JAG to Jointly Try 165 Treasonous Soldiers


The United States Navy Judge Admiral General’s Corps will jointly try the 165 Fort Drum soldiers at Camp Blaz next month for accepting bribes in exchange for misplaced loyalties and swearing to support and defend a fraudulent president instead of the United States Constitution. The official charges include dereliction of duty, aiding and abetting the enemy, conspiracy to commit insurrection, conspiracy to commit fratricide, and treason.

If collectively found guilty of treason, they will indeed be hanged.

JAG chose the contemporaneous route because the sudden arrival of 165 enemy combatants has created a logistical nightmare, and because trying 165 privates, specialists, and sergeants individually would take an eternity and consume cell space needed for “soon arriving VIPs,” a source at Camp Blaz told Real Raw News.

Blaz’s detention center has 360 habitable cells, grim, stone boxes with beds made of steel mesh, and a modernized cell block with some amenities of a minimum-security, white-collar, federal penitentiary—expeditious medical care, central air conditioning, tastier meals, a robust library, and no water boardings. In either case, prisoners stay segregated.

“No communal meals. No communal exercise. No communal showers. We don’t want these slimes conspiring to riot. We reserve the nicer cells for prisoners most likely to cooperate, you know, slippery weasels who’d scream in pain if they stubbed a toe. Right now, we’re near maximum occupancy,” our source said.

Although Blaz, which White Hats seized earlier this year, has undergone substantial renovation, staff weren’t prepared to accommodate an additional 165 people on short notice. Besides the renegade soldiers, Blaz’s current guests include vaccine-loving medical professionals and many of the 175 unnamed prisoners who arrived by ship in May.

“If I called the shots, we’d take these sickos, pedos, and traitors 10 miles out and throw them all overboard. Watch them flailing in the water,” our source said.

He added that Admiral Crandall decided to shelter the traitorous soldiers at Blaz.

“Since they all face identical charges and will get tried together, that’s what the admiral wanted,” he said.

He elaborated on the soldiers’ ranks: 56 PFCs, 90 Spec-4s, 15 E-5s, 3 E-6s, and an undisciplined E-7 whose relentless demands to speak with his commanding officer or Lloyd Austin have staff weighing whether to bag and gag him until the trial is held and a verdict rendered.

All but one of the detainees will remain in their cells when Rear Admiral Jonathan T. Stephens presides over a case that will surely test his mettle. His prosecutorial experience at military tribunals is limited to the case of JAG Vs. Zucker, on which he scored a conviction but not the death sentence for which he had hoped.

The designee will sit beside a JAG-appointed defense attorney and have an opportunity to dispute the evidence and raise relevant objections.

“We can’t fit 165 defendants in court—it would be a clusterf***,” our source said. “It’s too bad we don’t have 165 gallows to hang them simultaneously,” our source said.

The soldiers’ ringmasters—Major Dunbar and CSM Mobarakzadeh—will be tried individually on a yet-to-be-determined date.

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165 gallows. Hang them all as team traitors.

Stinky Perfume

WW2 it was marching masses like herds they collected into gunpoint massacres and bury them in mounds all at the same place out in the countryside. I spoke with a man born in 1925 that was staying at a hotel in Red Square, in Russia in WW2 and he was sleeping but heard the bullets, looked out his window and saw a huge amount of people marched into the square by the military and they massacred them all right there. He didn’t stop to count them but snuck out the backdoor of the hotel and ran to the airport, and got on a plane back to the USA. I met him when he was 95 yrs old. He never did figure out why or who they killed that way. A lot of them were parents and war was and always is created to get organs from orphans, IDK if they had adrenochrome in 1940’s, but organs was always used so the elite live stronger and longer. The man’s job was actually working for CPS moving war orphans to the USA. He didn’t know how the orphans became orphans, just thought they were orphans because of the war. The lie is said to be at levels, and his level took orders just for a compartmentalized job. The compartments must be well thought out, like hanging people on crosses for 3 days of dripping adrenalized blood from slow torture.


He was a smart man and got out while he could. WOW. That was a riveting


So am I to understand we’re still waterboarding prisoners, then?
Side not; did I miss an article? How did JAG acquire 165 prisoners all at once?

Stinky Perfume

They didn’t say but obviously had to outnumber them to bring that many in alive. I figured by then they are too busy and have to group trial. The corruption is so vast I heard they are helping from other worlds because humans just can’t get it done.

waky wednes

When you are the only person in the world to know something it is a remarkable event, but it also could be a mark of mental illness.


I know exactly what you mean. Knowledge of the unproveable is a heavy burden. Especially when there are so many observable facts that recognize it. .


VIPs huh?…

Wonder who they are!

I think the s..t and the fan are going to meet soon!!!!


Every single one of these traitors needs to swing at the end of a rope until dead.

This country has been driven strait into hell by such negligent foolhardy simpletons…

They are consistently disrespectful & careless of anything resembling our blood soaked foundations.

Send an unfluctuatingly/ resounding message of absolute admiration/ respect for our forefathers determination before & in anticipation of these traitors motives/ intentions/ actions.

Our forefathers placed their lives in harms way to protect our sovereignty.

