Military Sentences Liz Cheney to Hang to Death


Friday, April 21

Vice Admiral Darse E. Crandall of the U.S. Navy Judge Advocate General’s Corps asked an all-female panel to find Liz Cheney guilty of treason after she all but confessed to betraying her oath of office and threatened to have her people murder the admiral and his family.

He delivered a scorching statement painting Cheney as a depraved, bitter woman whose hatred of the U.S. Constitution rivaled her father’s, and whose unjustifiable animus for President Trump prompted her to commit election fraud and, later, spitefully chair a committee that failed to shame or criminally indict Trump.

Cheney grumbled while he spoke. The admiral had warned her that he wouldn’t tolerate courtroom shenanigans; if she disrupted the proceedings, she’d either be gagged or ejected. Anger must have welled up in her like lava, for she narrowed her eyes and chewed her lips as the admiral summoned his first witness, Cheney’s former Communications Director and Deputy Chief of Staff, Jeremy Adler. He swore to tell the truth even though he’d been granted prosecutorial immunity for his testimony.

Anger flashed in Cheney’s eyes; she glowered at Adler.

Adler told the panel that Cheney, ahead of the 2020 presidential election, orchestrated a “ballot harvesting ring” by which she had hired “Trump haters” to complete and submit multiple ballots favoring the criminal Joseph R. Biden. Adler said Cheney was determined to turn Wyoming Blue to spite President Trump. Cheney, he added, lost her mind when Trump, despite her efforts to eviscerate him, routed Biden in Wyoming with 70 percent of the vote.

“Liz told me she’d bend heaven and hell to destroy Trump,” Adler said. “He’s all she talked about. She couldn’t keep his name out of her mouth; she even told me she had nightmares about Trump. She had a vendetta.”

“Mr. Adler, did the defendant tell you why she has such hatred for President Trump?” Admiral Crandall asked.

“Yes, she holds him and this place responsible for her father’s death,” Mr. Adler said.

In January 2022, a Guantanamo Bay military tribunal convicted Dick Cheney of treason for having profited from his role in the 9/11 tragedy. He was hanged to death on January 29, 2022, with then-Rear Admiral Darse E. Crandall overseeing the execution.

“So, did the defendant say to you that she blames Trump and me for her father’s death,” Adm. Crandall said.

“Oh, yes, and the thought of your and Trump’s death is like oxygen to her. It’s what kept her breathing,” Adler said.

Cheney rocked in her seat at the defense table. She leaned forward, her icy blue eyes fixed on Adler. “They can’t protect you,” she said.

She then centered her eyes on Adm. Crandall. “You’re a White Hat. You’re dead. Your people are dead. They were dead the moment they killed my father. Your family—dead, Trump’s family—dead, your unborn grandchildren—dead. Any questions?” Cheney spat.

She turned her head slowly toward the panel. “Yours too.”

Admiral Crandall seemed shaken. He put the tribunal on recess for 15 minutes and vanished into chambers. When he emerged, he implored the panel to find Cheney guilty of treason.

“Like father, like daughter,” the admiral said.

The panel said Cheney should hang to death.

And Vice Adm. Crandall set a date of execution for Monday, April 24.


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Son of Ethan Allen

Too bad sad, she didn’t get to go on her sea cruise to Guam.

Brigid Bardont

I think this dude, Liz Cheney, hated Trump because he had her old man -offed via tribunal long ago. Look at Meghan McCain. She was a vocal Trump supporter, until Daddy died. Then, she became the opposite overnight.


Well, what happened?


I doubt that Liz goes quietly 😂


Ding dong the Bitch is Dead,
Lizard Chaney was Hung
April 24th at Gitmo Gallows. 👍.

Brigid Bardont

I still wonder why they don’t keep them imprisoned until Trump officially comes back as president, THEN tries them, hangs them, etc. These people, including the Clintons & Obamas are just “following orders” from their bosses. Q even labeled them “middle-management”. I don’t think Bakaka Obunghole could skip down the street & chew gum at the same time, never mind out-plan white hat military.


