Military Convicts Ron Klain


Former White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain was sentenced to 20 years in prison on Friday after a military tribunal at Guantanamo Bay found him guilty of seditious conspiracy, the lesser of two charges leveled against him. A portly Klain appeared alongside counsel—a veteran criminal defense attorney and senior partner of a prestigious New York City law firm–who identified himself as Jeremy Bartholomew and said he would speak for Klain for the duration of the tribunal. He immediately requested a mistrial, saying Klain could not be found guilty of treason or conspiracy to commit election fraud because his client, though chief of staff and a senior advisor to the Biden campaign, was a powerless, ineffectual puppet whose titles were ceremonial. Klain, he said, had “diminished intelligence” and was mentally incapable of hatching plots that could influence the outcome of a presidential election.

“First, I reject this tribunal, or commission, as you call it as unconstitutional. Any evidence against my client, which I haven’t seen since military court apparently doesn’t believe in discovery, is specious. I have prepared a proffer asking for a mistrial,” Bartholomew said.

Vice Adm. Darse E. Crandall glanced at the document. “Request denied. You can argue evidence after its presented.”

“This is improper, admiral. How can I possibly refute evidence I haven’t had an opportunity to review in depth?”

Adm. Crandall glossed over the question. “You say detainee Klain is intellectually handicapped, yet he’s a lawyer himself—from Harvard, no less, class of 1982. Graduated top of his High School class and was on the school’s Brain Game team. He coached Obama on how to debate in 2008 and 2012. He has a long list of intellectual accomplishments.”

“My client is ‘book smart,’ admiral, and he has a photographic memory. There’s a difference between being able to recite names, dates, and places and the ability to devise complex conspiratorial plots like you’re accusing him of,” Bartholomew argued.

“We’ll see,” the admiral said.

He called his only witness, Rufus Gifford, who from 2013 to 2017 served as the U.S. Ambassador to Denmark. Prior to that, he was on the senior leadership team of President Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign. He was also a senior staff member of the Democratic National Committee.

Under direct examination, Gifford testified that he had retired from politics when Klain in mid-2018 approached him with a proposition. Biden had appointed Klain senior campaign advisor, and Klain was seeking loyal underlings to help Biden unseat Trump by any means necessary.

“Ron Klain offered me $50,000 /month to join the team. He said, and these are his exact words, ‘Biden will be President in 2020 even though he doesn’t have a snowballs chance in hell of beating Trump.’ I declined, but he insisted I hear him out, and he told me a fantastical tale about how easy it was to exploit the voting system. How, if Biden was losing, he’d have people on standby to pump fraudulent ballots into the system at what he called ‘magic hour.’ Magic hour was a few hours, actually, between 2:00-5:00 a.m..”

Bartholomew interrupted the testimony, strenuously objecting that he hadn’t been given an chance to vet the witness.

“Relax, Mr. Bartholomew. You can cross if you want—when I’m finished,” Vice Admiral Crandall said.

Klain, Gifford continued, was so proud of his idea that he couldn’t contain his hubris and felt compelled to elaborate on how he planned to hire thousands of “mules”—to stuff drop boxes in swing states with fake absentee ballots.

“I told him thanks but no thanks,” Gifford said. “It was insane.”

“But that wasn’t the last time you saw him, was it, Mr. Gifford?”

“No, he called me two weeks afterward, asking to meet again. He wouldn’t say why over the phone.”

“And did you meet?” Vice Adm. Crandall asked.

“I did. Only because I feared he might try to implicate me in something for refusing him. This time I switched my phone on before we met for dinner. It was in my breast pocket and didn’t capture video, but the audio was recorded,” Gifford said.

Vice Adm. Crandall played the audio for the panel. On it, Klain discussed hiring thousands of ballot stuffers to alter the outcome of the election in Biden’s favor, if needed, saying, too, that the country was rife with “broke people” and “sympathizers” who would gladly accept five or ten dollars in exchange for each stuffed ballot. Klain said he wanted Gifford to set up non-profit organizations through which the mules would get paid, and Gifford could be heard politely refusing the offer, saying the risk was not worth the reward.

“Do you have any clue, Mr. Gifford, why he reached out to you instead of someone else?”

