Military Arrests Liz Cheney


The imminent arraignment of President Donald J. Trump hasn’t stopped White Hat efforts to cleanse the nation of Deep State traitors and saboteurs, a source in General Eric M. Smith’s office told Real Raw News. On Saturday, United States Marines under Gen. Smith’s command arrested January 6 Committee architect Liz Cheney at her posh home in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, a ritzy tourist town famous for its mountainous landscape and majestic views of the nearby Grand Tetons.

The belated arrest comes nearly two years after a military court, in May 2021, indicted Cheney on charges of treason and interfering in the 2020 presidential election. In late 2022, the U.S. Navy Judge Advocate General’s Corps revised the indictment to include the charge of seditious conspiracy, a response to her role on the January 6 Committee, which sought to falsely charge President Trump with conspiracy to defraud the United States, conspiracy to make a false statement and attempts to “incite,” “assist,” or “aid or comfort” an insurrection. Our source said that Cheney would face a military tribunal to answer for her crimes against America and its people.

He said several factors contributed to the prolonged delay between indictment and arrest: When it became clear the January 6 Committee’s implausible allegations against President Trump held no weight, JAG put her on a watchlist while opting to pursue other Deep State despots. Also, like many Deep Staters, Cheney seldom lived or traveled alone, and she, the daughter of a dictatorial former vice president, still had Secret Service protection.

Our source said that the military prefers to isolate Deep Staters before affecting an arrest. However, he admitted the postponement was highly unusual.

Until recently, Cheney had been hiding amidst a throng of armed security—private and taxpayer-funded–and “Never Trump” RINOs and Democrats at her house in McClean, Virginia, a Deep State bastion. On March 29, she and two Secret Service agents traveled aboard a commercial plane from Dulles International Airport to blustery Jackson, Wyoming, where they caught a limo to her $6m Creek Ranch cabin.

When Gen. Smith verified Cheney’s itinerary, he activated a Marine reconnaissance platoon, ordering them to travel to Wyoming and arrest her by any means necessary. To maintain the element of surprise, they avoided public transportation and were flown from Camp Pendleton to Jackson, a 1,800-mile, 7-hour round trip, on a V-22 Osprey, the Corps’ accident-prone VTOL aircraft. Since neither the V-22 nor the CH-53 Sea Stallion helicopter—also considered to fill the mission role—had a ferry range of 1,800 miles, Gen. Smith tasked a KC-135 Stratotanker, a massive military refueling plane, with orbiting the AO and refueling the V-22 after the Marines had grabbed Cheney.

The V-22 touched down in a clearing slip-covered in snow two kilometers southeast of Cheney’s home at approximately 1:00 a.m. The Marines deplaned wearing cold-weather gear and armed with lethal and non-lethal weapons, then hiked across the frozen ground until they reached the wooden fence and wrought iron gate that opened onto Cheney’s expansive property. They disabled several surveillance cameras before stealthily approaching the house. Light shone through upstairs and downstairs windows, but the Marines saw no movement. After circumventing a home security system and a “Ring” doorbell, they prepared to breach the door—and surprisingly found it unlocked.

No sooner had the lead element stepped into the foyer than a Secret Service agent, bewildered and shocked, fumbled for the sidearm on his hip. He took three rounds to the head from suppresser-equipped rifles and fell down dead. His death moan alerted the second agent, who shouted up a staircase, “Get up! Get up! They’re coming for you,” and took cover behind a wall.

“The Marines gave him an ultimatum: surrender or die. They told him they surrounded the place and had a military warrant for Cheney. About this time, Cheney was screaming in her bedroom. She said kill the intruders. He must have felt pragmatic with self-preservation. The guy was smart–dropped his pistol, said something like f*** that bitch, and surrendered. He escorted the Marines straight to Cheney’s bedroom,” our source said.

Cheney, wearing only a nightgown and slippers, was reaching for her cell phone when the Marines burst into the bedroom and hit her with Tasers, causing her to collapse to the floor and wiggle around like a sun-scorched worm. One Marine injected a sedative in her arm, and she fell unconscious.

The lead Marine, a 1st lieutenant, gave the agent the option of either sharing Cheney’s fate or helping them carry her to the Osprey.