Obama and the Clintons have been gone. They were some of the first.

Marta Magdalena LeFave

This evil bastard, traitor will soon be dead. God bless our Republic.


Rather looks like Liz was a high-up WITCH. there was mention that she grumbled while the Court considered the charges against her.

That grumbling was most likely the witch, summoning up a Demon, which these nasties are able to do, apparently, and it was that that blasted Crandall.

Most do not believe all this spell stuff, but that is simply they do not know anything about it and guess/hope it isn’t true. But we will all find out soon that it is very true — that is what they all do when celebs etc offer themselves to the ETs/demons, to be possessed – it all happens in a Satanic Ceremony/Rite (not for the squeamish).

Believe it or don’t. But what to do about it? Well, as a suggestion to Crandall, he should instruct his two Marines — the ones that stand beside the Accused when in the Courtroom — that if they hear the person starting to mumble ANYTHING, get a gag on the person. Right away, without any other instructions. If she is asked a direct question, the gag can be removed (and ready to reinstate). While the military get a better solution, that should inhibit any spell-casting. (Maybe hang a Christ-crucifix around her head, too:)

Last edited 1 year ago by Atlanta

Better to speak the name of Jesus Christ over and over and over. They hate Him.


I think she won’t be able to make any more noise
, except in the lake of 🔥!

Charles Smith

Hey Michael,

Any update on these traitors?

Marc Mezvinsky – ARRESTED at GITMO on November 18, 2021

Patricia L. Conrad – ARRESTED & at GITMO on March 19, 2022

David Axelrod – ARRESTED & AT GITMO on April 16, 2022

Bill Ayrers – ARRESTED & CONVICTED in May 17, 2022

Valerie Jarrett – ARRESTED & AWAITING TRIBUNAL in May 2022

Denis McDonough – ARRESTED & CONVICTED on July 27, 2022

Avril Haines – ARRESTED & AWAITING TRIBUNAL, Aug 8, 2022

Paul Pelosi – ARRESTED & CONVICTED on Sep. 8, 2022

Maria B. Barrett – ARRESTED & AWAITING TRIBUNAL on Aug. 31, 2022

Frodo Baggins – ARRESTED & AWAITING TRIBUNAL on Oct. 5, 2022

Blanie L. Baker – ARRESTED & AWAITING TRIBUNAL on Oct. 5, 2022

Shannon Corless – ARRESTED &

Eli Roth – ARRESTED & AWAITING TRIBUNAL on Dec. 4, 2022

James Baker – ARRESTED & AWAITING TRIBUNAL on Dec. 8, 2022

Miguel Cardona – ARRESTED & CONVICTED on December 12, 2022

Cloning Scientists – ARRESTED & AWAITING TRIBUNAL on January 6, 2023

Dr. Michael Malanoski – ARRESTED & AWAITING TRIBUNAL on January 7, 2023

Ron Klain – ARRESTED & CONVICTED on February 7, 2023

Tom Shimabukuro – ARRESTED & AWAITING TRIBUNAL on Feb. 1, 2023

Carol Johnson ARRESTED & AWAITING TRIBUNAL on February 24, 2023

Kumar Jha ARRESTED & AWAITING TRIBUNAL on February 24, 2023

Mark Suzman ARRESTED & AWAITING TRIBUNAL on February 27, 2023

Carolyn Ainslie ARRESTED & AWAITING TRIBUNAL on February 27, 2023

Moncef Slaoui ARRESTED & AWAITING TRIBUNAL on March12, 2023

Shalanda Young ARRESTED & AWAITING TRIBUNAL April 14, 2023

Chance Salzman ARRESTED & AWAITING TRIBUNAL April 16, 2023

Have any of them been executed and if so what month, day, and year.



