White Hats Will Monitor Midterm Elections


The White Hat partition of a splintered U.S. military will actively monitor midterm election results in real-time, with boots on the ground in hotly contested states and a team of cybersecurity specialists at a fortified command center, a White Hat source told Real Raw News.

White Hat commanders seeking to thwart a repeat of 2020 have ample proof that desperate, devious Democrats will once again try to sabotage the U.S. electoral process. Without citing specifics, he said White Hats have intercepted both encrypted and plain text emails from anonymous accounts, which the military believes are run by Deep State assets. Deep Staters, he added, have been discussing election theft plans under assumed, innocuous names.

“They definitely know we’re watching, and they’ve gotten craftier. I can’t say much because it would hinder our efforts, but we’ve identified suspicious patterns suggesting a massive, unified effort is underway to undermine the midterms,” our source said.

White Hats have committed a sizable force to prevent that outcome. Members of the Special Operations community, dressed in plain clothes, will stake out drop boxes and polling booths in at least 9 states. They will also be on the lookout for busloads of both ANTIFA and illegal immigrants being shuttled between voting stations in states without voter ID laws—a favorite tactic among Democrats.

“Anyone caught will be immediately arrested or deported,” our source said.

At the same time, White Hat election analysts will be sitting in an impregnable command bunker at Fort Gordon, where they will conduct real-time surveillance on “hot spots” that have a history of widespread voter fraud. Irregularities will be tracked and acted upon at once, our source said.

“You know how in 2020 Biden received those mysterious 3:00 a.m. bundles of votes, well, we’ll be in a position to stop that dead in its tracks. If we catch wind of suitcases of unsecured ballots left under some counter’s desk, that spot will get raided, and every ballot scrutinized,” he explained.

When asked how many men White Hats have committed to the mission, he said, “Even I don’t know that number. A lot. It’s collaborative—Special Forces, U.S. Army Rangers, and Marines. We’ll be using every method possible to keep the Democrats from perpetrating election fraud on the American public.”

And asked Whether White Hats had briefed Republican senators, representatives, and governors, he said they were “aware of the plan” but not privy to particulars, as White Hats want to avoid the appearance of impropriety and restrict logistical specifics to “military only.”

“The only person given a comprehensive briefing is President Trump, and we have his blessing,” our source said.

(I know people are anxious to hear about Alec Baldwin’s execution. I will an update on that out later this evening, CST.)

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According to Sydney Powell and others, “White Hats” monitored the 2020 election.and raided a Dominion operated computer server farm in Frankfurt Germany which was allegedly flipping votes to Biden. Long story short, none of the surveillance had any effect on the outcome. Don’t expect anything to be different in Nov. 2022.


Agreed. There is nothing to indicate any real change.


How can you continue to play by their rules and expect to win?


Having patriots overseeing the mid-term elections is a BIG FAT JOKE on uninformed voters. Nothing was ever done about the criminal acts of Dominion rigging the Presidential election of 2020. Come on American voters, 2022 mid-term election is going to be another rigged election if we do not correct the Dominion voting machines. How about hand tabulating the votes, no corrupt voting machines!!!!!!! PLEASE FELLOW CITIZENS..RATHER HOLD OFF ON THE ELECTION….ONLY BY UNITING TOGETHER AND GOING AFTER THE CORRUPT STATE VOTING BOARDS WILL AMERICA GET ITS CONSTITUTIONAL VOTING RIGHTS RESTORED.


They did not monitor California’s mid term! The mules won this one too!


Time for the white hats to perform a coup! If the Democrats can do it, why can’t we? I think the American people have begun to realize that we can function quite nicely, thank you, without the mess in Washington DC.


White Hats Protected 2016 Election, “They Never Thought She Would Loose” Trust The Plan. It Had to be this Way, Sometimes you have to show the people , just telling them won’t change anything.


True that.


In the meantime Biden’s doppelgänger is destroying America. It appears doppelgängers are just as bad as the real thing.


The RNC is even more corrupt than the DNC. Good luck Amerika!!!

Tim Levin DC

More wait and sting bullshit. The generals have lost their balls. We need help NOW.

Tim Levin DC

Another sting operation? I thought you guys had it all? Stop dragging your feet, people are suffering.

David L Baiker

More MB BULLSHIT! What a sorry fucking excuse for a man! Writing fantasy bullshit for a bunch of low intelect pud pounding perverts! The ONLY people commiting voter fraud are the repuklians! They are even hatching a plan to pervert the vote in swing states in the next election. Now that’s who is STEALING THE ELECTION!

Me me

Yes and they monitored the presidential race, and Biden is still in office?????


We just had Elections in Australia in May and the Chineese knew in march or april who was going to win you tell me

Tracy Reinert

Really really really good to hear. Thank you.

Terry Jacks

Mid-term elections? I doubt there will be any mid-terms this year. How about this: 1.) NESARA is announced.
2.) A NEW election is scheduled 4 months out. None of the guilty politicians will be eligible to run, which would be most of them Federally.
3.) If November would still be the for the big elections, that would put the NESARA announcement in July.