There will always be criminals such as these dimwitted jackasses who will need recently executed memorabilia shining the necessary light of indisputable eternal truth.
The waste of time/ energy fighting God’s original design.


I like that they have the “ringmasters”.


None of this appropriately and immediately reinstalls Trump or will reelect him a second time or deliver the USA from the present coup d’etat situation and death grip by the present Marxist Statist regime,its irreparable destructions and the continuing USA resettlement via invasion.


This WAR has been in the planning stages for decades by military minds that far exceed our expertise and knowledge. What we think we know is just a tiny fraction of what is happening behind the scenes. Nothing is going to happen according to what you or I think is “appropriate” and it certainly will not be “immediate”. War comes in 3 phases: Planning, Implementation, Rebuilding. We are still in the implementation phase. We must continue to be vigilant and have faith that God is still in control. The last half of 2023 will be difficult for many, but will bring about the changes we hope for. This war is for the betterment and freedom of all humanity worldwide, not just America.


It will if “they” are not here!


Well, between the 15 minute city business crawling in with lots of AI wanting to set up shop, and the child trafficking big business in Maui. This could be a white hat or black hat scenario.

Stinky Perfume

IDK why this deadly stuff is so ramped up. Lahaina, Maui I read lost 2200 businesses and homes and boats. That’s a lot deadlier than this situation but their 5G investors will not be able to pay for their lavish lifestyles at some point.

There’s crazy fires meaning destructive forces from space have been able to DEW laser attack. Would they do anything in Russia? 5G is like the vaccine, part of ending people on earth. Now what?

Dan Strausbaugh

Prison barges need to be in place too house em


And pray for hurricanes

Stinky Perfume

LOL, they don’t have time to try them. I guess too many joined the dark side because they saw the dark side was in power and they found themselves powerless against it. I’m not positive what causes the powerlessness but it has something to do with leaving parents at 18 yrs old and not having enough morals to leave. As the parents figure more out in a short life, young people hold all their mistakes and lack of more money they want against them. Inflation makes sure of that.

johnny galt

Machine-gun firing squad. Load only one of the guns, so the soldiers shooting will not know who has the magic bullets.


GREEDY little shits gone and became traitors all because they value money over country. Now they’re going to likely hang for this.

We’ve got to do better as parents in teaching about GREED and how deadly it is


The parents are greedy for money themselves so that’s not going to happen. It all starts at home.

Barry Dember

Dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves, but rather give place unto wrath: For it is written, Vengeance is mine; I will repay, says the Lord. Therefore if thine enemy hunger, feed him; if he thirst, give him drink: for in so doing thou shall heap coals of fire on his head. Romans 12: 19-21 The Lord Jesus, will Judge all of their evil works on His appointed day.


That is being misapplied. It speaks to believers in their personal lives. God has appointed human government. He does not have a covenant with the USA like he did with Israel. To apply that passage to America as a nation would be a recipe for total disaster. “If the Good Man of the house would have known what hour the thief was coming, he WOULD NOT HAVE PERMITTED his house to be spoiled”. Being a believer does not make one a spineless, ball-less doormat for an enemy.


Mr. Dember has an understanding of Christian narrative. Simple, and mildly uninformed. His intention is an appeal to godliness. His unintentional abdication: the young, old, the innocents of this nation who are being destroyed by a dark and Godless enterprise. God did not fashion us to be non-directional in terms of collective purpose. God might indeed judge us as we stand by and look on as humanity is assaulted by the dark insanity that sweeps our God-ordained, constitutional republic.


And what did Jesus tell Peter when peter came up with two swords he said that’s enough Jesus went on to say when I’m gone, provide for yourselves, food, shelter, money, weapons, and defend yourselves because your name you’re in the middle of a wolf pack, world hell-bent on destroying everything Jesus loves And gave so quit taking a verse out of the Bible and applying it anywhere you want it doesn’t work that way

John H

General Smith, FEMA is on the ground in Hawaii, doing the bidding and covering up of the Directed Energy murders & destruction there. I suggest you get your people out there right now please. this was a sabotage like Paradise, CA and others (Gatlinburg) and FEMA is there to do NO GOOD. Along with the wicked Red Cross (which is also facilitating mass illegal immigration into our Republic. Please expose the DEWs and the weather warfare they used in conjuction.

Dr John

Off Track, but On Target

As a doctor you analyze patient symptoms to diagnose, meld a collection of problems into a cohesive condition with appropriate name to target the clinical abnormality. This is done by comparing patient complaints with medical books you acquired through medical school. Your books your brain! At least that is how it was done until the advent of the computer and a symbolic program emulating AI (Artificial Intelligence). No books, no brain.

The intelligence is born in the fact that the program scans a database looking for a group of words (the symptoms) and finding the greatest number of words describing the annotated condition and presents the condition name as a possible conclusion to the question, What is it? TA DA! HEADACHE

Obviously, this is much faster than a human can scan multiple medical books looking for terms that fit, but so far this AI is a search engine and nothing more. HOWEVER, it does also provide a recommended medication from another look up table in the database provided by a pharmaceutical company (who is the company that donated the AI software program to the doctor).