This is my list of open items in addition to yours:
Huma Abedin – Tribunal held 6/7/21?
David H. Berger (USMC General) – Arrested 10/5/22. Charged with sedition, treason, and conspiring with the enemy.? 1/6/23 MIA. Rescued 1/13/23 from CIA Safehouse.
Amy Coney Barrett, Supreme Court Justice – 6/28/21, at GITMO
John Boehner – Scheduled for 6/17/21, expected to be brief
Warren Buffett – Tribunal date 7/19/21
Elizabeth Cheney – Arrested 4/1/23. Found guilty of treason. Sentenced to hang 4/24/23.
Former Biden Handler Mike Donilon — Tribunal set for 1/2121
Jack Dorsey (Twitter CEO) – July 9, GITMO
Amy Eshleman (Associate to Lori Lightfoot Chicago Mayor) – Arrested 3/15/23 as accessory to crimes committed by Lightfoot.
Craig Fugate (Former FEMA Director) – June 29 in Tierra del Fuego
Melinda French Gates – Arrested 01/17/22. Tribunal scheduled for 3/2/22. Found to be actor Kevin Kline in drag. Melinda and other look alikes had been murdered by Bill Gates. Kline continues to live at Gitmo im exchange for his cooperation of inside information.
Paul Kiecker (Deputy Adminstor for IFIS – Conspired with Deese to artificially inflate eggs prices. Tribunal set for 2/7/23
Brock Long (Former FEMA Director) – 6/29/21 in Tierra del Fuego
Jim Mattis (former Defense Secretary and Marine Corps General) – wanted on charges of treason. Has fled US 1/10/23 to Ukraine via Warsaw, Poland.
Michael Pence – JAG has issued arrest warrant 2/9/22.
Ronald W. Pontius (civilian Deputy to the Commanding General of U.S. Army Cyber Command) Arrest 8/30/22 along with Gen. Maria B. Barrett..
Samantha Power – Arrested 7/2/21, location unknown at this time
Mitt Romney – Tribunal slated 7/2/21, location unknown
George Soros – Tribunal date 7/5/21, location unknown
Kevin Spacey (Actor) – Tribunal moved to 6/23/21, to be held at the U.S. military’s holding facility in Tierra del Fuego.
Rex Tillerson – Tribunal date 7/17/21, location unknown
Rita Wilson (wife of Tom Hanks) –


The nerve!!!

Begone vile witch

good riddance, we reclaim the earth on behalf of the good, loving, peaceful people who are not witches warlocks satanists, aliens or lizards.


Who gets to drive the stake through her heart?


So Michael – did they off the bit*h on Monday?


I wasn’t kidding about the part that Liz Chaney was HUNG !😉


shes a dude?


Just kidding, but that would make a scary movie , right ?


I heard that when she was Hung, the moment she dropped , the evil inside, caused the body to burst into flames!


Liz HAS been Executed !👍
The report has NOT been released because it is not complete.
Gitmo is being emptied of prisoners and guards.
Tribunals will be held elsewhere.
The gallows have been given a vacation..WELL EARNED!
Lizard Chaney was the most recent guest, maybe the last !😉


The witch should have been prevented from casting spells (mumbled continuously) in the courtroom.


Duct tape works!

Dave Kelly

So does a busted jaw


Any updates as to whether this execution did, in fact, take place?


Yes indeed 😊.


Liz started looking very paranoid and nervous during the time she “served” on the Trump Derangement Panel a few years ago trying to prove he was guilty of who knows what. Karma will always catch up with you, like it did to hateful, vengeful dizzy Lizzie.


Can’t wait to hear of her demise!


not exactly thin was she


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Last edited 1 year ago by Delavic

Wow, threatening to kill everyone in the courtroom to defend ones self might just reveal who they really are. The prosecution didn’t even have to go any further with their case after that display.