“He exceeded his purview, telling the agent he could die with the Deep State or join the fight against it. The agent was in no mood to die, I guess, and helped put some clothes on the witch and carry out her and the dead guy. They also seized electronic devices,” our source said.

They egressed to the V-22 undetected and lifted off into still dark skies. The V-22 refueled over Wyoming before returning without incident to Camp Pendleton.

“Cheney will face a military tribunal like her father did, and hopefully will be found guilty and hang, also like her father did. Evil runs in the family. It’s a praxis of the Deep State to accuse their enemies of the very crimes they are committing,” our source said.

Gen. Smith, he added, has yet to decide the agent’s fate.

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Schedule her a special 1 on 1 date. With the guillotine
Maybe just put her up against the wall and press a 12 gauge pistol grip pump against her eyeball in say it’s time to say
” Good Night ” senator.

shouldn’t she be In her cell pissing herself is she sits on her s*** stained cot. awaiting her execution by a firing squad by now?
Is There any update on if she’s been
Screaming and cackling like a monkey waiting for Barack Obama to swing in on a Vine cackling like a cocaine addictated ape maybe co-President Michael Hussein Obama the transvestite monkey Maybe he/him/it/monkey/troglodite will swing in on a Vine Not wearing any underwear or clothing cackling like a heroine addicted ape claiming ” he/him/it/monkey/troglodite ” will save her from being executed


I would think if they arrested her they will get a treasure trove of information since she has been up to her eyes in the corrupt stuff her whole life.
I’m thinking her Tribunal would be set in the future so as to let her stew in a cell for a while.
She will sweat and cry a lot and i’m sure blame everyone but herself for her evil ways. They better keep the camera’s rolling on her as to get as much @rap out of her as possible.
Killer people like her to fast will not get anything, giving her hope and then pulling the rug out from under her will be more effective.




Is this hag been to her Tribunal yet?


Lizzy Cheney must have so much exculpatory evidence revealed it may take a month or more to complete her tribunal & getting her to assume room temperature takes both patience & allot of time!


It would be even more satisfying if her tribunal lasted 1 hour and the 3 soldiers on the panel that decide her fate. They don’t want to hear a single word out of Her mouth. They just want her to be strung up with a noose that is made of Constantina wire…. Doesn’t have to be a noose, Just wrap it around her neck a couple times and string her up
Let her fall through the floor…. She won’t be dead from a broken neck. The constantina wire will rip her head clean off her neck


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Michael is a prolific writer, this is more fiction. Our country is beyond screwed and no body is riding in on a white horse to save you. Better fight, because these stories are nothing more than a stroke.


What goes around,.. comes around !


Michael, find out the process once someone is captured. Are they allowed to make phone calls or video calls? Do they all have access/due process to a lawyer and if not why do some have representation and some do not? Do they communicate with family (phone or mail).
Please and thank you.


When they pick YOU up.JAG already has the evidence to convict You !
You are now the “detained”.
No phone calls, you have the right to remain silent until you arrive at Gitmo for booking.
Then YOU can call your Lawyer.
It IS a MILITARY Court of LAW !
You are. Pretty well SCREWED.


And they screwed themselves. You are correct. What goes around, comes around.


It is my understanding that when you are at gitmo, you have zero rights as you are being held as an enemy of the USA, sir. If someone knows differently, please kindly post.

Good Friday to everyone and have a blessed Resurrection day on Sunday.


Just go to The Southern District of New York in Manhattan & ask for DA Alvin Bragg & he will make sure his precious 2 tiered justice system will prevail even if you happen to commit grand larceny or 1st degree murder.


Not enough room to swing a Cat.
Swing down thru the Stage.



She is supposed to be a professor here in Charlottesville at the University of Virginia. Not sure if she has started that role yet or not.


LMAO,…She can’t possibly be that brilliant, whats she teaching basic math, or wait don’t tell me – theoretical history, maybe communism 101. I know, Transgenderism and coping with reality.


And please get Michigan Wayne State U. Professor, Steven Shaviro, who posted on social media in regard to conservative speakers coming to HIS campus: “I think it is far more admirable to KILL a racist, homophobic or transphobic speaker than it is to shout them down.” Shaviro still has his job there, of course. Where do they get these whack jobs?


Never mind. Police are investigating him. Still, it is a sad state of affairs when these
liberals have the absolute nerve to post this on FB.


