JAG Indicts Jenna Ellis


The United States Navy Judge Advocate General’s Corps has indicted former Trump lawyer Jenna Ellis on charges of treason and aiding and abetting the enemy, a JAG source told Real Raw News.

The formal accusation against Ellis comes after she betrayed her former employer, President Donald J. Trump, by flipping on him and striking a plea bargain with Deep State prosecutors who have sworn to destroy Trump by any means necessary. Ellis was part of a legal team hired to prove that the criminal Biden regime stole the 2020 presidential election by manufacturing votes and rigging election machines in several battleground states. At the time, she vehemently defended Trump’s efforts to overturn the fraudulent election, saying, “President Trump won the election by a landslide, and any claims to the contrary are untrue.”

In August the Deep State came for Ellis, charging her and 17 other Trump associates with violating state anti-racketeering laws and solicitation of violation of an oath by a public officer, which, if found guilty, carry a heavy prison sentence. Although the charges are provably false, Ellis surrendered at the Fulton County, Georgia, jail and was released after posting bail and agreeing to testify against Trump and his co-defendants at all trials “present and future.”

According to our source, JAG visited Ellis in June, forewarning her that the Deep State had her in its sights and would threaten her with criminal prosecution unless she flipped on President Trump. Ellis reportedly told JAG investigators, “I’d never do that, no matter what they try, and Donald Trump is innocent and won the election. I don’t think they’ll bother me anyway.” The investigators cautioned Ellis that the Deep State’s diabolical persuasiveness was not to be underestimated. They even offered her military protection, which she declined. In response, investigators informed Ellis that treachery carried grave consequences, with emphasis on the word “grave.”

“She should’ve heeded the warning. We were prepared to shield her from the Deep State. But, nope, she wasn’t interested. And then she gave herself up and told serious lies about President Trump,” our source said.

Ellis would later say she regretted working for President Trump, calling him a “malignant narcissist” and saying in a proffer that he never intended to vacate the White House, even if he legitimately lost the election.

JAG believes that Ellis, a lawyer, has privately violated attorney-client privilege when speaking to Deep State prosecutors.

“There’s nothing true she can say that will incriminate President Trump because he’s innocent of all charges, but the DS will get her to say what they want, and they don’t respect the sanctity of privilege. The bottom line is Ellis is a traitor, no matter what she says in public,” our source said.

In public, Ellis has spoken ambivalently about her feelings toward Trump. On an American Family Radio show hosted by Steve Deace, Ellis said, “And the total idolatry that I’m seeing from some of the supporters [of Trump] that are unwilling to put the constitution and the country and the conservative principles above their love for a star is really troubling,” then added, “I have great love and respect for him personally.”

“If she respected President Trump and the constitution, she wouldn’t have turned to the dark side,” our source said.

He told RRN that JAG investigators tried to revisit Ellis after she was released on bail and had authored an “apology letter” to the residents of Georgia for playing a part in “election subversion.” This time, though, Ellis’s home in the D.C. suburbs was guarded by a gaggle of FBI agents.

“She refused military protection and is now living protected by the Deep State,” our source said.

When JAG phoned Ellis, an FBI agent answered and said, “Ms. Ellis has nothing to say to you.”

“Jenna Ellis will eventually tire of constant security watching her every move and try to give them the slip. They all do. And we’ll be waiting,” our source said.

Asked whether disclosing the indictment’s existence might jeopardize a future arrest, our source said, “There’s nothing secret here. She was duly warned.”

He would not presently comment on whether JAG has filed charges against other plea bargainers.

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Karen B

Doesn’t President Trump have everyone who works for him sign a NDA? 🤔 I just assume he would.


Sydney Powell apparently turned on him too. I don’t have cable so I didn’t realize that they had turned on Trump.

Karen B

I don’t have it either for good reason, and this news of these high profile people who flipped is an eye catching occurrence.

Above Reproach

Sydney Powell totally loved Donald Trump, I don’t know if it’s true but I saw a blip on YouTube saying that she was found dead in her home just recently. God I hope not.


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Effing HCTIB. Traitor. Two faces.

Heather Duncan

So if jenna made the right choice, she would not be in military custody. all of these trump people that were arrested by the deep state were all told That they would have white hat protection. Looks like Sidney Powell made the right choice and told the deep state she is “guilty”. I think Sidney Powell will make it out okay, but this jenna is stupid. She was warned.


