JAG Convicts Janet Yellen of Treason


Monday, October 16: GITMO

Vice Admiral Darse E. Crandall called Janet Yellen an “urchin,” among other colorful nouns, at a military tribunal that saw the fiendish woman repeatedly debase herself while raising a flurry of self-incriminating objections that helped the prosecution secure a guilty verdict and death sentence.

The fireworks started two hours into last Monday’s proceedings when Yellen, appearing pro se, vociferously objected to the appearance of a witness for the prosecution: Shannon Corless, who indirectly worked under Janet Yellen at the Treasury Department’s Office of Intelligence and Analysis from January to October 2022 and surrendered to JAG that month believing that “Trump’s people” had her in a dragnet. She had agreed to cooperate with JAG’s investigations and was placed in protective custody.

Upon taking the stand, Corless was greeted with unremitting hostility. A shackled Yellen arose from her seat and called Corless “an insufferable worker bee” and a “malingerer” who spent her formative governmental years riding other people’s coattails and complaining about being overworked. Yellen shouted at the top of her lungs that Corless had obviously manufactured evidence to frame her for illicitly sending Ukraine and Volodymyr Zelenskyy hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars beyond the $113bn officially reported.

Corless, in the witness box, seemed unphased by Yellen’s accusations.

“Detainee Yellen, you refused your privilege to testify today. You will remain silent, or we will enforce your silence,” Vice Adm. Darse E. Crandall said.

“I don’t have to take this from you or your private Banana Republic government,” Yellen blurted, her body trembling. “I have served President Biden loyally and legally, and I don’t recognize this court and I never will.”

Military policemen on either side of Yellen forced her onto the chair and gagged her mouth.

“A little civility goes a long way here,” the admiral noted. “Now, Ms. Corless, it’s no secret you’ve been granted immunity for your testimony. Is there any reason you’d have to lie before this tribunal today?”

“No, sir,” Corless said.

“You were never apprehended. You surrendered voluntarily. Is that correct?”

“It is, sir.”

“Would you please tell the panel what compelled you to turn yourself in?”

Corless stared intently at the three officers JAG had picked to hear evidence against Yellen. “I believed I was being watched—stalked by, well, the people doing what they’re doing to Janet Yellen now. I got extremely paranoid and figured it’d be better to turn myself in than have someone break down my door and murder me.”

“That’s what you believed would happen?” the admiral asked.

“It’s what we were told—that Trump’s forces would come for us and our families,” Corless said.

“It might surprise you to know, Ms. Corless, that we’re working on behalf of the Constitution, not an individual, any individual. Just so we’re clear, you surrendered out of fear and not out of remorse, is that correct?”

“At the time, yes, sir. I deeply regret what I’ve done.”

“And what was that exactly?” the admiral asked.

“Putting my signature to illegal wire transfers.”

“That’s a bit vague. Would you be more specific?”

“In January 2022, she—we approved a treasury department transfer. It was $57bn to Ukreximbank in Ukraine. An account owned by the Ministry of Defense,” Corless said.

“And how do you know this as fact?” the admiral queried.

“Because, sir, I witnessed it. She wanted someone else’s signature besides her own on that transfer.”

“And as Assistant Secretary at the Treasury Department’s Office of Intelligence and Analysis, your signature carried weight,” the admiral said.

“Yes, sir, it did,” Corless admitted.

The admiral addressed the panel: “Vladimir Putin began his Special Military Operation in Ukraine in February 2022. Therefore, the illegitimate administration had no reason to send Ukraine money, any at all, in January. And there is no public record of that $57bn gift anywhere.”

Admiral Crandall produced printouts of 57 $1bn wire transfers from the Treasury Department to Ukreximbank, each bearing Yellen and Corless’ digital signature. He laid them beside the panelists.

“We retrieved these from the SD card Ms. Corless provided when she surrendered. This was money taxpayers paid the federal government and was sent clandestinely sent to Ukraine, for whatever reason, without congressional knowledge or a matter of public record. To date, we have traced more than $1 trillion given to Ukraine. We don’t have to link her to all of it. This proves the defendant, detainee Janet Yellen, committed treason and defrauded the United States of America,” the admiral said.

Yellen had somehow slipped her gag. “President Biden will have your heads,” she huffed, fighting against her restraints as if imbued with superhuman strength—for a 77-year-old woman. “You’ve F***** yourself, Shannon.”

“Secure that urchin,” the admiral ordered the MPs.

The panelists’ mouths hung agape as Yellen remonstrated, her foul tongue spitting every obscenity under the sun. The MPs escorted Yellen out of GITMO’s south courtroom, and Adm. Crandall implored the panel to find the witch guilty, which they did.

Admiral Crandall apologized for the disruption and excused Corless, after which he said Yellen would hang on October 18.

RRN has been told that hanging has transpired, and I will post about it shortly. Given what’s happening today, writing about even justified deaths has become…exhausting.

