JAG Claims 97 “Media” Arrests in Last Two Months


On Thursday a Judge Advocate General’s Corps source in Pensacola told Real Raw News that JAG and Army CID investigators have arrested nearly one hundred media criminals in the last two months. However, the incarcerated are not the glamorized, limelight-hogging faces and figures that each day fulfill a collective thirst for (dis)information; they are not all Rachel Maddows, Anderson Coopers, or Robert Costas. Instead, they make up an equally dangerous ilk—the behind-the-scenes curators and custodians who decide what’s shown on air and published on internet white space.

Behind each popular name or face lurk irredeemable gatekeepers that distill output into digestible bites and sanitize content to fit a station or publication’s slanted agenda. Sight unseen, these kettles of ravenous vultures—which include everyone from has-been fact checkers to opinion editors, from external consultants to top floor management—huddle in conference rooms and cafeterias, where they select which stories to air with a wanton disregard for the truth. They are the driving force and the seemingly unbreakable bulwark that sell easily disprovable propaganda to naïve, malleable audiences.

When Anderson Cooper recites and expands on a headline, he glares at a teleprompter whose scrolling text someone else has authored, like most newscasters. A ‘research’ team—in his case, 16 staffers and interns who share his political biases—and an editorial board rigorously edit his spoken words. He, of course, is equally guilty; if he didn’t sell the station and the Biden regime’s falsehoods, there would be no buyers. He is more than an actor—he is a co-conspirator, as are his hirelings.

An aside: Having done a stint with what can loosely be called an MSM daily decades ago, I’ve witnessed acts of improbity and the caliginous atmosphere circulating through then-smoke-filled editorial rooms. I’ve seen solid stories shelved or reduced to a page-23 blurb and replaced with fiction. I’ve heard examples of favoritism, nepotism, and hearty recompense for gently gelling with an agenda. Unless one is part of the problem, these dens of disquietude aren’t lovely places to visit.

Our source said JAG draws no distinction between headliners and hacks; all are equivalently guilty in JAG’s eyes, provided the Staff Judge Advocate can link them to a verifiable crime.

Our source expanded: “Understand clearly no one here is criminalizing opinion or looking to infringe on the 1st Amendment. Let’s take an example: the other day, five or six news outlets, including the fallen-from-grace Drudge Report, ran articles about President Trump having cuts or sores on his hand. Some of them wildly speculated, just to stir shit up, that Trump has syphilis. This is just silly, absurd, clickbait nonsense and obviously not a crime. On the other hand, take the Arizona voting machines. We have evidence they were tampered with. So does President Trump. We recently apprehended an MSNBC editor who continually wrote stories that the machines were infallible and that President Trump is still making up tales of election fraud. That in and of itself doesn’t meet our definition of a punishable crime. But when we can prove the editor was paid by the manufacturer and by the people challenging President Trump’s side of the story—well, that is bribery. Bribery constitutes a crime, and both the offeror and the recipient can be criminally charged. What’s more, that bribery influenced an election outcome, and that broadly fits the definitions of election interference, conspiracy to defraud the United States, and, in certain cases, treason.”

“So it’s not like we’re randomly picking up people that don’t like Trump,” he continued. “We’re working on actionable evidence.”

He added that JAG and the CID’s evidence led to 97 arrests in December and January. The arrestees reportedly include employees of MSNBC, CBS, ABC, CNBC, the BBC, Vice News, Telemundo, and even the Weather Channel, and employees at the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Boston Globe, and the Denver Post. He also named the New Yorker, Harpers, and the Atlantic. That list, he said, was not all-inclusive, and in each case, JAG discovered acts of financial impropriety.

“When we hear about a copy editor making 40 grand a year and living paycheck to paycheck and then suddenly buying a two-million-dollar home, a $150,000 sports car, and a yacht, well, it raises questions. These Deep State-adherents love flaunting money,” our source said.

The news sector, he added, has found a convenient and believable way of explaining away disappearing staff: layoffs.

In recent months, dozens of news outlets nationwide have announced or executed job cuts, citing a decline in advertising and subscription revenue, and lost viewership/readership. While this is partly true—more Americans are eschewing fabricated mainstream news in favor of factual alternative media—liberal news outlets like the Washington Post, owned by the third wealthiest person on the planet—aren’t hurting for money. And although not all papers have a Bezos benefactor, even small-town rags such as California’s The Sacramento Bee receive regular endowments from George Soros, whose limitless coffers fund and bribe Leftwing media.

“It’s a circle. These media criminals made Joe Biden their president and he, or whoever is playing him on stage, in turn empowers them,” our source said.

In closing, we asked our source about the value of targeting the unrecognizable.

“You see Andeson Cooper. You see Rachel Madow on the idiot box, so you’re thinking ‘get them!’ because it’s their mugs you’re looking at. And, yes, they will be gotten. But we’re looking at a bigger picture that must be dismantled top to bottom, just not necessarily always in that order,” he said.

Free Speech and Alternative Media are under attack by the Deep State. Real Raw News needs reader support to survive and thrive. 

Please do not give your hard-earned money to sites or channels that copy/paste our intellectual property. We spend countless hours vetting, researching, and writing. Thank you. Every dollar helps. Contributions help keep the site active and help support the author (and his medical bills)

If the link doesn’t show on Apple devices, it’s: https://www.givesendgo.com/realrawnews2
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Charles Smith

Who were a few names that were arrested, any from Fox News?

Last edited 3 months ago by Charles Smith
Gregg Nickens

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I have to ask. The TMZ show claims it’s investigating reporting, yet everything they report is bias towards Celebrities being right and the rest of the world is wrong. They continue to report in celebrities that are long gone will they too, in particular harvey Levin be prosecuted for all of their lies????