Five minutes ago I left a short message here and it disappeared.


It’s called censorship.

Karen B

…try hitting the bell to the left of “Post Comment”. You have to do that every time you send a message. Mine wouldn’t show either until I did that.

Alan Stevens

Is she going to be walked up the 13 steps?


🇺🇸And the game continues.♥️


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Wasn’t Jenna a Never Trumper to begin with? Seems like I remember reading about her hateful twitter or facebook posts before she joined his team. Hope she hangs. I also hope to read stories about Sidney Powell and Rudy G on this site.


I don’t think Rudy will ever flip, But Sidney already bailed, but never heard anything about it. Would love to know more.


Remember Rudy was reported in MSM as Covid Positive 😉


Oh boy…..


What a complete load of bullshit. If anything there is over whelming evidence that trump is a completely jew owned TRAITOR. The evidence is all there for anyone that has eyes to see and ears to hear, all anyone has to do is seek the truth. “ You shall know them by their fruits”.


Hey KillyouFirst, Go get stuffed. The real genuine Donald J. Trump President 45 and CIC46 is a HERO!!!!
You are worthless TRASH and your LIES about Real Donald Trump are disgusting. Your ‘fruits” show you to be little more than a demonic Ring Wraith.


Fuck off mossad, your time is coming soooooon. Keep pushing your jew/trump propaganda but you know as well as I do the truth will come out and all traitors will pay as will their families.


In keeping with your performance up until now You could not be more OFF BASE. What a Fool. If President Trump was pro-“jew” he certainly could not be “mossad” Also – aiming yourself at the people rather than the ideologies is only more confirmation of your flaming ignorance.

Charles Smith

Notice all the deepstate indictments on this site, be warned deep stater! Your time is coming too a close.


To the contrary – you are not supposed to accuse “those that cry the most”, or you will be attacked for being an anti-semite.
Dumb ass!
He can’t do it, but anyone else sure as hell can! And for that matter, they can’t blame him for it because he hasn’t said it – but they know what he wants to say!


Fuck the jews!!!


Allow me to inform you as to the consequences of those who come against Gods Chosen people according to Gods Holy Word. You want to take that chance, go ahead, ask Pharaoh how that works out.

Go ahead, take a stand against His Chosen people, The Apple of Gods Eye. There are Very specific and harsh consequences people who do bring on themselves. God states clearly in His Word what will happen to those who do. Ask Pharaoh how that works out. 
Don’t like it, don’t believe it, protest it, laugh at it, scoff, be over confident all you want, BUT IT IS STILL WRITTEN AND HIS WORD WILL STAND! He has Never lost to narcissistic, arrogant people. 

Isaiah 49:25 “But this is what the LORD says: Yes, captives will be taken from warriors, and plunder retrieved from the fierce; I WILL CONTEND WITH THOSE WHO CONTEND WITH YOU, and your children I will save.”

Last edited 5 months ago by LJC

Whoa to those who call themselves Jews but are of the Synagogue of Satan

There’s a difference between God’s chosen people and the bankers and globalists psychopaths who hide behind the name “Jewish” who seek to destroy the world’s population for world domination

We aren’t anti symetic we are antin EVIL


And your fruits are …..very deep state.


Oops – Busted!!!
bitchute DOT com/video/ZI58elOVFV8j/


about what or who?


Are you serious?
I take it you dont want to know about Stacy A bro getting popped for child trafficking – have a nice day!!!


Brother in law. Big difference


married to her sister, another deep stater. fell from the same tree. duh.

Rebecca Tracy

Not surprised. Watched her on Facebook. Think she betrayed Trump & our nation when part of team representing Trump impeachment. Believe she knows all about child trafficking in Florida. Ellis is known by her fruits, which pretends to be good, but NOT 🤬🇺🇸


A little surprised but not totally, she always seemed plastic instead of tough as nails. If she really believed what she was doing was right she would have taken the protection offered, the snake poem seems fitting…


Trump was talking about himself and mocking his ignorant followers when he read the snakes poem. Satanist love to do this.


that is true about satanists but Donald Trump is not one of you. He was identifying his ignorant opponents, the snakes, like You.


You don’t know the deep state very well. She got steamrollered by their lawfare, took the plea deal, and no matter what she was forced to say, Trump won.

