Military Raids NIH Biolab in Montana


White Hat forces on Thursday raided a Deep State Biolab in Montana where NIH employees were testing weaponized pathogens on human subjects, a source in General Eric M. Smith’s office told Real Raw News.

Acting on credible intelligence provided by a Republican lawmaker, Gen. Smith mobilized a Marine reconnaissance platoon and soldiers from the Army’s 48th Chemical Brigade to surveil the National Institutes of Health’s Rocky Mountain Laboratories—a bio level 4 facility—in the rural outskirts of Hamilton, Montana.

The informant told the general’s office that he had seen NIH employees escorting a busload of “hypnotized homeless” into the secure compound. He assumed the passengers were homeless because they were unclean and unkempt and wore tattered clothes. And once they set foot inside the portentous lair, they never came out.

“We saw the footage, eerie, surreal. Looked like they were in a trance, maybe drugged. The NIH guided them off the bus inside, and call me crazy, but I don’t think they were really there willingly. So, the individual who got the video, well, tracked the lab for a week, and he says they never left it,” our source said.

He added that General Smith showed the footage to the White Hat council, and together they devised a plan to infiltrate what Montana residents have dubbed “Camp Death.” Bombing it to smithereens was impracticable, for the shadowy laboratory held virulent microbes that, if they escaped, would decimate Hamilton, all of Montana, and beyond. Smallpox. Ebola. Marburg. And whatever other plagues the sinister minds at the NIH had secretly concocted. They had briefly considered dropping a thermobaric weapon—which Putin successfully deployed against Western Biolabs in Ukraine—but decided the resultant pressure wave and explosion would cause excessive collateral damage.

“The idea was dismissed quickly, but, you know, it would’ve done the country a favor. And as for the victims inside, if they were still alive, they probably wouldn’t want to be. For all we knew, the NIH could’ve been trying to put a bunch of Typhoid Marrys on the streets, and then what would happen. Nothing good ever came out of that lab. It was a place of evil,” our source said.

Rocky Mountain laboratories had come under scrutiny before. In 2018, the NIH, overseen by the late Dr. Anthony Fauci, experimented with a SARS-like coronavirus to see if it would infect bats. It has also been alleged that Lyme disease was created at the Montanna laboratory.

“It was past time to permanently put that place out of business,” our source said.

He explained that General Smith’s task force arrived in Hamilton Thursday morning and set up long-range surveillance on the site. They immediately saw something unexpected, something not seen in the video footage. The place was crawling with armed FEMA agents who patrolled the perimeter of the buildings and periodically checked license plates on vehicles in the parking lot. The Marines tallied 20 federal goons, suggesting that FEMA and the NIH, both historically autonomous agencies, were conjoined in an unholy alliance.

“FEMA there raised the specter of a violent confrontation. The plan was to enter at night when there’d be a skeleton crew. There was no expectation the NIH would resist much—their types are cowards,” said our source.

The Marines continued observing the site throughout the evening. By 10:00 p.m. eighty percent of the parking lot had emptied, leaving approximately 40 of the NIH’s 400 daily employees within the compound’s various buildings, and not all of them, the Marines knew, would be inside the building that housed the level 4 biocontainment chamber. An hour later, fresh FEMA forces relieved the existing 20; however, only 12 replacements showed up.

“Problematic but not unsolvable,” our source said. “The Marines had blueprints, schematics, and also knew security cameras were everywhere, so they couldn’t just start plunking off FEMA without someone seeing it on a monitor and phoning for help. General Smith is a tactical genius; he planned for all contingencies.”

The Marines at first stealthily avoided FEMA patrols and planted mobile phones and radio jammers around the perimeter, even though the devices, once activated, would disrupt or render their communications useless. The technology would also block the NIH’s wireless video.

Before initiating their plan, the Marines called Gen. Smith’s office to voice a significant concern: What if the NIH, realizing it was under attack, unsealed the negative pressure doors to the BSL-4 lab and released Ebola. The Marines were told that the fainthearted NIH researchers would never intentionally jeopardize their own lives, even in a standoff.

The incursion began at midnight. Marine marksmen on overwatch killed three two-man patrols, halving FEMA’s numbers. The remaining feds fell to close-quarters combat.

“They had to move fast because whoever was inside had to be wondering why the hell the video cut out, and phones weren’t working,” our source said.

As the CBRN specialists stood in the background, the Marines placed a shaped C4 charge on the biometrically sealed door and blew it open, then charged in with rifles pointed at two private security guards standing in their path. The Marines put holes in the guards’ heads and chests.

A man and a woman in white lab coats came barreling around a corner but suddenly stopped upon witnessing the carnage and the six Marines closing on them. The Marine lieutenant grabbed the woman and forced her to her knees.

“Show us where your test subjects are,” he demanded.

“I don’t know what in the world you’re talking about,” the woman said.

“Wrong answer,” the lieutenant said.

He pressed the barrel of his pistol to her temple and squeezed the trigger. Blood and brainy matter leaked out of the small entrance wound and sprayed from the gaping exit wound on the opposite side of her head.

“Oh, God, no, Jesus Christ, this isn’t happening,” her companion said, the lieutenant’s pistol now aimed at his forehead. “Oh, God, ok, I’ll tell you.”

The man recounted a macabre tale to the Marines. The NIH had exposed the homeless to an aerosolized smallpox-hemorrhagic fever mutation. Over days, they developed boils and pustules that ruptured, and their organs shut down, and they bled out through every orifice on their bodies.

“Good you talked. You’re the one who stays alive,” the lieutenant said.

Meanwhile, other Marines went building to building, room to room, crevice to crevice, exterminating 34 NIH employees. No questions asked.

With the compound secured, the CBRN specialists donned protective gear and retrieved all BSL-4 pathogens, placing them in what our source called a “failsafe” chest for transport and eventual destruction.

“We seized dozens of computers, tons of papers. The Marines demolished every piece of equipment in every building until there was nothing left but debris. Then they set booby traps before leaving with the prisoner. Rest assured, the deadly toxins will be disposed of safely and are no longer a threat to the United States.”

Asked to qualify the ethical and moral ramifications of shooting not only a defenseless woman but also dozens of unarmed employees, the source said, “Morals? You want to talk about morals? This is war. They are the enemy. Man, woman—it makes no difference.”

In closing, he shared a final tidbit of info: “The prisoner says that FEMA abducted the homeless off the streets of San Francisco ahead of Xi Jing’s visit. Our investigation is ongoing.”

