White Hats Shoot Down FEMA Plane Leaving Hawaii

Licensed for illustrative purposes only.

On August 29, a White Hat-controlled Arleigh Burke-class destroyer shot down a State Department 767 carrying 180 FEMA personnel from Honolulu to Florida via a stopover at San Francisco International Airport, a source in General Eric M. Smith’s office told Real Raw News.

The shootdown occurred at 2:15 a.m., approximately 300 nautical miles east of Oahu. The plane was flying at 37,000 feet when struck by a single Standard Missile 3 (SM-3). The 767 broke apart midair as it plummeted into the ocean.

A day earlier, U.S. Marines in Maui learned that FEMA Director Deanne Criswell was ordering staff in Hawaii to leave for the Florida Panhandle in anticipation of Hurricane Idalia’s imminent landfall. They heard that Criswell had appropriated a State Department aircraft scheduled to depart Honolulu at 2:00 a.m. the following morning, an hour at which only a few flights, mostly air cargo, would be arriving at or leaving the airport.

If all intel were correct, FEMA personnel would muster at terminal #2 ahead of a 2:00 a.m. departure from runway 26R.

“It’s odd that insignificant field supervisors knew which runway they’d be using the next day since those details are usually determined on the fly by ATC, you know, depending on conditions at the airport. No decision was made to just, umm, arbitrarily blow the plane out of the sky. We wanted to compare agents boarding the plane against a lengthy list of FEMA terrorizers that caused havoc in Lahaina,” our source said.

That, he added, meant putting an undercover operative in the terminal at odd hours of the morning amidst a pack of FEMA predators.

“A lot of people, including hundreds of children, are missing. Our concern was that FEMA could sneak kidnapped kids out of Hawaii,” our source said.

Meanwhile, Gen. Smith at Camp Pendleton convened an emergency meeting of the White Hat Council to discuss the fate of felonious FEMA brigands. According to our source, a heated dispute ensued over whether they should stand trial or face a swifter type of justice, with Gen. Smith explaining he had positioned the destroyer near the Hawaiian Islands to search for FEMA ships. He said the vessel was manned and carried a full complement of Harpoon anti-ship and surface-to-air/anti-ballistic missiles. Gen. Smith argued that if spotters proved no civilians were aboard the 767, it should be knocked from the sky to prevent the agents from causing further mayhem in Florida. Historical precedent, he explained, showed FEMA’s unquenchable thirst for never missing an opportunity to capitalize on manmade or natural disasters, occasions to abuse and intimidate persons pushed into a life of destitution and squalor.

Three dissenters, however, argued in favor of drafting formal charges and holding military tribunals, saying that subjectively murdering two hundred people would mirror the Deep State’s criminal tactics and forever tarnish the White Hats’ impeccable reputation.

“We’ll become the very monsters we’re tasked with arresting,” one said, recommending instead that U.S. Marines apprehend the passengers once the plane landed in Florida. “The easy path isn’t the right path.”

The general reminded him that White Hats had previously taken extraordinary action by sinking a FEMA ship off the California coast in July. He reportedly considered less forcible proposals but ultimately decided to eliminate the FEMA threat, if practicable.

“General Smith made the ultimate choice when the spotter called in and said everyone passing through security at that hour was with FEMA. At least half were supervisors that oversaw death in destruction in Maui,” our source said.

While FEMA boarded the 767, the destroyer’s crew checked the ship’s radar for nearby surface contacts and air traffic. Flights in and out of Honolulu traversed established and often congested airspace, and cargo and cruise ships frequented the seas below, any one of which couldn’t miss a streak of light and a spectacular fireball appearing suddenly in a pitch-black sky.

“As luck would have it, the airways and ocean were clear, at least on radar, when the plane at cruising altitude entered the engagement envelope. The ship’s commander waited for Gen. Smith’s order to fire or abort,” our source said.

