JAG Finds Victoria Nuland Guilty ‘By Default’ and Sentences Her to Hang


The U.S. Navy Judge Advocate General’s Corps on Friday found Victoria Nuland guilty by default because she had obstinately refused to plead guilty or not guilty at an arraignment following her arrest on March 4, a JAG source told Real Raw News.

As reported previously, Marines stormed the couple’s 5,500 square-foot estate and fired a tranquilizer dart into her husband’s neck as he abandoned his wife and tried to flee the residence, while Nuland threw up her hands in despair and said that Obama would avenge her, a threat that never materialized. The dishonorable duo was taken to JAG’s Pensacola processing center and separated so they couldn’t collaborate.

As of this writing, RRN has no other info on Robert Kagen, Nuland’s spouse.

Nuland has refused to cooperate. When JAG asked her if intended to hire outside counsel, she wagged her head from side to side and said she didn’t need to because she had committed no crimes. When JAG asked whether she wanted one of their lawyers to defend her, she laughed and demanded a recitation of JAG’s “fallacious” evidence. She was told only that she was being charged with “treason” and that Admiral Crandall would expound eloquently on the details at her impending military tribunal.

“GITMO? I’m not going there,” Nuland told the arraigning judge, and recited verbatim the 6th Amendment, which grants every person the right to hear the charges against them.

“You are being held as an enemy combatant and have thus given up those rights. You have no constitutional rights, and the Geneva Convention doesn’t apply to you. Do you plead guilty or not guilty?” the judge asked.

“I won’t plead either,” Nuland said. “And I want to see my husband. Where is that worm?”

“Very well. It’s off to GITMO for you anyway. Admiral Crandall will decide your destiny. I have no knowledge of your husband; he’s somewhere else,” said the judge.

Upon arriving at GITMO Nuland was again given an opportunity to enter a plea, and again she held her tongue.

“Mrs. Nuland, a ‘mute’ plea works differently here than in the outside world,” a JAG advocate told her.

Outside of GITMO and other JAG-controlled installations, a mute plea is when a defendant pleads neither guilty nor not guilty. The defendant’s lawyer informs the court of the mute plea, and then the judge enters the plea as not guilty.

“Ma’am, I know you refused councel, but please listen. If you don’t plea, a guilty plea will be entered on your behalf, and by default, you’ll be found guilty of all charges and sentenced to the maximum punishment. Do you understand what I’m telling you?” the advocate asked.

Silence followed.

During Nuland’s stay at Camp Delta, she passed up six more opportunities to submit a plea and instead reproved JAG for “idolizing” Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin, calling the world’s most influential leaders the “greatest threat to democracy the world has ever known.” Moreover, she said her “people” would “atomize” all challengers to the Biden/Harris administration.

On Friday, April 5, Admiral Crandall entered a default judgment in favor of the plaintiff, JAG, and sentenced Nuland to hang by the neck until dead at the tribunal’s convenience, tentatively on April 16.

Our source said he would provide an evidentiary extract as soon as possible.

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Ultrafart the brave

Such a shame that Carrie Fisher passed away back in 2016.

Otherwise we could put her on a diet, put her in a bikini, and pay her to garrot Cookies the Hut when the Fat Lady sings (and Cookies ain’t no lady).


video on Nuland from Rumble



They always think Ovomit will save them. If that guy showed his ugly face it would be uglier still and he knows it.


Obama has never given a shit about anybody but himself. How they figure he’s their savior when he’s so self serving is beyond me. But delusion is their thing. They are ideological extremists in every single way.

Van helsing

That skank actually admitted at a hearing in Congress that we constructed bio-weapon labs in Ukraine. I don’t think the MSM said a word about it. Typical.


She has dead shark eyes like Madeline Albright.


This fat filthy cunt needs to hang!!


Bye, Felicia. What a peculiar threat, to ‘atomize’.

George Greenfield

Sheet, hang her on the 15th TAX day !
A nice downpayment …

Anthony Gregory



Nuland failed at making ukraine New Jewland!

Fuck you filthy faggot masons!!!!!

I sent the above message to the ADL cocks!


Charming Buck..


Psalm 21:10 There wont be one offspring left amongst them.


Come get us Kneegrow Hats! Come atomize us all! Obama’s gonna hear about th….

lolz fatty!


Hang her on Yom Kippur! lolz!


It’s strange you spelled that correctly.

Rebecca Tracy

This is the way not to waste time on these evil, brainwashed looney tunes. They are so depraved, they have loss touch with the reality of what they have done. I can’t be sad for them anymore. Justice for what they have done to America can’t come soon enough.🙏❤️🇺🇸


As much as we all want justice i try not letting this evil live rent free in my head as this only makes people have physical symptoms.



“You are being held as an enemy combatant and have thus given up those rights. You have no constitutional rights, and the Geneva Convention doesn’t apply to you. Do you plead guilty or not guilty?” the judge asked.”

“Constitutional Rights” are only a partial LISTING of part of COMMON LAW or NATURAL (GOD GIVEN) RIGHTS.I agree with her SENTENCE to hang, however but stating one gives up RIGHT is not only RIDICULOUS but VERY DANGEROUS.

One is BELIEVING by that statement that he/she or the Court is higher than NATURAL LAW (GOD’S LAW for Christians)

That is setting a VERY DANGEROUS precedent and is why I don’t support “LAWS of WAR” which are simply MARITIME LAW adjusted for WAR time.

A TERRIBLE PRICE will be paid,over time as it signals DICTATORSHIP by DISGUISE and CONVENIENCE.


Ok, in ways I can see some of your points but, since Toria couldn’t do (1) pushup nor ever wore the uniform, we can safely rule out Geneva Convention.

Secondly, we have no precedent here. None. Not even Nuremberg can compare. And it’s why I resent these proceedings referred to as it’s 2.0. It’s not even CLOSE.

Attempting to draw parallels, primarily due to the incredible mis-advancements of warped technology, the sheer reach and total mass immersion of the public [in] mediums solely under KM control and the depopulation agenda they’d planned for us, make this a fool’s errand. And they still control certain institutions and mass destruction weaponry. We would do well to keep that in mind. This is a crime, global crime still in progress.

Am I supportive of as Kerry Cassidy describes; “replacing one secret society with another..?” Absolutely not. Not sure where you’re getting your intel but rosy assessments of “this is 80+% complete” or a mop-up exercise have pretty much dried up.

As a legal argument, all very interesting. But in order for there to be spirited debate, we first have to establish full control.


Agreed. How can one give up a 2nd Amendment right just because she has a pot card?


Pffftt! Funny.

Makes ya’ wonder if there’s an MK-Ultra Certified shrink on staff for the detainees at Gitmo? Cuzz’ ya’ know, they’re special.


Thank you “julie”.Check my response, below, to “Sparky Sr”

Sparky Sr

As an ‘enemy combatant’ you have no rights in war or as a traitor.
It took an oath to uphold the Constitution and then violated that Constitution which makes it null & void to that traitor!
Its ‘God Given Rights’ which we uphold in the Constitution is null & void.
It violated and conspired against our Constitution, and therefore is a ‘Traitor to the USA’….

Precedent’s has been set in blood in our Federal & Military courts for many decades.

Unlawful enemy combatant: A) The term `unlawful enemy combatant’ means–
               a person who has engaged in hostilities or who
               has purposefully and materially supported hostilities
               against the United States

Maritime law, the body of legal rules that governs ships and shipping.

