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Real Raw News tried to bring light to topics often ignored by others.

Real Raw News is owned and operated by Michael Baxter, a former mainstream journalist and former English teacher. I can be reached at michael@realrawnews.com I delete all trollish email without reading them.

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We at RRN have no objection with others sharing our content, providing third parties do not monetize our content. Please include a link back to the original article if you are copying our text verbatim. Thank you.


Many sites copy and paste our award-winning content; it’s the nature of the internet. However, a certain site in Bangladesh pretends to be Real Raw News and even attributes my name to articles on their webssite that I did not write. If it’s not on Real Raw News, Michael Baxter didn’t write it.


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Our Respose to questions about “Fact Checkers” disputing our content.

Real Raw News is attacked rigorously by so-called “Fact Checkers” daily; we have been since our inception. Each day we receive dozens of comments and emails demanding to know why these “Fact Checkers” refute our articles. The answer is painlessly clear: “Fact Checkers” are the arms of the Mainstream Media and the Biden regime’s criminal Department of Defense. The big three—Lead Stories, PolitiFact, and News Guard, as examples, are formed of “reporters” who also work (or did work for) for the liberal media establishment—notably CNN and MSNBC. To acknowledge our stories as factual would mean admitting the Deep State is taking heavy losses, and they don’t want the general public to know about that. Early on, Real Raw News publicly refuted individual “Fact Checks,” pointing out inconsistencies and barefaced lies in them; however, after the “Checkers” began attacking every other article published by Real Raw News, senselessly disputing them became pointless, and we didn’t want to send them traffic with linkbacks. They often cite our disclaimer as proof our stories are fiction, but we have explained our reasons for keeping the release on the page.

As mentioned above, the Biden regime’s DoD subsidizes the “Fact Checkers.”
For example, in 2021, the criminal Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin signed off a deal that sent News Guard over $2,000,000 to combat “falsehoods and misinformation narratives,” giving the MSM sole discretion in determining what fit their definition of “news.” The MSM and its barking “Fact Checkers” aim to be “gatekeepers” of news, squashing opinions and facts that contradict the official narrative. Only the growth of independent media can remedy this imbalance.