How would she know who would eventually be selected to be on the panel? So for her to threaten them was pure braggadocio.


These stories do coincide with the activity, and especially chaos, that follows their leave of absence. Like Lightfoot was apprehended…and someone caught wind….Chicago went (even more than it is) beserk with an army of youth hell bent on destroying Chicago. Someone lit the fire there. And Lightfoot goes missing for a few months, then resurfaces on some random podcast.

By the way, the comments under Michelle Obama’s twitter posts are f-ing hilarious. You’re welcome.


She uses “like” in her speech a lot as if she is an uneducated teenager. “And I was, like, OK…” “…and she was, like,…..” “and you were, like, what’d you say?”
Like, fer shur dude!

Dave Kelly

The States Attorney in Cook County, Ms. Kim Fox will NOT be running for re-election next time, so something is going on or happening as to why she is NOT running for office again. I am not sure if all of the prosecutors that are Funded by George Soros or his Open Societies are being indicted or what is happening. Either way after her time she is finnished.


Crook-ed County

Izonda Skyz

I don’t understand these…people. If they hate it so much here why don’t they just GTF out? That easy. They’re free to leave.

Last edited 1 year ago by Izonda Skyz

That’s what puzzles me so much. There would come a point where even at the most narcissistic egotistical person…should just fucking drop out, bro!

Dave Kelly

Narcissism does not work like that.

just looking

If they leave then they won’t be able to mess with us.. seems to be their motivation and their main goal… just cause trouble..

Dave Kelly

It’s about POWER, and the lust, craving for that POWER.


She’s a vile snake!


So how is mb getting away with these bs stories? Under parady disclosure….doubt it.

Michael R Davis

Go back to CNN and the other FAKE News propagandists and they will help you get back safely to sleep. We don’t need you here.

Len Sanders

((((((Boing)))))) Anouther one bites the dust!

Last edited 1 year ago by Len Sanders

the charges are simple; and just punishment.

Paying Close Attention

Hmmm. It’s Monday night. Wonder if they forgot to carry out the sentence?




I have been checking all morning, MB!



Judy Kennedy

See if there’s a microchip behind her left ear. We want to be executing the real deal, not her clone.


excellent point


So the wretched hag got hung today! Great News!

Last edited 1 year ago by Randal

She will be all over every news channel tomorrow…will we ever be told truth by anyone, MB sure isnt writing it.


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Last edited 1 year ago by Delavic

Poetic alert and coincidence:

Just happened to be listening to string quartets yesterday as background music when I pulled up RRN and learned of Cheney’s sentence.

Then glanced at the title of the piece that was playing as I was reading of Cheney: Schubert’s String Quartet No. 14 in d minor. Also known as “Death and the Maiden”

For anyone into string quartets, this one is marvelous, written in a minor key with a decidedly dark flavor, gradually coming to a frenzied climax and then proceeding to wonderful and satisfying resolution.


I wonder why did the Admiral have to take a 15 minute break and go to another room? I guess all of this hatred that comes from these doomed people is really getting to him. Maybe he was trying to contain himself from coming across that table and doing the deed himself for threatening his family like that. All is well Admiral – another one bites the dust…literally! Keep your head up Crandall they’re being eliminated from the earth. Peace be with you.🙏🏽


He’s well within his rights to shoot that bitch in the face on the spot. The Admiral needs replaced if he can be shaken.


The admiral needs our prayers for strength and resolve. I will pray Psalm 91 for God’s protection of him, his family and all the White Hats.

Michael R Davis

Maybe Admiral Crandal was looking at the Law of War Manual for some alternatives in this particular case. Judges often leave their courtrooms when a legal matter comes up, sometimes recessing the court.

Dave Kelly

Maybe the Admiral just needed to take a dump.