“Engage,” Gen. Smith reportedly replied, and the destroyer launched a missile at the unsuspecting airplane, striking it with a closing velocity greater than 5,000 mph. The kinetic warhead punched a gaping hole in the aluminum fuselage, causing instantaneous decompression, and the 767 lost flight control and dropped to a watery grave.

“We didn’t pick up a mayday call when the missile hit, but FEMA probably knew they lost a plane pretty quickly. How the Deep State handles it is up to them. We suspect they’ll cover up the loss as they always do,” our source said.

Note: I sincerely apologize for my extended absence and appreciate everyone’s patience. What ought to have been a three-day trip turned into a weeklong travel nightmare filled with flight delays and diversions due to severe weather. I will be working to catch up on backlogged content and new stuff too.

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Robert James

There is some evidence that Benjamin Fulford and staff are gone, replaced by black hats. So Mike is the only source I know of with insider white hat info. But nothing that will cover what Fulford, if gone, used to cover.


“The plane was flying at 37,000 feet when struck by a single Standard Missile 3 (SM-3). The 767 broke apart midair as it plummeted into the ocean.” GOD BLESS YOU WHITE HAT NAVY, DO WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO! YOU HAVE MY FULL PERMISSION.
-American Citizen-

Marta Magdalena LeFave

Mr. Baxter, you are trusted and very respected. When we do not hear from you, we know automatically that you are not available due to unforeseen circumstances. God bless and protect you, always.


I just searched for any information I could possibly find about this and there is absolutely nothing.


Except for what you just read right here.
You won’t find this info on MSM.


The US military does not advertise their missions, for obvious reasons.


Good job, General Smith! We the People of the United States are behind you 100%. These are uncharted times requiring uncharted measures. These aren’t humans we’re trying to eliminate, they’re DEMONS!!! THEY DECIDED THERE OWN FATE BY THEIR OWN ACTIONS!!
No mercy is required and we’re just glad that you’re in charge.
Sleep well, Sir, and let God Almighty handle them from here.


Ass kicking these low life’s is as good as it gets from when I stand. Good news & thanks again for an eventful blow by blow news story. 🎆



Sojourner Truth

I hope this sends a strong message to FEMA to stop killing their fellow Americans and that karma will always catch up with them! Great article and hoping you’re feeling great again!

Glenda Boyd

We are in a war…there WILL BE casualties…don’t want to be one? Don’t participate.


Travel mayhem huh ?
The Planet Mercury is in Retrograde Motion till the Sept.14th.
Mercury is the god of Travel & Communication.
Diligence & Reaffirmation the best laid plans.

S A L U T E ~



Merc retch (what those in the new age movement called it, I was friends with many of them and I pickedit up, think it is a perfect description of the way things go wrong during it) happens 3 times a year and always messes with travel, mechanical things, and communication.

John Johnson

I’m glad we have stone cold killers running the Marine Corps again. It’s a big switch from the purely political Ilk of the past. I would’ve loved to be a fly on the wall when General Smith said “engage”.


Justice is not Stone Cold

When innocent Blood cries from the soil
][t’s Tear’s fall to /-/eaven




Merc retch (what those in the new age movement called it, I was friends with many of them and I pickedit up, think it is a perfect description of the way things go wrong during it) happens 3 times a year and always messes with travel, mechanical things, and communication.


Thank you Michael, for your eye on these situations. We appreciate you!

Michael R Davis

General Charles Flynn is most likely a white hat, and all the Carrier Task Groups, all the Marine Assault Ships are most likely also controlled by white hat Admirals and Generals.

Reasoning: one Marine Assault ship manned by FEMA thugs, not US Marines, was used to attack Gitmo, with two white hat Arleigh Burke destroyers defending Gitmo and shooting down invading enemy helicopters, and the ship is now disabled by white hats in a port in Honduras. Two missiles were launched, one at Air Force One with Trump aboard in the Pacific Northwest, one at Hawaii. Both were shot down by Pacific Fleet Aegis ships, one a Ticonderoga cruiser, the other an Arleigh Burke destroyer. The old conventional submarine which fired the missiles was trapped in a sub pen under Ketron Island near Tacoma Washington, and destroyed by two fighters firing ground penetration missiles. This can all be researched by people who are not lazy.