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Robert Gregory Boensch

Our God Given Freedom.
And how to capture it.
DR John Says.
All of us want this to end, all of us want to be free. This is the
HOW and unlike a war with guns, this takes so little effort and is no
real risk. The worst that can happen is you will be seen as a hero!
This is why the Birds came up and checked me OUT. And all with out
firing a single shot Make no mistake this will be heard around the
world! This is big and you and your friends can make it MUCH bigger!
Before the 2020 election there was a short video on the
internet showing President Trump Being President for the year’s
And this is a true story of how long he will be president of these united states.
Why you ask
Because he has limited power as the Commander in Chief of this country.
If he exceeds this power he will become a dictator?
Now why is the people in the Jan 6 still in jail.
The military has no power to intervene in this cause or any cause in this conflict?
They only step in and do an action to protect our constitution.
Or else their action will be a military coup
So who does have the power.
It’s the people in these States.
The only way to end this insurrection By law is to address your states congress
by petition or a remonstrance.
Now we all know how corrupt these people are.
Especially Michigan.
And my beautiful relation with them?
And also (I) we have to stay in line with the constitutional restraints.
But this is also a disadvantage to end this action the Insurrection.
So in come’s the The Flushing Remonstrance of 1657
The whole base of this is our God given rights.
And it precedes our constitution and the law of war manual.
So I started with a clean Sheet
and the first thing on it was Remonstrance
And then it was built with the needs that we needed address today.
And there is a couple of constitution laws inserted.
And also part of the law of war manual.
In Michigan this was presented and accepted by default of response?
This remonstrance is reciprocal to the other 49 states and territory of this country?
Give President Trump back his full power.
And let the Military go be the best they can.
If you would really like to release the Jan 6 prisoners.
We The People of these States Have this Power
and no one else on this planet can help you
rise up and peacefully Speak
to those around You!
And when we End this insurrection
We then can restore our Constitution
And start Building This Constitutional Republic on a clean Base!
We The People of these States Have this Power
and no one else on this planet can help Us
rise up and peacefully Speak
to those around You
Ps this insurrection and also the Remonstrance suspend all elections until the insurrection is over
and the Remonstrance removes the biden electrical college votes
and all of the bad actors and their staff.
And To Give Justice For President Donald J Trump
Expunge The first and second impeachment Of President Trump
suspended elections
This is why President Trumps video
Showed 2024-2028-2032 etc.
it was a clue and a big reveal
Robert Gregory Boensch


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yellen = “President Biden will have your heads,”

Biden is also working for us and the white hats covertly. You idiot.

Lisa Cordaro

I’ll die because God says so


They’re the one responsible for their death , God wouldn’t kill them if they were in the good side.

Mary Wells

Another slithering cunt roasting I 🤣


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Last edited 6 months ago by barshembar

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Stinky Perfume

I don’t wanna make money that way or online. Then you have to babysit the computer.

Charles Smith

I wonder if a chaplin was there to report she was possessed by satin. Because she is. Her eyes and the way she talks. Notice thats a possessed person by the devil.

Charles Smith

Gee i already said this a few days ago. I forgot.


And you misspelled satan😁satin.🌹

Charles Smith

Fair enough. I was never good a spelling because i am hard of hearing, plus sound it out doesnt always work. Its the english Is language im telling you.

Stinky Perfume

Possession, hybrids, voices in the head, who is doing what exactly? They are all underground I was told and watch people on surface earth 24X7 and store every thought on super computers way way underground. They have spaceships also souls without spaceships are said to look like them in the skies to the human eyes even with high zoom, just see balls of light, could be either.

They are not about to tell us who is who in the underground worlds, and the MSM is focusing on shallow tunnels like crazy. It’s nowhere close. Where do the spaceships dock?

It’s a separated world down in the deep tunnels where people that can walk through walls and have spaceships run surface earth. The plan for surface earth doesn’t sound like it involves getting rid of AI or AI made possessions of individuals, but if it does what replaces it? Beings that want to move in and keep some technology. Hardly the best of worlds. Best worlds don’t have a money system or need a spaceship.

Spaceships and they are in tango with someone that runs the earth as a trapping system, and they can’t easily catch each other or wipe each other out. Some do blood and vampirism for nutrients and other’s just do loosh energy.

All of them know what is possession and if it’s AI beings or real demons and if demons can possess other’s than so can good angels.

How frequency works isn’t explained either. callmestormy .net/2023/11/01/scaler-weapons-the-silent-war/ The invasions are currently Acapulco, maybe the deep state can make more migrations out of that.

RRN is about USA but nothing heard on the many other countries and it’s many places in for these end times wipe out. RRN was big on Putin and Russia so it’s obvious from the last Russian article that USA military is being taught what to do with demonic people. Russia is said by the super soldiers to be the world #1 power in the future because they have more natural resources. I guess USA was only ever made out to be a super power because they had Hollywood and the movies. They sure fight demonic people harder. USA comes up #8 so it’s not got what it takes other than the Hollywood and American Dream lure-ins making a happening scene.

So why are the deep state fighting so hard for it? They probably gave up and now it’s being used for a migrant show so people learn something about getting lured in to this place by financial manipulators they fall for in a state of poverty.

The Hollywood thing was a big operation and trouble for the nasty drug cities with CPS getting children seems to be the plan for the only reason they do what they do as long as they can and can hold out doing it. I don’t know if Hollywood needs to be wiped out because I kept hearing they scrammed to other countries but I do hear them screaming in comments people want that whole area demolished. I also know the higher ups expect that mother earth will do that with some cataclysm if she wants to. Otherwise, everybody that aspires to that place or lifestyle might encounter whatever is left and part of the greatest show on earth.

