Military Tribunal Convicts Former FDA Commissioner Stephen Hahn


A military tribunal on Friday convicted former FDA Commissioner Stephen Hahn on charges of treason and accessory to murder after he admitted that he and other members of Trump’s Coronavirus Task Force had deceived their president into believing untested Covid-19 vaccines were safe and effective, pushing Trump to launch Operation Warp Speed.

Hahn’s confession came as a surprise, for he had until that time professed his innocence. Immediately after his arrest on 29 December, Hahn told JAG investigators he had served President Trump with faith, honor, and loyalty, insisting he was being set up for crimes of which he had no knowledge. He denied being on Moderna and Pfizer’s payroll. He denied allegations that he had data proving inoculations had killed or gravely sickened Covid-19 trial participants. Any incriminating evidence, Hahn had said, had been manufactured or falsified to inculpate him for someone else’s crimes. Moreover, he said to investigators that he could not have betrayed President Trump because betrayal wasn’t “in his character.”

He clung to claims of innocence throughout two weeks of grueling interviews, even when offered potential leniency in exchange for a written confession detailing his role in the Plandemic. But Hahn didn’t budge. In his final interview Thursday, he scolded investigators for “violating his civil rights” and demanded an audience with President Trump. “When Donald finds out what you’ve done to me, there’ll be hell to pay,” Hahn reportedly said, to which investigators replied, “You don’t think he knows where you are? We have his blessing.”

On Friday morning he swaggered into GITMO’s south courtroom filled with confidence, shoulders back, chest out, boasting to Vice Adm. Darse E. Crandall that no court could find him guilty. Once seated at the defense table, he raised his cuffed hands and said, “You can bind my hands, but you can’t bind the soul of an innocent man. I will be exonerated.”

Vice Adm. Crandall placed on the table graphic pictures of Doctors Fauci and Collins swinging from a rope.

Hahn’s chest deflated, and his face went pale. What bravado he had mustered fled his now trembling body like steam from an uncapped pot of boiling water.

“How…how could you do this?” he asked meekly.

“They did it to themselves,” the admiral replied. “They shared your defiant attitude. If you think the evidence we have on you is weaker than what we had on them, you’re wrong.”

“If I plead guilty, will you let me live? I can’t go like that. I just can’t,” Hahn begged.

“I make the sentencing recommendation, but they decide,” Vice Admiral said as he gestured at the three officers tasked with weighing the merits of JAG’s case.

“I’m guilty,” Hahn said, nodding his head vigorously. “But they made me do it.”

“Do what?” Vice Adm. Crandall asked.

Hahn recounted how Collins and Fauci had devised a scheme to mass-vaccinate Americans under the pretense of a national health crisis. They approached him in April 2020 with a proposition: help convince Trump to expedite the delivery of vaccines into the arms of every breathing American citizen as quickly as possible to combat an evolving virus that threatened to eradicate humanity. “We all knew SARS-Cov2 was no more dangerous than seasonal influenza, that, yes, it could get the elderly and immunocompromised sick, but the vaccines were never meant to mitigate spread, they were for money and control. Trump’s smart—he suspected trying to vaccinate the population against a mild coronavirus was futile, and dangerous. He was on point with ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine therapies, but there’s no money in those products. Fauci said only a collective effort across the medical community would get Trump to support vaccines. They needed me—I was the only person who could give pharma emergency-use authorization. And they needed Trump on board since only he had the power to invoke the Emergency Health Powers Act to get Warp Speed rolling. It was collaborative deceit, thousands and thousands of health professionals out there lying about the need for vaccines. We sold a lie.”

“And you had proof early trial participants died as a result of taking the vaccines?”

“Absolutely, but I got it by accident. Moderna mistakenly sent me their real trial results, not the doctored report, which I saw later. I told Fauci, but he told me to destroy the real results and go with the fraudulent data.  And I used that to help get Trump to make Warp Speed work,” Hahn said.

“And you were paid? Millions?”

“Several million,” Hahn conceded.

“Do you expect this tribunal to believe that old man Fauci and old man Collins orchestrated everything?”

“If it goes higher than them, I don’t know who’s pulling the strings,” Hahn said.

“This tribunal appreciates your belated candor, but owing to your statement of guilt, I have no choice but to recommend you be hanged by the neck until dead,” Vice Adm. Crandall said.

Hahn protested. “Wait. You said you’d let me live.”

“I said I’d make a recommendation,” the admiral corrected him, “but I didn’t specify what it would be.”

The panel agreed—Hahn’s crimes deserved no leniency.

He was frantically yelling “you tricked me” as guards escorted him to his cell.