Furthermore: the Arleigh Burke which shot down the FEMA 767 and the white hat Marines killing FBI, FEMA thugs, killing National Guard probably also FEMA and FBI thugs, have not been retaliated against by the Pacific Fleet nor by Army Pacific forces controlled by General Charles A Flynn.

We are probably being fed some deliberate disinformation to keep the Deep-State enemy off-balance, presenting many white hats as black hats, many actor doubles as the black hat people they are replacing. For now, without adequate negative evidence, I am still regarding both Flynns as white hats. He is a short distance away at Fort Shafter next to Pearl Harbor on Oahu.

Donald J Trump is Commander-in-Chief
The Best Is Yet To Come

American Living in Canada

Thanks Michael R D, speaking for myself.. I count on your updates.

American Living in Canada

“If politics bores you, then the corrupt politician adores you. Corruption is used by politicians when they are unchecked and unchallenged by knowledged well informed citizens. Challenging politicians takes education of our government, knowledge of how to use the system and the motivation to use it.” – SpartanAltsobaPatriot, 17th SOG


God’s Speed

Our S P I R I T within You A L L

Rene Labre

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Rene Labre



General Smith made the right call. These minions dont deserve the benefit of the legal process. They are lawless and flaunt the law.

William R Nicholson

The loss of even one innocent aboard the flight would have been too much however , I firmly believe there were No Innocents Aboard ! At the present moment the enemy knows his time is short and all those in his service know that fact too ! Anyone still frequenting gatherings of criminal types ; already knows they have joined the last desperate dregs of society. THEY have no legitimate purpose to live. THEY only bring death and destruction for the leader of the pyramid organization and that is no reason for them to breathe the same air that ordinary loving innocents breathe ! Decision was correct to have summary judgment made in the interests of Justice ! The decision was justified simply because all those aboard the plane already knew they were headed to a very hot destination without any Ice Water Available there ….. Efficiency , expediency and Justice Itself all were held in tight congruency by this necessary action ! The values of Creator God Were In No Way Inconsistent with The White Hats action plan in this matter. No condemnation will be ever legitimate I n the book of life and in the recording of those walking this path. . I am Nick , NavyBlueSmoke , and The White Hat Contingent has no shame placed upon them by this operation. There are many more heathens to bring to court and we need to again redouble our efforts. I would still prefer the guillotines and my efficient hand upon them ! Let’s get that immediately done after a cup a Jo’ and a few attaboys …. Nick , NavyBlueSmoke , LST-1195 …..


Even if there was one child hostage aboard, they would sell him to be raped and tortured to death. If it were me, I’d rather meet G-d fast.

Robert James

Surely Trump will now act. Hundreds of innocent civilians killed on Maui because he wants to be more popular has to end NOW.


Popular is not quite I word I’d use to describe a brave man that has
had more attempts on his life than any other in this nation.


Great job! Hallelujah!!!

Jonathan Ray Carmona

I don’t mind the White Hats going “Putin Style” on these villains; we need more of that I say – this is WAR after all. Let’s take down this Deep State octopus one arm at a time.


I am to the point of separating from society.Every human being who has committed crimes against humanity needs to shot, bagged and burned.I just want my cats.This is insanity.



Jailed for the rest of their Natural Life/Hard Labor.


Hang them high. They are monsters!

Marta Martinez

Good job white hats!! Good job Michael!!


180 confirmed kills. Whites hats winning.


Three dissenters, however, argued in favor of drafting formal charges and holding military tribunals, saying that subjectively murdering two hundred people would mirror the Deep State’s criminal tactics and forever tarnish the White Hats’ impeccable reputation.
Umm…we need to give those three a detector test to see if they’re deep state. Too many of our Military have been killed from DS shenanigans!

margery gibbons

thankyou Michael🕊


Thanks for the report MB.


