Mitch McConnell or Clone?


Encircled by a throng of lawmakers, venerable Republican Senator Mitch McConnell suddenly and inexplicably froze and fell silent for a minute during opening remarks at the weekly Senate Republican press conference on Wednesday. After the event, medical pundits quickly ascribed McConnell’s taciturn minute to a stroke or other significant neurological crisis; however, a Deep State cloning scientist in military custody believes McConnell experienced a “cloning glitch” common among clones approaching their 3-year expiration date.

As reported in January, White Hats apprehended a still unnamed geneticist who had previously worked at a hidden cloning lab in the Missouri Ozarks. The 50-year-old German-born mad scientist repented his ethical misconduct and agreed to help White Hats identify clones within the political elite, though he denied knowing the whereabouts of other cloning labs on American soil, blaming his ignorance on Deep State compartmentalization. He has been held under “isolated supervision” at Womack Army Medical Center, Fort Bragg, where White Hats had examined and dissected clones recovered from labs in Missouri and Alaska.

Clones of McConnell were found at the Alaska laboratory.

Having watched McConnell spaz on television, Womack staff solicited the geneticist’s professional opinion on whether the McConnell on the screen was the real deal or a clone. He couldn’t definitively declare it a clone but said that McConnell’s sudden bout of catatonic behavior was an unsolved symptom of clones nearing the end of their existence, the consequences of hasty science and imperfect cloning techniques.

According to him, clones exist only three years from the date of maturation and are picked up or recalled, dissolved in acid, and replaced before displaying signs of decay. Indicators of deterioration include synaptic and cardiovascular failure. Less common, observable side effects include skin lesions akin to eczema, boils that break and ooze puss, and gigantism in one or more extremities. In rare cases, a clone near termination may become violently psychotic.

These defects, the geneticist said, occur over the last few days of a clone’s existence, if at all.

“These automatons, and I don’t know what else to call them because I don’t believe they have a soul, I don’t believe they are born of God, have a microchip with recall instructions embedded in their brains. [name omitted] says the Deep State can trigger the chip to recall the clone. They can also short the chip, which destroys the clone,” our source at Womack said.

When neurologists at Womack performed craniotomies on recovered clones, they found scorched microchips about half the diameter of a baby aspirin. The geneticist claims the implantation is performed by a robotic surgeon like those developed by Elon Musk’s Neuralink company.

“So, we can’t say for sure the McConnell we saw yesterday, the world saw yesterday, is a clone, but he sure acted like one. The only way to be certain is to capture him, get a look at his teeth, feet, and genitals, and take a bone saw to his head,” our source said.

“I would tend to think that Mitch McConnell in Congress is a clone, since we know clones of him have been made,” the geneticist reportedly said.

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I prefer to call him Bitch McConnel as he has always proven to be the bitch and lapdog of the democRAT party


Rino extraordinaire, Mitch, always looks like a scared rabbit that needs to use the bathroom right away!

david simmons

The Lady Congresswoman sure made a point of touching him and he certainly reacted.

Dave Smith

So where is the real Mitch at ?

Dave Smith

And how many other are clones ???



Debbie Fitzko

McConnell is clearly expired either way.


The first thing I noticed is that during his “event” his eyes NEVER blinked! Makes me lean toward clone.




From what I’ve read I’d recon Bitch McConnel as a bio mechanical automaton. Did anyone else notice how he glitched out the other day when giving that speech?


Who’s the woman in Green that came pushing into the crowd just to keep touching McConnell with that pen like device?
She did something and then stood there and let the other people help him.

Her actions where Weird to say the lease.

take out spaces.
https ://www .youtube .com/watch?v=QX19YAleBTM


Like Hillary used to have happen. Were living in times where we can’t believe any thing including these stories. Be great if these RRN articles had truth to them.


