Mar-a-Lago, the New White House


Last week, wealthy and influential persons living near Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago country club asked the Palm Beach Town Council to evict him, arguing that he violated a 1993 city ordinance that limits how many days members can live in one of the estate’s suites. Even though Trump owns the place, the city tried to tell him he cannot be a permanent resident. But Trump has powerful allies such as the state’s Governor Ron DeSantis, who reportedly threatened to arrest Palm Beach City Manager Margaret Zeidman unless she ceased her whimsical war on Donald Trump.

The attacks on Trump are based on more than personal dislike, and many of Palm Beach’s wealthiest residents are donors to the Deep State, a nefarious cabal of wicked fiends who argued that Trump’s people have been repurposing the 17-acre estate into a makeshift White House.

If true, the allegations support the contentions of a source who on Jan 25 told RRN that a besieged and beleaguered Trump had transformed Mara-a-Lago’s billiards hall into a digital command post from where he can fight the cabal and restore America’s power to the people.

A complaint filed with the City Manager’s office alleged that a convoy of eighteen-wheelers arrived at Mar-a-Lago’s front gates at 2:00 am, February 3. It further stated that what appeared to be an army of workers carried countless crates of electronics gear into several structures at Mar-a-Lago. Moreover, the letter of grievance claimed that Trump’s private security contractors have expanded their domain beyond Mara-a-Lago’s perimeter and have been spotted patrolling neighborhoods not adjacent to the resort.

A second complaint, purportedly from a different author, said multiple Humvees and two deuce-and-a-halfs painted in military camouflage entered Mar-a-Lago in the wee hours of the morning on February 5. Two dozen soldiers dressed in fatigues offloaded numerous sealed wooden crates that measured approximately 3’X3’x2’, the complaint letter said.

The specificity of these, and other, complaints is a mystery. How could the authors provide exact details? We see only two possibilities—either someone fabricated them, or there is a weasel in the henhouse.

RRN contacted a source in Trump’s orbit asking to remain anonymous. He said that the City Manager’s office had received fourteen independent letters seeking Trump’s eviction, adding that someone at the Palm Beach City Manager’s office had redacted the authors’ names.

When asked about accusations of mysterious deliveries, our source said the following: “Mar-a-Lago is Trump’s property, and he can do with it what he wishes. Yes, he’s receiving shipments, but I don’t know what’s in them. I will say this—Trump expects he’ll soon return to the White House, but if that return is delayed, he needs spots where he can fight for the American people. Trump is selfless, he doesn’t care about himself. He could just retire and fade away, if he wanted. He’s fighting an uphill battle against the most devious people in society, and if Mar-a-Lago becomes his new White House for this grievous war, so be it.”

He added that tales of Trump’s security personnel terrorizing Palm Beach natives were apocryphal.

“They’ll make up the craziest shit to besmirch Trump,” he said.

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Lorraine Reynolds

If he owns mar algo then perhaps he should kick all the other tenants out. Then there will b nothing for them to complain about. It’s his!
Go President Trump! He’s still rooting for us, I’m Praying he will succeed. I’m waiting for the impeachment of Biden!!! Praying for President Trump and his family ?❤


Two dozen soldiers dressed in fatigues”. Perhaps this happened and perhaps they were wearing fatigues, but it seems highly improbable that they were SOLDIERS. If the U.S military was now acting behalf of what is now a private citizen, that would have gotten leaked and even the MSM would be screaming about it.

christy wellinghurst

The best kind of soldiers for this mission….mercenaries !!

Exiguous Vent

OR, they were acting on behalf of their TRUE Commander in Chief and President of this great country… because they all KNOW that the ‘inauguration’ was an elementary school play put on for all the idiots that actually believe Al Z. Heimer’s is their president.


Someone should go out under the cover of darkness and put MAGA bumper stickers on their Bentleys. You know the kind that they’ll have to scrape off.

Mark A Murray

Fight those parasites SIR !!


Ohhh the infinite ways in which people can be offended. Remember when we wer taught to have thick skins? And im praying for a REVIVAL.

Reality Check

when trump gets back in put those criminal complainers in jail and see how reality is much worse than their contrived fakery.


Kind of sounds like conspiracy theory, huh?! Isn’t that what was said about anyone who spoke of Obama’s Shadow Government and his bold efforts to visit countries, either preceding or following President Trump’s scheduled visits to those same locations?!


Open letter to Donald Trump:

Hail Donald!
Hope you can get through these unconstitutional impeachment trials and such. Once you get back in, you need to ‘clean house’ so to speak. Well, literally too.