Last edited 1 month ago by Sparky Sr

Nothing personal BUT you are a PERFECT EXAMPLE of why Americans still “feel”is is okay to INVADE other countries and why we are in the terrible state we are.

I am quite aware of MARITIME law however you seem not to be aware of COMMON/NATURAL LAW, but you SHOULD BE.

One cannot LOSE their RIGHTS which they are born with.

They CAN be punished for VIOLATING the RIGHTS of others because NO ONE has the RIGHT to VIOLATE others or their Property.

NOW, do you understand?

I you were schooled in “JEWISH” America you WILL probably NOT UNDERSTAND


it’s the jews…

Sparky Sr

I never said it’s ok to invade other countries, so stop assuming.
COMMON/NATURAL LAW” has no play in Military Law.
If you really wanna go ‘common/natural law’, it was common to hang traitors, cattle rustlers, murders, kings & queens w/o trials.
Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time….
It is you that does not understand.

Robert Gregory Boensch

Thank You Sr.



She must have forgotten milutary and maritime law are different. You can do a no plea in maritime law and file a trial de novo to send to another court. For being alledgedly so smart really so stupid.


Ooo, I love this one. 😁

Dr John

It looks like our detainee is not the only thing being hung out to dry, judging the actions of the State of Louisiana.

Louisiana Senate Bill 113 was recently passed by the state Senate unanimously; the proposed law rejects totalitarian plots by globalist institutions that include the World Health Organization, United Nations and the World Economic Forum. The World Health Organization (WHO) is trying to get nations to accept its ‘Pandemic Treaty’ that is coming up for a vote in May.

(Pee Resident (my insert) Joe Biden already promised he would pass it before he was elected. It is unconstitutional.

The final draft for the plan has yet to be made public.

The ‘Pandemic Treaty’ allows the WHO to define the next pandemic, determine lockdowns, surveillance power, determine treatments, vaccine mandates vaccine distribution, vaccine IP and profits, and the redistribution of everything…”

And soon other states should follow. As the UNITED state of America, WE do have a say in what the national government does. Especially if it is corrupt.

This one event by the globalist is why I suspect DJT may be back in the public eye as our President by the End of April. I did say, suspect, it is not a commitment or promise. But things seem to be building. And the court cases that have been exposing the election fraud and wrapping up. Judges are being jailed for corrupt behavior as well. All we need it Brandon, Congress and the Senate criminals to be marched in public disgrace and then the round up of traitors large and small across the nation, including doctors spreading toxic vaccines and the associated nurses.

People no longer jump when the Deep State alias “Chicken Little” cries yet once again the sky is falling. Instead we go in the questioning mode and research proving over and over it is not fact we are presented but lies, exaggerations and pure propaganda porn. It is no longer working! The TRUTH has been pointed out over and over. N.OW before we believe them we want hard core proof.

The horrific disaster of an OLD bridge being destroyed looked more like a controlled demolition where an attempt will be made to collect insurance money in a money laundering attempt. We saw right through it.

It is time for DJT to come back and he does not need an election to do it. He is CIC (Commander In Charge (of the Military)) and President now! He has been all along!

Will elections be suspended in November, likely so that they can ensure a legal election. Until then with proper leadership by DJT we can wait another 4 years. After all if the held a legal election in November he would win by a landslide.

Dr John

In the not so distant past, okay maybe distant for some of us. You use to get a knock on the door or a ring of the all to simple door bell (without camera). When you answered the door it may have been a nicely dressed Hoover vacuum cleaner salesman, an Avon representative or a milk delivery.

Now when the knock on the door comes it is representatives of the United States Government of the People, by the People and for the People. The result of your participation in a false government, PLANdemic and genocide are now on your door step. Your future, though it may be exceeding short has arrived. You might as well get a door mat stating Welcome W.H., Traitor(s) Live Here, Or The First Step to GITMO, facing you as you exit.

Ba BYE, see you, wouldn’t want to be you!

Well that was childish, but I feel better now.


Were those Jehovah’s Witness guys really all that bad..?

Dr John

Only when supper was going on the table.


We must remember that FRAUD VITIATES EVERYTHING, nothing done by the fed gov since the chimo was installed will stand because he was installed via FRAUD!


My sense is even hardened Normies have progressed from Disbelief By Reason Of Fear P0rn Fatigue to; Plain Disbelief. Let’s not minimize that. Important step.

Are they at the point where they’re ready to accept the reason their lives have disintegrated into abject misery are due to a concerted, well oiled, coordinated effort? Slush funded by misappropriated tax dollars..?

Probably not, but more are making the connection every DAY.

Dr John

Kind of like you being the Hoover vacuum sales man. You see the ready to kill look on his face and are hoping you can make it to the screen door first. But, you see a small tear running down his wife’s cheek as she admires the sleek vacuum design with the gliding chrome slides along the bottom. She was embarrassed when you pulled the dust from the vacuum (okay, maybe not all hers).

All you can say is, “I can see you want the very best for your beautiful wife and know how hard she works to maintain this fine home. I know it would benefit her greatly, but with hunting season coming up your budget is likely short; you likely diverted funds for the guys weeks get away. Your wife would never want you to give that up for her, I can see that in her face and glistening eyes. I will take my leave.”

And you before you hit the door you hear a sequel of glee and a not to happy man’s hand on your shoulder with a check for the down payment.

It may not be easy, but we have to make it work. Just like the demanding Hoover manager said. “The want, they need that vacuum, they just don’t know it yet, that is your job.”

We are still spreading the truth, selling the constitution and freedom for our nations one hesitant Patriot convert at a time. The only good news is we are now more PATRIOTS than normees.


Now that’s what I call a proper eclipse of the Sun:




Last edited 1 month ago by Atlanta

Any update on the 150 FEMA/ATF agents encamped at Hell Mountain Preserve near Tewksbury, after earthquake?

All skuttled away and gone?
Most rounded up and at visiting Guam?


I wonder if the Whitehats or Redhats planning to do anything about the upcoming plan of the Globalists through the WHO. UN, and WEF to pass a treaty in May to take over the world through medical pandemic tyranny?

Last edited 1 month ago by Saturnnet
Quancidine Hinson-Gribble

The “REDHATS” have been “EXTERMINATED”. The few that remain will be found and “HUNG”

We are living in “MIRACULOUS” TIMES.

Enjoy the movie!!!


Evidence of this? Sounds made up…

J Will



See Louisiana SB 113 as posted by Dr. John above.

Bonkie 1

It’s absolutely amazing that they still think they’re protected.


All of these Deep Staters so far seem to be totally unaware of their own expendability. As their peers disappear–they don’t get the memo. Even when they are aware enough to run and hide overseas, eventually they always return with a skeleton or no security detail. These power-crazed traitors prance to the gallows with a fantastical sense of self-importance virtually unsupported by any reasonable interpretation.
Sorry, Sis, you are DISPOSABLE like box of tissues. Bon voyage!

Last edited 1 month ago by cTanner

One would think that nothing is happening, strange


what would 2 think?

Steve J

I don’t know. Maybe a ID10T emblazoned on your forehead!


Good comeback!

Quancidine Hinson-Gribble

Very well stated!!!


J Will


Eggy’s mother

Nuland didn’t plea either way, I suspect, because she’s shell-shocked that she got caught abd is going to die soon


I’m getting absolute denial and arrogance.