“I honestly don’t know. We knew each other in the Obama White House, but we were never good buddies or pals,” Gifford said.

“Maybe your client is a stupid as you say, Mr. Bartholomew,” Vice Adm. Crandall said. “You may question the witness if you wish.”

Bartholomew stood. “Where are these mules? Do you have any proof my client paid any one of them? Are they here to testify today? Mr. Gifford, did you witness my client pay anyone?”


“No further questions,” Bartholomew said.

“Mr. Gifford, prior to these proceedings we asked you to watch the film 2000 Mules. Have you reviewed it? And if so, does it accurately depict election fraud as described to you by the defendant?”

“I have, and it does,” Gifford said.

“Let the record reflect that the panel has also viewed the film. I submit burden of proof has been met, that detainee Klain not only conspired to commit election fraud but carried out his plan, which fits the definition of treason and is punishable by death,” the admiral said.

But the panel disagreed. They found Klain guilty of seditious conspiracy but not guilty on the count of treason, and sentenced him to 20 years imprisonment at GITMO’s Camp Delta. The admiral expressed disappointment with the verdict but said he’d abide the panel’s recommendation.

Bartholomew said he would appeal the verdict to the highest authority, without specifying an individual or a group.

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Sandy Koufax

An inmate named Bubba will be along shortly to help Klain get in touch with his feminine side.

Wayne Hatton

Yet another yid traitor. Poison mushroom!

Above Reproach

Just make absolutely sure he stays incarcerated for the entire 20 years. That should be long enough for him to repent for his hand in fixing a American election.
And as a side note: I was awake through the early hours that morning ! As I watched the turn out of the election I actually saw Trumps lead in the election suddenly DROP
A HUGE NUMBER of Votes all in seconds right on my I pad. The magic hour time frame. I watched in disbelief, seriously WHAT THE F U C K !


Above Reproach. I could hug you! You are the only other person that I have seen comment that they saw what I saw late that night. Trump’s numbers did drop and Biden’s went up! Thank you, thank you, thank you for commenting this. I never doubted that I saw that but it’s so good that someone else came forward that saw it too.


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Oh if Admiral Crandall was not already married! Still have a crush on him. No one has great comebacks and a blunt & honest way with words, as he does, in a courtroom. Military trials are a very good necessity for the American people to clean out the deep state swamp. Godspeed Admiral.


I like Admiral Crandall too, but what went wrong in the Klain trial? Only one witness? Did Admiral Crandall not do enough to convince the panel? I really don’t understand their decision to not convict Klain of treason!


Off topic, however did I see on the sotu bloviation of illegal WH lie fest, the retired General Berger, who had been kidnapped, sitting with other military generals in capital building? Or actor? I nearly fell off my chair when I saw it.
Thoughts? Still trying to see bigger picture here.
Thank you.


Didn’t see that must’ve been computer graphic imaging. CGI


If i may inquire did u no what Col Berger looks like?– Has to be a clone cuz the poor man was beatin severlee n repeatedly but he did take at least one of um down with him


It’s all made up of bits and pieces, clones, holograms, CGI, Gen Berger is fine now. Look at Harris what a neck. Mask was slipping badly.

orange julius

Minimum life sentence. Should never walk free again.


Every Last One.
Argument /Negotiation/TRIAL/Appeal – redundant.
“They”made their choice, “their” ego induced intention perfectly C L E A R .



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MB,Good idea of take out the “Like” and “Dislike” part of the comments…Now paid trolls can’t get paid…
Thank you for this up date, I hope Klain lead to the “the highest authority” of corruption.

Carol B.

here is the big problem I see >>>> prestigious New York City law firm–who identified himself as Jeremy Bartholomew — this man stopped the real action……..I know Ron Klein is very wrong, but I wonder if that manipulator Bartholomew was not there to distract how this would have goin……..I think the 20 years is not severe enough….


WAs trying to research this Jeremy Bartholomew and couldn’t get any real info on him. Could have sworn that at a military tribunal the “traitor” was
not allowed an attorney.


