Illegal Aliens Get Prepaid Debit and Taco Bell Gift Cards


A stroke of a pen was all it took for Joe Biden to erase the four years of arduous work Donald J. Trump had put into fixing the nation’s immigration crisis. Yesterday, the White House announced the Biden administration will grant asylum to over 25,000 migrants sitting at our southern border and awaiting entry into the United States.  As reported by Real Raw News last week, however, illegals are currently pouring into the country by the hundreds, many of them diseased, underpinning the dangers of Biden’s relaxed stance on immigration reform.

RRN has obtained more information illustrating Biden’s lunacy. An administration source speaking under promise of anonymity told RRN that Biden aims to treat illegal aliens more favorably than he does American citizens.

According to our source, the administration is welcoming between 500-1000 illegals each day, and providing them with taxpayer-funded perks such as $1000 prepaid debit cards and $250 Taco Bell gift cards.

“It’s more than just the floodgates being opened. The dam has literally collapsed,” our source said. “A lot of these migrants have Covid-19 or worse stuff. One guy who died just short of reaching the border came down with an undiagnosed disease and bled out through his butt. We’re showering them with gifts and lodging. If a person with kids crosses, the more kids they have, the more they get. The fiscal impact will be insurmountable.”

He attributed the following quote to Biden: “We provide these amenities because we owe them at least that much. Americans have more than they need. These people have nothing. It’s time the table gets turned.”

Biden, our source added, met minor resistance within his administration ahead of signing executive orders abolishing Trump’s immigration policies. Kamala Harris, for example, wanted to bestow even more gratuities upon asylum seekers, telling Biden that housing them in budget hotels was inhumane.

Meanwhile, countless veterans who served our nation honorably remain homeless, stricken with PTSD and other mental maladies, forgotten and left to waste away in the gutter.

“It’s a shame these immigrants receive better treatment than Americans. They even get Covid-19 shots when they come over. My eighty-two-year-old mother with COPD and diabetes can’t find a vaccination. If Biden has his way, the immigrants will displace legal American citizens. Biden has turned the US Customs and Border Protection Agency into a welcoming hootenanny,” our source said.

The contrast between Trump’s and Biden’s administration couldn’t be sharper. Under Trump, if ICE intercepted border jumpers, the illegal was returned home with a word of warning—“We could have accidentally shot you. Stay on your side of the border.” Under Biden, persons successfully crossing the Rio Grande receive a hug, money, food, cash, and an expediated path to citizenship, no questions asked.

The Biden administration, our source said, has ceased background checks on persons seeking entry to the US from Mexico and points south.

In closing, RRN tries to keep its reporting objective, but when faced with capricious leadership, objectivity flies out the window, occasionally.

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How is it that “REAL AMERICAN CITIZENS” only get $600 but these illegal aliens receive $1000 and a gift card to boot. This is what leftist dems get when they put that bufffoonish idiot biden in office

John A Morris Jr



Joe Blow is, NOT my president and his Henchman Josef Mengele- doctor death- Fauci, should be fired! After all we pay their salaries. And, we the people are paying for all those illegals that are crossing the Rio Grande- bring with them the “China Virus.”

FYI, I’m Mexican American and “really” 45% American Indian.

Tim Todd

Take out the trash and the illegals in barrels, boxes or whatever!


I agree…what’s stopping American people from doing what must be done

Laura McDonough

First, only 5% or less adults are informed about agenda 2030,and the Marxist coup recently which is complete. 95% could care less what type gov. we have because they have been programmed to be socialists form the schools and colleges the past fifty years. There are even fewer men of fighting age that would go against UN troops if they decide to take this country back from the Marxist leadership incl congress now in control.

john lemon

no wonder there is so stupid people in this country

Agnes Hunt

It makes me mad as hell that immigrants come to our country and get medical , food and housing. While us americans,self employed,work our buts off and dont get any medical or can not afford it.omg this system is so bad backwards. Something should be done for us small buisness owners.where to start?

Benny Dover

sickening we have homeless veterans living on the streets with no goverment aid and y0u give these illegals money and food go to hell biden u anti american pos

Laura McDonough

Reason this is happening is that the Marxist coup has taken over and is complete and no one did anything to stop it. Meanwhile for several decades now, 95% adults don’t give a hoot who runs this country even Marxist leaders. Apathy and ignorance prevail. Patriots are few and fewer every day. Younger generations have been programmed in schools and colleges to embrace Marxism, and the apostate corp. 501c3 churches are compliant. America has been taken down:

Mark A Murray

and the communist parasites continue their attack on Americans by allowing these diseased nasty people into our land !!!!! no words can explain the hate for these communist parasites !!!!

Kristina Johnson

Americans do not matter to Biden but they are everything to President Trump.