I’m getting You mean I went thru all the MK programming and forced buggery for nothing vibe from her. It…


Off the subject…..

A WHO whistle blower was talking about the DoD and the CERN Scientists are fighting over – timeline changes. The battle is happening in Geneva, Switzerland.

She explain under Geneva, Switzerland –
Lake Leman 45 miles (72 km) long, with a maximum width of 8.5 miles – The maximum depth is 1,017 feet.

There is cities under the Lake Leman, one of the main headquarters is the FBI. The cities are extended to all parts of the world.

During the total eclipse on April 8th, scientist open a portal, allowing a demon to cross over temporarily. It was not human like at all.

According to her conversation with two of the scientists, they says they can reach 17 different dimensions.

She spoke of CV19 shot with the graphene oxide with nano-particles is use for mind control of the masses.

She says when a deceased body dies and had the CV19 injection, they can still read the bodies code I.P s address with a scanner which allows the body to actually move even though it’s dead.

Zombie Apocalypse can actually happen if these bodies are not cremated.

Quancidine Hinson-Gribble


J Will



See following post with link


You should produce sci-fi movie scripts for all this fiction you drivel. Interesting imagination you have.

About these cities all over the place. Who exactly is working and living down there? Not one of them will ever come topside and admit the existence of underground cities? Not one? Doesn’t pass the smell test. Of course that applies to all these stories lacking evidence of any type. Michael, if that’s his real name should be ashamed of himself for extending the hope of the gullible with highly detailed fiction.
At least one little shred of evidence these things are happening…several years now and I’ve yet to see one that’s verifiable. I guess that makes me a troll cause I hurt somebody’s feelings with reality. I really want to have positive things to say.

Last edited 1 month ago by CallMeSkeptical


WHO Whistle-blower : CERN Releasing Demons From Portals & Time Manipulation Dr. Astrid Stuckelberger

Apr 8, 2024

https:// banned. .video / watch?

Remove the double spaces.


Because the opening “ceremonies” for CERN weren’t weird or anything, right?

The DS has been trying to manipulate the timeline going back to at least the 80’s.

Susan Banks

They are real. Those Mercy Ships would have never been in NY and LA if there weren’t. Plus Epstein and Weinstein didn’t show you enough of being predators? They sure as hell can’t do that shit above ground. Musks boring machines made the tunnels. Walmart runs their trucks underground through evergreen shipping lines full of children, brings them right to the tunnels to get on the mag lev trains.


Yea, only invisible entities will motivate the ‘red hats’ to intercede. Not little girls getting raped by illegals, not election fraud, not weaponized feds, just invisible things!


They certainly have there priority screwed up. War is about greed, power, and control. All of CIA FBI, FEMA IRS agents all carry weapons.

They think their little pistol going to stop the coming of the 2nd Revolutionary war against our corrupt government.

It’s just matter of time, when Patriots had enough of there lies. It wouldn’t even be safe these corrupt politicians to walk down the streets.

They are refurbishing all the fallout shelters throughout the United States.They know it’s going to happen.

One more thing, I want to mention is the graphing oxide that in the CV 19 injection is for mind control. It goes along with the 5G/towers & 5G smartphones, WiFi, smart appliances in your home. They have proven they can control & change a person behavior.

Last edited 1 month ago by CD22
Steve J

You have about have an imaginary mind as a mite.


You have about have a way with words!


Nothing a .50 cal can’t take out, they won’t move long..

Susan Banks

OMG!! That is some crazy shit!!! I’ve heard that along with so many other ways and reasons, but if this is true, we need to be learning more about it!


These people are Truly are Completely Insane.

Combat Engineer 4 God

There’s a reason Election/Selection “SEASON” – is well away from TAX SEASON!$ LMAO 🤣

J Will

Correct. One reason is elections are defined in the constitution and tax season ends at the end of the calendar year for most people. Look at the brain on this guy!

Combat Engineer 4 God

There SHOULDN’T BE ANY TAXATION JW, FUCK BRAIN SIZE!! THERE WON’T BE ANY TAX IN HEAVEN- NO TAX- ZERO!!!! BRAIN I GOT IS USELESS ON THIS SIDE OF HEAVENS DOOR because it’s that fucked right now in every direction, Surely your brain is processing ALL THIS SHIT RIGHT?? 😀 OUR HOPE is in Jesus Christ in this BROKEN ARROW TIME FRAME REV 18:4 is all you got – same as me! (Take it or leave it)

J Will


William R Nicholson

Mad Albright & Victoria Nuland both worked for organizations not officially recognized by the ” Covers ” they were given. Nuland was simply a senior level management director who followed orders by Barack & Senator No Name from 2014 until now. The chain of their command starts at Lucifer & goes downhill through The Pyramid Organization known as The Illuminati. None of these evil beings works Really , for The State Dept or any Legitimate arm of The Constitutional Republic of The United States. It is fitting that a Military Tribunal makes quick work regarding these Treasonous Worms of The Invisible Government running this charade from D.C. Environs . THEY do not deserve any Mercy , they’re Traitors , Nothing Else , I still desire a ship & making them walk a short plank as we enter The Piranha Breeding Grounds ………… Fish Need Food Too ….. Nick , NavyBlueSmoke , LST-1195

John .S

I’m partial to the ‘Gemini Method’, and Red Hats should hire the ‘Gemini Twins’ putting them on payroll similar to Frank Abagnale, Jr.


Excellent point. Sure, they attend “State dinners”, make the rounds of Sunday morning talk shows ( under the guise of being “SoS”, director, administrator etc. ) But make no mistake, they’re only interested in redirecting the power and authority of said office to leverage their true agenda.

Namely carrying out the marching orders of their KM puppet masters. They’ll only commit the bare minimum of resources in supporting actual U.S interests, to keep the ruse alive.


Prefer to horseship and cane this bitch, then pour Merthiolate on tender parts, then slowly lower into a tank full of hungry crocodiles. What she did to Americans, Russians and Ukrainians is heinous.


No one in the DS rises to that level of power without extreme MK-Ultra mass buggery. She’s been thru all that Advanced “training”.

Want to really scare her..? ( Show her a bible! )

Susan Banks

That is only if what we were given of the 777 Books of the Bible, actually coincide with the 66 we have.

Susan Banks

None of them to an oath to the Constitution! Even Pete Bittegig


the older she get, the more like Madeleine Albright she looks

J Will



Albright was a spooky looking old witch. The DS seems to choose the ugliest looking women to do their dirty work. Beware.


It’s a prerequisite apparently.

Case in point; HRC. Nuff’ said.


I suggest they come to look like the entities inhabiting them.


These women are not women. They are men in disguise and that is why they are so ugly.


The DC men are FUGLY, too! Schiff, Nadler, Brennen, Clapper to name a few!


you can’t have a handsome DSFuck, don’t exist


Got a point there. All those permanently wincing facial expressions seem universal in that town.

From all the MK-Ultra mass buggering they’ve been getting. Bwahahaha..!

John .S

Mathew Graves last words?


same as mama cass!


Yesterday pro-Palestinian protestors stormed the Capitol, betcha they get a free pass, it’s yesterday’s news now.
Today the women that found the Ashley Biden diary has been sent to prison, that’s why the redhats formed, like many they have had a gutful. The corrupt DOJ falsely claim she stole it, she found it in a boarding house, and it was her duty as a patriot to inform the public.