Debbie Fitzko

God be with us. 🙏♥️💪🇺🇸


You just read an article on clones and you still wonder why Mr Baxter says what he knows to be true. Your posts are what I can’t believe. Do you really think Hillary is still around? There are several Biden clones and don’t forget when his CGI put his hand through a microphone when trying to speak to the press. Everyone saw it and not 1 MSM would comment on it. If you think Mr Baxter is fabricating his articles WHY ARE YOU STILL READING THEM? You sound more & more like a DS with your own posts. You could just GO AWAY🇺🇸


3:45 pm. PST
I just saw a poll on fox news that showed 3% of people polled say that they are behind Liz Chaney for a 2024 Presidential bid !
Simply shocking !
3% of those are complete dimwits!


In her words, she’s dead.


Joe Biden had 1% and was still elected. Remember that? 1% Joe.
Elections are a zero sum game. Democrats won’t just give up the Executive Office.
There’s still a civil war on the horizon. Of course it’ll be a very short war, about 3 or 4 days.
Democrats are outnumbered 1000 to 1.


election was rigged smartass


It’s probably a list of her own demonic clansmen. They all stick together don’t they?

Dave Kelly

Those 3 percent will be in for a surprise.


Okay, so she hates DJT because she blames him for her psychotic father’s death. Why does she hate the Constitution? I would think anyone brought up in a place like Wyoming would highly value it. I wonder what her mother, Lynn Cheney, is like — behind closed doors that is, where the camera isn’t rolling. I know, I know, anyone who marries a psycho and raises a psycho is also a psycho. But I just want to know because Lynn Cheney hides it so well.


Watch the movie, Vice.
It’ll explain everything you ask.


she wasnt raised in Wyoming. She just got an address there to run for office.


Heavy duty rope is needed

David Boettcher





I wouldn’t worry about Ping. No slave army can defeat the USA

Dave Kelly

%&)*#!@ & ^$)*(&!$#@

waky wednes

I suppose deep state is getting the Cheney holograms and body doubles ready.

David Boettcher

CGI as well


Profited from 9/11? Wasn’t Dick Cheney one of the Pentagon’s architects of that day? Sick Dick was one of the most evil lawmakers ever to have a role in our government and that’s taking into account all the other enormously sick bastards who inhabit positions of legislative/executive power.


W and Rumsfeld also profited from 9/11 according to articles by RRN. Check the articles on W’s and Cheney’s military tribunals.

Dave Kelly

Loads of ASSHOLES profited from 9-11-2001 , the Iraq War , the Afghanistan War , the theft and rip-off of HUNDREDS of BILLIONS of US DOLLARS , from the US TREASURY during the Iraq War and so many other rackets a scams that have been operated since 9-11-2001. NO DOUBT TRILLIONS of US DOLLARS , RIPPED -OFF.


Liz was part Hahn


And you’re 100% reptile.

John .S

Highly suspect Liz’s gallows rhetoric will be trivial and outlandish as failed filibuster.

For sure: “Trump this -n- Trump that”, and “Crandell – this -n- that you – you – you mother effer” while eyes blazed at Crandall. The nod and wink given, filibuster over.

Dr. pronounced dead, Cheney chapter closed, J-6’ers still jailed, JAG intervention on captors.

Last edited 1 year ago by John .S

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Last edited 1 year ago by Delavic

This is the right example that power corrupt weak minded people. She let the smoke went higher than her head because of her family name.
By this time I can visualize she’s laying on a table at GITMO morgue.
Cheney’s will never be missed.


The sad truth is that humanity has been infiltrated big time.

You see a politician talking the right talk, looking sane and constructive. You vote him/her on post, and the dog goes and crashes the place. You have Biden and so many other leaders and execs all doing the craziest destructive things, and we cannot understand why anyone could become so dumb destructive.

Take that Chance Saltzman, as a recent example of someone GIVING AWAY $27billion to Ukraine, and Shalanda Young also wiring $billions to Ukraine. They don’t have family or relatives there – makes no sense.

They were not born crazy but somehow ended up that way.

