Epstein is the “KRAKEN”


When Michal Flynn’s former lawyer, Sydney Powell, announced on 23 November that she would soon release the “Kraken,” Trump supporters hoped the mythical beast would transform into a trove of evidence proving Joe Biden and his friends from the Deep State’s dirty tricks division had stollen the election. Since then, Trumps’ election campaign has suffered a string of colossal loses, disappointing supporters awaiting their president’s imminent vindication.

At first Trumpists suspected that the “Kraken” was a cache of secret documents or a computer server hidden in Venezuela; however, recently unearthed information, along with a cryptic tweet, now reveals that the Kraken is a person, and that person is none other than convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, the child molester who allegedly committed suicide while incarcerated at New York City’s Metropolitan Correction Center.  The bizarre circumstances surrounding his death led many to believe he was murdered by the Deep State, to stop him from naming high-ranking Democrats who often visited Epstein’s orgy island.

But on New Year’s Eve, attorney Lin Wood dropped a MOAB, disclosing that Epstein is alive and well, and, it turns out, in the government’s Witness Protection Program.

Mr. Wood, whose credentials are unimpeachable, has long championed the president’s cause. His revelation substantiates the sworn testimony of a Washington source speaking under condition of anonymity.

Shortly after Epstein’s imprisonment, Trump’s people told Trump that the notorious sex offender had documents and computer records that could cripple the Deep State and Democratic establishment. Trump’s strike force also learned of a Deep State plot to assassinate Epstein in prison. Before the villains had a chance to enact their foul agenda, Trump’s team rescued Epstein from prison and placed him in witness protection in a non-extradition country, where the Deep State couldn’t touch him. The person killed in prison was a body double, our source said.

“The real Epstein is alive right now, and he’s blabbing away to Trump. He’s spilling the beans on every one of them. He’s implicated the Clintons, the Obamas, and the whole Biden family. He has records and picture and video of Joe and Hunter Biden visiting Epstein Island seventeen times in the last five years. There’s video of Joe and Hunter double-teaming a…never mind, I can’t even say it. Trump is getting all the info he needs to show Congress who Joe Biden really is. Even if the election was legitimate, these revelations prove that a person like Joe Biden can never be president,” our source said.

Asked why Epstein cooperated, our source said Trump promised the infamous sex offender a full pardon in exchange for dirt on every Democrat who had ever set foot on Epstein’s isle of debauchery.  Trump will issue the pardon on 19 January to forestall political backlash from persons who might object to the sexual predator released back to the streets. The administration also promised to return Epstein’s assets and properties, except for Lolita Island, the government had seized at the time of his arrest.

Before that happens, Epstein’s evidence must be compelling enough for congress to invalidate the 2020 election and for a military tribunal to either execute Biden or ship him off to GITMO for the rest of his natural life.

“There’s a reason Trump brought back death by firing squad,” our source said.

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Michael S Vaughan


Peter Piper

Sorry… not believing this one. All the pardon had to do was promise Epstein that we would spare his life… nothing more. There would be no promise of return of wealth or any other promise or guarantee.




Pray this is true.

lol nope

lmao so much bullshit


So I challenged this Pile OS on his article in one comment and in another comment I slapped a poster for being a dumbass in favor of the article. Guess which post was not allowed? If this post does not make it onto the page here I am going to ensure this PUKE and his little article is banned from GAB not just using uo ad space but permanently. If that does not happen then I guess it means Gab is behind all of it. Watch how this works. Either way this donkey better step up or shit is going to hit the fan.


Time stamped and copied ready to forward to Gab.

Jan C

I doubt Trump would offer this animal a full pardon..maybe offering him protection, and a better prison, to serve out his time, but not a full pardon.

jean stecher

you need to clear the path of both parties.start over.but to much hatred has joined.God has a date for it to all end.and it is shortly.Godbless america.


If any of this shit’s real…..I can’t wait for the book and movie.


Hey. . Looks like we all going to jail. .
And Epstein did not kill himself. .


Everyone should read this – it is True and this is what Trump has been trying to unravel.. The last President we had that tried, was JFK. And we all know what happened to him..



Link not working?