Ann Ononomous

@Michael Baxter Speaking of the news, have you heard anything more about that revolting little cretin, Stephen Colbert? The last we heard he was picked up at the end of Nov. Has he been through tribunals?


So we have President Trump coming to AZ on Friday and yesterday the head of the Republican party just resigned because he was caught trying to pay off Kari Lake, to walk away from politics!?!???? Timing???? Another rino bites the dust!!!


Oh wow lots going on at Luke AFB today and suddenly President Trump cancelled his trip to AZ for tomorrow……… Hummmmm


I work down the Street from Luke AFB and they had Jets flying at 10pm still a couple of nights ago, which is not a regular practice.

Ann Ononomous

@ Michael Baxter Speaking of the news, anything more on that revolting little pedo cretin, Stephen Colbert? We never heard anything more after he was picked up at the end of Nov. One would assume he’s been to tribunal, right?


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joe blow

MEGA – Make Executions Great Again


I watched 3 minutes of Kimmel last night and his rude, vile, disrespect for President Trump made me sick. I was hoping to see him backing off since Colbert’s arrest, but no. Not even a little. Get him off the air!


kimmel has been that way since election day 2016. i suspect he is one of the nastiest pedofiles in show biz. . .his day is coming !

been reading the debate about arresting media support people.
yes, by all means, asap. you cant win if you just cut off the head of the monster. the entire body must be destroyed.

i know one of the lead reporters at one of the big three networks.

arrogant little punk that went to a major liberal university journalism school, started out at a small market tv station, worked her way up the ladder.. .

people like her are the reason the entire media establishment must be destroyed !

Steve J

Wow! Can you divulge her first name and first initial of last name? I may know of her.

Last edited 3 months ago by Steve J

care to make a guess?

Dan Strausbaugh

Ain’t him… guaranteed he’s long gone!!!



joe blow

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Marsha Hodgson

I respectfully disagree with JAG’s consideration that they must PROVE that any bad actor actually committed crimes, by using First Amendment rights as their guide.

IMHO, our First Amendment was designed to insure We The People the Right of ‘Freedom to Speak Openly’ to express one’s opinions and grievances against REAL Government actions that are criminal, harmful, and, unjust in scope, without fear of retribution. Colonists, such as Ben Franklin for example, took to publishing their opinions & grievances under pseudonyms in hopes to keep themselves safe, while schooling the public of criminal activity. They were the original Anons in the fight against tyrannies.

The First Amendment INSURED we could speak freely on TRUTHFUL matters which we felt needed to be heard.  Libel Laws and such, on the other hand, were designed to protect against the spreading of Lies, the bearing of false witness.   If the First Amendment was designed to PROTECT the spread of lies & propaganda, libel would be moot.

Since it’s very beginning, though, the First Amendment has been misinterpreted -nay, ReInterpreted- to allow all manner of devious political scheming and propaganda to become the norm, aided by purposeful judicial malfeasance which, by design, insidiously insures that Bad Actors retain “the right” to spread whatever lies they can conjure, by misapplying First Amendment Rights. This is a ludicrous Perversion of Law. With, Criminal Intent.

Fast forward some 230 years since, these reinterpretations are exactly The Perverted Laws our beloved JAG -in their honorable intent to OPERATE in accordance with ‘rule of law’- finds itself operating under. Perversions.

Perversions that would ultimately allow many treasonous actions to fall under intentionally perverted precedents designed to reduce their culpability in acts of Treason. Treason!  Acts of Treason every minute of every hour of every day over Years, finally allowing them to Steal an Election, Steal our Republic from us, while, to this very nanosecond, Patriots are left to understand HOW their actions can possibly be protected under First Amendment Rights? while aiding & abetting our enemies both foreign & domestic by giving them platforms through which they can continue to brainwash the public with falsehoods, many which have actually killed, disabled, & lain destitute many of us. Destroying OUR Rights.
No. Our Beloved Constitutional Republic will not survive unless every last traitor who stooped to help conquer it is eliminated. The ultimate crime against us would be for us to have to provide THEM Aid & Comfort until their last dying breath years hence, especially when it allows them the Freedom to plot, once again, at will. 

As a Direct blood relation to Benjamin Franklin -some of whose DNA flows through every cell in my body- I Give My Permission to JAG to set all those perversions of law aside to DO What Must Be Done to free Our Beloved Constitutional Republic from The Usurpers. Like us, they made their choice. Let them make better choices in their next life.

God Bless & Godspeed. Apologies for being verbose, but, this article unwittingly let loose my First Amendment Spirit.



Dan Strausbaugh

Hey Rusty… why are all your comments done in all caps and always opposing American values hmmm troll???


Well Said Marsha, You Are Correct.


************* deleted

Last edited 3 months ago by SeanW

Yes of course that’s how it works. But, those faces we see are the ones we hate. Watching them knowing everything they are saying is a lie makes a normal person very angry.🇺🇸 So we are very excited to hear or see them hang.♥️ It’s actually satisfying to think they must be terrified wondering where their bosses have gone to.🇺🇸 They hopefully can’t sleep.♥️

joe blow

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With God’s help we can change where we live.
Let’s use what God gave us to do good works according to Matthew 25:35-40 and Acts 10:38;
pray according to James 5:16, Psalm 91 and Psalm 35;
repent of our sins according to 2 Chronicles 7:13-14;
pray for our leaders according to 1 Timothy 2:1-2;
administer justice according to Romans 13:3-5;
protect marriage and family according to Genesis 2:24, Genesis 9:7, Mathew 19:4-6, Genesis 1:28, Hebrews 13:4, Genesis 9:1, Song of Solomon, Malachi 2:16 and 1 Corinthians 7:1-5;
declare and decree blessing upon our cities and our nation according to Numbers 23:23, Isaiah 43:1-7 and Deuteronomy 33:26;
preach the Word according to 2 Timothy 4:2;
expose evil according to Ephesians 5:11;
and wage warfare according to Mark 16:16-18, James 4:7, Ephesians 6:10-18.

orange julius

This goes all the way down to local news stations and local governments in almost every town. They all have to be arrested. They have betrayed our country. I saw the story about Sports Illustrated laying off many of their staff. I watch MSM every day, and recently the talking heads seem very hot and bothered on some days.


