money says: Eric Holder is next.


I hope you are right…that little piece of you no what is nothing but a thug like obama…


did you check his “theatricks” on last FJB show… I do not believe is him..NO SAME “HEAD “

J Bill

There is a flurry of his sudden pics on you tube. He is about to be linked to CF in Durham report. Then his “rotting ass” sued above and below ground….


… Owd….this is not-HUSTLER-magazine site…..



You are entitled to free speech as we all are and you provide us a great deal of latitude all the time…No problem…Your original titled didn’t offend me at all and I am Black professional male…[you were merely trying to make a harmless point] and thats’ all it was]…

Keep up the great work [MB] and I appreciate you being thoughtful enough and concerning to change the original title to appease a few, but a few on here need to get over themselves with all the fake sensitivity they espouse every chance they get…and thats’ all it is…