Biden Offers $10,000,000 Bounty for Jeffrey “the Kraken” Epstein, Dead or Alive


President Biden and first son, Hunter, have collectively financed a $10,000,000 reward for the safe return or death of convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, who allegedly committed suicide at a New York City detention center, but was alive on January 6 when he escaped federal custody during the Capitol riots.

A reliable source within Biden’s political orbit relayed the following to Real Raw News:

The Bidens learned of Epstein’s miraculous recovery through a tweet by controversial attorney Lin Wood, who unapologetically said Epstein had incriminating dirt on Democratic (and some Republican) legislators. Epstein’s evidence was purportedly so damning, it would have forced Congress to invalidate the Electoral College results. Moreover, a treasure trove of incriminating documents, photographs, and videos would have forced half of Congress to either flee the country or face life behind bars.

“Joe and Biden had heard many times that Epstein was really alive, but never took it seriously until they read Wood’s tweet—for them, that was the smoking gun. They believe Epstein is alive, but it’s unclear if they knew Trump had him. It’s also unclear why Wood, a declared ally of Trump, would’ve spilled the beans. Surely Wood must have known Epstein was Trump’s ace in the hole to play at the Electoral College certification. Biden wants Epstein back, to squeeze him for info, or bury him,” our source said.

On 10 January, four days after Epstein absconded, Joe and Hunter Biden issued a bounty on Epstein. Since Epstein was officially dead, the Bidens couldn’t draw attention to themselves by using official channels or untrustworthy sources that might have told Trump that Biden wanted Epstein whacked or captured.

To keep the bounty inconspicuous, Biden hired a former NSA cryptologist to encipher a message to which everyone except the world’s top assassins would be oblivious. The Bidens anonymously published the brief, cryptic note to social media. A person able to decode the message would immediately know who to make contact with and how.

Asked how a mélange of bounty hunters and assassins—surely not Rhode Scholars—noticed and deciphered a message that would have befuddled Einstein, our source said he was not privy to specifics on the encoding/decoding process, only that Biden had reasonable assurance the message would reach the proper parties.

“The Bidens removed themselves from the process as much as possible—plausible deniability. I doubt they even sent the message across social media. Any one of their people could have done it. He believes his message will reach contractors—that’s what he calls them—at home and abroad, because he mentioned Epstein might have gotten out of the USA by now,” our source said.

To his knowledge, no one has yet claimed the reward. The cash, our source added, is held in escrow at Vontobel Holdings, a Swiss private banking group headquartered in Zurich.

“Biden is desperate and hoping his contractors get to Epstein soon, very soon, because he thinks Trump is doing the exact same thing—putting people at all four corners of the map to find Epstein before it’s too late. He doesn’t want the Kraken falling back into Trump’s hands,” our source said.


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Me Too

Posting a video to read along with the article does not render it fact or grant basis for this allegation. Any references in the MSM on this or is this speculation? I don’t have a problem with the Raw part but it has to be Real too. 🙂


I agree – how about a picture of Epstein holding up a newspaper from Jan. 6?

Me Too

Is there an official source or reference to this?