Looks like big tech took the website down

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sheila Mccurry



Jan 6th Going to be Wild Q said, Maybe 10,000 members of the 82nd airborne will drop in on DC surrounding the city and arresting every deep state and criminal on the list? A Real Red Dawn! Got Pop Corn.. Enjoy the Show. 🙂

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how did that go for us?……………. I think we have be conned, had the election stolen from us by the swamp creatures, I wish all of them a real long painful slow death at their masters feet………. who ever it is they serve, it sure as rain is not the American people.


It doesn’t matter what country you’re in the Deep State can always find you

Tim Pieper

Interesting. As much as I loath the left, I loath pedophiles even more. if he is alive He should reveal everyone, not just the Democrats.


He probably did. As for being in the witness protection program, that’s a bridge too far for me. Maxwell and Epstein have been singing but I don’t think he would be allowed to resume his life as usual without his island.

S Perry

Dear Realrawnews , I truly hope you are in fact “ real “. People are growing weary of all the lies we are being fed from the media . The propaganda is all over the radio stations , magazines & tell-a-vision .. The people who have bought into the hype …. they’re aggressive- increasingly so over the years . God bless us all Humans ❤️?? Thank you for your work


We provide information we believe to be accurate at the time we receive it. Thank you for your comment.

Truth B. Told

Can you please provide us with some sources that we can use to verify this story?

Nicole Maxino

It is SIDNEY not “Sydney”


Thank you.

JewelieD Dee

I don’t agree with pardoning Epstein, no matter what. That is not in the interest of the children of the world. If Trump does that, I will definitely criticize him. No way!


President Trump will never pardon Epstein. If you have been following President Trump and his life story you will know that he gives in to no one. Epstein will be treated like the dirt on the President’s shoes. His team have more than enough to bring down the swamp!!


Kraken is not a person. It’s a special Ops team who seized the servers from a CIA facility in Germany. The servers were apparently involved in capturing election data from the 2020 presidential race.
This info came from an interview a few weeks ago. I can’t recall if it was Flynn or Powell who was sharing these details.


Wrong, it’s a Supercomputer / Department of Defense Cyber Warfare Program where Special Ops are, of course, included. It’s designed to track the Deep state and criminals who seek to overthrow the US Government, etc.


It’s devastating how things get twisted, and changed. Accuracy of media now days questionable more than any other time. Thanks for sharing.


Deepstate are DEMONCRATS


Does anyone really believe any of this b.s.? What a soap opera all of this shit has become! Cant believe nothing anymore, either side left,right,front or back.

Pam Taplin

The reason I kind of believe it is because the attorneys are tweeting hints about this on Twitter. The pieces are all coming together. I guess we will see on Wednesday, Jan. 6th!

Stumbaugh Danny

Nearly impossible to disseminate the information available. Sure smells like tyranny though

Sharon Akins

Hope he has to wear an ankle monitor for the rest of his life and that he’s watched like a hawk, never allowed around children again!

melvyn suter

President DonaldTrump, is doing a fantastic job.i wish he could come over here and stop the corruption in our British government,Matt Hancock,Chris witty.Boris Johnson,they are going to force this illegal unliability covid 19 injection up on us all,it’s just a matter of time,it’s so scary for everyone at the moment,especially the ones like myself that don’t want the vaccination.anyway once again president Trump your doing just great, in cleaning up the deep state pedophile ring.reards melvyn suter.wish you were my prime minister in Britain.

Dan B

Well said! We are lucky to have him and we should be protesting daily this fraudulent election …


AMEN!! We should all open or eyes and help others do the same. These things happening have to stop or we could have another Holocaust. What we are dealing with is evil.


Wish he could sort South Africa out too!! We ALL need him!

ANN Anderson


George Schindler

Epstein was relocated to Boys Town USA for dessert

George Schindler

Epstein was relocated to Boys Town for dessert


Is John Roberts a Democrat by chance? I thought he was appointed by Bush (son). Is Bush Democrat? ?