I’ve had to wonder if even ‘Next Door Neighbor’ local town forums are deep state controlled. Any info or links of whistle blower doctors exposing the bioweapon shots were removed and resulted in my being banned. These local forums all seem to be run and moderated by leftist activists.


Yep U Got That Right They are all F***KD Up

Patty Hoch

No one gets arrested, no one goes to prison. We’re on our own out here. Protect your children; protect your grandchildren. These is no REAL proof of any of these claims, sadly. Until our border is closed, nothing will change. Very sad.


I’ve noticed them panicking lately over little things…I watch MSM only to keep a eye on what the enemy’s are saying…

Raul Redero

Espero en esa lista estén Jorge Ramos Pedro Cevcec Oscar Aza y Jaime Bayly

Roberta Zilius

Benjamin Fulford reported yesterday that traitor Lloyd Austin was working together with White Hat General Eric Smith! Now I do not believe that for one minute!



Huck Finn


joe blow

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Last edited 3 months ago by bluestrings

Alex Soros targets Trump:

ht tps://x.com/LauraLoomer/status/1749477204906455486?s=20

loomered .com/2024/01/22/analysis-alex-soros-threatens-cryptic-trump-assassination-threat-and-bounty-offer-by-sharing-atlantic-article-featuring-a-twisted-subliminal-cover-image/


Quick question for Michael. AZ wants to know. Since Katie Hobbs was hung, our sheriff Penzone suddenly resigned. Is he at gitmo? I hope? Any updates would be appreciated.

Above Reproach

Just hearing what you just said is Wonderful news, just maybe, Maybe he’s getting what he deserves, or he’s hiding under a rock in the desert like a scorpion.


Do you remember how he fought the auditors that were wanting access to the computers and voteing machines? He was put in office by soros. He’s rotten to his core!




15 US Cities Targeted Suitcase Nukes 11/16/2023
“Prophecy with Stan” on YouTube https: //youtu.be/qpXx2MY6uIs
“…another source of this information says we’re on a ticking Time Bomb assets are in place in other words the suitcase nukes have already been placed all over and will be activated soon the CIA is allegedly heavily involved well isn’t that surprise my guess is they’re not heavily involved they are directly involved now can I prove that no I can’t can’t prove the FBI is involved can’t prove it and if I could I probably wouldn’t be breathing right now CIA Officer James Robert Isham is allegedly the current chief of operations on the project what did you catch that I’ll read it again CIA Officer James Robert Isham is allegedly the current chief of operations on the project catastrophe now does that mean he’s trying to stop it I don’t think so I think he is if he’s in it he’s probably at least a middle man at the very least but this says he’s allegedly the top guy they call it operation catastrophe not just an accident it’s also not just an ENT let me show you the very word catastrophe is in the prophecy given to Leslie in 2006 catastrophe hits America and what do they call this operation catastrophe okay accident or maybe confirmation she’s hearing from God let’s go on CIA Officer James Robert Isham is allegedly the current chief of operations on the project catastrophe previous known stations okay so this is given the guy’s background does this sound like a good guy or a bad guy previous known stations keev Ukraine head of internal management and Foreign Affairs corporate liaison of Mac prawn a cover shell company used for Ukrainian Intelligence Officers indirectly what he’s saying is this guy’s dirty now do I know he’s dirty no I do not can I say he’s dirty no I cannot I I don’t know I if I did know I’d probably be dead the CI another CIA officer Aaron Nigel Montoya is also allegedly involved current cosos I don’t even what cosos is okay Gaza City palestin previous stations cabble Afghanistan and Baghdad Iraq kind of what he’s trying to hit at is this guy his hands are dirty his hands are in on it now he didn’t say that I’m not saying that I don’t know that but I am convinced with 34 prophecies dreams visions and Angel visits they’re suitcase nukes and I’m going to show you some reasons I say…”
Luke 21:36 Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man.
Luke is to the Bride of Christ only they will have a pre-trib rapture.
Mark is to the sleeping church. From NDE 2 people have said, 2.5% were being saved years ago and now it is 2% are being saved. After the pre-Trib rapture the unsaved religious people may wake up to see their need and cry out for salvation.
Act_2:21 And it shall come to pass, that whosoever shall call on the name of the Lord shall be saved.
Matthew is to the Jews. They will go through the Tribulation and a remnant will be protected.
2/3 of the city will be destroyed. Again while they were back in their land for 70 years they did not the land rest.
Lev_26:34 Then shall the land enjoy her sabbaths, as long as it lieth desolate, and ye be in your enemies’ land; even then shall the land rest, and enjoy her sabbaths.
Lev 26:40 If they shall confess their iniquity, and the iniquity of their fathers, with their trespass which they trespassed against me, and that also they have walked contrary unto me; 
Lev 26:41 And that I also have walked contrary unto them, and have brought them into the land of their enemies; if then their uncircumcised hearts be humbled, and they then accept of the punishment of their iniquity: 
Lev 26:42 Then will I remember my covenant with Jacob, and also my covenant with Isaac, and also my covenant with Abraham will I remember; and I will remember the land. 
Lev 26:43 The land also shall be left of them, and shall enjoy her sabbaths, while she lieth desolate without them: and they shall accept of the punishment of their iniquity: because, even because they despised my judgments, and because their soul abhorred my statutes.


https: //files.catbox.moe/hof8p6.jpg


As long as this Propaganda Machine is Dismantled, I don’t care how it’s done.One other thing, Bring The Smith–Mundt Act Back.

