Delta Force Arrests Klaus Schwab


A Delta Force strike team arrested 86-year-old World Economic Forum (WEF) founder Klaus Schwab Friday following a deadly firefight that started at the fortified gate at his 7,770-square-foot, six-acre compound in Switzerland and ended in his bed-chamber, where the death-bringing geezer lay in bed hooked up to a self-dispensing Adrenochrome infusion machine, a source in General Eric M. Smith’s office told Real Raw News.

The overdue arrest came after White Hats formally labeled Schwab an international war criminal based on undisclosed evidence showing that he helped orchestrate the Covid plandemic and the Great Reset—the dismantlement of capitalism, the dissolution of private property rights, and the enslavement or eradication of all resistance, globally.

According to our source, White Hats also had a grudge against Schwab. After the WEF spent 32 hours discussing Disease X—a deadly, emerging, manufactured contagion for which COVID-19 was a practice run—at January’s “rebuilding trust” (the irony) conference in Davos, White Hats obtained credible intelligence suggesting that a shipment of a Disease X “component” would arrive at the Port of San Francisco, aboard an Iberian-flagged freighter, on February 6. When the vessel arrived, White Hats were waiting. They raided the ship and found in the hold coolers of a glassy, viscous liquid stored in beakers and flasks. Suspended in the liquid were shimmering silver flecks no larger than a piece of dandruff. The ship’s crew claimed ignorance, saying they were merely transporting “engine lubricant,” per the ship’s manifest. A White Hat Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear (CBRN) team seized the shipment, rushing it to Fort Leonard Wood for chemical analysis. The liquid turned out to be soapy water, and the flecks were micro-fine cosmetic glitter used by women to accentuate their eyes. One cooler held a typewritten note: “Fooled you.”

The duping, our source admitted, enraged General Smith, for it consumed time and resources, but was only a tertiary reason for pursuing “one of the most prolific criminals in human history.”

“On April 5 the general and his allies at Army Special Operations Command planned Schwab’s capture. Intelligence, and we hoped it was more solid than the boat intel, said Schwab was pretty much bedridden but protected by a massive security force. There was no sneaking in—the general had blueprints to his home-fortress—and a gunfight seemed certain, and reaching Schwab before his people hustled him into his panic room,” our source said.

He wouldn’t say how or when Delta arrived in Switzerland or whether Swiss authorities participated in the operation, as fusillades of gunfire would certainly alert local authorities and, perhaps, the federal police.

“We knew it would be a run-and-gun op. And the decision was to do it this weekend,” he said. “I’m not going to bullet point our tech, but we can, from a distance, temporarily disable pretty much any alarm system on the planet, and his was no exception.”

The operation commenced in the predawn hours, the window of circadian low, defined as the hours of 2 a.m. to 6 a.m., when physiological sleepiness is greatest and performance capabilities—such as reacting to an armed incursion–are lowest. Delta hoped to find some guards asleep or drowsily unvigilant.

Delta snipers with suppressor-equipped rifles shot three gate and five perimeter guards in the head. Eight shots, eight confirmed kills. Meanwhile, more Delta scaled the stone wall surrounding Schwab’s fortress and engaged a gaggle of armed goons, killing seven and grievously wounding five more. One Delta was shot in the arm and leg but kept fighting. Another got zipped by a ribbon of submachine gun fire and died.

The phalanx of gunfire continued as Delta fought their way to the front door; two soldiers set charges while six others covered them, rippling off lethal controlled bursts that dropped four more approaching guards. The door splintered into countless shards of hardwood and twisted metal—the explosion disemboweled three interior guards who were standing behind it. Delta stepped over their guts and pressed forward, clearing the house room by room and shooting dead all opposition. Four guards came wheeling around a spiral staircase face-first into a Delta barrage of bullets.

Delta’s precisely placed shots eviscerated a pair of sentries guarding the master bedroom and perforated two more standing at the foot of Schwab’s bed.

Schwab had fear in his watery eyes and an IV line running from his wrist to what looked like a morphine pump. When a soldier tore the line from his wrist, Schwab murmured, “No, I need it. Help me.”

“If it were up to me, I’d help put you out of your misery right now,” the Delta operator told him, per a debriefing report.

Delta heaved Schwab from his bed and hurriedly ushered him downstairs and outside. As Delta Force was exfiltrating the property, four guards wielding AR-15-style rifles met them at the gate, lowering their weapons at seeing Schwab in Delta’s clutches.

