Biden Body Double Delivers SOTU to Clones, Holograms, and Lookalikes


Playing the role of illegitimate president Joseph Biden, actor Arthur Roberts, one of many Biden doppelgangers, delivered a State of the Union Address rife with lies and quarter-truths to an audience of body doubles hired to applaud his imagined accomplishments. White Hats at U.S. Army Cyber Command who scrutinized the address estimate that 30% of attendees were actors, look-a-likes, or even clones, a clever array of facsimiles to confuse and trick the public.

Body doubles are nothing novel. Throughout history, world leaders and political zealots from Adolph Hitler to Joseph Stalin, from Hillary Rodham Clinton to Barack Hussein Obama, have employed a bevy of doubles to escape capture or assassination. According to one source, seven “fake” Clintons were caught between 2016-2020 before the military finally homed in on and apprehended the authentic one. And in May 2021, an actress wearing a Nancy Pelosi mask spoofed a Marine reconnaissance platoon, proving that even rudimentary cosmetics could fool trained observers.

Recent technological discoveries, however, have White Hats convinced that Deep Staters—particularly those named on sealed indictments—have upped the ante and are now using transformative technology—clones and holography—to replicate not only themselves but also the good guys, to offer a semblance of unity between Democrats and Republicans.

The discovery of cloning labs in Missouri and Alaska opened White Hats’ eyes to a broader reality, a Cyber Command source told Real Raw News. A portable holographic generator found at the Missouri site could project a lifelike image of a limestone cliff without producing a beam of light perceptible to humans. The visible light spectrum is the segment of the electromagnetic spectrum that the human eye can view. More simply, this range of wavelengths is called visible light—380-700 nanometers.

“If you shine a normal flashlight on a wall, you can see an expanding light cone. The lens on the generator shows no visible light, just the intended projection,” our source said.

Specialists who tinkered with the device found that it had a database of projectable images—a contemporary two-story home, a waterfall, and a group of armed sentries displaying basic motions such as holstering and unholstering sidearms, each with an audio component. Asked whether it held “blue beam” projections like extraterrestrials or Christ, he said nothing that elaborate was on the machine, but added that the database is modifiable.

“We’re seeing next-level tech. It’s not the stuff of Star Trek, but it’s getting there. What we saw of the SOTUA is proof of that,” our source said.

He mentioned that the row of generals, which included Berger and Milley, was produced holographically, saying whoever programmed the emitters must not have been military because there were detectable flaws in the uniforms that no lifer would make. He wouldn’t specify the mistakes.

“We don’t want to help them fix the gaffes,” he said. “Besides, we know where the real Gen. Berger is, and he certainly wasn’t there. The administration is trying to present a unity that doesn’t exist in reality.”

Equally concerning, he said Cyber Command is convinced that the Speaker of the House present at the SOTU was unequivocally a clone. White Hats who examined clones of Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and Nancy Pelosi taken from the Alaska lab discovered imperfections beyond what’s been previously reported—flat feet and missing molars. This time, they refused to expound on the “imperfections” to avoid tipping their hand.

“We have to keep certain things close to the vest, the situation is dire, and the Deep State has eyes and ears everywhere,” he said.

Asked why Biden is still using body doubles when clones and holograms are available, he said, “We don’t know. But we’ve seen no evidence of that and we damn sure know Arthur Roberts is a primary Biden double. He was coached on Biden’s mannerisms, but we’ve seen inconsistencies in speech and gait, and all signs point to Roberts right now.”

Even Biden’s speech, he added, was a fake: Cyber Command said the Artificial Intelligence program ChatGPT wrote it, though some passages were rearranged to make the vernacular sound more human.

“A great unmasking will come soon,” he said in closing.

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A great unmasking will come soon…is that definition same as Trumps return is ”eminent” was that one yr ago or two yrs ago MB reported that? Time flies doesn’t it.

Melody Hart

Nothing is to be revealed intill the op is over period,get over it !

Counter Reformation



This is Obama’s third term:
“Richard Cloward and Frances Fox Piven, professors at Columbia University, created the perfect Marxist plan: Get every American possible on welfare and other government handout programs in order to overwhelm the system, bring the national debt to levels never imagined, bankrupt America and bring business owners to their knees when the economy collapses. Then you’ve got a socialist country.

I recognize exactly what’s happening today in America with Biden as the PINO (president in name only). Obama is using a modified Cloward-Piven plan.

Democrats (aka socialists and Marxists) have tried to get everyone on welfare for the past 38 years, since Obama and I graduated from Columbia. They came close, but they could never quite overwhelm and collapse the system. The success of capitalism and former Presidents Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump got in the way.

But now Obama has modified the plan. He is going to use the next four years to open the borders and MAFA (Make America Foreign Again). If you can’t get every American on welfare, then change the composition of America.

Open the borders and recruit millions — eventually tens of millions — of foreigners who don’t speak English; who know nothing about American history or the U.S. Constitution; who have no education, talent or skills; who require cradle-to-grave welfare; who will vote Democratic forevermore in order to keep the welfare checks coming.

Soon America will be so filled with foreigners that America will become foreign to Americans. And those foreigners will tip the scale and overwhelm the system with all their welfare, food stamps, free health care, free education and a thousand other needs.”
Article by Wayne Allen Root

Above Reproach

I’m very good at spotting different things about people. I somehow have a talent for it,
Don’t ask me how, The hell if I know.. I’ve pegged Obama, I’ve pegged Biden,
Hilarious Hillary Clinton with check bones like the hips of a starving donkey. Andrew Cuomo, and more. Biden is the easy one. In one speech, he can’t string 4 words together without screwing up. Then the next time you see him, he’s clenching his fist
And acting like a Dictator, eyes that don’t blink basically screaming at the other side of the TV. And his head doesn’t move naturally. His fake rubber mask pull’s his right earlobe down to the side of his neck. The real one doesn’t connect like that.
I say It’s time to begin DNA testing.


