False Flag Paul Pelosi


“Only in movies do 82-year-old men escape from a maximum-security prison,” said a JAG official when asked by Real Raw News to comment on whether Paul Pelosi had escaped from Guantanamo Bay to reunite with his beloved wife, Nancy—only to find himself the victim of a vicious assault.

Yesterday news of the alleged assault dominated broadcast television. As the story went, a raggedy hemp worker wearing only underwear smashed a glass door to Pelosi’s $6m San Francisco home and subdued Paul Pelosi, striking him mercilessly on the head with a hammer while shouting “Where’s Nancy? Where’s Nancy?” in a maniacal rage.

The ‘suspect’ was quickly identified as hemp jewelry maker David DePape, 42, an unhinged Canadian nudist who purportedly struggled with drug addiction and insanity. Cops said they were at the property in the exclusive Pacific Heights neighborhood when they saw the suspect grapple with Pelosi, take the hammer and then hit him with it, causing severe head, arm, and hand injuries.

“It’s possible someone was attacked—Nancy’s been known to hire male escorts. If there was an attack, it wasn’t on Paul Pelosi. It wasn’t Paul Pelosi because he’s incarcerated at GITMO,” a JAG source told RRN.

Paul Pelosi, he assured RRN, has not absconded from justice. He became a lifelong resident at GITMO’s Camp Delta detention block after a military tribunal in early September found him guilty of child sex crimes. At the time, he apologized for his crimes and said years of spousal abuse had driven him mad. He implied that prison was preferable to spending anther day with Nancy.

JAG sources believe the “hammer attack” is an October Surprise, a well-orchestrated False Flag event designed to illicit sympathy for Democrats and leftists ahead of the impending midterm elections. Immediately after the attack the liberal media tried to tangentially link the assailant to President Trump, citing the man’s social media. His social media showed he challenged the official Covid narrative, the validity of the 2020 election, and the January 6th events on Capitol Hill. MSNBC mouthpiece Chris Hayes said President Trump “gave birth” to people like David DePape.

“The Deep State controls social media. They can engineer anything they want,” our source said. “So far, we haven’t seen a single image or video of the attack, but I have no doubt we’ll soon be shown pictures of a bloody and beaten guy wearing a prosthetic Paul Pelosi mask. I guess they forgot to fabricate it in advance,” our said.

“We see two possibilities: either some poor sap—but not Paul—did get his skull caved in, or the whole damn thing is theatrics. The Deep State, though, again made a critical error—the guy’s looks and lifestyle are not those of a typical Trump supporter; in fact, they’re antithetical,” our source went on.

He also said it’s highly unlikely a random lunatic could penetrate security on the Pelosi home.

“We know from past surveillance that the Pelosi house has armed security, even when Nancy’s not there,” he said.

JAG, he added, will not investigate the attack. They are satisfied Paul Pelosi, the real Paul Pelosi, is where he belongs—incarcerated and living his final years as a model prisoner.

“If this DePape really was there for Nancy, it’s a shame she wasn’t home. He could have saved us a lot of trouble,” our source said in closing.

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Where is Nancy??

Dave Smith

He might have been Nancy food deliver man trying too make ice cream delivery. And got set up like Lee Harvey Oswald…. in my Opinion….Thankyou for any information you can give me on this. GOD BLESS US ALL AMEN.

Dave Smith

Door Dash i think thier called now will be know as Door Bash … and Dave’s not here Man play on his ear buds … sorry cheech & chong had too go thier … because of him being a hemp workers…

Rose Mary Abbott

No wonder why Paul Pelosi is ok with doing life at GITMO. His wife is Mrs. Insano in the braino. She concocted a horrible story to get rid of her husband discreetly. She is just disgusting all the way around it. Both men outside in their underwear no less! I don’t know if I should feel sorry for the guy they’re pinning this farce on or not. They will spring him out later I guess. Or kill him.

Afshin Nejat

Fifth Column control of social media and communications platforms including news and mass media generally, indicate too much power if nothing is done to asymmetrically combat it. If “alt” media platforms are compromised on the hardware or internet software levels, to include all nodes and their connections, then that is nearly enough to neutralize most of its asymmetrical compensation to the Major Mass Media Complex. If the EBS or some similar communication system isn’t used, but if more conventional communication approaches are also not meaningfully enough exploited, then this will not result in victory.