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OK so I know where this lab is. Have driven by it myself on several occasions. So a Government lab in Hamilton Montana is true. Level 4? Who knows, they don’t post that on any signs. “Outskirts” of Hamilton? No not quite. It is on the South end of town where it is accessed through an older established residential neighborhood.
That’s as far as I can confirm as being a reality. Everything else from there as usual has my doubt.

Chantal De Alcyone

Well, thankyou for approving my comment, but I wonder if there is any point of commenting, especially a question, since Michael never answer to any comment, a fact making it easier to believe he is just making all his stories up. If that’s true the silence is logical, why would he waste his energy on making up more stories? Gives no extra money. Maybe the comment section is just for his own amusement, laughing to all Trump supporters everytime they put THEIR energy into his stories..

Chantal De Alcyone

Where there no survivers of the homeless, if so, what happened to them after the raid of the NIH Biolab in Montana?

Susan Sloate

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What city in Montana did this happen?


OMG… I hope this is true, and I would wish they would do the same thing to the biolab found near Fresno (in Reedly), CA, a year or so ago. It is contaminated with the same types of evil poisonous potions and the authorities are ignoring it.


All I can say is our Marines are bad ass dudes, I love them all!

Guillaume DesChamp

This story is ridiculous. Consider this.

Four hundred people worked there. This incident supposedly happened late Thursday/ early Friday morning. Let’s assume people started to arrive at work between 6-7 am Friday morning. The story says the incursion started at midnight. So in six or seven hours, the team took out the 12 guards on patrol, killed 34 other employees, searching every building, room and crevice, safely removed the pathogens, seized computers and tons of papers, demolished all the remaining equipment, and set booby traps. All in 6 or 7 hours. It’s literally unbelievable.

Even if you think all that could be done that quickly, what happened when those 400 employees arrived in the morning to ransacked buildings and offices and booby traps? Aren’t they all out of work now? Are we expected to believe that no one in town talked to these people? That no one noticed the sudden loss of 400 jobs in a town of 4500 people?


clark 1930



Could care less the gender of these people, they all took part and must answer for thier crimes as they literally aided in killing innocent people.

Susan Sloate

I’m making $90 an hour working from home. I never imagined that it was honest to goodness yet my closest companion is earning 16,000 US dollars a month by working on the connection, that was truly astounding for me, she prescribed for me to attempt it simply. Everybody must try this job now by just using
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Last edited 7 months ago by Susan Sloate

7 pic need scrutinized to justify my scenario, and push into even more inquiry/discovery

A) current goog, 2023, satellite view that can be endlessly manipulated
B) MB aerial, fixed view, likely supplied by White Hats, shot spring 22

5 goog street views

  1. main entrance, May 2012, 863 S 4th St, face gate
  2. compound front, Sep 2022, 898 S 4th St, face compound
  3. visitor parking lot, Sep 2022, 401 Baker St, ease over to compound sign
  4. delivery gate, Sep 2022, 899 Baker St, face stop sign
  5. back south west shot, May 2012, 717 Loma Ln, face compound

A) current goog, says 2023, focus on new construction see crane, see much hung steel, looking like many small rooms, try to ignore shadows… see blue roof building studying west end, compare to much older shot of street view 5., in 23 blue roof building west end looks closed in to second floor, go back to study of new construction, north wall, west end, does it not look like build-out towards blue roof… gantry, bridge, closed in, inside path from supposed Level 4 to new building through blue roof building, if so why

B) MB fixed aerial, see white spring bloom against red roof low center, see spring time leafing out in flood plain upper right, see snow on tops, see crane on construction site, no, no, no we see no crane, we do see 2 red brick buildings size of small homes exactly where new construction shows in 23, we see maybe prepping for new build, digger digging fresh soil at new build location

2., 3., 4., see crane, Sep of 22, but no crane in MB’s fixed shot thus spring 22

see 2. see stick steel stuck up in air towards construction location, looks third floor… wave back to girl on bike

see 3., visitor parking, very plausible for bus drop off but also very exposed to whole town

back to A), study flat-top office side, north, no entry on long north side closest to parking, all sidewalks lead to east end, study path from main gate to parking lot

see 1., main gate, my 300mm would not give me much of people walking from main lot to supposed Level 4, you think some outsider with enough camera just happened by and took the shot and then hung for a week or some one with hand-held drone did similar, as if any of us would know something strange was going on

see 4., delivery gate, spin to stop sign, study flat-top, glass front and red brick, do you think ego maniac, top of food-chainer, got delivered or took delivery at delivery gate, I say arrogance used main gate in front of all assumed ‘friends’, gloat, gloat, bold gloat, cell captured vid by someone knowing all was not right or norm… spin right about 90, see Golden Age, spin to fire hydrant, see cool boy reading book, do not disturb

do you think gray flat-top, presumed Level 4, has space to monitor busload on murder beds, do you think new build can house 10 bed wide with space to monitor, 4 row deep, is there crematorium in Level 4, how about new construct, is there morgue, is new build hospital… morgue… …. ….. both and/or Hitler’s retreat, is/was busload first, second, Marines made it the last but what was long range intent of the new building, maybe 40 gone, in maybe less than one week

without MB’s spring time, 22, shot, none of this ponders me, thanks White Hats

should we look into the other dozen, according to MB, NIH Level 4 Labs

what is worse Child Trafficking or this breach, reach, back into the depths of World War II screech

one thing for sure, if Level 4’s start to do bus tours, I have no curiosity


It’s a great thing that whistleblowers are in the belly of the beast an the information gets to the right people! If there’s no people there is no nation left!


I’ve studied compound, MB pic captures 90%, goog shows it all well, plenty of street view too… a plot about 1K by 1K feet… 3 sides, east, north and south are abutted by residential, maybe a tad of farm northwest, and a senior org, north side

rural is west side towards mountains, likely swallowed at times by spring melt, thus no build and at most marginal farming, upper left see patch of blue, that’s the Bitterroot, MB pic from spring 22, why, how I know that… soon