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Don’t forget these are actors, clones, brothers, or cgi’s. These people can fool some but not all. Why the KH does not look like her. She has changed to be younger looking, that is a clue. If you age, so do they, unless they are being replaced…..and they are. Get the list of who is gone, gone, gone. There are so many you need a ream of paper, (well almost) to print all their names. Most of the I hate America people are either lifers for being liers, or they have met their judgement in another trial. Those masks they wear are pretty good. Only the eyeballs, nose openings, ear openings show. The hair is even put on the mask. I would like to know who is making them. It is still unbelievable that all this is happening in front of our noses. Please wake up people, this is your country and you have been duped.


So if this is true why hasn’t Kevin McCarthy or Jim Jordan come out publicly on Twitter and said that wasn’t me up there clapping for Joe blow Biden so I think you’re full of shit dude I find out you’re full of shit you don’t want to meet me pal…if you been filling us full of shit Mike that makes you just as bad as the DS…don’t fuck with the bull if you don’t want the horn

Brent Murphy

Pretty sad if you believe anything on this site.


Kevin McCarthy is a RINO. I don’t know why Jim Jordan has not come out publicly and stated all was phony. Maybe because if he is the only one making the statement without proof to back him up, no one would take him seriously.


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This is the reason the Dems in the fake Tyler Perry White House NEVER show emotions. They walk up to podiums and “recite talking points” and what their controllers feel is the important issues of the day to their group and no one else, which are usually not important at all. They are holograms.

Above Reproach

But look at the good things Biden did for the people, Like he saved us all having to pay a resort fee For place’s that aren’t resorts . I mean COME ON that’s one of the most important things in our lives today , don’t you agree ? Then he’s going to cut the late
Charge on bank overdraft’s in Half ! WOW WHAT A FANTASTIC PRESIDENT How come No other president has ever done such a HUGE MEANINGFUL thing for The people before. WOW ain’t he great ! Yup he’s going to run for a second term too !
Just inject him with a gallon of Adrenachrome and watch him fly. God please come down to earth and Wave your mighty hands across the sky, removing the filthy devil worshiping sick child abusing feckless bastard’s Once and for all !


All products for kids and media programming for kids today are constantly being homosexualized/paedophilized to make them instruments of the satanic cabal, and they have forced their way into homosexualizing and lesbianizing kid stuff now. We now have female dolls with penises in between their legs and storybooks enshrining incest and paedophilia with adults as normal. We have transsexuals twerking and stripping in front of kids at churches and restaurants and reading to kids at the library during storytime hour. I never grew up with toys and books and performances like that growing up. This is NOT the way we grew up as kids.
GOD IS NOT HAPPY WITH THIS SITUATION. Read Matthew 18:6, Mark 9:42 and Luke 17:2.


And Paedo Joe is okay with this dreck!!


Biden is dead!!!

Above Reproach

Show me ! I need to see the grave sight .
If it’s true I would make the trip to see it.
I’ll bring everything I need for after the visit.


I am disgusted at what my grandkids are witnessing. This is child abuse on a grand scale that is being accepted by the media, governments and schools…. its absolute sexual brainwashing!!

joe blow

Many replicas are noticeable but I’m sure I’d be surprised that some I didn’t know.


Arthur Roberts? I thought he died last summer (2022) from Covid! I thought he was being covered by the other two actors playing Joe Biden? Wow.


I have no trouble at all believing this article to be true. I was stunned when I saw the camera pan over the row of generals — including General Berger sitting together. I also saw a shot of Kamala Harris’ husband speaking rather animatedly to someone. I recall that in 2022 I believe, there was a headline that he had “tested positive with Covid” and was in quarantine. This, I also read was “code” for being arrested, taken into custody and cooperating with the White Hats on charges of treason and, in exchange for his cooperation, would have his legacy kept intact after execution. Well, has anyone heard anything about or from him since? I had heard he had strong ties to China even before the 2020 election.


“Where we go one, we go all” WWGOWGA is a commitment not a pithy motto. This is taking so long, because so many have not caught up and too many of us are not sharing with the sleepers important information. The visual coms are getting wilder and more obvious all the time, and still people cannot see anything…… what will it take????? Pull the mask off Biden during a public address might do something?????

Michael R Davis

Arthur Roberts is a white hat or controlled by the white hats, following a script. For instance, when he fell multiple time up the stairs, it was scripted. No SS were nearby to assist him, multiple angle cameras were ready to capture the comedy. There are no coincidences. After this is all over, Roberts may be given a medal for his cooperation. Same goes for the female actresses playing Dr Jill and VP Kamala. That faulty mask edge on the neck of the VP had to be deliberate because everybody could see it. I have no idea how McCarthy kept a straight face every time he looked at her, unless it was a CGI image only visible to us viewers. I Have no idea how the white hats could control the CGI of a crowded House chambers. Almost every word out of the mouth of the Resident was a bald-faced lie, so it had to be controlled by the white hats.


No they will say the real Bye Dan was on important duty in the White House or had to go to the EU. so they had to put a stand in, in.

Show the trials at the White House.


