Trump to Alex Jones: “You’re Fired, Traitor!”


“…You’re fired, traitor!”

President Donald J. Trump’s signature phrase echoed through the Mar-a-Lago War Room during a heated Friday evening phone call with boisterous Infowars host Alex Jones, who had called Trump to request a $5.5m loan to offset potential bankruptcy losses, according to multiple sources at Trump’s Florida command center.

Jones, whose estimated net worth hovers at $135m (Forbes, 2022), is currently under fire by both the criminal Biden Regime’s Justice Department and the alleged relatives of Sandy Hook victims who claim he defamed them by asserting they were crisis actors. On April 18, Infowars filed Chapter 11, with its lawyers curiously claiming the company has only $50,000 in assets.

Regardless, Trump’s verbal evisceration of Jones had nothing to do with money; rather, he had recently confirmed allegations that Jones had made friendly overtures to the Justice Department. In exchange for “making Sandy Hook go away and taking me off your radar,” Jones promised to “flip” on Trump and supply the Justice Dept. with enough information to indict an additional 600 persons who were at the Capitol on January 6, 2021.

The quotes above come from audiotape obtained by Trump’s investigators while probing Jones’ relations with the Justice Dept. RRN was not told how they obtained the audio, but the voices on the recording were clearly that of Jones and Assistant Attorney General Christopher H. Schroeder, who for reasons unknown declined Jones’ offer.

“I’m sitting on a ‘kill switch’ that could bring down Trump tomorrow, no Today. All I need from you is a promise in writing with your and Garland’s signatures, and we’ll make it happen,” Jones could be heard gruffly saying.

“Yeah, well, we’re really not interested in talking to you,” Schroeder clapped back. “We don’t need your help with Trump.”

Jones and Trump have had a contentious past—sometimes friends, sometimes allies, sometimes an air of indifference. But on April 18, 2018, Jones used his platform to launch a maniacal, sprawling tantrum against President Trump, telling his listeners that Trump was “a piece of crap and a fraud” for authorizing cruise missile strikes on Syria. Tempers cooled, for a while. Then, on Christmas 2021, Jones called Trump “the most evil man in the world” for encouraging his followers to get vaxxed. Trump has since admitted he’d been duped and “made a mistake,” but, according to sources, has distanced himself from an increasingly hostile and untrustworthy Jones.

“When President Trump heard, then confirmed, that Jones was trying to get buddy-buddy with Justice, he blew a gasket. But he was willing to let it go, just cut ties with Jones completely and forever. And then he gets a call from Jones asking for money. That didn’t sit right with President Trump,” said a Mar-a-Lago source.

“After all I’ve done for you, this is how you repay me, with treason. In the last six years, I’ve doubled—tripled your traffic, and you go crying like a turncoat to those election thieves. We’re through, I better not see your face again,” Trump reportedly thundered at Jones.

The call, which Trump put on speakerphone, was overheard by at least five people, our source said.

Rather than disconnect with dignity, Jones concocted an elaborate story, saying he never intended to backstab Trump but was instead trying to worm his way into the Justice Department’s framework, so, as a double agent, he could clandestinely feed Trump the department’s plans.

Stephen K. Bannon, present at the time, told Trump to “hang up on the treasonous bastard,” a source said.

“Consider yourself fired. You’re fired, traitor!” Trump barked as he ended the call.

“Trump has put out word. Infowars and Jones are persona non grata and won’t be getting anymore info from Team Trump,” a Mar-a-Lago source said.

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robin earl redwine

the irony in vaccine don calling bill hicks a traitor is stunning. the entire world is a stage.


Where has President Trump stated he was duped on the vaxx? I’m very curious to hear where that comment comes from. I stopped watching rallies because he kept bragging about an obviously poisonous vaccine that was killing a lot of people.. That was a deal breaker. I almost died from Morgellons which is another large CDC lie starting just after 9/11.. When do we get the truth regarding that? A lot of people might be dealing with it and don’t know.

Maggie the Cat

I’ve been suspicious of Jones for years. I didn’t start out that way but came to the conclusion he’s one of those who plays both sides against the middle. Bannon is right, he is a treasonous bastard.

Dean Vermite

Is there anyone at all that is sane on this site?


is this part of the movie ? inquiring minds want to know LOL

Debate Judge

This page is broken. I have been scrolling for a very long time. Then I noticed QUnitedWeStand’s post that ends with “AJ claims to be a Christian, I hope he repents!” has been repeatedly coming up after clicking “Load More Comments.” So, I did a control F and searched for Debate (for Debate Judge) and there were no results. The other day I saw my comment:

I thought Alex Jones was onto something with Steve Pieczenik.