You present with a headache you are told you may have a headache and to take copious amounts of aspirin. If you failed to mention you had fallen off your Unicycle that morning splitting your head wide open aspirin would be the doctors recommendation since they look at the computer, not you, for all knowing answers. Doctors are even prompted by the all knowing computer to ask you questions about your condition to refine the database search. And it may ask about your vaccine history, you sexual preferences as well as frequency urinating.

This health and personal information is not shared with ANYONE (sic) and aids doctors, insurance companies, the FBI, CIA, FDA and Club Med, I suppose. You can be reported for wanting to “KILL” because you told the doctor you wanted to kill the virus. You did say KILL did you not! From this you are put on a terrorist list because you told the doctor that IT seems to follow you everywhere you go. It of course was the viral condition you want to shake. You are constantly BLOWING your nose. The computer sees a key word… Blowing and ties it to UP. Now you have the FBI, DEA and Secret Service showing up at your workplace.

If you fear Artificial Intelligence there is good reason for such fear beyond your innate paranoia. It may not screw up your world, but it can sure screw up your life. You get mail from Social Security that your checks are being stopped because you died 3 months ago. I know you feel fine, but how does dead feel… no one ever complains so they, though inanimate, are fine as well.

The strange thing in all of this is, if while visiting your doctor you mention conferring with your computer on your health issue. The doctor will laugh at your naive and childish attempt to compete with his education and much larger brain (note they often have big heads (egos)). Did you really thing you could do intellectual battle against their computer… I mean superior brain! You are a Single Cell Mutant compared to them. Remember the Wizard of Oz. They are the Wizard and you were trained by the man made of straw.

It seems the most dangerous thing about an illness is the Doctor and his magnificent computer Spot; backed by complex and highly sophisticated lab tests and diagnostic machines… far to complex for you to understand.

In a recent Xray, I was told they noticed two metal clips in my intestines from a prior surgery. I found that amazing since I have never had any surgery. It seems proof that alien abductions and exploratory surgeries are a real thing. All covered up by mind control. Its true, my computer told me so! Obviously, they could not have made a mistake interpreting the X-ray?

Do you really trust the your doctor’s computer and all those high dollar tests they run? In days long ago we could put a nickle in a machine at the drug store and it would tell our future. It had a higher success rate in predictive snake oil than most doctor’s diagnosis.

Don’t Drive under the influence and Don’t see Doctors unless it is critical

If you look down and see a big tummy, you just might be pregnant. If you are male that is less likely; test may will need to be run. For the moment lay back and put your feet in the stirrups..


To put it all simply nature cures man kills in your medicine, is men’s killing machine and also takes your money to so don’t talk to the police and do not go to your doctor doctor of what western medicine all it is is toxins, your body cannot work with toxins. It’s poison to them to your body 99% in which taught in schools and colleges but the universe and everything is all junk science so you have to do your own homework

Dr John

100% correct!


How about putting all those guillotines that Obama gathered to use on American patriots to good use.


For 165, be systematic: 1 group firing squad, 1 group hanging, 1 group guillotine. Let them have their last meals, let them have their last words — although they may not be as colorful or riveting as the last words we’ve heard by other traitors. The morgues will be loaded, so it’s a god idea to give the sharks and crocs a snack.


I would like the group them together and use the firing squad. It would be simple and cost efficient. Why e have to pay for the higher cost to eliminate those who wanted to kill us first.


They are already being mass executed in those camps Barry thought we’re for us.


I understand FEMA camps were equipped for large-scale purges…


Which locations are capable?


All of them

John .S

Like to know what’s happening at Tierra Del Fargo, aka Hollywood Roach Motel.

Recently seeing random YouTube shorts of George Clooney, Brad Pitt, John Travolta, Sylvester Stallone, Will Smith and Bruce Willis and others.

Subliminal messaging?

Elisa Orozco

Yes, I’ve noticed those short videos of people whose names have appeared on various GITMO executions lists. I interpreted them to be an indication of coming disclosure that those individuals have already been ‘processed’. I guess we shall see………..

Surf Nazare

You can’t make this stuff up—You know how they do interviews on the beach and ask questions—-I just saw this video and 3 girls that go to UCLA and asked them what ocean was on the East coast of the US—-none could answer the question—-now I only post this because of how they picked these young men to serve in military as black hats—-it is hard to believe the ignorance of people today especially the young one’s—


They just needed to know how much they would get, and where do I sign.


All the Power of the Holy Spirit go to the White hat operators and Q team. I pray for the destruction of the new World order and the rising of the golden age of Q




I pray for the Rapture, Trib to begin and the return of Jesus Christ.


Shouldn’t be too long now 40 days past Passover and Passover will be on Wednesday same day of the week that Jesus was crucified and 40 days later just like in his day, Paul Totten read the letters you get it


It’s strange I search Google maps for Camp Blatz on Guam gets no results on the map. I have to go look up the town it’s in and see it’s in North tip of Guam. The base is there but there is no marker or address pin for the base. it appears Google doesn’t want you to know anything about the place.

Michael R Davis

Camp Blaz – MCBCB on this map

remove 4 spaces
https ://www .mcbblaz .marines .mil/portals/222/Untitled.jpg

remove 3 spaces
https ://www .yahoo .com/news/guam-airspace-set-most-defended-202105391.htm

Molly M Gen

It’s Camp Blaz, not Blatz.