Combat Engineer 4 God


J Will


Combat Engineer 4 God

IN the Interim, WE will be with HIM- VERY SOON, REV. 18:4 Says So! Hallelujah!

Combat Engineer 4 God

Or Sooner! 🤣

J Will


Combat Engineer 4 God

You see J Will- In Heaven 2,555,000 years equals just 7 years down here according to God’s Time Space/ Time frame Continuim- big clue of understanding that will allow an average reader to make a connection BTW Rev 18:4 Rapture and timing timing timing,
A day is like a 1000 years in heaven Bible says so, 1000×365 days down here=
365,000 X 7 year trib period= 2,555,000 years

J Will






Combat Engineer 4 God

YEP, I was waiting for the first spell check pharisee to show-up so I could type CONGRATULATIONS 🎊 👏


Just doing my job, ma’am 🫡




Get ‘em on a plane to the Caribbean via Gitmo.

Combat Engineer 4 God

Say JAN, WOW- Work in a GOOD hanging ALONG “with” your winter vacation
HOT 🔥 SPOT? We can find interest?! LET’S Work out the details, I’ll have my agent call your agent to Calc a tender offer, 😀

Combat Engineer 4 God

Looks like a sustainable Start Up!!$ lol

Lorenz Manner

Nuland,.another piece of trash which is flushed away. Good riddance with no mercy or regrets.
Prepare for the glorious entrance of the real President of the USA, Donald Trump, draining the swamp.

J Will

you mean he didn’t drain the swamp when he had his chance? smh. sounds like a lazy teenager

Lorenz Manner

Onkle, I didn’t say that. Shut up and read what I’ve said and don’t imagine stupidities. What is stupid keep for yourself. When I read your reply I ask myself if you even have an education or if you even have a brain.

Last edited 1 month ago by Lorenz Manner

DONE, Fire at will !

God Bless JAG, one and A L L .
Ty***MB ~


The Elections cannot come soon enough..if there will be one.
(I personally think there will be)

Last edited 1 month ago by RedPillOverdose
John .S

Election is for an ‘Executor’ to handle bankruptcy, ‘consolidation/liquidation’. Bankrupt corporations don’t have a president.


Funny! Somebody has to sort their mess out?

At the end of the day, it’s pretty basic. They have [0] dollars. And since there won’t be any “order of dissolution” other than paying the help, the rest of the creditors are getting JACK.

Combat Engineer 4 God

Ah yes, the “selections” in November!? Try not to forget or remember Taxpayer bitches just make sure you get to the POLLS- cause it’s not participating in fraud if you don’t know or don’t believe that it’s there..Right?.. Rip-OFF! “HERE WE GO AGAIN..

Combat Engineer 4 God

“IF” – EXACTLY RIGHT, GOD COULD EASILY “PULL the Trigger on Rev. 18:4”!! No Problem!


No he can’t


lol, as if they make a difference! you’re an idiot


(12) United States Patent
Rota et al.
(10) Patent No.:
US 7,220,852 B1
(45) Date of Patent:
May 22, 2007

(75) Inventors:
1. Paul A. Rota,
Decatur, GA (US)
2. Larry J. Anderson, Atlanta, GA (US)
3. William J. Bellinl,
Lilburn, GA (US)
4. Cara Carthel Burns,
Avondale Estates, GA (US)
5. Raymond Campagnoli,
Decatur, GA (US)
6. Qi Chen,
Marietta, GA (US)
7. James A. Comer,
Decatur, GA (US)
8. Shannon L. Emery,
Lusaka (ZM)
9. Dean D. Erdman,
Decatur, GA (US)
10. Cynthia S. Goldsmith,
Lilburn, GA (US)
11. Charles D. Humprey,
Lilburn, GA (US)
12. Joseph P. Icenogle,
Atalanta, GA (US)
13. Thomas G. Ksiazek,
Lilburn, GA. (US)

Dr John

What is even more interesting beyond the patent for a virus that does not exist is the patents for the Clot shots that were even before the creation of a lab virus??

The patent for the virus created credibility that one exist, a fiction to establish a COVID virus, if the Woohon lab virus story fell through. The Deep State has a practice of preparing lies upon lies, in case on does not hold up.

In some of the patents, if you look all of the people up involved in it you will have trouble finding them; as if they are fictitious in an effort to make the research behind the patent look solid.

The 2007 date certainly establish how long they have been working on building a credible?? history behind the “virus.” It suggest it the COVID scam could have been in the design phase for a decade or more before the applied for patent!

They failed at a number of plagues and succeed with the HIV/AID con. They studied how their fear porn was not working and brought together players in key areas to sell a worldwide non-existent pandemic based on FEAR alone. People in fear lined up to get vaccinated. Those that didn’t were scorned and chastised for “making others sick.”

The people became a huge part of the tool to sell the DEMAND for getting vaccinated! “Did you get vaccinated?” “Well no I am not sure it is safe” “I did and nothing happened to me, that virus is deadly, you are placing your family and friend in danger not just yourself! If you are not going to think of your safety think of the others you might infect and KILL!”

The Deep State over thousands of years learned how to manipulate people and turn them against each other. They understood how fear worked and the importance of keeping us separated and confused with news pilled upon news; for those that listened to it.

The good news is it is unraveling, their story is collapsing. It is now 3:30 in the morning and setting at my desk doing research I just noticed the traffic noise from a highway not far off is dead quiet. And that reminds me the HORROR, the TERROR of the eclipse; all of the fear porn did not transpire. The quiet makes me wonder has the Deep State lost its power, funding or will to cause trouble? Are they in danger of getting caught doing evil deeds? Did the Red Hats action and appearance on the scene have a bigger impact than we think? Are the undercover efforts of the White Hats taking toll on the infrastructure can command channels of the Deep State?

How many times has Brandon or Obama saved those arrested and executed? NEVER you say, what kind of power is that they are not their in support of their leading minions? It should be clear they are not ALL powerful nor any of the other identified leaders of the world. The minions now must realize they are in trouble, real trouble with no power player behind them. All of the power players are gone and in hiding!


ALSO, apparently it is not possible to patent something that is natural, eg Pure Honey.
So, if that ‘virus’ thingy was some physical condition that crossed from BATS to Humans, well, it would have been natural. UNLESS some evil ‘elite’ had it doctored so it was no longer natural, ie an invented thing – and only then could it be patented.

So, if it was patented, it was LAB-CREATED / man-made.


The courageous Chinese whistleblower ( whom the WHOCCP’s character assassination depicted as “a mouse feeding lab assistant” ) described Covid as “having the head of a bear, body of a pig and wings of a bat”.

But somehow they expected to sell this abomination to a trusting public as somehow ‘natural’. Only trolls and Tedros “Believe in Pangolins!”


Aren’t they all patented? AIDs, Zika, SARs, all those little plagues they’ve strewn across us over the years? What’s that tick borne illness affecting everybody? Even that one I understand is man made.


You nailed it! Great summary.


Why can’t they just spread a murderous virus and be done with it for fuck’s sake? what’s taking so long?

Dr John

Not as easy as you would think or they would have done it The trick is to kill who you intend and not those you want to keep as slaves or on your side. You can’t control a deadly toxin like in the movies. Lots of problems on methods of dispersion and controls as well as antidotes.