I don’t know the situation with Russia and voices in the head, nor is anyone taking the subject to progress in understanding who is doing that/from where/why/how….


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Last edited 6 months ago by barshembar

They have transferred $1 Trillion? Oh my word! I can’t even comprehend how much that would look like if you piled it all up! SMH.


$1.2 Billion is 12 palletized piles of cash; fits in a single 40’ container

$1 Trillion is 900+ 40’ containers of cash.

a small-sized container-carrying ship carries ~10,000 containers.

Biden delivered “a boatload of cash”. This is a lot of cash, it was printed during Obama Administration by Tim Geithner for “The Fed” which was operated by Ben Bernanke at that time.

The ‘Bureau of Engraving and Printing’ (paper-money printer) printed $8 Trillion between 2009 and 2013; some was stored in massive supercollider tunnels under Dallas, the rest was shipped/laundered to IMF, Iran, Colombia, China, and Ukraine.

Dave Smith

Cool how did you find this out ? That’s was alot of trees to I bet

Wanda yemm

That is great she was arrested. The American it just cannot believe one woman by here self could be in charge with this much of our countries money . Why do these people get to spend all this money that does not belong to them and why didn’t the American people have a say
About all these countries that get out hard earn money when the people in charge make it so hard for the American people.


Congress allows the purse to be given.


Confirmation soon that the urchin was lurchin’ at the end of a rope?

Mary Parry

I wonder how Janet Yellen was apprehended? She had been hiding out in Ukraine.


Biden called her back. She obeyed. Was apprehended in Maryland about six weeks ago. RRN was not told how they knew she was coming back.

Maggie the Cat

Hi Michael…….I laughed when you said this was exhausting. I can’t count the times I’ve said that and yet I keep on treading. I guess I won’t be at peace until our dear Pres. Trump is back where he belongs.


I agree.


I’ve given up on that. Sorry, but it has been too long; and the Jury of ss. won’t vote for it.


I’m making $90 an hour working from home. I never imagined that it was honest to goodness yet my closest companion is earning 17,000 US dollars a month by working on the connection, that was truly astounding for me, she prescribed for me to attempt it simply. Everybody must try this job now by just
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“The panelists’ mouths hung agape as Yellen remonstrated, her foul tongue spitting every obscenity under the sun. The MPs escorted Yellen out of GITMO’s south courtroom, and Adm. Crandall implored the panel to find the witch guilty, which they did.”

Given the reaction of these people when convicted it surely causes those conducting the tribunal to be more comfortable with their decisions. The evil that spews from them surely confirms the accuracy of their prosecutions.

We have only to think of the two thieves on the cross. One was remorseful & one was defiant. Defiance in the face of guilt is confirmation of malevolent evil worthy only of destruction.

Last edited 6 months ago by SeanW

there was a time when something this big would have been in the news.


Well, I guess they (normies) will just have to be satisfied with the reruns when they start showing them on all the boob tubes once it’s under white hat control.

Michele Baillie

Let’s not forget about Dr. Dov Zakheim who stole about 2.3 Trillion dollars as Pentagon Financial Comptroller prior to September 9/ 2001.


oh! but it’s okay! they admitted to the loss-rumfeldt did, on 10/11/01. don’t we all remember? the audacity; the pluck! the populace has become de-sensitized to massive losses admitted by the government. it was so cute the way he said, “that’s trillion, with a T!”


That’s without the 10,000 tons stolen from Manhattan.


Dov zakheim also orchestrated 911; as other commenter noted rumsfeld was on site at pentagon that day to ensure the damage was done and cover-up complete…trillion with a t to remain missing forever.


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Last edited 6 months ago by barshembar

Stop this we are sick of seeing it


Mike Baxter,
Please remove Barshember from this page. He is not even on topic.


Ignore that which you cannot control.


At list, she should get life sentence as the minimum penalty, if she really accepts she was doing the wrong stuff.

Anne Stallybrass

death penalty for treason


At least?!?!? Where are you from? You obviously do not know our laws. Traitors cannot live here. PERIOD!


Thank you Michael!




Yup. But that’s also a good thing, otherwise they would keep doing their evil stuff and worse to blame trump.

Charles Smith

Ever notice how Jannet Yellen Speaks, huck, huck. Sounds like someone whos possessed by satin. If anyone has ever taken notice.



Mark David

An evil, ugly, disgusting bag of skin that thinks she is superior to others because because of her evil cult. She is superior to nothing on this planet. What a filthy group of subhumans she is part of.


Whoever has the govt contract to provide detainee gags needs to be informed they are producing a defective product…either that or better gagging training is needed. Either way, yellin should not have been able to ” slip her gag”. egads she could’ve bit someone with that decrepit 77 yo mouth of hers…


A rubber ball gag and a black leather mask or a LOL A rubber dildo deep throating her mouth


I think a gag + a *I Love Biden mask* would be appropriate.


Someone beat me to the “Yellin’ Yellen” comment, Well, she’s gonna tell Biden. How did THAT strategy work out? Nah. Looks like she FAFOed herself “good.”