Marines had to be supper discrete to fail to wake neighbors, but I’m sure they shredded compound minimalistic defenses like claw ripping pull-port at Uncle Steve’s… just imagine Level 4 lab for next door neighbor, called ‘Death Camp’ and ‘Tick Lab’ no less, I guess some do do-it

in my study I had several inquires, dating MB pic for one… looks to me to be shot by hand-held drone between 50 to 100 feet up, immediately above public street, front of compound vantage point, shooting east to west, broad daylight, spring of 22, dating pic was one question, others were: where Level 4 lap, we know 2008 construct and place of much action; where did the unjustly condemned disembark from bus; was the ‘informant’ an insider or outsider, what vantage point was vid shot

we do not know, but can reliably infer, ‘vid shooter’, the informant, was between bus and destination of the zombie-d condemned, faces were captured, insider becomes most logical and hard to dispute, for example not aerial shot from off property, I cannot imagine this parade, broad daylight transients, turning many angles on long drudge through compound, NO, like defenses, the march would be minimal, additionally, informant readily ID-ed the organizers as NIH, distinctive from FEMA or visitors on property, the mark of inside knowledge… plus ‘tracked’, ‘week’, ‘he’, specify informant male was positioned to monitor for a week, but 2 shifts, maybe 3, highly unlikely one got it done, one or 2 more needed for round the clock track, was that ‘he’, actually a ‘she’ informant, and perhaps Marine first shot a tongue-holding ‘he’ and saved talkative ‘she’, perhaps part of informant team… these, such, elements twist like SATIRE
1114, Q quotes an anon
“Great Awakening, is legit. Disinformation and misdirection with Q is real”
real to save/disguise our heroes who remain in harms way… this is War, deception, some call it satire, paramount

so, where Level 4 lab… center of MB aerial shot, tall flat-top, with stacks to vent labs below, gray skin, glass front, like offices, north side, you have to goog that, I’ll will direct… soon, does it not look like large 2008 construction, main entrance is east end, beneath red-brick, showing staircase windows, was that entry used by the condemned without trial or jury… the empty-pocket-lot targeted by filthy-rich-elites

these victims, shuttled, marched, herded like swine, if ya claim human are animal, join their line, never opine… …showered and changed dressing med, right for/to bed, after getting fed (Fed), Level 4 cred, dread, dead… or did they first get examined and recorded like trapped lab rats also a necessary function of Level 4 to monitor their own foul-ups, I say they went straight to Level 4 which has to have showers for several, many, but not likely beds too to contain busload, think 40, 10 bed wide, with space to monitor, 4 rows deep, that’s a big chuck of dead space, each cot a sophisticated isolated unit costing a home, to monitor the murdered home-less, NO, I am not animalistic

three locations for drop off

  1. outside compound in visitor parking lot SW corner of 4th and Baker, walk from there, most exposed to whole town
  2. inside Delivery gate south side of Baker and fifth, then walk across parking lot to supposed Level 4, little town exposure
  3. bus through main gate pulling up to what appears to be Level 4 main door, shortest walk, center of compound, most, grand, boast-filled path, for insiders

these idiots were stupid enough to shuffle the disheveled in broad daylight unto Level 4 compound sticking out like thumbs stuck up and sore, failing to clean/reclothe their victims enroute at a hotel to avoid show so obvious to any spy eye, any and everyone with cell, these idiots were brazenly bold, grandly gesturing, or there would be no vid, by the most superior, proud animals on lot, top-notch food chainers, so I pick the short walk, bus through front gate along side main parking to unload putting their herd, bus and all on short trail but biggest show, bus then vanishes, as if to declare no need to stick around for one-way fare, do ya think Level 4 offers bus tours, it is all profoundly abnormal informing the informant, a moment of wake-up

it takes bold evil goons to show/advertise to colleagues these misfits deserve no life

the pageantry of it all caught informant’s nose, sniffing something extraordinary afoot, about to stink, Camp Death came DAMN real, cell came out, quickly tampered with, maybe even turned away from march but then turned back, vid left recording in nonchalant gesturing… oh if he/she could now only get PRIZED vid out gate, suspense mounted rest of day, for informant… the condemned thought bad luck had finally turned, not treated so well for so long… Elite gloried in sanctimonious pride, would ron con, birdbrain, christie feel right at home, fact we have to think about it, says too much

first of likely 2


Very good detective work and analysis

clark 1930


Guillaume DesChamp

They must be in on it!

clark 1930


truth is stubborn

Important question, clark 1930, thanks for posting.

Friend of a friend is also acquainted with the place and said it is BL4 and even had a rapid fatality once but had really weak security and works on animal diseases like for cattle. The speculation in the article about Lyme can’t be right because this facility isn’t that big and is too new for that, Lyme came out in the East, maybe Rucker Island, in the 70s/80s.

We can’t completely rule out threats for silence, but see if the friends chat more or still keep normal hours.

Definitely needs attestation either way.

P.S. MB, need to clean up typos like Montanna and Marrys.

David Fisher

In war, there are rights of the Geneva Convention, especially for the unarmed. I am guessing the article isn’t saying everything (i.e. the contact isn’t saying everything).


Do you think what those “unarmed” were doing in that laboratory was not an armament? It is much worse.
So they deserved to be eliminated. 

truth is stubborn

Problem is the assumption of guilt there. The Geneva would still protect them first, then put them under trial.

When the DS compartmentalizes everything, many of those people may not even have known the real nature of their work.

True we are at war, but that’s exactly exactly what the Geneva Convention was for.

So shoot first ask questions later Dirty Harry-ism doesn’t work in real life and gives the DS jerks the power to paint you with their methods instead.

Last edited 7 months ago by truth is stubborn

Those marines are literally fighting for thiier own lives as well as ours. You would probably be a coward in that situation and get yourself killed along with others. The marines are doing what is best for the entire team.

truth is stubborn

Or you’re full of shit. One or the other.

The United States ratified the Geneva convention for the protection of OUR soldiers too. Not just other guys.

But such things are clearly over your head. I mean law be damned, right?

Maybe you’re a Bidenite at heart after all.

Last edited 7 months ago by truth is stubborn

The Geneva Convention primarily outline protections for civilians and combatants who are NO LONGER taking part in hostilities, such as wounded soldiers, prisoners of war, and civilians in war zones.

The civilians in this facility probably would be considered as active participants in hostilities against the United States and its citizens. Therefore they would not likely be protected by the Convention.


Even though a person’s work is “compartmentalized in everything”, he/she is not living in a vacuum. There is a lot of information around: TV, radio, internet, people talk and so on.

 So, even if they still do not know what they are doing at their work, then what can I say? They are stupid. They cannot make a simple analysis, they cannot count 2+2.

Stinky Perfume

We know so little, maybe a tad more than the rest but it’s vast and goes on worldwide. If this war is B/H vs W/H then news for just USA as we get here is not much relief on what’s going on. This goes up to the angels and whoever is rescuing earth or planning for dead souls.

Stinky Perfume

Been hearing Geneva was the center of the most demons and serpent beings. All the evil out there cannot exist without lying and/or human blood or loosh energy they know how to drain. It’s said special high density beings are clearing it out but nobody can prove that, even RRN isn’t providing details to get proof. Might be too dangerous for people to have the proof.