FG, People all over this world are really sick of people just like you who believe this is a Democrat vs Republican. Well it’s not. This is good vs evil, love vs hate, God vs Satan. As much as you and people like you believe this is a Dem vs Rep fight, it’s time people like you open your eyes and see that life is much more than politics. Grow up and get your heads out your a$$. We are sick and tired of stupid people like yourself who really believe everything is political. There is a whole other world out here that doesn’t give a damn what their political ideology is. Grow up! The whole world is about to change. Either get onboard or get out. We don’t have time for political nonsense.


unfortunately, it would appear that both of you are correct, it is Satan, and he is using what is available for him to use, and at this time it is politics, and it is both sides of the aisle, the establishment is both parties and they all are getting richer ans want a seat at the globalist table. put to your point, yes…………… not just a dem vs rep…………….much more devious

Luis Maestas

Talk about BULLSH*T!
Trump had Epstein killed because Epstein had sex tapes of Trump raping a 13-year-old girl.
Epstein’s biggest customers were the GOP!
Epstein was Trump’s old buddy even though they had a falling out.

Talk about BS propaganda!

Linda Sterwerf

We’re you there?


I know his assistant was! And his last story was crazy,something about a woodchipper and getting rid of evidence! When on the island they would gather as a group and would receive a head of a bull to wear! And as long as you are wearing it, you can do anything you want,you could not say no if approached! When he seen the bullhead running around he went and hid! Then later he was going to the shed, and the door was partially blocked by some dude sukn off the bullhead person! He ran and hid again,and the one off the things he will never forget was Nixon face looking at him when he tried to open the shed door


Hmmmmm… Seriously can you be that ignorant? You need to really do some research and then maybe you can post some good information and not all the lies that have been pushed around.

Itsura Bamalie

And your proof is??? I know it is CNN and Anderson Cooper (also a Vanderbilt) whose family has some interesting little tidbits hidden in the closet too. Enter in Bill Clinton….he is “so deep” in the swamp that he can’t see sunshine but didn’t he like little girls also? So did Hillary.


If you are going to believe propaganda from CCP owned media & deep state that’s your poor decision. Did you ask for evidence before you believed that? No, but we have a laptop full of evidence you refuse to believe that. Don’t expect an audience here. The deep state contains republicans & democrats.


lol wut?


Sure Jan – except the majority of people on the Epstein flight list are Democrats you fkn idiot.


If they had video with Trump having any misconduct even car speeding limit it would be all over tv and internet. You are moron and your wish is for some dirt to be found about Donald Trump , but he is clean like a Cristal. He don’t even drink alcohol.


Pleazzzze! Luis stop watching the m s m, Telemuntiras & uni-division. I am with Cosmicjans.


Trump blew Epstein in on national TV in 2015

Jan C

You fantasize,about Trump too much..Are you a kinky freak?


YOU are a complete TOOL Louise. Call Thelma for a ride off a cliff.

Jan C

Trump is squeaky clean..But I do agree dirty Republicans as well as Democrats were involved with Epstein.

Betty Brannon

Wow this is deep

Lorrie Sardinia

deep state. YUP!


We want ALL Pedophiles and human traffickers brought to justice… Nothing Less! ??

Christine Breese

Never thought I would be so happy to see Epstein again! I hope he can bust all these deep staters with what he knows. Even if pardoned, he won’t live long anyway. The deep staters remaining after the first purge will find him.

Pam Taplin


Armand vanburen

Its all bullshit to distract from the real story. COVID-19 fema camps ready to roll. This is why they ordered all of those mass coffins.

steven amara

if trump gets in they wont be used


According to Simon Parkes those camps are for mass arrests of sealed indictments. MS13 members just busted past few days I believe-linked to terrorism and human trafficking. Guess who is linked to MS-13…Democrats.

Robert Rutten

Death by firing squad will work for me. Every last one of those Democrats, male and female, that is quilty of treason. Would like this to be published on national tv world wide so this never happens again.

Anthracite Baby

It will be, we’ll see tribunals. That’s why he wanted the Emergency Broadcast System right after he was elected.


how did that work out for you so far?……….the demons are everywhere, the swamp creatures will never go away, this republic is doomed, just like their new president said……………DOOMED

Jan C

That is why Trump brought back the firing squad…He also invested 200 million in Gitmo, and added a Geriatric ward


Why would Vice President Pence even think of leaving the country??

Anthracite Baby

He’s one of them, he was involved in an assassination attempt too


OH Precious Saviour, You lost me totally on that one,,,,, I think I need to go hide,, because i’m in total shock after reading that remark!!!! I want to live in a world of Pure honesty,, I’m going to have a heart attack,, I must stop reading,,
Pence seemed shifty eyed,, and I felt he was ALL IN with President Trump… But that statement has blown my mind….. I wonder if I really should believe my family and close friends… Ths feels Very disconcerting to me,, God Help us..


