Were NAVY SEALs Set Up? Criminal Regime Spins Lies over Fate of SEALS in Middle East Operation


One Navy SEAL died , and a second is MIA after a CENTCOM-approved operation to board a vessel allegedly seized by Iranian militants off the coast of Somalia/Yemen went catastrophically wrong, a CENTCOM source and White Hat speaking under condition of anonymity told Real Raw News.

The source’s limited telling partly contradicts what little information the illegal administration has shared with the mainstream news: two U.S. Navy SEALs were reported missing after falling into the sea while climbing aboard a vessel in the Gulf of Aden.

Here are the facts we know:

At approximately 3:00 a.m. local time, a SEAL Team conducted a Maritime Interdiction Operation on a flagged vessel that put out a distress call claiming that Iranian militants had boarded and were commandeering the ship.

The Seal Team shadowed the vessel and, when close enough, “grabbed it,” meaning they used ladders fitted with grappling hooks fired from a compressed air launcher to snag the boat. Three SEALs in Viking suits were scaling the ladder when the mission went south.

As the first SEAL neared the primary deck, a hostile leaned over the edge and opened fire with an automatic weapon, the rounds zipping past the encroaching SEALs. The SEAL nearest the top lost his grip and fell, striking the SEAL below him as he dropped toward the water. The force caused the second and third SEALs to lose their grip.

One, and our source wouldn’t say which, struck the climb boat and broke his neck, which killed him. A second seal was injured and later recovered. The third fell into the sea and is listed as missing in action.

According to the injured SEAL, he heard three distinctive types of gunfire come from above while ascending the ladder, and he claims the reports came from U.S. military weapons, including an M-14 carbine and a Heckler & Koch MP5 submachine gun. Although these weapons are widely available in the illegal arms trade industry and used by global terrorists, they’re usually not in the hands of fluent English speakers spraying fire at U.S. military personnel.

“The wounded Team member recalls hearing the hostiles cussing at him in English as he tried boarding the ship,” a source told Real Raw News. “It’s our belief this was a setup, that no Iranians were on the ship. This could’ve been regime retaliation against SEALs they knew were involved in previous White Hat operations.”

In any event, the SEALs aborted the mission.

Our source on this issue was reluctant to speak further on the incident, but he said he would supply more details in the future.

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Bernard Goepp

It therefore seems that the conflict between the pro-Biden army and the anti-Biden army is open. When this becomes known through MSM, it could cause quite a stir. Thanks Michael for this info. Salutations to all !!



William Turner

wow Nice

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Why am i thinking that Rusty is still being an AH? Is it because of the all caps or the spelling of Mr Baxters name!!!


Both, you it the nail on the head.



Gregg Nickens

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new name, same pos troll




MR. BAXTER, RustyJimJr

Jan D Hunsinger

I love how measured and logical you are. Aware of what is fact and what is speculation….willing to do both but label accurately. Such keen intellect is rare today.

Gregg Nickens

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Oh no, the bot strikes again!! Guys and gals, this is not Gregg!

Andi Kay

This particular kind of bot is so frustratingly annoying. And I always feel bad for 1 of our group who gets his/her name hijacked.


Agree, what the fuck is it that they get out of doing that? I ask the same question about the Indian (dot not feather), Pakistani, or some similar accent who calls me and my hubby as many as 10 times each every damn day, claiming to be from our credit union, some other bank, a credit reporting agency or whatever, claiming someone defrauded our account. Somehow he has gotten the last 4 digits of my SS# and our address.
I told him today to go take a damn bath in pig blood, my hubby calls him a goatfucker, both of us have screamed in his ear, and used an airhorn into the speaker on the phone hoping to permanently deafen him. He spoofs numbers of other people so it is never the same number twice, so we cannot get rid of him by blocking the number. We are so damn frustrated by not being able to stop him from calling us.
He scammed me once and took almost $700 from my account, I caught it, and let my credit union know it was a fraudulent taking of my money, so we figure he is harassing us because of that, but it’s been 5 years now and he still won’t stop! If I could just wish him dead and he would actually die by my wishing it, he would be dead a thousand times by now!

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Check out Stew Peters interview with Benjamin Owen about Indians “cultural niceties”

Mark David

Screen all of your calls with Voicemail. Get a different cell phone number with another prefix and let only your important contacts know what it is. Make that new number your main number for taking calls, and leave the garbage calls to the Voicemail number.