Vice Adm. Crandall set a date of execution for Monday, January16


Note: I’ve been told there has been a development in Gen. Berger’s disappearance and am expecting updated information later today. Depending on the time, I’ll publish late this evening or tomorrow morning.

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Shouldn’t the date be Monday, January 16th?


And another one bites the dust … 16 Jan. Still waiting for the results of the investigation into the election fraud that took place three times with nothing done so far. When are the so called white hats going to admit they have no intentions of addressing the fraud?

There is no excuse what so ever for them not taking public action. NONE.


Yeh, unless something is done besides talk, I’ve voted my last time. The American people have been robbed, and where’s the solution, so it won’t happen again?


It’s all a sham. Slight of hand. Illusion. Yet I haven’t seen the sun yet this month. Spray gray everyday. If white hats are real stop the spraying ie chemtrails


I’m so sick of rain every day all day! Damn right – bdubz! If white hats are real STOP THE CHEMTRAILS!


Shoot down a few of those planes and I think that will stop!

Stinky Perfume

White hats should have shot down chemtrails planes a long time ago. Trouble is divided, military is black hats also, and they are ruining everything on planet earth. Is all of Camp Pendleton white hats? Their budget for money invites countless greed and misleading whats evil or good.

Shut down and destroy H.A.A.R.P.


It has cost the US citizens TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS.
That does NOT include the damage they have done to the rest of the world !!!!

trust nothing

That probably won’t happen
The High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program was initiated as an ionospheric research program jointly funded by the U.S. Air Force, the U.S. Navy, the University of Alaska Fairbanks, and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. It was designed and built by BAE Advanced Technologies

Sharon Janice Manning

My brother swears there’s no such thing as HAARP. We know it exists and has been used in bad ways.

Strike 17

What state are you all in? Me Texas and since the Blizzard that hit Texas because Biden was mad at us 100s died. Well since then we have not had no stinking Hurricanes to hit Texas since then the only Hurricane to hit was the 2 that hit Florida and Biden was mad at Florida. Before the blizzard Texas averaged 3 4 5 Hurricanes a year where are they yes its called weather warfare get your brother to watch Mike Morales on you tube may open his eyes.


Thanks for reminding me about the horrible Blizzard in Texas, and I agree, I think they can influence the weather……here is what I found searching According to the final report from the Texas Department of State Health Services released in December 2021, 246 deaths were attributed to the Great Texas Freeze, spread out across 77 of the state’s counties.”

Sharon Janice Manning

I’m a transplanted Texan and all my family suffered through that awful freeze. My very intelligent, highly educated brothers think I’m a kook and conspiracy theorist. I let them be wrong as I never intend to argue with them. I will refrain from saying, “I told you so”, when things finally come out. I’ll just say, “I’m so glad you know!”


Please tell your brother to watch the clip where LJB says “he who controls the weather controls the world.”
JFK tried to stop the bad guys from using the technology, but after LJB had him murdered, he got his filthy mitts right on it!!

And he if still doesn’t believe you, tell him to read Barr McClellan’s book about LJB and Roger Stone’s book about LJB. Both authors state that LJB was a major co conspirator in the JFK assassination.
LJB played nice with the Kennedys but the Kennedys hated LJB because they knew he was bad, and LJB thought they were stupid. He underestimated Jackie because she had JFK murder investigated and proved the Soviets did not do it. He underestimated Bobby because he confronted him in a rage asking him why he had his brother killed, and LJB was scared by his temper. And that moment was photographed.


who is LJB…….

Sharon Janice Manning

Lyndon Baines Johnson, former president.


Which one? Russia, China, America and how many more?

Get this


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I am Earning $81,100 so Far this year working 0nline and I am a full time college student and just working for 3 to 4 hours a day I’ve made such great m0ney.I am Genuinely thankful to and my administrator, It’s’ really user friendly and I’m just so happY that I found out about this


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I never voted,and never will ,untill I trust the process…


You are right, but they tell us that “your vote counts!” Oh yeah, So why are we in this mess. We all saw the steal and Bidon didnt get 80 million real votes. So explain how “Your vote counts!” It just make million look like fools standing in lines to vote, when in the end, the crooks PUT in who they want! Enough of this shit, the world is now awake!


You spelled jews wrong. Our founding fathers forwarned us not to allow them to move to our christian nation. They called them parasites and vampires (adrenochrome)

Evangelina Martinez

Where exactly did the Founding Fathers say “not to let the Jews in” and what other way is Jews spelled? Please tell me seeing how I am a Jew and my Ancestors came here from Spain due to the Insurrection on my Mother’s side and from Nazi Germany on my Fathers side. Stupidity knows no bounds.

david simmons

What Tribe? Certainly not the Synagogue of Satan as Jesus said


Right, some of them Jesus called “you are the synagogue of satan”……..we forget that……and this group will be the ones to usher in the anti-christ


FDR said it. Not aware of any other prez. Certainly not FFs.


