Biden to Dismantle US SPACE FORCE


At an impromptu Cabinet meeting that included members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, President Biden mulled the idea of dismantling the US Space Force, which he called “a worhthless, fantasy project created by an unhinged man,” according to a Washington source speaking under condition of anonymity because he hasn’t been cleared to discuss the matter publicly.

Biden reportedly said the Space Force was a delusional venture founded on Trump’s irrational fear of either little green men waging war on Earth or China using space-based weaponry to obliterate the United States from orbit.

Neither China nor extraterrestrials endangered the United States, Biden said.

He accused Trump of using nebulous and hazy language to describe the official mission of the Space Force on its government webpage, which states “The USSF is a military service that organizes, trains, and equips space forces in order to protect U.S. and allied interests in space and to provide space capabilities to the joint force. USSF responsibilities include developing Guardians, acquiring military systems, maturing the military doctrine for space power, and organizing space forces to present to our Combatant Commands.”

Biden said he will repurpose the Space Force’s $15.2 billion budget toward developing “green” energy while phasing out fossil fuels.

“His proposition met with resounding applause. Biden told them the Space Force was the most wasteful spending venture in government history and he’d use every means possible to gut it. Surprisingly, even Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley applauded the idea. Most everyone gave each other a self-congratulatory round of applause,” our source said.

Not everyone, though, expressed glee at abolishing America’s first and last line of 21st Century defense.

Chief of Staff of the Army General James C. McConville said that while the Space Force consumed a sizable portion of the Nation’s annual defense budget, it was needed to stop China from gaining a substantial advantage over the United States in “asymmetrical warfare.”  Claiming he spoke for leading military officers absent from the meeting, Gen. McConville advised Biden to strengthen rather than dismantle the Space Force, arguing that China must be stopped before it exerts additional influence in US political affairs. China, he cautioned, had already insinuated itself into nearly every aspect of American defense.

Chief of Naval Operations Admiral Michael M. Gilday echoed McConville’s sentiment. “China is the single greatest threat to American security. We must bolster the Space Force,” he said. “If we eliminate it, we might as well just fling open our defense doors and tell China to come invade us,” he said.

His position holds water, as China’s leaders have made clear their intent: regional

hegemony and ultimately world domination. That nation’s desires have been outlined and stated for many years by Chinese leaders, political and military, who have revealed their goal—conquest of space and becoming the dominant leader of the skies.

When Gen. McConville and Adm. Gilday laid these facts bare, Biden chuckled under his breath, then said he’d already reached a decision and had only to decide whether to discharge it through legislation or the unilateral power granted to him via executive orders.

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He might poke the MIC with this idea and after having launched his “soundbite” he will go back to his basement to roll another one.

A unbelievable story, I’d say.
We’ll just wait and see.

Rocky Venti

This goofball biden is the most inept person ever to hold the office of President. He has already supplanted Obama as the worst President ever and it only took a week.

Karl Walter Reimers

Yes- at least the Obummer sort of won the election. But Trump won this election HANDS DOWN yet almost everyone in the Senate and Congress seem to think otherwise- they are so disconnected!


This may eventually end up with a proper takeover of the capitol, and it wont be the civilians it will be the armed forces. Goodbye Biden and all those disgusting swampies.

Karl Walter Reimers

Yes- Biden is President- President of the Biden Crime Family!


Biden is such an asshole.

Karl Walter Reimers

He is an arse! Got to own the high ground or else!