It’s way too hard to share the news without substantial proof. It’s been said easier to lie to people than tell the truth. I guess their ego can’t stand being wrong. They want to believe in their sex lives but that just leads them to drugs later as the free lovers become freedom lover losers with a lot of secrets to hide. First is sex lives, then they are hiding their drugs and become rejects. While on drugs they don’t care about anything more than the next fix.

Now vast groups of addicts were homeless, then after, the zombie drugs, homeless became hopeless so they were slowly set up with more and more zombie drug addictions. Their chance to catch on and get out was none or time over. They can’t believe they did wrong. It started with a sex life without family values, then became free lovers for the variety, they wind up rejected like a man without a country. They can’t put a relationship together other than drug buddies and drug dealers.

So, the war ethics/deals/treaties isn’t enforcable, isn’t honored, nothing new under the sun. Earth reset and start over was the goal. The deep state can’t thrive unless getting vampire or cannibal food. DS NEEDS what it does. Fresh live blood. Then there’s loosh vampires. Nicer but still it’s taking out of people’s errors and blame when they can’t handle being the one wrong.

Susan Sloate

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Last edited 7 months ago by Susan Sloate
clark 1930


William R Nicholson

The scum whom participate in the planned torture and murder of innocents Deserve No Mercy ! They wanted to treat humans as guinea pigs as they got used to during decades of unlawful experiments ….. and they now having no links to any moral , spiritual being …. MUST be eliminated so their genetic material is not replicated. Good Work SOF & dedicated technical & support staff ! I grant you all One Thousand Attaboys & a cup a jo’ …. Marines Don’t Get Cream or Sugar ! Don’t want ya getting Soft ……. Nick , NavyBlueSmoke, LST-1195


Who asked that question?
Defenseless? As they are creating toxins to kill millions. They’re defenseless? I agree with LT, they’re enemies of the state, of humanity.


comments keep coming on this one, very good

so I misspoke in my initial lines on this one, city, county will be devasted by this Marine blow and blowback, but not as swift as we would all hope… like Colbert, cover, cover, cover

  • first realize this scum sign ‘non-disclosure-agreements’ up and down River Bitter… that local Appliance guy don’t know squat about what happens inside ‘Death Camp’ he can only imagine and imagining the worst means he needs to load up and move away, not this year, nobody talks
  • second, divide and conquer, Deep State learned of their fiasco early morn hours and before daylight, it is that time of year, there was battle for the best, did WH rush in and arrest clandestine style… did DS book early AM flights for the best absconding them off to parts unknown under some pretense, somebody got the best, maybe 40 to 100 before time to report to work, was there extra flight out Friday morn, the best will only be able to say… nothing happened, if they can still talk… then there are the least, it’s mid December, the old Georgia story, pipe busted in middle of night, enjoy early Christmas see ya after first of year, the middles, as soon as they arrived Friday they got herded into some holding pen, minimal building penetration, divided, maybe some told to go pack beg, we got problem in Sewer Town USA, and you’re our perfect hero, understand chump, they’ll never be seen or heard of again… yea it’s like droning GITMO, you been caught and now we waste you, rest of middle those known best for keeping quiet get told water line busted, but mums it, see you Monday, how many will still be alive by then
  • third, paychecks keep coming for weeks, little by little various stories will keep popping up about this one, that one, some, few, may be true and good but not taking/keeping them close to Hamilton MT, between now and New Year, maybe 50 plus vanish that way, some spouse left behind will be told to pack up and move, to never to see their spouse again
  • fourth, first of year some type of big shift will be announced, singles especially will get assigned to a new location, some will get the infamous… graveyard shift, permanently… DS don’t care, lies, lies and more lies, some die hiking the mountains, tragically snow blizzard takes a few more, hear attack, burglary gone bad, local sheriff and mayor get told how to keep the snow coming all winter, by late spring maybe some skeleton barebone remains, none will ever learn, see what happened inside compound

devastation is coming to Hamilton but not fast and furious, this time… drip, drip, drip, trick, trick, trick, 400/500 no sweat, DS bags and tags their own

look to the airport, movers, funeral homes, accident reports but expect Mayor and Sheriff to keep it all under control, no alarm until Death Camp dead

look to other public U.S. biolabs, MB says 12, PUBLIC, look for them to get hardened, this one was so soft slowjoe Crooked Creeper could have taken it with pocket knife, closed

American Living in Canada

Nice try.

trust nothing

The solution, after the Americans quit being apathetic couch potatoes, is every person paying taxes or donating money to the government must stop. We must all do it together. They do whatever they want with the trillions they take in without the public knowing, mostly to kill the citizens, control the population with media lies and make laws to protect themself. I am sick of the government stealing from our labor. We are supposed to accept these corrupt laws so our money goes to pay for the buildings, employees, and research so they kill us on a scale we all can see. Vaccines that maim, mangle, and kill- grown in the vegetables, meat we eat, air we breathe, plus in our water we drink.
Each and everyone that donates through taxes is supplying our government to kill and control us.


I am sick of the government stealing from our labor.”

Its more like the cabal that controls the government is stealing from taxpayers. But this group has been stealing from others for centuries. They impoverished India, China, Africa and other places. And in the process, killed tens of millions of people. They want to steal everything they can from Russia, but they have been stopped from doing that. That’s why they have been vilifying Russia for many years now. These are the most disgusting people on the planet – all super psychopaths – expert liars, schmoozers, and so on.


Exactly right, plus like vampires they suck and drain our energies responding and fighting continuous attacks and battles that could be better spent evolving humanity to the next level of civilization.

Nukken Futz

Everything is a rich man’s trick……


what a pity they didn’t do the thermobaric weapon as Putin did.


grand_dad’s style

not for everyone, maybe but a few, but thank-you, it, my style, is not product of learning, not enough… at one time I have academically delved into Classical Greek, Koine Greek (NT), had a good friend who spoke fluent Greek, studied ancient Hebrew, Classical Latin, Spanish and all manners of literature and history strewn over 2K+ years, halfway round world,… got advanced dust collector on wall to show for it all, I even do a few computer languages and scripts… poorly but I get by as I want to, I have not kept up with any, and now retired since year 45 took office… but I do know thing or two about comms (a Q-ism), language that is, both sticking it together and pulling it apart

imagine yourself at a symposium, speaker takes podium, this is what you hear, ‘capitol H hi comma glad to be here period capital O oh comma capital I i am sorry comma capital I i should have said comma capital I i am glad to be here period capital I is this not a wonderful day question mark with rhetorical tone in voice’… about that time you and room half vacates, fleeing from any door available

funny how things conveyed, orally, spoken, with out one ounce of the written signposts, so cherished by the rule keepers even supposedly required by written-dom or is that written dumb, gets applause… whatever I key here is likely to be on rough side anyway, still a bit on the fly and I’ll never have qualm 1 reminding you me both, this is not smoothed over, let’s keep it all rough and simple even friendly… I’m not here to please any, just to concoct, my style has also honed by years of character counting, minimalization, and I’d agree, character counts, and I’ll always have/give it

funny too, stranger still, phone texting or email use, the key(ing) gets loose, and that’s ok, but make comment, here, there, anyplace and grammar police in arms, the waving of them, off screen, please enjoy your exercise, it is good for you

