Biden Gives FEMA License to Kill


In the Age of Obama, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) reigned supreme. The disgraced president gave the infamous agency unilateral authority to conduct operations that far exceeded the scope of disaster management, with its then-director, Craig Fugate, and agents performing functions reminiscent of the SS in Nazi Germany.

Donald J. Trump stopped all that, and despite resistance from agency management that operated in contravention of his orders, he gutted FEMA’s budget and manpower, and shuttered four FEMA camps at which law-abiding American citizens were kept against their will and without trial. In January 2017, Trump pledged to curtail FEMA’s powers for the duration of his presidency, which ended prematurely thanks to the Deep State criminal cabal and its new frontman, feckless Joe Biden.

On Monday, 24 January, Joe Biden restored the power FEMA had under Barack Hussein Obama, essentially granting agents a license to kill, for any reason or no reason at all, based solely on nebulous instructions. This information came from a current Region Five supervisor under promise of anonymity.

He claimed that Deanne Criswell, Biden’s nominee for FEMA Director, the same vicious woman who convinced Gov. Cuomo to stash still-alive, elderly Covid-19 nursing home patients in mobile, refrigerated trailers, has been slotted to lead FEMA into the next part of the 21st Century. If confirmed, her first missions include reopening FEMA camps and targeting a list of known 2nd Amendment advocates, militia members, patriots, and others that espouse anti-government sentiment.

We quote our source verbatim: “Though she hasn’t been nominated yet, she’s on tour at all the facilities right now, and grading them. This woman is a cold-hearted bitch and happy to assist Biden in his evil plans. I don’t plan to stay on the job, I can’t be party to this.”

If Biden and Criswell have their way, America will be unrecognizable within a few years, as FEMA’s armed and dangerous police force will have confiscated nearly every registered (and possibly unregistered) weapon in the nation. Even bolt-action hunting rifles and shotguns are too dangerous for Biden’s vision of a New America. Handguns for self-defense, too, are on the chopping block.

“If no one has a gun then no one needs a gun for self-defense,” Biden allegedly told Criswell.

If progressive countries can exist harmoniously without firearms, then so too can the United States, Biden told her.

However, Biden just completed a purchase order that will put 15,000 shiny, new CAR-15 assault rifles in the hands of poorly trained FEMA operatives. His undeclared message is obvious—guns for me but not for thee.

“FEMA wants to be the only ones doing the shooting. Where’s the sport if someone can shoot back? They’ll start grabbing assault rifles first, then work their way down to .22 tube-fed rifles. They’ll have authority to take without asking,” our source said.

FEMA Agents have been granted permission to use any and all force needed, including lethal, to fulfill directives.

“It’s a license to kill,” our source said. “Criswell’s wording was specific. She didn’t say shoot only in self-defense. The directive is to get guns, and if a person resists, armed or not, we can take them out,” our source said.

Gun owners, he concluded ominously, are just the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

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I don’t doubt most of this story, but I do want to comment on a couple of other stories posted here on RRN that no longer allow comments, and the first one is the “Epstein is the Kraken” article. For starters, President Trump would have broken the law if he had Epstein extradited out of the country into a non-extradition country. And if we all know anything about President Trump, it is that even though his deep state enemies and his democrat enemies do not play by the rules and willingly and constantly break the law, Trump believes in obeying the rule of law and never breaks the law even when his Presidency is on the line. So it is unfathomable that he would have extradited an indicted criminal out of the country. But it is just as unfathomable that he would put someone, anyone, in Epstein’s place and just leave him there to be assassinated by the deep state. And it is even more unbelievable that he would offer a pedophile immunity from prosecution, especially a pedophile of Jeffrey Epstein’s criminal stature. And why would he even need to? They had already raided Epstein’s Manhattan home and taken lots of evidence/videos from his safe. I had very high hopes concerning RRN after the first article of RRN’s I ever read. The first article by RRN that I read, was the article ” Trump Assassination Foiled, Deep State in Panic Mode!”. But now I am starting to doubt the truthfulness and reliability of RRN articles after reading the Epstein Kraken article and the “Marine Corps Rebukes Pelosi” article. Both articles are quite frankly, unbelievable. The entire conversation between Pelosi and the Commandant implies a breaking of protocol and lack of self discipline on the part of the Commandant. Which, if you know anything about military and/or Marine Corp training and behavior, is next to impossible to believe. You do not reach the level of Commandant in the Marine Corp if you cannot or will not control your own emotions and personal opinions, especially when speaking to a high ranking elected Govt official and member of the gang of 8 like Nancy Pelosi. Even if the Commandant personally believes that Pelosi is a treasonous traitor to our country, and the most evil person on the planet, he would never have spoken the things you reported he said to her in your article. Therefore, I suggest either your source is not a very good source, or your source is lying to you in some instances and purposely feeding you disinformation for tactical and political reasons. Because we all know that this war has been going on for years now and thus far the main battleground has been the hearts and minds of the American people, and it has mainly been a war of information. I just hate that I now have to question the validity of every article you post. So goes the perils of war.


What OATH did that Commandant take?
OATH comes first, everything else after that.

Biden is giving aid and comfort to our enemies, an act of treason and war.
He is supported by all the Democrats in congress too.

So will the Commandant honor is sworn oath and duty or not?

The Executioner

Does Biden think banning guns is going to stop criminals from having them?
I prefer what Trump said, “The best defense against a bad guy with a gun, is a good guy with a gun!”


Deep State Illuminati..

Mike Baxter

You are?


From what I understand, most republicans carry, this would be the most devious way Bidens criminal gang could use for thinning out the herd so to speak.
Giving him and the dems an easy win for the next millenium.


Biden keeps declaring war on the people.
WHEN will the people do something about it and how will everyone know?