Pelosi Nearly Sparks NUCLEAR WAR with RUSSIA


In the aftermath of a failed coup that stunned the nation, a jittery House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, brought the United States closer to nuclear war than at any point since the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962.

As Americans split over whether to condone or condemn the siege of the Capitol, overseas governments watched in bewilderment as hordes of angry protesters stormed the House and Senate floors, leaving hundreds wounded and at least five dead.

Less than twenty-four hours later, as Trump went dark, Democratic and Republican lawmakers alike, led by none other than Nancy Pelosi, petitioned the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Mark Milley, to dispossess Donald Trump of the launch codes with which he controls the country’s nuclear arsenal. Senators Jack Reed, Kirsten Gillibrand, Elizabeth Warren, and Tim Kaine, all members of the Senate Armed Services Committee, followed in Pelosi’s footsteps, telling their military liaisons that an “unhinged” and “unstable” Trump could at any moment launch an unprovoked first strike anywhere on the planet.

“Chairman, no one and no place is safe. He could launch against our own cities, or abroad. He’s completely lost whatever mind he had left. If I were Putin or Xi, I’d be very concerned right now, Pelosi told Gen. Milley, according to a witness to her telephone call.

But Gen. Milley wasn’t the only person listening to Pelosi’s frantic plea. The unencrypted conversation was intercepted by the FSB, Russia’s federal security agency, and forwarded to Russian Defense Secretary Sergei Shoygu, a hardliner known for condemning Western expansionism. So alarmed was Shoygu that he at once ordered strategic nuclear forces to “sostoyaniye siniy,” or “condition blue,” the equivalent of Defense Condition (DEFCON) 2, as he and Vladimir Putin left the Kremlin for a secure bunker at an undisclosed location.

According to FSB agent Isaak Igorovich, Russia’s nuclear deterrent policy is to “launch on warning of impending or imminent attack. Strike first, ask questions later.

“The objective is launch before an enemies’ missiles have left their silos,” Igorovich said. “President Putin had good enough reason to believe that Trump had gone completely crazy and might want to take someone out in a blaze of patriotic glory before leaving office. Thirty-Seven United States Senators and officials said Trump’s lunacy might make him launch. At that moment, Putin had nothing to disprove. If he delay [sic] too long, 300 nuclear missiles might suddenly appear over Kremlin. Putin was desperate to speak to Trump, but he could not reach him.

Putin tried to contact trump via conventional and unconventional conduits, Igorovich added.

“Putin had to do something. I mean—we received a report that Trump had locked himself in a broom closet and was sitting in a corner cuddling the, uh, how you Americans call it, the nuclear football, muttering to himself “No one can take this from me.” Putin has special line to Oval Office. It’s like, how you say, the bat phone that Commissioner Gordon had to batman. White house switchboard wasn’t responding, either. Putin even resorted to trying the Kremlin teletype, which hasn’t been used since 1973. Putin didn’t know what to think. But he knows there is 400 ICBMs and many SLBMs pointed at Russia,” Igorovich said.

An hour passed, then two. At 2100 hours (EST) the FSB captured a second telephone call between Pelosi and Gen. Milley. “General, we need those codes now,” she said, emphasizing the word “now.”

Putin ordered the equivalent of DEFCON 1. Over 600 ICBMs stood ready to rain fiery death on the United States with countless multiple impact reentry vehicles. Secretary Shoygu ordered four Typhoon ballistic missile submarines to spin up all missiles, input targeting data, and prepare to launch. Twelve Tu-160 “Blackjack” nuclear bombers took flight and entered a holding pattern above the Bearing Sea.

Putin began issuing launch authority, but halfway through the order his telephone rang. It was Donald Trump, whom NORAD had alerted to the presence of Russian bombers staging near the Alaskan Air Identification Zone. Trump urged Putin to stand down his nuclear forces, promising that tales of his insanity and compromised launch codes were greatly exaggerated and not to be taken seriously.

“They spoke for about twenty minutes, and Putin, convinced Trump was of a sane and reasonable mind, deescalated the situation and recalled all strategic forces. Had that call not arrived, we may not have been alive for me to relay this story,” Igorovich said.