It’s a miracle that the White Hats aka, The US Military, are slowly but surely starting to reveal the deep state & Joe’s many dopplegangers. Actor Arthur Roberts should have been arrested two years ago when he began his charade of impersonating a US President and attempting to fool the American People and the entire globe. But Arthur’s face mask, earlobes and voice cannot fool anyone.


these jews are goona bolshavik as much as possible


more propaganda BS! i feel sorry for anyone who continues to hang on to these fabricated stories. biden will continue to be president past 2024. watch, learn, and mark these words.

Above Reproach

No he won’t


DeSantis is hanging out with Doninion lawyer Elizabeth “Libby” Locke who has sued Sarah Palin, James O’Keeke(who has been forced by the board to go on leave after the latest Pfizer video), Mike Lindell and Rudy Guiliani. Chew on that one.


Meanwhile, how will the bookies and the Cabal respond to the “hack” of the NFL which shows final score: Eagles 37 – KC 34.


PS: Reply to the top post to get on this board(vs stuck at the end ) until MB makes another change.


DeSantis wouldn’t be where he is without Trump’s backing & endorsement.
What a disappointment he turned out to be as well as a backstabbing DS.

John Freese

Love it!!! Perfect explanation. Thank you!

American Living in Canada

Which unmasking definition?

“Unmasking” is legal and typically occurs when intelligence officials need more context about the surveillance on a foreign actor to make sense of the information they’ve received.”

“to show the bad, and previously hidden, truth about someone or something:”

Or both?

American Living in Canada

If it’s both, that sure would be a large morale booster shot!

Let it happen Captain.

John .S

Lock and Load Folks. Acquire as much firepower as you possibly can, shit show imminent.

No doubt unmasking will trigger collateral effect. For every action there’s an equal opposite reaction.

Recommend 45-70 rifle & 12 ga. shot gun. Head shot with those will guarantee closed casket funeral.

416 & 450 Rigby, and 460 Weatherby Mag rifles will penetrate standard issue body armor of obstructionist, aka, order following agents.

When potential hell let’s loose, “Shoot First”, ask questions later, by then the chips have already fallen, consequence LoL; from whom?

Prepare, get ready to rumble, writing is on the wall, in plain sight.

Tally-ho and God Speed.

American Living in Canada

Testing.. not getting through.


Amen brother John……words to stay alive by…as said by our special forces …a pink mist


Don’t have the body to shoulder a big bore bullet, but i’m a crackshot with 77gr OTM’s!
We’re ready.

John .S

Being ready is key, though don’t keep all your eggs in one basket.

As long as you have something, and you’re proficient with it as win-win.

Know a young husband & wife team, guy shoots 45-70 – 12 ga., girl 243 – 20 ga. as petite size friendly. They practice all the time.

Myself ol’e school, like leaver & bolt actions. The ”’500 Jeffery”’, and the ”’577 T-Rex rifle”’ are not for petite woman. Those two calibers will stop a car or boat engine dead in it’s tracks, and blow a tyrant’s head clean off their shoulders as added psychological shock value upon their comrades.

The average deer hunting rifles will do the job, don’t underestimate them, America is loaded with them, and “Order Following” Tyranical Law Enforcement knows it.

If in a convenience store, and see police getting their free cup of coffee, it’s civic duty to enlighten them about protecting their own best interest when SHTF. Myself do that all the time, cops go ape-shit when you tell them their home address, I mean “””total Ape Shit”””.


thank you for the well organized reply!

Was thinking of .260!

Sandy Koufax

Technology always hits the ground running without missing a beat and there is no discernable difference in how the government operates.


tell me you’re a boomer mystified by technology without telling me you’re a boomer mystified by technology

Tom henry

I’ve been constipated since November 2020 elections night and I am sick of waiting for to come out!!!!!? Trump please let it rips them out and so we can see the lights at the end after the white hats annihilated the demon democrats bs. What are we actually look for ah-ha moments?! Pray for Berger recovery and Michael Baxter, do yiure best as a journalist to bring out the truth but liked others I want it done!! Nesara gesara can move forward🖕🏻🙏🏻👍🏻🤘🏻


Damn dude you should probably see a doctor about that 😬

Tom henry’s a figure of speech🤣


ron kippur is my fave holiday


Kamalatoe definitely looked like a plastic rubbery mess


I thought Arthur Roberts died from old age last year? What happened?

Dave Smith

It was kinda sad no mention of the earth Quake victims. They want too send help too Ukraine but not the places that could really use our help right now. Sending prayers too to all those effected by the earth Quake God bless us all Amen. I would love too acknowledge the Republican who called Biden a lair she has my vote too be the 2nd woman President.. we all know Barry was really a woman and big Mike was a man .. .as always God bless us all Amen. Keep being the change for the better world and universe amen. Thank you Mike Baxter for allowing us this platform form too voice what we would love to say on other platform but get banned and silence…


The unmasking can’t happen soon enough.
Americans have been through too much already…..


switch accounts


A bad wig too! lol👩🏽‍🦰🤮

thomas j cahill

Remember when Q posts always referred to MI, well I always thought it was Mission Impossible and not Military Intelligence. The MI team always won by setting up a play with fake persons to convince the bad guys that everything was normal. After the win, they all took their masks off. I believe I was right.


it stands for michigan, genius

Pastor Kevin

God knows all things, everything He plans will come to pass … and He has long planned for those selected to do His bidding (President Trump/White Hats/You the Patriots included) etc., and the demons cannot hide; “Nothing in all creation is hidden from God. Everything is naked and exposed before his eyes” – Hebrews 4:13

Thank you, Jesus!


No, they cannot hide Pastor, we can see the imposters.


where are {{they}}?