Lahaina Fire


Fema mobs on the ground taking what they choose treating the population how they choose. Local police ALL IN takin the money and defending the Democrat way at all costs ( The Cable bill needs paid ya know! Just follwin orders so I can get muh munny)

Stinky Perfume

Fema is able to pretend they have something to offer, but they really don’t give a shit. People show up, and get abused or quickly exit as they are treated like cattle that needs to be probed. Same thing with CPS. I used to think they were ignorant only to find out later it was some of them ignorant and hidden horrific evil with ignorant ones in the mix. HOW is it they can hide their evil from coworkers. People allowed themselves to take orders for the paycheck and didn’t worry about it further. It’s like a wife that doesn’t know where her husband is getting the money she just wanted to marry into.


Deane Criswell may be on notice, but that doesn’t mean she’s listening.


I just learned that the Police Chief for the Lahaina area was the same Police Chief who reported on the Mandalay Bay shooting a few years ago in Las Vegas. Why important?–We do not know the “why” of that shooting and will likely never know what started the Lahaina fire.

Sandy Thomas

Amazing coincidinks.


We do know why the shooting happened in Las Vegas in 2017. It was an assassination attempt on the Saudi Prince Bin Salman. Helicopters were used, not a lone gunman.


Reading all this brings two thoughts to mind. Number one, you are addicted to fantasy violence as much as the most rabid porn consumer. You would spend every waking moment reading it if MB could churn out enough.

Number two, you pray and profess belief in God like the most fanatic Bible Belt preacher, but you pray for the torture and death of other humans. Which leads me to believe that God washes out his ears when your fetid prayers reach him.


Wow…you act like you don’t spend all of your time here making snide hateful comments. You seem to have a lust for violence yourself. Before you start condemning others for wanting to see all these traitors taken out, sweep up your own back yard. I guess we won’t be seeing you here anymore since we are all rejoicing over these “innocent” traitors deaths. We aren’t rejoicing….we know this is the only way to rid this country of demons.


And you dare to judge the apples of God’s eye.

Off with you!


A lot of these apples have worms


I guess we can take that comment to say that (1) you know NOTHING about Christianity and (2) you think you are superior to our Creator. The “pestilence” WILL BE CONSUMED with FIRE & BRIMSTONE one day, and you will see it. “Every knee shall bow.” Don’t be a fool.


No one is looking for the torture of anyone. Just taking care of the consequences of those who would torture, maim and kill innocent citizens. These would be known as criminals. They can make their peace with Jesus Christ at any time of their choosing, if of course they choose.

David T

#HarrisonIsAlsoW0zzNLl0yd B0fa and others. Change your troll turd name all you want, it’s still you.


Not me. One of these fine days you will get something right.






Super sad that my comment pointing out how silly and ridiculous this story is gets the “waiting for approval” treatment.

Echo-chambers are bad on any side.



Michael R Davis

A post of mine likewise.
I don’t whine and cry about it like you Deep-State shills and agents do.


You cry about other things instead


So everyone who knows these stories are ultra stupid and no even close to being true are “deep State shills and agents”?

Thanks for proving how stupid and crazy you clowns are on this site, traitor.




No empathy. They’d out us in FEMA camps and kill us without a blink of an eye.

Elaine Phillips

Why haven’t they put us in FEMA camps yet? I have been hearing about these camps for 15 years and I haven’t seen one.


You must have been asleep.

Reason is they have been getting their arises kicked by the White Hat Alliance, with Trump as the figurehead. Most of the underground bases have been wiped out and destroyed. Up above, the Alliance has wiped them out in this Gateway Area, so that we just have the minions running around, still following their old orders and making others do the same.

All the Adrenochromers have either been poisoned by tainted doses or they cannot get hold of any, and that is just as good as the killer dose.

Here is one of those FEMA Camps, floating on the water.
Well, it is not floating any more.

If you wanted to know more about FEMA camps, why not take a look at the RRN summary?

Or you could spend some time looking yourself through the Internet (you lazy dog).

If you see no evil, take your hands away from your eyes.


Yet, no one has ever been to a FEMA camp…My question remains unanswered.

Calling someone a lazy dog and posting links without specific evidence doesn’t help either.

Like, Oh look – there’s a boat that sank. I guess you can’t go to that FEMA camp now!


Ethel, how us Jim, the other TROLL/SHILL?


I agree, these people were going to have a mass execution using guillotines on Patriots and Constitutional abiding Americans. Every FEMA Camp is next to a railway route a la Auschwitz. The Satanic Cabal that has hidden itself disguised as Jews, they think nothing of mass death so they should be treated accordingly. Not all Enemy Combatants have to get a trial. Military Law is tough and there is a reason for it, look who they’re dealing with.


And the same Satanic cabal members are also betraying the real Jews, whose religion they carry without love or devotion or loyalty, whose God they claim without repentance or compassion, who have a horrific history of being slaughtered by the Khazarian-funded global-dictators as well as other persecutors who hate God and people.

Air man

Lets find 165 BIG fish next.


Michael, why are my comments automatically flagged for “approval”?


He’s a coward and can’t stand the scrutiny of his nonsense made-up stories.