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Donald Boyce

Biden is brain dead his Commisocialists Party will assinate him and blame Trump supporters. Nutty Nancy Pelosi is the one who’s crazy and needs to be locked up immediately

Long and short

A nice story. Good story telling

Jaque Bauer

If a nuclear war is ever started it will be by Democrats. Either they will give our enemies our war plans and weaknesses or they will launch on a false flag operation of their own making

If for no other reason Biden and comrades must not be permitted to take over the country by any means. It this means a citizens revolution against Bidens Communist regime, then it must begin now. Biden will finish what Obama and Hillary couldnt. That is to destroy America from within and usher in communism. The Biden communists are half way there


Wow just reading this will make your heart race!!! This stupid bitch and all her partners in crime need to rot in the deepest darkest places imaginable, with rats chewing at there toes!!! Imagine how “(US TRUE AMERICANS)” look to the rest of the world!! The biggest majority of our people want peace through out the world, not hat and war, (Peace and Love)” we’re not all evil like these shit stains, and to anybody that’s not from American I personally want to apologize for our leaders actions and crimes, that is before my president, Donald Trump became our wonderful president! I’m ashamed at what these evil people have done, we’re not all like those guys! There not people they are monsters, a true American horror story! Peace and live to the world, maybe one day we can move past all the bullshit, and start looking to a more peaceful world!!!!


Pelosi comes from big time Italian mafia. President Kennedy had her father investigated and she’s vindictive. Her family background is easy to investigate. Dirty dirty disgusting. How sad that this wasn’t the TOP story on every news channel running 24/7. The swamp is Hugh and Deep.

Robert Steele

No one, knows, what they will do next, Because men who are not Born Again, are manipulated
by Demonic Forces. !

Carly Powell

Why is she still in office? She should be removed now as being the one who has lost her damn mind. Is this the job of the Speaker of the house? To call and ask for the launch codes? This is going to far and she is abusing her powers.
Remove her now!! And Chuck Schumer

Donna Woodside

Pelosi is in fact a true and present danger to our Country. She almost got us into War with Russia ??, because of her distorted, made up version of Trump’s mental health. She wants the World ? to believe that he is crazy and unfit tb in office, which is actually a more accurate description of HER ( remember her tearing up the State Of The Union Address, on National TV). The woman is a blight on the political stage, and We The People would be better off with her out of politics. Retire, go home, eat some chocolate ice cream, and leave us the HELL alone! Bitch.


This lady is and always was unhinged she deserves to be fully prosecuted for her crimes to the American people and the sell out of our country to China, treason the death penalty well earned Pelosi, Schumer, McConnell, Schiff and another 1000 or more of you left wing nuts, your swamp is drained


A luxury room at Gitmo Beach resort is reserved just for Nancy Pelosi ?


I think she prefers the GITMO inside closet without windows so birds won’t drop in and a floor puddle from the leaky freezer drip pan she can use for a mirror as she says her favorite verse imagining having just visited her best hairdresser, “Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Who’s the Fairest of Them All?”

Randy Seal

This Constitutes Treason:
Democratic and Republican lawmakers alike, led by none other than Nancy Pelosi, petitioned the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Mark Milley, to dispossess Donald Trump of the launch codes with which he controls the country’s nuclear arsenal. Senators Jack Reed, Kirsten Gillibrand, Elizabeth Warren, and Tim Kaine, all members of the Senate Armed Services Committee, followed in Pelosi’s footsteps, telling their military liaisons that an “unhinged” and “unstable” Trump could at any moment launch an unprovoked first strike anywhere on the planet.
Congress seems to think they are above the LAW. Why are they not charged with Sedition / Treason / inciting a military coup? What has HOMELAND Security done, Nothing!!!
Here we see the People do not Matter!!!


I wouldn’t trust that drunken old skunk Pelosi with a catapult, never mind nuclear codes… ye Gods, she’s a fekking nightmare!


is THIS really newsworthy? I think not. How can pelosi continue to utter this “insane like ideology”, regarding Trump, our beloved President? This translates to nothing more than a dastardly, continuing assault on the Free People’s REAL VOICE, and the”elected official, Pres Donald Trump”. Pres Trump represents 75 million at least in this country. Very likely its more like 150 million people here in the USA alone, not to mention the millions around the world also. Every time any of these criminal politicians say a word toward Pres Trump, its more abusive to Pres Trumps MAGA following.


The air will be thinner for Trump if he doesn’t hit the table soon …
Freedom costs, power cannot be obtained from the judiciary.
The man was a submissive awkward boxing doll for 4 years everyone was allowed to
hit it without fear of consequences. They showed him off like one
School boys and now let him jump through hoops … no more
nice that, he has the entire power of the “JSOC” he only needs one hit
mark and the rest is Hilary ehh History.
Look at Prince Mohammed ibne Salman, he only needs a consulate
as a slaughterhouse and in the afternoon 3pm tea-time at Macron … that’s how it works.
They are butcher-mass murderer-terrorist-traitor-cannibals (Hannibal Lecter is
an auxiliary student) among the top 300 families,Capital crimes and high treason requirement to get entry to the Club it is and contact, you can not come with general attorney lawyers, they whistle the same song. They don’t even think about to commit crime. 