Van helsing

I’m a little surprised by this one.

Karen B

I remember her and Guiliani going to all 5 State Supreme Courts after the 2020 election to provide proof of the stealing at their specific polls. I was impressed with her behavior then. Reading this has saddened me that she would become a traitor and side with dark, evil forces. Especially, when I had caught her a couple of times speaking on Christan radio. I believe it when we are told some arrests are going to shock us… like this one. Lord have mercy on her soul.


Stupid game that she is playing. I don’t think she ever believed that Trump had a righteous case. It seems like she just enjoyed the prestige she got for being a billionaire’s lawyer.

Last edited 6 months ago by Rita

I was aghast at her comments in court last week! You may well be correct that she just wanted the prestige of representing Trump but she can see what happened to Rudy and Sydney so she hedged her bets on the deep state rather than standing up for the rule of law and the Constitution!


how about those fake tears??? Give me a break!!!

Surf Nazare

food for thought—the FBI answered her phone when called—–what does that suggest as a possibility—–forced/kidnapped or something nefarious—-don’t be too quick to stone her just yet—-Look at all of Trumps law suites and what judges or DA’s they end up with—–do you really think they wouldn’t stupp to something crooked—-Do you trust Wray—–


I never liked Ellis, she looked so fake, even when she pretended to be on president Trump’s side.


her body language and overall appearance.. me either ..


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Suck their nuts too and you’ll make more. 💦🍆🤷🏻‍♂️


You would know.


Based on your title you must eat ass too. Hey whateverfloatsyourboat. Get dat moneez homie. 🤣🤷🏻‍♂️


Adding to your list of obscenities… let’s see…

You “suck their nuts” AND

You “eat ass”

Aren’t You special. Stay FAR AWAY.

Lady Hermann

Lawyers in general can not be trusted. IF they are so ignorant they do not know they work for United Kingdom system they are worthless to you. If they know they are working for the United Kingdom system then they are corrupt.


When you are committed to winning AT ANY COST… that pretty much defines you.

Surf Nazare

Want to hear something funny—-that hospital where Hamas was operating out of, you know the big complex—–was built by the Jews that don’t care—-

Surf Nazare


Lady Hermann

So…attacking it is okay…since they built it? Hahaaa!


So just let Israel do what they want cause the bible says so????

Surf Nazare

I never said that—-Everyone is attacking Israel for lack of investment or caring for the Palestinians when they built a hospital to care for them—–Notice in video’s there is a MRA machine in the hospital—-many smaller hospitals in US don’t have one—-What investment has HAMAS made in the Palestinians in GAZA—-they take 90% of all goods sent into the GAZA—-just think how much it took to build over 300 miles of tunnels and a main entrance is under hospital—-are they killers or cowards or maybe both—-


And that is “funny” HOW?

Surf Nazare

it floats my boat


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Michael R Davis

The Commander-in-Chief dealing with his favorite, most important constituents.

https ://twitter.com/LaraLeaTrump/status/1724868063416184877?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw


If your bank is not ISO20022 Compliant by Sunday November 19 2023 they will collapse. So bank runs will begin. Hence Military Events & Lockdowns to begin to get people indoors.

19th is the [~]

The World Will Be WATCHING.



Guillaume DesChamp

Time for the Weekly Prediction of Doom!

The Weekly Prediction of Doom is brought to you by BT. BT, your one-stop shop for shit that won’t happen.

Last edited 6 months ago by Guillaume DesChamp

Yes , hang on and Clarence Thomas will declare the 2020 election null and void as mentioned many times . I guess those other justices will have none of it .


Patience is a virtue which it appears doesn’t apply to you.

David T

Three of the fake troll turd names that all identify the same troll, are right above your post. There’s Ethe1, DesChumps, and Exi1e.


CW used to say that all the time before she died.


No use competing against a brick wall.


I thought the 17th was the day. Thor is a demon being channeledby someone. ( or you) There is no such thing as extra terrestrials. I hope God can open your eeys to this deception. AS I said, He doesn’t give dates. Why would anyone? Then the DS would know the plans. Stop listening to Thor & start listeing to God’s prophets of today, Amanda GRace, Julie green, Diana Larkin, Kent Christmas, Barry Wunsch. Then you won’t be disappointed when these events on these dates don’t come to pass. That goes for anyone who’s given BT a thumbs up. I say that in love, because I don’t want you disheartened. Thank you.