Michael R Davis

American Media Group has hundreds of published names. Many of them have been obviously missing from the public for a long time. Research some of the names, decide for yourself what you believe or don’t believe. If you have the resources, try to contact some of those ‘missing‘ ‘perhaps tried and executed‘ people.

https ://amg-news.com

https ://amg-news.com/bombshell-military-tribunal-list-of-convicted-celebrities-reveals-deep-state-crisis-actor-doubles-undisclosed-locations-gitmo-guam-and-tierra-del-fuego/

https ://amg-news.com/why-martial-law-is-coming-quickly-all-the-signs-indicate-its-coming-soon/

joe blow

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Not a couple of years…they have to make the 🦎 leave. He’s one of ‘them’ from the 🦎 fam.


Well, i thought I knew a lot but the Kathy Griffin brother was news. I am so sick of transgender women. There is a video out there -Absolute proof that Serena Williams is a man> There was just an video on AMG about Serena, Venus and Michelle Obama and how they are all men. Serena must have done more than Venus as I read that she has an ankle monitor on. She spent a lot of time in Hollywood with her friends Beyonce and Megan Markle-also both men.. I play tennis and they have all deceived us. Does God deceive? Never, only Satan. Evil!!


I’ve read the same also, of what you said. Supposedly Coopers brother died years ago, which I think they made him into a girl, Cathy, and Anderson are inseparable most times. Cooper is CIA, and the bloodline. As for Venus and her sister, I have always thought they were men from there body structures, and features.

Last edited 3 months ago by Losa
Charlotte Cain

This shows everyone why Maddow and View cultists screamed “Trump will lock us up”. News outlets reported these as mass layoffs 🙂


not buying it anymore, not voting anymore, damn sure not trusting the sellout military anymore. They cant even defeat the fake news much less the cabal, impotent frauds pushing a triple psyop to facilitate the next reset of slave- world. And the grifters mocking our misery and spinning fairytales , keeping the slaves passive and unaware… wake up people, fight for your babies for fuk sake!


You need God


Ha!🤭 True, but I don’t think he wants to hear that.😁


He may have to listen to God. I have read that God is going to do something which will show everyone that there is a God. That is why it is called the Great Awakening.


Then don’t gripe about who WE Vote in. Stop complaining & mocking.


My husband is a Dersert Storm/Shield vet, he says the same. We could be believing all this, and the psyop is for us to stay complacent, while they take over, and us do nothing, until they’re at our doors dragging us out. We’re between a rock, and a hard spot, they take our guns were screwed, every country taken over was disarmed first, for the greater good, so they say. It’s a 50/50 chance at this point what will happen, I want to believe we’re winning, but we have no solid proof, all I can do is keep faith it could be true, and my faith in God. As for voting, I’m still going to. Stay vigilant!

Last edited 3 months ago by Losa

Most of them are fakes. Arrest them all for dis-information and leading people astray.

joe blow

I’m making $90 an hour working from home. I never imagined that it was honest to goodness yet my closest companion is earning 16,000 US dollars a month by working on the connection that was truly astounding for me. she prescribed for me to attempt it simply. Everybody must try this job now by just using
this website… W­w­w.M­o­n­e­y­P­a­y­1.c­o­m


It’s being reported that Alex Soros, George’s son has called for the assassination of Donald Trump. If there are really White Hats, which many of us doubt, they better stop wasting their time arresting these little criminals and start getting the big fish quickly and brutally. If nothing happens then there are no White Hats and we are in our own.


I fail to see them as “little people”. When you see actors in a movie, do you think they wrote the script and directed?

Last edited 3 months ago by Leslie

That is why you must cut off the head of the snake to kill it. Chopping off a tail does little but make it mad.


Plus they grow back

Rose Mary Abbott

And you set up all the rules right?


They’re called White Hats because they are the good guys. They don’t really have a title. So you are free to believe they don’t exist. Black white & various shades of gray only denotes character.


You’re not getting it they aren’t being overt for a very good reason that is to save as many lives as they possibly can. You don’t see them because they are special forces and Delta Force and the Navy seals they are the Elite military forces that don’t announce their moves and utilize the element of surprise that’s what they’re all about.

Above Reproach

When all the little fish are gone the message dies with them. It’s the only way it’s going to work. The puppets bobbing their heads and lying through their teeth will have nothing to say, other than ( I was only doing what I was told to do I’m innocent, I tell ya ! Oh please don’t take me away it was the other guy’s fault not me. I just get paid to look stupid and try to convince the public of what I’m told to say.


I guess we’ll hear the story on the 9:00 news, right?!

Tuco Benedito

Good one


Praise God!!! I am so thankful that these liars are being caught and will be dealt with. The tragedy they have intentional participated in have affected so many people, it is amazing!



Michael R Davis

Perhaps JAG investigators should be arresting Alexander Soros and dragging his sorry ass to Gitmo for a direct violent threat against our Commander-in-Chief.

https ://twitter.com/AlexanderSoros

““In Davos, Donald Trump is already the president,” Open Society Foundations Chairman Alex Soros told a panel at the World Economic Forum on Friday.
“That’s a good thing, because the Davos consensus is always wrong,” he said.
The prospect of Trump, who is the front-runner to gain the Republican nomination in the upcoming election, winning a second term in the White House has been a hot topic at the gathering of political and business leaders in Switzerland this week.”

Alex Soros is currently facing scrutiny due to his recent tweet sharing a post from the far-left The Atlantic that features a bullet hole and a sum of $47.”

https ://redstatenation.com/screenshot-alex-soros-tweets-out-a-direct-violent-threat-to-donald-trump/#google_vignette


I think they can only take Americans.