But Carol thats his job to defend his client tho i no how u feel. And actually the trio of Judges overrode the Admiral — Look hes bound to get his 20 hes what 60s now bad living dangerous friends its unlikely we will hear from him again.
These Dbags took our lives away I wanna kill them all but we are Americans we no compassion except for those evils who hurt anyone esp kids..


His lawyer is a demonrat just like he was.

Sparky Sr

“The admiral expressed disappointment with the verdict but said he’d abide the panel’s recommendation.”
I have to agree with the panel.
Klain is like a ‘mob boss’ – didn’t actually pull the trigger… BUT I would have given him life in GITMO!

This is also a problem with our POLICE OFFICERS…. See the correlation…


I disagree, he set up and provided the mules payment and together they all over-thru our duely elected president. They essentially over ride all of our votes and should have been convicted of treason. They clearly aided a corrupt paid off China puppet working for a forien country. It dosent get much clearer than that to me. I’m guessing the guys probley 70 years old so hopefully he still got a death sentence.


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You sound like an on line whore, trying to recruit others. Are you?….


Sorry, off topic; but relevant: In the House chamber for the (supposed) State of the Union, of course we saw the Nance & Paul (w/hat), as well as Cardona, Vilsack and Austin, in one permutation or another. But to see Gen. Berger in uniform, looking fit and with no sign of injury! Obviously speaking pleasantries with the “JB,” post-address, was curious – if not his way of indicating he’s OK and doing well …


Does anyone else have the comments at the bottom of the page? MB says that it is not but it is on Brave.

Also, a bit shocked Klain was not found guilty of treason and sentenced to death. Don’t they have all the intel and evidence from Space Force at Cheyenne Mountain?


God Bless Putin. He doesn’t mess around with evil filth.


Oops, commented on the wrong article again, lol


Klain should have received the Death Penalty…..I think that because of his proximity to all things Biden and Obama, the group figured they might get more significant evidence out of him by keeping him alive for now. If the Jag Sentencing Panel continues to go lenient on Big Time Traitor’s, they’ve been infiltrated and turned……Make no mistake was up to his eyeballs in Treasonous Activities.


But isn’t everyone in DC? It makes sense to let some slip out the back for a life sentence if they roll up bigger fish. This treason all comes from above. Klain is low grade. You can kill fifty of him and not solve the problem, which is the Rockefeller control of the USA and now the world that has consumed it for the last century. If we can solve that it is worth keeping a few Klains alive in prison. Rockefeller and up is what I care about, and wherever that takes us, whether it’s the “royals”, the Israelis, Rothschilds, space aliens etc. That doesn’t even matter if we can’t even get to Rockefeller.

patrick lux

bien dit


if Klain has anymore good intel, he will probably be food poisoned like clinton. they wouldn’t want DS secrets getting out…AND what “the highest authority” is the attorney going to go to? Maybe the attorney should get a tracker put on him, see where he goes, who he talks to…Maybe the attorney will get more heads to roll. Bigger Heads to roll.

Lorenz Manner

20 years is very mild sentence. I would have given 30 years al least. Don’t forget that he has contributed to the criminal plan to destroy America. He allies himself with a clan of impostors that wanted to destroy the American society.


Absolutely! Perhaps one of the tribunal is a mole.


I agree!! He committed treason against our country and clearly knew it.

Mark David

Ron Klain’s ‘photographic memory’ should help him recall people’s names and events when he spillshis guts tio the White Hats on everyone and everything. I would say keeping him alive was an excellent decision! Most people would say, “I can’t remember”, but Klain can’t get away with that excuse. Klain is truly a gift for justice being served.


I agree. I was disappointed at first because what he did was not simple treason. They committed election fraud to help bring about the extinction of humanity. But it is now on record he has a photographic memory. Throw some truth serum in him and he will expose things they didn’t even know about.



not != now, but does make for amusing instructions; at least, envisioning a bot attempting to find this comment box 🙂

Jose Ramirez

Only 20 years? Wow!!! KILL HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO MERCY!!!!!


I agree!! He committed treason against our country and clearly knew it.

Ralph Giese

he will most likely commit suicide in his cell, because he will get his ass kicked everyday.


I see: there is treason (= death penalty), and then there is treason (= twenty year sentence).
Nothing new under the sky, eh?