Fortunately, extraterrestrials DO EXIST.

Susan Banks

They are waiting to help us. Said Alex Collier. The Andromeda.


But these events never happen , dates or not . How long can you wait . The longer you wait the more defenseless children are abused and neglected .


Right, so everything is supposed to happen on your watch/clock? You’re not important enough. Get over yourself.

Last edited 6 months ago by Dragonista

No , I’m thinking of the children that will get abused or neglected the longer the wait is. What if something happened to a child today or tonight because we can’t act on it ? The public is not ready for disclosure and action so they will let it slide until they are ready ? Meanwhile more abuse and neglect goes on . Oh Brunson case is long dead too.


You MUST listen to the jew propaganda and “ TAKE NO ACTION YOURSELF”, to do so might screw up their jew plan to murder 95% of the worlds population and enslave the rest.


E.T’s. Are anything that does not belong on earth. Demons and fallen ones can be consider E.T’s. They are the E.T’s. Fooling everyone in the process.


So wouldn’t angels also fall under this rule? 🤔


God has no prophets today. Stop believing LIARS and CHARLATANS peddling zionist propaganda.


Do we go and ask them.


BT..is it end of 36 months looooong “jb” freak show ??????and nu*ty yaho*o his 7 wks long ??????


Dude none of y’all’s “ cult of Q “ bullshit has happened. How can you possibly keep believing and telling that bullshit? 🤷🏻‍♂️


> White HATS inside TRUMPS CONGRESS are well aware of what’s really happening…
That’s why they are EXPOSING. The VIRUS> the coming ( starting) VACCINES full EXPOSURE> BIDEN CRIME family./ FAUCI.cia/
> as everything grows… The, 2020 election is going to resurface on a MASSIVE level and SCOTUS WILL come into the picture… TRUMP is currently EXPOSING the CORRUPT U.S. justice SYSTEM…….>> so many things are happening in the U.S. including the financial COLLAPSE .. To CIA creating Russian war ECT ECT ECT etc etc etc etc etc etc ectectectect .

White HATS are painting a picture and getting all things down on U.S. Congressional records…. This includes the U.N.
OBAMA/ Biden funding Iran to bring in Extremist to cause chaos in the U.S. ( another 911 inside job)

Documenting everything and have hundreds of Iranian terrorist/Al-Qaeda/terrorist in Gitmo this moment who are EXPOSING a planned attacks in the U.S. <<<<GAME THEORY OPERATIONS<<<
( letting them play their final cards and THEN EXPOSE THE TRUTH AFTER THE EVENTS AND ARREST WARS 11.3 military laws of War protocols can settle the chaos within a few days
> The U.S. military can be deployed into all cities within a few hours and with in a few days restore order……… Then comes MASSIVE ARREST WARS… THE ENDING STORM
>[ DECLAS] for all to know.

Stay strong Patriots I have WARNED many many times of these EVENTS to unfold called the NEAR DEAR CIVILIZATION EVENT that leads to nuclear STANDOFF<but there are SEVERAL SAFETY MEASURES IN PLACE

Even in Israel, the deep state can not win the war and Netanyahu WILL step down in time and the good Israeli people governments. Military WILL rise in a COMING amazing COUP.


All these EVENTS must happen so the humans of Earth can see the PAIN. THE DARKNESS OF CORRUPTION AND DARK EVIL OF THE CABAL……




More coming?
Why is this relevant?
How do you 'show' the public the truth?

It had to be this way.
Sometimes you must walk through the darkness BEFORE you see the light.

Join @WhiteHatsArmy


lmaooooo just copypasta now

David T

B0fa bl0ws g0ats.


You are nothing but garbage.


Trump isn’t exposing shit you idiot, he is nothing but a distraction like everything else while they build their digital prison system around us and burn everyone out of their homes and land.


do you really believe there are -wh- in the Israeli army after 6 wks of GAZA war ??????


Trump the traitor ass jew can’t and won’t do shit. Only “ THE GOOD PEOPLE” working for and with the source creator/GOD can put a stop to the evil that permeates and rots this planet to the core.