I’m sure he’s got a shoot to kill Target on his back. I would imagine he’s already gone, just saying


It would be nice to see some published names of these people who disappear. At least then we could verify if those people were actually missing. There should be a lot of employment opportunities at these rags.

Michael R Davis

American Media Group has hundreds of published names. Many of them have been obviously missing from the public for a long time. Research some of the names, decide for yourself what you believe or don’t believe. If you have the resources, try to contact some of those ‘missing‘ ‘perhaps tried and executed‘ people.

https ://amg-news.com

https ://amg-news.com/why-martial-law-is-coming-quickly-all-the-signs-indicate-its-coming-soon/

David T

Great info there, I’ve been following them for a month or so. Thanks for the link.


Thanks for the info”Hillary Clinton: MAGA ‘Cult Members’ Need ‘Deprogramming’ – Complete List of 1000 FEMA Concentration Camps The Road To Hell Nowhere to Run, Nowhere to Hide”


What we are saying is that all the major news channels are fully complicit at many or all levels. I think if this was true then they could spin a line that “a rogue element of the military is supporting Trump in making claims that the govt is corrupt”. Then start a public campaign to get support. It would not be that hard. Plus nobody from the families of all the arrested people had made a missing persons report. So what is really going on.?

David T

Who would those families make a “missing persons report” to? What do you think these families have been told already when they have asked? Lies? Threats? The media already has consistently demonstrated for decades that they choose what they will report and how they will twist/bend/deceive with it, and even more importantly, what they WON’T report. I’d bet money the MSM will not touch the missing DS persons as that would open a Pandora’s box of questions that they would not want to respond to, plus it would be an act of the MSM legitimizing the White Hat movement. Remember how BO delegitimized the Tea Party by weaponizing the IRS against them and bogging them down in myriads of bureaucracy so they could not function? These DS a-holes are devious and dirty.


When the person gets arrested the people who arrest them have their cell phones all they have to do is wait until the person is contacted by a family member ping the location of the family member swoop in go to the family member and make them sign a NDA or a promise to keep their mouth shut or else they probably remove their access to social media so they can’t go online and blab about anything.


This is the best news.

I also saw that Savanna Guthrie was tried and executed. I have noticed she looks different and her hair is also different.

Thanks white hats & Michael!


Oh wow.

I remember her caught on Mike saying she had the whole story and she was pissed off that she didn’t get to be the one to break it. I thought you f****** b**** you’re more worried about a breaking f****** story and not the actual content of the story and how awful it was heartless soulless b****


Where did you read about Savanna Guthrie? What did she do that she was executed.

Dr John

WARNING if you don’t want health advice SCROLL past this article. I am not just sharing the toxin and the cure in one sentence, but how to deal with problems in health. Through this greater understanding you KNOW more about the how and why.

The Epoch Times recent article stated,

“The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) (a very reliable and trusted source (sic)) announced last week that a recall of charcuterie meats—Fratelli Beretta brand Antipasto Gran Beretta—for salmonella contamination has expanded to include a new brand that is sold at Costco. The recall and associated warnings were initially for Busseto Foods Charcuterie Sampler products sold at Sam’s Club.

In all, 47 people in 22 states have been sickened, while 10 people have been hospitalized…”

First things first, we need to panic and become very, VERY afraid. Okay it is not as bad as it seems and you can deal with this with minimal effort.

Wait a minute, that is a little over 2 people per state, that is 2 people per millions of people. A big story for only a very few people with a treatable illness! They mention others may have become sick, that could be true and most likely in an outbreak where people do not go to a hospital and simply treat it at home.

Salmonella is not fun and most likely will not kill you, but it is uncomfortable (personal experience). The problem is you may be unknowingly eating that food and reintroducing the toxin over and over since you were not told it is toxic.

Years ago we bought ORGANIC frozen fruit and vegetables from Costco’s and were notified 2.5 years later it was toxic. That way they avoid law suits since you have no medical evidence of the illiness or proof of association by having the packages of food you bought tested for Salmonella. Always thinking of you!

If not properly dealt with it can lead to other complcations including death (very rare, and only occurs if you are not taking care of yourself)… PAY ATTENTION. Keep your body in balance and if it gets out of balance resolve it as soon as possible!

We got sick and had a limited soft diet and then when we got better a week later we ate plenty of (toxic) fruits and vegetables, getting sick again. We did not figure out all of the sources right away, who could imagine several brands of ORGANIC fruits and vegetables ALL being toxic. It may not have been good food (toxic), but it was expensive!

This was yeas ago before we learned about Colloidal Silver or CD/CDS and we really had never investigated Salmonella, we never had it before. It was 6 different products which means through methods of isolation we finally figured out the six culpts one per week! Even small samples were enough to make you sick.

This experiance expanded our medical research into the various bacterial toxins intorduced into foods so that we could be prepared for similar events in the future. We had already spent years studying pesticides, herbacides and chemicals added to processed foods that were harmful. We had also studied common afflictions and were/are expanding that information still.

You would think after 30 plus years of research we would know everything. All we really know for sure is there is a lot more out there to learn and in some cases experience (whether we like/enjoy it or not).

Private research is often driven by need/demand. A little pain and discomfort pushes you to find a solution. Greater pain and discomfort REALLY gets you motivated. Whether it is you or a loved one, you want to resolve the problem and going to the Doctor is not what it use to be. They may see you getting sicker as a benefit to them and the bottom line. Your goal should be less pain, less illiness and less chemical side effects or unnecesary surgeries. To accomplish that you have to invest time in learning how your body works and how you can avoid or prevent most common issues. The greater your knowledge base in such issues the greater your protection and need to see the ALL KNOWING OZ/Doctor.

If it walks like a doc and quacks like a doc it could be a quack

The typical symptoms usually include:

  • Watery diarrhea: This is the chief symptom and it usually comes on suddenly. At times, diarrhea can also be bloody or have mucus.
  • Fever: This almost always occurs with this infection, and you may also have chills.
  • Abdominal pain and abdominal cramps: You are likely to have this symptom intermittently.

