Marines Abort Mission to Arrest HHS Director Xavier Becerra


United States Marines sent to arrest Health and Human Services Director Xavier Becerra on Friday aborted the mission after spotting nearly three dozen federal goons guarding the inside and outside of his palatial home in northwest Washington, D.C., a source in General Eric M. Smith’s office told Real Raw News.

Becerra, he said, is wanted for “Covid crimes” against the people of the United States, which include misusing part of HHS’ $120 billion annual budget to payoff state officials for continuing lockdowns and mask mandates into 2021. Everyone from Andrew Cuomo to Gretchen Whitmer got a slice of the pie in exchange for frightening the public into believing masks and frequent boosters were necessary to protect lives, and that they persuaded the public to adopt the “new normal,” a state to which an economy, society, etc. settles following a crisis, natural or manufactured.

If all information is accurate, Becerra employed intermediaries to surreptitiously distribute $35 billion among 5,700 officials, medical professionals, and hospital administrators in the first half of 2021—a treasonous act for which he, our source said, must face a military tribunal.

White Hats have sought Becerra’s arrest for nearly that long, but the sneaky HHS director had been hiding in Poland to avoid getting apprehended by the military.

Our source said that United States Army Cyber Command learned that Becerra had reentered the country via Andrews AFB on March 13 and was spotted near his D.C. home—one of five properties he owns–a day later. On March 15, General Smith assigned a recon squad to surveil the residence, but the Marines reported that the home was dark and empty, and that Becerra was nowhere to be found. A day later, Cyber Command told Gen. Smith it had intercepted messages suggesting that Becerra planned to host a St. Patrick’s Day party at the D.C. residence on the evening of March 17.

“The general was suspicious; the news sounded too good to be true. Becerra isn’t even Irish. Gen. Smith felt obliged to investigate, and the recon team was still in the area. He moved a platoon from North Carolina to Washington and put it on standby while the recon unit revisited Becerra’s house,” our source said.

When the recon team scoped out the residence Friday night, they heard music pulsing and saw lights flashing inside the house. They could see silhouettes of what looked like people dancing and drinking inside. They also saw a dozen armed federal thugs kneeling behind bushes and hedgerows and a sniper perched atop a tree in Becerra’s yard. As they watched, the front door opened, and three men in tactical gear with rifles slung across their shoulders stepped outside to smoke cigarettes.

“It’s a trap,” the recon lead radioed to the Quick Reaction Force (QRF). “It’s unlikely the target is here, and if he is, 30 feds are swarming the place. Please tell Eagle.” Eagle is General Smith’s codename.

The general, our source said, ordered the unit to stand down since it was pointless to risk a bloody firefight if Becerra wasn’t on the property.

“Only Cyber Command and the White Hat council knew of the operation. There’s a leak, a mole. General Smith has polygraphed and interviewed all council members several times and is confident they are trustworthy and loyal. He’s told USCYBERCOM commander Gen. Nakasone to do the same, since the leak must have originated there,” our source said.

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Elisa Orozco

I was born and raised in Los Angeles and I can’t wait to see that hijo de puta swing like a piñata !!!!!!!


You mean right now they aborted getting the horrible person Beccera his time will come.


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Me me

So You are basically telling him and his handlers that the “White Hats” are hunting for him. Seriously??? He will never be unguarded… Which tells me there was never really any intent.


“They” are using scrying, divination, and remote viewing. Also, telepathic communication via the VOX networks. Like NOTHING, they receive and send data. Utilize the SHAMANS, and SEVANTS, and not every WARLOCK, SORCERER or CASTER, is negative. Utilize the SOC’s. I can and do, COMMUNE with myself, past, present, and future, to make them PAST, PRESENT, FUTURE. Neg to POS, “POLARITY SHIFT”, is a PLANETARY “THING”. Stop!!!!!! THINK!!!!!!!!! Who is the “enemy”????? SELF vs SELF, I repeat, STOP. The FUTURE, is literally PRESENT, LISTEN!!!! Telepathy is VERY REAL. As long as the ignorant “veil” is “in-tacked”, KARMA, which was once spelled with a C, Teaches And Nourishes=K’TAN or C’TAN. Read “fiction”, Gath of Ba’al, aka, Goth of Ball “Earth”, which was/is PLUTO. Time/Space, Space/Time, what are “they”, Where are Wi? Or When?? Sword of Truth, a very good “book” of my “fiction”, as is the Death Dealer. MANIFESTATION does occur after complete DEVASTATION. The “bad” gets Decimated, Incinerated, Exterminated=DIE. It’s based upon YOU, modern version of the ancient WORD, JEW!!! Please, do not argue. So yes, every SELF-AWARE LIFE FORM, can be called a JEW. But what do those RUNES, decipher into?? Hmmm??? JUSTICE ENCOURAGEMENT WISDOM??? Hmmm??? How WOULD JEW decipher it??? Hmmmm say Hmmmm??? Just Sayin-JS
I’m Hu, Hermes University, little u until idiots evolve and become IDIOTS!!!