U.S. Special operations command in the middle east area
Are preparing ops to find U.S.  , Italian and Israeli hostages
( over night operations will begin)

U.S. sends the navy battle fleet to the region only to deter other countries from interfering in the war.
_NO U.S. troops will be deployed to Israeli grounds for combat ( only U.S. Special Forces in the regions are working with Israeli special forces to locate and retrieve the hostages)

>The green light is given by the Pentagon.cia.mi6_ Mossad to prepare for an ATTACK on Gaza strip in the next 72 hours with Massive strike
( I had given this information earlier on this green light …… But the Attack on Gaza will cease before two weeks or so/// The deep state is pushing this operations to flood the mockingbird MEDIA with intensive FALSE  FULL War scenario that lead to ww3…. this purpose is to get world funding ( that leads to money laundering ) … taking money from U.S. tax payers for assistance of ISRAEL through weapons > military industrial complex system $$$$$$_…. But also so Netanyahu can try to install full dictatorship…

_but as I have reported earlier, the U S Israel have already done military battle, war games and war simulation assessments and U.S. ISRAEL CAN NOT WIN the War.
…….. But Israel has been given green light for few days or week( s) to attack Gaza then after a stand down, truce will be reached.

( in this time in the 1800s Jews were guided into Palestine with the idea to create a Jewish state guided by the 33 FREEMASONS… By the end of World War 2 the Jews with the help of Masonic 33rd degree who controlled UNITED NATIONS they formed Israel )
_1st part of their plan was to over throw Russia and infiltrate their government and regimen and turn them into a communist country and have Germany and British empire fight against them….. after this war communism would be used to destroy other countries the 33rd FREEMASONS controlled with ROTHSCHILDS and these communist created countries would weaken and their religion would falter.
_2 World War plan was to have fascist countries fight with Zion ( Jewish) modern politics/ Democratic ideology. This war was created to destroy Nazism and in return world insure the State of Israel would be created in Palestine.
_The 3rd world war would be fought between political Zion and Middle east Muslims of Islam and have them mutually destroy each other >>>THE GREAT AWAKENING IS HAPPENING PATRIOTS!!!>>> AND ALLIANCE MILITARY ACROSS THE WORLD ARE FIGHTING TO EXPOSE ALL THESE TRUTHS


Join @WhiteHatsArmy


Why should only Israel get to do what they want?

Last edited 6 months ago by Talion

What a load of bullshit.

Raul Redero

Todos los traidores pena de muerte si los dejan vivos vuelven hacer lo mismo y captan a otros


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Bro you post this same shit like every day with the date moved ahead. Remember the posts last week that said the big bank collapse would happen on like November 13th or something? How do you fall for it literally every time?


Your nothing but a selfish prick.


Most likely it’s an israeli propaganda agent spreading their “ operation trust “ Q bullshit. Hey gotta keep the lies going some how when the people aren’t buying it anymore.


BREAKING: X (Twitter) has enabled a who new army of propaganda artists through “Community Notes.” Using this tool, account holders can anonymously post false claims and attach it to one of your tweets.



Community Notes is another term for Anonymous Fact Checkers.



Last edited 6 months ago by RustyJim2

Fuck off you weirdo. Your sick.

Lorenz Manner

Unbelievable. How is that possible? She was OK from the very beginning but fell prey to the Deep State. Traitors have to take the consequences no matter what and no matter who they are. I hope she will soon be a tenant of GITMO.

Last edited 6 months ago by Lorenz Manner

She was just another Obama who pretended to be a Christian in order to get elected. Turns out he never was. She’s clearly the same.

William R Nicholson

If Jenna has turned to DS , then she has zero excuse for doing so ! Throw the book at her and see if her associates are traitors too ! Commander Trump stands by his loyal allies however Jenna according to this story , no longer deserves the protection that he gives ! I hope all DS beings can be apprehended , brought to trial by JAG Courts ….. and test the efficiency of the courts. Perhaps 300+ can be next monthly total for the gallows ? I’m sure , there’s no shortage of scum that deserve Capital Punishment. Flank Speed Ahead ! Nick , NavyBlueSmoke , LST-1195 ,


Many Patriots still don’t know… So, let’s help ‘em out. 😎

The 17th letter in the alphabet is Q.

There’s Q and then there’s Anons. 

There’s no such thing as QAnons, Q tells this.


Q is a Security Clearance equivalent to Top Secret of the Department of Energy. 

Q Explanation:


17 ≈ Q 

Military Operation and Continuity of Operations Plan 🇺🇸

Join @TruthHub

Last edited 6 months ago by BINGHUAN TSAI



She looks like a trance. Is she? Look at her big mannish chin and wide neck.