I’m rather surprised that Yellen wasn’t determined to be a man. Now I have to get used to the idea that she was just an extremely homely woman & also makes a rather ugly man.
She’s so foul & bitter – but the level of entitlement seems off the charts with her.


Many jews are infact deeply bitter about their condition, but they brought it on themselves as per the usual. Some of the most perverted people in the world are non-porkers.


and italians are perverts too

Above Reproach

Manga-deelaa-gotsso butonadooleowlla..


Their father is satan…

Mark David

Please release the medbeds soon.

Brick Chick

You should register for the docu-series going on now from healing series dot com. It’s free and tonight episode 5 drops for 24 hours. They usually have a chance to watch any episode you missed at the end. There is so much information on how you can heal yourself for so many things that you wouldn’t even need a medbed. Make sure you watch the bonus episodes as well as they are full of much information too. Michael Baxter you of all should be watching this series.

Be well.

Kay Mitchell

Thanks for the heads up!


If it was efficacious would it be free?


I want the medbeds out for my brother, he is 4 years younger than I and is living in assisted living center because he had a heart attack in his 50s, they put him on statins. years later he developed diabetes (statins caused it, it is a well known side effect of those drugs), while he was taking care of his wife who had Alzheimer’s, after she died, he was put on gabapentin for neuropathy, again a well known side effect of that drug was visited upon him, depression, so by now he is also on two antidepressants and he is still depressed. 5 years ago they amputated half his left foot, a few weeks later they took more of his leg to just below the knee, a year later they took more to well above the knee. I read that the medbeds could regrow limbs, organs, teeth, and whatever; I want my brother to get his left leg back so he regains the will to live and can get back on his trike and ride with my hubby, he misses riding so much and says he doesn’t have much reason to go on living. I told him yes he does he has a son and grandson who both love him dearly and would be devastated if he died, especially his grandson who lived with him until he was put into assisted living. The grandson is a high functioning autistic whose addict mother threw him out of her life when he was a young teen, he hates her, and apparently she hates him as well.

Anne Stallybrass

yes indeed, he and his grandson too.

Mark David

Windy? Eating a lot of beans are you?

Last edited 6 months ago by Mark David

Elena Danaan covered them in a resent interview with Micheal Salla.

Elisa Orozco

I’m wishing the best possible outcome for you and your family, Windy.


He could not grow new limbs from that site. Only one could do that would be Jesus Christ himself or God and the Med Beds. The med beds would need President Trump of the New Republic, not Biden who is an actor and will not touch it. Trump could do it but Won’t. I heard the med beds are being used on the children who were in dumbs and tunnels.




Trump speaks:
Sat, 10/28/23 at 9:00 pm EST (Las Vegas, NV)
Sun, 10/29/23 at 4:00 pm EST (Sioux City, IA)
Wed, 11/8/23 at 7:00 pm EST (Hialeah, FL)
Times are approximate.
rsbnetwork.com/ carries the speeches and usually replays them afterwards.

Kay Mitchell

Thanks for the heads up Sue.

I wish he would speak behind bulletproof glass or better yet, in a secure studio in an undisclosed location.


so his lies can be told securely. got it


Julie, you must be confused. Hiding Biden is the corrupt liar. You poor confused foolish person or whatever!


I have seen snipers posted all around on the rooftops when the RSBN cameraman pulls back or before his speeches. There was a recent incident where some guy tried to attack. Trump was ready for him but the security agents immediately surrounded Trump and the guy was taken away. Trump continued speaking.

Last edited 6 months ago by Sue

They post those videos on Rumble, easy to find there.


Restored republic via a GCR update as of October 27, 2023

Judy Note: Joe Biden appears images from being charged with multiple crimes including Treason, Bribery, and 2020 Election Fraud and was expected to resign before he was impeached.

Biden was being investigated by Congress for Treason, Bribery, High Crimes and Misdemeanors.

There appears to be a boatload of evidence from Hunter Biden’s laptop, that he engaged throughout his long political career, in corrupt practices and leveraging his position for personal gain, including 2020 Election Fraud.

“Either the U.S. Media don’t understand the damage they are doing to their country, in which case they are simply stupid, or they understand everything, in which case they are corrupt and dangerous.” …Putin

With the Global Currency Reset assuring demise of the Federal Reserve and IRS and thus loss of revenue for Banksters, Democrats and Rino Republican,

They have used False Flags, crisis actors and Media propagandist to play out scenarios that would support a World War III involving Israel, Palestine, Iran and Middle Eastern countries in order to gain U.S. Taxpayer monies that could be funneled back into their own pockets.

The real War going is not between Israelis and Palestinians, but between White Hats and Satanist. White Hat Special Forces are now in Israel with shoot-to-kill orders against any person who goes against the rules of law of War and chivarlry by attacking non-combatants.

They understand very well that the Satanists are pretending to be both Hamas and Israeli Soldiers. The Satanists job is to stage horrific incidents on both sides in order to incite Israelis and Arabs into killing each other.

Why is it first thing on the GOP agenda sending support to Israel. A human-engineered pathogen just killed 7+ million people (THAT WAS COVID AND THE JAB).
The Biden regime is corrupt. Our border is compromised. We just spent $100+ BILION on the massive failure in Ukraine. The cost of living is insane.