Afshin Nejat

Fifth Column control of social media and communications platforms including news and mass media generally, indicate too much power if nothing is done to asymmetrically combat it. If “alt” media platforms are compromised on the hardware or internet software levels, to include all nodes and their connections, then that is nearly enough to neutralize most of its asymmetrical compensation to the Major Mass Media Complex. If the EBS or some similar communication system isn’t used, but if more conventional communication approaches are also not meaningfully enough exploited, then this will not result in victory.

Nick NavyBlueSmoke Nicholson

I was in the perimeter security team ( Party Time ) for the mansion of Pelosi & there is no way someone was able to enter without an invitation ! Security was tight in 1980’s & I am sure a mouse could not get in without some alarm being sounded. Entire incident is Deep State Theatrics & no one cares about what happens in San Francisco anymore ! The City lost it’s shine long ago. What city do you know Other than SF that has a human feces map online for The City / County ? SF is the only one !


I have been saying all along that Paul Pelosi would probably not make it through the hammer bashing scenario dreamed up by his darling wife. Now I see a post that said it was not looking good for Nanny’s husband. She finally dreamed up a really stupid scenario to get rid of him…..can’t democrats ever come up with anything believable?? Now the country will be mourning poor sweet Nanny’s loss of her husband and will rush out and vote democrat to make her feel better…..NOT!!! I truly believe this one will blow up in their faces. So this weird young illegal immigrant will supposedly take the fall for this hammer attack. What a tangled mess Nanny and her paid policemen have gotten themselves into. I can’t wait for it to blow up in their faces. God help us if we don’t get rid of these monsters in our government!!!




Michael Baxter I feel Robert Gregory Boensch should have his own page. His answers are too long. Is he trying to talk over you? Ridibg on your coat tails?

Last edited 1 year ago by Patryot6295
Robert Gregory Boensch

I agree His Post are to Long.
My Posts are to long.
How else can on show What We are Up Against
And Look at the next Blog
Ok I will only put one commit per Blog
Unless you ask for More.

Here It Is.
The Safest Place For Them To Hide.
Starts With A Trip Through A Wood Chipper.
If you Want More Great Intel with real law data
Just Ask

posted 2 hours ago

Question How Many will panic When this Shoe Drops
For they will have no clue in what’s going on in this world
The most powerful words we can use to those that don’t know the plan
Is .
I Am aware of this or that
It will save so many people in the long Run

And I never posted here until now when the end is getting closer.

I understand your position.
Is My Position Counter to the Needs of the Masses.

Kelly Brown

Every version of the Paul Pelosi hammer story is hilarious.


Pelosi is 3rd in line…..a literal gay druggie walked past security!?!?!

Give me a break!!!


I believe that the recent election in Brazil was stolen by 2500 votes, just enough to win.
Its going to happen here again too.

It should be cancelled and bring Trump back now!


According to an older RRN article the white hats tried to get Nancy herself but caught her body double instead.

Why is it so hard to catch her? She should be at Gitmo as well.

One more question for your sources. When is Trump coming back as our rightful President?

2024? 25?



h t t p s colon //michaelsavage dot com/pelosi-attack-story-does-not-make-sense-people-are-talking-2/


Democrats Leaving Party in MASSIVE Numbers

h t t p s colon //theblacksphere dot net/2022/10/democrats-leaving-party-in-massive-numbers/

“Saving babies versus saving death-row criminals. Guess which one Democrats want to save and which they fight to kill.”

No Sympathy for the Soulless.


It’s okay, they screwed up the story so bad, people on all social media have decided Paul had a tryst with a male prostitute. 🤣 I helped lead people along that path too just cuz I thought it was hilarious. It also made much more sense than their messed up story.

Arthena Rubin

Maybe Nancy lured a man over to beat up another man because she’s Evil

Arthena Rubin

That’s interesting he’s a model prisoner maybe he can help decode this pedophile investment taking over the minds of men and women


the guy is a multigenerational pedo


,,, navel fluff.

J Bill



Social platforms are red hot pissed and censoring anyone that questions this hoax. There aren’t any “facts” about this, but there they are, the “fact checkers”. LOL

J Bill

Elon deleted his own tweet censoring himself lmaoooooooo 🤡


Thank God for free speech on Twitter!

David T

It’s heading in the right direction, still a long ways to go.

Son of Ethan Allen

Matthew 7:15
Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.

Rob William

What about sheep in wolf clothing?

J Bill

What about word press bloggers with their hand out?


Hang loose !


👍. That’s the TRUTH !
Good morning Mr. Douglass !


The REAL Paul pelosi. IS where he belongs.. AT GITMO.!
Main Stream Media and the Democrats want to distract
From the TRUTH ,
about the midterm elections to get the indoctrinated
To feel sorry for the evil elites in the party and VOTE for DEMONCRATES.

