Biden’s $2000 Bluff


A day before Democrat candidates won the Georgia runoffs, President-elect Joe Biden thew a Hail Mary to all but guarantee his party’s candidates won the hotly contested race—he bought minority votes by promising to distribute $2000 Covid-19 stimulus checks “immediately” if Warnock and Ossoff were victorious.

His ploy worked flawlessly. Democrat voters turned out in record numbers, with more voting in the state runoff than the presidential election. It was down to the wire, but Ossaf and Warnock eked out victories to the delight of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris and to the dismay of Trump and Mitch McConnel, the later of whom staunchly opposes more direct payments to the people.

“Americans have too much money as it is,” said McConnell, whose net worth is approximately $23,000,000.

Fortunately for McConnel, Biden lied. The incoming president baited voters with the promise of free cash, money he doesn’t have or want to share with useless eaters, a term he uses in secret to describe honest, hard-working Americans. He has referred to blacks as “super predators” and other minorities as “wastes of space.”

Even if Biden was sincere, he lacks authority in all fiscal matters until January 20.

A confidential source within Biden’s inner circle made the following statement to Real Raw News: “The Democrats want people to believe they care about their financial health, that they’re anxious to send out more money, that only the Republicans have held them back. The truth isn’t so black and white. Many Dems, including Biden, are greedy little bastards who cling to money like flies on shit. Right now, people—the minorities Biden tricked—are wondering where the two grand is that Joe promised them immediately, and Biden’s team is scrambling to concoct plausible excuses to use right now and after the 20th. Joe ain’t giving no one shit,” he said.

Public statements made by Democratic senators support our source’s contention. On Friday, Democratic Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia said he would oppose another round of direct payments of any amount, and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who has publicly championed getting more money into the hands of the people, privately told Chuck Schumer “The silly people think we want to give them more money, they’re so stupid.”

Pelosi’s public and private stances on matters involving covid-19 relief are diametrically opposite, our source said.

“The only people interested in giving away money right now are the absolute socialists, lawmakers like AOC and that Muslim woman,” he added.

Apart from a few outliers, senior members of the House and Senate are more interested in accumulating personal wealth than they are in helping people whose lives have been upended by the Plandemic. In fact, one of the first items on the House’s 2021 calendar is a vote to give its members a substantial pay raise.

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Carol Pulley

nasty pelosi really needs to retire soon.
people from both sides are seriously tired of her career politician ways. we all know that she has acquired/addiction to a very decadent lifestyle which means she’s a junkie to taxpayers money and not willing to do anything for citizens.
there is a good chunk of congress that seems to fit that same description. just carefully look at the who are the elders amongst congress. there maybe a few that are middle age that exist only cause a relative might of ran in government office, doesn’t mean that they should.
nasty pelosi should also take her nephew calif.govenor gabbing newsom cause he’s a no winner also. he’s a major drain on all of calif.citizens .he’s known for, “rules for thee, not for me”.

David Drake

Pelosi needs to be censured, impeached, and committed.

Alan Mcgough

Biden thinks the american people can be bribed the way he is.

shaneman 5000

What a mess,…