Last edited 2 years ago by Terry Jacks
Evangelina Martinez

I voted early Friday June 3rd, 2022 and found out that New Mexico is still using Dominion Machines. I hope this is true because I do not want that witch Grisham as our fraudulent gov. again sick of our State being last, cursed and ruled by a Tyrannical Dictator and held hostage by the Democrats.

Mark A.

I firmly believe Key Republican Georgia, Alabama and Texas midterms were won by fraud.


We are LONG PAST the time for mass arrests. Our Republic is almost gone at this point. Massive arrests need to happen NOW!


People won’t turn up to vote if they think their vote means nothing. 2020 needs to be fixed soon or the white hats will have lost their support.

Rob William

So, finally the cat is out of the bag! There will be no EBS, no take over #soon and we should all vote in the elections! What a wasteful #propaganda for 1.5 years.


Great plan..I believe it when I see it. We need truckloads of USMC here in Commifornia please!
wonder who’s running the show here… I wish military can end this disgusting and draaaagging movie we’re watching. The worst we let that f’n evil ex Kenyan president fulfill his (hers!) dream.. a third term. Good if s/he’s really with the evil clintons but fake biden gotta go.


Well I am going to vote. Here’s hoping it counts.


Monitoring the elections is not good enough.


I seem to recall the White Hats also monitored the 2020 General Election and what good has that done us so far? It is past time to put the hammer down.

The solution to BLM and Antifa Violence you say? Simple, we already know enough to tribunal the top six actors. Build a gallows for six on the lawn of the whitehouse, publically hang all six live on TV with the adminition that hanging is the penalty for treason and if necessary we will construct more of these.

Problem solved. When theory and ideology meet reality, reality always wins.


Great update! I figured they were but appreciate the confirmation.
I always appreciate the updates I get from this site. Many dismiss it because of the “satire” disclaimer. I like the satire disclaimer. It shifts the spotlight so we can continue to get some real updates. And it’s not a bunch of fluff like other news sites. If no news, no updates. When real updates come, they come.
I consider this site to be probably the most genuine, or at least on the top of the list. Also, Jim Willie (I think was him) is quite happy to refer to this site.
IDK what it is with people that always dismiss RRN. Yet they go to Tucker and Hannity.
Oh well, I take it gladly. Thank you Mr. Baxter for all you do. Also you have access to sources that most don’t. To me, I can’t always confirm it. Many times I can though. But it fits the puzzle that I learned. Why they can’t see that, IDK. I must just be some “q-anon conspiracy theorist”. I’m happy with that. It brings me hope too. Good night.


Finally! they are going to put security at these “drop boxes”. They are ripe for fraud when no one is monitoring them on dark streets.


What happened to Trump coming back? Is he still coming back before 2024?


Ha ha ha. Yeah, right

Sandy Koufax

Trump advisor Peter Navarro has been indicted by a Federal Grand Jury. Will the military let this indictment stand?

J Bill

Jill is so sad the military let Pete get arrested


Do NOT tell the RINOs any more than you would tell the enemy commiecrats!


VERY DISAPPOINTING TO HEAR THEY ARE JUST NOW GETTING ON THIS. They should have been light years ahead of it all, they had 2018 and 2020 with plenty of proof, I thought they already handled this, as in DOING THEIR JOB that we paid them for !!

Rob William

Send this story link to JAG and ask for explanation.


told you, there scrambling.

zeus will fry these bastards very soon.

J Bill


robin earl redwine

lmao.. so we just vote harder this time and it all goes away huh…

J Bill


Not voting is an option too

Thomas Blow

You (the military) monitored the last election and did nothing to restore its integrity, why should we expect a different result?




I would only change one thing about the story here . I believe it is now necessary to refer to DS as The Dem / Rino Coalition ! It is only fitting since much of the corruption in the past few decades could only have happened with Traitors like Mittens or Senator No Name ! Saboteurs that are within must be dealt with properly such as the saboteur in my starboard steering gear room or the fool that tried to break into my 101 Lombard St Condo facility while I was on-duty & Joe Montana resided there ! Severe Extrajudicial Punishment was instituted by Royals employing Interpol & taking custody of the 10 1/2 yr thief ! Nick , NavyBlueSmoke , LST-1195


So what, they monitored the 2020 election and we got Biden. Monitor away, look by all means and DO NOTHING again.


I thought the QFS system would stop them from cheating unless it’s not fully in place.


Is it, or isn’t it, a good question.


Alec Baldwin didn’t disappoint us. He was a disgusting, low-life cretin to the end. Pulling his pants down, like a spoiled two-year-old brat, was just the kind of behavior we’ve come to expect from him. His death is a positive benefit for all of humanity. It’s just a shame it didn’t come soon enough to save Alayna Hutchins.