Less frequent, but fairly common symptoms include nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, and headache. Watery diarrhea can lead to further symptoms of dehydration if you don’t drink enough water to keep up with your fluid loss.”

Remember this symptoms are the body trying to rid you of the invader, it is not the toxin, but the body’s fight to reject it.

Complications from dehydration are:
“For adults, the following are signs of dehydration:
In parenthesis are my experience, in bold are the greatest impact

  • Excessive thirst (no thirst)
  • Decreased urinary frequency or output (due to lack of fluid intake)
  • Darker than normal urine color (due to lack of fluid intake)
  • Dizziness (YUP, due to dehydration, lack of electrolytes)
  • Episodes of confusion (I could not find my way out of an open box)
  • Extreme fatigue” (Slept round the clock)
  • Extreme Muscle pain to the touch was not listed, but is a problem also due to lack of hydration and electrolytes

All of the above are a result of not maintaining proper hydration and electrolites; water, salt, magnesium and postassium. Remember diarrhea as one of the symptoms. This is frequent and constant trips to the bathroom and a loss of fluids!

Why is your body not telling you to eat more or drink more. Because that is where the toxin came from. The body does not know what caused the problem, but it knows your mouth was the source because the stomach is all messed up sending signals, STOP THE INTAKE!

Blackberries stop diarrhea, keep some frozen in the freezer. Eight are usely enough to slow down or stop the diarrhea. Remember what your body is doing it trying to expel the toxins, so allow the body to do its job, but don’t let it go on too long.

Below is a good link with natural remedy solutions


I would add Blackberries (keep on hand in the freezer) for diarrhea. Real Yogurt replaces gut bacteria. Colloidal Silver or CD/CDS should do well killing the bacteria outside the intestines. Remember the water and electrolytes, for balance. The illiness should only last about a week with no treatment, but they diarrhea should be managed as well as ensuring proper hydration and electrolytes. The afore mentioned should work on ALL natural food poisonings

This is a good example of how you can manage and quickly control or stop a toxic infection; if you have the resources on hand. It would be difficult with non-stop watery diarrhea to assume you could make it to the store for supplies without leaving a trail everywhere you went. You likely would not make it to the car, let alone the store.

Costco’s sent us a nice letter (2.5 YEARS LATER) saying we may have be contaminated by the above products. The letter even included the brands and identifying codes. We asked for refunds on all purchase with those codes. $500 was returned to us. We don’t shop there any more for number of reasons, the above being one. That is when we learned what had been causing problems for sure!

REMEMBER, the symptoms are your body trying to rid itself of the infection/toxin. The infection/toxin did nothing, it is simply bacteria in the wrong place.

AND your behavior, lack of proper treatment (not hydrating, letting the diarrhea “run” un-abatied for too long), not maintaining proper electrolytes and not determining the source of the poisoning) can cause additional problems. The faster you react to an early symptom, the quicker you can re-balance to body… before the next attack of somekind occurs.

Cook all meats thoroughly to kill bacteria and wash all fresh fruits and vegetables to reduce the potential to ingest a bacteria. You can put a few drops of CD/CDS in your water for washing vegetables and then rinse afterwards to ensure they bacteria is killed. The CD/CDS will not harm you using this method. Consider washing your eggs as well, the shell can be contanimated. When you crack the egg open a chance of getting the bacteria on the White or yolk is possible.

“CDS is a concentrated aqueous solution of 0.3% chlorine dioxide (3000 ppm), with no sodium chlorite (NaClO 2) content and neutral pH. It has disinfectant capacity and acts by eliminating pathogens through oxidation. In addition, CDS can increase oxygen levels in the blood.”

There are plenty of bad reviews of CD/CDS online posted by the NIH, NIAID, the CDC and FDA. That should tell you right that it is good for us and not for them. Do your research. I have used CD/CDS for years, it works well on bacteria as does Colloidal Silver also holding a bad reputation with the typical government agencies looking out for our welfare.

Be careful in all you do and work to handle common ailgnments with simple products you can have on hand. Learn to be independent and look for others with a comon mindset. Yes, they are plenty of jerks on the internet promoting products for profit that don’t work. If it has a price attached to it, that may be a first sign to look deeper into the product. Big name TV doctors are busy making profits on products that don’t work as well. READ the ingredients, maybe you will find the same ingredient on a number of products. Research the ingredient it may be an herb you can by for 10 cents on the dolllar and get the same result as their $89.99 plus shipping and handling product.

MOST medicine originated from a root, bark, herb, fruit, vegetable, etc. They have since be transformed to synthetics a dangerous transformation that causes a lot of side effects in the synthetich drug that you do not find in the natural source. Even natural sources can be toxic if taken in LARGE quantities. Drinking too much water can kill you or cause seriouis damage. TOO MUCH is the problem. In some cases as in poisons, even a very little is too much. That is why WE need to be responsible about what we try and do and in the end WE each are our own gardian.

The burden is on each of us to learn how to thrive and survive. Together we can share information to make life better for all of us. At least that is my goal.

Karen B

Thank you for caring for our health.🤗💓
This is precisely why I occasionally do a 2 or 3 week daily ivermectrin.


Go to a health site if you want to pontificate.


Go to a Bible study group if u wanta post stupid low IQ shit like …god always win


What a mouth you have! You need a Bible review yourself.


and when you open the Bible, you will see that the name of God is capitalized



Karen B

This IS a health site dummy.


Michael is a free speech advocate. If he weren’t, he wouldn’t allow some of the garbage people spew from their souls. We know who the other free speechers are so we try to avoid them.

If you see a name ~ of one who is vulgar; just pass on by.

