Biden Doubles Down on Epstein the Kraken Bounty


As reported by RRN on Wednesday, President Biden and son Hunter had ponied up $10,000,000 for a dead-or-alive bounty on convicted pedophile Jeffrey “the Kraken” Epstein. Despite official reports to the contrary, Epstein is alive and well and has evidence that, if made public, would put Joe, Hunter, and the Deep State cabal on the next flight to Guantanamo Bay. There, they would face a military tribunal, prison, and possibly death by firing squad.

On Thursday, January 28, RRN obtained additional information confirming that the bounty swelled to $20,000,000 after other members of Biden’s criminal cabal added cash to the pot. A friend of Hunter, whose name we are withholding pending other confirmation, told RRN that Hillary Clinton, Barack Hussein Obama, Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy (D), and actor Tom Hanks each contributed at least $1,000,000 to the bounty. The implication is the aforementioned persons had ties to Epstein’s child trafficking ring.

According to our source, the Bidens received the added cash between Jan. 22-26 at a hotel, the Bethesda Marriot Suites, in Maryland, a short drive from D.C. Our source admitted he doesn’t know whether the named high-profile persons or agents on their behalf paid Biden, as it would be highly unusual—and stupid—to further expose themselves.

Hunter, however, was present and took possession of the cash, as Joe Biden feared using an intermediary.

“Hunter and I were partying, smoking meth, when he told me this,” our source said. “We were high as fuck, but his voice had this seriousness to it. He kept saying “we’re fucked if we don’t get Epstein” and then got all quiet and shit. I asked him who exactly, out of curiosity, you know, dropped off the cash, but Hunter wouldn’t say,” our source said.

RRN telephoned Bethesda Marriot and spoke to Richard Bernthal, who identified himself a general manager of the franchise, and asked whether Joe or Hunter Biden, either as themselves or under an assumed name, had stayed at the hotel. He refused to comment, citing privacy concerns, but said high profile guests often take steps to shield themselves from media inquiries. When asked if the hotel kept security footage, he said hotel policy was to release footage only when cooperating with law enforcement or by a subpoena.

As reported on Wednesday, the Bidens are desperate to find Epstein before he falls into the clutches of Donald Trump, whom Joe Biden believes is also spending extraordinary amounts of cash to locate Epstein.

“It’s a race to catch the Kraken,” said a member of Biden’s transition team, asking to not be named. “If Trump gets Epstein back, and he has the evidence Trump thinks he has, it’s game over for the Bidens. Well, for a lot of us. Right now, this is Biden’s top priority. So many ships will sink if Trump snatches him and gets him to testify in open court.”

In closing, RRN has contracted a private investigator in Maryland to obtain names of Marriot employees who were working the week the transactions allegedly took place. We will share details as we learn them.

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Saul Bee Ess

You must be the new Q ?
What a pipe dream.
Trump is as crooked or worse! He is named in Lolita Express flights from years ago, so he has nothing to say without implicating himself.

Truth Seker

While it does seem unlikely he’s alive its NOT impossible. Also do you even know what Q is? I’d bet not so why don’t you make sure you know what you’re talking about before you “Conspiracy Label” people. Obviously by your Trump comment you are just a Main Stream media Zombie Puppet so there’s that…


Amen!!…….and……NOTHING shocks me anymore…..just when I think I’ve seen everything…..

RK Cubb

I actually saw photos of an Epstein look-alike. They looked incredibly the same! The only visible difference were the ears…. NOT the same. So if someone killed his look-alike, even Dr. Michael Baden could have been fooled during an autopsy. So…oddly…it is possible he is still alive. ( and Hillary and Bill must be shaking in their boots!)


You are dead wrong, and if you used even an ounce of common sense or brain power, instead of believing the CIA mocking bird media and/or some dumbass democrat troll on twitter or facebook, you would know. If Trump had ever been on any flightlog for Lolita Express (even if it was from 100yrs ago) the democrats and lamestream media would have shouted it from the front page of every newspaper around the world, it would have been on a 24hr a day loop on CNN, and it would have been the top trending story on every social media website. But you and people like you disengage your brain when you watch or read the media, because it is easier for you to just let them tell you what to believe, or what is true, than for you to read and research and decide for yourself what the truth is. But if you used your brain at all, the moment you heard/read that Trump was on the Epstein flight logs, you would have said to yourself, “that cannot be true”. Because the democrats and the media have been desperate to crucifix Trump for the past 5+ years, and it would have been all over the media. They were so desperate to crucifix Trump, the democrats resorted to hiring a CIA agent as a whistleblower to try and impeach him, and the media resorted to outright lies and fabricated stories from “anonymous sources” to try and discredit him.
And just so you will know the truth~ Yes, Trump ran in the same billionaire circles as Epstein. Yes, they were acquaintances; because, not only did they run in the same billionaire circles, and attend all of the same charity events and parties, but they were neighbors in New York city, and in the even smaller and more exclusive, Palm Beach. Epstein was even a member of Trump’s private club at Mara-a-lago .
But here are the facts where your stupid and untruthful remarks fall way short of the truth. According to the lawyer who represented a group of women who were victims of Jeffrey Epstein back in 2008-2009. Donald Trump was the only elite who helped him when he was trying to get information about Epstein. The lawyer stated that he had sent out requests to numerous elites who knew or had contact with Epstein, and none of them replied to his requests, not even to his subpoenas, except Donald Trump. The lawyer stated he did not even have to subpoena Trump. He said Trump called him after receiving his request and volunteered to help in any way he could, and invited him to come up to his office right away. The lawyer also added that Trump was very helpful and gave him helpful information.
And the second thing that debunks your lie, is the fact that Trump had Jeffrey Epstein physically thrown out of Mar-a-lago after a staff member told him that Epstein had made inappropriate advances to a teenage girl they hired to work there during the summer. And Trump didn’t just have Epstein thrown out, he banned him from Mar-a-lago for life. And to give you the real facts, because I always research things to find out the truth before I believe them,or make statements about others that might not be true. The one and only time that Donald John Trump ever rode on a plane owned by Jeffrey Epstein, was when in he was in Florida for the Daytona 500 and his plane was either being serviced or had a mechanical issue or something like that, (truthfully, I forget the actual reason), and Trump accepted a ride back to New York from Jeffrey Epstein’s brother Mark. Jeffrey Epstein was not even there, and the plane they rode back to NY in, belonged to Jeffrey, but it was his other plane, not the Lolita Express. And everything I told you here can be verified by the lamestream media itself. That is why after Epstein’s arrest in 2017, even though the media constantly showed old images from years ago, of Trump or Trump and Melania, standing beside Jeffrey Epstein at some gala event, so they could try and link Trump in the public’s mind with Epstein and pedophilia, but not even the lying media, ever accused him of flying on the Lolita Express or of going to Orgy Island, because they knew it was not true and they would be the ones who got crucified.