Samantha Whitson


ET Phone Home


Pastor Kevin

Amen, Samantha … expose the evil … amen and amen!
Blessings, favor, and angelic protection over you, family, and all you do … and all Patriots as this cancerous tumor is removed and sent to hell where it belongs 🙂 thank you, Jesus!

Duane A. Linn

Planned. From before the foundation of the world. 👍


I can see the hand of God in all of this. I am so happy there are people who will do his will and destroy these demons.

robin earl redwine

lmao… so god now anointed the vax pimp killer and compulsive liar to help us huh.

since youre fine with his mass genocide and compulsive lies lets hope your family dies first.

Pastor Kevin

Not judging you, rather understanding you, and as challenging as this is to grasp, God is not the one who has allowed all this to happen … the world has long been given over to man and man has a choice to believe or not to believe. In order for FREE WILL to exist, both good and evil must also exist … and therefore, no one has an excuse for not knowing God.

Romans 1:20 (NLT)
For ever since the world was created, people have seen the earth and sky. Through everything God made, they can clearly see his invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature. So they have no excuse for not knowing God.

Ezekiel 18:25 (NLT)
“Yet you say, ‘The Lord isn’t doing what’s right!’ Listen to me, O people of Israel. Am I the one not doing what’s right, or is it you?

John Freese

You hit that one right smack dab out of the ballpark pastor. When we choose to see things in the light that you describe, it brings a sense of realism and hope to those that use our free will for good. Thank you pastor!


I agree 1000%!! Free will is a choice given by the Creator of all. God doesn’t send ppl to hell – they choose to go through their free will of choice in their actions. Ex. the ‘performers at the Grammy’s’ on Sunday. They chose to expose what’s really in their hearts. Prayerfully they will turn and repent in the Great Awakening coming; if not, hell will be their eternal home.


If that was a double then why are the republicans putting up with it?

Lucky star

Because most of the rhino are also double during the session.


but ONLY during the session

John Freese

Its all cloak and dagger. Nothing is what it appears to be.

Dje Wynne

The more we know, the better armed we are. ‘Glitches,’ aren’t just glitches. Pay attention to details; expose anonymously. When everyone is on the same page as to capabilities, a more synchronized approach is possible. History will tell OUR story!!!


How did the hologram Generals be seen getting to their seats? The reason Bidan is not a clone is that Biden was in mental decline. You have to have a good original to make a clone. They only last 3 years.


Arthur Treachers fish and chips are about stale now?

Laura Kantorzyk

I loved Arthur Treachers.

Jose Ramirez

The clones only last 3 years? Are you sure? I did not know that. Good to know.

Ann Ononomous

@ Athena If that’s the case, then why didn’t they clone him before he declined? They’ve apparently been cloning for years. They seem to have cloned all the other bigwigs, and many times over. And one wonders why they didn’t clone/hologram/body double after Jan. 6th riots? I remember watching c-span with hardly any politicians in the room when they were trying to get another insurrection going. And the ones who were there, no one recognized…


i like the new layout; i can tell you’ve put a lot of effort into this Michael.
didn’t know commenting was possible–at the bottom.
i guess the up/dn arrow wars are over now.
hope you have a way to send the trolls packing!


I never thought the plusses and minuses were a “war”. Just the easiest way to agree or disagree with certain comments. Never took it personally.


That’s what I thought, you mean when I gave someone a plus it wasn’t that I was agreeing with their comment? 🤔




The paid trolls used it as a way to try to steer people away from people posting worthwhile content here on RRN. It was also an easy way for them to get paid for all the downvotes they got and the replies they got. Now with no more up/downvoting, that problem goes away. Alas, last I looked, there are still 2-3 paid trolls still here–why else would they be here if they disagree with the content here. Rational people would ‘give up’ and go elsewhere. If the trolls here are not being paid for all the trouble they cause, they are deemed ‘idiots’ as truther Owen Benjamins says here:


2:20:45 – 2:29:25
2:20:45 – 2:36:48 [longer ‘FULL’ version]


https ://www. bitchute. com/video/Aog7TSfHkxGo/

Michael R Davis

The Deep-State agents deployed here have to produce, disillusion and return patriots to a deep sleep awareness, or they are deemed useless baggage. The Globalists will just shitcan them and deploy somebody else more worthwhile. Besides it is good when they build upon their NWO depopulation numbers.


I never thought the plusses and minuses were a “war”. Just the easiest way to agree or disagree with certain comments. Never took it personally. Just found the results interesting.


Me too


Me too. I actually miss it. I gave negatives to the trolls. 👍🇺🇸

Don Reed

Who is who ? —– What is what ? ——- Can a blind man see ? —– I surely think Not !!!

by Victor

Oh i see said the blind man! We all knew he was lying!!

Don Reed

Si Si

Ann Ononomous

I see said the blind man to his blind son who picked up the hammer and saw. I hear said the deaf man to his mute son who picked up the wheel and spoke. 😁😂


Seriously….did you not see the size of Harris neck and the very obvious crease going around said neck during the farce state of his ununion!!!!!


I saw it and it is not Halloween.


Yea, to me it confirms that it’s one big movie. A movie to wake the NORMIES.


I noticed the neck right off the bat…..

Solange Silverman

All you all, these imposters are not controlled by the Deep State. They are controlled by the Alliance. If this were not so, we’d be living in a completely different world right now. What could have been, what the cabal plans were are being revealed through a much less harsh experience. It’s the only way to wake the sound sleepers. This is a wake up movie. So, wake up. Everything is being exaggerated to extremes, so that the truth can shine through its stretched & thinning veil. Don’t get caught up in the negative. “A great unmasking will come soon.” Hang in there. Meanwhile, pass it 🍿🤔🍿🤔🍿🤔🍿


Interesting perspective.