Yea, I agree.
Sometimes I feel there is something to all this just because we are seeing a lot less of the higher up Democrats in person. You almost never see the most of them in person.
The last video of Eric Holder you could see a very evident blue hue around the video picture of him. Weird with this day in technology that you would have such glitches in government videos unless they are doing something on purpose.
When was the last time Brenon was seen on live TV. They all do video chat or tweets now, which is a very easy way to cover for people that no longer are among us.



voice of one in the wilderness

Big time weird. I say she is either an alien or his handler (or both).



voice of one in the wilderness

trying running it at 0.25 speed. she touches his wrist twice. once at 10 seconds and again at 13 seconds. she was very proud of herself how she was able to lock him up….


The thing is she just pushed her way through the crowd to touch his wrist twice. Why even both just walk along, Weird that she did that is all I’m saying and then no surprise from her that Mitch was locking up.

voice of one in the wilderness

Yep. She bulldozed her way in….did her voodoo….demonstrated a sense of satisfaction/narcissism….and moved on back into her dark shadow. The clowns next to uncle joe had no problem with her breaking in (she was no stranger to them), but seemed a bit stymied by the total lock up. We’re not in Kansas anymore…

Susan Day

I saw her hold out her hand and touched him quickly with some thing in her hand that was dark. .And the tall man on right gave her a wink and a nod .so it looks like a planed thing they had worked out. And mitch never blinked ,that’s hard to do.


It was a petit mal seizure.
Dang! Ya’ll will believe anything nowadays.


lol, epilepsi? I’ve seen that up close and it didn’t look like epilipsi.and just because you cynical doesn’t mean we enjoy reading it.


Does believing you fall into that category? Who says you are correct?

Susan Day

Re: Pissed -Did u see the real robots that look like ppl?


Yeah, I think McConnell was “dealt with” long ago…………………. could be a clone, or could be an actor trying to create a diversion to the biden crime family’s escapades.


Time to bring in term limits for Senate and Congress. 3 terms max, 4 year stint, total of 12 then you’re out. No lifetime subsidies either, just for doing your job. Those politicians should remember they are servants to the people, and are to be held accountable. Change is coming.

Samantha C Chong

That is still too long.


You’re absolutely right term limits one n done for senate. Two and you’re through for the house as the house members only get two year terms as opposed to the six year terms senate members get



david simmons

Term limits? No retirement pay from being a Congressman or woman. There’s your term limits.


It will take a Convention of States, to lop off the terms of these incompetent senators and assemblypersons in our Congress. Only 19 of our states have shown interest and have joined in the past 5 years. We need 34 for the Convention to start rolling forward.

Last edited 1 month ago by Joanna
Rick Gravelin

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Wonderful, flippin clones and sheeple what a combination of crap to deal with from our side. Must force wake up the people!! Enough of this lunacy.


i think he got visited/arrested?… and was having an OH SHIT moment.

Rebecca Tracy

The video looks staged to me. The theory of watching a movie of sorts to wakeup us up to the truth & the lies we have been told is believable to me. Don’t know, but believable. All the politicians, Hollywood, etc. no one looks the same anymore. For sure masks, Central Casting, doubles, all of the technological advances in editing, including holograms, etc. makes what we think we see & know very confusing.

MM hasn’t looked like himself since January, 2021. Even the Glitch Mitch 2.0 doesn’t really look like the perky MM 3.0 who made a quick recovery, joking, saying he was fine.

I’m not discounting the possibility of clones because the evil has been experimenting on humans long before Dolly the sheep was cloned. However, I am not a 100 percent clone believer, but not a never clone believer either. I’m still following as there is much I don’t know & still researching. RRN has given us a lot of clone info or maybe misinformation for a greater purpose.

I just think the evil have been trying to play God for a long time, but I’m confident they are not going to invent the soul of man. 🙏❤️🇺🇸


One expert was saying that clones last around 3 years and what happened to Glich Mitch is typical of a clone “end of times”. He also went into detail about how long it takes for a “new” version to mature.


Truth to your comments. We have no idea whats real anymore. If we do get disclosures how can we trust were showed and told truth ever again.