Freedom justice costs blood Leonidas and his 300 already knew that


He Didn’t become our president to fight back against lies and hate he became our president to fight for our rights, and freedom, and everything we Americans believe in! He is the best tool for routing out the evil and killing it, and that’s what he has done! It’s not over till it’s over. Period


Pelosi and shummer and biden and harris all should be brought before a military tribunal and then they should be going before a shooting squad and it should be on every major TV station and social media platform don’t screw with the president and don’t screw with Russia or China have some sense . the repercussions of her Insanity pelosi would have destroyed America and the world , mutually assured destruction , she’s not deserving of life I’m sorry worthless sow .


I agree 150% public education! There need to seriously be a vote on what her punishment is by the people of this nation, we the people are in charge and we should determine every single one of there fates! It should be in our hands to agree on what’s punishment should be, this is our country, we own it, if someone comments treason we should be the judge of it! No rigging ass voting machines we vote in person!


By her I mean all of them!


The fact that we have only 10 comments on this, says a lot!
This woman should have been arrested already!


The Deep State minions are telling the world exactly what *they* would do had they possession of nuclear codes. Why are Pelousi and her ilk so intent on getting rid of Trump? What could possibly make them so terrified and frantic? Could it possibly be incriminating information found on seized laptops they so callously left behind when fleeing the Capitol? “Lost what is left of (his) mind” defines that lunatic 80 year old demented alcoholic. These are all optics and many people are taking the bait.


Pelosi’s nuts. Sounds like in her mind she was going to take Russia down along with the USA for her global investment promises in one last panic.


ahahahaahaha, great fiction writing. Thank you for the laugh.

Alan Mcgough

So now who is the threat to national security?


I can’t believe our corrupted government is letting the democrats steal this election from the only president that worked to make America great again. Republican party is going to lose even more voters. Nancy Pelosi is a evil and she should be IMPEACHED NOW !!!

kath moore

It is China she is in bed with not Russia

M lee



Very reliable ones.



Honey Booboo



It happened,military tribunals to come,get your popcorn and enjoy the show


You people need help.


?? I know each article is BS, but the author is a good writer. I’ll give them that.


You must ask the question “Who stands to gain What?” when evaluating the veracity of an article.

Need Peace of Mind - Trump 12 more years.

they are scared to death of Trump because he is straight and honest and does not play the spin game. He doesn’t have to as he delivers results. She has been there decades as has mcconell and they have only become more detached from their constituents and wealthy fromexploiting their power and America’s resources.


Where does this reporter get his info?

Jeannie Deason

That is what I want to know.

Chase Derringer

The democrats will be the destruction of this nation!


Only if we let them


Bingo we can’t let them do shit but I have a feeling, we won’t have to? with all this proof, there’s no way in hell they will get away with it, they committed crimes all around the world, not just here in America but abroad!


If Trump doesn’t turn this around, welcome to communism. Montreal and Quebec have been ghost towns between 8 pm and 5 am because of mandatory lockdown for 1 month. Police are patrolling the streets and fining people. People feel helpless and are going CRAZY. Among other things they must find shelter for all the street people EVERY night…. no nightlife… WHAT A MESS!!!
Read more


I agree

Need Peace of Mind - Trump 12 more years.

worse. They will make a stupid miscalculation and Russia, China, North Korea or Iran will launch on the US and there will just be no tomorrow. They must be stopped and jailed. All this has gone way too far.

S. Rademeyer.

Not jailed, kill them instantly, after a while satan can free them again to proceed in their madness.


A public excursion sounds fitting for, Treason!!!! If you don’t want to watch don’t! But I’m gonna watch the whole damn thing!!


That’s an understatement, it should have been stoped a long long time ago, nobody should have let it get this bad!! My god ??‍♂️Just embarrassing!!!


keep in mind montreal or any other french speaking area in canada arent the only ones that have the curfew curse. if we didnt have a f@#ktard as a prime minister done of us would be locked up… maybe nexttime i vote for the goldfish in my daughters room .. actually ill never vote liberal again


that woman is so psycho, alcholic induced.


Rum Raisin Ice Cream?


Pelosi is a lunatic. Don’t let her get her hands on the codes


I agree , she and all B the kids asses that follow her gave list their damn minds. She does not need to be the one who gets those codes. Thank god the call was made in time.


I agree it an embarrassment ?


Get your popcorn ? it’s done,military tribunals are inevitable,TRUMP WON