Ultrafart the Brave

Hey, fair suck of the sav, mate!

Michael Baxter is a Hero of the People. He has single-handedly brought the epic saga of the legendary White Hats vs the machiavellian genocidal Black Hats to the world!

And in case you haven’t noticed, FireDog has a Galactically oversized butt – so there’s every chance we might be dealing with a CLONE!!!


LOL. I’m not sure which paragraph is funnier

Mike Huntsucker

It all my fault.. for pointing out what a disrespectful piece of shit he is


Mine are too and then they disappear.


Taking them out to sea might be the quickest- When will the round up of Capstone FEMA players occur?

Fair fairy

Why do covards get better conditions?

Mark David

IMHO, Austin may be working for the White Hats to expose treasonous US Military, and Austin is ferreting them out.

Michael R Davis

Quite possible that many we think are black hats are covertly following a script, possibly replacement actors themselves, bringing the bad guys out in the open, far from their hidey holes.

Elaine Phillips

IMO, and it’s quite possible, you two are literally babbling nonsense to each other.

Michael R Davis

Go back to sleep Elaine.
Perhaps CNN can help you.
You probably cannot tell the difference between the old Joe Biden when he was Senator and VP, and the current Resident actor wearing a full facemask, and pretending he is demented.


Take ’em a hundred miles out to sea, then off the weather deck.


Have you not read, CD, that the Soldiers shooting in firing squads developed acute mental and emotional distress? Some were unable to continue, and took medical discharges. I’m with you, but there must be a way that doesn’t destroy the best we have. If I understand correctly, they are trained to fight the enemy, but were in conflict shooting people who were tied up or shackled, who were on our OWN side, however traitorous. I don’t think I would feel that way, but THEY DO.

8 February 1587, Mary Queen of Scots was beheaded by a completely evil executioner. She was certainly a threat to Queen Elizabeth, and had been caught conspiring for her overthrow… but the Executioners were professional torturers and brutal men… He made several chops before he severed her neck, and her little dog annoyed him by barking, so he chopped him into bits. It was reported to Queen Elizabeth that it was a horribly failed execution, bereft of honor.

So what do we do now? Those who are condemned by their own actions at Gitmo, Blaz, and coming Nuremberg 2 MUST be executed!! Or we invite another “Operation Paperclip” where evil people put NAZIs in charge of NASA, Pentagon, our best science labs, and the pivots of power. Those executed so far include ones that threatened the children, even of the Pilots, bringing them to prison. They are altogether evil, and some of them possessed. I’d be very careful who is anywhere near them when they are executed, and those multiple demons released.

I’d be grateful for one ArcAngel, on duty here, slaying the unjust, but not-one has appeared. Desperately needed elsewhere, I must believe, so it is up to us. Would you volunteer? To save one loyal serviceman, I would go.


If you have the evidence, hang them high, take lots of pictures, then feed them to the sharks. Please find out who used DEW on Santa Rosa, CA, Paradise CA, and now on Maui. Please find them, stop them, HANG THEM!

Stinky Perfume

Lot’s of satanics on farms out there. Migrant vineyards means human trafficking. It was the only way they could afford to stay in the USA. IDK what the evil was in Paradise, CA. I never went through there and for a long time it sounded like DEW created injustice happened. Now IDK.

Lahaina, Maui just burnt out. I’m sure was full of evil. Evil people go someplace like Hawaii to feel good. Including evil doctors. Many don’t know they are evil or know and haven’t figured it out enough how evil they are. I wondered before why it can’t be made more clear to them. I found out listening to videos a lot of them just realized the ruler of this planet would give them a good life if they just do the evil and join that side because it was in power.

I used to hear if you kill one demon 7 more come to take it’s place. Now it sounds like the more demons you kill the better it is.

I see evil people working the system at jails, mental hospitals, board and cares, and doctor’s so evil they are mind boggling. Some doctor’s consider themselves triage experts and sending hopeless people onto the next life. I wondered why the military doesn’t have an ‘evil person found’ phone number for this crap. People that worked for the system wound up evil to support a mill where they just follow orders. They assist murder doctors and don’t generally know it. They believe in science and they got the worst of ‘don’t give a shit doctors’ not the science.


What is DEW please? Thx.


DEW=Direct Energy Weapon, it is a airial weapen…They use direct lasers and they can make them do whatever they want, and are mostly very precise when there is a target. Google it.


For 60 years everyone has been taught that you are not responsible for the choices you make. That is a lie! It is obvious the indoctrination has been very effective on getting people to make excuses and blame others rather than own up to the choices they make.

“That poor young boy from the inner city, he is a victim. You should not hold him responsible for his choices.” What is wrong with you people?

You are going to be held responsible for every choice you made when you face your creator.

Learn what you should have learned in the government propaganda schools and realize you have no excuses. You can justify all you want, but you are still going to be held responsible for every choice you made.

Those scum had the opportunity to find out what was the right choice before making it.

They made their choice for the money. Judas did the same thing. He was not given a free pass.


@Jack — Correct. Jesus commanded, “Everything you say, and do, shall come back to you.” Judgment Day will be painful for two-thirds of humanity.


Ignorance is very sad…too many people think life is some kind of “game”…VERY SAD. “Read your Bible. It’ll scare the hell out of you!”