There’s a trend where folks call any woman a trans based on their physical appearance. There’s a channel on Telegram that sees an adam’s apple on almost every woman’s neck. Don’t fall for it. Women can have big chins and wide necks, wide shoulders, etc,etc.

Note: I am not in any way standing up for traitorous Jenna Ellis.


Yes it’s gotten out of hand with many people believing that someone is the other sex actually due to seeing what they think is a different sex and it’s ridiculous to assume that this is true.

Yes, Satanic families invert their children most of the time and are forced to adopt due to their reproductive parts not present.

But overall people are assuming that famous people are transgender or inverted sexually from birth and it’s just not true. Michelle Obama is a man for sure and Barack Obama is gay. Joan Rivers lost her life for telling us!

But the whole of Hollywood and TV stars are not transgender. The problem with the entertainment business is the abuse that is heaped on the children from as far back as it goes….even Shirley Temple!

Surf Nazare

Ezekiel war lining up big time !!!! Turkey has said they want to destroy Israel and Egypt has said they may go into the Gaza——Israel told residents of Southern Gaza to leave and they have no place to go and Egypt is telling them no so the threat by Egypt—-Gotta love this too—the Pentagon audit can’t account for TTTrillions—–geeze I wonder who is pocketing that although weapons sent to Ukraine are finding their way into everyone’s military even Russia—–
For any that might have an interest—-Ezekiel 37/38/39—-it tells you what is coming next !!!! Togarmah is Turkey when reading it and Gomer is to the west of Turkey and that is where the original Rosh was/is—not Russia—for any students out there !!! Buckle up it is coming SOON and all hell is getting ready to come onto this earth and only the truly blind can’t see or understand it—–Scripture says men’s hearts failing them for fear——2Tim 1:7—-go look it up or not—–

Someone Else

Don’t believe everything you read.



Surf Nazare

how about what I see—hear—and witness—-and from inside people—-but you will jump on anything you read on this board with a vengeance—–how many people have already hung/shot and killed this girl in numerous ways just to join a club and be accepted—–As MB has posted himself the reading comprehension on this board is amazing—–People condemn and don’t have a clue as to what she knows and has seen and the threats. How many of Trumps team have left him and how many real traders has he hired like Wray/Barr and the list could go on—–If you think the White Hats could protect her—-why don’t you ask the General that got shot and almost died and he had all those Marines around him—–
WAKE up people—-nothing is as you think you see it —–but butcher her/them before you even know the truth—–How is MAUI doing—how are the people and kids that you can’t find doing—-

Alan Stevens

Hanged. The past tense of hang is hanged.
When referring to execution by suspension by the neck.

Surf Nazare

when referring to execution, hung is the proper word to use—–they didn’t hang the basket on the wall—quite trying to be a smart ass—-if that is all you have to complain about then that is really poor—not to mention ignorant trying to look smart—-that train left a long time ago—-



Surf Nazare

yeah but the big difference between you and me is that I wont be left behind !!!!

Surf Nazare

soon Israel will bomb and blow up Damascus—-oh wait they are doing NOW—-


So just give everything to Russia back? The world too?

Give them an inch, they take a mile.

Surf Nazare

Talion—I say this in the nicest way I can—–you are an idiot—-facts are facts and truth is truth and unfortunately people have abandoned and you are on the front line more often then not—-


I don’t know, something is telling me this ain’t right…


So, Sydney will be indicted too, then?

Just Me

She made a bad judgement call, she should have accepted protection from the white hats then these goon. I know she was scare but she should have been more afraid of Jag than these hoodlums D.S. She folded up like a cheap lawn chair and betrayed President Trump. She may get some real prison time or a hanging.


she probably thought she would get help like the January 6th folks did.Ask the q retards here how they are doing?

Just Me

She seem to have thought the Deep State Hood Rats had more power than Jag. Most likely she was scare and perhaps her life and lively hood was threaten, who knows? As for January 6th folks, they should have been rescue along time ago.


Trumps gonna get ‘em out “ sooooooooon”.🤣


The brick wall is hard at work today. Providing nothing of intelligence. Numbnuts.

Just Me

If that is your case, than why are you here? so it must be true, Numbnut.