Q took world by storm with totally unconventional style, my character stringings put kink in AI of normie breeding… AI, I always put emphasis on artificial, you know fake, phony, made up, superfluous, if ya getten my keys, youra cutting it above AI, C_A too

for most part I write late, 8, 12 plus hours, day or two too, likely after searching my re… let’s see thee A of I deal with that one, but you likely get it in a blink of a wink… maybe reading comments, maybe not, more than once, often, always so much to say, I’ll let MB be my peculator, finally kirkie style grants huge room to double the mean

American Living in Canada

Ok, you saying we’ve been fooled again? I guess we’ll have to take matters in our on hands then.

Thanks, see you all later… I’m outta here.


Welcome to hell


I am pleased with these results. Please continue this much needed and historic cleansing.

Susan Sloate

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Good job ,marines. 👍🏽


Love this. Time for niceties are over. Avtions like this need to happen mor often. I can’t imagine the horror those poor homeless suffered. Thank you lto all involved.


www .wnd. com/ 2023/ 12 /u-n-climate-summit-serves-gourmet-burgers-elites /


You don’t think they got their own vaccine “by accident” being that they were injecting it into the Cattle do you, I mean being they were all informally told they have an 11,000 members exemption.
I would venture to say; Never bite the hand that feeds you – in any event, it just might have happened because they tried very hard to push the Vax on injecting Cattle with their covid jabs.


Michael Jaco came out with a video on Rumble called SHOCKING News Dec. 9 > Q – Deep State it’s out trough the Situation Update channel with 18.7K Followers in it MJ is stating. The COVID Vaccination that people took. You look at the numbers that died on that day, Dec. 7, 1940 and take the number that died on that day 2403 multiply that 365 days, that gives us 877,095.
Around the world 12 to 14M that died from the COVID shot. There is lots of people that knew this, in government, in the military, in corporatatins, in Medical, on and on and on. And they turned a blind eye. Many more people are dieing from the clotshot every day. Why is nothing being done about it? Stay focused.



American Living in Canada

In contact with several like minded People… the People that they are in contact with in their groups are starting to show flaws in their commitment to the Truth. One said ” no conspiracy theories are going to be entertained here”

Bring on the EBA announcement please.

Nukken Futz

The new EBS date is 12-15-23, read it on amg-news…..


Trust, but verify.


That’s not the q retard motto

The q retard motto is take our vaccines and trust the 170 year q retard plan.


Amen to that! The trumpsters will not like that kind of attitude. Better watch your step.

Nukken Futz

I assume that your in love with black hats and biten….


Or, do not trust and don’t worry about verifying. Go it alone. Do not eat processed food, or drink city water anywhere, at least without it being filtered. Do what you can. Try to protect those close to you, but they probably won;t listen anyway. Nobody did listen to my warnings.

Is the reign of humans coming to an end? Our most sacred genome has been broken and horribly reconfigured by biopharma scientists. It is the worst of crimes/sins that any human can do to another.

To those vaxxed: it is sad to be you.


So, that being said, will the death for those that took the shot and boosters be an unnatural one? Indeed, for all of us it does eventually happen.

What happens when the human to God connection has been altered, or cancelled? Did those that took the shot cancel their connection? Can we get some verification on this?

Nukken Futz

I warned over 100 normies not to take the clot shot and not one took my advice and they are having heart problems, or they are dead. As P.T. Barnum wunce said; “there’s a sucker born every second” and now they are extremely dumb ass suckers! It’s still hard to fathom that the bad guys pulled off with such a stunt as this, and the public lapped it up with a ladle……….


The homeless & drug addicted were removed from the streets of San Francisco without so much as a single witness or video. Illegitimate Governor Gavin Newsom had been bilking the City for millions to take care of the problem, with nothing more than greasing palms taking place. Everyone knew something terrible had come to these people. Good job handling this real & present danger to humanity at large. We’re dealing with insane biomedical staff & government agencies. All’s fair.

Susan Sloate

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Susan Sloate, you are not welcome on this site. Sell your BS somewhere else.


Thank you Michael! Great article!

Also, I have noticed that Stephen Colbert hasn’t gone back to his show in a while. Are the Deep Staters gonna replace him with a body Double?

All the best!


He’s recovering from an appendectomy bro

Jim Joans

Thats from SeeBS and you’re going with It?


CIA making a clone of Colbert.


Do you think they’ll rename his show The Late Show with Stephen Clonebert 🤔


No chance ! DS wouldn’t waste the $$ on a clone

Jim Joans

His doppleganger, if they find one, will have to have part of his right ear lopped off


They can add a cauliflower where the ear should be!


I read a short article yesterday about him in NY Post. Said he is “continuing to recover from surgery. It also said they did not know when he was to return. They will continue with re-runs.


US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin reportedly told members of Congress that unless they approve more funding to Ukraine, Americans will be sent to fight Russia directly, former Fox News host Tucker Carlson said on Thursday.

Dave Kelly

FUCK LLOYD , HE IS A CRIMINAL, TREASONOUS DEGENERATE LOWLIFE MASS- GENOCIDAL MURDERING DIRT – BAG. Just who is going to go to Ukraine , going to start the DRAFT? Good luck with that, this NATION is at WAR right now and that WAR is on domestic shores. The DRAFT will send this WAR into the public realm and into the streets. This could be what it takes to finally end all of the heinous shit that has been going on for a very long time. I am not a religious man, not in a long time anyway , but GOD HELP US .


Good post DK. “tell us what you really think” lol




Americans need funding. Screw that Affirmative Action turd


LOL. The show is getting ridiculous.


Its just a fear tactic to get funding so they can funnel it over to the Green New Deal bullshit and help fund Bidens campaign.
Theres always a hidden agenda to all their dirty work they do.


If the vax daddy and team q retard confiscated 100 trillion in gold from the Vatican why cant they pay their media a reasonable living wage?


Lots of down votes but not one q retard who can answer and give a logical answer.

If team q retard confiscated 100 trillion in gold why can’t they pay their media a living wage?