Anne Stallybrass

Gregg, change your name and re-register like Susan Sloate here did.


Thank you, Michael! Excellent writing, as always!

Church lips

My experience traveling the world and working with non-American colleagues and customers who speak English, is that you can always tell if one is American or not, for the most part.
Some folks speak the language well but still with an accent.
I had a colleague who was originally from Taiwan, came here with his wife in the 70’s for his Phd and spoke great English but with a slight accent – his two sons were born and educated in the US but spoke just like any American kid.
I would speculate these were black hat Americans on that ship.


I concur with that assessment! You can always tell when they speak English – there’s a slight accent there.


If only you knew


@Blackhat — Correct. International movie actors learn different dialects of America’s English, known as the formal “King’s English” opposed to England’s English, known as the informal “Queen’s English.”

So, you don’t have to be a movie actor to study/rehearse the regional American dialects for certain accents, as CIA agents know this well….

Mark David

Queen Elizabeth was a pedophile pedovore bitch. She was executed a couple of years ago. Good riddance.

Last edited 5 months ago by Mark David

Well, I am a proud American, born in Japan while Papa was serving under MacArthur. Japanese Nurse, then Scot Nanny, then lived abroad, speaking 5+ languages. Two brothers served in Viet Nam. There are a lot of Americans living Internationally. I wouldn’t like to be shot for my accent.


What is this obsession with IRAN when ISRAEL is the only TRUE :ACTIVE “BAD guy” in the Middle East AND which has no LAWFUL nor NATURAL RIGHT to be in the Middle East. s they re NOT Semites.???

Seems the BIDEN GUYS and Black Hats are taking advantage of that OBSESSION


Semitic” is a language family:

Folks that speak Arabic, Aramaic, or Hebrew as their primary language:

Are “Semites”.

This has zero(0) as nothing to do with genealogy.

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Nukken Futz

Are semites and termites related?

Stinky Perfume

Soldiers got killed trying to save who? Who is on that ship? “A vessel in the gulf of Aden”. I guess they know the vessel name and everything and the article is about a lure-in using a distress call trick. If that’s not the case, hope to find out.

Karen B

I love you for your integrity, Michael. Keep on!👍🇺🇸😍

Stinky Perfume

Scopolamine sprayed from a drone is said to be a potential issue. Ships reported at least one drone got too close.


Seems to me we probably still have eyes on that ship!
Might be time for full on aerial assault !!!

Jeffrey Rumsey

Please keep us informed, Michael, this really strikes a sensitive cord in me. I’ve known some of these Seals in Coronado 25 years ago! Integrity and truth always with these loyal Patriots! Ciao and thankyou

Jan D Hunsinger

Well I hope you don’t think MSM will EVER reveal any of this. ONLY when they are TAKEN OUT will “normies” ever hear any of this. Q said years ago MSM is LAST to go in the US. We will see if that plays out.

Last edited 6 months ago by Jan D Hunsinger



They are not Jews at all! The Kazarian Zionists are pure evil and do not have any lineage or beliefs of the true Jewish people!

Roseanne Barr said recently on her own podcast that she is sorry that the rest of the world is caught in the middle of the Jewish civil war!

The evil that rules Israel now and sadly much of the world is Satanic! They allowed Hamas to attack as they did.

They were forced long ago in Khazaria (Ukraine and parts of Russia now) in the middle ages to pick a religion and forced everyone to convert to it because they worship Baal and didn’t want to advertise it.

They are the ones that spit at nuns and have no morals at all. God will not allow this to continue due to the timing of Earth’s and our solar system traveling through the photon belt. We entered this time in 2012 and it will last another 2000 years…..the age of Aquarius.

This is God’s counterpoint to giving us freewill. All that is evil is exposed by the intense ultraviolet light and truth is revealed as the harvest of the darkness continues for another 90 years. Happens every 12,000 years.

Nukken Futz

Well, you can’t out jew a jew……

Mark David

Kill the KM Zionists that need killing. Deport the rest.

Last edited 5 months ago by Mark David

The story is in the Washington Post

David T

Their “version” of it, no doubt. Sure seems to confirm that what RRN is reporting on actually happened, doesn’t it, O doubting Clamster.

Church lips

There was a headline that popped up Sun morning about two missing Seals on faux news – however the real truth always lies outside of MSM.

Linda Hutchison

And that has been happening for SOME TIME!