Social media abuzz with slow reviews of this tape. Apparently the woman in green to the left has been identified as a Senator. The two men behind Mitch McConnell have not been identified. All three appear to behave as ‘handlers.’ The woman touched MM with the back of her left hand, which may have held sunglasses, or some sort of device. MM glitched out immediately after her touch. The man to the left behind MM actually pulled her in, & watched her hand very closely. The man to the right gave a narc smile. All three seemed in good cheer as soon as mission accomplished, & then stepped back. Do they have in mind a replacement for MM? The last thing he said was pertaining to an NDA, tho’ he may have meant to say NDAA. Was this a soft disclosure overall? Was this ‘acting?’ Why are all politicians seeming to be in the Actor’s Guild?


♥️🇺🇸 The deep state really created a hell of a shit show on our beautiful planet.🇺🇸💪🏻


America needs to repent of her murders of all the abortion mills and of the rampant sexual immorality with the alphabet homos. We are only a few weeks away from complete destruction


If the clones are dissolved in acid, are they killed first?


To begin with they are “not alive” as in human and “die out” within 3 years, in the meantime they either have another replacement in “incubation” or at various stages or readiness.


Yes, but that does not answer the question “Do they feel pain?” I am sure they are wired to react to what causes pain however they are not only technical creatures but biological creatures as well. Regardless of how they are perceived to experience what would cause pain to a purely biological being, I am sure that it is only ethical to discontinue them with as little provocation of what humans know cause us pain, to these entities.
Would it not be possible to create “clones” that have a hard-wired ethical program that NEVER sell out to these satanists.

Rene Labre

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Oh OK, that 12,500 will be worth ZIP SOON or haven’t your heard — fed fake dollars going bye bye.


Saw a FB short reel yesterday of him during his press conference. What was interesting is that 1) His skin looked very plasticky; 2) His actions were very robotic; and(most importantly) 3) No one looked shocked as if he just had a stroke…..everyone remained calm.
Sounds like a clone to me.


Possibly a 3-D face mask.


So true. There’s not a doubt in my mind that he is a clone. McConnell’s appearance never changes. How the hell is he still alive and “functioning” if he is real? No way! We are expected to believe that these people live to ripe old ages — if not forever when in fact, I believe their lifestyle cuts their actual lives quite short.


He sure doesn’t look like the story we heard of those drinking Adrenochrome aren’t they supposed to look younger, he old and decrepit.


Adrenechrome SLOWS the aging process does not reverse it

Nicholas Cobbett

Carbon 14 radioactive decay should be able to detect whether it is a clone, or the real thing. The clone, having been made more recently, will have a higher proportion of C14, compared to C12, and the real person will have a higher Nitrogen, N14, content, the decay product of C14.


Well, he’s OLD. And maybe he took the jab.Why couldn’t it be a mini stroke?


During the entire freeze, he never blinks. And it looks like he doesn’t swallow either. I don’t think it’s a stroke. His appearance hasn’t changed for years.

Ann Ononomous

Don’t forget, his wife is Chinese… I’m with Elena – CLONE!


They didn’t take the poison jab. Laws for us not them.


Nancy Pelosi’s collection of dilapidated clones, also started spacing out royally on TV just before her clone (clones) started breaking down and coming to the end of their maturation dates.

Last edited 1 month ago by Joanna

I wonder if when military finally takes out all cloning centers the plan is the clones can’t be replaced so when white hats grab them black hats won’t be able to replace them any more.


I certainly hope the white hats thought of that first or we don’t have a snowball’s chance in hell…


In the case of Pelosi, that is probably a design FEATURE, not a “FLAW”.


Rofl hahaha lmao 2FF that’s rich roflmao ahhahaha

Yvonne Wagner

I also heard about the black eye club, those with a black eye are said to have had a parasite called a vril placed inside that one eye. After while it’s said that the vril takes over the host until death then it looks for another host. I know this sounds like science fiction but you never know what’s real or fake today with all the technology that has been hidden from us


No it’s adrenochrome injection sites. Straight to the brain but the contraption they use bruises the left eye area. Vrill is a red herring and totally false cover story.