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Karen B

I support everyone’s speech but my comment to Sue was to state I believe in a healthy mind and thought process which I believe this channel represents bc commenters here respond to those ones the most. Health, we know, is not just about the body but the whole package. This site is a healthy sight to me was all I’m saying. It is difficult when people cannot view it that way but they are allowed to view it any way they choose and that includes Everyone. I really do not need anyone to direct my thoughts & actions or how I respond to someone’s comment, hence: FREE SPEECH which brings Liberty, and I am all for that for others and myself.

Karen B

But thanks for being kind in your comment. 😇


That’s right! We came here to be insulted & ridiculed for our beliefs. It’s well-documented🤭

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Thank you of sharing that.


Total agreement. I call processed food chemical snacks. Drugs are chemical placebos. Eat your way to health and grow your own food if you can.


I am not sure this site is legit, but I will say that I saw a man posing as former Gov Cuomo in NOMAD ( restaurant in Westport, CT) over a year ago, and it was 100% NOT HIM. He was with a group, some went and asked for pictures and autographs… A very poor body double pretending to be A. Cuomo. So, I am hopeful but still skeptical because that is the only man on the “Gitmo list” that I have seen in person- I don’t understand why they prop up fakes to cover up or why their true fate is not divulged to the sleeping masses.

My fingers are crossed that this info is legit because if things are not happening, Murica is finished. Our air is filled with chem trails, talk of more clot shots, poor economy, culture is in the toilet and our nation is a swamp of turd world invaders who refuse to assimilate and white people who are ashamed of being white. False flags are still being orchestrated and the LEO that profit, sell (lies) and betray America are still here. SMH-

Michael R Davis

Important executed or imprisoned persons are being replaced by actors because the public is not ready to be told that our totally corrupt civilian Judiciary has been replaced by US Military JAG courts (Judge Advocate General Corps) to exact justice on traitors, child destroyers, election riggers, and criminals, totally constitutional after a National Emergency has been declared by the President. Commander-in-Chief Trump has declared 11 such National Emergencies, all still legally binding upon the US Military Continuity of Operations Plan in place.


170 years into the q retard plan and the masses arent ready huh

Who appointed you the arbiter of when the 7.5 billion human beings will be ready to be told the truth?

Sounds like you’re a piece of shit who is fine with compulsive liars and murderers… Aka team q retard

Andrew Stevano

Up until fairly recently I do not think the “masses” have been ready. I believe they are almost there now. A good sign is that they have little trust for the politicians and news media and sense that something big has gone awry. While 10 years ago folks believed the media and thought that governments had our best interest at heart. I believe the truth will hit the fan this year and even folks on this website are going to be shocked at the incredible sellout of this nation that has been going on for 100+ years, by leaders we thought were good. Throw into that mix the child trafficking, child sacrifice, adrenochrome, drug trafficking, murders, stolen elections, on and on it goes…


You’re scared and it shows and you probably should be troll


The good news is that if you happen to look like any of these people – the only competition you’ll have is from clones & body doubles.

Karen B

Wowsie, wowsie. An incredible description of the flaying of the “illuminati” of media, Michael!😳
It is astounding of the magnitude of dismantling JAG is undergoing when described here.
These “puppet masters” are such a reptilian minded group they prop up others to shield them. All the while, they plot and scheme their little twisted tales behind the scenes
Socery, majic, spell casting is the media they use. Everything they do is twisted, distorted and vile.
Thank you for this breakdown, Michael. I have a sneaky suspicion it is going to be one hell of a ride from here on out. Go JAG! Go JAG! Go JAG! 💪🗡🛡🛐🕊👍🇺🇸💓

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Karen B

Thank you Sue. I DID misspell it: I meant it to be spelled “MAJIK”, when I use it concerning the Lucerfarian, Secret Society, Cabal bunches of dark souls.

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Makes no difference how you spell it – the same spirit is behind it. There are no good witches. That’s just a lie that witches tell for cover. Witchcraft is idolatry & there are NO witches in heaven. Same with all the other brands of false prophetic voices. Why does it matter? Darkness is always troublesome & destructive. There’s nothing good about it. Nothing!




hahaha! That is ridiculous, there is NO ALIENS OR DRACO OR GALACTIC FEDERATION HAHAH!


In your fantasy world no, but in reality the universe is full of beings. They are the part of the universe that knows and experiences itself and they are everywhere where there is something to experience. The myth about the son of God and monotheism in general is what is laughable.


I gave proof that they are real. Let’s see you give proof they aren’t. Ha ha ha 😀

Huck Finn




Christopher Hudson

Praise God for vengeance to haters 🙏 🙌
Let God arise and His enemies be SCATTERED


Scattering only moves the retches to another place. Eradication is the only cure. They are worse then a cancer.

Truth Seeker

There are two key words that are at the epicenter of how politics has always functioned for thousands of years. Those words are. “bribery” and “blackmail”.

We can throw in “extortion”, but that does not quite raise to the level of bribery and blackmail as having the most negative impact on politics.

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Anne Stallybrass

“bribery” and “blackmail” “.Yes. And “assassination”

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Blackmail is extortion.


Thanks Michael


Georgetown University Professor at the GU campus in Doha, Qatar, in 2016 conference about US election, “For the first time ever, eight of ten media corporations are supporting the Clinton campaign.”

I heard what he said. I was shocked. Not “reporting” BUT “supporting”. It continues to be a long, difficult wait. The ridicule and cognitive dissonance started when I asked CNAQ colleagues attending if they had heard what one of the main campus GU profs had said. I knew then. Still waiting.

Thank you Michael. I await each update. Have a great day!

Tuco Benedito

No worries, your diamonds in the rough are untraceable. I hear there is a Nigerian prince who can cut and certify them for you.

Wannabe Traitor/PEDO killer

We need to see big names go down in order to help us keep the hope going.