Susan Banks

I was surprised that they called Trump the winner so early last night! I’ve been seeing small drips of real news. But, it will be floods when they are gone.


nobody says salutations lmao


Those who claim to “lmao” more than once are liars!




you leave your stench whenever you post.

Mark David

Like the shitter door on the Tuna Boat.




so do you…………

Gregg Nickens

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And frightfully common.


It will never become knowledge from the msm.

And no ..it wouldn’t do a damn thing

They murdered 25 million with a vaccine and you retards wouldn’t leave your recliner

Last edited 6 months ago by Noname
Linda Hutchison

I remember a day when we used to be able to TRUST our doctors and BIG PHARMA! When MSM jumped on their bandwagon and put the fear into everyone, SEVERAL were easy pickings for them. I never DID take the COVID vaccines. I decided early on that if they weren’t going to tell me what was in the vaccines (and they WEREN’T) and they wanted us to sign a waivers to keep them from being responsible for WHATEVER happened that I would take my chances.

Linda Hutchison

And WHEN might you think will this become KNOWN? The fools backing Biden are so headstrong that they most likely WON’T believe it even if they DID have the facts!

Gregg Nickens

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A Hoosier Patriot

Well per “news”. The story is such BS. Did they find the missing seal? 🙏
Do we know more @michael?


Reminder if they are in trouble reminder the American people are behind the navy seals.

Anthony Gregory

The seals & Marines are worthy of watching and listening to despite Trumps premature strike on Yemen.
That could have been settled diplomatically.


My condolences to their families. They are wasting their time God says he himself is going to stir up Iran (Elam) to deal with Babylon (endtime counterfeit Israel) ISAIAH 13:17

Proudly Unaffiliated

Nothing but lies come from #PretendantBidan’s misadministration. 🙁

Nathan Pilson



id say to stop posting stpid stories of events where you go in blind. yo look like rookies and sound so fake. if you or the seals wh know anything they would stop falling for such bs events

Rose Mary Abbott

I can’t post these articles directly on Facebook because they will be removed. BUT, I can relay them in my own words and they will stay up. I am not trying to plagiarize but trying to spread the word about what is really going on in this country. I can do this successfully and I have retold this story in my own brief breakdown and it stayed on the page. I hope I have not done wrongly in the eyes of Michael Baxter but the truth has to get out.

Karen B

This report angers me so much inside. If this was a set up and I’m sensing it is, there is no end to the depravity, lying, deceiving, conniving, concealing, psychotic minds of our enemies. This is war. There is validation for their deaths…every one of them.
My condolences to the families and friends of those Seals we have lost. 💔 ✝

Gregg Nickens

Google is presently paying $10,447 to $13,025 every month for working on the web from home. I have joined this activity 2 months back and I have earned $15,248 in my first month from this activity. I can say my life is improved totally!
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IMO …. it is time for Martial Law, major arrests, and executions. We are at the point of obvious treasonous continuations to kill us all. God Speed Patriots, and pray that the One and only true Living God in Heaven is guarding protecting our wonderful Military. There are casualties in war, though now it is coming from our own people. Sick and demented are those that brainwash the young, unwary, and niave for there own evil purposes.

Anne Stallybrass

Martial Law is already in operation. Quietly. Slowly, hints come out that slowly, more and more people pick up, because Martial Law already in place is the only remaining reasonable explanation. Hints build up, then suddenly, one by one, the penny drops for each person. Plus there is ongoing work to cancel / win over the military “loyal” to Biden, who have been fighting the real marines etc. This way, civil war is averted.

X-22 Report picks up the details but does not always get (or at least does not let on to getting) the real Martial Law situation. Again, Soft Disclosure to avert civil way.

Last edited 5 months ago by Anne Stallybrass
Linda Hutchison

If they openly DECLARED martial law in this country, it WOULD definitely spark a civil war! Even under martial law such as it is, we STILL aren’t as restricted as we were when they were ordering the masks, the social distancing, the restricted attendance at church or shopping.

Karen B


Linda Hutchison

They ARE taking behind the scenes action to avoid sparking a Civil War in this country. If you have been following RRN for any time now, you see what a mess we are in–there is actually some of our military units and commanding officers supporting Biden. I blame a BIG deal of this mess on the justices in the Supreme Court for refusing all the cases. That is their JOB to take them or to STEP DOWN. I realize that many of them were being blackmailed and threatened, but they should have stepped down if they felt they couldn’t do their jobs.