A bout time! Clean out the gutters! This is sick!

Luis Rojas Alvarez

Apoyo el Plan del TITÁN al 100×100 hasta la muerte . . .

Tommie Tubbso

Darkness meets lightness.and time for JUDGEMENT.

David Robertson

“Asked why Epstein cooperated, our source said Trump promised the infamous sex offender a full pardon in exchange for dirt on every Democrat who had ever set foot on Epstein’s isle of debauchery.”

Why not everyone? They are all equally guilty whatever party they belong to. It is time to clean out the Augean Stables.

Jose Rodriguez

I agree. And Trump’s people would not kill the double.


Exactly! If that really happened then that means it was actually the Deep State Plot who did it.


Is John Roberts a Democrat by chance? I thought he was pointed by Bush (son). Is Bush Democrat? ?

Dan B

He is CFR… (who report to the Bilderberg Group).. They seem inocuous, but they are the reason that no matter who is president, the policies more or less are consistent. The Gov’t is run be elites and has been for over 100 years. The mayor of NYC has a short speech about it from 1922 (yes 98 years ago – Hylan was his name) where he likens the “invisible government” to a “slimy octopus” “which like a giant octopus sprawls its slimy legs over our cities, states and nation. To depart from mere generalizations, let me say that at the head of this octopus are the Rockefeller–Standard Oil interests and a small group of powerful banking houses generally referred to as the international bankers. The little coterie of powerful international bankers virtually run the United States government for their own selfish purposes.

They practically control both parties, write political platforms, make catspaws of party leaders, use the leading men of private organizations, and resort to every device to place in nomination for high public office only such candidates as will be amenable to the dictates of corrupt big business.

These international bankers and Rockefeller–Standard Oil interests control the majority of the newspapers and magazines in this country. They use the columns of these papers to club into submission or drive out of office public officials who refuse to do the bidding of the powerful corrupt cliques which compose the invisible government. It operates under cover of a self-created screen [and] seizes our executive officers, legislative bodies, schools, courts, newspapers and every agency created for the public protection.”


spot on correct, he knew the truth behind the Fed Reserve……….. private bank, nothing to do with federal govt, heck they cant even be audited. started by 7 elitist bankers/families in private car on a train track on long island. the rothechilds, rockerfellers, folgers, and more, 3 or 4 from Europe.
I know, you dont believe it………..I know, and you wont do any research, I know, thats how we got here………… the American public has been told for years, warned, but we dont listen we want something anything for free. we let a moronic neighborhood social worker get elected president and divide this country, now the jerks in pwer will START A WITCH HUNT, it has already started…………..they will make trump supporters pay………… just wait and watch.



Phillip Tran

Well said!

Rosa M Anderson

The Bush family are related to Obama it don’t matter what their political party is the Bush family are pedofiles plus they are doubles.

Itsura Bamalie

Bush is a back stabbing RINO


yes along with all but 6-9 republicans that voted against the POTUS (Patriots) on the election fraud, and as of today like almost all reps voted to impeach him…I trust none of them. We now have ONE party and that is the COMMUNIST PARTY! Be safe all


He isn’t a Democrat but he is heavily blackmailed by the Democrat party.


jen………. as bad as I hate to admit it, a life long republican, nay!! a conservative, the entire bush family is establishment, RINO, traitors, they are elitist that think they are above us, they are GLOBALISTS……… they are just llike pisslousey, and the Kennedy’s……think they are royal families

Les Garner

Kennedy turned against them, was gonna change things, was gonna disclose things; hence his untimely demise.

Corey CDR

He is not a democrat, but he is compromised


Yes he is. He also oversees the judges that signed the FISA warrants


Bush is part of the Deep State Cabal the whole family. McClain was too. The cabal has infiltrated the Republican Party. Their weapon is blackmail.. Justice Robert’s has been compromised as well. We have been lied too all our lives. That is why it’s hard for some to believe but all they have to do is stop listening to the fake mainstream media and research themselves then use critical thinking.


Where can ppl start researching this? You’re ot meaning that Trumps are involved with this are you…? Do you believe Kennedy jr.. is also alive? THis is one great big Mess!!!!