Robert Ford

Who, or what, is the “Alliance”? Thank you.


Sir, I kindly suggest you join telegram if you’re not already on there and search the channels, GITMO TV, Juan o Savin, Codemonkeyz and you’ll get a better understanding of the terms Alliance, White Hats and Black Hats. Obviously the Black Hats are the DS Actors, clones and body Doubles, although the Alliance is in control of most nowadays. God bless you and happy digging!! 🙏🙏🙏🙏🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲

robin earl redwine

lmao at suggesting someone join telegram to be compulsively lied to by large amounts of pathetic lying grifters.

yeah thats really gonna help things.

but sure , lets take you at your word.

the alliance controls most.

so lets blame them for the vax deaths.

the rising inflation

the media….. bc they control that too right?

chemtrails . rising homelessness.

all the alliances fault right?

youre too stupid to live another day.

David Treciak

White hats in military intelligence and their allies in other countries, like Putin and Xi.


US Army Cybercommand was completely compromised until they removed the Commanding General last year. This opened the gates for removing others.

I’ve been awaiting US Cybercommand removing all their internal ghouls for over 7 years.

US Army Cybercommand still has ghouls within their midst. Until they do Polygraph EVERYWHERE on Everyome, we will keep seeing re-emergence of DS trying to get the band back together.


Military/Whitehats in various countries working together to rid the world of the bad guys trying to kill most of its inhabitants and enslaving the rest.

Truther Ben Fulford talks about them from time to time in his weekly intel drops. They contain worthwhile information but if you believe what the KJV Bible (all the other English bibles are gravely erroneous copyrighted NWO cash grabs see https ://www. youtube. com/watch?v=i9SQjfB-oFw ) says about the realm we live in is true, you can skip/disregard all the UFO stuff and portions of the Space Force stuff Ben talks about.

Ben’s site is here

https ://benjaminfulford. net

His intel drops appear here

https ://stillnessinthestorm. com/tag/benjamin-fulford/

in full for free on Thursdays. Look for and click on the ‘ Click here to read the full report.’ link to read the full report. The bad guys have tried in the past to scrub Ben to shut him up for good (on this side of Eternity)–thankfully they have failed so far.

3 other worthwhile truther information sites I visit regularly:

Jim Stone – http ://www. voterig. com/
http ://www. henrymakow. com/
Judy Byington – https ://operationdisclosureofficial .com/

A fourth one mentioned by Jim Stone above because it, like the others along with RRN have to weather assorted technical and censorship attacks to silence them.

Sorcha Faal – https ://www. whatdoesitmean. com/


Yes, I really liked Ben Fulford’s update this week….And you have to really concentrate on Sorcha’s words but she knows her stuff.

Michael R Davis

The World Alliance?
About 100 nations out of a total of 197 nations, aligned with Trump, Putin of Russia, Modi of India, Xi of China, united to rid the world of the Globalist NWO satanists, the CCP of China which is less than 4% of the Chinese population. That was what Trump’s trips in 2017 were all about, stepping into North Korea, visiting the Forbidden City, Imperial Palace in China, the Trump-Xi military review, the huge stadium in India, walking before the Queen, Charles in the British Military Review, the Saudi sword dance. The Alliance has been very successful, is something the Deep-State agents here on RRN must hide, must ridicule at all costs.

Michael R Davis

correction: during the years 2017 – 2020


Good info Michael, and I believe DJT and the Alliance all have good intentions, and they will take down most of the Deep State, but what happens after?

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again for many reasons Civic Nationalism cannot save the West, no matter how good their intentions are.
Examples: Black families have been totally shattered for decades, and creating more charities without careful attention to what makes good families won’t bring them back, and White families are nearly as dysfunctional.


Add-on: There’s going to be tons of extra money from taking down the DS operatives, but where oh where will that money go to, and who will get it. The last 40-50 years the greatest prejudice from colleges and hiring has been targeted at White Males. You cannot even form a business or a business club which is allowed to hire mainly White Males. When any of the free money projects planned by the White Hats happen, will any of this be addressed? Not on your life, as these projects will continue to pour money down losing money Pits. How much money will go to counties where the average IQ is about 62? Will lots of extra money continue to go to female owned companies? Black owned? other minority owned? You bet for all of these.

David Treciak

I’ve been saying that for awhile. Military ended Special Ops missions last summer. Deep State. FBI, and CIA are gone. But how much longer is “soon?” The movie is destroying lives. It must end soon or there won’t be anyone in the audience to applaud.


I will be here applauding when the movie finally ends Patriot Brother!! But I know how you feel.


Me too, but never going to watch another movie, and not touching any more popcorn!


I agree. “Soon” is a very worn out word at this point.

robin earl redwine

soon is just a word the lying satanic controlled opposition uses to keep decent folks at bay. no different than the cia psyop q.

David Treciak

I’ve been saying this for awhile. Special Ops forces finished military action last summer. Deep State, FBI, and CIA are gone. DC is a ghost town. But how soon is “soon?” The movie is destroying lives and there won’t be anyone left to applaud when it ends.

robin earl redwine

since its a movie and movies are fake lets hope your entire bloodline dies in this movie. youre worse than the satanists.


I agree and well said!


So where are the real non-cgi, non-clone, non-actor, actual republicans? For example where is the real Marjorie Taylor Greene, or Matt Gaetz?


MTG looked different at the SOTU


Exactly….stock it up!