Afraid of a book? Lol.


You may want to get right with the Lord, Jesus Christ if you don’t believe LindaSue1947. Just saying

Rebecca Tracy

There were 250 arrested, yet only 165 sent to camp Blaz. Wondering how they determined who would not be tried with the group snd where are they now ??? 🙏❤️🇺🇸


@Rebecca Tracy — After the 250 Military arrests, 85 recruits talked, whereas 165 still won’t talk.

Michael R Davis

Can we assume that most of these 165 to be prosecuted were recruited out of Democrat crime-filled inner cities? This might explain their willingness to attack and murder Trump supporters. Seems to be a systemic problem already.

Sandy Thomas

Probably yes.

And Rew

I would think that when they built the gallows, they would have built them with the ability to hang at least half a dozen at once. Afterall, they are well aware of the number of indictments out there. That number is way too high to have gallows with just one rope.

Canada calling

6 at a time….. have a good look at the real White House back yard, not Bidens play-house?


Have you seen the White House back yard?


That’s why, for expediency, use the other execution methods in addition to hanging.


They will have a hayday with the CIA when it’s their turn.


@Dave — After POTUS Trump’s inauguration, Military raided the CIA’s headquarters and several offices in the nation — seizing evidence and destroying CIA’s drug manufacturing centers — arrests were made and no doubt Military hasn’t yet finished with CIA until they’re extinct.


Splintered into 1000 peace’s and scattered into the wind.


I see there are still a lot of uneducated stupid people here. Everyone makes their own choices. Just because they made choices without knowing if their choices were right or wrong does not change the fact they made the choice. They could vetted the information before making the choice.

All of us will be judged in the final judgement and there will be no excuses then.

Learn to be responsible for the choices you make. You have no excuses. If you are not sure you know everything before making the choice research know what the correct choice. The fact that you have the freedom to do that means you are without excuse.

Those scum made a choice and are responsible for that choices. Stop with your garbage about giving them a break.

I severed so you stupid fucks could act this stupid if that is what you want to do.


@Jack — correct. NEVER give communists a pass — they must be eradicated upon their first action to subvert regardless of the event.


You believing these made-up nonsense stories proves YOU are the uneducated stupid person here, ace.


Why are you on this site! Go watch CNN
For fake news!!!!!


CNN is also fake news. Just like these stories are aimed at patriots, CNN aims their made up stories to liberals.



Well, go find out the truth (first hand) and get back to us, eh?


I give you the truth every time I’m here.
The republic fell.
They stole the election from Trump and will soon jail him on fake crimes.
There are no white hats, the entire military are traitorous filth doing the bidding of the oligarchy that controls this dead republic.

How’s that? It’s called reality.


You assume things. What I am talking about is the difference between people making excuses instead of owning their choices.

People here are making all kinds of excuses and thinking people with no education or poor education deserve a break on the choices they make.

You say these articles are fake yet you can’t prove it. You probably think the stuff on MSM are true, yet you can’t prove that either.

So, LineGreenYeti(fake name because you are a coward), Why are you here idiot?


You want me to give my real name, “Jack”?
What’s your entire name? Coward.
Is “Mike Baxter” the writers real name?

See, your problem is you are a moron.
The stories here are all fake and only stupid people believe any of them.
Be sure to send this comic book writer some money today. Traitor.


Again without any facts you assume things you are the moron and traitor because you think know what is going. You think you know what I think and believe.

I actually agree with your comment just above this stupid conversation we are having. If you weren’t such a moron and saying stuff to people that is deliberately provoking, I probably would not have said anything to you.

You are a manipulator, you project and deflect. side step questions and ask your own questions that actually have no relevance to what was asked or said.

You can believe whatever stupid shit you want to believe, but you have no idea what I think or what I know. Again you assume that I believe any of this. I can’t prove it is true and you can’t prove it is false.

So carry on with stupid bullshit. Have a nice day asshole!


CNN, CBS, ABC, NBC, FOX…The news they “report” is mostly fake. So, what’s the difference? You eat/drink where you get what you need/want. Your choice. It’s silly to argue about it.
“Never give up!” Too many have fought and died so we could live in a CHRISTIAN and MORAL country. We cannot let it be destroyed!


You make assumptions and decide they are true without facts or evidence. I have never said any of this is true or false. I never argue that. I do call out irresponsible belief that people are not responsible for their choices.

You, however, make assumptions and then attack people based on your own wrong assumption.

There are people here who believe all of this then there are people here who believe none of this. You are one of those and you assume everyone who has not come right out and said it is all bullshit actually believes it is true.

By assuming that you show exactly how stupid you are because you forget there are at a minimum 3 sides here.

You and I just might be on the same side as to what is going on.but we are on different sides because you are an assuming idiot and think you know what people think even when they haven’t given you any facts or evidence of what they think.

So when idiots like you attack me based on your wrong assumptions I come right back at you.

Try to have a good day asshole.


“I severed so you stupid fucks”

PLEASE…Take your foul mouth elsewhere!


If you don’t like what I say don’t read what I post. I will say what I want to say and you can react however you want to react. I served. Did you?



You’re a traitor and a moron.
Bad combo.