I’m OK with your absence, my concern was your safety! We’re all glad you made it home safe and sound and can resume your work of keeping us informed so we can continue to pray effectively for the brave Men & Women of the White Hat US Military, all those faithful to the US Constitution. Thank you again for all you do! Shalom

Robert James

Yeah, if people like Michael Baxter or Benjamin Fulford get killed, we’d hear nothing of any of this.


Glad to have you back, Michael.

Robert James

Of course the most valuable reporter on the planet gets held up for days on a two day trip! Glad you made it back in good shape, Mike!! I just hope that aircrew deserved it.




No more games! Good wins!


Glad you’re safely back home, Michael. I read this last night and commented but my comment disappeared. Trying again. I agree with General Smiths decision to knock them out of the sky. If they had waited til they landed in Florida, made the arrests, arranged the tribunals, way too much time & resources wasted. We know these creatures have no remorse because they were on their way to do it again. No quarter, no mercy. As General Patton said, “May God have mercy on their souls, because I wont”.

Anne Stallybrass

As General Patton said, “May God have mercy on their souls, because I wont”.
That’s right on target.

Ann Ononomous

As General Patton said, “May God have mercy on their souls, because I wont”.
If I didn’t know better, I’d say that was Pres. Trump talking! 😎


Have you ever noticed how much Trump looks like Patton?


The Patton Point Brow
General Smiths Targeting gaze.


Welcome back and thank you! This is great news………………… too bad little miss Criswell wasn’t on that plane with them…………………….. she NEEDS to burn.


Im sure satan has a welcoming party together for her right now! They’re getting the balloons and champagne right now!!😉

John .S

Myself previously referenced not seeing plumbing fixtures in Maui debris field.

Now expressing that burnt automobiles seen, vehicle doors were closed, alluding occupants were inside, hunkering down at believe safe location away from combustibles.

No doubt if passengers fled on foot after vehicle parked would see ”open car doors”’ everywhere.

Vehicle occupants were incinerated, pulverized without a trace, same as many at WTC.

RIP U.S Coast Guard and FDNY firefighter Jeffrey Palazzo Rescue 5 [WTC], my dear friend as hunting companion. Jefferys remains never found, leaving behind wife and two kids.

FYi, Trump named a Coast Guard Cutter after Jeff, someone else too [can’t recall name] published in Stars and Stripes magazine.

Elisa Orozco

Today, September 11, we remember all those who were diabolically MURDERED in a manner we had never seen on our own soil by our own government. Every one of us remembers where we were and what we were doing on that dark day. It was beyond painful to watch and the lies that were told to us to cover up the evil, along with the concocted war that led to many more Americans being killed, were all part of the plan to bring down our country. We have had some hard lessons to learn and some excruciating truths to accept about what REALLY happened on that day. May God Bless the soul of Firefighter Jeffrey Palazzo and all who perished (and those who continue to perish!) on that horrible day. We must never forget!!


7000+ according to RRN, not 2789 according to the cabal.


I heard many more than that on telegram months ago. Like 40,700. They figured that they could give a lower number as NY has a huge amount of people who do not know each other. No one would know and no bodies.


God Bless your heart for your compassion and knowledge.


Truly sorry about your friend, John, he sounds like a brave
& fearless man that put others ahead of himself. He’ll always.
live in your memories & heart. That really sucks.


Mr. Baxter: nearly 2% of the readers of this piece left their comments. Yours’ is America’s chalkboard. It allows citizens to estimate the public mind and to gage how their own ideas fall within it. Since those several times, over recent years, that you threw me off, something in YOUR mind has evolved and I want to know what it is. All of the crime over the last half century or so registered in all of our minds, wordlessly, as Descartes’ “picturable ideas.” We are in the act of putting words to reflex, and, in doing so, concepts are born, and concepts will save America, just as, in the beginning, concepts made America.