Last edited 1 month ago by Statethis
Ann Ononomous

I never heard that, but I have seen the “black eye club.” What do they do, inject the needle right into the eye??? Excuse me, I think I’m gonna be sick now! 🤮🤮

Last edited 1 month ago by Ann Ononomous

I’ve also heard this angle and have witnessed substantiated truth behind it. It’s about how the adrenechrome gets harvested from children as early as 9 months to about 4 or 5. Younger children produce the best product. In the extraction process a child is gripped by the back and violently slammed face first to the floor this produces a heightened state of terror / fear to in which they can extract the adrenechrome from the back of the poor little kids skull. As a result of being violently slammed face first to the ground the blood vessels burst in the orbits of the eye sockets rendering a stark black eye well defined to the eye sockets. You see celebrities wearing the make up to mimic what they do to these kids — just sickens me.


You’re right Yvonne, a couple of years ago I told people about the mosquitos that Gates was going to unleash — everyone laughed their a$$ off and, here we are, they are being dropped from airplanes. I think it just happened recently in Georgia.


I find that highly credible. The whole “Vril” thing, at least in modern times, began (anew?) with the Not-sees. They had a club called the “Vril Society”. (Really DREADFUL entities, these not-sees!!!!
I hope that the White Hats really “drill down” on this whole subject of clones and vrils rather than regarding it as a troubling “mere” complication. These “Vrils” are lizard embodiments of Satan itself, for example… CANNOT experience human conscience AT ALL, EVER!!!!! Eliminating them and making the identification of ANY and EVERYTHING satan- ick should be a highest priority from Now until forever. Full Stop.
Hiding, lying and faking are an advanced preoccupation of theirs.
Transparency (not surveillance) is an essential policy… no “state secrets”. It will never be a secret that humanity will do everything possible to secure our composition in terms of God-given DNA and identify whatever is synthesized to “replace” “alter” “undo” or “reverse” it.


practical points, it seems the best answer to whether clones would have souls is almost certainly, yes

So say the professionals and theologians. Agan deep state shill oh wait Im a male that works with kids to I must be a groomer. Oh wait Im a clone, Im a robot, maybe Im cgi, dangit I am a body double * insert insult here*

Bottom line is when you met yout maker answer the question “why do you wish harm on a innocent soul.”


Clones are manufactured non biologic entities , therefore no soul .


Well, they aren’t made from plastic!!


That doesn’t matter. They’re created by MAN. The original was created by GOD.


Absolutely soulless. Answer is a big fat zero.


Clones with souls? R U kidding me that would be like a toliet plunger or a power drill having a soul. AI maybe but never a soul.


You forget the occupancy of demonic entities. A clone without a soul would be the perfect vehicle for a demon to occupy.


Demons may occupy I guess but there is a general consensus that demons do not have souls


The idea that clones have souls is not a reasonable assumption. They are in some part, biological, but they are duplicate bodies, in most cases likely operated by “AI” which retains an algorithym of the original brain wave patterns for deception’s sake. I think that God does not retain a meaningful connection to this dis-engaged biological material.

Patriot Cowgirl

Clone , pretty sure. He never blinks, malfunction at 3 years like the Hillary one where she chattered her head up and down cackling like a plugged in muppet


Ahhhhh…you are right! Most of us didn’t know about the clones back then.

Mrs. Joe Strummer

Ever since reading this yesterday, I can’t get the film, The Boys from Brazil, outta my noggin’!

Lucy Cwiklinski

I’m going w/a clone!! First viewing of the video that day, I thought, that’s not McConnell, along w/small stature! They’re everywhere!!🇺🇸


I hope it’s time to go SCORCHED EARTH with these black hat bastards that tortured and killed our good White Hat boys as outlined in a recent article.


I hope it’s time to go SCORCHED EARTH with these black hat bastards that tortured and killed the good White Hat boys as outlined in a recent article.