You should read what Ben Franklin had to say.


And not all Jews are evil. But the Khazarians are evil. The Founding Fathers were wary of the Khazarians after America broke free from the British. But the man called Haym gave his entire fortune to General Washington to help fight the British so America could win her independence. He died penniless. but we were born free.
Not all Jews are evil. The Khazarians are crooks, the Khazarians are the corrupt one,s the Khazarians are the ones giving the genuine Jews a royal slap in the face for their nefarious behaviour since their days of terror in Sumer, Babylon, Canaan, Southern Russia, Poland, Germany, Turkey, France and Spain. Then when the Illuminati swallowed up the Freemasons in 1799, it got more interesting and intriguing to say the least.


I am Earning $81,100 so Far this year working 0nline and I am a full time college student and just working for 3 to 4 hours a day I’ve made such great m0ney.I am Genuinely thankful to and my administrator, It’s’ really user friendly and I’m just so happY that I found out about this


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I am Earning $81,100 so Far this year working 0nline and I am a full time college student and just working for 3 to 4 hours a day I’ve made such great m0ney.I am Genuinely thankful to and my administrator, It’s’ really user friendly and I’m just so happY that I found out about this


Last edited 2 months ago by Delavic

You mean George Soros.


Ben Franklin clearly warned us.


Please study history, Jewish business men helped to fund the Revolution the taxation imposed ate into commerce profits. If I recall Jewish merchants mostly from Phylly. The Colonies were taxed to repay the cost of the French and Indian War. The Crown needed to fund an army to protect the colonies. As always the value of services declines over time. Always follow the money trail and quit spewing hatred. Bad people come in all faiths color and national origin. The Middle East I’m sure feels the same way about Americans after what our government has done to the region for decades to control their resources. Think about it!


We have a Republican house!


feel same did not vote last November….

Jerry Miller

If you don’t vote, you have no right to complain. By not voting you give the paid illegals, brain washed libtards the power by default. You have to try!


and you are helping the enemies cheat in future elections…


I am Earning $81,100 so Far this year working 0nline and I am a full time college student and just working for 3 to 4 hours a day I’ve made such great m0ney.I am Genuinely thankful to and my administrator, It’s’ really user friendly and I’m just so happY that I found out about this


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Just Gary

If you are of legal age and never voted you have no say so whatsoever in anything concerning this great country. Yes, there are crooks everywhere. My wife is from the Philippines and just became a US Citizen and voted for the first time. Imagine if everyone was like you in 2016 and stayed home. Trump would not have won. Yes, I believe my vote was stolen, but still in my heart and mind I know that I voted and I’m ready to stand on that vote and defend it. Retribution is a heartbeat away. If and when everything is exposed and overturned, what will you say, “oh, I’ve never voted before, but I was behind you all the way”. Put up or shut up.


Yes, well, Americans have overseen the robbery of the entire planet while watching Netflix and getting fat. It’s hard to find much sympathy now that the same evil hits them in the face. There’s a reason people in the Middle East call the USA the great Satan. Now do you see it?


I agree about the last time bothering to vote. Worse yet we can’t ‘vote’ ourselves out of this communist takeover using rigged electronic voting machines and counterfeit mail-in paper ballots.

Evangelina Martinez

Again President Trump gave over to the Military before fake Biden was fraudulently put in Office. The Military had been in control since November 2020. You really need to look up Derek Johnson who is an expert on Military Law and you would know that things are not as they seem, that they have been doing things behind the scenes so that we would not have a Civil War or riots so stop freaking out already.


The Military have been in charge since 20/1/17.
but there’s a World Alliance in play also and The Galactic Federation of Worlds.

This war is to protect Planet Earth from take over from the dark Races that already had control of the Illuminati and the Crown and CCP and Politics in general.

The Dark beings were living in the underground world as well as the moon and Mars etc.

Without the Galactic Federation of worlds fighting in the underground and Space this Planet would have been lost to Humanity.

That’s why Trump took the Arrows as in his famous speech for us all.

The Space and underground war is won now.

My God Bliss us all.


The Galactics are on the slow side too if you ask me. They had me set on thinking The Event had to be over and done with by 2025 …. then they change it and that was no longer a deadline we can go beyond it. That really pissed me off.

With that deadline gone they can take they sweet time while us peons suffer.