Thursday 26 Oct. SMART Cities imprisoning The People. 15 minute smart cities SMART = S-surveillance

It’s actually the gateway to digital IDs and CBDC-
CBDC allows bankers and government to freeze your bank account because you happen to a peacefully and lawfully protest.

And express your disagreement with government policy. 15-Minute SMART Cites: This Statement Should Be Read At Every City Council Meeting In America.
Thurs. 26 Oct. United States of GITMO: Indictments, Arrests and Executins

Kay Mitchell

This is the kind of information that I come to this site for.

Strike17 is one of a small handful of people who share it.

Much appreciated!




He would do better to post the link to the material he has ‘appropriated’ and give credit to the source.

Lisa Cordaro

I declare America off the beast system




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Glad she has been taken care of. With that said it is important to get this information out Michael and We thank You for It All. Love how You Write ✍️ and Express what has Transpired. We Need to Know. It’s too bad that this has gotten to You. Perhaps get out in Nature More and take walks to Refresh Yourself. These Energies Coming in have been Exhausting and I get it but these Energies will subside and New and Different ones Will come in… So hang In There. Much Love ❤️ to You.

Kay Mitchell

I hope there is a small $ donation included with your generous caring words.

Michael has asked for some assistance with channel expenses and medical bills.

He said: “Every penny counts.”


Michael can get a job like the rest of us.


In the future, TH33 Yids will make Yellen a saint by telling TH33 whole world that she suffered an injustice at her tribunal! The same will be applied to everyone else who has faced their demise! You wait, TH33 Yids know how to LĮĘ!


in the final analysis each one of these DStards martyred her/himself!


They had a choice. They chose to ignore the negative effects because the power and money was all they saw. So they chose this path due to their treason.


Want to know why US Marines are in Israel?

US Marines operate Only Under The United State CIC direct orders and nobody else. ( Trump )

Israel was deemed a “State” on Feb 23, 2023. Which means those who are there that are on the run from US military are deemed insurrectionists. Which means the USMC have sole* and direct authority to detain and or neutralize them since those entities are now considered US Citizens under the new “State” declaration.

They can run but they can’t hide. They are being detained , shot on site if they fight back and that flight will be heading directly to GITMO with who decided to go willingly.

Z_Ghost our.
Semipermanent Fi.


After Israel the swamp in US needs to be drained

Kay Mitchell

No doubt.

I can barely wait.


the US needs to be drained of Isbagel

Kay Mitchell

Excellent info BT!!

Thank you!

Nukken Futz

The Iraeli black hats might make a bee line to CERN, in Schweis, or Switzerland where a portal exists and they can exit earth…..




well…well…well..urchin will yell all of way to gallows pole….


Still awaiting the execution article. .


I’m making $90 an hour working from home. I never imagined that it was honest to goodness yet my closest companion is earning 16,000 US dollars a month by working on the connection, that was truly astounding for me, she prescribed for me to attempt it simply. Everybody must try this job now by just
using this website……………………………..𝐖𝐰𝐰.𝐁𝐢𝐳𝐖𝐨𝐫𝐤𝟏.𝐂𝐨𝐦


Sounds like multi-level marketing, otherwise you wouldn’t be on here with the bs.


It is mylti lvl Bullshizzle!


Sounds like a member of the Amway teem.

Mark David

It should be named ‘Scamway’. Lots of scammin’ these days.

Nukken Futz

Barshembershit is a AI troll and not human, so don’t bother censoring it. Your talking to a cheap machine with low level intellect on the level of a can opener…


Felon Yellen’s yellin earned her a tallit prayer gag blessed by the Iranian Foreign Minister!

lol. In felon Yellen’s small mind, calling a goy a ‘worker bee’ is an invective worse than waterboarding! Oh my! But the ‘urchin’ comment was most inflammatory! My word!


The urchin doesn’t faze me
I’m unfazed by trolls.


St. Ate This


Translation Joe’s going to get impeached.

SPEAKER MIKE JOHNSON ON JOE BIDEN: “If in fact all the evidence leads to where we believe it will, that’s very likely impeachable offenses, that’s listed as a cause for impeachment in the Constitution — Bribery.”


But not convicted with a Democrat Senate so, like Trump’s two, it’s a waste of time.


question is…will he ACT ?????????


Nope; he is bought & paid for by TH33 YĮDŠ!


the wanderers must wander longer


If Johnson has not already publicly said that Jo is dead then HE, too, is part of the problem!


No, his clone will just be put away and biden will finally be seen as the traitor he was. The normies won’t even know the difference…so why open a can of worms when they don’t have to, he will die in prison or have a tribunal and be hanged, so far as the normies are concerned. One day when all has been corrected, they will finally open the record and people along with the normies will finally understand that this Clean-Up was started long ago, but had to be done in silence for the peace of the country. It will be History. SO YOU have a long wait for what you want…We that have been following this will know and be able to say, “WE KNEW ALL THIS.”

Kay Mitchell

Every day Mike Johnson delays Joe’s impeachment is another day closer to the destruction of America and global nuclear war.

We will soon know if he is just another corrupted politician.