Mark David

Since these Clones are using chips, it would be useful to develop a scanner that could detect them from a distance.

Eve Bright

So, if he is a clone, where then the real Mitch?

Lucy Cwiklinski

Like the Queen, holed up somewhere until the evils decide to say he died!!




TURLE BEEN ALREADY- stewed ?????


Most likely dead and buried.


GONE, have you seen the lists of names that have “disappeared”? I was sorry to see John Legend was gone but his EVIL Devil wife, glad to see her meet her maker. Betty White was quoted as saying that the way she got to almost 100 was by drinking the blood of a virgin once a month – people thought she was joking.


Simply pull up the shirt and check if he has a navel.
Souless clones don’t
If so shoot the clone!
Done 🤔👍

Mark David

I guess we won’t get to see McConnell in a bikini.


Your disgusting.


Well certainly, the idea of McConnell in a bikini is disgusting.


I read somewhere, that clones do not have genitals either.


It wouldn’t be hard for clone scientists to make what appears to be a “navel”.
However, the probable identifiability of a CHIP may be the reason for the great push to get EVERYONE “micro-CHIPPED!!! So that the enemy of humanity can move among us in an UNidentifiable form!

Rene Labre

I saw a bot up in my name,son of a beast! My Mother who they use to promote it has been deceased for 22 years.


Rene, change your email, make it unique to your username. Tag MB (include his initials in your post) so that he can reapprove your renewed account.

Julio Antonio Laguna

As soon as I saw it, I told my wife that looks like a clone about to expire.


He is a clone, seńor!


Another RRN satire story.


To believe in human clones is the willing suspension of disbelief .

16% of Americans have IQs under 85. That’s over 25 million!!

Some of them vote.

Let that sink in.


The vote counters decide the winners, not the voters.


Like the saying…
It’s not who votes that’s who counts the votes that count.


True that


Contrarian thinking will not win you many upvotes with the groupthink crowd here, but they fail to give good counter arguments. Cloning a sheep with hard-wired instincts is one thing, but implanting human abilities like language are acquired over many years, not downloaded.


It is called AI and since the DARPA stolen from the people, “science” is multiple decades beyond what is “diss-eminated” for “the masses” (that cringey word created by the narcissistic cultural marxists AND fascists… the same tribe when all is said and done…)
it is better to assume that “science” has progressed beyond what we were last “officially” informed about, and then there is the confirmation when the labs and the tanks are found.
You obviously assume that you can talk down to us as if we don’t have evidence in some “one” like Elon Musk, such a strange “man?” who promotes the micro-chipping of everyone (and isn’t it always, “for our own “good”!!!)


What worries me is that creatures who presume themselves to be smarter than the people on this board, “vote” (and rig elections!)


Triple that and they ALL VOTE DEMOCRAT

Rose Mary Abbott

I remember when my mom stroked. She was sitting on the floor in front of a tv with a remote control and she kept clicking and clicking it nonstop and she wouldn’t even listen to anything anyone said. She was just glaring at the screen punching the remote buttons. It almost killed her because she refused to go to the hospital in the ambulance. They couldn’t legally force her to go so she sat there almost killing herself with delaying her treatment. My husband grabbed her and forced her into his truck and drove her to the hospital against her will the whole way. The person that was left in my momma’s head was not the same person I always knew. She turned into a little child and she thought I was her school teacher of some kind. I hate strokes. She died from a second stroke 5 years later. She never really recovered from the first stroke. She is far better off now than she was then. It hurt so much because I couldn’t do a damned thing because I was stuck in a wheelchair myself and I couldn’t physically make her do anything or I would have physically forced her to go to the doctor when her leg went numb. I was in rehab when she told me that her leg was numb. I had been paralyzed in a truck driving accident so I couldn’t force her to go to the doctor. She was stubborn about it. I sure do miss her. Strokes are weird. You have no idea what they will make you do. Mitch needs to retire and go to the doctor and take care of himself. If that’s the real Mitch McConnell. I honestly don’t know what to believe about him. But I saw the same face on my momma.