I’ve been watching their show since Oct. 2015 … the years have been long.


Too long, nobody wil read this.

Stinky Perfume

You have spaceships to clear underground bases like MK Ultra China Lake, and you can’t make a video or email anyone? They know who you or anyone else is. I would say a lot of people qualify for a show and tell, or classes and a lot of people in prisons, jails, group homes, and mental lock ups had to get a jab or basically they got ‘em all. This is human rights violations, The lab coats that are tricked or tricksters need a sort out and beam up out of people’s way. I can’t say they are working but they are deadly evil to others. War is won? Why isn’t it over? Why do people like the one’s that got Gen Nerger bother to fight if it’s won?


If the military is in control … and I have my doubts … they MUST let the people know. We have a RIGHT to know! Derek Johnson has turned into a long winded blow hard. He can spout all the military law he likes … the FACT remain they are NOT upholding military law or constitutional law. What good are these laws if the so called white hats won’t enforce it? ENOUGH of behind the scenes … they need to let the people know what is going on and take ACTION.

MB reported that the so called white hats claim they were going to investigate the fraud then decide whether or not to take action. It is obvious they plan to take no action … WHY?

NO WAY can you convince me people will riot to keep satanists and pedos in power … that just another bs excuse not to do their duty.

I’m going to keep freaking out until something public is done.
Thanks for reading my post.

Rob William

Keep freaking out, nothing will ever be public OR stop freaking out.

Stinky Perfume

Yeah, lol, I’ll go back to wait on solar flash with those know the future people. Solar flash changes it all in a day. A long wait ….. yawn…People want sex all over the place and base their quality of life on it. Sex, drugs, money are all vampire led diversions so people don’t find out about the blood and loosh factory underground. Don’t the border babies get sold? How do the children finally wind up underground in cages?

Sharon Janice Manning

I follow Derek and SGAnon. Both are brilliant. I find a great deal of comfort from listening to them.


The threat of civil war was never real. Anyone who used fear of a thing to justify actions is a coward and a traitor. In reality, a civil war takes 2 opposing forces. The dems are too few in number compared to the massive conservative collection. A civil war would never happen. If it did, it would be over in a day.


I understand your frustration, but this has been going on for hundreds if not thousands of years. So far, we have seen many high profile people arrested and executed. When have we ever seen that before? DC is empty. When have we seen that before? Look at all the corruption being exposed in the news. And this is all due to the intelligence and strategy of the leader and his generals and their men. Every day, more is coming out. The foundation is crumbling. The collapse is inevitable.

Sharon Janice Manning

We have to remember that this is a multipronged war: inflation, trafficking, immigration, satanism, money laundering, all sorts of unbelievable things going on we can’t even imagine. It has taken centuries to get to this point and we’ve only been awake for 4-6 years. Staying positive and looking forward to a better future keeps vibrations up and keeps us healthier mentally.


Correction … we have not seen anyone arrested and executed … it’s was told to us with no evidence to back it up. So we don’t know for sure it happened … we just hope it did. My brother works for NASA and he told me the traffic in the area is worst than two years ago, so I guess the surrounding area is still busy although I have seen the videos of a quite DC.

The point is ENOUGH of the behind the scene BS … it’s time to let “we the people” know because it is our RIGHT.

Stinky Perfume

RRN relayed they don’t have the resources and had to rely on having more smarter people and better weapons. The people online saying “there’s not very many of them we outnumber them” are not including the part where they have us divided and fighting each other. One big division is rich and poor. Others are racial, etc.


No doubt of the divide and conquer ploy they play on us.


I do fear that Communism has supplanted Christianity in the west. Consider for a minute all the kids who have been indoctrinated in public schools these last 30 years to simply obey the godless whims of the state. Once they mature, they will be the hammer in the Commie flag!


Michael Baxter, thanks for all your long hard work…..we appreciate you and if sometimes you make a tiny mistake….well, well, no one is perfect and you accept correction…….we love and appreciate you more than you know…May you be blessed by God in immeasurable ways. I kept seeing Crandall’s name here……I am praying he is ok? If I missed something, I am a 78 1/2 yr. old great-grandmother trying to keep up with what is going on…….thanks for these many, many heart-jolting articles….you are appreciated……💓✅💟💚


Sorry, I got the names mixed up……Berger is the one missing, not Crandall……..prayers for both



Last edited 2 months ago by Delavic

I feel the same. Thank you, Michael


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Mr. Baxter, would you ask your sources how many prisoners NS Guantanamo Bay actually holds as of this date and how many of those are on prison ships? Thank you.


I forgot about the Prison Ships.