Truth Seeker

Thanks a bunch for this report Michael. It sure sounds like the seal team was being set-up to me. If not then what were english speaking people doing aboard a ship that had put out a distress call claiming Iranian militants had boarded the ship?

Doug Galt

I couldn’t buy the story the 2 were lost at sea. Kind of hard to get lost carrying the high tech these guys have on missions. And ruff seas with only an 8 foot chop. That’s nothing like +20ft swells. None of the reported news made any sense. But terribly sorry for the loss of these true Patriots Douglas Gault

Huck Finn

Why were there no recon flights over vessel with inferred imaging to determine potential hostility onboard? Why would 3 highly trained Navy Seals fully armed not be able to defend their positions? Why would trained US Seal lose his grip? Seals are trained to keep their composure under fire. Makes absolutely no sense. Should have had fully armed & manned US Seal boarding craft mounted with 30 cal. mini gun to suppress aggressors. If in deed it was a setup then maybe a mole on White Hat staff. Whoever was the boss on this operation, is inline for some KP duty..

Last edited 5 months ago by Huck Finn
Anne Stallybrass

fair questions. I’m wondering how Game Theory is handling all this. Maybe there is a lot more to this than meets the eye. Maybe behind / within this is a plan to, at least, make good use of the situation to wake up military “normies” to what is going on -??

Last edited 5 months ago by Anne Stallybrass
Linda Hutchison

ALWAYS is easiest to make the RIGHT decision with 20/20 vision when you aren’t in the driver’s seat at the time of the problem.

William Richard Nicholson

I pray for my Seals ! They take upon themselves , missions that only supermen take ! When The Best of The Best are needed they’re the ones called. If there was ever a time for The Master of Masters to help clean out the DS Evil scum , Now is that time ! The Master of Masters is not a myth , & I thank The Good Lord that the old wizened Master was aboard my ship. He took out the saboteur in our starboard steering gear room & I now ask The ( new ) Master of Masters to have a most profound effect against the DS scum who take aim at my Seals & their support team. Thank You , Master of Masters , it was an honor to meet you . Sorry , couldn’t talk in Thailand , my Thai wife was a obstacle that night. Nick , NavyBlueSmoke , LST-1195

Anne Stallybrass

Sounds powerful – and under God – can you explain more?

Last edited 5 months ago by Anne Stallybrass

what about the Gibraltar Eagle, named on JNT

if/is Gibraltar Eagle, vessel ‘Navy seals” tried to board 3:00 AM on 1/15/23

ship in meters is about 200 by 32, with 5 dry holds and 4 overhead, 30 ton cranes mounted, presumably down center line, 2015 build, ship is in shipping lanes between… let us say Gaza and… maybe Iran or NK, which way ship headed not disclosed

did I say dry holds, maybe food/grain, maybe trucks, farm equip… guns, ammo… nukes… ain’t this about the time for Iran to be finishing their nukes… I’m not saying, I’m just saying, would be nothen to mount cameras looking down over side or even attach fish finder so crew could know where to drop a line… just saying

centcom liars for fake admin report to JTN, Houthis ballistic missile hit ship and did only limited damage, crew OK, I guess that was a pea-shooter

White Hats report to RRN Navy Seals attempted to board ship because Iranian Militants seized the ship

were there ever any attacking militants, or was that CENTCOM Black Hat rouse

got to consider Black Hats tested new defenses for clandestine shipments, cargo runs, do Black Hats beg White Hats to escalate, take stronger measures, sinking the thing

with Trump’s Iowa victory in the beg, is Gibraltar Eagle Black Hat’s attempt to give media something to yack about, ramping up of WW III… stealing show, even excuse to terminate election 2024

see how easy it all gets hooked up, connected

is that next big LEFT boot coming down
it’d take miracle to make this story, come to nothen more

up against rock… two-way-damn

Stinky Perfume

I think the article said the ship is all black hat run and they used a false rescue narrative just to kill 3 white hats but one was recovered. So we’re they hoping for more?

Nukken Futz

Call in Chuck Noris and his delta force….

Linda Hutchison

Looking for my LAUGHING emoji!