Why does mr Baxter have to resort to online begging if his bosses have 100 trillion in gold ?


Because it’s for we the people when they got the gold that was the thought at that time so nothing changes that.

Last edited 7 months ago by Strike17

So team q retard literally has 100 trillion in gold and control the fed and us treasury and they can’t pay their number one media source a living stipend where he doesn’t have to beg online for survival?

That sounds reasonable and rational to you?

It’s not Mr Baxter part of we the people?

I promise if your boss had a 100 trillion in gold and was making you work for free you would have a huge problem with it


That said I appreciate the answer …makes no rational sense but at least you gave an effort to explain the unexplainable.
.the other q retards not so much.


on this 2nd day of hannakah…

Epstein = child rapist
Weinstein = rapist
Feinstein = fed criminal
Rosenstein = fed criminal
Rosenbergs = domestic violent extremist
Raskin = fed criminal
Lew = fed criminal
Zucker = fed criminal
Sanger = staunch racist, negro killer
Yellen = fed criminal, dual citizenship with Izbagel
Fischer = former vice chair of fed reserve, fed criminal, dual citizenship with Izbagel
Hubbard = self-admitted cannibal


Oh dear. Don’t tell the truth. It’s anti-Semitic.
What I read yesterday, was that the State of Israel had entrapped U.S. government officials & Congress, in taped exploits with children, in order to control their actions. These Americans were required to take oaths to support the State of Israel to obtain office. Many don’t even have Oaths of Office to our Country.

What I also learned, from someone studying KM blood-types, was that they aren’t even Semitic people from the Middle East. Some have a small percentage of Sephardic Jewish blood type. The KM origins are the Ukraine Region & Turkey. There is still some serious discussion of their being hybrids with other life forms.

Last edited 7 months ago by ROSE SEAL
Donna Miller

Cliff High explained where the KM came from and that is that they are Nomad People who killed families and took their last name. They decided the Jewish Faith was something to get behind, because those people were the money counters etc…. The KM wants to rid the world of the Hebrew Bloodline which is in Gaza…. The reason for the Ukraine War is so they can go back there and make it just for them…. That part of the Jewish want the White Race gone as well…

J Bill

Chris = producer of a movie featuring a groomer lmao

Dave Smith

I hope they can get those test subjects to the medical beds. Thanks for taking down this evil global elite cabal club. God bless us all amen 🇺🇸🙏✌️💚💚💚💚💚💚💚🇺🇸🫡🙏


Why oh why do you think Med beds exsist? They do not and there’s no proof at all .


Test subjects…medical beds?????
They are all dead!


In all honesty, I back the White Hat Military in any decision they deem necessary & expedient to protect all of humanity.


As do I.


It’s obvious you took their death jab .yes


Those unfortunate test subjects are dead. Their organs shut down and they bled out


There’s no med beds.. another hype from the Cabal✔️


Rightttt. and we are supposed to believe you ??? NAFC


If there is indeed any form of med-bed you must know it surely isn’t going to be for our good. Stay away from all their hype.


The test subjects died.


Trump events:
Sat, 12/9/23 keynote speaker for the NY Young Republican Club’s Annual Gala. Change in time; now at 8 pm EST.

Wed, 12/13/23 at 7:00 pm EST (Coralville, IA)
Sat, 12/16/23 at 2:00 pm EST (Durham, NH)
Tues, 12/19/23 at 7:00 pm EST (Waterloo, IA) covers the events/speeches and usually replays them afterwards.


so if the maker of The Simpsons is a BH insider how did he know in 2002 Trump was going to be prez?


The DS had ahold of future~viewing technology like Project Looking~Glass.


Thank you Sue…where did you get that info as I Look all over and can not find a list of where his BIG rallys/speeches will be…so where did you…again thanks!


keep digging and you will find it.


Go to the Right Side Broadcasting Network at
Then click on “Trump” to see a listing of upcoming events.
When you wish to view him speaking real-time click on “Watch Live.”

Very often he is delayed by persons who want pictures with him and/or autographs. He is very gracious to everyone there but it does delay the start sometimes by half an hour. If you miss the start, don’t worry. RSBN always replays the speech at least once or twice directly afterwards and you can always look them up if you wish to go back because they store the speeches.

Last edited 7 months ago by Sue

P.S. Trump is now scheduled to speak at 10:00 pm EST.

Rene Labre

So be it,another successful mission no causalities to the troops.There were a lot of casualties yet no ours.I don’t need to mention that because don’t give a damn about them.They choose the position they WERE in. Traitors not just to their country,but the whole of worldwide humanity. The sad position of irredeemable.

Son of Ethan allen

If more d’srs saw the consequences of their crimes, maybe they would surrender and save their lives. And testify against others.


Doubtful. Satan/Lucifer is their King. He will not let them free.


I don’t want them to save their lives. Once DS always DS.


The Marine’s are looking for a few good men! Would any of you on here fit that call?


You know, some of those ‘transitioners’ may wake up if they now qualify to be drafted!

Dr John

It is a tradition of the Marines to never draft men into their service. However, I saw first hand how they induct Army draftees from those at draft stations reporting for duty. They are selected from the Army draft lines based on physical merits and at gun point marched off to the Marines. Those inducted are initially shunned by those that enlisted in the Marines, because they did not choose to be among the few and the proud. This was during the Vietnam era.

It is a minor point, but does show how little games are played to create an image, not just a pretty uniform. No disrespect to the Marines they are bad ass and always welcome in a combat situation.




Nobody here is young enough to enlist. This site is a nursing home.




You resemble that remark.

Sandy Thomas

How do YOU know how old anybody is? I’m not anywhere near old enough for a nursing home.
So how old are you? You’re here.


Clearly not, since people are here are constantly like “I wish I could help the White Hats!” but none of them ever sign up for the Marines 🤷‍♂️


And you know that how ? Fog of War


He makes hate comments, yet denies it, lol.

Dave Kelly

I would fight , but I would be a private contractor , essentially a freelancer , I am no longer fit for US Military service. I am an old Dude , I have NO qualms what – so- ever going to fight and kill these fucking lowlifes. If I am needed I will serve , ON US SOIL , NO PROBLEM.

Dr John

Nice! Being old does not mean you cannot pull the trigger. Being old does not mean you are feeble or out of shape. At 75 I can still pass most military qualifications, it is all about remaining in shape with exercise and proper diet. I am 5’8″ and 215 pounds of solid muscle. I can still walk run, jump and carry a 30 pound ruck sack on a march. I train in various martial arts and still remember my military training. I have no ailments other than a bad attitude toward the deep state.