It reminds me of this story:
A Cherokee elder speaks to his grandson about life. “A battle rages inside me,” he says. “It is dangerous and it is between two wolves. One is evil. He is anger, envy, sorrow, regret, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, lies, superiority, and ego.” He continued, “The other is good. He is joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, kindness, empathy, generosity, truth, and faith. The same fight goes on inside of you and inside of everyone else as well.” The grandson pondered his words and asked, “Which wolf will win?”
The old Cherokee simply replied,“The one you feed.”
I guess he fed the wrong wolf …. Now he has to pay.


Good thought. Feed the energies carefully. Love this homily.


Lucky for this bastard that I wasn’t on the panel of Judges.
The hanging would have already taken place ! 😕
And he would be on ICE.


Again I disagree with the verdict. Klain committed Treason and should of gotten the death penalty now he gets free room & board for 20 yrs. That is not justice for the hell we have had to go through with a fraudulent president who has committed Fraud through Election Fraud, Voter and Election Tampering and allowed Foreign Interference.


I disagree, too. 20 years is not enough, but he can use that time to upchuck a few names and crimes.

Jose Ramirez





There are the thousands of those #Harvard imbeciles crooks here in the Swamp Area. And they are all related. Many convinced themselves they are (political) scientists for the fact that they use surveillance and spying to steal Identities and Intellectual Property from universities. Seen hundreds of those dudes organizing “scholarly discussions” only to repeat whatever I say online, or talk at home.
#GWU Rats are their only hope. And we all now know that hope dies last.


They are mentally retarded/backwards because they mate between family.


Imbeciles think that is liberal and progressive.


It had to be Crandall. And now all those panel sitters are identifiable. He endangered them.


Becoming clearer by the day. No wonder Natty Rothschild is telling Happy Guy Zelensky not to lose Ukraine, because that is the flagship post of the NWO, and the Rothschilds are petrified of losing their Illuminati post; because that means they lose favour with Lucifer. Ergo, God wins yet again!
The Khazarians have never forgiven Russia for kicking them out when they refused to stop doing those perfidious acts of crime and terror and satanic paedophilia, And they never will.
Even though they chose a religion on the king’s order to stop the lawlessness — out of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, they chose Judaism– they still determined not to follow the Torah but the Babylonian Talmud.
There are two talmuds — one is the Jewish Talmud which is not the inspired Word of God, and the Babylonian Talmud, which is far more evil, and DEFINITELY not the inspired Word of God.
They only converted for show without real repentance….acting and living in the traditions of Jewish ways of life but refusing to follow the ways of the Master in living holy and resisting sin. Sin was their normality as is breathing for them because they follow Lucifer, not God.
I hate that these false Khazars are making the real Jewish people look bad because they do NOT do these nefarious acts of brutality and hatred that the Khazars have been doing against innocent people since the tenth century in the Khaganate.
The Khaganate is located in the region which is southern Russia today, north of Georgia, Azerbaijan and Syria, above the Black Sea and Caspian Seas and the Azov waters. Rostov-on-Don is in the western part where Russia kisses Ukraine. These lying cheating, stealing, Lucifer-loving, child-hating fakers have the temerity to tell the world to never criticize them, never tell them to stop their illegality, never to point out their flaws and errors, never to reveal their superiority complexes, never to condemn their financial dirtiness, never to expose their crimes, and they shame everybody who does so by playing the Holocaust card:
“Don’t you dare tell us we are wrong.”
“We suffered during the Holocaust.”
“6,000,000 of us died because of Hitler.”
“Shame on you for telling us off after what we went through.”
“Hitler put us in the ovens and put us in the camps because of who we were.”
“We came to the Promised Land which is our birthright, not yours.”
“Don’t you dare tell us God will punish us for our sins according to the Torah.”
“Who are you to teach me who I am, and what I should and should not do?”
“Don’t you dare tell us it is written in Deuteronomy He will bless us for our obedience and discipline us for our transgressions.”
“Don’t tell me what the Old Testament says; God will NEVER do that to us, because we are the Chosen People. You are in the wrong, not us!”
So they migrated to Europe after the Russian ruler tossed them out for refusing to stop their evil ways, even as converted Jews (which is a major slap in the face to anyone who was/is an authentic Jew and makes the real Jewish believers look bad); infiltrated themselves amongst all strata of society but never stopping their evil sacrifices; messed around with the establishment of America; started the Russian revolution; killing the Romanov clan; and now they want to rule the world as has been their eternal goal. And that’s just for starters.
I love the Jewish people, I love Israel. I love Jewish history. I love God’s word, I love Israel’s Messiah, but not these dirty nasty, evil, filthy lying, stealing, child-hating swamp creatures pretending to be jews but who are in reality Lucifer-lovers. Sorry not sorry.
Normal Jewish people are righteous, or try to be, and they do NOT do these things against children, especially. Jesus Christ from Nazareth is their Messiah and he died for their sins, too. not only ours. Salvation is free and humans are free, and even though not everyone will be saved, Jesus will save anyone who calls on His name, Jew or Gentile or otherwise.