“Don’t shoot, we might hit the boss,” one had said.

Delta hosed them down. No survivors.

“We have four wounded and one KIA. They retrieved their fallen brother’s body. He died a hero. I won’t say where we have Schwab right now, but I will say where he’s going—GITMO. Unfortunately, ending Schwab doesn’t end WEF. We still have a lot of work to do. And we confirmed he was taking Adrenochrome—that’s what was in the machine next to his bed,” our source said.

He added that President Trump was informed about the operation and that the hospitalization trope is a Deep State cover story.

Free Speech and Alternative Media are under attack by the Deep State. Real Raw News needs reader support to survive and thrive. 

Please do not give your hard-earned money to sites or channels that copy/paste our intellectual property. We spend countless hours vetting, researching, and writing. Thank you. Every dollar helps. Contributions help keep the site active and help support the author (and his medical bills)

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Hello, Michael,

So, you can ban the bots? Very good.
Thank you.

Nukken Futz

Concast addresses cannot be cracked by these nefarious bot dildos, though. They have put some sort of cryptic zapper code that they don’t like.


Thanks for your infinite patience. You are appreciated.


Slow things down a bit during this month. I hear Colorado is warming up. You deserve a break in the action, the congregation will tolerate a 9 day vacation. Treat yourself well BAX1. There are expiration dates. Yes, I’m very well aware ‘that I’m the only one suggesting you to do this.’

“Spent the last year
Rocky Mountain Way
couldn’t get much higher.”

Oliver 🇺🇸🌴🇺🇸


Only 10 people so far oppose you taking an extended vacation .. how nice …


Bring back OWD
⭕️ — 🐷—

Stinky Perfume

Does this change the case of the worthless email address previously suggested?


They’ll never guess mine. I’m a transgender bot myself.. 😆

Karen B

Hopefully the ones who have this set up will hear you this time.
Thanks for letting people know, Michael.😊👍💓

Combat Engineer 4 God

And reduced to limited “runs” of comm, stretched out more & all .gov “Stretch” Ready..Stretch- DUE TO EVIL!!

Rebecca tracy

Happened to me and I can see why. I will think up another name different from email


Thank you Delta. I grieve for the family of the “KIA” – some day, we will know his/her name. Bravery beyond measure against entrenched, overwhelming odds. An enormous victory.


When do the white hats go after George Soros aka the head of the snake!


All I can say is, Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah!!! May he rot in Hell!

Ultrafart the Brave

Of course, you do realise that, being a high-order Freemason and Satanic adept, Klaus will be immune to any conventional attempts to execute him. Even burning at the stake won’t suffice.

Just as Witches have their Achilles’ Heel in the form of Water and Vampires in the guise of Garlic, the White Hats MUST use Klaus’ only known vulnerabilities against him.

Either roast him until Golden Brown in a giant electric oven and then drown him in ketchup, or hang him with Gourmet Sausage String. Or both, though in reverse order.


Hopefully, Schwab’s gay arrogant sidekick advisor Juval Noah Harari is next. He said that freedom is “over”, except for he and his globalist cronies, of course.

Mark David

Schwab deserves the agony of adrenochrome withdrawal. What pathetic scum these elitist NWO pukes really are. Killing them all is fine with me.

Nukken Futz

This wretched monster of a kazarian fried icehole has the most impeccable resume of two PHD college degrees; one in mech. engr and the other in chemical analysis, plus a masters degree in economics and he made good use of his studies for a number of years, then he must’ve drank or smoked too much and hit his head and damged half of his cranial circuits and his CPU, plus screws falling to the bottom of his skull and then became bad shit crazy wanting to kill off 90% of the world’s population….WTF…!! This farging bastage is gonna go down in earth’s nutty history, as the worst of the worst planetary kill freak of people. He will bypass Ghenghis Kahn as the ulltimate to the max, but he will be remembered in books and high adventure james Bond style movies and he was well educated, unlike Hitler and Stalin, who were uneducated losers that came from broken homes. True he came from the Rothy bloodline which consider cronic mental problems to be, cool and “quite OK”…..