Being older often means you have more experience in how to deal with situations. Us old farts don’t need GPS to find North or a modern calculator to determine the specs for a long range shot. We don’t need a computer to provide weather information; we have common sense enough to tell it is going to rain. We know how to do it old school.

You may like to count us out of the game, but I would not want to stand against a bunch of old military farts.

Take this operation; did you notice any Halo Jumps, any runs for miles to reach the destination, any fearce hand to hand combat? It was smartly done in the dark after proper quiet survallance. The killings were done with guns, a number of which had scopes and night vision. In this well executed plan you could have used experienced old farts. Was it dangerous; of course, but it was stelth not speed or muscle power that won the situation. VERY WELL EXECUTED by brave Marines. Still would have liked to be at their side.


Marine/Marines. No apostrophe


Every one of these villains is out to kill you and some idiots who comment here are advocating for leniency. You are fools to think that they didn’t know exactly what they were doing and somehow would change if disciplined…I don’t want to pay for their prison time. Kill them all without trial. I trust general Smith!

true patriot

could not have said it better; these people think
you can talk a rattle snake into not biting you and
killing you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


“Take me in oh pretty woman, take me in,” said the snake.




I totally agree with you!!


Amen to that, soft action against bad crimes is why we are where we are now.


Blow the building to smithereens, turn it to dust!

Linda G.

Yeah all of them!


They DID. Did you read all the article until the end?


The NIH prisoner said the test subjects were SF area homeless people apprehended by FEMA personnel prior to Xi’s visit. Gov. Newsom most certainly had to be complicit in that deplorable activity, given his political aspirations!


Twice now, at great difficulty, the people of California have gathered at least  a million signatures to recall Newsom (ds governor)  in an attempt to remove him permanently from the governorship of our state. Both times he was re-installed in the subsequent rigged elections overseen by the usual (Soros implants) AG’s and bureaucrats.
Now he is being inserted into unearned perceived opportunities to pose as a P-Residential  cnn-didate.
(This slimeball had legislation passed to make it harder to recall an unfit office-holder after the second heartfelt attempt to remove “him“. For those without sufficient exposure to see the whole beast for what it is, I would refer you to the movies of Dam ien and Dam in 2. Loose – I – fur is another striking resemblance in tone and appearance. GN’s relationship to N P-Lousy (claimed as “nephew” … nice play on word “nephilim”)
 As their objectives are revealed more fully with time, the contemptibility of the ds full intentions are evident. They want to install IT (GN) as another “P-resident” Anyone notice the imprint of a “boot stamping on one’s face”?


only ONE way to remove illegals


Posting on WordPress blogs?


Newsom and his wicked witch of the west auntie are no longer of the earth planet, let’s put it that way. Allegedly President Trump witnessed the witch’s demise as she swung from the rope. She was the sole reason her husband turned to men.


Correct. There’s even a photo of Newsom in his gitmo cell here on RRN.


Further, Californians VOTED FOR a Constitutional Law Attorney for Governor, yet somehow got Newsom instead. Since then, 100,000 Conservative Californians have fled the state every year for the past three, in order to raise their family elsewhere.

Last edited 7 months ago by ROSE SEAL
Mike Huntsucker

According to Mr Baxter Newsom has already been dealt with… He supposedly suffered from the nasty side effects of hemp rope

Linda Hutchison

And I read SOMEWHERE (maybe HERE) that they saw an ad for Gruesome’s REPLACEMENT running.


He’s still governor, dummy


you are the dummy if you really believe that. ur nothing but controlled op spouting talking points.


Nah man you’re just stupid as shit


He is dead, “dummy”.


He’s not, doofus

Linda G.

I’m sure his clone is too. Grrr…


Chinese ordered it


seeing chinsees and russians invade america has kind of a bent appeal to me in that I see many in this country are satisfied with dull minds occupied with a self-immolating thought-ecology demonsrtable in the macro and microcosms.

Last edited 7 months ago by Julie

It is way past time that the people of California remove the fake puppet “Gavin Newsom” and EVERYONE operating along with him to control and destroy beautiful California. It is like a fair maiden who is wrapped up in the death grip of a poisonous viper and is being squeezed to death! Only one person can remove this evil man made cabal and that is Almighty God. We must pray unceasingly until they are no more!

We Will have the VICTORY!


Thank God the real Newsom is dead.


Newsom was arrested and taken down a while ago. You can find the info here on RRN.


I have just been listening to a new broadcast with Jim Willie and Ron. At the end they speak briefly of the White Alliance. Jim says, the loyalty in the US military is under 50% and that the Alliance is working on that.
That explains partly the careful procedures perhaps, that only one NIH, perhaps the worst, has now been dealt with? In any case I find that information very interesting. Here the url, remove the two spaces:
beforeitsnews. com/prophecy/2023/12/ new-dr-jim-willie-the-golden-jackass-himself-dark-winter-2023-on-the-untold-history-channel-2547583.html


That’s why Obummer got rid of a lot of the White Hats during his administration.

Last edited 7 months ago by Sue

the most terrible one is in England, mate!


Whoever says they KNOW the percentage of loyalty in the military is a liar looking for attention and more follower$.


All you need is the latest sat imagery look for high number of security personal that maybe the next target send scout to gather all Intel they can get, take out, next.

Last edited 7 months ago by Strike17
Mike Huntsucker

Yes sir…🏴‍☠️

Linda Hutchison

FEMA people ALL are receiving government PAYCHECKS. Start looking at their personnel lists and their assignments and contacts.


I know we all keep asking for proof of what we see here. Here is a little proof. This site says gavin newsome was tried and executed. Well newsome was giving a speech and just went crazy and confessed he was AI and was programmed to be president and you can trust AI to do what it says etc. He goes on and on. It’s at nexus news feed com. I think John Rappaport put it out.

Dave Strickland

Read the same on Gateway Pundit. Mentioned tell-tale signs that indicated he was not a biological human.


Some clones realize they are clones. Must be the lack of genitalia.

Guillaume DesChamp

That’s not proof at all. There’s no video, just some story that says Newsome did that.


Would you really accept video as proof?

Dave Kelly

You could serve this guy shit on a Silver platter and he would tell you it’s Gourmet Manure of the finest quality.

Guillaume DesChamp

It would at least be a step in the right direction.



Dave Kelly

VIDEO is shown on TV by all the various msm channels and loads of video they telecast to their audience is TOTAL BULLSHIT. FUCK the Moon Landing video in 1969 we now know was BULLSHIT, So if video is your benchmark for TRUTH and FACTS, you are EASY. LoL

Guillaume DesChamp

So you believe this story without any proof whatsoever?


ur a gullible and idiotic fool.

