Bannon, Pillow Guy Urge Trump to Declare Martial Law


In his darkest hour, as all seemed black and he shunned turncoat aides and staffers seeking his resignation, President Trump sought help from two unlikely men, his on-again-off-again pal and former strategic advisor Stephen K. Bannon, and My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell, both of whom told him an 11th hour declaration of Martial Law was the only remaining way to invalidate the election and bring criminal Democrats to justice.

On Wednesday afternoon, Bannon arrived at the White House carrying what a West Wing staffer called the “biggest binder of paper I’ve ever seen.” Bannon’s unannounced visit shocked staffers who, with wary eyes, regarded Bannon with suspicion.

White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, a fierce ally of Trump, had left standing orders that the president was not receiving visitors, but a cacophonous Bannon insisted that Trump had summoned him to the White House to help overturn the election and save the United States from Socialist rule.

A White House source speaking under condition of anonymity told Real Raw News that Trump’s thunderous voice echoed throughout the building when he learned Bannon had arrived. “Send him in here now!” Trump shouted. But before entering the Oval, Bannon spent a minute speaking to Kayleigh McEnaney, Trump’s fiercely loyal press secretary, about the prospect of Trump running again in 2024.

“If everything works out, he won’t have to wait until 2024,” Bannon reportedly said. “He won the election. Victory is his. And if it takes Martial Law to prove that, he may have no choice.”

Although Trump and Bannon met privately behind closed doors, sources said their voices—both being raucous men—carried into the outer oval, the adjoining office of the president’s personal secretaries–and the West Wing. One source claimed to have heard Bannon mention the phrases “Martial Law” and “military tribunal” several times, each followed by a pause, after which a somewhat muted Trump could be heard responding in the affirmative with the words “we’ll do what we must.”

“I doubt they meant to be heard, but they were. Anyone passing through the wing heard what was discussed in there. It seemed to me that Bannon was absolutely pressing Trump to declare Martial Law as a final effort to get the election overturned. Martial Law was mentioned five, six—maybe seven times. Before Bannon left, I distinctly heard him say he had new and damning evidence that would put the nail in Biden’s coffin. Then things went quiet; I assume Trump was reading from the papers Bannon brought with him,” one source said.

On Friday afternoon, Trump got a visit from his longtime friend and Republican donor Mike Lindell, CEO of My Pillow. His visit, too, was unscheduled. What’s known is that he spent 90 minutes with Trump and NSA Robert O’Brien.  While no one overheard their conversation, a photographer for the Washington Post snapped a photo of Lindell leaving the White House. In Lindell’s hand was a typewritten sheet of paper that, when zoomed in on, unequivocally proved Trump is still in the fight.  The document alluded to a need for Martial Law, and suggested that Trump fire CIA Director Gina Haspel, who has publicly sparred with Trump over his refusal to concede the election, and replace her with Kash Patel, who has shown unswerving loyalty to the president. Patel has been an outspoken proponent of using the military to annul the decision of the Electoral College.

It’s important to note the New York Times falsely depicted Lindell’s appearance at the White House as tumultuous, claiming he made a scene while awaiting an audience with Trump and later left the White House in a huff because O’Brien didn’t like his ideas.

To the contrary, White House intern Dana Holland, who greeted Lindell as he left, said the My Pillow CEO seemed happy, uttered “four more years,” and told her the plan was unfolding as it should.

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This is total bull mike lindell is on video saying he didn’t get to see trump. Only aids. Stop lying

Mike Baxter

Dummy, there’s plenty of photgraphs and videos out there of them having met at the time depicted in this article.


You are so full of shit that it’s laughable that you actually believe these things. Joseph R. Biden Jr. is our president now. Deal with it.



Mike Baxter

Ahnsael is a known, paid government shill


Roger that thanks. I am tired of seeing these posts unchallenged. They post in a way where no one checks them, so when I see them, I do it. Appreciate the website and the camaraderie!

ab cd

Meadows is a backstabber, not a fierce ally of Trump