Diana dacus

There’s also prisoners in Tierra del fuego Argentina, Hollywood pedos i would suppose and I believe Greenland might be international criminals. I’m suspecting Gitmo Cuba is for political. But I seem to have heard that Washington DC , since it’s not considered US territory, has been used for executions as well. 🙂

Last edited 2 months ago by Diana dacus

You forgot Diego Garcia.




Mr. Baxter, I’ve just reviewed the list of US attendees at the WEF at Davos and it supposedly includes Ms. Avril Haines. Our last reports were several from last August where she was at Gitmo and awaiting her Tribunal. Obviously, the “attendee” cannot be the “detainee” and so a latex-masked actor is likely. Can you update? Also, the WEF comes less than a week after General Berger vanished and only days after the aviation stoppage (together with huge amounts of transports and refuelers airborn that morning). Can you comment on Davos as White Hat target?

Rob William

Latex mask actor/clone/shapeshifter reptilian/body double/CGI hologram — take your pick and run with it.


thankK you mR bXaxter for your fine wrk. In my proffesional opinion Peeple that behav this wy usualy need an ENEMA and a high end laxativ I’m sure your readers can understand.

Michael R Davis

‘Newest’ isn’t working therefore denying about one third of the posts from being read and answered to.

Quancidine Hinson-Gribble

Thank You Michael Baxter!!! I can’t wait to contribute. My own case is finally winding up. It’s a win for “SURVIVING SPOUSES” OF VETERANS!!!

Quancidine Hinson-Gribble




Looking forward to reading your update on his demise, sir.

David M

Damn! I should have caught that. Nice catch claudia011!


Try to get this


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I thought that as well

Last edited 2 months ago by TerryAT

I am Earning $81,100 so Far this year working 0nline and I am a full time college student and just working for 3 to 4 hours a day I’ve made such great m0ney.I am Genuinely thankful to and my administrator, It’s’ really user friendly and I’m just so happY that I found out about this


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Country Girl

How ridiculous and petty!!

trust nothing

Grammar Police

Bill Kaulfield

You clearly don’t know what “grammar” means.


Who TF do you thank you R ..go get ur hot Pocket S and shut the hole under ur 👃

Bill Kaulfield

I’m Bill.

I know reading is difficult for you, but I know you can try harder.


imagine throwing others in jail for not having perfect grammar. grammar nazi.

nazis were known to do that. then killed them too.


Ur a jack off .. plain and simple


If your ever in Detroit look me up I’d like to show you around some of the back Ali’s…give you a little ol fashion Detroit schooling

Bill Kaulfield

Hmmm. Looks like you don’t know what “grammar” means either. Or how to spell.

And no one’s being thrown in jail. What the hell are you talking about?

Last edited 2 months ago by Bill Kaulfield
Bill Kaulfield

Also, let me just say that I’m sorry you have to live in Detroit.

Rob William



well i glad i don’t live in detroit. im not telling you weirdos where i live, lol.



Rob William

What are you afraid of? What’s your greatest fear?


simple i have none.

true warriors don’t fear death.

trust nothing

“They” want us divided. Good job.

Bill Kaulfield

Thank you!

John .S

I’m John .S

Myself have difficulty completing a book, never have enough crayons. Hard to find the Crayola Box of 64 with the sharpener on the back.

In days of yesteryear use to melt crayons in bottle caps playing a street game called: Skully, aka Skell-Zee depending on the neighborhood.

trust nothing

The act or process of stating a precise meaning or significance; formulation of a meaning.


But who’s counting? All of us!!!
I am surprised because they usually hang on a Tuesday. Hopefully they are working all weekend.


With Mon., 1/16, being a state holiday, that may still be the case …


I hope Hahn pointed the White Hats in the direction of the cloners.


Oh my gosh, you’re a genius?! SMH

Lorenz Manner

Without 16th you couldn’t understand? So bad 👎


PLZ folks get a life this isn’t 7th (yes TH) grade grammar class. We’re not here to learn grammar or spell check. The human brain can read misspelled words and grammar errors and corrected it subcounsciouky to recognize the message.


Another dead-eyed freak.

Stinky Perfume

Is there adrenochrome in Hahn”s blood? His decisions he claimed were based on being in fear of Fauci. Fauci was sold by convincing detail, on the NWO.

Would the addiction to adrenochrome be like bloodthirsty killers? We know a lot of doctors became heroin addicts. A doctor that opened up his own rehab hospital In Africa, told me himself. How many of these WHO, pharma people, etc, are adrenochrome addicts? There’s ongoing intensive data the elite and a Hollywood prefer fresh live human prey and they get it from caged children underground and treat their prey just like a wild cat treats it’s prey. In other words if they can’t torment their prey their fix is weak and they will seek to find another fix. I had a house cat do the same. No canned food was acceptable.