Now on to history:
Romans moved the capital Rome to Constantinople and not long after that, Rome fell.

Don’t follow suit. As soon as you can regain the White House, Govern from there!

Oh and please fix the gun control problem. All gun control laws, public and private are immoral and unconstitutional, nation wide. The 2a applies everywhere and to every citizen. It does not have the word except in it.

And perhaps address the severe ammo shortage too? No need to send guns and ammo to Democrat places. Hint.

I am rooting for your victory!

May God bless and help you!
Sincerely, one of your ‘deplorables’ LOL


Well it IS Trump’s property. He can live there if he desires.
Others who VISIT might have to be treated a little differently.
Hard to say.
He has to get through this sham of an impeachment trial first.

Some say that March 4th will be a day to remember.

Mike Walker

Mr President Trump will have to arm himself with anti drone lazers.God Bless You and be Careful.


THE DEVILS are after TRUMP,sadly americans LOVE devils,and southern florida is filled with devils,thats why so many devils who robbed america blind in Wall Street are living there,birds of a feather flock together..


I can’t make any sence of what you posted


Well, President Trump needs to dig in somewhere to carry on the fight, but I’m not sure Florida is the best place for that considering what the Navy has said about rising sea levels putting all of Florida under water.


Those semi’s have BOATS in them! lol


Lol…need some humor

Gunny HiWay

Been saying that since I was a kid.
Bring it on already.
I am 1600 feet above sea level in NE Washington.

Phyllis Hartlage

Well Al Gore tried that 30 years ago and told us Florida would be under water in 15 years. Guess what?? My condo is sitting on the same beautiful beach it was 30 yrs ago. And the banks are still loaning money on beach front property every day!!!


Go Trump Next time h ang Hillary to set the tone.


Keep pissing off the Rich Jew Demons of Devilpalm Bitches!


w/ his money why would he want to be there…i would buy some land 1,000 miles away from anyone


he did. Mara Lago

Margaret Schmidt

” I will say this—Trump expects he’ll soon return to the White House, but if that return is delayed, he needs spots where he can fight for the American people. Trump is selfless, he doesn’t care about himself. He could just retire and fade away, if he wanted.” You really believe this?

Mark A Murray

I believe he is fighting for his life right now because the parasites won’t leave him alone !! You all are afraid of what he will reveal ! he found out more shit on these parasites while he was in office and now you all are going to be exposed !!! All the world is going to see how you parasites steal, deceive, are fake, nasty communist criminals that gained control of our government and used it against the people who own it !! And the WORST crime of all are the CHILREN of the WORLD !!!!! BYE

jeannot nelson

Well said i could not have said it better.


I pray for President Trump daily! He is never going to stop! The BEST President we have ever had! Thank you President Trump ???✊


What planet are you folks from? Trump is ‘one-of-them,’ he is a murderous parasitic swamp creature, praying on the emotions of innocent US voters. Have you conveniently forgotten that he has been aiding and abetting the murder of innocent Syrians, Afghanis and Yemeni people? Trump has also been instrumental in stealing the oil from Syria in contravention of international law. Do you people even understand what your presidents actually do?

Phyllis Hartlage

You obviously don’t know that Trump opened up a oil pipeline and was bringing home our troops!!


Did he now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We already have a pipeline and Clinton capped it off. It’s the one from Alaska to Texas. Hello?

Bo Garner

Go to hell…. we will over come !!!! Joe dirt Biden stoled millions from the oil industry… I know that cause I happened to work overseas while it was going on… we have the most corrupt government in the world… it will fall


BLAH BLAH BLAN…go crawl back under your rock

Joann Rogers

I agree with this post, we all are waiting for Trump, to expose the left, for their thievery, in the election, and all about the Swamp, they are a bunch of ignorant people. Go Trump


Anti:Socialist, Communist, Eugenics

Big Frank

Amen Brother! when the light is fully shined on the pedos satin worshiping butt’s and the world truly see them for who they are, it will be HELL to pay! The line is getting longer and longer at the treason tree ! I heard John Anderson was making a come back with a new release of Just A Swinging!

Momma Baer

Trump will build a new capitol in Texas or Philadelphia. He is going to bulldoze DC

richard s

city manager margaret zeidman. sounds ****** American jews dump all over Israel. trump moved our embassy to Jerusalem. 90 percent still vote dem.

Gunny HiWay

Yeah.. I have no Jewish friends and I was Bar Mitzvah’d in 1973.
They are all crazy liberals.


huh…. were the trucks loaded with fake ballots?


Your an idiot…I’m pretty sure you can treat TDS