Well said Xena. I agree 100%!

Anne Stallybrass

absolutely Xena. Plus KM set up the banking system (using deceit on the way) that enabled WW1, WW2, the Russian Revolution (revenge for not allowing the banksters in in the 19th century), Titanic sinking, etc etc etc. More than I care to enumerate here.
“The love of money is the root of all evil”.

Anne Stallybrass

“I care not what puppet is placed upon the throne of England to rule the Empire on which the sun never sets. The man who controls Britain’s money supply controls the British Empire, and I control the British money supply” – London banker Nathan Mayer Rothschild, 1777-1836


And the sick part is there is real history behind Prince Sviatoslav I who ran the Khazarians out of Russia in 965 A.D. but the history books never record it.
One really has to dig deep to find out the Rothschilds/Illuminati/Jesuits/Sumerians/Babylonians/Ashkenazi/Tomargans (who took the name Ashkenazi for themselves) are the ones who took a very old document (1489) for infiltrational purposes, then use that document to produce the Protocols of Zion to make it the credo of the covenantal document for the New World Order.


Well for all his boasting he didn’t live very long.

American Living in Canada

Great post Xena.


Great rant! That’s what I’ve learned too.


Could not have said it more succinctly, Zena. Appreciate a well written, thoughtful article on the Jewish people! Kudos!

Chris G

I wish a copy of Gifford’s audio recording of Klain could be sent to Project Veritas.


I even got paid 100 dollar usa in lower than 5 weeks and did virtually clean jobs at home. Because I lost my previous job I got thus nervous and that i tell God I even have this on-line business started 1st level
. the subsequent web…


That’s a damn good idea. I hope someone at GTMO hears about it & follows through.

Victoria Flood

I think the White Hats will milk this snake of all the venom that he has in the form of removing information that will destroy and ANNIHILATE Obama, the Biden, Kamala, Soros and all other globalist puppets. This creep will talk and his connections will be exposed. Once proven evidence is gathered, then they ALL fall down!

Mark David

I think another attack on Gitmo is likely, especially from a tsunami, earthquake or missile. Hopefull6y, there are contingencies in place so the Tribunal and Prison and Executions show are not stopped. The KM has a lot of money to spend, so dropping a few trillion here and there might get some evil people to come up with more attack plans and executions. The lawyer that Klain had was trying his best to set his client as a stupid man with not much intelligence, so Klain would act that way from now on. I don’t think it worked.


@Mark David — The renegade angels, alias JEW, possess nothing of their own … they possess humankind’s wealth by theft! They are liars, cheaters, thieves, murderers, and SODOMIZING PROSTITUTES as Father Jesus describes them. JEW behaviors are listed in PROVERBS 6:16-19 for all of humankind to know and not “imitate” or be put to death.

Mark David

Klain certainly knew enough about everything, that a spy was sent to hear his testimony. The spy was DeSantis, but they would not let DeSantis into Gitmo. Klain is a valuable link to many treasonous and evil things, so Gitmo will be safer for him than anywhere else. The Bartholomew dude is also a witness to what Klain is saying. What the Deep State won’t know is what Klain is telling the White Hats when he is not in the courtroom.




My view exactly. i knew he was up to no good. Glad he was prohibited from the place.