Yes…. hangin in there for the traitorous results… thats what she said, lol.


The only unveiling will be the little horn. The son of perdition. 2 Thessalonians.

Tracy Reinert

Bring on the unmasking!

Van helsing

I’m sick of the word…Soon. Good grief, get on with it already and shut this shit down.


Couldn’t agree more!! Enough already!! Tired of this movie, and sick of popcorn!!


Very well said.

mike thompson

Site seems to be working well now. Nice

Tracy Reinert


Tracy Reinert



now where have i heard that before…?


Mr.Baxter…ask your source how long we will have to put up with circus…… if WH is really in the control…there would not be war on russian border….

Solange Silverman

How do you know there really is a “war?”
Ever hear of “wagging the dog?”
Russia has been cleaning cabal house.
This is a MOVIE. Even Zelensky is an actor, quite literally.


Once again, interesting perspective.


lol, Zelenskyy is demonic pedovore in shining armor for the deep state pedovores. All you have to do is look at Sean Penn and its madonna giving Zelenskyy its grammy for being a better bullshiite artist than the recipient of the grammy. Its like dammm, you be a better liar than me

robin earl redwine

lets hope your entire family dies first then… since none of this is real and its a fake movie. fucking evil dipshit.


There isn’t a war on Russian borders. Its all a show to launder american tax dollars for the DC swamp.


Wow….I just read an article where people were saying that Kamala Harris was a double and had on a mask that wrinkled up around her neck. Of course the news media made fun of those who were saying this. Now this just proves they did know what they were talking about. This Joe Biden is totally insane or actually a good actor….he carries out the evil orders for Joe Biden well. I know Nanny Pelosi and Paul Pelosi are not the real ones. Nanny was hung and Paul is imprisoned. It didn’t really look like him but a very unkempt version. The smooching of “Dr. Jill” and Kamala’s ignorant husband was just weird. It was not like just a friendly peck but went on a little too long. It was nausea inducing. I am so ready to hear what was in the “Dr. Jill” journals…..because I believe this is a giant story. I also believe that the real stinking POS Biden is either being kept alive by life support or he has been buried along with his 2 sons. The Hunter they are showing is definitely a double. It is mind boggling how many of these dead people are still traipsing around everywhere. Killary Rotten is always saying something brilliant….we all know she is long dead. The evil DS goons are trying with all their might to ruin the RRN site and that is not because Michael is not telling the truth….but because he is. There is so much that he is not allowed to tell us at this point…..if it is revealed these DS trolls would quickly tell their demon masters all about it. They also know this site is telling the truth so they make fun of it and call people nasty names. We have all had the pleasure of dealing with them. I am an ultra conservative and I believe every word of the Bible as it is the true inspired word of God. I know without a doubt the DS has been taken completely over by Satan. Now even Hollywood is openly worshiping Satan….look at the Grammy awards and other things they are doing. Let us not forget to pray a covering over DJT and the White Hats. They need the prayers now more than ever. God’s blessings on everyone.


I agree.

David Agosta

Sorry to post my comment, under a reply to you Glenda. I don’t know how to post, under the current options. Hoping Michael, you or someone else can answer my question.

If the House Speaker was a clone, where is the real Kevin McCarthy?


David….I would guess he is probably at GITMO!!


McCarthy is a deep state RINO and no doubt spending some “quality” at Gitmo!

David Agosta


Michael R Davis

David, scroll to the bottom, write your post, leave your name and e-mail, post your comment, or reply to any poster. Your website is optional. Michael Baxter is trying to curtail problems and improve the RRN website.

American Living in Canada


David Agosta

Thanks Michael, appreciate it.


Well said … Couldn’t have said it better!
You are speaking TRUTH Glenda.. God bless and Godspeed to all of us!!
Let the all these evil deep state / cabal players be exposed for who they really are and all the evil horrific crimes they have committed.. Let real JUSTICE be done!!
The one true holy Divine GOD Almighty is in Control and his will be done!! 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼


Amen. Definitely a prayer for 45 and his family. His Secret Servicd and the White hats. May God keep them and protect them. Amen




So very well said and I totally agree with you. Thanks for such an insightful post.

David Treciak

It’s all part of the movie. Nothing you see in the news is real. Staged to wake people up.


AMEN to that sister


Great post. We’ll said!


Well said, I couldn’t say it any better. Everything that is said here I also believe.


A great revealing of multiple bad actors standing side-by-side, some getting masks pulled off in real time….now that would be a show worth watching.


I bet that will happen #soon man


We the People of the USA are under no obligation–legal or moral–to accept anyone in the Biden regime as legitimate. Any person promulgating the present government(s) as official is an enemy combatant of these united states and will be treated as such regardless of private or public affiliation.




The problem is that those with guns and authority to use lethal force are supporting these fakes. Until we reach the point of being willing to die for the Republic nothing is going to change publically. The drawback to being willing to die in civil combat is that 99.9% are willing for you to give the sacrifice while they stand in the back of tbe crowd waving a flag and if you weren’t successful they’d switch sides in their cowardice.


You are 100% spot-on.

The selfish need for “the way things were”, must be broken…things will never be the same…waiting for it is naive.

We will have millions of children dying over the next 5 years…and not a single one of you will do anything to bring the monsters to justice.


“not a single one of you will do anything to bring the monsters to justice.”

given an opening…perhaps action will be taken?




I would advise to go to NANCY DREW’s TG page watch her “lives” for Tuesday night on and read her posts.There were NG buses there to transport members of congress,wonder why? maybe house arrest?


Very interesting indeed.


wonder which way the fences were pointed? inward by any chance?