Time is running out.

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Kay Mitchell

My God!!

How much more evidence is needed?!?

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Kay Mitchell

Time is short and running out.

If Mike Johnson is a white hat he better start acting and stop talking.

Last edited 6 months ago by Kay Mitchell

Let’s hope so.🙏 There was a photo of a group of politicians in a Q formation praying re MJ. I don’t know what that was but I hope something good.

Last edited 6 months ago by InItToWinIt

I saw that online also, can’t rember what site….

Gregg Nickens

Bill Murray, “Did you cry when Old Yellen died?”


Yeller is her fave color


The best is yet to come:

As I see it, we are waiting for some public announcements to come forth including the following
1.  Public announcement of the USN on the gold and asset standard
2.  Public announcement of the new USN notes money supply
3.  Public announcement of USN bills paid
a.  Iraq has a trust problem with the US
b.  they need to see items 1-2 and three above publicly announced So they can go forward
4.  Public announcement of the new Iraq international Dinar rate
5.  Public announcement of the new Iraq international data rate published in The Gazette
6.  Public announcement of Nesara
7.  Public announcement of Gesera
8.  Public announcement of Biden gone
9.  Public announcement of trump’s return
10.  Private announcement of RV notifications including 800 numbers  and starlink
a.  Private announcement of tier 3 liquidity and spendable
b.  Private announcement for liquidity of all tiers
11.  Public announcement of the following
a.  Social Security increase and change of system
b.  Reclamation monies
c.  Debt forgiveness jubilee
d.  Other funds as applicable

We should begin to see these flowing out in the soon coming immediate future

There are other events that are important such as the stock market crash, EBS,  and the new financial system. I have chosen not to include them in the list above, but those things are coming and we should pay attention to real events that are about to and very soon begin to unfold.

Hold the line and stay steady. Lock your faith into the Word of God. What is about to happen is biblical and we should understand that.

See you on the other side. The other side is the Promised Land. Are you truly ready?

Locked and loaded !!!!!!!


Just two weeks or so, right?

Kay Mitchell

How I cherish a sane voice in the wilderness of insanity.

Thank you!


🚨 From Unusual Whales:

“BREAKING: Here is every US politician in Congress who currently holds stock positions that directly benefit from war in the Middle East:

Alan Lowenthal
Andrew Garbarino
Bill Hagerty
Blake Moore
Bob Gibbs
Carol Miller
Christopher Jacobs
Daniel Goldman
David McKinley
Dean Phillips
Debbie Schultz
Deborah Ross
Diana Harshbarger
Donald McEachin
Dwight Evans
Earl Blumenauer
Fred Upton
Garret Graves
Jerry Moran
Jerry Moran
John Curtis
John Yarmuth
Josh Gottheimer
Katherine Clark
Kathy Manning
Kevin Hern
Kurt Schrader
Lois Frankel
Maria Salazar
Marjorie Greene
Mark Green
Michael Guest
Michael McCaul
Mike Kelly
Mike Simpson
Mo Brooks
Patrick Fallon
Rick Allen
Ro Khanna
Robert Wittman
Roger Marshall
Scott Franklin
Shelley Capito
Steve Cohen
Susie Lee
Thomas Carper
Thomas Suozzi
Tommy Tuberville
Trey Hollingsworth
Virginia Foxx
William Keating
Zoe Lofgren


Wonder how many of them have dual citizenship…

Kay Mitchell

Research it.

Mark David

About 99%, +- 1%.


Marjorie ( Mark ) Taylor ( TailHER ) Greene ( BURG ) IS a DÜDE!!!!!!

Kay Mitchell

Wouldn’t surprise me.

But as long as MTG supports Trump then what’s in his/her panties is not my concern.

Last edited 6 months ago by Kay Mitchell

She was married and had children so how come her husband did not know.


The same reason Michael LaVaughn Robinson got into TH33 White House, too! It is all concocted and made to look real, but it never is, or WAS!

Elisa Orozco

…………so I have read


Too bad you didn’t alphabetize the names and/or list their states.

Last edited 6 months ago by Sue

Just copy & paste them into a spreadsheet to sort them alphabetically. You could give that list to an AI that lets you add your own content. Then give it the list & get AI to give you the states they represent. In fact you could do the whole thing with AI much faster.


And ask AI how much each is worth $ wise and while at it…how many Trillions of $s was Pelosi worth?

Last edited 6 months ago by zee
Kay Mitchell

And what could YOU do, besides siewalk supervising?