Here’s how your ideas fall within the public mind, WrongWay: you are part of the like 1% of people who delusionally still think Q is real


fuck you, commie perv. I’m ON the Q-board.


Do you see Q posting here, WrongWay? Did you not notice how he said WE HAVE IT ALL and yet he just kinda fucked off and quit posting like 3 years ago?


I think you are threatened by Q and use that character because Q is for queer


🙂 lol. You never fail us Julie!! Love your wit!


Why would I be threatened by some 8chan larper?

Robert James

LOL, well said, WWC.




Did you put on kneepads when you wrote this? Talk about sucking up, or just sucking

Dr John

You must be on to something that has struck a nerve in our troll team. They have awakened with their typical nonsense.

They are a great feedback system:

  1. No response they don’t care, we are not pushing the truth enough.
  2. The greater the attack, the more they are trying to bury or deflect from truth.

Thus we know Deep State (their overlord) assaults on us in propaganda have been impacted!!!


So that we don’t offend the trolls (sic) please remember not to mention us talking creatively among ourselves or having independent thoughts. It is worse if you post those positive thoughts for others to see. Remember trolls may (or may not) have feelings. Just because tolls are not patriots and are traitors to our country does not make them different; they are simply STUPID beyond belief with no backbone.

To the trolls no insult intended (SIC)


Q is real and they hate it!! The truth is like a wooden stake in their dark souls!


Lol if Trump loses 2024 will you still be saying like “We have it all!! Q will come back and save us any day now!!!” in like 2027?

Bar None

Dude, What’s your problem?
Ate nails for lunch?
Why the obsession with Q?

If I were merely a bystander, the amount of time spent by you naysayers to attempt to smirch Q with the worst of gutter talk, would make me go and give the subject a serious look-see.
Not because I care, but because YOUR tactics – particularly your obscenities- are so repulsive and revolting.
I can not be on that same side of the creek.
I MUST be on the other.

Your ploys backfire.
Only most don’t bother to tell you.


What I find astounding is, even though none of this nonsense has ever turned out to be true and you have never seen a shred of evidence that it has, you continue to cling to “The Plan.” Even if your family shuns you, your employer fires you, and people avoid your company for fear of hearing another demented tirade. You don’t trust your own eyes and ears, but you totally trust Internet creatures who you do not know and blindly accept anything they tell you because it makes you feel better. It’s just that simple.

Those of us who troll this site for entertainment also find it concerning that so many of you with decades of life experience – parents, business owners, professionals, veterans, etc. – have decided to discard all you learned throughout your long life in favor of childishly written, totally incredible and thoroughly implausible comic book tales that shape your perception. Q is the brainchild of Ron Watkins, Jim Watkins, and Paul Furber, the proud founders of child porn-friendly 4Chan. The Watkins’ now farm pigs in the Philippines because they want to avoid U.S. law enforcement at all costs. Anyone, myself included, could have dreamed up those wacky Q drops and posted them. They are meaningless.

Go ahead and heave out all your usual responses, the traitor thing, stupid, brainwashed, creature of the Deep State (Do you realize no one ever used that phrase until about six years ago when Steve Bannon coined it?), whatever. No one is sending me to Gitmo, I will not burn in hell, General Smith and his renegade Marines will not come for me. Enjoy your story time. Maybe one day you will realize the time you’ve wasted.


We’re not dating you.




“Those of us who troll this site for entertainment.” That is exactly what you said in a previous post, Will Caulfield. You love “YOUR PLAN.” Go ahead & vomit out all your usual responses, we are used to it by now. Maybe one day you will realize all the time you’ve wasted.


Sorry. Wrong troll. I’m not Caufield. Try again Dick Tracey

Bar None

Why are you wasting your time?
You are not going to change any of our minds.