He’s blowfeld incarnate


I’m not sure the Rothchilds are actually “Rothchilds” Remember, the Khaz Mafia are known as “the Name Stealers” and they took on any name to protect their rotten selves, generally after murdering most of the original family. Since the Silk Road, when they murdered the Caravan leaders, stole their names, and presented themselves as the names of trusted people. They hid behind murdered Jews, taking their names. Woe to the original people.


Banning, bots, and trolls will clean up the comment section..




You will own nothing and eat insects, what an appropriate way to store him…and his adrenochrome withdrawal will do so much more to him than hanging ever would

Jane C

Ze bugs


Why does he need adrenoCHROME?

Is there some reason why Google names their products “chrome”?

Nukken Futz

Because it gives the product a hip, more cooler name with dazzle, instead some old plane jane generic unhip dull as dishwater boring name. Did’nt you ever take advertising and how to sell a product in your business studies in your major in college……….?

Mark David

Google is part of the anti-humanity enterprise. Imprison or kill them all for their involvement.


Where’s Benocide Shapiro when you need him?

izrabagel did 9/11
izrabagel killed jfk and rfk
izrabagel attacked the USS Liberty

fuck the kyke bitchez!


…but the goy are too busy running in place trying to ‘make ends meet’ chasing our green shekels!!!! lol hahahahahahaha

Joan P McDonald

So what happens to anal Schwab when they take away his adrenochrome ?


I’d say he’ll die without it. They might have some synthetic or something that will keep him alive until his “sentencing”


That’s why they had a recall on the epi-pens because when aged, it becomes adrenochrome and is so much more valuable to them

Rebecca tracy

Today Klaus Schwab is reported dead after being admitted to hospital: news that has already been denied

Wednesday 17th April 2024 02:52 AM

Some rumors are arriving in these hours which, according to the information we have collected, have already been denied, given that it has been spread on social media the voice that says Klaus Schwab is dead after hospitalization. In short, news without sources, as often happens when on Facebook you start resharing content without authoritative links behind it. Speculations are the order of the day and evidently we must also take note of it today, April 16th.

We deny the rumors that Klaus Schwab is dead after being admitted to hospital today, April 14th

As if the fake news about the alleged disappearance of Michael Schumacherwhich we had the opportunity to discuss yesterday with another article, now it’s time to approach the world of politics. Having said this, let’s try to analyze more closely the hoax that claimed and continues to claim Klaus Schwab was dead after his hospitalization, which has been talked about so much for some time now.

The denial of today’s news comes directly from AP News, another site that deals with fact checking.

According to what was announced today, it all stems from ⚠️sites that suddenly and for no apparent reason started spreading rumors. All of this, largely fueling concerns. Only upon closer reading, however, did the truth emerge.

No dead Klaus Schwab, therefore, given that we are talking about a portal that claims to ⚠️publish “satire, comical opinion articles and editorials”. The same one who, after all, published an article on Schwab’s alleged hospitalization.

A WEF spokesperson told The Associated Press that the claims are not true.

In summary, we have no reason to fuel the rumors about Klaus Schwab, given that we do not even have confirmation of the phantom hospitalization according to what was leaked in the well-known German economist.


Joan P McDonald

So we are to believe the AP because they have “fact checkers”…..ok, sure.🙄


I truly hope this useless eater is taken out painfully.


Extremely painfully.


On his Telegram post, April 15, Ezra A Cohen posted that, “Klaus Schwab is dead.”

Anybody have confirmation?


“Death bringing geezer”? Who tf writes this stuff?? Sounds like the script from a London East End gangster movie! 😄😄😄

Last edited 1 month ago by Jorek
Marta Limberg

Adenochrome, the most addictive chemical known to humans! Sadly, the production of this chemical involves torture and death of innocents. So happy and glad when the demons causing this terror are permanently gone from this planet.


One Darth Vader down for the count !!
Does this guy go to Star Wars Conventions when he’s not attempting to run the world ?!?

Nukken Futz

This is the face of a horrible monster, far worse than 20 Trex’s chasing after you. History will tell in the future years of this piece of wretched shit, that he maimed and killed more people using sadistic trickery, than Hitler, Stalin or Ghenghis Kahn and will hold the record for many future centuries. Now they need to feed him bugs and vax the rotten cocksukker with all of the boosters available, then give him a public trial and burn him at the stake…….