Final event imminent

So was Q’s big sting operation

Defcon one alert issued

Star link ready to send EBS signal to all cell phones Worldwide

Just waiting for green light

Remember, remember the 5th of November = 11/5 or mirrored 1/15 = V for VENDETTA

Trump says Mon. 15 Jan. was a very inportant day




2 sides/views/takes on evidence

many here on RRN cry for evidence

the RRN ‘oprah’ and ‘Navy Seal’ articles provide 2 different perspectives on ‘evidence’

oprah came to us stale by over a month, by time it got to us, some in our rank were quickly saying they spotted dif in oprah… like, way back then, story became instantly believable for them and soon many more caught on, the evidence came first, RRN story came second… late, stale… some astute folk witnessed, dug out details, telling the rest of us about the ‘evidence’ but then oprah is abundantly well known, unlike many fish to fry, RRN cannot make that scenario work for many

Navy Seal a whole different perspective on evidence, White Hat source rushed to MB for him to publish scant mysterious lines before, as soon as, soon after, EVIL factions of CENTCON could go “mainstream” …feel rewarded Solomon because I remember well when you were all alone, off on the side (right side)… JTN now reaches into the ‘main’… but I’d never put the two stories together as supposedly one and same ‘incident’, certainly not same story, stories seem miles apart, but because of timing and content of both particularly RRN obscure pointers, I find it most believable they talk about the same event, thus in broad sense, one confirms the other, though one is truth, the other all lie

evidence is a very flaky thing… at best, most of the time, for us out here in boo-hoo land, we cry about excessive taxation, it stacks up as circumstantial evidence, like whole ‘War on Poverty’ that I witness, never been won, not even talk of beating it, certainly never lost, always ongoing, always the pour of more money down bottomless pit making everyone all the more poor, but not, EXCEPT, tax collector and tax maker… that lot, unlike ‘the poor’ just keeps getting richer and richer, decade after decade… …. ….. go figure… War on Poverty is now New Green Hoax where Elites wear the war paint, nothen kind for any kind any more

Anne Stallybrass

Good points there, you didn’t deserve the downvoting some troll gave you

Last edited 5 months ago by Anne Stallybrass



Set Up, This very regime is proof positive, what need of ANY court, least tribunal.
][f “we”(KM) can’t have it all, neither will You !

“They” will stop at nothing, “they” will kill their own , even at ALL COST’s.

NO QUARTER, it is all “they” know & live/exist for.

][ Pray.


plot thickens… may

low and behold late afternoon on 1/15/24 I found the following heading on Solomon’s Just The News, JTN
“US cargo ship hit by Houthi ballistic missile, Pentagon”last updated 1:09, 1/15/24

it may relate directly to this “Navy Seal” piece at RRN by MB, 1/15/24

the two stories have very little in common, they seem… VERY CONTRADICTORY… but thus “source” warned us on/at RRN

I would not call JTN release fraudulent, because last words of lede, first paragraph are, “according to the Pentagon”

first words of paragraph/sentence 2 are, “The reported attack”, JTN is just relaying the story as told to JTN, I read JTN primarily because Q told us to keep eye on Solomon/ team, they have continually broken as much, if not more than any, perhaps not as fast, but soon enough for me, JTN tends to get around to it all, and I do so free, all I can afford, with no sign-in or privileges within

the JTN piece warns us well enough, this release is from known liars

the connection between the two pieces I’d name three fold: 1) both published as news, both same day, RRN not necessarily new news because RRN provided no date, and RRN had just understandably released stale news about oprah 2) both story about a ship in same highly contested waters known to be current center of contentions 3) a/ RRN “CENTCON”, “WHITE HAT” source b/ JTN “according to U.S. Central Command”

that’s about the end of likeness, rest contradicting each other

point 3) above shows Central Command to be be divided, some within carry buckets of lie to MSM acting as cover for fake admin rear

2 more lines need to further develop… these lines
1) why oprah story, why “Navy Seal” story, 2 sides/views/takes on evidence
2) well what about the Gibraltar Eagle, named on JNT


I believe all Seals are now on the deep state hit list.

Linda Hutchison

The DS better keep their “shit list” to themselves! America is covenanted with Almighty God. Satan has thought he was smart enough and bad enough to take over God’s throne, and he and some of his nephilim friends soon found out that GOD is STILL running things. Unless they ALL (including Satan and his followers) have a death wish, they better think about repenting and walking in reverse for their actions and intentions. If they REMAIN with Satan and refuse Christ, they will be doomed, not just in THIS life, but for ALL eternity! Satan and his ilk will NEVER, NEVER, NEVER beat God!


there’s no M-14 carbine that i know of; there is, of course the M-4 carbine. minor detail.