I was told by a retired military Lt Col about adrenaline addicts back in the 1980’s. Maybe they didn’t know what they were doing sometimes? He also said elite are all addicted to adrenochrome. He didn’t know about Hollywood and politicians just was stationed to body guard various elite in USA and Vatican.

I can imagine a guess, adrenochrome is addicting the black hat military also. Aquino seems such a case. These kind of people might not use a medical doctor just do the fresh live ritual way of getting their fix.

Seems to me it’s possible all decisions revolve around the blood predator fix as a biological need, once addicted. They don’t want to stay in bed sleeping. They have daily predator thoughts to ensure the next fix is always coming. Human hunting becomes a sport.

Life to us is or has been, like a child getting raised by heroin or meth addicts dominating the choices. We’re ruled or raised by vampire addicts. Addicts want us to believe it’s not the drug that makes a bad person but what they think and do. They are widely thought to be going in the wrong direction period.

All addicted parent’s decisions, to spend money on their child, encounter the parent’s decision first which means they want their addiction fix before they give anything to anybody else. They have been often known to take their kids with them looking for drugs.

With a lot of men it’s a similar sex addiction, sex first or they don’t motivate to a function. Then the pedophilia comes to those who think children owe to them whatever more, or it’s easier prey, what they get out of that. A common syndrome seems to be ‘not up and running daily syndrome’. Not walking tall, is no energy and they are like the skeletons on “They Live” movie, their lack of energy is hidden from the other surface dwellers but ethereals see that soul.

That would be my definition of black and white hats like a soul score reading shows how much they took vs give on good things to give.
What is the definition though?


How was the Hangin’? I like these stories.


Well,…..looks like today is his day.


Is he dead yet. I do love it when the bad guys die. I LOVE IT!

Miss Impatient

“You tricked me” – How many hundreds of thousands, including the president, did this jackal trick?

Air man

Off subject but Andrew McCabe needs a “vacation”, Hint hint


Chateau GITMO has man cells available for execution-mandated prisoners, since he did not thing to stop Strok and Page from attempting to kill Trump.

John .S

Well it’s Monday 8 am EST, Hahn yelping last words. Taking pool of time pronounced dead, wagering 8:08.


I love this!!! We are having another silent, unintentional, holocaust…..but this time no one can cry antisemitism, because they are all guilty of demonstraiting their own brand of evil.Capitol high treason and sedition for scheckels.
Psalm 21:10 Says there wont be one offspring left amongst them.

Nukkin Futz

But, I was only following Fauci’s awdahs…..


And ve have vays of making you die!! Ve don’t act softly vith traitahs, ve execute traitahs!!


Please let us know something about Gen. Berger, we love him….

John .S

Predict Berger became a casualty via prolonging [tip-toeing] overall matters, not taking bull by the horns in swiftly taking culprits down, could say, trusting the alleged plan.

My generation: Tiny Tim – “tiptoe through the tulips”.


Imho, he was in a covert ops but presented as “planned extended sabbatical”. That okay by me. 🙏


Michael, anything new on general Bergers where abouts? Were all waiting and hoping for good news.


There are still infiltrators in Trump’s camp. “Advisors” Thye are out only for themselves. Pray he finds them all out speedily. Word from prophetess Amanda Grace.


Praying for Trump and family.


Is General Berger with General VanHerck? Are they discussing the big “D?” I hate being a mushroom in the dark, lol.


They still haven’t perfected the quick trial.


“Absolutely, but I got it by accident. Moderna mistakenly sent me their real trial results
NO WAY. He was flushed out by all the other actors in the show.


“I’m guilty,” Hahn said, nodding his head vigorously. “But they made me do it.”
Sir, no one ‘MADE’ you do anything except your inherent greed! So please spare all of us your pious demeanor and take your punishment like the snake you are.
In the lyrics by Kaleo, “Way down we go”.


Ticking away the moments that make up a dull day.


So, where is the news about Gen Berger coming either last night or today ?

Vikki Arcila

Thank you, Mr. Baxter……..really have been worried about General Berger…….knowing the DS is on the move.


Enjoy your hangin’ I know I will.


Let’s see how he spends his millions after January 16. For some reason, they never think of that. They profess their belief in God but are confident they will get away with mass murder.


He didn’t profess his belief in God.


Like Dubya did. And look what happened to him.


Will you post it here or under mia General Berger?

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What time zone is MB in anyway?
Post this evening or tomorrow morning?