Mark David

No two strokes are exactly alike. I take care of my wife who had a stroke a few years ago. She is getting better slowly, but they can be devastating to the person and their loved ones. The main thing is you cannot give up on them, because people that have had major strokes have learned to walk again, talk again, write again, drive again, go back to work and do many of the things that were taken away because of the damage. The brain DOES repair itself in many cases. Brain cells DO regrow, but you will never find that out unless you give them the support and therapy they need 24/7.

Last edited 2 months ago by Mark David
Mark David

And for strokes, NEVER give them Statins. Statins over time will destroy the brain. Look it up.

Rose Mary Abbott

She was 79 when it happened and we never gave up on her or left her in an old folks home. We would have her in a rehab facility and went to see her three times a week until she was well enough to come home to live. Then we had home health therapy for when she was home. Anyway I want to thank you for your kind concern. I will pass on your advice on Statins to my family in case we should ever need it.


Statins are garbage. Cholesterol is required throughout the body. However, the Brain has a separate system for it, which has much higher quantity. Statins reduce it all over, which destroys the brain in the process. Statins kill.


True about Cholesterol. The brain, the lungs, the kidneys are virtually MADE from cholesterol. Saturated fats from animals eating their own biologically-appropriate diet are among the healthiest foods you can eat. Saturated fats are LIQUID at body temperature which is why they melt on your counter.
Vegetable “fats” are actually waxes which permeate stems of plants held upright in the noonday heat. Un-saturated fats are a far greater danger to health becau) se they do not form healthy membranes in mammals that cannot properly assimilate them (we have One stomach whereas grass-eating mammals have FOUR)
Processed foods are loaded with processed vegetable oils, esp “Canola” which is actually “rapeseed” oil, formerly used industrially as a metal penetrant, and a substance which is dangerous to the delicate membranes of a human body such as the tissues of the EYE. (Notice the enormous increase in macular degeneration since the war on fats replaced butter with Con-ola)
It has been known for a long time that people with higher levels of cholesterol in their blood (– all else being equal meaning adequate nutritional status in other categories and no intake of p-harm–a-suit-ick-all substances) live the longest, probably due to brain composition as the brain is the master caretaker of the entire body and all functioning systems. This last correlation being my interpretation bases on many corroborating sources )
– Also, Mark_David High Praise to you, Sir for your honorable devotion to and care for your wife. May blessings continue to be yours (both) for all of your days!!!!


Thank you for your input.

Paying Close Attention

Is there no support for the bone saw to the head solution?

Rose Mary Abbott

I was talking about this this morning with my nurse (LVN) and we watched the video of it happening together. They were talking about a fall he took at an airport two weeks ago and it gave him a concussion. Now, that part could be fake news or could be true. I don’t know because I don’t watch tv. My nurse said that a concussion would do to him that kind of symptom. So I’m not going to make a too uneducated guess. He sure does look old now though. He must retire at the very least. He is obviously not physically capable of doing his work which requires much more clarity of thought than he now has. Plus, he’s a RINO deluxe and this is a gift from God to get a real Republican to replace him with and get a real Republican Minority Leader in office. Whatever happened it will save us from suffering from his presence any longer. HALLELUJAH!


Is she the same kind of nurse that administered Remdesvir, put people on vents, and tried to talk people into taking the vaxx? If she’s still a nurse, of course she is. If so, I wouldn’t put too much stock in what she has to say


McConnell, like Joe Biden, is also on the take with the communist Chinese. So we have both sides corrupted against the American people


The woman in the green dress(Sen Shelly Moore Capito-R) is the daughter of a 3 term WVa Gov. She has been in the House since 2001 and in the Senate(WVa ) since 2015. She also appeared alongside Mitch when he gave his post-concussion speech. Apparently, she is his handler. THX 1138 (commenter) wants to argue that she didn’t touch him. However, he is a lone voice. Suddenly the C-Span video has been buried. She did something to him. Remember Hillary’s bodyguard had to inject her at the ready. He ended up dead. How can any person or actor hold that blink-less stare? Meanwhile, Mr Pool says that Obama’s chef was in 3 ft of water (not 8) per geographic data at that time. The chef may have served up his last plate of children.