Any updates on this one Mr. Baxter?


I don’t believe “Liz” is a female because “Liz” sports the “necklace scar” over the Adams apple that “male homosexuals” undergo to appear as females. I’ve noticed fake media anchors are appearing with regularity with “necklace scars,” too.


Brigid Bardont

S/he always looks like a cross-dresser.


Well, “if” she’s a she, then she’s one butt ugly bulldog.

Gladys Wilkes

Long overdue

Mark David

If I had a choice between riding in a V-22 Osprey, or an old pickup truck with bad tires, I’d pick the truck every time.


They should have all the bugs worked out of her by now.

Mark David

Treason runs in the Cheney family.

Judy Kennedy

This was the most exciting news I’ve heard all week. I can’t wait to read about her trial, and I hope and pray she receives the same penalty that her father did.
We need to rid this planet of the vermin that controls it.


Al gore Yellen Carry I hope are next good work on that BITCH


alias “Yell`n” also sports the “necklace scar” over the Adams apple that “male homosexuals” undergo to appear as females.

The time has come to SPLAY AND SLAY every heathen sporting the “necklace scare.”


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Charles Smith

I knew this witch was bad in the later years of Bush’s first term when I herd about her, I could tell, and I was only a clever 13 year old.

Last edited 1 year ago by Charles Smith

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Bye bitch!!


What that committee of Demonic Bitches did to these Patroits is truly horrific. Every bitch should be tried for Treason and strung up .


They should get everyone on the J6 committee. they are all corrupt.


Good it is about time. All of the Rockefellers need rounded up for sure.
They think they own America and can part it out for self enrichment. The Bush’s, Clinton’s Podestas, Degenerous, Hugh Hefner, Bill Maher, Tom Hanks, Mark Zuckerberg and many others are Rockefellers. The whole family are Satanic just like the Pritzkers.


Seems she has been arrested before so she’s arrested again?

orange julius

Love this. Heartwarming story with a happy ending. Watching that sanctimonious scumbag for two years was unreal. My guess is she will be defiant until the end. GOOD RIDDANCE!!


Who would you like to see arrested and sent to GITMO?

Kinzinger? Swalwell? Schumer? “The Squad”?
CEO’s from Vaccine Companies? Walenski?


Alvin Bragg,


And of course Leticia James!


ALL mentioned, and MORE!!!!

Last edited 1 year ago by Cheryl

have anyone seen a walenski ????


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I keep seeing Liz’s smirking, demonic, hateful face at the Jan. 6th hearings. How much disgust she held in her face and heart for Trump. Well what goes around comes around, eh Liz?


Well he threatend to seize her financial inheritance of all her Dads Iraqi war, oil, blood money. He was a threat to the Jezebel. They should throw her ex D.C. whore mother and sister Mary in the mix too.


Evil men like Cheney don’t marry whores. They marry virgins so they can look good while doing evil. Happens all the time.


It was Time to pick her up.
Liz should be awaiting her Tribunal …

Jewelie Dee

Well done! She can follow her father to hell.


I don’t agree with killing a Secret Service Agent if that in fact did happen.


When they gave him a choice – his legal status was “enemy combatant”. They could have legitimately him if he chose to fight with the deep state.


Its called collateral damage. It is not something they want to do. He could have surrendered like the other one. He chose to shoot first. Would you choose to protect someone you knew was evil for money? I personally dont like the thought of tax payer dollars being squandered to protect any of these traitorous bastards. At least a million innocent Iraqis died on account of her war criminal dad and his lies. His blood money was sitting in Liz’s account. She has had no crises of conscience about that.


That’s why she should be SHOT, not hung by the neck, she isn’t WORTHY of dangling by the rope choking to death.


He was reaching for his gun. Were they supposed to stand there and get shot? He made his choice. My vote would be for not gettong shot at personally.


Shoot him in the balls.

Ann Ononomous

Have you ever heard of a thing called the 2nd amendment? That’s why we have it. To be able to DEFEND ourselves. You’re trying to tell me it’s ok for those treasonous criminals to have guns and the patriots have no right to defend themselves???? 🙄


I do believe the surrender or have your head turned into a canoe theory works flawlessly .. just to hear that DSS Agent say, ” yeah, screw her ! I surrender ” …


So what do we do with secret service who imprison people for threatening bidens life? Also Tom Heneghan explosive Intel says gore is pres. Just saying and wondering if my comment is even still here.