I thought Juan O’Savin was onto something but Alex Jones is not objective enough to have him on the show.

The Last American Vagabond was once not given credit by InfoWars (Alex Jones)

If one is looking for someone to be outraged at some of what that has happened, I am glad that Alex evangelized the anger we should have.

I lost trust for Alex Jones and Trump after January 6th. That was a trap Alex and Trump should have seen and should have been more diligent with risk management. Send the crowd to the capitol? Send the crowd to the capitol, then what? What was the agenda? Celebrate if the election was not certified? What was supposed to happen if the election was certified? Was Trump supposed to address the crowd either way? There was no stage setup for addressing the crowd either way. Trump, this is your event. Alex helped but what was the plan and the contingent plan? Who was supposed to address the crowd and close the day? Trump sends them there? No thank you and safe trip home? Had a nice rally but then the cow kicks over the bucket of milk? Jones, Trump, and organizers let that happen.

So, now Alex Jones is not just betraying Trump, but honest people who went to the rally because there were election irregularities as per Mike Lindell’s work, Rudy Giuliani’s work, John Solomon’s work (maybe Sidney Powell’s work) and the work of people who gave affidavits.

Jones promised to flip on Trump. No qualifications for how Trump was factually victimized? That is bad, very bad. Trump is like: I really have a case here. The military has concluded its investigation. (Pieczenik and O’Savin know Trump was factually victimized.) Alex, you are wrong.

Debate Judge

I just cried through the trailer of 2000 Mules at 2000Mules dot com. – Steve Campbell, Author of Historical Accuracy


I listened to Alex Jones for a period of time but he kept harping about Trump and I began to distrust him more and more.
Finally stopped listening to him completely.


Jones is worth $135m and he still has to call and beg Trump for more! I heard Alex likes the alcohol too. Money and booze troubles, how lovely.


jones said “F” Trump and his family …early in the game.. remember that.


Dems are tap dancing hard, using Putin as distraction, but war on the border is fomenting. Illegals need to go home, or they will die. If you are Native American be ready to prove it.

Kelly Brown

This is quite heart-wrenching because even though I understand in order for AJ to know what he knows and always be right, he is obviously part of Mossad somehow…but I really want to believe he’s a good guy. He and Joe Rogan are up there with who I think is a good guy. I hope this situation changes for the better…AJ is a national treasure.


RRN deletes any posts that don’t say supportive things on their story telling articles. I support Alex Jones 100%. Hey I saw Nancy and Adam Shitf in Ukraine, isn’t Adam Shift suppose to be dead?? Same with Hillary, etc.

Jan D Hunsinger

Interestingly Infowars has not indicated Jones and Trump are fighting. l am praying they calm down and both focus on the real enemy. Just as l pray about Flynn. We must not tear one another apart. Yes be wise and discerning. Don’t trust any human completely. But focus on the real enemy.

Billy Bob

He practically has nothing to say, even scanning his headlines is a waste of time, doesn’t lift the skirt. Russian asset Hillary used to give him a boost for free, didn’t help much.


We are seeing turncoats coming to the surface I liked Jones.




Leandrah Grace

Persona non grata is a Diplomatic term, is it not? Interesting to note; like the removal of diplomatic immunity from a foreign clown? Mossad, perhaps? Just throwing spitballs here. Just thinking out loud, really. . .
I laughed so very much when I read this. ‘Bout time to boot that raging clown.

Gunny HiWay



It just sounds like a lot of miscommunications to me. I still support Trump and Jones.

Rob William

And dare to contradict MB on RRN?


Team Trump all the way 👊

Kelly Brown

I like Alex Jones, but he is out for himself. And we’re living in Biblical times, so to be out for yourself is the worst way to be. It will not work out for you in the long run.

Paul Janney

same site that says vilsack is arrested okay… sure

Paul Janney

yeah I dont believe it, if he offered to help them with Trump they would literally get on their knees


joes was controlled by the deep state when he changed his name and gave up comedy aka bill hicks

Daniel Vega

Love thy enemy, do good to them, in doing so, you will heap burning coals on their heads. – Jesus

Yes, hang ALL traitors dead.
Don’t forgive their crimes/evil acts, but forgive them in your heart so as not to let unforgiveness come between you and God’s forgiveness.