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Dude is too far gone!



trust nothing

..misusing part of HHS’ $120 billion annual budget to payoff state officials…

I have a hard time comprehending that kind of money.
You know there’s better things to do with it. Health and “Human” Services?


“Hat tip” to Antonio Prohias 😉

Ronald Nussbeck

Galactic Federation Communique”: With all due respect please get on with it. Billions of poisoned humans around the world could be helped, or at least a portion of them could. Our mandate is not to interfere with human under adverse or unusual circumstances. As you know, we have intervened to remove the Reptilian invaders who sought to enslave humanity.
Therefore, it is up to you to save your species from evil, time to, “Get On With It”.

richard sanborn spc4 US Army retired

they should have gone in killed everyone of the crooked fuckers

Dave Kelly

Why risk it for a biscuit , when you can coast with a Roast.


Then why don’t they just blow the house up. We are at war!

Victor Bravo

Then there needs to be 5700 funerals. Plus Becerra’s.

richard sanborn spc4 US Army retired

do you relize theres millions of cia empoyies alone not to mention every other alphabet agency granted they arent all bad but i bet atleast half are


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Victor Bravo

I thought prostitutes advertising their services was illegal. Because we all know how you made all that money. Time for another STD check, isn’t it?

Julio Antonio Laguna

Lucky bastard, for now. I can’t stand that Xavier dude, since his days in CA.


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Next time the US Marines will succeed and take this crook to GITMO and execute this thug.

Brian Clark

patiently waiting for them to get that wicked witch Gretchen Whitmer !!

Chris G

Do the White Hats possess the means to create a Donald Trump clone? (RE: reported pending arrest – let the clone be the one that’s arrested)

Michael R Davis

No, these clones are satanic in origin, counterfeiting GOD’s creation process, and Commander-in-Chief Trump would not allow it. He uses several doubles, probably wearing full HollyWood style stage silicone facemasks. This arrest script is a scam, showing how desperate the Deep-State is to get anything to go their way. How would Justice Department warrant servers even find Commander-in-Chief Trump, let alone approach him? He could be on any one of a hundred military bases, any one of twenty carriers or Marine assault ships, at Cheyenne Mt where it is rumored his family is guarded, several other nuclear protected underground fortresses, including a fortress in Greenland.




.338 Lapua. Nuff said.

Will Caulfield

“As they watched, the front door opened, and three men in tactical gear with rifles slung across their shoulders stepped outside to smoke cigarettes.”

Oh, come on. If it was a trap, how could they be so stupid as to do that?

Lorenz Manner

That’s not a problem. On the list of death he is already and we trust that soon he will be detained and enjoy GITMO and the noose. Don’t forget that we are at war and NO MERCY to devils.

Rene Labre

ON God,I am sorry i did it..The great flood,which did happenW

Rene Labre

Arrest DJT?If you can even find him. Fuck you.


Reneey crawl back under yer rock and be quite!!!

Rene Labre

tThe goons are not going free,they will be done on the spot.who cares about a goon?

Rene Labre

We do not waste our warriors.We are talking special forces is They move in stealth.Abort pull out,That is a success,not a failure.Tomorrow is another day. They like fighting real good.Yet this a trap,a set up.7 marines or army rangers could do 30 goons.i assure you of that. Yet the quarry is not there.HELL,they like doing the goons,fuck them.”drop your weapon or die.”They are not after the goons.They are worthless fucs..Abort,pull out now!They are going to get this fucker,A one bullet deal.Pow!They have your file,you are a walking dead man.why would we waste a highly trained warrior on a stupid goon? A thug..

Robert Ford

You write like a 12 year-old.

Kate _m52

yes, she sure does. makes me want to wash out her mouth with soap.

CoC Lover

General Nakasone must also take a polygraph.


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Robert Ford

You write like a troll.

Rene Labre

The biggest problem in our great nation that we face is the traitors. Those that want something for nothing. our nation was founded in a novel Idea unlike any other nation,that all men are created equal.With inalienable rights from the creator. you can become what ever you want to be. Yet,if you want something here,You have to put in something.To really find that out you have to go abroad.To other lands,and they are no less than us by the way, Opportunities there are not what they once were here. It is hard to believe how much we were willing to just let that go. They wouldn’t.Not for anything.To just have that chance.To give it a shot.We,and this is very sad,take that for granted..It is hard for them to look at that..”a bunch of fuck offs.” For us in the greater majority that is not true.At all.Never will be either.Much love and peace out.your humble narrator.

Gary Lee Taylor

I like your post
I live in the UK
I’m envious for want of a better word of the freedom that the usa had
But in my opinion it never existed
Only on TV and a select few
All countries that have a central bank have paid to be slaves
1697 the bank of England was built
Taxes for war continues to this day
The fuck offs as you put it are the hereditary titled
The house of lords
Who all earned their money from wars slavery or drugs
Lots of Jews
Going back centuries
It in my opinion would need a civil war to remove these people
Or total exposure
I’m hoping for the latter
Working people have no trust or respect for government or royals
But the media reflects it differently
But like the patriots in USA
We are not easily fooled now we are informed
Good luck in your land
I hope it ends soon and peaceful
Peace brother


My husband (one month) and I (3 wks) were in the hospital in Jan. 2022 with C19 pneumonia (both lungs) on 02 the entire time….then off to rehab. (2 wks each) Several of my friends had asked me after that horrid experience….if I was sorry I hadn’t gotten the jabs/boosters? ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!!….NEVER!!! I know what it will/can cause down the road…..I know I’m off subject…..