Because some of us HAVE seen stuff.
And you CANNOT CHANGE my mind about it.

Since you love your diabolical system so much, why don’t you enjoy it while you can… because it won’t be there forever.


John, we may find ourselves shouldered up together behind some earthen berm some day. Not so bad.

Guillaume DesChamp

2%? Not even close. You’re assuming that each comment is posted by a unique individual, which isn’t even close to being true.


Thanks Michael, for your dedication…We are still behind you as it is very hard to determine who to trust.

Take care. Our Creator God and I bless you and yours.


A whole different reason to avoid joining any group huh. Now both sides claim to just be putting the other side down without any due process.


‘Happy Birthday Jesus’

The growing body of evidence seems to suggest that Jesus was born sometime between 6:15 pm to 7:45 pm on September 11, 3 BC. 


Remember trolls, Jesus stated “If your not with me you’re against me”


Hmmm…I was told different…Jesus was born on August 8, 8BC.
Source: And they call His name Immanuel — I Am Sananda. Phoenix Journal #2

God bless.


Well, September 11th would make more sense, since it is a date that the satanists seem to revel in with their evil, engineered, chaotic events, etc.


Which Jesus are we referring to? Check out “The Two Babylons”, a book by Alexander Hyslop where he chronicles the same historical ideas all the way back to Nimrod and Semiramis and Tamuz.

Dave Strickland

See my own reply to Anonymous. August 8 doesn’t fit.


Check out the work of Grace Amadon with the Army Core of Engineers, and their evaluation of her perversion of natural laws in order to prove the 7-day week cycle in the crucifixion story, and something in the stories or accounts has to be discarded – at least one of them is not possible, we can not have both. Either that or natural laws of the our universe have dramatically changed. The Bible teaches, that in the end times, that the adversary will seek to change times and laws – Done.

Dave Strickland

I happened to be part of the research group (Associates for Scriptural Knowledge) that settled on Sept.11 as Jesus’ birthdate and brought it into public prominence, so many have quoted it since. This was in the late 1970s. However, there’s a 3-day error in that date, which should read Sept.8. The time of day was about 6.20pm. It’s only public apathy that had dogged my efforts to get the correction out. It actually matters because the 11th of that month obscures important knowledge about Jesus Christ which the 8th reveals. If anyone cares to look into this, it’s in my book The Gospel Restored, under my own name as a free download, on www dot outofbodytravel dot org (prop. Marilynn Hughes), in the download books section.

Anne Stallybrass

I looked right through the page you referenced, found lots on Marilynn Hughes, looked most interesting, but no reference to The Gospel Restored under anyone’s name. That page led to outofbodytravel dot wordpress dot com but again, only Marilynn’s books.

Stinky Perfume

I read in Urantia the birth date of Jesus was July. There’s no telling but for sure, the date of Christmas makes sense because it was cold in the nativity pics. It’s kind of obvious nobody is supposed to know about that date as not important, or they want to hide it really bad. I’ll go with July, that’s my best guess.


But, what didn’t make sense were the shepherds in the fields……not in winter they were…

Max Kammerer

We keep hoping it’s all true;—No real proof.–mostly hearsay; But it reads great with great people! Many prayers-!


Michael, you were missed surely. Grateful to know you are well. Thank you for all that you do. Another great article. GO WHITE HATS!! Go Gen. Smith!! We love you and pray for you every day!!


Nice to see you back in the saddle again Michael Baxter


Wow. So many thoughts when reading this. 80,000 views in 22 hours. Not a word in mainstream media but all these people’s next of kin will have to come here to find out the truth because no way can FEMA admit to the public they are at war with the military. God BLESS the lone undercover agent for the work he did verifying and God bless the White Hats for making sure they were all guilty of heinous crimes against humanity. The Deep State knows they are up against a powerful and motivated enemy. Daggers are drawn. Praying White Hats close in on Criswell soon. She just needs to make a mistake, like Bourla and Whitmer and Walenski did. Just one. Go ahead Criswell. You can do it. Just make one mistake.