A part of me wonders is he should be put on ice. Otherwise, his demons will come screaming out of him at his death looking to inhabit the body of another corrupt soul. After all, his relatives won’t be near him to suck in those demonic entities when he breathes his last breath. If he’s put on ice and his body put on a space ship to an ice cold location, wouldn’t his driving forces remain in his body?? Actually, on second thought, I wouldn’t count on it. Nose swab won’t be the first demonically infested person sent to the gallows. If that worked in the past, it will work now.


I thought Klaus Schwab with that clothes was a sci-fi meme.🤣

Last edited 1 month ago by julio

Curious if his closet was full of these costumes, in every color? WOW, what a psycho. Bravo he’s DONE.


The adrenochrome alone should be grounds for the death sentence.
Don’t forget, little children are tortured & killed to produce that stuff.

P. E. Hunter

Fantastic! Schwab was a horrible human being, only wanting to kill or enslave good people.
Very well done to all those Delta Force military heroes!


They are the nephilin who dies in the great flood. Their spirits “demons” created fake human clones and that’s who the Illuminati are ,demonic spirits in fake human clones. That’s why they don’t allow main stream media to talk about the giants hidden in rock because it were them in the past.


These creatures in my opinion are not human. Many are hybrids… i know when did hybrids become a thing?? Always have been here we were all asleep, but no more will we walk like that.


Does my heart good to see such POS arrested & detained for tribunal at Gitmo. Way to go, White Hat Military! You are in our prayers every moment of every day.

Jean Guillaumat

There is no federal police in Switzerland.
One of the reasons why it is one of the Cabal’ s
favorite hiding places.


Switzerland is their headquarters.

1904 SD

please stop, we don’t care!


Real Raw News Updates on Arrests and Executions:


86-year-old World Economic Forum (WEF) founder Klaus Schwab, an international war criminal charged with orchestrating  the Covid plandemic and the Great Reset—the dismantlement of capitalism, the dissolution of private property rights, and the enslavement or eradication of all resistance, globally, AND AN ADRENOCHROME JUNKIE, realrawnews. com/2024/04/delta-force-arrests-klaus-schwab/ ;
Attended Bilderberg Conference in 1995 (The 43rd Bilderberg. Held at the Burgenstock Hotel in Burgenstock, Switzerland),
1996 (The 44th Bilderberg, held in Canada),
1997 (no country cited),
2003 The 51st Bilderberg, in Versailles, France),
2007(The 55th Bilderberg meeting, held in Turkey),
2016 (The 2016 Bilderberg meeting took place in Dresden, Germany)
Attended WEF Conferences in 2004, 2006, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2016, 2017, 2019, 2020, 2022, 2023,
Hidden Alliance of former WEF Young Global Leaders working in Lockstep to enforce the Great Reset include Macron, Trudeau, Ardern, & Boris Johnson
Klaus Schwab: Cyberattack Worse than COVID-19 Crisis – Power Grid Down, Banking Offline


Dan Crenshaw and tulsi gabbard were 2 wef lackeys that i recognized on their poster…


Crap! I knew I couldn’t trust her!


,,, and You doubted Your Intuition ?
][ Bless You, now You know.

Joan P McDonald

Vivek and Meghan Rapinoe as well.

Lady Hermann

Even with out reading here I believed the hospital story to be garbage for no one so pompous would be seen in any old hospital and it would not be announced. Good work Delta and I will send a prayer up for the fallen.


George Soros four sons need to be in custody next


I read this story 24 hours ago and I keep thinking that’s another 24 hours Schwab is without his precious “cocktail.” I bet he’s got withdrawal something fierce. Especially at his advanced age. And that makes me smile today. 😂




,,, just another patsy minion of evil & wickedness..
God’s Speed to him now.

Debate Judge

overdue arrest for dismantling capitalism

after capitalism has been used by big pharma to make millions from covid
vaccines and despite side effects of death, no recall.

after capitalism has been used by big pharma to give people remdesivir
despite so many deaths, it was given to so many people

after capitalism has been used by big telecom
despite the harms of 4G and 5G only Russia banned telecom’s harms to human health

after capitalism has been used by big real estate culture
despite studio and 1 BR apartments cost more than $1,100 per month
despite people being rent poor
despite people living out of their cars or being homeless
despite people in medium sized cities cannot find a first home for $125,000

after capitalism has been used by outsourcers

after capitalism has been used by manufacturers of single use plastics

after capitalism has been used by public and private colleges
despite people being able to go to college (with textbooks) free or under $1,000/yr
despite student debt

It may not need to be dismantled but it needs reforming.