J Bill

Lmao 🤡

Ruby Kennard

I believe we’re living in an era of confusion and lazy reality. We grew so accustomed to MSM giving us the news and became indoctrinated to trust corporate propaganda. It was just easier than researching for ourselves. Now, a big part of our population has narrowed down the reality they’re willing to believe, even if it’s utopian lunacy. Since only the radical Leftists have a public voice, they’ve almost totally destroyed common sense and facts in lieu of following the popular narrative, especially since seeking the truth is unpopular and almost illegal these days. They say they’re ‘woke’ but they’re just the opposite- I’d say- they’ve fallen into a stupor of their own making….since it’s easier and doesn’t require much of anything except a closed-minded and indisputable willingness to ‘go along to get along. Thus, we’ve become a fickle society, jumping from one rising star to another in search of a better leader for our country. Now, it’s Desantis in the spotlight. Not for me. Pres Trump has been tried & true at a huge cost to himself, his family, and his entire circle of loyal friends. I’m staying with Trump as long as he’s willing to stay in the game-I’ll stand with him. Just saying…

george friend

I think these elections are small fries compared to the moves being made. Our tiny sliver of perception can’t encompass the big picture. We’ve been severely fucked with. Dumbed down.

Rob William

The most important question is: will the elections happen or will Trump come back before that and become president again?


NO…how many times do you ask that question, and I answer ?
NO the election will NOT happen.. Until the 2020 fraudulent election is NULLIFIED by the SUPREME COURT. !
The next 10 days will be EPIC !

Rob William

But then why are so many people on this website asking to vote vote vote? Isn’t it confusing? One has to make time (at least half a day) to vote.


Yes, I agree.
Very WELL Said

Robert Gregory Boensch

This News is Code for

In February 2009, the Obama administration commandeered a powerful supercomputer system known as THE HAMMER. THE HAMMER includes an exploit application known as SCORECARD that is capable of hacking into elections and stealing the vote, according to CIA contractor-turned-whistleblower Dennis Montgomery, who designed and built THE HAMMER.

THE WHISTLEBLOWER TAPES, confidential audio recordings released by U.S. DIstrict Judge G. Murray Snow’s courtroom in November 2015, revealed that SCORECARD was deployed by the Obama team against Florida election computers to steal the 2012 presidential election on behalf of President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden.

SCORECARD is now being activated to steal the vote on behalf of Joe Biden once again. Biden utilized THE HAMMER and SCORECARD while running for Vice President in 2012. Votes are again being stolen on Joe Biden’s behalf as he runs for President of the United States in 2020.

This time, SCORECARD is stealing votes in Florida, Georgia, Texas, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, Nevada, and Arizona, according to Montgomery.

Full details Here


Robert Gregory Boensch


Didn’t you run for Senate?

Just Me

This Kenyan Demon should have been arrested years ago. It makes me sick whenever I see his ugly face on tv, in 2012 I voted for Rino Mitt and his sidekick Ryan another Rino. I did not know at the time that these two were just as rotten as Obango.

Rob William

Why are you worried about the voting? As per WildCat, elections are not going to happen and we should wait for Trump to come back.


When I first heard about the “attack” I thought how could come random guy smash his way into a multimillion $ house guarded by armed security and beat Paul’s skull in screaming for Nancy ??? I was like this is total BS !!!

About time

Swing and a miss, should have been Nazi

Jose Ramirez

Now they will say that Paul Pelosi died in the hospital . Wait for that news.


You can bet on it..

Just Me


Just Me

Good catch, I believe you are right.

Rob William

Actually it seems he is doing pretty well. Being at hospital may also cold Turkey him out of alcoholism.


Right now on C Todd, an “expert” said that DePape’s social media was liberal but turned alt right in the last year talking of Pizzagate and QAnon. I wonder how he did it. As someone who followed this info from 2016, most of the sites have fizzled. When you want the info, you can’t find it. Now Klobuchar is on blabbing her mouth. Remember, she warned the voters that if you don’t vote Democratic, expect more hurricanes.

J Bill

The internet doesn’t get deleted genius 🤡🤡🤡😂

Jan D Hunsinger

I’d love to know the back story on this one!

Dave Kelly

If Larry Fine had reached the age of 82 years old , he would most definitely survived blunt force trauma to the head. Either one, Larry took some righteous hits for that, I think WE ALL can agree.