They have had toxic material for year, decades and more, yet they have never discovered on that is safe for them, that does not destroy food or soil or run systems they want to use after we the despicable have been eliminated.

Do you keep waiters, cooks, mechanics, plumbers, electricians. Who cleans the streets and runs the water sanitation plants including waste sewage. It is needed in every state, every country. How many of each do they need to cover sick days, vacations??, holidays?? and natural deaths through accidents?

Even the elderly hold vast information on who things work. At 75 I am still very active and do Bio Medical research in my own lab. Work that proves the medical system including the pharmaceutical and vaccines are toxic. I also invent, test and identify alternative health solutions the really work. Solutions that are self and easily available in most communities.

How many others out there are like me providing invaluable solutions to man kinds problems. Or maybe I am a problem subverting their lies and should be the first to go.

Remember they don’t want to work so they need labors to grow food, produce goods and care for their daily needs.

It is killing the unworthy and troublesome like me and keeping the others as slaves and human toys to play with, torture and kill at their whim.

Nice huh


The killing can go both ways, no?


Thank you, Strike, for this important synopsis. SAY THEIR NAMES. HAHA-Mad scientists out of a 50s Sci-Fi horror film.
The next list we need is a tally of the $ amount they each sold their souls for. You can bet some went real cheap…


Round these enemy combatants/traitors up, send them to GITMO, have tribunals for them and escort them off the earth by hanging!

Gill Ford

Here are some military hat colors I looked up

White hats
the French foreign legion has white hats.

Red hat
Operation Red Hat was a United States Department of Defense movement of chemical warfare munitions from Okinawa, Japan to Johnston Atoll in the North Pacific Ocean, which occurred in 1971.

Instructors wear a red hat in order to easily identify themselves at the range for both students and fellow instructors. As a result, CA personnel have received the nickname, “Red Hats”.
“A Red Hat cannot relax when firing is being conducted,” Jette said. “Our instructor ratio is 1-to-7. The majority of students are excellent, follow our instructions and perform safe weapons handling 100 percent of the time.”

Black hat
In the US Army circa 1979/80 a Black Hat was an Instructor at the Basic Airborne Training school Ft Benning GA. They wore black baseball hats with the Army’s Airborne parachute wing emblem. black tee shirts and starched pressed OD green trousers. Also highly shined Corcurane Jump boots with the smooth toe cap. They dressed that way at the training areas, during PT and on runs.

Blue hat
United Nations peacekeepers are often referred to as Blue Berets or Blue Helmets because of their light blue berets or helmets, this includes soldiers, police …


They’re definitely not peace keepers the blue helmets…

John .S

Correct, Blue Hats to be shot on sight, no questions asked, else regret it later.

Combat Engineer 4 God

Authorized to “Blue” their blue heads clear off! I like it very much- good idea John! I’m not “running”this by the wife either- lmao

John .S

257 Weatherby Mag, Vortex Viper scope 500+ yards out, Beltway Sniper style or roof top like Koreans during LA riots.

Establish counter group now, have extension latter available to access commercial roof tops along main drag.

My wife is all in, she’s proficient with kitchen knives, she can cut a buzzing fly in half, also nail-it on the wall. Sicilian women have it in their genetics, no practice needed.

Wife an artisan of manipulation, no doubt she will feed the Blue Hats garlic bread and poison them, starting off with her Purina meat loaf.

Could see her now, with her oversized boobs & bondonka jiggling about, catching them off guard, saying: “hey boys – taste this” as modern day Mata Hari.

Combat Engineer 4 God

It’s time to “flip” the script on these scumbags!!!!

John .S

Gotta hang tight, don’t know what cards will be delt.

Fact, Local yokel PoPo as Thin Blue Line gangbangers aka, order-following pension whores as enemy from within. Gotta light’em-up if they get stupid.

Middle East situation; terrorist sleeper cells awakened?

Strong possibilities of Blue Hats rolling on our streets, potential militrized migrants.

Fasten seat belts, brace for impact, avoid the blast, meaning avoid all places of mass gatherings, at all costs.

No doubt its showtime, stage being set, uncertainty looming, shit show cometh.


For all my better efforts, the general public has been so conditioned to “Back the Blue” getting them to accept the PoPo ain’t your friend has been an uphill battle to say the least.

How any thinking person could dismiss their Cadillac pensions as anything more than being Bought & PAID for is beyond me?

All during the BLAMtifa riots, 80+% willingly stood down. And let the cities they were “sworn to protect” burn to the ground. Then there’s Maui and Vegas’ best buddy, John Pelletier… Proving only the better you are at orchestrating staged deceptions, the higher up in The Organization you’ll rise.


my bro is a swap cop. he and his buddies look at us as toilets. Prepare accordingly.

He is a merc, nothing more.

He and I may see each other on the battlefield.

Sister and brother hatred all in the family.


my bro is a swat cop here in phx. he and his buddies could give a shit about Constitutional rights. he would disarm ME in a second–that is, if he could win the fight. I would take out ANYBODY trying to disarm an american. Family or not.


she better get good at cooking toxic wontons and naan bread for the chinks and goat rapists


Did you see the UN white van video, driving through town, some black dude in the back seat getting “serviced” by some local civilian? They’re literally a child trafficking/human rights violating entity.


Did you find any info on jimmy hats?


On UK Building Sites:
White Helmets: Site Manager/Management
Red Helmets: Fire Marshal
Black Helmets: Labour Supervisors


I believe Ordinance Disposal traditionally wears easily identifiable red hats as well.


Studies show high success rate when Ivermectin used to treat cancer.




Lmao, yeah man if you get cancer just chug some tubes of horse dewormer

Susie Q

No! You don’t take a horse dose. You calculate the dose to YOUR own personal weight. Good grief!


Good for man and beast!


exactly! I got several tubes at the store before they pulled it off the shelves during the plandemic..

J Will

Good point. I’ll shove my dose up my ass to cure cancer!


Ivermectin works, whether you accept it or not. I cured many with COVID only losing two patients that went to the hospital and were treated with Remdesivir. I reversed early localized prostate cancer with Ivermectin. Diagnosed late 2022, I began a weight based protocol for nine months along with supplements to enhance the immune system. MY repeat biopsy last September was NEGATIVE, two urologists were very skeptical despite showing them the data supporting my results.

Your arrogance is the result of your ignorance.

https ://rumble.com/v4emtc5-paul-mann-was-diagnosed-with-advanced-stage-four-prostate-cancer.-after-ive.html?eType=EmailBlastContent&eId=8cdf8382-91b2-481e-8eda-ea092a85e84b

J Will

no you didn’t



David T

FYI – Kai and DeSwines is the same FBI fed troll turd. Best to save the bandwidth and ignore it.

David T

And add J Will (spinoff of J Bill which has likely been blocked by MB) to that list.


Maybe you could compile my list?

J Will

are you going to cry?


Quit giving medical advice without a license.


Ivermectin works, whether you accept it or not. I cured many with COVID only losing two patients that went to the hospital and were treated with Remdesivir.
I reversed early localized prostate cancer with Ivermectin. Diagnosed late 2022, I began a weight based protocol for nine months along with supplements to enhance the immune system. MY repeat biopsy last September was NEGATIVE, two urologists were very skeptical despite showing them the data supporting my results.