We need a miracle from God, but I know he wants us to start growing in him and stop making sports, Hollywood, porn, alcohol, drugs, etc. an idol in our lives. We live filthy lives too, not just the Deep State and Illuminati. Even though our sins are different, sin is sin. Think about it. Does God approve of that theater showing evil, violent, sexual, etc. movies? Or, that bar, where strippers perform in front of dirty minded men? Or, people who tattoo sports teams on themselves and base their lives around sports? Stadiums should be for worshipping Jesus, not sports teams or music stars. We need huge revivals so the sports are dissolved, bars are shut down, alcohol production is shut down, breweries are shut down, harmful drugs or cigarettes are no longer made, porn goes away, liberal colleges are shut down, and on and on… God is angry….


I maintain that God’s patience is boundless. Imho, the corrupt people are still among us because God is giving the the chance to repent and unconditionally accept him as their Lord and Savior. 🙏🙏🙏


Ok, but “1st” order of Business lets let the Minniesoda Yikings win a SuperBowl, and of course the Tampax Bay Lightening has to win the Stanley Cup.

Last edited 2 years ago by goober
S gamaj

They walked him up to the platform, they put the noose around his neck and they dropped him to his death

he was dead by 10:15am on June 1st

Natasha Vidan

I don’t even trust the republicans as they’ve become so wimpy…I’m grateful that there will be WH around as every State has it’s cheaters. I pray that the wh will realize that just possibly the demoniacs may pull something different and/or different area drop boxes…


Trump promised the Generals a big pay out if they did what he said. Well, he didn’t pay them, so they started to listen to Kim Goguen and do their own research. Haven’t had a news update from her since last week and she had hinted about some event after Memorial Day. She should have a report tomorrow.

Karl Kaiser

Big deal. They monitored them in 2020 didn’t they? What difference did it make? The 1/6 peaceful protestors sit behind bars. Durham indicts HRCs corrupt lawyer…what difference does it make? Biden crashes the economy…so what? Nothing changes.




Thank u for all the information. I agree with military, it needs to be stepped up.


Alright whitehats , that’s the way to ride shotgun on those divils , hooraw.

Vicky bree

I wish they’d address what happened at the Newsom recall election. Many people arrived at voting booths with their vote already casted for Newsom. Even Worse- in 2000 in Wa. State (first yr of mail in ballots) where the right person wins for real, like Dino Rossi for Gov. (the last Republican ever considered for Washington Gov). The contester deep state Christine Gregoire contested his win and demanded a recount, Dino won recount. So she demanded a second recount. Dino won again. Then deep state just decided to have a corrupt judge in Chelan, Washington decide the election, gave the victory to Gregoire. She added 80 new taxes with 48hrs of being in office. News just shrugged it off, leaving citizens confused & disturbed, but nobody was in a position to do anything about it. For weeks the News in Seattle reported finding ballots stuffed in boxes-mostly Republican voters.
We all know deep state has a lot of tricks up their sleeve. Remember candidate Ross Perot 1992, who dropped out because of death threats to his family? Lastly, if all else fails they’ll use the media to attack winner, accuse them of stealing election, call for riots and raise hell till they get their way. I hope our Government takes every precaution to prevent this. So far, the biggest mistake our good leaders have made is to under estimate our enemies, how far they will go. How effective the media has been in controlling the narrative, no matter how untrue or ridiculous.

David T

Absolutely. Agree on all points.


So what they are saying is despite having monitor the 2020 election and having evidence fraud was clearly committed they are going to overlook all that and really get them in the midterms … make sure they can’t cheat.

What stopped them from doing that in 2020? It’s been claimed they wanted to catch them in the act of committing the crime. That’s what happen … now they want to do it again?

Red flag here for me … the election fraud machine still in place … both sides have use election fraud … both sides what to keep it. They have been stalling for well over a year on this matter and plan to continue to do so.

It’s like the old carrot on a stick routine. I don’t like this at all. For me personally, I will no longer vote in any election until the 2020 election is overturn, the illegitimate congress is put out of action, the dominion machines are gone, the big wigs behind the fraud are arrested. I have seen election after election where fraud is committed and hear the same old song will get them next election … no we won’t … as long as the fraud machine remains in place we will never have fair elections. We are being played.


Yep, only being played.


Exactly,…..played like a worn out old fiddle. Time to change strings, build a a new bridge ad new nut and tune it up to its potential.

Jos Ramirez

Wow!!!! That is very nice. I’m a Cuban American and finally I feels the American dream. Now I will vote, because I was thinking not voting because is a waste of time. The only thing I don’t like is this: ” “Anyone caught will be immediately arrested or deported,” our source said… Why not send them to Gitmo? Please.


2020 is a sting operation.

Evangelina Martinez

I hope New Mexico will be under scrutiny. I’m fed up of what has been going on in our State by the Democrats. They have put a curse on us and frankly I hope they find something on Grisham to put her in GITMO other then already knowing that she is an illegitimate governor.


Robert David Steele said, “We have it all”.


Didn’t he die under strange circumstances?



Jack Lee

And 2018 and 2016.