We’ll be back with the exciting conclusion of our story right after these words from Geritol.


Harrison Bergeron: the dickless wonder.


No, I have one and it’s quite healthy.


Mocking death is not


I will say Erik Hooks looks like another stooge actor. There would have to be someone behind him pulling the strings.
We are still without much evidence of a resistance as a pleibe talking. Tucker Carlson came out saying Obama is gay but didn’t touch the Tranny in the closet.
So I guess we are still on hopium that the we have a white hat group trying to get out of that closet with big Mike. It’s been a long time in the closet for populace tired of 911, Sandy Hook, Lahaina events etc.

Elisa Orozco

The subject of ‘the Tranny in the closet’ has been addressed openly by many for years, Unfortunat. Numerous photos of Big Mike at various stages of his transition have been on the internet for many years that I’ve seen. The identity & photos of the real parents of the so-called, ‘Obama Girls’ have also been disclosed, along with their true identities. The mother is a physician and the father was a real estate broker. YOU may be on hopium because Tucker has not yet broached the subject of the First Tranny but many have known the truth for years and it is currently being incrementally exposed for anyone who cares to see.


You’re preaching to the choir. I was looking at Barry Soetoro videos among others right after Sandy Hook. I just think that the false flags continue and Tucker Carlson is another gate keeper.
I’m saying as far as a layperson is concerned we’re not getting the truth yet
from our “White Hat” resistance. Jim Willie has stated that there is a war going on in tunnels at key locations. The
only thing I can figure is the resistance doesn’t need or want the help of the people.

Anne Stallybrass

Right on, Elisa. Plus many pics of Big Mike’s apparatus in evidence.


Atta girl, Moira!


The pretend news just stated that Gov. Whitmer had ordered
flags to be lowered to honor 9/11 victims. “They” have to know
she is dead.


I am 0 RH negative pure blood a universal donor. I can give blood to save lives but I can’t receive a transfusion from others.Deep staters and off worlders are obsessed with my blood.It is rare and others who have the same blood line are targeted for this richness through out history. The best adrenochrome.


Steph ~ Keep a low profile on this,
too many whack jobs “out there.”

Elisa Orozco

Considering the times we live in, that is good advice!!!


Thank you for your comment. I guess I just wanted to spread the truth.I have too much knowledge that it is driving me crazy.


Your honesty is refreshing & this is a good sounding board.
Big HUGS. You deserve the absolute best for all the crap
you’ve been through!

John .S

Militarized Maui News, not seen on MSM.


Jimmy Inman

Thank God for people who expose Fema, the news media and the devils that are behind it.

John .S

Everyone needs to do their part showcasing underhandedness, simply by ensuing conversation at gas pump or convenience store coffee urns, as step in right direction.

Must direct people to websites that provides alternate news, I’m tired of writing it down for folks.

Myself made inexpensive 4×6 cards highlighting resourceful web links, including RRN, directing people where to gain alternative info.

Just do it folks, it’s a Information War, “all’s fair in love and war”, Yippie Ki-Yay.


Thanx John, I do the exact same. Have copies of some of the info
to hand out to people. Conversations can lead to the wake-up call
to people already po’d about all the bs going on.

Good idea about the 4×6 info cards. Will implement.

John .S

Myself, Microsoft Word, mailing & labels, “Post Cards”.

Simply copy & paste weblinks, don’t go overboard, few selective links, use large bold font [easy on the eyes].

Mega office supply store has post cards, could use ”’index cards”’ too.


As you suggested in re “resourceful web links” — I tried providing one, here, yesterday, that I’d just discovered myself; but it was summarily rejected … 🙁

John .S

Myself often summarily rejected by wife & gumada, know the feeling of rejection.