Your arrogance is the result of your ignorance.

https ://rumble.com/v4emtc5-paul-mann-was-diagnosed-with-advanced-stage-four-prostate-cancer.-after-ive.html?eType=EmailBlastContent&eId=8cdf8382-91b2-481e-8eda-ea092a85e84b

Last edited 1 month ago by NICOJONES
J Will

no you didn’t lol


Your arrogance is the result of your ignorance.
The joke is on you bro, I rest my case!

https ://rumble.com/v4emtc5-paul-mann-was-diagnosed-with-advanced-stage-four-prostate-cancer.-after-ive.html?eType=EmailBlastContent&eId=8cdf8382-91b2-481e-8eda-ea092a85e84b

Last edited 1 month ago by NICOJONES

Everyone has cancer cells. They’re just not activated until you hate more than you love. People have difficulty understanding this occurrence. But eventually they learn.. as far as horse dewormer. Well the cancer is a parasite so, as opposed to chemo, it’s certainly worth a second look…

Take notice of the Dow … this is another sign that both the Democrats and Republicans are loser’s..


troll. It’s a safe and effective drug, even more than aspirin as I understand. The horse paste you speak of is the exact same ingredient as the human version, it’s in a plastic syringe device with tick marks for measuring by animal weight. You can probably overdose 10 fold and not get any after effects. Unless you’re a parasite. I have it, I’ve used it periodically. Bought it for $3 a tube before the demand hit.


I use it and hcq and nac for the common cold and flu. I no longer experience any symptoms as long as i take these meds. Its essentially a cure. No longer progresses to anything beyond head cold and not even that as long as i take them.

J Will



Interesting you say that, I was always good for 2-3 cases of bronchitus and head cold and flu annually on average, I can’t remember more than one or 2 times I was ill in the past 5 years, and those were mild. Had 5 or 6 of those “itchy nose” feelings you get just before a cold, took vitamin C and went away each time. Was down for supposed COVID, had low grade fever 4 days or so and bounced right back. Amazing difference really. I can’t prove it was Ivermectin, but nothing else in my diet or lifestyle has changed the past 20 years save for thyroid cancer. A little pink pill everyday and even that is a nonexistent problem.

Last edited 1 month ago by CallMeSkeptical

If you don’t have an attorney then like me then I said “PRESENT”. That means a request to speak off the record. Later the DA came and asked if I was going to contend the traffic ticket I sad I was. He spoke with the officer and came back and told me that charges were dropped.

J Will

oh ok sure


Mon. 8 April top virologist warns ‘massive, massive tsunami’ of mRNA – vaccinated deaths on the horizon. A “massive tsunami” of death and disease is about to decimate the global mRNA-vaccinated population according to top virologist Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche, who warns that the spike protein is a ticking time bomb programmed to explode. If there was ever a virologist we should listen to, it’s Dr. Bossche, whose CV includes roles as a senior officer in the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and senior program manager for the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization (or GAVI)


Wasn’t the vaccine supposed to kill everyone off like 2 years ago dude


I’ve monitored this locally. The local list of people getting hard cancer all of a sudden here is fast growing. Stage 4 like overnight. Anecdotal but that’s the fact here, people young and old.


everyone is dead. it’s just you and me!

Nukken Futz

The Lying Legacy Media is keeping a tight lid on the deaths of the clot shotters, though, plus they are trying to launch another R1N1 bird fly scamdemic that they think will fly on the dumbed downer normies, reasoning that they will lap up another BS scam and I’m sure that there will be sheeple that will believe it and wear their face bras…I thot I’ve seen it all in my 76 years, but this scamdemic has me bat shit baffled as how many normies believed it….!! My mouth is still agape at the stupidity that I’ve observed from the brainwashed sheeple……

Dr John

YUP, I like to study human behavior and see some unusual things humans do from simple observation. This Plandemic really brought out some very strange behaviors. So did the HIV/AIDS scare caused by our buddy Fauci!

As to dumbed downer normies, look at all the FADE diets people try that are flat out unhealthy, lacking all common sense. I suppose we should not be as surprised as we are.

And how many bought into the EV program where you use more resources and cause more pollution avoiding gas powered cars. Worse the batteries are a fortune to replace, don’t last that long and mileage varies based on features like the air-conditioning, heater, radio, etc.

Of course for the ultra stupid you could buy a BIG DOLLAR TESLA so that when it stopped working it would be considered an art piece in your drive way instead of a piece of JUNK. A statement that you may have money, but you have zero brains.

Truth Seeker

There is also the fact that the process involved in the manufacturing of the lithium ion batteries violates the W.E.F.’s climate change and clean air and water mantra.

The amount of energy required to manufacture lithium ion batteries equals that of a large city. Then there is the issue of the amount of land space needed to store all of the raw materials to make the batteries.

The ChiComs produce 85% of the lithium ion batteries used in the global EV vehicle market.

Biden’s pull out of our military in Afghanistan had everything to do with the ChiComs wanting to take control of Afghanistan’s vast mineral reserves, especially their huge lithium reserves.

The ChiComs control the lithium market, thanks to their bought and paid for puppet, Biden.

Last, but not least is the fact that the corporate owned media is refusing to report on the increasing number of EV battery explosions. People are being seriously injured and even killed because of the inherent flaws in the manufacturing process of their batteries.

What is most appalling and frightening is seeing how fast an EV vehicle becomes fully engulfed in flames. Imagine trying to remove a child from their car seat or even a physically disabled adult family member from the car as your vehicle is being rapidly consumed in flames.

Dr John

Very nice detail, thanks


Further, and this report was released at the very advent of the EV craze, an automotive expert estimated “the most environmentally friendly vehicle is.., wait for it, the Hummer”!

Built like tanks, with proper maintenance they should not need recycling for over 300K miles. Whereas the Prius will be in a boneyard after 70K.

People, well Normies keep forgetting all that constant recycling requires energy too. LOTS of it.


So right. It is truly astounding how gullible the Woke can be. Don’t have 2 functioning brain cells to rub together. They obediently fall right into line with every b.s. trend or fraudulent order, without any rational thought or discernment. They never evaluate the merits, or lack thereof. Or analyze “why?”. They so proudly display their stupidity like a badge of honor. But everyone else is the “crazy one”.


Stop w/ the selfishness already.

Every Normie knows if a thousand unsuspecting EV owners become engulfed in flames means saving (1) atom of CO2 being released into the environment, it was totally worth it!


Reminds me, has any entrepreneur stepped up in the aftermarket to retro fit Teslas with a gas engine yet?

If so I want IN on the Kick-start funding. This stock is going to the moon boys..! Damn you you SOB Dr. John, I’m IN! Lol

Dr John

And there ya go, innovation at its finest.

We could sell it as: “A system that takes advantage of an ancient natural resource reduced to its finest essence in liquid form. A refinement of mother earth’s natural benefits.

All controlled by a systematic detonation of consumed air and the release and homogenization of liquids found at readily available resource locations.

Instead of Engine we might call it a Synchronized Economical Combustion Resource Energy Transfer System (SECRETS), allowing for a much higher price tag. There is an additional cost for the necessary fluids reservoirs.

We could re-band the car under the name La chatarra revivida (the junk revived).


With you as head of Marketing.., this stock is going to the MOON… boyz..! I’m loadin’ UP.

Already picturing the LCR logo on the trunks of former EV’s nationwide.

But seriously, they’re going to have to do something with all these rusting hulks. What are they doing with the DOA battery packs from failed units NOW?