You(the panel/white hats) gave quarter to a totally committed enemy that never has and never will reciprocate because they’re totally committed in their cause and war against the USA AND ITS LEGAL CITIZENS TO THE DEATH.We will surely lose without that type total commitment to their apparatus’ removal and destruction.


Hear, here.

Well said.

Mr Bill

Y’all know, if you have been following along, that detainees sentences can change depending on the amount of cooperation shown by the detainee!


Of course this is known when previous articles are read and/or referenced.My objection is to the speed,completeness,and swath of the Tribunals which fail to either mitigate or cease the ongoing destructions and intact power of the Marxist Statist revolutionaries and their enablers dispersed so thoroughly across our fruited plane.Fight their type “total war” against THEM post haste with the same commitment to aggression against the USA and its legal citizens is what I keep saying.It’s not entirely dissimilar to what a Roman Senator once demanded against Rome’s chief adversary of the day…”Carthage must be razed to the ground!”



Golden Ages

I would assume he will be useful in the future. Maybe he will want a cell mate to talk to in the future or a cigarette. You wouldn’t believe the info one will give up for the little things.


You got that right.


Ron Klain will go down in history as a big KLUSSY! That dude is lame to the Nth degree!

Mark David

Are you worried he might give away valuable information about the Democrat party to the White Hats? Shows where you are coming from, eh?


He knows where the skeletons are buried. He will reveal their locations.

just looking

He has betrayed the country..messing with votes ? manipulation of voting system ? attempted overthrow of Govt. ? How is that not ‘ Treason ‘ ?

Mark David

If Klain can unearth more traitors, that will be a great advantage for justice.


For sure.


Could’ve sworn that people arrested for treason were not allowed an attorney at a military tribunal. Tried looking up his attorney, Jeremy Bartholomew, and found nothing so far. Will do
more research.


I still think MB’s reporting is SOLID, ma’am. What say you?


You still get council at a military tribunal but most don’t bother.


Yeah I couldn’t wrap my mind around this change. Seems to me someone has gone soft since the DeSantis visit. It has nothing to do with Michael’s writing and everything to do with a change in the attitude of, well, Admiral Crandall, most especially… A change I would never have suspected but nonetheless I can sense. I smell a pay-off and a distinct change. Everyone has a price, eh? Endless resources for DS to pay anyone they want….. Quantum financial system anyone???? Rats would be exposed.


Might be a fictitious name for security purposes.


And…as soon as effective subversion of the “white hats” has been achieved via the poisoned supply fountain, Klain will be summarily freed to debrief his masters more ably as a useful asset in the revolutionary completion of foundational USA destructions and in the supplanting of it with the intended Marxist Statist hybrid system.


Right now, thousands of school administrators, principals, and board members are practicing their “mentally-handicapped” skills on the hope they too can escape Justice for pushing the kill shots.


For what he did, is treason, why the three backed down from that is weak and strange!
His helping the bidumb regime has caused the need for these tribunals.

just looking

Thought so too. Why an attorney was allowed in ? We can not physically see him , but maybe he was a wreck ? maybe he was shaking ? did’nt say much , or did he ? A military tribunal is not the place for a kind hearts , we want ‘ Justice ‘ , but they seemed to be present .. we can accept 20 years and he may be valuable for future information… maybe ? still many rats out there..


Unfortunately they’re all holed up in the Ukraine under Zelensky’s paid protection. Once their money runs out they’ll be fair game for all.


Bring it on!!


You mean once OUR money runs out!


Future information is key. Otherwise he should have gotten death. Klain devised a treasonous plan and put it into action. That spells treason punishable by death in my mind.


Well, perhaps the Deep State will off him. They did that to Bill Clinton, found face down in his own vomit.