Here’s a picture. “DePepe,” kek. 🙂

https ://endchan.gg/.media/d45b927536372b2877fea6c49a2eb950-imagepng.png


When I heard it, I screamed lie, fake, false false flag, bullshit, Jusssie Smollet hoax, these people are just predictable, and they think we are stupid. Time to hold them accountable, and deliver judgment on them.


Do you know Nancy Pelosi had a one time fling with Charles Manson? Her family and the Fromme family were long time friends so she and Ziggy were close. Also remember Leslie Ann Houghton who was one of the family members who went to prison. Kris Jenners maiden name is Houghton.


Tell me you get your information from Facebook memes without telling me you get your information from Facebook memes.

Rob William

Facebook is for 50+, it’s a sinking ship.



Sandy Koufax

It’s quite obvious that Paul Pelosi’s clone hit the ground running without missing a beat and took the beating. There is no way to defeat the deep state, if they can just be replaced by clones when they are captured or killed. Berger must first destroy the cloning facilities and capture all of the clones, so they can’t replace the the actual government officials.


Yes, you are loud and cLeaR,
buddy. 😼

Rob William

Is Berger himself a clone?


Si Senor


Didn’t believe it the moment I heard it on the radio. How in the world did an 82 old man get out gitmo? Swim? I think not. About the coming election – I see the DS is up to their old tricks again – Pennsylvania just sent out over 300K unverified ballots by mail. SO NOW they’re gearing up to cheat again! This stuff just doesn’t get old to them; as long as they think they got away with 2020 – why the hell not do it again? I hear on good authority there won’t be an election – fingers crossed that it won’t be.

J Bill

he did swim. ageist

Rob William

Super swimmer. People here are anti-Supes.



buck fiden

No kosher pork at Rabbi Finkelstein’s temple tonight. Must go look for some treif with big tits tonight instead. Kikestresses, you had your chance for your dream date! MWUAAAAH!


I hope you do bump to Dolly P…….

question everything

Two times in the last six months Paul Pelosi has been found at the crime scene
and both times he was hammered!



Rob William

Not bad!



Cargo Beep beep

What happened to the series of rapid-fire articles that were supposed to come out starting on Friday?

J Bill

what happened to the 2-4 articles per day he promised a few months ago? or what happened to rump returning on 7/4/2021?

Rob William

You want MB to leave his day job for your free entertainment?


this was a shit house they bought so NANCY could say she lives in SAN FRANCISCO. THEY DON’T LIVE THERE ! THEY LIVE IN A GATED COMMUTITY WITH ARMED GUARDS ! WAKE UP PEOPLE !!!!

J Bill

what is the address of this shit house?

Dave Kelly

1313 M

Just Me

The address to this shit house is 1313 Mockingbird Lane.

joe blow

Your telling us the white hats don’t have Nancy in custody somewhere? Hard to believe.

J Bill

the white sox suck. and swallow

Just Me

You are just as vulgar as Buck Fiden, but at least he is on the right of History which love and respect.



Vikki Arcila

News said she was on her way home to be by his side……….ya have to laugh cause she would have to go to Gitmo……..picture that. I think this false flag was created because Paul is gone and so they will conveniently pretend he died from the knocks on the head………killing him off to be out of the picture. Hey good movie.

J Bill

she’s already been cloned duh

Dave Kelly

It ‘s about INSURANCE FRAUD, Nasty wanting to COLLECT on an EXPENSIVE Life Insurance Policy she had on Paul.


Cov- fefe. That’s what DJT promised during his presser after his visit to Cabal/DS/Illuminati controlled countries in 2017/18. Remember? Drove the MSM batty. Blessings,

J Bill

blessings of b0fa

buck fiden

They got the wrong Pelosi.

Donna Miller

If the Military isn’t at every Pole Place to keep an eye on everything, this will be just like the last one… Unless they plan to use this one to Finally Step In…

Dave Kelly


J Bill


Dave Kelly

Tell that one to the msm

Robert James

LOL. The Pelosis are soon going down! Paul Pelosi has already! Poor slob. But then, he’s in GITMO not Leavenworth so not too bad.

Dave Kelly

NO NEWS, Nasty has always been going down, this is how she made it to SPEAKER. THAT’S NO SHIT Go see for yourselves.

Just Me

Back in the 90s when she became speaker of the house I knew she was bad news from the actions she took. She spent over $200,000 of taxpayer’s money on flowers for her self and she bought a brand new plane costing millions of taxpayer’s money. That alone was enough for me to see what kind of person she was and still is, self serving. This old bitch in her 80s needs to go, she has no business being in politics and she is all about herself and her family at the expense of the American people.