Could they be repurposed as really upscale golf carts in The Villages..? Hmm…

Dr John

There you go thinking again, it is obvious you are the design and engineering department.

We might consider selling them as personal heat warmers for the elderly. They could wear 50lb packs on their their back warming the entire back.

We could offer a his and hers pack and added straps (and cost) for those more feeble allowing them to share the 50lb load.

Might slow them down a bit, but they can’t complain about the warmth. We can add a manual about drop and roll when it catches fire in the unlikely case of unforeseen event. We will explain that as an instantaneous out door campfire survival tool that ignites automatically when it senses a dire situation.

We can chalk up the excess weight to a recently discovered exercise program.

Anyone that catches on fire we can be blame on Spontaneous Combustion.


It is equipped with delicate sensors that determine pending death and will activate the cremation process avoiding the high cost of unnecessary expenses.

When it comes to warm hearts we have got your back… pack. Slowed down too much, when our heat packs survival feature ignite it will get you moving. Cables to the battery packs can remain attached for recharging. Power cords of course are sold separately. However, they can stop at the installed power stations listed in a couple of states.

These units will come with a life time warranty or 30 days which ever comes first. Any purchase requires a physical. No one with poor health is turned down no matter how bad the health condition.

It seems we have a solid game plan and products that keep on giving. The good news is no one wants the cars with those dangerous batteries, so we can charge a hazardous disposal fee and remove them.

Truth Seeker

I still see people out in public wearing their ineffective, worthless and useless paper and cloth face diapers.

What I find most disturbing is none of these ignorant, naive and gullible people even know that it’s an undeniable scientific fact that no paper or cloth face diaper can prevent viruses from penetrating them. The sheep also don’t know that wearing masks for long periods of time can and will cause respiratory problems.

My spouse worked for the USDA for nearly four decades. She was sent to Virginia, Michigan, Las Vegas and California to deal with the reports of there being New Castle’s disease/bird flue outbreak, especially amongst the chicken and turkey flocks in those states.

Dr John

Even worse there never was a virus and I mean NEVER. The whole thing from Cove back over 100 years is a medical fraud. Virus that they were masking up for was a fraud. And the mask as you say can cause and DO cause respiratory problems long with lack of oxygen to the BRAIN!


True. Shaking my head at the obedient, unquestioning faith these sheep have in the media and the medical mafia.


Just now getting my head wrapped around No Virus. After decades of MK direct to video zombie virus programming, some of us may never make it out.

And what’s this I’m hearing not all bacteria is bad..?

Dr John

Sigh, it is a sad but true story. There are more bacteria on and in us than cells in our body. And in the right place they are not only not bad, but invaluable for our health.

Stop using antibiotic and antimicrobial soaps, you are killing our friends.

Bacteria in the wrong place can cause havoc, but not intentionally, it keeps doing what it is supposed to do in the wrong place which can cause health issues. It is like you parking your car in someones house at 30 miles an hour, you did not mean to do it and your car is still running like it should, you just missed your friends driveway by twenty feet.

BAD, bacteria is miss located bacteria like the cute small child you lost at Walmart. They are perfectly content de shelving toys left and right, doing what they do best making a mess… the cute little dickens. And you were going to be upset with them getting lost (distracted) until you see the cute rug rate happily playing away with the less than understanding EL Manager (doctor) standing behind you is telling you to put a leash on that thing!

At that moment you are about to take him down the hard way and then realize that may seem unladylike. Oh heck it is my story, go for it.

That manager/doctor comment with the leash is your doctor recommending the lack luster and dangerous antibiotics. NO, NO, no, never take antibiotics OR vaccines! There are better choices if you know what they are.

Every bacteria you find you will find nature has a use for it. You simply decided to (inadvertently (hopefully)) ingest it, inhale it or rub it all over an open wound. You can’t blame a rattle snake for biting you if you put your hand in its mouth.


‘no paper or cloth face diaper can prevent viruses from passing through them.’

Simple test:
Can they smell a fart while wearing the diaper? Of course they can, which hv bigger particles than the scary MSM ‘virus.’

And while about it, the diaper was to stop the germs coming out of the person, but nothing special covering the other end of the body, from which germy air is expelled throughout the day.

Dr John

“Nothing Special about the other end.” That is about to change!

I just invented a Zip Lock, inflatable gas lock that can be applied to the back side. It comes in Snack, Quart and heavy duty gallon Freezer bags.

That’s right you will be equipped to handle the big ones!

Due to the risk of expansion, loose clothing is recommended and Flame retardant materials are indicated, due to the contents explosive nature.

The EPA has recommend users wear a bright Yellow warning sign on the back side “WARNING: Gas under pressure, stay at least 100 ft back. In case of explosion or rupture. take immediate action to escape any enclosed space.”

How strong are our Expression Suppression Gas LocksTM. They can retain that gas and those heavier than gas loads up to 20 lbs. You heard right. You can have expressions and keep on danc’in. and romanc’in.

It is order proof, water proof and provides protection against illegal entry.

When fully loaded:

It is conveniently attached with Super glued Velcro strips. Separation of Velco strips should only be performed in a well ventilated area especially when the bag is full.


Removal of the Super glued portion of the Velco strips should never be attempted.

If you think your stuff stinks, BAG it, brag about it or blame others.

We think Expression Suppression Gas LocksTM says you care about others especially your loved ones and they too should show they care about you. Now when people talk about the horrible church pew, it will not be about you. Trust me even THOSE high above will love you for it.

If you can’t smell anything it may be Expression Suppression Gas LocksTM We take care of the back so that you don’t offend the front.

Patent pending.

Truth Seeker

According to the reports I’ve read the gestation period for the covid vaccine will take anywhere from two to four years before we start seeing a global mass die-off from the negative cause and affect of the mRNA.

As expected, the leftist propaganda outlets are under reporting the numbers of people that are dying. The list of high school to professional athletes that are experiencing heart attacks, being diagnosed with blood clots and dying is growing by the day.

The same goes for the number of airline pilots that have suffered from the negative cause and affects of being jabbed.

To add insult to injury, Pfizer is still pushing their clot shot onto the public.

Dr John

And so are government agencies!!!


We need to keep in mind a certain percentage were probably injected with placebos. It’s bound to skew any sober attempt to collect actionable data.

Plausible Deniability is the KM way!


So are local radio stations

Last edited 1 month ago by Dee

In UK we have/had a Yellow Card system where deaths had to be recorded on a yellow card and sent into …? the government, I guess who collected up all those details and it used to be accessible info.

Oh, no, not these days. That info is no longer published. (buggers)

J Will

i died at least 3 times


Wonder if that’s why the Air Force is now recalling pilots who’ve left the service..?

Also ATC AFSC’s. Read ur’ contract fells!


Oh my… I DO hope they are feeding her adequately.

Dr John

They probably have her on a diet to help her get healthier. A LONG life starts with a good diet. Her body weight may contribute to her/his cause of death.

Truth Seeker

Why provide a healthier diet when she is doomed to be executed via the gallows?

Dr John

When you are hung it is your body weight that causes your neck to snap; not just the rope, which is added as a safety factor in case you fall.



What would really be appropriate is if we told There’s A Piece of Work;

“We did some blood tests and found a few, abnormalities. Nothing for you to be too concerned over. We just want to run a few more tests, get an MRI, prescribe multiple and conflicting medications and um, drain your bank account in the process”.