We just got a taste of Liz Cheney acting like a woman possessed. That was not just a woman scorned; she was possessed by something evil and powerful. Something else was inside that woman.

Most accept heaven, which means they also accept we are souls/spirits, and we operate these human bodies (like driving cars around). And we have recently heard about CLONING STATIONS, where they have clones ready for use. So, who or what goes into those clones and drives them around so that they look like a regular human?

Someone said above that it was Greys (ETs). Well, Greys know all about cloning. Or it could be AI, or some other ET that is inserted into the clone and runs it like the original, giving orders and making policies etc.

The trick is, you get a bit of the targeted person – DNA/skin sample (easy to do when they visit a hospital) — and use that to grow a clone. They have been doing this for many years. Then, you get hold of the REAL PERSON, take them out, and replace that person with your clone.

The clone looks and talks like the real deal. (Apparently, some don’t have any genitals or have odd eye colour, but that can be concealed.) This clone has all the memory of the original, sounds like the original, but now, the clone will do whatever s/he is ordered to do, and with no disagreement. But who is working that clone, now? Friend or foe?

Apparently there has been a whole agenda of wiping out 75% of the planet population, as there are just too many of us good humans for these enemies. They only needed so many humans around to be used as SLAVES and, for something else.

The covid/booster attacks were supposed to do the most of that killing, flanked by lots of executions of those refusing the jabs. They clear out all the low-level people and then wipe out those that helped do the killing (doctors and nurses, celebs etc…)

I recall there were something like – well, many, many THOUSANDS of guillotines in store, in the DUMBs. Well, just one guillotine could be reused to execute many thousands of humans; but there were many, many thousands – why so many? They were for the mass executions around the planet. For us.

So, what is going on with the Clones? Who is making and operating them? And why? Well, it should be getting clear by now: the enemy is using them to infiltrate all levels of government, politicians, cops, some military, law people, MSM, celebrities, et al, to create war and strife.

Anyone that controls lots of people is a target for the enemy. Whether it is inducement with money, sex etc, or blackmail with murder/paedo crimes etc. Or, if that does not work, it would be a replacement clone or someone with a mask acting instead. And the replacement doing as ordered.

That is the war we are in. Been going on for many years. Some say it has been going on since JFK was assassinated; assassinated for declaring war on the Deep State. No one believes it was Oswald.

Same with the Twin Towers, all the wars, and the several pandemics – yep, more of the same. They dress it up with all that nonsense propaganda through the MSM but it was all part of this war on humanity.

Keep all this in mind when you listen to the MSM propaganda news. It might start to make sense.

John .S

Excellent writings, well done.


Evil renegade humans and evil renegade angels want the $10 MILLION booty for their efforts. Military waits for the money drop and pickup before making an appearance to take out the human trash.

I am writing POTUS Trump to increase our GITMO Military’s wages involved in taking out the criminal trash, and I’m also asking that Michael Baxter receive wages because without our patriots, civilians would not know of Deep State’s clown heads and the crimes they committed against our sovereign nation and law abiding Americans.

Mind Bender 17

You’re getting carried away there dude. We are all none the wiser with this cloning nonsense. Try not to second guess. Thanks. 👍

Last edited 1 year ago by Mind Bender 17

another one bites the dust…..


Buh bye Miss Piggy!


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Last edited 1 year ago by Delavic

good see


is chink the preferred nomenclature for ccp ape or is it slant?


Racism! So hilarious! 🤣🤣🤣🤣


Racism is NOT funny

truth is stubborn

That’s his point, and in this case it’s entirely fair. He’s right to condemn it.


how do you know I am not chinese? thanks for outing yourself as a racist though!

Dave Kelly

Chinese Communists are referred to as GOOKS

Dave Kelly

There are approximately ONE MILLION members of the Chinese Communist Party from my understanding.

Dave Kelly

Chinese People are just Chinese folks.