“My client is ‘book smart,’ admiral, and he has a photographic memory. There’s a difference between being able to recite names, dates, and places …”

Kate February 7, 2023 At 1:58 pm
They all made the right call. Klain will sing like a cannery. For the next 20 years, he has a cell and not a gilded care. His Harvard law degree got him right into prison. Many who follow Klain that he exposed with either hang or be his fellow inmates. We want all of these traitors to be exposes and to receive justice. Klain will do it, i.e. unless someone pulls a killary on him.
Kate February 7, 2023 At 1:52 pm
It was a very wise choice to keep Klain alive. Both he and Rufus can bring down the big fish which is Obama. It is the long game. If you hang everyone, the truth goes with all of them. The sentence is long enough that Klain may die at Gitmo, but short enough, to cooperate, so he might make it alive to the end which is 20 years. Freedom is precious. In a cage for twenty years, is a long time. Before he was sentence, I bet he begged for a deal. Maybe, like providing all the names of the mules; who recruited them; where they got the money to pay them. Every little detail. Just think, Klain was the mastermind of the whole voter fraud scheme. He’ll talk. Just like Paul Pelosi did.


My view concurs.


I totally agree.

klikhir tulagin

I hope they get all the mule handlers. Each phony ballot was a felony. BUT . . . I try to keep in mind that apparently all the phony ballots and the tabulation manipulation was a cover story to create confusion. The most important item to come out of the Mike Lindell vote fraud telethon was the evidence by the statistician, who showed by the uniform demographic breakdown of voters in all the contested states, that the vote totals that were REPORTED were generated by algorithms, and had no connection to the bogus ballot and phony counting shenanigans. So there seem to be 3 or 4 different sets of crimes involved here, but the big one was substituting a machine-generated count for all the untraceably corrupt mishandling of the real and the fake ballots. Does anybody else here understand it this way?

Mark David

Obama was already brought down with two shots to the back of his head. He’s been dead awhile.


Bill Clinton thought he was serving Life, too, and look where he is / isn’t today – if the Panel gets a sentencing wrong, the kitchen has a way of turning 20 years into 20 days or less.


And they still have not yet caught the perp who did it. I bet WJC had a lot of big fish to give up to JAG before they got to him.

Charles Smith

From what I remember Bill Clinton got poisoned and died at Gitmo. Look back many pages on this website.


Somebody had to take revenge against WJC. Possible a molestation victim’s family member to blackmail or pay off the cook to poison the food. This perp has yet to be arrested.

Anne Stallybrass

May have been arrested already. We don’t know everything especially if it is important NOT to report to even RRN.


Can’t win em all. 20for treason. Not bad. 👍


Make sure you give Ron Klain his vaccine shots and boosters so he doesn’t infected the others.

Stinky Perfume

Well I don’t really know………Always figuring RRN is the truth but…..if so, deep state has cloned Zients?


Poisoned, perhaps?

Charles Smith

Can you make a list of all the people that are gone, such as Cabinet Members, current and former, Presidents, First Lady’s, Congressmen/women current and former, and others. A list of date of execution, and if there still alive at gitmo there Trial date, or the date of arrest.
I’d love to see that list. There were few during trumps Presidentcy I wish I had that list the first one on this website was Huma Abidean. I know it goes further back than that wasn’t George HW Bush Executed? I think the news that he died was false. Intestine enough the news that he died was the last time I ever spoke to my grandfather he died 12 days later. 💔


Huma Abedin got a leniency deal for rolling on Hillary in RRN’s tribunal article on them both regarding child sex trafficking to powerful people. Then Hillary was hanged.


Wow, his lawyer actually tried to say he wasn’t smart enough to plan such a scheme? While he might have not come up with the whole plan, he certainly understood what his assignment was and carried it out. It certainly has created enough chaos in our nation. 20 years seems satisfying .

I wonder why DeSantis was anxious to be present to witness this tribunal? Things that make you go “Hum!”


Lawyers practicing today don’t seem to grasp the application of law. Mental illness is not a reason to be set free, for God’s sake! Vicious crooks like Klain were attempting to run DeSantis out of the governor’s race with someone like Andrew Gillum who was a gay druggie and already controlled by the FBI.


My view exactly. i knew he was up to no good. Glad he was prohibited from the place.

Mike Hawk

Good luck with that appeal.


I’d say that according to the conversation Klain had with Gifford, treason fits! Compromising any election, let alone a presidential one, certainly sounds treasonous to me! Don’t tell me we’re going to start molly-coddling these offenders! If we are going to clean this place up, let’s do it and be done with these miscreants! Also, I’m very curious as to why DeSantis wanted to be there.
Thank you Mr. Baxter as always!