You’ll die a horrid death, the ( really spendy ) prescriptions won’t help a lick and even your own relatives won’t be able to recognize what’s left of you. But it’ll be totally worth it.


It’s called “satire”. He’s joking.

Scared Rabbit

“Just give me the same as Oprah. And don’t skimp on the half-and-half“


Newly released email reveals that the COVID-19 Virus was developed as part of a DARPA grant overseen by Peter Daszak & Ralph Baric. Meaning: the US taxpayer paid to develop the COVID Virus (and likely paid to develop the COVID Vaccine that killed millions of people – all part of the New World de-population Agenda 2030).

Gill Ford

Released email? Who and when?


Some guy released it at some time, or something


As an animal disease specialist, Daszak was brought in to lend credible plausibility to the Pangolins Are People Too! narrative.

Lots out on the “doctor” recently. DYOR.


Wow dude that sounds like some totally real info and not some bullshit someone just made up on telegram


Some of it was being made in Ukraine, at metabiota labs, which is a LLC company with Hunters name all over it. Putin bombed all the biolabs in Ukraine.

Sandi Fassbinder

US Government gave the samples to Ukraine years ago

Nukken Futz

Dr Jekkle Fauci developed the virus it at a Chapel Hill facility and owns the patent. Fauci also developed the AIDS virus,…………….wut’ta fucking psychopathic monster he was, but got his scrawny neck stretched at Gitmo, 2 years back…

Dr John

Not a virus, but a toxin placed in Hepatitis vaccines distributed in select communities based on ethnicity and drug addiction. Once you got HIV, you got another shot that caused AIDS. Cruel way to eliminate what he believed where humans below his approval! The only transmission was from sharing needles, blood transfusion or getting the Hepatitis vaccine.

Transmission from bodily fluids may have been part of the propaganda! The fear porn. No one was doing a deep dive into what was happening and besides when had lab scientist documenting what was happening and Doctors as well. Certainly they would not lie, would they?

Truth Seeker

🤔 Hm. Well, isn’t that special.

It just so happens that the DS’s, “Monkey Pox” virus has been reported to affect mostly the gay and trans communities.


They’re the only” idiots taking it. lol


Excellent read, “Dr. Mary’s Monkey” by Edward T Haslam links Oswald, JFK assassination and emerging global epidemics. Actually know a patient of mine who that went to school with one player Judy Vary Baker.

Dr John



Imagine the DS MedSwamp’s disappointment it never went viral in the hetero population as they’d planned.

Damn it.., we need more switch hitters gettin’ this stuff..!

Sorry to make light but when reliving their fear p0rn peddling of the day, in retrospect it’s so humiliating, what else can you do!?

Dr John

WE ALL need a good laugh now and then, thanks for thinking of me. Okay and all the others too.


More likely, it was funded by human trafficking/adrenochrome/drug sales/Foreign Aid slush funds. Saves all the paperwork.

Dr John

The patent is real, the myth about creating a virus is fear porn, propaganda, back story ti heighten the FEAR. There is no such thing as VIRUS. It has never been proven. You are being lied to by science, labs, doctors and the corrupt schools they went to.

Without VIRUS you would have no need for cold and flu meds. This would mean all cold and flu meds sold in drug stores would be unnecessary!

Look down the cold and flu isle and pay attention. NONE of them STOP a Cold or Flu, they only deal with symptoms! Why, because COLD and FLU area a lie.

I know, I know you get them every year almost. The symptoms are caused by your body trying to defend itself. In the case of cold and flu, you have a hormone imbalance. Fix that and the cold and flu systems go away in 6 hours.

Proof: Next time you have a cold or flu take 250 mcg of D3 (hormone) and 50 mcg of Zinc (assists the body’s cell absorb the D3. By the way the only difference between a cold and flu is the temperature, one more symptom thrown up because you weren’t paying attention earlier in the year. When you throw up that is a bacteria infection of he stomach and is not the flu, influenza. Eat more REAL yogurt (not the fake stuff) on a similar regular basis and keep your good gut bacteria health and you will not have bad bacteria in your intestines unless you put it there.

During the summer you are out a lot in the sun with shorts and short sleeves. In the colder months you are in sweaters, jackets and inside. The Glass in your windows block the critical frequency of sun light that helps your body convert that frequency into vitamin D through the liver. Minimal sun light in the winter and being sheltered from the cold means you are sheltered from the sun.

IT IS A HORMONE PROBLEM, the problem for Big Pharma is D3 and Zinc are not big dollar items and do not generate billions annually in revenue. So to fix that they lie to you, your parents, grandparents and great grandparents.

Why would they tell you the truth and loose all of the money, pile and piles of your money lining THEIR pockets.

I am an independent Bio Medical scientist that is SELF funded. That means I don’t have to tell you what the Deep State wants you to hear. I have been doing this research for over 30 plus years. What research? Studying the human aging process to determine what influences our health as we age. IT IS NOT chronological AGEing, but toxins, bad habits and a poor environment which includes toxins in food, meds, air and water. Beyond accidents and birth defects or poisonous critters and the aforementioned list we will not get sick, will age far more slowly and with minimal health issues.

At 75, I have no aches and pains, no arthritis. I feel like I am 30 with plenty of energy and mobility. I body build for sport 5 days a week and am built like a body builder; 5’8″ at 220 pounds of flexible muscle. I have no wrinkles and no sagging skin. Yes some of it could be genetics, but in tests I have run I have proven a lot of it has to do with diet, habits, avoiding toxins and exercise. And yes I have had my share of accidents and common illnesses along the way This includes a number of bones I reset myself (stable fractures, clean break with minimal pieces to realign).

In all fairness, 14 months ago by not paying close attention I screwed up my electrolytes and let my body fluid fall to far do to over exertion on a hot summer days for 14 hours without water or nutrition STUPID, I know). This caused damage to all the nerves below my diaphragm, including all of my leg. Nerves grow back at 1/16th of an inch a day, just like your nails and hair. I am now 98% healed with minor recovery work still needed in my left leg, But this was not old age, it was stupidity. It is called Guillain Barre Syndrome and is a condition not a disease.

Remember I am 75 and such an injury could land me in a hospital or an old folks home. I am bouncing back and have been body building for much of the time, although not the left leg until the last 4 months. It was my excellent health that helped me recover as fast as possible.

To do this research I had to study all the illnesses virus, bacteria, piori, worms, parasites, fungus, etc. And that included deep research into the history of medicine and pharmacuticals going back hundreds and yes even thousands of years.

VIRUS is and can be proven to be a hoax. That hoax has infected medical books and professional medical journals including one dedicated to virus. There are research papers on virus. The lie is supported by persistent lies to keep the profits alive!

Remember colds are an annual billion dollar industry!!! And no you cannot see a virus under a Electron Microscope. How can you isolate a virus so that a plate of the virus can be made to go under an Electron microscope.

But, but I saw pictures of virus. And I have pictures of a Santa Claus. Don’t fall for it, do your own research. Start with the truth about Pasteur and Rockefeller in the 1860s. Look at the Rockefeller family in the 1830s selling petroleum as a cancer cure, etc; pure raw petroleum for human ingestion, highly profitable, but had no cure

Don’t take pharmacuticals and be careful about what your doctors tells you. Remember they were the ones approving the Clot shot and reminding you to take it! Pay attention to the toxins in the foods you buy and stop using pesticides and herbicides that are toxic!.

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