David Treciak

Members of House have been gone for awhile. They were there to transport doubles and clones.


I’ve been watching NANCY DREW for two years now, she shows more than just, much on her lives in DC. One topic or place that she visits, the Fed, both building have not been in use for 18 months or more. They’ve been fenced off and without anything going on in them. Today, she did a live, and fenced in, massive construction interior and definitely exterior. Prepare yourselves, because most of the big stuff has already been done if not all of it and it’s just rebuilding time. Soon.

David Treciak

Exactly! Treasury building is empty, also, and the IRS is gone. DC is a ghost town and the new Constitutional Republic is being constructed in different locations. The new FBI headquarters is in Huntsville, Alabama, for example.
The QFS is in effect now that the national debt wiped out the old financial system. Once everything is in place the switch will be flipped.

robin earl redwine

youre more evil than the satanists lying to decent folks.

since all this is a fake movie lets hope your family dies first from the drumpers death jab.

Michael R Davis

Why all the death threats you commie piece of shit?
Fearing for your own life?
Have your Globalist masters threatened you if you continue to fail to produce results here on RRN?

Michael Baxter, can you please remove this enemy agent?


is your side really that threatened by a bunch of MAGA boomers? lol


Gee, ON EACH POST, for a moment or two, you sound like an impatient, disgruntled MAGA Patriot. Then you go & spoil it all by spewing like the worst sort of impotent, street-screaming, personally hurtful leftie. +1-1=0. You’re a plant. Suggest you make like a plant, and LEAVE. (But you won’t, ‘til you’re rooted out.)


I’d like to believe the irs has been absorbed into the treasury, but the irs still is taking money. The Fed is still raising rates. The media is still in place. The vaxes are still being given and advertised ( even to kids ). Some empty buildings concept doesn’t sell me quite yet on the “plan”! Must see more before I am convinced. Best way to control an armed populace… Tell them, “Don’t worry, we’ve got this! You just sit back and watch the movie”!

Debra Rudolph

Can’t come soon enough.


“The Marines I have seen around the world have the cleanest bodies, the filthiest minds, the highest morale, and the lowest morals of any group of animals I have ever seen. Thank God for the United States Marine Corps!”
― Eleanor Roosevelt


“A great unmasking will come soon, he said in closing”. Well Of course —stay tuned folks to the next episode of HOW the [DS] turns. Don’t forget to support the sponsors CIA, GOP,DNC,GEC, —No thanks. No more drip drip drip ,I know how it all ends anyway, spoiler alert it won’t be revealed here. Simply pick up the scriptures and start reading.


Yeah right, tres drole monsieur Cosmos… do you really expect or believe that the most tampered with book ever ‘compiled’ is going to spill the truth out to all humanity?? There is more blood oaths, sacrifice and satanic symbolism in that comp (and a whole bunch left out) than in any other ‘control’ book ever devised. I don’t understand how we can be unravelling the dark agenda from so many sources in so many ways and yet cling to this Vatican-produced fabrication!!….Endlessly funny.


“Those people, who brawl against My [IHS’] religion …,” pauvre âme.

Pat N

Spot on, Pierre. They don’t call it “Blind Faith” for no reason.
I believe in GOD, I also believe man has changed the Bible so many times to suit whatever ruler, be it king or pope that was in power at the time, it’s probably unrecognizable from the original. Remember all those ‘lost’ books of the Bible found in the tunnels under the Vatican?


You had an article with fake Biden and Putin. Puting would of known he was dealing with a fraud. Why he said nothing and played along who knows. Arthur Robert’s even with a fake Biden mask still does not look like the real Biden. The ears and other facial features do not match no matter what is said that it’s a good match. It’s not, not even close.

Katie Jones

His hair is totally different from Biden.


If that was the real Gen Berger tho, this means they are ALL part of the problem. And we are alone, we are still the majority nonetheless. This world sucks, currently.


That’s not the real Gen. Berger


In the 60’s at Disney Land in California as a child I saw President Lincoln speak. It looked so very real, creeped me out. All I wanted to do after that is use E tickets and drive a car. Fast forward and all of this technology crap is extremely believable. There just exists too many people who get off on fakery and fooling. You combine that with fake fiat money and the sky is not the limit. Dangerous times, serious consequences. A well intended joke is when all considered can laugh together. Being an elder now I’m glad I am old. I feel very sorry and concerned for young people because the red line has been crossed many moons ago. Nothing stimulates my funny bone. I am serious as a heart attack 24/7 and peaceful sleep is not forthcoming. Our entire Nation is being Judged and the report card indicates SUMMER SCHOOL.


Ahhh yes I feel SO THE SAME. I am so glad I am closer to the end of my life rather than the beginning! I too, am very concerned for young people and future generations. It is our job to see to their continuation. But, what to do? I think and I think. What would Joan of Arc do? Well she would put on her armor, jump on her horse, wave her sword and scare the BeJesus out of anyone in her way. But today is different. No horses or swords for battle. What she would call for now, I believe, would be for digital warriors to track and report stuff on a monumental scale. Somehow. I am not a tech expert but tech experts ARE out there and maybe some with good intentions. This is a technical war and we need to stay on the right side of it I feel.


Summer School – I think we’re in it. But some remain poor students. Some cannot believe how evil the world is, though they cope well with small daily manifestations, on an individual level. It is well to treasure the good.

Bob whitt

How does one contact the White Hats for assistance in arresting Deep Staters?


circle jerk. whoever finishes last has to call


Go to it Jason.


Ok, but don’t finish last mike

American Living in Canada

Maybe a Bounty would help out?