Nukken Futz

A M-14 rifle is still used by marines and there is a shortened version available on the civilian market which would make the rifle a carbine. The M-14 is used in semi auto, but can be used full auto. It fires a 7.62 x 54 mm cartridge and that caliber is popular with snipers and will blow a buzzard off a shitwagon at 300 yards or closer….


A side note. Seal team 6 was murdered by the US GOVERNMENT.

Anne Stallybrass

or, whispers say they may have escaped into Witness Protection …


If that is how they board a ship. They should get wiped out. That is the definition of stupid. When a nation falls nothing goes right. Who is supposed to cover the deck?

Sue Grantham

Thank you Michael


Whoever they were, they are enemy combatants. So now, we need to uncover who was behind that ambush & who the armed combatants were, so JUSTICE can be meted out accordingly to them.


American soldiers, losing their lives doing the bidding of an unlawful genocidal Israel, as usual.


Thank you.


Like agent Smith said, “find them and destroy them”! No mercy and no prisoners!


They don’t call them frog men for nothin.
Why not get the target ships blue prints and find a underwater compartment breach point?
Use a mini sub with rebreathers and cut in through the hull and invade it quietly.

Or if that type assault use a sharp shooter gunner in a heilo and spot for this?

Got to get more random and creative on how to attack.
Frontal is not effective anymore.

Think like seaquest.

I hate any losses on our side.
Pray for them and their familys.
Thanks, Seals, M. B.

Last edited 6 months ago by Fr@nk

A three year old could have repelled that attack.


a bit odd for MB/RRN, only time reference is “3:00 a.m. local”, start of fourth paragraph, beyond that we are …left… to ass-u-me

lede of second paragraph remains veiled in more than a mysterious ‘know-not’:

“The source’s limited telling partly contradicts what little information the illegal administration has shared with mainstream news:”

Minimally there are 4 players, diverse, in that lede, and 2 serious points of contention, “limited telling” and “contradicts”… 4 players are: 1) source, 2)illegal administration, 3) mainstream news, 4) reporting MB/RRN

contradiction is between players 1) and 2), however, we remain clueless as to what is that ‘contradiction’ as well as the ‘rest of the story’

date references being omitted on every aspect of this release leads one to believe time/timing may well be part of ‘limitation’ and/or ‘contradiction’ and I will remind the previous RRN piece, oprah got held, not reported, between 12/3 (we ass-u-me 23, and perhaps rightfully so, but we ass-u-me year) and 1/14/24

‘mainstream’ has been with us for decades, and these, those, waters have been contested for decades too, ‘thieving admin’ has been with us since 1/20/21, but should we ass-u-me this seal thing happened after 1/20/21, or do we just ass-u-me this is just fake-admin not talking about thing happening prior to stolen election… …. ….. (long, mounting, pause for thinking it all through)

do we ass-u-me lying ‘mainstream’ told public and told public immediately and told truth about what the criminal admin liars told them… …. …..

I am afraid with no date on anything, date that we might minimally verify what MSM told us (‘us’ being a fifth element in lede above), we remain MIU, Missing In Understanding, we remain lost in long contested dark waters flowing out of DC swamp land, not unlike our sadly MIA

I do not think this report primarily aims at us who are deeply grieved by this writeup, but it is truth that must be released at some point… but target is to falsely bolster up ‘Black Hats”… and not the high-up stooges who fervently ‘hide-it-all’ even from their own… but aimed at common ‘black hats’ who are always hugged in and with all darkness, not knowing… this report throws the low-down thugs (thugs being sixth element, high-ups being 2nd element in lede above) a sense of win suggesting they best hold to ‘plan’, ‘assignment’… do not go rogue… there is no desperation, no [PANIC] in DC… be of good cheer… black hats win… pat yourself on back and wait for next orders … …. …..let/make them, element 6, still ass-u-me who their next dark orders come from….. …. …


Hey grand-dad you wrote a book yet??? lol

Rene Labre

There is not enough detail in this to comment.To many things can be taken to many ways.At this time the loss of the seals is worthy of reporting.

Loo Seee

Here is where I imagine the volley of cannon fire and a black hat ship sinking into the murky deep.


Question: Why didn’t the SEALS blast that vessel out of the water after being set up DS Operatives?

Andi Kay

Good question.


We dont know the answer to that question, however I am sure if you called the Seal’s leadership they could explain it to you. Armchair quarterback! smh.