Rejection? Not a snowflake …


You have to ‘obsfucate’ it like this:

https ://example .com/index.html

You must ‘break up’ the DNS server part of the URL with spaces to get it past the filter. If you don’t and leave the URL intact, the post will be held up in Michael Baxter’s moderation queue for approval unless you are approved to post working, clickable URL links in your posts. As far as I know, the only ones who (did/do) post clickable URL links are Make Money Fast spammers that Michael has tried to deal with (in the past).

To read more about that, go to this ‘obsfucated’ URL below of a past post I made. You must carefully remove all the spaces in the URL before you use it to get to the URL in question.

https ://realrawnews. com/2023/08/deep-state-take-down-maui/#comment-545494


what makes you think I didn’t …


Simply remove the https:// portion at the beginning and you should be able to post it here immediately.

American Living in Canada

Was in a big city up here this time last year, put out RRN word to a few good contacts that had a big following.

Keep on Truck’in.


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Why are you so late in sending me my 10% cut? Could it be you are very full of whoreshit and are trying to scam people?


His account was hacked, don’t beat yourself up.


I was concerned about you, Michael. Glad to hear you’re good and back in business. Would love to help you in any way possible if ever needed. Just ask. Find me in Truth Social

Ahhh…another #winning story for the team. Whitehats doing the heavy lifting for us
Thank God for them and all they do to protect and serve US

I do not see it the way the dissenters see it. These guys are terrorists, running amok in our country seizing any opportunity to cause more harm after disasters and they must be stopped by force to prevent more carnage. Period. General Smith was right on target with his decision to put an end to it/them.

Great work Gentleman. Great work!

Thank you, Michael


Happy to hear you are ok. I’m glad that dammed fema plane was knocked out of the sky before it reached Fl.


Glad you’re ‘alive & kicking’. I missed new news. Wish you continued success. (Reader & freedom patriot from the EU.)


Michael what are your thoughts on this perfect storm – two hurricanes merging coming up East Coast of USA?

Also I’ve read many posts and articles about public schools, colleges and Universities dispensing bio weapons (“COVID”) via HVAC systems as to create next pandemic.

Any validity to these claims? Any help with your assessment is appreciated.

Glad you are back and safe. 🙏🇺🇸🙏

Guillaume DesChamp

Two hurricanes are not merging off the east coast.


Julie Green received prophetic word that God said it will not harm Gods people


Julie Green is a phony. She will predict something but when it doesn’t happen will then delete her story.


Here is a list of people who identify the REAL ‘bad guys’ responsible for the Plandemic and (basically) all the organized evil worldwide I posted

https ://realrawnews. com/2023/09/white-hats-arrest-vaccine-tyrant-base-commander-in-california/#comment-560770

[See also

https ://realrawnews. com/2023/09/white-hats-arrest-vaccine-tyrant-base-commander-in-california/#comment-560603

for an example of the intricate ‘long game’ the bad guys play when doing their evil.]

They have, through their minions that help them and an ‘asleep’ public at large that agree by default with their viewpoint instead of investigating the matter themselves and seeing that this list of ‘watchemen’ are correct and should not be persecuted for warning/informing others of their evil. This is part of the Modus Operandi of the evil of the TRUE ‘bad guys’ to ‘suppress dissent’ against those who would reveal/document their malevolent machinations against all other people not in their group. As bad as the Plandemic and the recent Maui tragedy, the bad guy’s ‘masterpiece of evil’ may well be

https ://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/September_11_attacks

Please see this past post I made with important information revolving around that terrible day in history. It explains the how, why, and coverup involved that fateful day.

https ://realrawnews. com/2023/08/army-cid-arrests-black-hat-army-recruiter/#comment-538705

Please note a (paid DS) troll, in a follow-up post, DELIBERATELY ignores two links sourced from ACTUAL U.S. Government Congressional hearing testimony in the above post and basically considers the ENTIRE post I made above as ‘fake news’.

Roger that

To FEMA: You live by the sword, you die by the sword


paperclip spawn will fall