Remember, we are all sinners at birth and deserve eternal hell and punishment.

Thank God for His sacrifice of His precious Son, Jesus, Jehushua Amaschek, on a death row cross for us in our stead, that we may be forgiven.

The war is not between us men, but against principalities and dark forces on high places.


Well Fuck! Another greedy bastard traitor!

Daniel Vega

Hear hear!, a lot of articles/reporting and zero (0) proof, that is a hard horse pill to swallow.

Before anyone should make a comment or argument, they should be arguing the veracity of the article.

Just saying.

Love the work Micheal is doing, but….

Rob William

MB is god of RRN and no one should question god.


Tom Vilsack looks like Alex Jones

Dr. G

Yes! Get rid of all the evil doers. President Trump has nothing to fear. He was put in this position to succeed for a time such as this – Woo Hoo!!

Trenton Rizza

Jones is terrified he will lose everything. He screwed up.


Just watched the rally from yesterday. Tornadoes delayed? HAARP technology?!

Rick Pol

If Trump wants to win widespread support like never before then he needs to resolve the issues that I laid out below. If he doesn’t he will be greatly injured by his failure to not apologize. Imagine the friends he would win over if he did apologize?

Rick Pol

Even though what Jones may have tried to do, if true is despicable, and treasonous and a betrayal of his followers, what he said about the other 2 issues are very valid even to this day.

The bombing of Syria was a false flag by the White Helmets which is a deep state organization that on 2 occasions faked the gassing of children as confirmed by a British reporter on the ground. His conclusion was that there was no evidence of a gas attack. So I called up Foxnews radio and told America that because Syria didn’t pose any immediate threat on the homeland that under the constitution Trump first needed Congressional approval before he could attack Syria.

And Trump’s endorsement of the vaccines has caused at least some 30 million to get vaxed (I have the stats), and that means at a death rate of 3% he is directly responsible for the deaths of 300,000 people. The CDC reports 27,000+ have died from vax adverse reaction and the long time understanding is that represents 1% of the real total, but with financial incentives it may only represent less than 0.3%. So this is catastrophic and this can be seen in the total morbidity rates.

This article’s assertion that Trump has admitted that he was misled doesn’t rectify the result of his vaccine endorsements. He told NPR that the vaccine didn’t hurt him so yes, he believed they are effective. He doubled down to Candis Owens that vaccines have saved millions of lives. The truth is they cost millions of lives and I mean tens of millions worldwide and its projected over the next 5yrs that fatalities from the vaccines will climb to over 30m (see Dr. Tenpenny). The only acceptable way for Trump to be forgiven for his endorsement of the world’s worst mass genocidal program is to publicly admit he was duped and then to apologize to those injured by his endorsement and then to warn people to not get vaxed.

And just like the blunder he made in Syria he never came clean and admitted he was wrong. Not only that, I have posted hard evidence that the deep state military under Trump continued to support ISIS in Syria as Obama and John Kerry did. Yet Trump has falsely claimed that he defeated ISIS when the truth is if Russia didn’t support Syria then ISIS with the help of the US would have taken over Syria. And Trump boasted how he kept his troops in Syria to secure his oil fields. Syria had continually asked the US to leave their country which means without Congressional approval America was there illegally.

Also, I sent an email to Michael Baxter about the SPR because since Feb 25th when he reported that the white hats had seized control from the deep state to stop further sales of oil, since then is has continued to drop, over the next month alone it dropped another 12mb. And Trump had claimed that he had topped up the SPR but the data shows that it reached a peak of 658mb while Trump claimed it was filled which would be 720mb. And now Biden has promised a sale of 1mb per day which would lower the reserve to 380mb which is illeagal to do so and its against the law to allow it to ever drop below 500mb. Please confirm what the white hats are doing because he isn’t using this oil here in America, he is shipping it all over seas to his deep state buddies. This needs to stop ASAP. Can you please respond?

Rob William

Trump supported vaccines because they are safe and have saved millions of lives. It’s MBs version of Trump who is apologizing for vaccines, the real Trump is not! You need to find a way to differentiate between reality and RRN.


That was not Trump in Nebraska rally yesterday. He did not use his usual Satanic hand signals. No tie. Sloppy pig. Kim was right. He was a fake Trump. Trump was on life support and they removed it. He lived 2 more days, then died. Prostate cancer had spread into organs. Trump is dead, people.