Last edited 1 year ago by PatriotGal

We both tested positive for C19, and the MDs referred to it as C19 pneumonia.

Pat Nelson

Here in the FL panhandle, MDs are calling it “community pneumonia”.


And a lot of people who had been shot or in an accident died of CERTIFICATE OF VAX ID [COVID] Your Dr’s and health professionals were paid big bucks to test positive! Ur 1st mistake was letting them stick that damn stick up ur nose!!!

Michael R Davis

Science has never isolated a C19 coronavirus. It does not exist. In reality their phony tests show nothing. Many people scheduled a C19 test, did not show up for the test, were informed they tested positive for C19. But they were not feeling sick, not even a mild flu or cold. In reality, the symptoms of C19 are those of a mild flu coronavirus.

The MDs and hospitals were given government bonuses for every person dying from C19, a huge bonus for deaths treated with a ventilator. C19 has proven to be a very profitable scam for the wicked of this world.

Michael R Davis

You had bacterial pneumonia. The MDs added C19 to increase their government bonuses if the patients died. There are many whistleblower accounts from nurses that the greedy hospitals killed patients for profits.


Google Covid’ll find a wealth of info


Becerra HATES American citizens and he HATES the Constitution and sovereignty – he wants to be the president of America including Mexico- he wants illegal aliens to have full rights to everything in the U.S.A.

David Treciak

Everything he did as CA AG was supportive of illegal aliens from Mexico and Central America.He expanded those eligible for free health care while ignoring the health needs of CA tax paying citizens, for example. He was also a “strident supporter of women’s health and reproductive rights.”
He also joined 15 other states in filing a lawsuit against the Trump administration over the president’s declaration of a national emergency to fund a wall at the southern U.S. border. As of September 26, 2019, Becerra had sued the Trump administration 62 times in total.

Rita Nelson

I think it was a set up. The ds knows the wh listen to their chatter so they plant this story about a party. Have a lot of fire power ready, waiting for marines to come into trap. The ds doesn’t need a mole. Just plant misinforma and wait.

mary pascucci



Recon Marines are about as Rambo as you can get. This is real, not Hollywood.


You watch too many movies!


3-21-23 an historical day?


In what way?

thomas j cahill

Gen. Smith, trap the mole. Set an operation and only release the info to “need to know people”, a fake operation. Zero in on the coms and set up the leaker.


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Duane A. Linn

Things are accelerating exponentially. This business about Trump getting arrested, is unnerving.


Hasn’t that hype been in and out of the media for the past year? Why would Trump allow himself to be exposed for an illegal arrest? It would just be with his double for optics, more than likely.


Trump called for protest, and we know that the real Trump would not do that after what happened on Jan.6. Stay home, it’s a trap so they can throw more of y’all in jail. Somehow the DS managed to clone him….. it wouldn’t have been hard to steal a little of his DNA imo. It is a DS clone


No, it’s just more nonsense from a kangaroo court.


So…. Is Trump going to be arrested on Tuesday?


Tuesday’s not good. Better make it Thursday.

Robert Ford

Were you going to wash your hair on Tuesday?

Michael R Davis

No. On Tuesday the 21st, the Democrats will commence screaming and pulling out their hair again for the umpteenth time. Believe nothing the lying FAKE News reports and makes up.


I would like to know why oh why are you reporting this as it is still an ongoing operation talk about loose toungues unless of course its a cover story in which case carry on and forget i said anything. love to all.


Thank you Mr Baxter for your great work. S. J, you have a delightful sense of humour, keep it up.


Stay safe out there. Don’t need anyone dying needlessly.


Gratifying that this dude has to live his life forevermore with a target on his back. Imagine fleeing to Poland……… POLAND.



Last edited 1 year ago by Xena

Would it be correct to assume that every one of those armed guards at the location is a traitor? If so, they should all be considered targets of opportunity.


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Please leave this site

Robert Ford

You really are an irritating son-of-a-bitch; do you have no other marketable skills?

Michael R Davis

It is a bot. It cannot understand you nor reply to you.


No matter. They’ll get him later.


hillary body double will be the nominee for the demoNcRats in 2024. That’s if President Trump is not reinstated before that, but he will.


beccera’s days are numbered. He will definitely hang.

Plan B will succeed.

Last edited 1 year ago by 45-GreatestEver.GOD’sBlessingToUSA.

Everyone want things done NOW! It can’t be that way. There is a method to this madness. We have to trust that. One by one, systematically taken down. Be patient. God wins!


A O300 am for civilians Raid would be great help in and set on roof as well as ground pounders coming from all directions honing in on the safe house.A couple of personal carriers with 50s on top all hit at once should get the murder.


Grammar are went!