Trump Plans Next Moves from Mar-a-Lago Command Center


What was once a billiards room at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate has been transformed into a high-tech command center; gone are racks of pool cues and the half-dozen felt-covered tables where society’s elite played pool, replaced now by server racks and desktop computers that scrutinize, analyze, and record nearly every piece of data on Joe Biden’s ill-gotten presidency.

Biometric security safeguards the room from unwanted guests, and the few visitors allowed inside must surrender cellular phones and digital media for the duration of their visit.

Affixed to a wall painted red, white, and blue—the colors of the American flag—are three digital whiteboards, each the size of a large flatscreen television. Names of Trump’s Democratic enemies fill the rightmost board—Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Adam Schiff, and others who have endured Trump’s wrath, his political ire. The leftmost board is filled margin-to-margin with names of prominent Republicans who at one time or another presented themselves as allies of Trump, but who later treacherously abandoned him in hopes of salvaging their political careers. Mitch McConnell tops the list.  Pinched between the names Keven McCarthy and Mitt Romney is the name Michael Pence, highlighted in red, with the word “traitor” beside it.

The center board is comprised of persons—politicians, top military officers, and intelligence officials—who have remained loyal to Trump despite political fallout. Names on that board include US Representative Jim Jordan, USMC Corp. Commandant Gen. David H. Berger, Michael Pompeo, and, among many others, Navy Admiral Phillip S. Davidson. Sometimes names transpose from one board to another; in the space of five minutes, Mike Pompeo goes from being Trump’s ally to his enemy and back to being his friend.

“Sometimes it glitches,” says Stephen K. Bannon, who returned to Grace shortly after the election. He is maskless, of course, and jokes about hazing a guy who came to work in a mask.

Trump’s perennial pal and advisor is one of four people in the room. The other three are nondescript technicians that Bannon hired to keep what he calls the “War Room” functioning at 100% capacity. As he takes purposeful strides toward the digital screens, he mentions that Democrats are actively trying to hack the War Room’s information net.

He taps a chubby finger on Admiral Davidson’s name. The screen fades out, the list of names becomes a list of military assets under Davidson’s—and by proxy Trump’s—command—a carrier task force, several Arleigh Burke-class destroyers, Los Angeles-class attack submarines, and an Ohio class ballistic missile sub, armed, Bannon says, with 24 Trident SLBMs. A world map shows their approximate whereabouts.

“And that’s just the Navy,” Bannon says.

He scratches his whiskered chin and confesses he hasn’t shaved in weeks. “No time,” Bannon says. “Too much work to do.”

Asked what percentage of the military supports Trump, Bannon gives a small nod of his head and says, “More every day. During business hours it’s common to see a flag officer or two wandering in and out of here.”

Business hours are five-to-nine, seven days a week, when 24 warm bodies occupy the desks, the workers’ fingers frenetically inputting data, or their eyes watching terminals for indications of an imminent attack. Bannon defines “imminent attack” as backchannel intelligence suggesting the “opposition” may move against Trump, whom he loyally refers to as “President Trump.”

Trump, Bannon says, stays in the War Room from dawn till dusk, zealously overseeing operations and ensuring that every meticulously vetted employee performs his job to exacting standards. Three teams work in eight-hour shifts. “Team Green” monitors all cable television stations and the internet for derogatory news on Trump, and instantly refutes it. “Team Red” ferrets out dirt on both the Biden family and the criminal Cabinet, and stores that data on a thumb drive in a hidden safe that also contains Hunter Biden’s laptop and thousands of sealed indictments, which Trump intends to open once the election has been invalidated. “Team Gold” is Trump’s liaison to military elements loyal to the plan. Team Gold is responsible for luring high-ranking officers away from Biden and to Trump. It spends all day, every day holding clandestine meetings with persons of military and political power who will help Trump usurp Biden’s authority and prevent the United States of America from sliding further toward Communism.

“Biden didn’t win that fucking election,” Bannon says.

He gestures at a computer that runs endless simulations of the 2020 election. Accounting for every contingency and variable, it has completed 45,000 simulations, all which Trump won, many in a resounding landslide. Meanwhile, another machine updates in real time Trump’s odds of emerging victorious from a physical war against Deep State conspirators, based on the quantity and quality of troops under his command.

“He wants the backing of at least 60% of the military before he makes his move,” Bannon says. “Making progress every hour.”

Trump’s greatest fear, Bannon adds, is that the Deep State is so desperate to cling to power, it might unleash a nuclear onslaught against the United States just to prevent Trump from ever returning to the Oval Office.

Asked when Trump will make his move, Bannon answers evasively, “Soon, and when he does, it will be Biblical.”


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Phil H Sparks

I thought we were already under the rule by”military authority, and martial law” ?? So why do we have this purported “split” in loyalty ?

Alice Mascarini

Never cried before when a president left office till Jan 20th. This news is great. Thank you President Trump. We always knew you had our best interests at heart.

Sandra Golden

This is nothing like what Bannon says on his War Room Pandemic show every, which makes me doubt this article.

Mike Baxter

Three letters for you: FCC

Ryan Haener

And Bannon is in Washington on his show 6 days a week 2 times a day

Mike Baxter

That’s what they want you to believe.

E Jay Gonzalez

I can’t belive I just cried in disqust over who the current president is. Never in a million years I thought I would shed tears for OUR President Trump. I really miss that guy and because of him I realize how much I love this country.


Totally just smiled laughed and cried all at the same time.

Wonhee Florio

I feel the same way about what’s happening in America now. I love Our President Trump! He opened our eyes and moves our hearts to love our country.

Berta Allen

I Did The Same Thing On Inauguration Day! I Had NEVER Felt SO Angry, Frustrated, And SAD, Other Than My Mom’s Passing! God I Pray Our GREAT President Trump Returns Soon! Praying ? SO Hard! ????


Most Americans now should be able to sleep at night now knowing that Trump has it worked out, and still cares enough to do this, for his people and the rest of the world.

Project 2501

Can any of this shit be vetted?


This is so wrong, it needs to stop, what’s wrong in America.

You all need to stop this sick low life.

Me Too

Everyone seems to think you’re talking about Trump, without 1st seeing the video. Apologies on behalf of them, Bri. 🙂

Kin junhoi

미국의 딥스테이트들을 물밖으로 끌어낸다면 미국과 세계는 풍요움을 맞이할것이다
A man???