Debate Judge

after capitalism has been used by public and private colleges
despite people being unable to go to college (with textbooks) free or under $1,000/yr
despite student debt

George Greenfield

After capitalism has been used by public morons to go to college and not pay for it
What makes someone else think We the People should pay for their poor judgement and worthless degree?

Debate Judge

When did the City University of New York stop being free?

June 1976

In June 1976, with CUNY’s budget in tatters, the Board of Higher Education broke down and imposed tuition on CUNY students in exchange for a total state takeover of four-year college finances (the community colleges would still largely be carried on New York City’s budget).

For further information, google:
“Wikipedia and List of Baruch College alumni” and look at those who finished their studies before June 1976. There were many White men who were officers and managing directors of companies in New York City who graduated from a CUNY college.


Capitism is a bastard child of evil & wickedness.
We have fallen to it many times.
We are meant to progress forward , for New & Better Life. Do we not all profit from what someone has made better ? Progress is shared for One & All, not a select few, that would be stagnation, and the fall is inevitable to nothingness. That is NOT in the design of LiFe.

Debate Judge

Oh wait ! ! !

after capitalism has been used by the military industrial complex
used by Lockheed Martin’s F-35s
29%, less than a third are operationally/mission capable.
Source Rep. Matt Gaetz
YouTube Channel: Congressman Matt Gaetz
Video Lockheed Martin Builds Planes That Can’t Fly!!
And what about the cost of the service contracts on these no-flying chickens?

Oh My GAWD ! ! !


What we have is crony capitalism, not real capitalism.

About time

Now do sorAss. Take his money. End his children. Would go a long way to preventing more sorAss DAs and other sorAss gov. Unofficials

Jake bucks

Could you imagine this demon asking a “lowly” human to help him? 😂. This same demon who proclaimed arrogantly that We The People will own nothing and be happy! Maybe once at Guitmo they can serve him only bugs to eat and require he get a covid shot to keep everyone else there “safe”! 😂🤣. Karma! Only time b4 he gets to meet his lord the devil!

George Greenfield

Covid booster daily
It’s the only way to ne sure !


His Lord shall take him with him.
To the abyss of nothingness.
History will not know of them.

God Speed to “them” all.


Real history will be taught. Lest the same thing happens again. He will be tortured for all eternity, according to his deeds.


Thank Q Michael for this GREAT NEWS !!! The biggest piece of SHIT of the world !! Thank Q to our Great Military Forces !! WOUHA !! 😎

Stinky Perfume

Surface dweller vampires I can’t define but who can and what’s the definition? There’s no telling how old they are. His alleged age needs to be proved. What if he’s really 300 yrs old?

Demon possessed and animated people are another vast subject outside the scope of body doubles, clones, and CGI conversations.

His empty estate will be all people have to discern what happened there but it seems like it’s all going to be a well kept secret and not clear how they keep this stuff a secret.

Will a flood of deep staters clean it up and place a body double or someone in there? What about all the dead bodies, housekeepers, cooks, landscapers, repair crews, wardrobe employees, personal accountants, media crews, families of his employees?

This affects lives where I can only GUESS some people hired there to work, actually live outside the estate and might talk about the bloody mess and loss of employment. I am guessing body guards have family elsewhere but are completely trained to secrecy, maybe of even where they work.

They all own multiple mansions and they burn some down as this goes along. In the dailymailDOTcom look up the mansion of Cara Delevingne Los Angeles. $7 million mansion burnt to toast recently. If there is a raid, it’s buried in a rich area and nobody drives through but the other elite. Individual mansions are covered by trees from street view or even privacy from other mansions next door on all sides.

Nukken Futz

TS,……..That means Tuff Situation……


LoL ,,, whatever is hidden, will become known.
Not one stone upon another.

][n the expansivenes of the U N I V E R S E ,,,
… there is NOWHERE to hide !


We are praying for the families of all of the fallen HEROES that have endured this onslaught to rid the entire world of this egregious evil.
Let us know what more we can do …. it is our duty!


S A L U T E *


absalute horse shit that all you dumb fucks stil think this clown posts factual info but not another living soul can verify this info /?