Looked very real to me. It was around 5 pm there in the midwest and spring so I can see why no tie. I have seen him before with no tie. seemed appropriate and looked and sounded like him.

Rob William

It seems that your brain is dead.



Sandy Koufax

I think Trump should have issued a blanket pardon for everyone at the January 6th protest before he left office.

Rob William

Did he leave office?


I wasn’t happy about the strike against Syria either. But I think it’s a bit over the top and poor judgment (or something more) for an influencer like that to have a public meltdown over it after only 1 “transgression”. But I still reserve judgment on AJ. pending more proof.


Outstanding, Mr. President! Can’t Imagine the number of Traitors President Trump and Our Magnificent Military have Discovered!! Traitorism is the Tool of Spineless Democrat’s and Liberal’s posing as American’s! Drop the Hammer, President Trump, We Veteran’s with Guts and Nuts want to PLAY with the Liberal and Democrat Pedofile’s, Trafficker’s and Satanist’s!! AMERICAN CITIZENSHIP REVOKED!!

Rob William

Citizenship revoked means? One becomes a sovereign citizen?

Jos Ramirez

So many traitors around Trump. Wow!!!! USA is getting destroy from within.

John .S

Lose-lose in playing both sides of the street and walking down the middle.

Cinema, Dirty Harry said: “…gotta know limitations”.

Big Johnson

Good. I think AJ has been going downhill for a while


Well selling out is of course, very bad, if it’s true. I was not happy with Trump’s bombing of Syria myself, and questioned if Trump was another DS phony president or if he’d been blackmailed at the time it happened but suspended judgment on it and he had seemed to be keeping us out of wars after that. Also I was not happy about him pushing the fake vacks but he did stop. I did give him the benefit of the doubt and felt he’d been duped but he was a little late in the game getting on board with rejecting the fake vacks. Still, I keep an open mind. One of the interviews with him advocating the fake vacks looked like it could have been CGI or a double of Trump. I support Trump but I always reserve judgment on what I read here and elsewhere. I lean towards thinking this site is mostly true. But neither do I believe one hundred percent everything I think.


and of course, wasn’t Sandy Hook a hoax? Another false flag? and MM’s Farenheit 911 I thought was great, it didn’t go far enough in that it seemed to blame one party and not expose the whole DS etc. Still, it was a step in the right direction.

American Living in Canada

I’m sticking with Mr. President Trump.


I instinctively knew that Jones is never to be trusted.


Jones loves the money and the pleasure of the rant, which we at times perceived as righteous anger. Jones does not love the people.

I briefly had contact with Jones on 6 Jan as he walked in front of the White House elipse just before Trump’s speach. I called out for the Lord to bless him, and he heard it (I was close enough to touch him). Jones did not respond in the slightest and kept walking, with no indication that he is a man whom responds to the legitimate Holy Spirit of
God. I stopped watching and listening to him after that. The Holy Spirit had revealed Jones as not of the Spirit.


Off topic: Your tax dollars “at work.”

Red Cross boxes filled with $100 bills caught by Chechens as the truck tried to escape KIEV’s encirclement. Not exactly bandages and medicine.

ok dot ru /video / 3395910896290

Last edited 1 year ago by Hal

This was posted on zerohedge but I think it was from years ago somewhere else. disregard


It was also posted by q…photos of supposed red cross footlockers, etc loaded, just loaded with cash…u.s. dollars 100s and then some euros as I recall.


Yup, I do recall as far back as two years ago. Probably the same time the Haiti scandal broke out. Lord help us. 🙏🙏🙏


Fog of war


Considering that Trump had the problem with Jones 4 years back,he should have dumped him then…….I also understood that Jones was working for Mossad.


For those siding with Jones saying he has been on the front lines longer than Trump. That is BS. Trump grew up in a family who took over Tesla’s knowledge and who kept him down. Trump was close friends with JFKjr and vowed to bring them down decades ago. This didn’t start in 2016. Not even close.

Doktor Zaius

Don’t know about Jones, but Sandy Hook and Boston (and more) looked like LARP events sold to the masses as real events. With the DS, everything is a lie. If Jones really has integrity backed up with nads, time should reveal it.


So what wasn’t real in Boston? The tea thing?


Anyone that talks loudly or harps constantly on the same subject has little to offer.
Logic is what eventually sways people. This is why the Joe Rogan interview of Dr Robert Malone was viewed by so many.

Jones was always a Car salesman as far as I was concerned.