Anyone who will sell their souls for money and comfort to the deepstate doesn’t deserve live. Is money really that important to these miscreants?


Yes. Money is their god.

John .S

Suspect “Jerome Adams” come Monday [tomorrow 1/16] will see photos of Fauci, Collins and Hahn’s necktie party.

Money says Jerome’s tribunal starts after Hahn’s disappearing act.

Would wager Hahn swings a 8 am, Jerome takes hot seat 10 am.

Crandall does breakfast at 9.15, tribunal runs through lunch, completed by 3:00 – 3:30, verdict reached.

Crandell changes into civvies, does happy hour chomping on cigar, eats dinner by 5:00, sleeping by 6.00.

Suspect Crandall a baseball fan, venturing into Adams & Pence fudge packing antics, wanting to know if taking turns as pitcher & catcher.

Say Jerome swings Wednesday, Crandall not fiddle-farting, Thursday is pushing it, which I doubt.

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Stinky Perfume

What does Hahn or anyone else doing this evil, think happens when they take millions of dollars to end lives or target people’s blood into shorter lives and crippled while alive?

They think they work for the biggest and best ruler, on or under earth, but they didn’t get protected as promised. They easily grossed out enough people that the general policy is they must be put on death row, because they bear false data against others, so it’s treason as we know it but it’s genocide but they were using hybrid humans. Hybrid humans probably don’t want to use a witness protection program.

I heard on Alex Jones, deep staters either take the millions or get killed.

Maybe they thought they were righteous and the system they followed knew who to kill.

Not this time. The dark does seem highly skilled at killing people looking at comparable lifespans of reptilians “3000 yrs”, who are lately said to all be possessed by demons. Demons control reptilians and their surface dweller hybrids I hear.

If good military or anyone has a way to see what’s up with the human status of Hahn I want to know too. I’m going to guess he’s MK Ultra. Hopelessly programmed, dangerous to keep alive and reptilian hybrid. Communicating with him is possibly just talking to the demon that possesses him or one of his many personalities.

It does not matter to me on the judgement issue if he’s took millions of dollars (that’s bad enough alone) only because it doesn’t discern his permanent lack of empathy, or non-human status, which is what I hear is the case with this kind of programmed order taking evil.

They are permanent unfixable due to not being fully human with the empathy gene in place. That is to my understanding a reason for being on deaths row maybe more than taking money to genocide.

Whatever is not human I would say should not be left on earth unless it can be fixed to human.

Altered divine DNA is also I hear the issue with the 70% of this stabbed population have mRNA self replicating in their blood right now. They will lose their consciousness if they don’t die from graphene struck by 5G first, and the mRNA keeps on replicating and it strangles out the divine DNA so the soul pops out, is what’s being said. Then they get animated by demons, like they say is the case with Aquino.

Even the blood banks will have this self replication factor as RRN already said is bad blood, so it’s transferable from the jabbed donations and used at hospitals to this day? Seems to me, they can in theory put it into an IV bag of any fluid for needles. They don’t have to wait for someone to accept a jab if they can get it in people sneaky like using an IV.

So the hospitals have deep state traitors, taking orders or just ignorant.

Those hospital doctor’s, CVS, and pharmacies, and the news, should have backed off on jabs and swabs, and pcr tests, and all this fake virus talk a long time ago.

Didn’t the white hats distribute the data into hospital data bases across the USA under military emergency orders?

Why doesn’t RRN use military official, stationary looking headlines?


Good. Millions have died and continue to do so. He better be hanged. It’s the only true justice.


UPDATE: Just saw an interview with Tom Hanks discussing his new movie A Man Called Otto. Aging quite a bit for a dead guy…..just saying  


Spare us taxpayers money, hang this demon now.


is Gen Berger ok?

Elisa Orozco

A just decision. This man was complicit in the orchestrated MURDER of hundreds of thousands of Americans. He did it for money. He must hang.


Any word on the General?

trust nothing

I’m thinkin’ if one of these executions was video recorded and broadcast nationally, all the traitors would either run or confess like this guy did.


Ironic that this Deep Stater protested, “You tricked me” when I lived an entire lifetime being tricked by them from “Walter Cronkite” to “Fox News Election Night.”

There was a newly freed slave in 1865 who saw his old “master” in Union custody and he shouted out, “Bottom rail on top now, Massa.” And so, I’m peeling this onion back as fast as I can and it seems that the more I know, the more I find I’m learning.


We all thought vaccine’s were to help the masses, until this clot shot came around and fooled a lot of people!