Truth Seeker

I agree, however, the dismantling and removal of the despicable worker bees that lurk behind the scenes at the leftist propaganda outlets weakens their ability to function.

These eager worker bees are the twenty somethings that have been indoctrinated by our communist infiltrated and controlled education system. The marxist Journalism schools in our institutions of higher learning have not instilled the need for honesty, integrity, credibility and transparency for decades.

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Not only that but they can’t even spell and haven’t any idea how to write a coherent paragraph.


Years ago watched a documentary of American companies aiding the Enemy. One was the Ford Company .Supplied Germany with vehicles in WW2. Another company built the infrastructure for the camps . That was my wake up moment These lies are dangerous. We do live in a Matrix . God save us from the evil that is here on earth.

Dr John

An interesting note, as long as we are not at war with a country, Companies of US origin can supply warring countries with goods. Once an act of war is declared they must stop that activity.

The above is taken advantage of in every war making huge profits for non warring nations that teeter on the verge of illegal and certainly thrive off of warring nations woes. It allows wars to live longer and expand.

A good example of toxic help from a non warring nation is our Deep State in the US feeding the Ukraine with money and weapons which extended the conflict between Russia and the Ukraine.

Politicians are just as bad when they make profits from wars. President Johnson made 10% of every GI’s pay by owning every bank used by GI’s in Vietnam. It was a law that we had to receive our pay in Vietnam while stationed there and could only send money home to our families through his bank! He could use the cash held in the bank to invest in guns, ammo, helicopters, boats, uniforms, food, body bags, etc. making even more money. Indirectly of course he decided who the military would buy from and could have a company dropped if they did not offer him profitable kick back.

He and others like him did not want the war to end, it was a cash cow, including the drugs that prepared soldiers to come home already addicted and ready to buy. Bet you can figure out who also had there hand in the program?

David T

Exactly. George HW Scherff (Bush) was in on it too. And these were key issues behind why Scherff’s CIA took out JFK.


Weren’t the Bushies scum? 🐍 & 🦎
I saw DadaSnake in the Scherff in Dallas TX, at Texas Vietnam Memorial Dedication.

Baby Bush in Portland OR 2001 or close, a rather boring rally, (compared to PRESIDENT TRUMP’S RALLIES saw him in 2022 Alaska😁)~ What a creep that we know Daddy & Baby Scherff WERE. I knew Dada was CIA, But then I saw the government as good. But didn’t we all?


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I’ve heard of LBJ profiting off the war with companies like Bell Helicopter, but never to the extent that 10% of a GI’s pay going to their families would end up in his pocket to invest in more war supplies designed to kill the enemy and even drugs to addicted our GIs. Tell me that is not insane. If he profited off the war to the tune of $100,000,000.00 in 1973, had he lived he would be worth $900,000,000.00 in 2023.
All off the blood of our youth that JFK tried to keep from being spilled. JFK began to stop the war in 1963 and the deep state, including LJB killed him for that, and then they ramped things up in 1968 with the Gulf of Tonkin incident, which upon research shows it never even happened.


LBJ was an awful awful person had his own sister killed and many more people died who he felt crossed him or were a threat


Thanks Kelly…will be checking this out.


Are you excited finally knowing the truth? I sure am.

There are tons of people who still refuse to research, refuse to have rational discussions, yet have loud screeching name-calling opinions. smh

LBJERK et al wars were for power, prestige, money & their names ‘for a time’ recorded.

We have been living under satan’s rule. he rules everything, including man-made religions, which is all of them. Think about it.

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I’ve heard that all the money sent to Ukraine was for money laundering purposes and that there was no real war between Ukraine and Russia and it’s my opinion that white hats took all the money or intercepted it, That’s My Hope anyway.

The operation in Ukraine was Putin helping liberate ukrainians and rescuing children caught in the child trafficking, adrenochrome harvesting and organ harvesting rings that ran all throughout and also the bio weapons labs he wiped out I think 34, something like that

Anyway all of these rumors of wars are just that and they are cover for all of the operations to end the child trafficking making arrests and getting the traders and pedophiles and Satanist

Karen B

That money in Ukraine? gets laundered and sent back to our Congress. Every body has their hands in our pockets and there isn’t much left… these scoundrels.

Karen B

” Poppy” Bush?😁

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Truth Seeker

All of the major auto manufacturers were asked to retool their factories to support the war effort. My grandparents often talked about there being shortages of everything.

The public was asked to sacrifice their personal wants and needs to support the military. Example: Women couldn’t buy stockings because the material used to make stockings was being used to make parachutes. The same goes for rubber to make tires.


And everything was rationed to hell in America, Canada and Europe, and people had to wait for months for basic necessities on our end; however, the American and British Navies transporting goods to the UK during the blitz to support our Ally in the middle of the London Blitz were sunk by Nazi U-boats in the middle of the Atlantic.
But Bush and Harriman were sending secrets to the Nazis for rubber for the Nazi’s trucks and synthetic oils and fuels for the Nazi’s armor vehicles, all in the name of supporting their boy Adolf Hitler? How sick is that?

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Karen B

Amen, awakened.💓


On the other hand, take the Arizona voting machines. We have evidence they were tampered with.

What?! the machines that are designed to steal elections that the gray hats refuse to remove were tampered with?!!! What?! Say it ain’t so! 😮


Calling them grey hats is too polite

Just a different wings of the worlds elite battling .

They show that everyday.


Its either black or white, there is no grey. Your either for God or against Him, there are no fence sitters.


U must have taken way too many drump boosters

He wasn’t speaking about God in any manner

He was discussing the actual reality taking place


Another words you’re either good or you’re bad


Says you … there is a gray .. there are gray hats that don’t have the moral fiber to do what a true white hat would do. They are definitely sitting on the fence.