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Linda Hutchison

Probably because when you give a QUICK response and take on immediate VENGENCE, you can’t make much of the hide nor hair of what really went on from the PIECES that remain.


If it wasn’t an oil tanker, maybe just sink it, but it probably had a bunch of little kids on it waiting to be sold to the highest bidder. Pretty sad.

Loo Seee

True. I didn’t think of that.. my mind doesn’t go there automatically. I keep forgetting there are truly evil people that have absolutely no business breathing the same air as innocent people.

Gregg Nickens

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God bless our white hat service men and women. Heroes to the end, giving their lives for our country. The best of the best.

It seems logical that the ship was full of trafficked children, otherwise it would no longer exist. It has to unload somewhere, sometime.

Thank you Michael. It can’t be easy to share such devastating news.

King Kong

med bed can bring that brave solder back to life i think there is time limit like 48 hours.

Anne Stallybrass

if there’s access to one in that time frame


Depends on the degree and type of damage done to organs and blood vessels.


Any news from the middle east is probably going to be unreliable. Need to focus on this election.

Sparky Sr

A set-up or not, this leaves out too many questions that need to be answered.
If this was in the gulf, why didn’t our navy, out in the open, surround the vessel, signal said vessel to board it and just board it. At this point we would have known either friendly or foe.
Think about it. Our Navy is more than ready to destroy any or all vessels in the area. So if our vessel started pulling up along side your vessel, 2 things would happen; either you are going to shit a brick or open fire.

Please keep us posted Michael.

David T

A lot might depend on a hostage situation, especially when dealing with terrorists, wouldn’t you say?

Sue Rodrigues

Prayers for the seal that died and full recovery of the one MIA. Prayers for the seal recovering from his injuries. This is pure evil to set our boys up. Sad thing is they may think twice next time and that could be fatal for those on board that vessel. Don’t cry wolf. 🙏🙏🙏🥰❤️‍🩹❤️‍🩹 continue to bring the good fight Michael, thank you 🥰 ♥️🤍💙🇺🇸


I just read a headline from American Military News: BREAKING: 2 US Navy SEALs missing after dangerous mission. It definitely follows along with this story….just not the same details.


Rest In Peace fallen members of SEAL Team 3.

Justice would call for Biden and black hats to rest in pieces!

Very good to hear about General Smith!

Thank You for this article, Michael Baxter, must’ve been among the most difficult to write.

Keep after ‘em, whoever, whenever and wherever.


Ok putin


In the end we know JESUS WINS! So why not JUMP ASAP to board HIS Ark? Before it’s too LATE! If you choose to go through the seven year tribulation period, remember your last chance to earn HIS SAVING grace and escape the worse time EVER for mankind, you’ll have to prepare for the guillotine! AND DON’T take the mark. Otherwise the fires in hell will be your daily reward.

Can’t believe these seals didn’t anticipate black hats. Hate to hear this news.





Linda Hutchison

The ARK referred to is a reference to the Old Testament Noah study. God WARNED the sinful people of Noah’s day to clean up their act! For 125 YEARS while Noah was building this ARK according to God’s instructions, the people IGNORED the warning. When the Ark was finished and Noah had rounded his family and two of every animal up and they had boarded the Ark, GOD shut the door to it and the rain (which I am not even sure had ever occurred at that time) began. For 40 days and NIGHTS it rained and the floodwaters from the earth came forth and destroyed ALL living things. I have read that they think the remainder of the Ark is somewhere in the mountains in Turkey. Since God has told the prophets that He is going to do a COMPLETE reveal, we may find out where that and the Ark of the Covenant are. Jesus has ALREADY defeated death and hell when He was resurrected. What does Jesus WIN? When God is FINISHED doing whatever He is DOING here, the CHURCH (believers known as the bride of Christ) will be with Him for eternity and ALL those who oppose God and Christ will be cast into the Lake of Fire for that same period of time, never to bother anyone again.




I find it weird that the seals let the ship go and it wasn’t stopped or blocked by another American ship. Even if they tailed it with a gunship and or another military ship until they figured out what they wanted to do next.
Letting whoever was on the ship just kill and wound a few Navy Seals and then go about their day seems weird to me.
The SEALs aborted the mission, I would have thought a helicopter gunship could have done something and if fired at then they could return fire as well.

Just seems weird to let them make a emergency call, kill our soldiers and then sail alone as if nothing happened, “Weird”.