Obama he was republican as well sure diets on both sides

Jan C

Bush is no Republican..he is part of the deep state Swamp..He and his family are as dirty as they come…that is why they hate Trump.


Trump referred to something during one of the debates with Jeb, Jeb said he was going to allow him to degrade his family.. I didn’t understand that. Then at Bush Sr. funeral, the ENVELOP,, didn’t understand that either.. Please excuse my ignorance!!!! I didn’t see him debating or campaigning after that,, seemed he dropped out of sight. Momma’s mentioned during an interview,, that Trump wasn’t alive( those were not her exact words…. Soooo much hate in the world,, no wonder we’re in such a mess.. God please heal our land..


Remember the funeral when Trump gave the Clinton’s and the Obomas a note.


roberts was appointed by bush jr. roberts was always wishy washy. men and women in black robes are of the greatest threat to our republic…imo. but there are many that are a threat.


The Bush are all part of this deep state. George Bush Sr was part of Kennedy assasignation and attempt assasignation on Ronald Reagan


This is ALL BS!!! Trump would NEVER give him a full Pardon. Maybe LIFE in GITMO for information, maybe even a window, but NEVER a full pardon. This news site is comprised, or they are just reaching. He may be alive, from evidence I’ve seen & yes Trump can use the evidence, but…. Trump already has ALL the Evidence he needs now, all the Pics, Video to take down this whole Deep State Cabal. He is trying to educate & AWAKEN the Public & the WORLD as to what these people, PATHOLOGICAL CRIMINALS have done to our country, timing is the KEY. We will all see very soon.


Relax, dude. You might burst a blood vessel.


he was right…………… and the window has closed,

Anthracite Baby

N 700 guillotines! FEMA Camps, coffins stacked up the town didn’t know what was happening. Double decker railroad cars, covered in canvas to transport us in. They are like jail cells. I live in Pa n our Demon Governor Wolf had a meeting with other Demon Governors on the East Coast awhile back, I believe there were 7 of them. I can’t help it! I know ppl who work for PEMA n how they lie! I think they met to assign district numbers for FEMA.


Watch Simon Parkes (simonparkes.org). His video dated 1/15/21 mentions those FEMA camps and that they are to be used to house the massive number of people who are being arrested on sealed indictments.


I have to agree no way will Trump let a pedophile go free i dont see it


More like,

We will keep you in witness protection, and “dead”, as long as you sing like a bird.


I agree that I don’t think he’d EVER give a full pardon….

Steve Slagle

Well, stop and think about it. full pardon perhaps, depends on the depth of info. Besides their is no insurance policy attached, He may be running all his life. kinda, scary really!


Read an IT in Italy has testified that he “DID IT” (flipped 2020 election) , Proof supposed to come out before 1-20-21
I don’t know what is Genuine anymore. :'(


Supposedly that information was given to congress before they ever counted the electoral votes. A lady (don’t remember her name) gave the written confession, that she had been given from the courts in Naples, directly to several in congress. Logically with that information in hand, congress would have suspended or delayed counting. Instead they continued with the count and within minutes of receiving the information people were storming the Capitol. Makes sense that if they had that information that they would need something to happen that would convince the republicans in congress to go ahead with the count instead of investigating the court documents from Naples. What better way than have a mob in the Capitol and blame Trump. Makes Trump look bad and anyone that opposed the electoral vote would look as if they were supporting an attack on democracy. It was not Trump supporters in the Capitol. When has the people on the Right ever protested and acted like that? Protest, yes. Riot and tear shit up, Conservatives don’t do that crap, it is against everything they support and believe.

After Burner

That witness came out about a week ago.

Zac McGill

How legit is this information really. Im just coming across this on Sapien and I havent read it elsewhere yet and noone has said anything about it. Surely this if it was real would have the whole worlds attention???
What am I missing?

Gladys Kravitz

I believe it.

Janet Guitreau

I’ve heard of this on the David Lublick/ Darkoutposts. He had to go under ground to keep his information from being taken down.


I heard about Lin Wood’s comments about Epstein being alive but hadn’t read about the rest.

afr malatesta

Lin wood said he’s alive

After Burner

Lin knows.


“There’s a reason Trump brought back death by firing squad,” our source said.

Hes not getting away either