Stinky Perfume

You have to be able to fly a drone over this kind of place to look for proof. This stuff of elite and movie stars going down, and fleeing, is real. If it’s burnt to the ground I guess they do it and have evidence to hide. This address may as well be disclosed by now as far as I can guess. Address is not given in news either but it’s Studio City which is next to Bel Air. DOT com/story/cara-delevingne-speaks-out-after-hollywood-mansion-extensively-damaged-in-major-fire-13095493


Studio City is a suburb in the San Fernando Valley and is not remotely CLOSE to Bel Air, which is an exclusive section of Beverly Hills, and BH is a city totally surrounded by another city–Los Angeles. Among other impediments, there are several canyons between Bel Air and Studio City.

Not sure what map you’re reading, but maybe you better look at a different one.

Jake bucks

The only dumb fuk is you you liberal twisted POS! When the truth is revealed to ALL then you will know how much of a jack ass you are. In the meantime please STFU! No one cares what your demented halfwit brain thinks. 😂


Spot on. Also, notice “Ryan”‘s point from his comment: he says “not another living soul”… meaning he sees that only “living souls” could see truth – so he is labeling himself and each other troll as “not living souls.” Joke is that troll blindness keeps him from even seeing what he just said about himself! 🙂 Best response to these sociopaths, though, is NO response. Ignore and they will destroy themselves.

Nukken Futz

He’s so far to the left, ……he doesnt know which way is right…….


LoL ,,, even satan knows the T R U T H !
Yet he still lies to “it’s” self.
God’s Speed to “it” too !

1904 SD

He does, I heard Klaus was in the hospital before Michael put this out so I don’t think he is lying. Your just mad because your side is LOSING!!! HaHaHa!!!! Sorry about your luck!!!!


Why be sorry for them, it is “their” FREEDOM of Choice. “They” knew better( God’s Gift of Intuition to Us ), but chose worse.
God’s Speed to “them”.


I give them five minutes before they claim the stock market building in Copenhagen that’s on fire was somehow involved in their delusional plan


LoL ,,,” Burn Baby Burn “, just like Notre Dame.

Sparky Sr

Semper Fi…. Praise be to God..!!!
Great job Marines.
God bless all doing his works.
Prayers sent to the wounded & fallen and their families.


My condolences go out to the families that have lost a family member. That soldier is right about everything, those wounded & died brothers/ sisters are & will forever be “HEROES “. May their loved ones & friends know they will go down in history for fighting for their future generations & the generations of any they will never know. My heart is broken for the children of these Fall Heroes as they will see their children graduate, walk them down the aisle, hold their first grandchild along with many more milestones in the eyes of their children & their children’s children. Please pray for these families that sacrifice everything, everyday for Our FREEDOMS & for the unselfishness sacrifices they have given right with these unforgettable dedicated heroes. 💔🙏🏼💔

Combat Engineer 4 God

Why is time interval here RARELY TO never in REAL TIME, morning, noon, or night?? HACK DEFENSE TIMEOUT TACTICS?. 🤣 I mean Defense Hack Tactics..

Combat Engineer 4 God

WOW, spoke to soon, apologies Accepted!


Where are the fireworks?

J Will

chem trails covered those up

Michael R Davis

hundreds of dual citizens in Congress = loyal only to Synagogue of Satan = hatred of America, Americans, Christians

GOD warned us but most did not listen, even joining with, unequally yoked with, judaized, combining the Synagogue of Satan with Christian churches; definitely not our friends, attacking us in a 1967 US Liberty sneak-attack, again on 9-11-2001. The genocidal Zionist israelis are from the brood of vipers of the Synagogue of Satan. GOD’s enemies. JESUS and His Disciples warned us again and again.

Last edited 1 month ago by Michael R Davis

Off the subject

Israel-Iran war – has just geared up to include Israel, United States, & United Kingdom.

The other contenders that are gearing up Iran, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Palestine,, Egypt, Turkey, Russia, and China, will be fighting the war against Israel.

There is two major military forces that are backing up Iran – Russia & China. Either Israel negotiates peace talk or its final game to wipe out the entire Israel state.


Nope.. nope.. nope.. stop reading, listening to MSM.. N. Korea will be taking out America while China and Russia sit back with clean hands.. do some digging for the reality of things.. 👀

Stinky Perfume

I think that was a plan but factors and plans against it.

J Will

where is north korea taking us out to? gonna buy us a drink before dinner?