Michael R Davis

Here is the McConnell video. The Resident Biden actor can hold that blinkless stare and we know for sure it is an actor wearing a full silicone HollyWood facemask. This actor for McConnell can also hold the stare. I suppose many actors are trained to do so and practice. The real McConnell is probably already in a Gitmo cell or dead. The Senator touched the actor’s hand, a signal to freeze up and stare unblinkingly. It was planned, seeing the reactions of the other Senators, and the camera immediately zooming in on McConnell. Senator Capito was coordinating the planned skit so everybody could do their own lines on time. Look closely and see that the other Senators were expecting her to step into their crowd. They probably practiced the skit many times.

remove 3 spaces
https ://www .youtube .com/watch?v=QX19YAleBTM


The thought of that is nauseating, why can’t he cook normal stuff?
On another note, he might have, according to one commenter, accidentally walked in on Barry and Michelle during a sexually intimate moment and that was it.


Xena. I am dying.I couldn’t put the truth to this forum because I would be scathed.My only regret is that I wasn’t able to help my son.

William Turner

Wow, good information Christine. Shelly knows something is amiss and she worms her way toward Mitch at the podium, smiles at the other senators and cameras and then she touches Mitch’s right hand for a second. No other reason to do that, unless you have a personal responsibility to “manage” the clone.


If c-span vid is gone, I have it recorded in .25 speed!

Michael R Davis

What about Dolly the sheep?
Cloned animals for growing organ replacements in humans does not require transfer of memories from one human mind to a clone mind. Dolly the clone sheep learned like any sheep from a womb, no transfer of mind memories to clone mind necessary. If humans were cloned, they might look like the original, but would be drooling idiots with only a short while to train and educate them. Allegedly they die in 3 years, but in actuality would be illiterate with an incomplete education. If there was a scientific method to rapidly educate the mind with a memory transfer, it would be used in the schools and colleges. Instead, we have children failing in the schools, learning slowly with the old method. The brain has billions of nerve endings to connect to a clone brain with billions of nerve endings. How would science do that? Human brains are not comparable to computers at all, a million times more complicated, regardless the hundreds of science fiction movies.

Commander-in-Chief Trump has been often hinting in his rallies that many of his opponents are replaced by Central Casting, supposedly actors from the now striking Screen Actors Guild. Could HollyWood produce thousands of their great very real appearing silicone full facemasks for the actors? Of course they could, obviously have been, even moreso with the strike shutting down movie making.

“And thank you to Vice President Pence. He has been so wonderful to work with. He’s a real talent, a real guy,” Trump said. “And he is central casting, do we agree? Central casting. He’s been great.” (spoken by CIC Trump at several rallies)

Many of us think Pence was executed for treason and crimes against children, he and his wife got the ‘letter‘ at the Bush funeral, was replaced by clone or double. Is Trump telling us Pence was replaced by an actor, a real talent, a great actor?


Finally! Someone who exercises common sense. There may be body doubles that might seem genuine at a distance and only briefly but certainly detectable up close.

To buy into the notion of clones is to ignore a long list of logic:
1- What do they do while waiting to be activated? Do they sit in the dugout waiting for the manager to give them a call?
2- Suppose they refuse to cooperate and plot to destroy the “original ” person ?
3- Are they aware that they are expendable and can be deactivated?
4- How can they be brought up to speed regarding the myriad of nuances: speech patterns, walking mannerisms, their neighbors pets names, etc.

Cloning technologies available today work at a cellular / molecular level . Dolly the sheep was unable to reproduce and only lived for a few months.

Let’s stop kidding ourselves: this is fantasy: clones, doppelgangers, body doubles.