GORE, president?!…


Altogether now……………….and another one gone and another one dead and another one bites the dust.


Whats amusing is the electoral college seats the president. Pretending the public vote or manipulation of the public vote changed the outcome that the public vote didn’t influence at ALL makes everyone playing along a Moron.

Morgan Graff

I pray that the chairman of the unselect committee Racist Bennie Thompson has been dealt with. He is the representative from the district in Mississippi that I live in. As a white person I have no representation.


WHITE Family was displaced of their nation by the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and Immigration Reform Act of 1965. Ten years ago WHITE Family began suiciding for fleeced employment, housing, and wealth. Now, CAUCASIAN, YELLOW, BROWN, and BLACK Families account for 80% of the American population, whereas WHITE Family accounts for 20%. There is little to nothing to show WHITE Family exists in America.

Don’t be dismayed, Father Jesus said, “I shall compel [force] all aliens in America to leave simultaneously for their unworthy intentions in my favored nation.” (RED Family is not among the alien cohort.)



John .S

All’s quiet on Beetlejuice.

Would think the juice has already been squeezed.

Hmm, did the Beetle flip, cutting deal?

Wouldn’t be surprised in hearing Axlerod news.


Like your art of persuasion, friendly one at that. I believe that beggars should not be choosers like some of the PINO(Patriots In Name Only) on this site. Blessings from The REAL Delavic,


Trump had said NO DEALS!


Looking forward to reading all about it. Maybe take that loud mouth Rev. Al Sharpton, too.


johnny S…no deals

Julio Antonio Laguna

Another one bites the dust! Thanks, Mr. Baxter!

trust nothing

In a free society this would be front page news.


How did Gen. Smith task an Air Force K-135 tanker to refuel his Marine Osprey? The US Air Force is totally Deep State as they fly His Fraudulency and his entourage all over the world. This fact leads one to doubt this whole story.


The air force emblem is a red horse. Is that the one from Tribulation? Have you ever noticed that 4 flags surrounding Israel have White, Red, Black and green just like the colors of the 4 horses from Revelation?


Did they get any pictures of her in her nightgown? I would pay for some of those…or…maybe…on second thought.

Julio Antonio Laguna

Just reading your post had me nauseated. Good one! lol


Euwww…Are you one of those that like to take pictures up women’s dresses when they’re not aware? I think that is one of the dumbest things guys do, just to see women’s undies…yuk

mia moriarty

” on second thought” lol the national enquirer ,wouldn’t even want them /repulsive fem


Good riddance, bitch!


“Tax-payer” funded.


Was in a hurry, everything she owns was paid for by the American people.

mia moriarty

and american lives and american blood


I don’t believe the “Liz” is a female because “Liz” sports the “necklas scar” over the Adams apple … she is a “he.”

Also, I think that every pseudo-American involved in the genocide of humans on planet Earth must be stripped of wealth [before execution] that is then distributed to the nations whose populations were murdered. I think IRAQ was the first nation the Bush / Clinton / Obama / Biden regime attacked in the Middle East, so they’re first followed by other nations who suffered by the same horrors.

mia moriarty

I second that


ya: on the Liz Cheney things,😉 How many more from DC can you pick up?

Big Johnson



Love Gen. Smith’s warfare tactics! He left no room for error on this one! That V-22 was not gonna run out of gas on this op! Great job white hats! Now get the rest of the despots!!

Will Caulfield

You are easily impressed.


You make us easily depressed.


It’s what a troll does. Ignore it. It hates that…


I understand the operation, but why did they have to kill the 1st Secret Service (SS) agent? They could’ve incompacitated the SS agent without putting 3 bullets in the guy’s head. What if the SS agent was not Deep State? Wrong that they killed the SS agent. Wrong!


Who cares? He was protecting a traitor.


oh well, he was going for his weapon…better him than the good guys…


Maybe it was just an accident…?

Brigid Bardont

“She” always looks like a drag queen to me.


EXACTLY. “Liz” sports the “necklace scare” over the Adams apple to appear as a female, but she is actually a homosexual “he.”


Hanging Date?

Hopefully it’s as quick as Moncef Slaoui.


Hello MB, Execution Date?