Believe what you want idiot.

Nukken Futz

That’s too quick, I say bring out the tree shredder and exhaust the scraps into a hog wallow….


United States with well over 300,000,000 people….mmmm seems to me 165 is not a lot when you consider the over 2,000,000 Biden has opened the boarder for.


The obozo alien invasion


@Ritaki — The “installing” began in 1777 unabated….


All communists shall be removed from America whether by force or non-force.

Stinky Perfume

That admin opened up the border deliberately in the name of democracy to unwanted ex cons from other countries. The devil always comes as an angel of light. It’s interesting they think there’s a place to go start over and get a great life after what they did, being their excess taker thinking is how they got locked up to begin with.


It’s 3 million…………


Just curious how the White Hats receive their pay. I believe all the military gets paid by the Department of Defense. I really want this to be true but I don’t understand how they get paid or are funded. Without pay for the soldiers and funding for the facilities, there is no way the White Hats would last or for that matter exist. Also, it is the Judge”Advocate” Generals Corp.


Perhaps you should be asking, how do the black hats get their pay???


Since DJT has invoked his Presidential powers on the insurrection act, the government has been run by the military…..


I hope so, I believe so. Lord, please make it so.


@Bob — Correct. ALL federal agencies situation in Washington, DC were SHUT DOWN and are occupied by US Military.


Utter nonsense.


Still here limey! CNN is calling your name.


Hi stupid! Learn what a “bot” is and stop using it because it’s a term you don’t understand.

I’ve already told you, like RRN, CNN is also made-up nonsense.

I’m an actual educated conservative Trump supporter. You and the people who believe this garbage are no better than CNN sheep.


Unless you are everywhere witnessing everything, you CANNOT say it’s lies. Prove it’s wrong. You cannot. Why are you even here if you believe it’s lies. Because I worked cyber security within DC realm (selling solutions and working with all agencies for 20 years) much of what I read does indeed seem credible here. I keep an open mind and see how some can be disinformation to purposely mislead, while some of its true. Discernment is WHATS needed.


Yes you utterly are.

Elaine Phillips

lol, I don’t know where you get your info but they are definitely not shut down. I work with them daily (when they actually are open and not closed to a million federal holidays).


Fake news

Canada calling

They got $5,000.00/month + their military pay.


Worthless fiat money!! When the time comes to cash in that money, the WHs will be waiting..
Besides the Cabal never gives anyone anything they cannot take back when it suits them..

Elaine Phillips

It’s 5k in Bitcoin though


@Gary — Legislation determined the Pentagon oversees wages. Military, veterans, and social security are the only current payouts since the Reserve was shut down — that’s what is being reported anyway.

Elaine Phillips

Reported where? You said the federal agenices are shut down yet approved payouts? WTF?


There are no white hats, all of these stories are fake.


You are still on this page! BOT!


You STILL have no idea what a “bot” is, uneducated fake news believer.


Lol 😆, he’s right. This is BS storytelling. We’re screwed, stop believing that these stories are real.


You are a waste….


You’re a traitorous piece of trash who believes fake stories.

Elaine Phillips

Duh, they get paid in Bitcoin so it can’t be easily traced.


USA incorporated is bankrupt. Not sure how the government is paying the government employees. Biden admin. Is being paid somehow. Instinctively I believe the Trump card will be GOLD BACK DOLLAR not the Federal Reserve Rockefellers petroleum based backed dollar. We shall see. Something’s gotta give soon. I refuse to live in any 15 minute city which allegedly the globalists are implementing. It’s all about control. These half wit reptilian globalists are the ones that need to be tried by tribunals then hung. WEF, WHO, BILDENBERG ETC., are not worthy of life anywhere.


But the gallows will take too long……………………… if found guilty, just like them all up, shacked together and fire away! Traitors are traitors. Period.


Putin style, 2 head shots , quick & easy.

Nukken Futz

These 163 gang of thugs are equivalent to the SS, or “Shutzzstaffel”; fanatical goons that serve Mr. money and power, plus traffick and abuse children…


I think the public is ready for tribunals and the appropriate sentences being carried out, lets put Rettig at the top of the list, make it the first public execution.


Retig’s crimes must be made public immediately. Considering the attention the Biden’s are getting for their financial crimes, it seems insane that Retig stealing $40 billion of taxpayer money is kept secret. If the public knew about this, there would be pitchforks and torches taking over DC the next day. Keeping this from the public is a crime.

Elaine Phillips

Yes, let’s go public!!!

Sandy Koufax

Sever the inoculated arms from the soldiers and stack them next to Biden’s beach house in Delaware.


Lord, in executing the ones who have chosen evil, keep us from becoming as cruel and evil as they are. As angry as I am, especially after Maui, we need to humanely send these to G-d who knows all.

Canada calling

They need to be judged by God, or job is to arrange the meeting!

Sandy Koufax

The COVID Shot is a slow motion lobotomy with the spike proteins penetrating the blood brain barrier and causing clots in the capillaries that nourish the brain cells and causing the brain cells to die. The brain does not have recuperative abilities to generate replacement brain cells. Amputating the inoculated arms will be a powerful deterrent to others considering taking these shots in the future and degrades the COVID Shot addict’s value to the deep state.