Allen, Rick (R-GA)
Blumenauer, Earl  (D-OR)
Brooks, Mo  (R-AL)
Capito, Shelley  (R-WV)
Carper, Thomas  (D-DE)
Clark, Katherine (D-MA)
Cohen, Steve (D-TN)
Curtis, John (R-UT)
Evans, Dwight (D-PA)
Fallon, Patrick (R-TX)
Foxx, Virginia (R-NC)
Frankel, Lois (D-FL)
Franklin, Scott (R-FL)
Garbarino, Andrew (R-NY)
Gibbs, Bob (R-OH)
Goldman, Daniel (D-NY)
Gottheimer, Josh (D-NJ)
Graves, Garret (R-LA)
Green, Mark (R-TN)
Greene, Marjorie (R-GA)
Guest, Michael (R-MS)
Hagerty, Bill (R-TN)
Harshbarger, Diana (R-TN)
Hern, Kevin (R-OK)
Hollingsworth, Trey (R-IN)
Jacobs, Christopher (R-NY)
Keating, William (D-MA)
Kelly, Mike (R-PA)
Khanna, Ro (D-CA)
Lee, Susie (D-NV)
Lofgren, Zoe (D-CA)
Lowenthal, Alan (D-CA)
Manning, Kathy  (D-NC)
Marshall, Roger (R-KS)
McCaul, Michael (R-TX)
McEachin, Donald (D-VA) died, replaced by Jennifer McClellan
McKinley, David (R-WV)
Miller, Carol (R-WV)
Moore, Blake (R-UT)
Moran, Jerry (R-KS)
Phillips, Dean (D-MN)
Ross, Deborah (D-NC)
Salazar, Maria (R-FL)
Schrader, Kurt (D-OR)
Schultz, Debbie (D-FL)
Simpson, Mike (R-ID)
Suozzi, Thomas (D-NY)
Tuberville, Tommy (R-AL)
Upton, Fred (R-MI)
Wittman, Robert (R-VA)
Yarmuth, John (D-KY)

Kay Mitchell

Thank you Sue! 👍

Very handy list to have at hand.


I follow the $s –I rather know how much each is worth

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Kay Mitchell

Then RESEARH it.

It’s free and public info on the net.

Kay Mitchell

Too bad YOU don’t do it yourself and share it.

Kay Mitchell

Thank you very much for doing it and for sharing it Sue!

Kay Mitchell

VERY Useful information.

Information like this should be posted before every election!

Thank you, Thank you!


Hunter Biden appears to have not been invited to Wednesday’s state dinner for Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese after facing backlash for attending others amid his ongoing legal issues and probes into his international business dealings.

Hunter was nowhere to be found on the guest list released by the White House ahead of the dinner, but other family members, including his three daughters, an aunt, uncle and two cousins, were invited.


Sorry, the population has had enough time to be desensitized to hunter’s child trafficking, etc… just like what happened to pizzagate.


Wrong! The CIA Media False Flags Your Mind To Forget What They Don’t Want You To Remember


That’s cuz he is six feet under!

Kay Mitchell

This is the height of INSANITY.

Thanks for this info.BT.

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🚨BREAKING: Trump to Present Classified Information of Foreign Interference in 2016 and 2020 Elections at January 6th Indictment Trial



too little way too late for trump and his cadre

fuck trump

Kay Mitchell

I couldn’t find the new trial date. Just that there will be one at which those documents will be presented.

This continuous waiting-game since 2020 is a real soul-killer!


Looks like Trump is about to blow the whole damn thing up in their Faces!

🚨 Donald Trump to Offer Classified information Relating to Foreign Influence into the 2016 & 2020 Election

Donald Trump will also present classified information that the intelligence community minimized and/or ignored efforts by foreign actors to interfere in our elections.

How do you ‘legally’ INJECT/make public/use as evidence?

https: //rumble.com/v3s19ej-trump-to-offer-classified-information-relating-to-foreign-influence-into-th.html

Kay Mitchell

So good to hear. Thank you!

But Rumble requires Far too much information about me to sign up for an account.

Feels like I’d be putting a direct target on my back.

The world has become very dangerous for conservative republicans under the Biden regime.

That won’t begin to change until President Trump is back in the White House.


If you want to go watch it you can without joining. I watch often, but haven’t joined, or had to give out any of my information.

John .S

dailyfetched com/irish-farmers-forced-to-slaughter-41000-cows-to-meet-pollution-regulations/


So, even if we win, there will be starvation… but ignore this probability, folks.

Kay Mitchell

Can you do anything else besides “Harbinger of Doom”?


Stand Up Against it People 💪🙌😇😉😎!!! We Do NOT 🚫 Consent!!!


Yes We NEED to all be ready to stand up for the farmers, whatever their crop may be…WE DO NOT CONSENT.


you will need >50 armed folks ready to rock some shock and awe!

Kay Mitchell

Bravely spoken.

Kay Mitchell

Bravely spoken. 🤭

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Kay Mitchell

The world has gone totally mad under the Biden regime.

What is Mike Johnson going to do about it?

How much more evidence could possibly be needed?

Last edited 6 months ago by Kay Mitchell

I would like to know, what do the White Hats do with the bodies after

John .S

Deceased are ran through industry food grinder with special spices, and meat distributed to corporate fast food establishments, Soylent Green burgers.
BTW: the scoops are coming.

Marta Limberg

The Deep State does use the innocents in that manner. The largest and most modern fast foods have been indicated as using such “meat.”

Kay Mitchell

Going through these kinds of posts is like wading through shit 💩searching for diamonds.


LOL 😂😆 Bur the Scary thing is others have been that the DS try to get dispose of their bodies and that makes everyone eating those things Cannabilists without their knowledge. 🤢😞


It’s been said –you all will have to be Vegans and Vegetarians ASAP..Get used to it. Learn how be healthy —it’s more than just leaving FLESH alone


You’ve got the wrong meat packing station

Kay Mitchell

Nothing can surprise anymore.