Nukken Futz

No, Kim Un Dun is buying crates of kim chee for everyone……

J Will

you’re scared. you need a safe space

Ultrafart the Brave

Well now, the White Hats could feed Klaus through the Gitmo Canteen sausage machine…

… but he’d look just the same when he came out the other end.

And anyway, who could stomach a Klaus Wienerwurst, even on the best Hoagie with the most succulent condiments?



Physic’s taste does not discriminate, and in due process.


The Marines need to take over the federal prisons since it’s illegal to have federal prisons! Only state an county an city are deemed constitutional! The Marines need to use the federal prisons to jail all the government agencies that violate their oath under the law of the land (The United States constitution!) Theses idiots that are criminals in the government don’t want no one to challenge there corrupt systems so I think the Marines have a constitutional duty to enforce the constitutional amendments an the keep in check that is to Remember your OATH!


Any federal crimes committed under RICO, human traffickers, organized crime, or cartel crimes as well as politicians committing treason need federal prisons. Anything that covers the entire United Staes is deemed US District or federal.


Execute everyone



J Will

except bofa. he’s cool


Making a withdrawal is easy. A deposit could cost you $1200.00 a month for 18+ years.


So Gitmo is illegal? It’s not a state, county, or city prison bro


Gitmo is a Military prison. Different rules apply. The Military is the defender of the Constitution, & have every right to act to protect us all.
You will also notice that none of these Military prisons are on US soil.

Last edited 1 month ago by ROSE SEAL

By Your Word You shall be known, as Your Word is Your Bond with God.


My e-mail is as you described, but I’m going to post this and see if it clears.

J Will



So, he was a Rothschild, right?

Not now Cato...

No – by accounts I’ve seen it’s not the case that KS is related. Ev’ & Jacob died so we can only guess someone(s) next generation is in control – think Lyn Forester de Rothschild or Nathaniel Rothschild as the 5th Baron.


Yes, he is.


Yes, Schwab’s blood mother was 100% Jewish, Gisela Tekelien Schwab, nee Killan, 1900-1979. Karlsruhe, Germany.  his stepmother was German. Erika Epprech, and the Nazis hated all Jews, espoused eugenics and pure German blood, and would not tolerate any Jewish blood in their adherents’ veins. If you review the Dreyfus affair, Esterhazy was a Rothschilian agent himself, who framed Dreyfus and had him incarcerated for a crime he didn’t commit, but Dreyfus was vindicated afterwards. Which shows even the Rothschilds persecute, kill and destroy the very same Jews they claim themselves to be. Real Jews follow God and the Torah, and the Khazarians follow the Lucifer and the Talmud.
One of the commenters here thinks Nazism is okay, when in reality Nazism killed many millions of people, as did Bolshevism, Fascism, Communism, Socialism and other forms of totalitarianism. Let’s not forget Adolf Hitler himself was a Communist in 1919 before he switched to Socialism/Fascism and lied about being part of the Communist apparatus in Mein Kampf — his mentor was Kurt Eisner, and Hitler himself is on record as having attended Eisner’s funeral.
One does not have to be German to be clean and orderly and honorable and law abiding, because many different people and nationalities and cultures are like that. Not all Germans are Nazis. I like Germans, Russians, Italians, Argentines, Japanese, Cubans, Koreans. But I HATE totalitarianism. And that’s exactly what Nazism, Communism, Fascism, Bolshevism and Socialism are.

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Michael R Davis

“But I HATE totalitarianism. And that’s exactly what Nazism, Communism, Fascism, Bolshevism and Socialism are.”

and Zionism, inventors of Communism, the Synagogue of Satan, you Serpents, you Brood of Vipers, how will you escape the sentence of Hell?

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Lucy Skywalker

It would be nice if you’d put evidence here that Schweb was another R0thschild.

It took me quite a bit of work to find H!tler’s R0thschild descent but eventually it seemed a clear balance of probabilities that his grandmother Schickelgruber had been seduced by Salomon when she was a housemaid there in Vienna; then “cast out” … Certainly Adolf was in Britain in his late teens, out of reach of the official German conscription, staying with his half-brother in Liverpool and, one suspects, being funded to enroll at the Tavistock Institute.


Idiot post cuntus


You sure want everyone dumb and stupid


Matter’s not the name, evil & wickedness go by many, their INTENTION is perfectly clear, as delusional as it is.

John .S

They’re going after the food supply.