How do we get control of that DEW…Use it on Biden’s Delaware mansion and his mansion across the street from his mansion 🤔

Elaine Phillips

Start with the realization there isn’t a DEW


US military admits there is


And you believe them? LOL

Ultrafart the Brave

Ethel, Ethel, Ethel…

Directed Energy Weapons (DEWs) are a very real thing.

The Australian Federal Police used them against a couple million unarmed Australian protesters in Canberra back in 2020. Lots of severely injured men, women and children from that little exercise in Freedom and Democracy.

Not that Australian police are necessary to validate the existence of this shit. The Russians invested enormous resources into developing Tesla weapons way back in the early days of the USSR. One can only speculate on how far that has all been developed over the decades.

Nor is it just one piece of tech, same way ballistic tech covers a myriad variety of engineered weapons.

The issue with all this guff here amongst the True Believers in the Real Raw News entertainment channel is NOT the tech or the skulduggery of the genocidal Globalist psychopaths (yes, Klaus Scwab, creepy Bill and Smeagol Harari are indeed baby-eating Luciferian psychopaths).

IMO the issue to be resolved here is the plausibility of a heroic army of White Hats coming to save us all from the naughty Black Hats.

Seems to me the only White Hats are people willing to get up off their sorry fat arses and organise with their communities to SAVE THEMSELVES.

Weren’t no White Hats rescuing the American settlers back in Paul Revere’s time, and TBH I really can’t see any White Hats now – just mass murdering psychopaths coming for all of us and our children.


Uh, I’m going to need some citation for this: “Lots of severely injured men, women and children from that little exercise in Freedom and Democracy.”

Plus, that’s the Aussies, not the USA government who knows people like us would be watching closely

Ultrafart the Brave

I’m going to need some citation for this…

What are you, a horse that needs to be lead to water?

In any case, there’s enough eyewitness and medical evidence to substantiate the use of microwave weapons on the Canberra protestors in 2020, for anyone who cares to look.

Here’s a few examples from just one news site…




BTW, mention of the LRAD is just a diversion – the LRAD is an acoustic weapon which isn’t capable of causing 3rd degree burns UNDER people’s clothing. It was used by the hired mercenary Gestapo impersonating cops, to be sure, but there were OTHER systems being used covertly to fry the protesters.

And that’s just microwaves – OLD technology.

Who dares to delve into the weapons that can turn skyscrapers to dust and melt vehicle engine blocks across whole carparks, from a great distance?

Who has the intellectual honesty to confront houses burning to the ground and cars melting while leaving nearby vegetation and trees untouched?

You say…

… people like us would be watching closely…

but I’d suggest you’re NOT watching, or if so, then you’re not watching closely enough, or otherwise watching with eyes wide shut.


You already suggested this Col. Kurtz. Why don’t you be the first to start sawing off kids’ arms? Let us know how that works out.

Sandy Koufax

You just outed yourself as a pedophile because hiding behind children is a common tactic of a pedophile.


Doofus, I’m reacting to a commenter who suggested cutting off the arms of vaccinated people. HIs comment was a paraphrase of a line from the movie Apocalypse Now in which Marlon Brando’s character Colonel Kurtz talks about the Viet Cong cutting off the arms of children vaccinated by US troops. I am not hiding behind children and for that matter, not hiding behind anything. You seem to be more familiar with pedophilia than I am. That’s troubling.

Sandy Koufax

Keep digging, pedophile.

Canada calling

We are on a very long reincarnated journey provided by God. Being an Earthling once, twice or more is just one small segment of our trip. We could have seen the flood or wandered for 40 years, ….. Now,…. we clean our own house! ……. For those 165 young traitors this trip is over for them, may God have mercy on their Soles.
Remember, these 165 were protecting the Cabal and the Evil Elite…… and what they have done too God’s little children…..


This life is more than just a read through. You only have one time to make your choice, then reap the benefits or consequences of that choice.

Canada calling

Good day, Nobodi …Do some research on your brains Pinel gland or 3rd eye …it holds the key to your past lives. God has said in the Bible this generation will remember their lives so the evil will not be repeated.

Elaine Phillips

Define “this” generation


I don’t wish for God to have mercy on their soles or their souls. However, if I had to choose between the two, then let God have mercy on their soles since I really have no beef with their shoes.


These were hired mercenary soldiers, falsely inducted under the auspices of the Communist Cabal Army, for the purpose of killing innocent patriotic American conservatives, a Treasonous crime. You’ve got to police your own, to be of one accord. Across the board, in whatever agency or force, wherever they are, the bad apples gotta go~ elsewhere. Take no prisoners. No mercy. Be done with them, every single one. It would be good to have the EBS & the MSMedia tell the truth now, so that those whose hearts & minds can be turned back, have a chance. These are intentionally deluded people, though many do seem to carry the proclivity to sell their souls, & would do anything for the almighty dollar~ no matter how disloyal or immoral the action required of them. People ain’t been in their right minds for awhile now, what with the shots containing Luciferase, & all the media propaganda Obama allowed. Putting people into this position straight from college is like getting proselytized into the Cabal or Masons. However, once turned evil, very hard to turn back.


Tears of Joy.. thank you.. 💞