Making their DNA sample unretrievable is important, I guess.


But Unfortunately they All have been Cloned many times.

Mark David

Or shit many times.


they replace each DStard’s head with another DStard head. then we can play ‘whose head belongs to whose body’!


No wonder –that’s how Winfrey’s body is as thin as a rake now


Chum – Shark bait.
Worx good.




Place them in body bags and freeze the body until the family claims it or until further notice. Cremating the remains and returning the deceased remains’ is also an option.

Last edited 6 months ago by Joanna

I read somewhere that the bodies were put on ice for proof that they were executed.


All hangings etc are on Analog tape for WE THE PEOPLE’S reveal.


Put them in the oven just like they did in ww2!


Highly unlikely anybody was put in ovens, considering the energy and time needed to cremated just one body. Millions? Impossible, and forensic science has shown that. But it’s just to great a story to let go.


Keep ’em on ice to show us the analog copies for our promised coming days of 8 hour reveals x 3 times daily…. Keep your treats, tissues and vomit pans close by

Last edited 6 months ago by zee
Kay Mitchell


Sylvia Hertel

@Michael Baxter A suggestion: Sometimes what people want isn’t the best thing for them.

I’m reminded of the Israelites who wanted a king like the nations around them. The only problem was the nations around them were all Canaanites, who had invented government. The Father knew no form of government was good, but they continued to demand to have a king. The Father finally decided to give them a king, and we’ve had a variety of forms of government ever since.

As we keep hearing these days, “Sometimes you can’t tell them; you have to show them.” No form of government has worked out over the last 4,000 yrs., about ~ every form has had serious flaws. Have we learned our lesson yet?

I question people’s desire for every detail of these executions ~ is it really healthy for us? Most certainly it’s not for you.

As a writer, I know how much energy writing requires, and to verbalize such “gory” details, even on paper/ computer, most certainly takes its toll on the writer.

My suggestion is, you post names and charges against detainees, their execution dates, death times, and leave it at that. If you feel up to writing about the tribunals, go ahead ~ if not, don’t. Outcome is what’s important.

Your articles on military operations and their outcome, are equally and sometimes more important.

You can’t allow this work to destroy your health ~ then we would have no source at all for this kind of information. Please, for your sake and ours, give this some thought. You and your work are so greatly appreciated.

The Father will richly bless you for all the work you do for Him and for His name’s sake.

Kay Mitchell

Michael please consider accepting Sylvia’s suggestion.

All I’m really seeking is the bottom line as she suggested and not an in-depth, detailed transcript of what was said and done.


You don’t have to read them if you consider them offensive. Nobody was all busted up over Jezebels gory & rather ugly death. Enemies who have refused to repent & hold onto evil should be publicly executed as a deterrent. I do believe that most of the stress is having to deal with so many people & extract information from them in order to verify & validate the sources. The simple act of writing itself is not stressful. What’s stressful is the difference between your agenda & the truth. Nothing else causes stress in reality. Stress is internal. Those who believe in external “stressors” are doomed to never gain power over those things they believe are stressors.


Damn Canaanites. We finally have someone to blame. Don’t recall from the Bible that God was an anarchist. Seems like he had a lot of rules, over 600 in Deuteronomy


Such a beautiful and knowledgeable commentary on MB composition. And so sad for those who are too ignorant to understand the consequences of their “work.” One Trillion dollars is WAY too much to send to an actor (and his cohorts) in the Ukraine, particularly when we don’t have it to spend.


KM’s are not of Jewish Spirit & Souls. These KM satanists claiming they are jews have reversed all the laws of the 10 commandents to thou shalt kill & thou shalt steal etc

Last edited 6 months ago by zee
Kay Mitchell

So true. Well said.

Thankyou LindaSue1947.


“”As we keep hearing these days, “Sometimes you can’t tell them; you have to show them.””

that’s right, so continue to sit around idly and watch the country burn so that the others can wake up and we can all survey our ruined country as an awakened people! Great plan!


Try “This” read.
I’m reminded of the “”””””””Christians”””””””” who wanted a king like the nations around them. The only problem was the nations around them were all Canaanites, who had invented government.

Dave Kelly

Rather than having Mr. Baxter write about all the executtions and getting stressed out in the process, start showing the analogue VIDEO of the executions , hearings and tribunals which is was supposed to start in Jan, 2021. This would no doubt relieve the stress Mr. Baxter is experiencing .


Well, you know what they say. A picture is worth a thousand words. Except these days you have make sure it’s real. But there are ways to do that

Kay Mitchell

Those videos are desperately needed and will meet many needs.


So don’t read it! Seven long years, lady. All we are asking for is a little hope. I’ll happily take over his job.

Kay Mitchell


Please seriously consider this Excellent suggestion Sylvia Hertel makes for everyone’s sake. 🙏

Thanking you in advance.


I want to hear the details. If he doesn’t include them, they (The democrats,etc. won’t believe them. I am a small Christian lady.


“Given what’s happening today, writing about even justified deaths has become…exhausting.”

Referring to Maine? or something else – please explain Michael.

Kay Mitchell

I’m sure Michael’s referring to all the stories with grusome details he writes.