No, “we all” did NOT … Under protest (in my case), parent forced the chicken-pox vax on all offspring, then we got the chicken pox, then I got the shingles … Imagine, now, what bodes the shingle vax going forward, not to mention the HPV vax … Prenez-garde!


MB, any word on our beloved General Berger?


They NEVER thought they would EVER get caught, and they really don’t care.
Its that simple.
And yet, DAVOS & Bilderberg continues, as our corrupted Politicians also continue.
It WILL stop the day we say NO MORE, expose them and then kick them out the hard way in a way they cannot get get back in where they think they should be – and thats in a position of power over the people.


OK. 01/15/2023 PST. 9:00. AM.
We are half way through the Month and Brandon is still not
In custody ! What’s UP with that ?
Something Really BIG has to happen…😕

trust nothing

Could this mean everyone who pushed the Vax will be hung? Trump, MSM, Doctors, journalists, etc. They will only say they were doing their job and reading lies to everyone.


Trump is the president. Not a doctor. He will not be hung.

trust nothing

not the president either


i realize it is wrong, morally, for me to cheer the deaths of these deep staters but i cant help myself. they must pay for their crimes and if this is the way they have to pay then i feel justice has been done. they would never be found guilty in a court of law so these military tribunals are a way to insure they do pay and to hand the sentences down swiftly. why should the taxpayers have to fund them living out their lives in prison????

ET Phone Home

You tricked me is what all of American and the world is screaming back at him.


It’s too late, the damage is done. I have a long list of people I know who have had severe side effects, strokes, vertigo, death, etc. from this Covid culling. Just yesterday, my sister told me her sister-in-law, who had every one of those death shots, is now falling down when she walks.

There are no good guys. None of you did anything to stop it before it happened. Not the military, not Trump, not anybody. Fauci could have been fired any time. Stop with the excuses. I would like to say, I hope all of you burn in hell, but none of you believe in hell or anything else. You are psychopaths. Psychopaths die with smiles on their faces because they enjoy all the havoc they unleash on mankind.


He was frantically yelling “you tricked me” as guards escorted him to his cell.

Hahn tricked himself.

John .S

Would wager Hahn sealed Rochelle Walensky fate, giving specific details.

Oh-Rochelle, where are you? Come out – come out from wherever you are.


Was she not mentioned with regard to the “billion-dollar state bash” of weeks ago. With not a peep since, perhaps one of the “bevy” supposedly taken …


They should hang him at warp speed…ok i guess the 16th will due.

Jerry Miller

We should be hanging 20,000 per day- right down to the crooked doctors, local politicians and corrupt authorities of CT (Sandy Hook), Parkland, Orlando, Boston, 911!

trust nothing

that would be 7,300,000 in a year. Overtime.

Ruby Kennard

He confesses but says he was ‘forced’ by Fauci & Collins or else Trump wouldn’t have pushed the warp speed delivery of a potentially deadly & harmful injection on millions of innocent human beings. Where was the ‘force’? He wanted the money as badly as the murderous Big Pharma puppets. Trump should hang him, himself for treason, mass murder, and crimes against humanity. Hmm, and now thousands of WEF cabal members have a scheduled meeting in Davos to plan their next move in murdering us. Enough is enough! These executions should be public. The vax is still being promoted across the nation. Every day, people will be injected as long as it’s business as usual. Those who have the power to stop this ‘clot shot’ and don’t are accessories to the same crimes.


I can see the chess board and the pieces are all coming together now. This exonerates Trump from the accusations that he was responsible for the EUA and jab rollout. Many people still doubt him because of Warp Speed. Biden is being exposed and along with it, Obama, big Tech and the Mainstream Media. The House has opened the floodgates and are not holding back the punches. Musk is revealing the mass manipulation, we now know the Supreme Court compromised by the DS. The masses worldwide are waking up all over the World.


– Say, John, have you ever found strange men in the dresser?
– Not! They were all Americans….

A young nun goes to the doctor:
– Doctor, I can’t get rid of the hiccups, it’s been bothering me for 5 days!!!
The doctor consults her quickly and says:
– You are pregnant !
The nun returns to the convent and communicates crying the verdict…..
The next day the abbess addresses the doctor:
– Why did you say that to our nun?
– I wanted to scare her and get rid of the hiccups…
– But the bishop got scared and jumped out of the bell tower!!!

Her: John, what should I wear to the beach to make everyone turn heads?
Him: Skis!

Why did you start playing the piano?
– My beer was falling on from the violin!

During the State of Medical Emergency, her call 911: – I want to go to my lover, what should I write on the declaration?
– Stay at home… We are sending you a volunteer!!!


Hang that treasonous bastard.