MB is a masterful wordsmith who authors very entertaining stories. His stories are fiction at its best.

How many people, supposedly liquidated, are seen in public long afterwards?

Take any post he makes and look at it logically. Does it pass the smell test?


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Rose Mary Abbott

According to Encyclopedia Britanica and Wikipedia Dolly the first sheep clone lived from 1996 to 2003. She lived twice as long as they say clones of today live. I wonder what happened to their longevity? Things are supposed to get better not worse.


I didn’t know they could make Clones that ugly.

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Hollwood does it all the time in the makeup room on movie and TV sets; a face is a face is a face.


So then the question remains: What happened to the original? Is he dead?


already-STEWED ???




I just got the patch and already installed it on my skull microchip, very grateful they were able to get a fix out for this issue so quickly 🙏


You fool.


I bet the real Mitch McConnel is dead. This AI had a glitch.


I believe almost all have been arrested or executed especially if they were involved in child trafficking/ satanic cereonies using children or treason.. Some doubles/ actors/ clones have been kept around to finish up the White Hat “scripts”.

Rene Labre

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Not me1

Jan D Hunsinger

I’ve been thinking a lot about this story. If all that the German scientist has explained is accurate than a high priority must be and probably IS to get either the bio-original OR maybe better the CURRENT clone that has the hopefully ONLY baby aspirin sized chip so they cannot create another viable chip. Of course they may have already created chips from the bio-originals they hope to reproduce in perpetuity. In that case, it’s still good to get the bio-originals.


Lol you weirdos larp so hard


Your the weirdo.


You can tell Biden is with his fake right ear. Doesn’t even match the other one.

Rene Labre

No,turns out he is just fine,running for re election.He is going to milk this gig for every last dollar he can grub out if it!

Jan D Hunsinger

You have no idea what happened! You are surmising given your world view and opinion which you have every right to do. I agree if they can restore him (clone him) and insert the chip into a fresh model he will run again and keep their power intact. I don’t believe for a nano-second that catatonic state was “normal” and he’s “just fine.”

Rose Mary Abbott

Even if he is the authentic
Mitch McConnell his brain is obviously fragile. They need to get him out of there before he does some more harm to our country.


He won reelection in 2020 and his term isn’t up until 2026. It’s too early for him to really be running for reelection right now

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You sure love Biden.

Rose Mary Abbott

I wonder how such a huge RINO keeps winning elections. 🤔


Elections were picked before they were even held. Stalin said the vote counters pick the winners.


What you need to do is re-watch the video of him. Turn the speed down. (There’s an icon at the bottom of the video to do this) As he talks , a lady in the green clothes appears from the left, reaching into her pocket, The two guys behind Mitch look at her, and they !start saying things at the same time. Then they start smirking. Now the lady reaches over to Mitch with the same thing she took from her pocket, and quickly touches him with it, and walks away, while the guy behind Mitch leans in and watches Mitch intensely, as to see his reaction ! What the hell was that all about.??
The other woman on the right reaches out to assist Mitch, and at the same time you can see a guy in the background,,Im assuming , secret service, has what appears a gun in his hand, and putting it back into his left pocket

Jan D Hunsinger

She probably has some device to animate him so they can get him off stage to fix him.


Clone juice


Entirely possible. Perhaps a capacitor or other ESD ( Electro Static Device ) Enough a jolt to kickstart him back up again. It’s also possible she realized it wouldn’t be advisable and/or detectable so she backed off intuitively. Mitch was in full Medusa mode by then.

Other than staged high fives, awkward ‘hugs’ and general glad handing, The Swamp virtually ALWAYS prefers their space and are more in a bubble than even the most contentious of corporate boardroom meetings. Since they’re the ones ushering in all the SA/SH legislation they keep their distance from anything with even a whiff of impropriety.

And this is what’s made Joe’s hair sniffing and obvious canoodling so glaring.


Third ping. Still waiting for approval. Gonna hold off on that donation for now.