Scared Rabbit

I don’t believe this. There is nothing on a search that even resembles this comment. Poppycock and balderdash.


Link for such a claim?


Donna Miller

For years Disney has been cloning some of their actors so they can make sure they do what they want them to….. Probably along with the threat that we can get rid of you anytime in the future since they a clone to stand in for PR and movies in the future…. Remember Bernie Mac, he went around talking to much and they made a clone of him and then got rid of him…. The hole is very deep where Disney is concerned….


Sue, are you a human? Proof, please.

Linda G.

Can you provide a link?


If true then he was ineligible to run and/or win.


Cough cough.. obiden is gone but still is the fake resident ✔️


Lol, you idiots believe any made up shit you read online


Yes.. I seen and heard that slip up.. 😳


As far as I can tell using Google, the fully operational Level 4 labs are at the CDC in Atlanta, University of Texas in Galveston, Georgia State University in Atlanta, and San Antonio. Hamilton was on the fully operational list.

Department of Defense in Frederick, MD is listed as Expanding.

Planned or Under construction are: Ft. Detrick, MD, Galveston, Frederick, MD, Manhattan Kansas, Boston MA and Richmond, VA.

Galveston and Frederick MD are listed as both existing and under construction.

The only truly isolated one was Hamilton. I looked up booby trap and wow. Designed to kill people. Illegal in every state. So, clearly the White Hats are adopting Putin tactics and not playing games. They are not allowing these people to continue to live and do more damage. They are executing them for being a scourge on humanity. The odd thing is, not a word of this on the internet. Dozens of people don’t return home to their families and the Deep State has completely covered it up. Of course the trolls will say none of this happened but I know someone at the CDC and he says the place is in complete turmoil since Rochelle Walensky “disappeared.” Anyone near Hamilton Montana, please report back to us if, for instance, the parking lot is empty. Would love to hear from boots on the ground.

Guillaume DesChamp

Please relay exactly what your source at the CDC said.


Loose lips sink ships maybe you asked wrong question sure deep state on here maybe or Kazan Mafia or evil people. There are all kinds of enemy these days.

Last edited 7 months ago by Strike17

She said you are gay.

Guillaume DesChamp

Did she tell you that while you were eating her out?




Probably you either missed or did not understand that the laws of armed conflict are dispensed under a completely different justice system. When you commit serious human rights abuses you become an enemy combatant. That removes all rights that the enemy combatant has. These Marines have the lawful right to end the lives of enemy combatants due to them having declared themselves to be our enemies. The military takes that very seriously even if you don’t. Your blathering about Putin & that lazy bs argument is totally absurd. I do hope you get a real education instead of a CNN education.


In case you missed it, the United States is not at war with any other country or itself. Trump himself has said he did not sign the Insurrection Act, and you cannot demonstrate any proof that we are at “war,” other than a rhetorical and political conflict which does not fit the definition of war. The “war” is in the minds of the internet manipulators who want your money. You are being suckered and the best part is, you are willingly being suckered. Stupid is as stupid does, to use a worn-out cliche. Go down to your local courthouse one day and observe. The justice system, criminal and civil, is perking along as it always does. No judge is ruling based on the UCMJ.

Now, reflexively you will respond with the standard excuse, they everyone is lying, and the system is some sort of theatrical performance. In doing so, you are saying that everyone in the legal system is corrupt and dishonest, including your neighbors, the people in your church, everyone. And only you are honest, incorruptible, and knowledgeable of the truth. Everyone is wrong but you. Seems a little pathological. It also makes you look foolish.


“In case you missed it, the United States is not at war with any other country or itself.”

War on terror, war on drugs, war against man-made fakedemic pathogens!

“In doing so, you are saying that everyone in the legal system is corrupt and dishonest”

Well, the lion’s share, yea, duh!

“It also makes you look foolish.”


Dave Kelly

The ENTIRE Legal System as you refer to it , is TOTALLY CRIMINALLY CORRUPT AND CRIMINALLY COMPROMISED and you know this, this being the reason why you make such farcical and incredibly ignorant comments and posts. The Legal system is a LEGAL RACKET , Federal, state , county and municipal , THIS IS A FACT, IT’S EVEN DOCUMENTED if you want to go do the research. The Legal RACKETS or the RULE of RACKETS is plied by judges , prosecutors , clerks of the courts , lawyers , attorneys , Law firms , expert witnesses etc. ALL of them being RACKETEERS plying their respective RACKETS.


They are of their father, Lucifer, king of Lies. There is no truth within them.


Your drivel is nothing more than propaganda.. You are the brainwashed one. Or you just love helping the BH try to discourage us and take control. THAT IS NOT GONNA HAPPEN. Most of us here believe in Almighty God and have been saved by Christ. When saved the Holy Spirit indwells us and guides us with discernment to know truth and recgonize lies. Next you will try to tell us God, Christ and the Spirit do not exist. Son of Satan, be gone!


Boring rant


Yes! Everyone should read the DOD Law of War Manual. I have the hardcover version-excellent reading for understanding current operations.


oh yea, the ‘manual’ that says once our country is occupied we have to wait a fn year and then act? ffs, no wonder america is done


Daughter of Satan !

Elisa Orozco

Thank you for your ‘citizen’s report’, Moira. Please keep us as informed as you can.


I bet the Dept of Ed is in disarray too. I am getting correspondences about my schoolloans from the FTC ffs. I told them to hit the bricks. They can send the Dept of Ed swat team to collect. Fuck em! I may send them a payment if I get a missive from the Dept of Ag.

Dave Kelly

So Julie , are you telling us that you were supporting Pedo-joe Biden’s Student/deadbeat Loans Forgiveness program and effort’s ? LoL


that is exactly what the freeloader “julie” is saying. a utterly useless person.


Wow, you owe money for your education ? Man, you are stupid. You do not appear educated. Oh. forgot, college education these days makes one dumber by feeding them utter nonsense and useless drivel.

Donna Miller

They need to use the RODS OF GOD on all the arms of the CABAL…..

Mike Huntsucker

Hey Michael when might we hear about David Muir Hoda George stuff it in his esophagus Lester Holt and many more taking the Guam Express




When the info is released.

Jonathan Ray Carmona

Wow – crazy that the mad scientists experiments of WWII’s japan and Germany have been taking place right here in AMERICA! All this time… ugh!

Dave Kelly

OPERATION PAPERCLIP, Oh yeah. NAZI’s are running the House, in the Good Ole USA and in ANTARCTICA TOO. WAKE – UP, all you non – believers , WAKE – UP!