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Marta Limberg

The easiest way to destroy your life is be a “turncoat.” Treason is the reason and self destruction is the worst way to be thrown into the “abyss.” Betrayal is the worst thing anyone could do. The betrayal severely hurts the perpetrator as well as the individual on the receiving end of the betrayal. Many lifetimes will be spent wondering why the perpetuator cannot advance spiritually. Everything they do turns into💩!


Yup. Just look at Hanoi Jane!


Sadly, I’ve known turncoats who ruined my life and they still prospered throughout their lives. Not small things, really egregious, criminal, unconscionable things that none of us would do even to our worst enemies
They never got their comeuppance nor did they ever apologize for being a treasonous filthbag.
We have all been betrayed, in some fashions worse than others
The only consolation I have is when they meet God on judgement day and all of their secrets and sins will be exposed they will be punished and burn in the lake of fire forever. No running or plea bargaining from God then.


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“Loyalty” is just a word to most.


Some think “Loyalty” is just the Chinese way of saying “Royalty”, meaning like money in one’s back pocket..

John .S

WTF – K-1 kerosene $6.89 per gal. at Speedway gas station at Inwood location aka, Five Towns NY. Last purchase when Trump in office at $2.89.

Cannot acquire a bulk home delivery from Mom and Pop shops.


That way WHEN there’s a HAARP induced “extreme weather event” this Winter, tens of thousands will need FEMA to rescue them. Pipes will freeze, homes and basic utilities will be decimated, insurance policies will be cancelled and the entire area will be deemed uninhabitable.

Then FEMA will relocate victims to where it’s even colder. Got it..?



John .S

Got it loud & clear, crystal clear.

People lack critical thinking, they’re on their own.

Myself ground zero Hurricane Sandy, 14 days of mayhem, people of Texas via freeze had issues too.

Money says, utility grid failure, blamed on solar flares, would wager Ground Hogs Day.

No doubt another shit-show cometh.



Guillaume DesChamp

Prices were high last year too.

Move south.


Guess you can’t fly your jet then.


Can’t believe she’s ruined her life !!

Ellen T

Truly… and for what? A little money?




She’s not real smart


you can’t upload images to imgur dot com

Charlotte Cain

So many sold their soul to the Devil.

Brick Chick

See you next Tuesday

CONservative DEMocrat

Some might not get this- C U Next Tuesday.

Brick Chick

Yes, that’s how I usually write it but I decided to be a little more vague this time for no apparent reason.




I do and I save that for the rottweiler who married Chucky.


🚨Ukrainian president Zelensky admits that without western help, Ukrainian forces will withdraw – Bloomberg

Just Me

So many innocent people died because of these criminals using our tax dollars. Old Joe and Bath House Barry have blood on their hands including these corrupted generals.


Not to mention shopaholic Olena Zelenska for getting that poor girl fired and buying $1,110,000.00 worth of jewelry from Cartier while the drag queen whore was begging for more money in New York at the UN and the White House in DC (NOT) , shopping in paris for $40,000.00, one house in the UK, one house in Italy, two mansions in Miami Beach, one house in Israel and one house in Egypt, while her county is at war and innocent people are getting shot, raped, killed, blown apart ad cannibalized per RRN.

joemiller. us /2023 /10 /zelenskys-wife-spent-a-staggering-1-1-million-on-nyc-shopping-spree-raising-new-questions-of-ukraine-corruption/

realrawnews .com/ 2023 /11/ biden-funded-ukrainian-military-tortures-kills-and-eats-innocent-russian-civilians/

She should be ashamed of herself. Those kids of hers need to move out and start new lives in new countries. when they graduate college and start their careers.

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Just Me

All that expensive clothes and houses was bought with American taxpayer’s dollars. I hope all will be expose for all to see what these criminals have done and adding trillions to our debt.


But not trump for his vaccines and his sedation/ventilator/remdesivir protocol that murdered most of the people hospitalized for covid? No let’s give the traitorous asshole who did that a free pass because you know, worship trump and all that. 🙄🤮


Precedent Set

The Clinton Socks Case: Tapes included a discussion about a U.S. Military involvement in Haiti.

President Trump – “He can’t get away from Haiti, can he? He’s done ‘very well’ with Haiti.” 👀

A must listen! 🔥🔥🔥




I cannot belive that Bill Clinton’s adorable cat Socks would do such a thing 😥


Invalid link.