Join the military and then quietly ask your commanding officer to transfer you to the White Hats division


Make a secret trip to Margo a Lago and present your plea to Trump’s security personnel. Until then – Shut Up

robin earl redwine

the only people that have been arrested are the jan 6th folks the obese cheeto led out to dry.


You really think they were arrested? It was a false flag. geez you people are fucking stupid


So I ask this because I would like to know… what is the crimes committed by the “actor” or “masked person” deceiving the public! Did they round them up and put them in jail for tribunals! Would this be considered Crimes Against Humanity? Who is paying them? When will this movie end? Is this truly a movie if this is happening? I feel like we are in a loop!


How about simply impersonating a President of the United States of America?


Gigi so true, tired of the waste of time to wake people up. get it done with.


He’s the one violating the constitution. He will pay for his crimes even if he’s pretending to be someone else while doing them – it’s still him that’s committing the crimes. Everything he does is fraud fraud fraud – & he’s pretending to be president – & he’s issuing unconstitutional orders that he’s liable for issuing. It may even be possible to indict him for the murder of the real Joe Biden – though I admit that’s a stretch – I can think of a couple scenario’s where it could stick.

Pierre Cloutier

maybe it’s a clone of Arthur?


I hope we are not being duped again is my concern.


And what would your next big move be my little white hat brainiacs you should have just pulled down the mainstream media two years ago I think that’s your next move if you want to get rid of all this stupid shit pull down the mainstream media put up the truth on the EVS or whatever take over the freaking TV frequencies and get this shit show over with already thank you we the people


I’ll give you at least 85,000,000 million + votes for this comment, although I’m sure it’s way more!!! Enough of this. We all would like to get on with our lives, incl. Trump, because as of right now, we live in what now should be called, The Divided States of America!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


still lost though lol


RIGHT! And the making of comments is pretty inconvenient, too. But I’m still glad Mike, or somebody, is still doing the report work.

Donna Miller

Yes, we are so over this MOVIE we have all had to endure for these last TWO YEARS… It’s time to BRING ON THE TRUTH for all to SEE… I think there are so many more who know something is not right with all that has been going on… My message to the WHITE HATS BRING IT ON!!!!!!


I’m sure it will happen #soon Donna


Ron Kippur is my fave holiday!


Stop being a smart ass. We’re in a war. Did you know that?

robin earl redwine

stop being a drooling super low iq trust the plan tard. the only folks dying are from the drumpers beautiful death jab.


he knows, Binks. Ron Kippur used to be Boyd the jookroid.


So true James its good to hear other speak about really how to get it done and over with. wonder why they never thought of that or why they won’t do it.


Amen Sunshine… enough milking the bull knock out mam and reveal the truth about the horrific crimes these people have committed.. we need Justice we deserve justice


Yeah, truth on the airwaves. Then, LET THE CHIPS FALL WHERE THEY MAY. But…. maybe this would work too well……

Pat N

Windtalker, I would rather the snowflakes who can’t find their own ass with both hands be the ones lost instead of all the innocent kids that are lost daily due to slow rolling this “movie”. I can’t even imagine how many kids are needed to produce a semi trailer truckload of refined adrenochrome. I bet those innocents would love to live a normal life instead of suffering the horrific torture they have to endure before death. Then you have the ones they slice & dice for body parts.
If adrenochrome is so good, WHY do the chemists have to combine it with opioids for these despicable beings to ingest or shoot up?
People are committing suicide because they are losing their farms & businesses & loved ones.
Look at the ones lost to manmade earthquakes, death jabs, etc.
If the White Hats “knew who the bad guys were & had it all” “WWG1WGA”, why drag this out? Sounds like both sides wants to thin the population.
I feel there’s a “timing motive” going on here.
Who’s in charge? Why has 45 been told to speed it up and not draw this out another 6 months to a year?
What happened to, they had to give the illegal Bozo administration 1 year before they could “legally” remove them? How stupid does that sound? Bank robbing is illegal, do we have to legally wait 1 year to arrest the robbers?
Treason is illegal, I don’t care who commits it, it’s suppose to get the death sentence.
Sorry for the rant, but I think the mollycoddling should end & let the fireworks begin.
Now, all you armchair experts can tell me why I am wrong.
I’ll pray for your wisdom anyway. You are no more in control than I.


Yeah Pat, no worries about the rant. I am in full agreement with all you said and I know you are hurting for the children like I am, and we all are. This shit show needs to go. Something is really really wrong with the strategies being shown. Yeah, they have it all. Hmmm. And now we even see a softening of justice. WTH? Also, we are not saving our kids. Only Putin is. We have no evidence that 45 is saving them. None. My fear is that the real 45 is dead. I certainly, in my mind, could not rule it out. In any event, the one we see sure as hell is ineffectual at the moment. He does not even claim his rightful place and continue all the good stuff he had started. The children are suffering but I bet his kid is all safe and snug while our kids get picked off. And, the children are suffering horrible deaths, they are being brainwashed in school, they are trapped by horrible applications on their phones, they are suiciding, and they are being shot up with poison jabs. There is a war against our children and that bothers me more than any damn treason. We need the EBS and we need it now. If they have it all then show us. We owe this to our children. If they were truly wanting normies to wake up then they would wake them up! (with a dose of truth like the EBS). I fear that he is dead and they are not telling us. He, or it, is a fool if he thinks the people will step right up and make their vote for him in ’24 on the Chinese Dominion Voting Machines which are being used the world over. All made in China. What the hell…There is absolutely no point in voting for change and our kids are paying the price. It’s highly possible we are being played.